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Starglim's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter, 2014 Star Voter. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,791 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Grand Lodge

Unless specifically stated otherwise (as for infernal healing), fast healing is cancelled and negated by death.

Grand Lodge **

It sounds as if your PFS number is not the problem and this is not a good time to clear your records from anyone's point of view. Your VC's advice seems better.

Without seeing your exact situation, you may unfortunately be de-leveling some characters and/or re-purchasing their equipment, so you're in a state that missing ITS are not critical as you might have to redo them anyway. I might suggest sorting out all the chronicles first, then going through to find where you need to rebuild to, then finishing paperwork as required.

Grand Lodge **

The magic circle might prevent the eidolon leaving the material plane, since it's established that they work on outsiders other than the kind they're keyed to.

Grand Lodge **

He has access to the necessary creatures by another legal source (the Core Rulebook). The Bestiary is part of the core assumption, so he can use the PRD to prepare stats for them and the whole table will appreciate it if he does.

Grand Lodge

Cardinal Chunder wrote:
As a thought how does it interact with a Medium sized PC using a Small sized 2-handed weapon

A Medium PC can use a Small-sized two-handed weapon as a one-handed weapon.

Cardinal Chunder wrote:
or with the Phalanx Soldier?

A Phalanx Soldier wielding a shield can use a polearm or spear of his size as a one-handed weapon.

Grand Lodge

You can move a creature you have grappled if you successfully maintain the grapple, which is a standard action. Spring Attack is a full-round action, so it's most unlikely you can take a standard action in the same round, much less in the middle of your full-round. You would stop moving and end your Spring Attack.

Grand Lodge

Darthslash wrote:

Or I guess it's more like a restricted Withdraw.

@Howie23: Because it lets you move out of the first square without taking AOO's, but still move up to your speed.

Is there a reason you don't want to/can't use Withdraw? edit: You can also withdraw at your speed if you're restricted to a standard action, so that's not a limitation.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Knights of Ozem

Grand Lodge **

Yes. Yes. No. See the Guide to Organised Play, page 7, Step 1 of "Character Creation".

Grand Lodge

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
Basically, bonuses of the same type (such as Enhancement) do not stack. The exceptions are Racial, Dodge, and most Circumstance bonuses (and untyped bonuses).
This is off topic, but how exactly did racial make it in there?

It may have been considered in view of dwarves' saving throw bonuses. Designers of the past might have felt that a spell or SLA that poisons a dwarf should invoke racial bonuses for both reasons. Racial bonuses tend to be situational, so not often up to the player's discretion to use or stack them.

Grand Lodge **

Silver Crusade traits are in the Guide to PFS Organised Play and prestige awards for this faction in Pathfinder Society Field Guide.

The Faction Guide doesn't seem to offer any feats for the Silver Crusade or other sub-factions of the Pathfinder Society and I'm not aware of other sources for faction feats.

Grand Lodge **

Lumos de Fortuno wrote:
OK, so the merfolk section from Advanced races isn't legal, what about the Merfolk from Amazing Races? The two entries are apparently pretty different.

Amazing Races is a third party product and highly unlikely to be sanctioned for PFS (I won't say it's impossible).

More briefly, check Additional Resources.

Grand Lodge

An intelligent item can activate its own abilities using its own actions.

I'd ignore the bloody skeleton walking frames and assess CR for the 7d8 spell-throwing constructs. 7d8 (average 31.5) without an attack roll each round is appropriate to a CR 9-10 creature (Bestiary table 1-1, page 291) but a closer look at their hit points, considering hardness and the rules for attacking objects, and save DC most likely will adjust it down to 7-ish.

PCs should get experience for destroying a collar. Whether the skeleton regenerates is irrelevant.

Grand Lodge

Shadowborn wrote:
Since significant numbers of Varisians can be found in Ustalav, it follows that there are Sczarni families there as well.

Prince of Wolves describes a Sczarni band, unusual in several ways, unless "Sczarni" in Ustalav universally means


Grand Lodge

+2 enhancement to Intelligence gives you (most likely) one more skill rank per level. The Intelligence-boosting items ignore the possibility that you had INT 7 or lower and specify what skills you get with those ranks. Since a +2 INT headband and +2 INT ioun stone only give you a +2 enhancement in total, you only get one skill rank per level extra.

Presumably you'd get the skill conferred by the item that you activated first.

Grand Lodge **

Anthat wrote:
The animal companion is introduced as Tadaa the bear and he has his own mithril unicycle.

I've played that module.

Grand Lodge

RuyanVe wrote:
Last but not least, I can't find a quote where it says the summoned creature needs a Handle Animal check to to what you want it to do.

