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Garuda-Blooded Aasimar

Staryth's page

640 posts. Alias of Ridge.

Full Name



God of the Oceans and Rivers (And the life within them), Prophecy, Prosperity and Might






Chaotic Netrual

About Staryth

Name: Staryth
God of the Oceans and Rivers (And the life within them), Prophecy, Prosperity and Might
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Titles: The Unconquerable, Mirror of Omens, Wave King, Master of Leviathans
Symbols: The Cacholot, A trident superimposed over a wave, a pool shaped like an Eye
Philosophy: The Lord of Waves is proud and rightly so! His rivers can only be tamed for so long, and his oceans are unconquerable. Vast treasures maybe earned by those brave enough to sail or swim, but always be aware that the tides and currents will claim what lives they will at a moment's notice. Beyond pearls found and gold garnered, to gaze into the waters is to see what maybe, and the Mirror of Omens may allow you a glimpse before the ripples carry it away, but there maybe a price.

Personality: Staryth is indeed proud, bordering on arrogant, but he's hardly alone in that among the gods, and does not bother to boast lightly and for no cause. Still, his ego can be pricked, something he may have to endure from other gods from time to time, but certainly tolerates from no mortal.

He is also moody and unpredictable by nature. At times Staryth seems most generous, and fortunes are made by sea and river trade, only for him to lash out with flood, wave, or undertow to make sure those same gifts are not taken for granted. Flattery goes far with him, and he can be placated to change his mood quickly again. And he is interested in mortals that either live by or on the waters and some civilizations he feels are as much his as the beasts that share the waters with them.

Sometimes, Stratyh calms, and this is when his introspective thoughtful side comes out. He can see glimpses of the future for water has always been a medium for scrying and he is much attuned to it. As a god of the oceans, he knows that these images can shift with the tide, and rarely relies on them by themselves. Yet it is this gift that makes him a god of prophecy.

Appearance: Startyh often appears as a green hued man with pale piercing eyes, sometimes he has a mostly human appearnce, other times he is a true merman. He also is known to appear as a Cacholot that makes even other whales look puny by comparision and who could swallow whole ships.

Relationships: To a large degree, Startyth's relationships with other gods depends on how much respect they accord him. Those that treat him poorly will find themselves scorned and dismissed, those that show courtesy are often treated in kind. Those that encourage yoking of his rivers and seas often rankle him.

As for gods of other elements, or terrains? While he might try to engage in some minor rivalry, it will be for the most part a friendly one if it occurs at all.

Worshipers:Anyone who sails, rows, or swims in the rivers or seas pays Staryth some homage, for he often demands it. Those who fish or sail for a living are his most ardent followers, praying not just for his mercy, but his aid in bringing food or profit home respectively. Indeed, to many who make their living by or on the water, he is the greatest god, or at least they claim it knowing her can hear.

Among humans, his greatest stronghold of worship is Archipelago Republic of Salacia. There are no finer sea traders in the world, and he is their patron. Their ships are known by the fluttering green sashes that adorn their sails. It is also the home of his largest surface side temple, The House of The Deep Master and the priesthood's influence on the Salacian council is nigh absolute.

And yet, below the waters, is the kingdom of Laminas'Tut that considers themselves his most ardent followers. This twilight region is home to mer maids and men, sea elves, and other aquatic sapients and, to most on the surface, is known only as legend. Some believe that at one time, it was a surface nation like any other, until its then king attempted to create a series of canals and dams, boasting he had 'conquered the unconquerable'. Staryth's retaltion was said to be terrifying as pipes burst, walls broke, and the seas rose to suck the kingdom down. The king was allowed to behold as his most loyal subjects drowned one by one, before finally finding his own lungs filling as well, and died. Those that prayed, or had defied the king, instead found themselves transformed to befitting a new life, and in gratitude for the mercy shown, the now aquatic people rebuilt Laminas'tut to honor Strayth always.

Or so it is said by the lore wise.

Back on the surface, his temples are often consulted not just to appease the god for good waters, but in elaborate rituals of prophecy. Some answers are sought by simply staring into pools of reflection, but greater answers may be found by a bizzare form of baptism where drowning is a very real possibility. The priests warn petitioners that that omens are fleeting, and like sticking in your hand in water can change the flow of it (However slightly) the more one acts on a prophecy, the less certain the predictions become.

Nothing is certain to the eyes of priests that serve such a chaotic god.

Lastly, to survive requires strength, and many worshipers, both laymen and clergy, stress the import of being strong of body so that when the waters rise, one might have a chance to survive. They do not hate the weak, but fully recognize the weak are often the first swept away. Because of this, quite a few warriors and athletes honor him.

Favored Weapon: The Trident

Domains Of Divine Casters:Chaos, Knowledge, Strength, Water, Weather

Planar Domain: Castle Deep is made of coral, and all but the least fourth of it are under water, only its top three towers break out to the surface like a trident. Here, worshipers spend their afterlife amid a divine sea where treasures and wonders from mortal oceans often are swept in, and out again.

It is said that some who have angered Staryth are also in this afterlife, but not for them the wonders of the sea. Instead, they are trapped in an eternal undercurrent, for ever drowning, but not quite allowed to die.

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