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Cannon Golem

Stark Enterprises VP's page

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 235 posts. 22 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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Our Price: $19.99


Time to assemble the Avengers all over again!


I've been running a Marvel RPG campaign since the 1990s, and I actually really liked this system. It's open-ended enough that it's incredibly hard to break, there's little randomization in character creation, and it seems to have taken the best of most superheroic rpgs to make a highly flexible system that can generate a wide variety of characters and NOT make them overwhelming to each other. Good stuff and I'll be buying the rest of the line just as soon as someone explains how the Premium and Essentials versions work. :) Well done, guys... and the introduction by Jeff Grubb was a classy touch.

On to the bullet points:

Character generation is open ended. Build the character you want, assign him the powers you want, and call it a day. It gives you a good set of benchmarks as guidelines, and stays out of your way. As a bonus, it doesn't matter so much if you're the Sentry or Frog-Man as to how you'll interact in actual play with a group, by the way the dice mechanics and the Doom Pool work. I LIKE that. It's a system where proper use can create those scenarios where Squirrel Girl can stand against Thanos, and not be ridiculous.

Tons of character datafiles make it easy to run a campaign right off the bat, and open-ended powers and skills make character creation a breeze. I must admit missing the FASERIP system's variety of powers for inspiration, but it is nice to have a simpler system. Math-lite too, for those wanting to run with younger gamers.

At any rate, this is the best version of the Marvel RPG since the original, and I'm glad to see what the designers have accomplished. Here's hoping for a long license and some great products!

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One of the best GMing aids I've ever seen.


There always seem to be a plethora of GM advice products in the market. This may well be the best of them. Between the monster variants, the clever little touches like random passerbys and the rumor mill, and the high strangeness of things like the goblin behavior quirk chart, there's enough in here to spice up any campaign. Add in the fun of the overarching homunculus arc, and you've got some fun stuff. I recommend it to any GM that wants to spruce up his campaign with fun character/ NPC interactions, new threats, and the like. Excellent product.

Backorder Print/PDF Bundle $25.99

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Add Non-Mint $24.99 $18.74

A Marvelous Menagerie of Magnificent Midgard Monsters!


I've been waiting for this one to hit Pathfinder for some time, and it was well worth the wait. The Open Design geniuses have given us some real terrors in this book, and I, for one, am looking forward to pitting my players against the Knights of Baba Yaga and calling in a Ride of Valkyries when they are inevitably slaughtered like lambs. :) While that and the title might lead the uninitiated to assume that this entire book is Nordic-style beasts, nothing could be further from the truth. While there are plenty of mythical beasts, like the Leshy, the thursir and the lorelai, there's also plenty of beasts that fit in elsewhere, such as the deranged Derro Fetal Savant, which will haunt my unquiet dreams for a while, and the garrote crab, which may be my favorite idea ever for a natural threat. With new devils, dragons, fey, and a legion of clockwork horrors, there's plenty of variety for even the most jaded GM. There's even some fun stuff for the players, like the Roachling, Dust Goblin, Maerean, and Alesid player races and the Dire Weasel animal companion. Plus, Prarie dog folk, which are as cute as buttons. Well worth the price of admission here, folks. I'd say go buy it!

Our Price: $2.95

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Interesting way to bring the mysteries of magecraft to the high seas!


(Full disclosure... I was given a review copy of this product.) The most recent in his excellent series of Adventure Path expansions, the Book of Magic: Pirate Spells does exactly what it advertises: adds some excellent spells for all spellcasting classes in the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. From the flavorful Animate Figurehead to the endlessly-useful Sealegs, there's some super spells for your seagoing spellcaster in here. Definitely adds to your Skull and Shackles campaign, or any other 3 hour boat tour you choose to run. No Sea Mage would like to be without this product, and the price point is spectacular. Well done all around!

Our Price: $5.95

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Yet another contender upholding the excellence of the Book of Beasts name!


Disclaimer - I received a review copy of this item from the authors. Of course, I would have had already bought it if the store hadn't sold out of the Print/PDF bundles at the time and kept me from ordering it then! :)

At any rate, this is a spectacular little collection of monsters. I'll be using at least two of them as early as my next game session. (The begging-to-be-a-familiar Monkeybat and the Kyton-offshoot Noxil... both of which should have had statblocks for player use as well, actually.) There's not a single beast in this thing that isn't well-worth your purchase dollars. On top of the awesome new creatures, there's also some great variants on existing creatures, like Shadows, Spectres, and Skeletons. The beasties have a big range on them as well, from city destroyers like the Starak and the Black Worm to appropriate challenges for beginners, like the aforementioned Monkeybat and Noxil.

Oh, and the monster feats in back are pretty cool. Is this the first appearance of Combat Patrol? I really loved that one.

The flavor text of this thing is pretty awesome too. Lots of data on how these beasts fit in-world, and each little excerpt is amazingly well-written. I can't wait to see the other books in this line, just on the quality of this stuff.

In the final analysis, Jon Brazer's knocked another one out of the park... and I'll be buying this myself when the print/PDF combo goes live again and I have the available funds... it's that good!

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