You don't need a Handle Animal check for it to attack your enemies. For it to do anything else, you must communicate with it. A normal, celestial or fiendish animal doesn't know any languages, so your most likely means of communication is a Handle Animal check. If you can speak with animals, that should work instead.

Grand Lodge

Evan Riggs wrote:
Starglim wrote:
Its ability scores change as listed in the table on page 212, then apply the specific effects of reduce person as well (+2 size bonus to DEX, -2 size penalty to STR).
Thank you very much this is what i suspected but wanted PFS input for "proof of purchase" so to speak.

Hmm. I'm a PFS 2-star GM. Don't know if that proves anything.

Grand Lodge **

I thought earlier:

Imrizade Blakros

Grand Lodge

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Related question: Can the Adopted Trait get you your adoptive parents' Weapon Familiarity trait? By RP (Race Points for creating custom races) the cost of this compared to the cost of a Bonus Feat (scroll down to Weapon Familiarity) this should fit, but on the other hand it seems a way to get around using the Martial Weapon Proficiency Feat (although I have to say that having to use a whole Feat to get proficiency with 1 non-exotic weapon seems rather expensive, especially given that it becomes obsolete if you later gain a level in a class that has Martial Weapon proficiency).

Please see the New Rules chapter of the Advanced Player's Guide for the definition of race traits. Adopted gives you a race trait, not a racial trait such as Weapon Familiarity.

Grand Lodge **

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Are most games considered G rating roleplay/themes?

It varies by table and sometimes by scenario. Sometimes you'll have kids playing with their parents, other sessions can curl your eyebrows.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
What is the most common thing argued/disapproved at games?

A rule that the GM is not familiar with and the player can't produce. If you use something that's supported by published sources and/or developer rulings but obscure, it's not that difficult to print the relevant pages, posts and FAQs. If you like the look of something that's a contentious message board interpretation of the rules, think twice and don't build a character that depends on it.

Grand Lodge

jimibones83 wrote:

Yeah at least, or even 1 per wall

So if you use a scroll or spell of comprehend language, or spend a skill point on learning the language, does it still require a linguistics check? Its seems as if it does when reading the linguistics skill entry

Typically no. If the writing is hard to see, written in a confusing way, uses jargon and obscure terms, or is in a simple code or cipher, so that it would be difficult to understand even if written in Common, you may still need to roll for Linguistics.

Grand Lodge

Matthew Morris wrote:

Addressimg the bugbear in the room...

If both you and your mount are considered charging in a "mounted charge"...

Mounted barbarian pounce is back?

The FAQ replaces the third paragraph in the following, but not the second:

Combat While Mounted wrote:

With a DC 5 Ride check, you can guide your mount with your knees so as to use both hands to attack or defend yourself. This is a free action.

When you attack a creature smaller than your mount that is on foot, you get the +1 bonus on melee attacks for being on higher ground. If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only make a single melee attack. Essentially, you have to wait until the mount gets to your enemy before attacking, so you can't make a full attack. Even at your mount's full speed, you don't take any penalty on melee attacks while mounted.

If your mount charges, you also take the AC penalty associated with a charge. If you make an attack at the end of the charge, you receive the bonus gained from the charge. When charging on horseback, you deal double damage with a lance (see Charge).

The mounted barbarian still gets only one attack.

Grand Lodge **

Dark Immortal wrote:
First, why would people suggest a dark wood composite longbow (3str)?

Beats me. Darkwood reduces the weight of a wooden or mostly wooden item. I'd question whether a composite bow could be described even as mostly wooden. Although in this case darkwood costs no more, it also arguably does nothing.

Grand Lodge

thomas gock wrote:
Don't you use V and S components of a spell to determine what spell is being cast?

Yes, that's what the Spellcraft skill does.

thomas gock wrote:
Or are components simply flavor, and not the same for all castings of a particular spell?

That's an interesting question, which I don't think the rules address. In any case, the GM doesn't usually tell you what the verbal and somatic components are, unless you're in a Jack Chick pamphlet.

Grand Lodge **

edit: It's likely to be a bit more than the Wealth by Level table on page 399, allowing for some use of consumables. Many things can alter this either way, though.

Grand Lodge **

Rapanuii wrote:
I've seen many times on the boards to get a strength 3 dark wood composite long bow, and a wand of cure light wounds. There must be other wands, items, and weapons to spend your pp on, and get maximum savings.

The closer the cost of items you choose to 750 gp, the more you maximise your savings. Then when you need your body and equipment recovered for 5 PP, and you have 3, none of it is worth anything any more. You'll need to balance the risk of not having enough to get out of a bad situation against the increased survivability and earning potential of your character with items that are effective with his build and typical tactics.

  • Other 1st level wands
  • 3rd level potions
  • 4th level scrolls (if you think you or a party member can make the caster level check)
  • Masterwork half-plate

Rapanuii wrote:
Wouldn't a wand of infernal healing be a better choice?

For a paladin or most rangers, or if such a character is the healer for your table, no.

Grand Lodge

Create Mr. Pitt wrote:
Why does the spellcraft check get made in the first place? If the illusion was there prior to the caster, how does the caster know to make a spellcraft check.

I've assumed the question was about a Spellcraft check to identify a spell being cast (a shadow conjuration or shadow evocation, in the OP). If the caster used detect magic, we could discuss similar questions around his Knowledge (arcana) check.

Create Mr. Pitt wrote:
If the illusion was created in front of the caster that is, of course, reason to be suspicious and the spellcraft check might confirm those suspicions.

Many spells create real objects or creatures. I think he would at least have to determine by game mechanics that it was some sort of illusion to get a bonus to his save.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
ryric wrote:

Oh please please please disbelieve my invisible friend who has a readied action to pop out of invisibility the moment I finish casting my obvious illusion spell.

Just because you saw someone cast an illusion and then a thing happened does not mean that thing is guaranteed to be an illusion.

Very little could possibly be guaranteed by that standard. You pass your arm through a wall, which then disappears? It's incorporeal and I made it invisible as a silent, still, readied action. Quickened, if you like.

Luckily, the rule is not a waste of ink and paper, because it doesn't call for a guarantee beyond any possibility of contrary speculation, however baseless. Instead, it only considers the positive case. If I have proof something is an illusion, and it is an illusion, I don't need to make a save.

I can, of course, find proof of something that happens not to be true due to an unusual circumstance or deception outside of the otherwise-reasonable evidence available to me. It happens every day.

If I have proof your friend is an illusion, and in fact he's not an illusion, he doesn't go away. I may then have to rethink my reasoning in light of new evidence.

Grand Lodge

Xavier319 wrote:
well, making a spellcraft check is not 'proof'. you could have failed. you dont know if you failed the check or not.

If you make your Spellcraft check, you know what spell your opponent cast and if you saw the effect appear at that time, you have proof that that thing is an illusion (it's still possible not to have proof, but to have suspicion, if you know what the spell was but not exactly what it created).

If you fail your Spellcraft check, you don't know what spell he cast. Failing a Spellcraft check, without other effects in play, can't falsely tell you that a) it's not an illusion, b) the opponent cast non-illusion spell X, edit: or c) the opponent cast illusion spell Y, so if Spellcraft tells you it's Y, that constitutes proof.

Grand Lodge

Evan Riggs wrote:
My question is, will the 8th paragraph affect a large creature say, a large eidolon and its hit by Reduce person owned by its master, does it only suffer the spell modifiers or does it also suffer the loss of large?

It's reduced to Medium size. Its size modifiers change to those of a Medium creature, but some of those are already called out in the spell description: attack rolls and AC increase by 1, CMB and CMD reduce by 1, Stealth increases by 4 compared to Large. Its reach changes to that of a Medium creature of its body form, subject to any evolutions as they apply to Medium size. Its ability scores change as listed in the table on page 212, then apply the specific effects of reduce person as well (+2 size bonus to DEX, -2 size penalty to STR).

Grand Lodge

Ulfen Death Squad wrote:
I can upgrade a belt of physical might +2 to physical might +4 but I cannot upgrade a belt of physical might +2 to a belt of physical superiority +2/+4.

You can't get a belt of physical superiority +2/+4 . It's not a standard item. Implanted ioun stones can help if you want increases to two stats, but one more than another.

Grand Lodge

lemeres wrote:
Bad Sintax wrote:

Yes, if you multi-classed to a cav at second level, you would receive a mount since it is one of the cav's class features. However, just like a druid's animal companion, the mount will level with only your cavalier levels. For instance, if you are a first level paladin and take a one level dip in cavalier and then go back to paladin, you would be a 3rd level character with a 1st level mount. Which might make for a squishy mount at higher levels.

Yeah, true, although there is a feat specifically for cavaliers that helps with that problem. The feat Horse Master requires the expert trainer class feature (which cavaliers get at level 4) and 6 ranks in ride, and it lets you just use your character level as your effective druid level.

Unfortunately, of course, you can't use this feat until level 7 (or 6 if you are going fighter since it is a combat feat), and in PFS play, you would honestly be better off just taking Boon Companion, which can boost effective druid level up to 4 so it can match your character level.

If you plan eventually to have full companion progression, as a Cavalier X/Paladin 5 does, Horse Master only helps you for a handful of levels, if any, considering the level you need to take it. Boon Companion may last longer but also will become obsolete. At worst your mount will be 4 levels below you for a level - I think you'll want another feat more.

Grand Lodge

foolishpete wrote:
Also, since this is for the Pathfinder Society, are there specific mount requirements for Pathfinder Society such as obtaining a wolf through a boon or something?

Pathfinder Society boon chronicles let you use options outside the standard rules. You don't need one to have a wolf mount for a Small-size character.

Grand Lodge **

As stated. If the GM needs to review the rule, you should have it ready at the table either as a print-out or on your powered-up device.

Grand Lodge

Entropic Creature
Resolute Creature

Grand Lodge **

Animal Archive wrote:
Body Type: Verminous Available Slots: Belt, eyes Animal Companions: Giant beetleUM, giant centipedeUM, giant crabUM, giant scorpionUM, giant spiderUM, octopusB1, squidB1

Questionable. You might get away with it if you claim to the GM that you don't own a copy of Animal Archive.

Grand Lodge **

TheFlyingPhoton wrote:
It says any time you're in Mendev or the Worldwound, you get a gold discount on magic items made with spells with the "good" descriptor and Prestige Award purchases are reduced by a certain number .. I heard through basically a game of telephone that the reduced prestige price cannot reduce the cost of a prestige purchase to less than 1. It doesn't say this on the actual boon, but completely makes sense (otherwise everyone who plays this mod would suddenly have a wand of every 1st-level spell). I just wanted to verify this (or a similar ruling).

I hope it's clear what the boon does. When you're not in a settlement of 5,000 or more residents, Prestige purchases cost an extra 5 PP. The boon reduces this additional cost by up to 4 points, so the telephone was right in a way - it won't reduce the extra cost to less than 1 PP.

TheFlyingPhoton wrote:
It does not say to cross this boon off when you use it, so does this discount have infinite uses?

These two parts of the boon aren't crossed off when used.

TheFlyingPhoton wrote:
If I want to utilize this boon, does it need to be during/after a scenario that takes place in Mendev? Or since there's an indefinite amount of time between scenarios, can we just say that our characters go all the way to Mendev to do some shopping?

The reduction in cost for Prestige purchases outside a settlement only operates in Mendev or (more likely) the Worldwound. As far as I can see, the discount on magic items works anywhere.

Grand Lodge **

Tsriel wrote:
The rewards chart has the example of one free item at 750gp for 2pp, so would I be able to assume (after doing some math) that I could spend PP to obtain items not listed in the generic rewards chart?

If by 'math' you mean working out whether the item costs less than or equal to 750 gp. The Guide offers specific rewards for 1 and 2 PP of single items of a certain value. These two awards can't be extended, combined or used as part-payment for more expensive items.

Tsriel wrote:
Say that for a moment there's a suit of armor I would like to obtain for my character costing approximately 11,000gp. Said character has 36 PP available to it. Could that character spend 27 of their 36 PP (or whatever the appropriate value would be for a single PP) to obtain that item without paying it's gold cost?

No, that's not an available use for Prestige (unless you have a boon that allows something along these lines, which can happen).

Grand Lodge **

Castilliano wrote:

Oh, so by RAW, if no class features have been altered, and none would be altered by switching, you can switch for free?


If this is accurate, PFS rules don't require you to take either of those archetypes by your current level and there's no effect on game mechanics or gameplay for doing so, thus there's no reason to charge for it.

Grand Lodge **

Rapanuii wrote:
I don't understand paying for masterwork more than once. Normally you pay it once, and do everything like that, so why does it read like it's special?

You pay for masterwork once. +1 enhancement is +2000 gp on top of that.

Rapanuii wrote:
1,398 gp for using a non-level one pregen for minimal I'm reading in the rules. You concur that this is what I could apply to my character? If so, I need to start fresh for better gold than I previously earned!

You get 1398 gp for applying a 4th or 7th level pregen credit for a sanctioned module (a full published adventure or an adventure path episode that grants 3 XP, raising your character an entire level). A PFS scenario played with a 4th or 7th level pregen translates to 500 gp for a 1st level character as you mentioned above.

If you play a module or scenario with a 1st level pregen, you apply the chronicle to a new 1st level PC unaltered.

Grand Lodge **

Rapanuii wrote:
I've been trying to figure this out with buying items. So, is the always available subject to my fame restriction? Fame says any item, and the table seems to suggest while under 5 fame I can buy a maximum of 0 gp in value.

Always Available items don't require a minimum Fame. You're reading the table correctly for Fame 0-4.

Rapanuii wrote:
When determining upgrades and buying weapons, I add the total value of the item, and not the upgrade cost, right? Getting a plus two weapon upgraded from one is 6k more, but fame will be 8k plus the item when figuring out, right?


Rapanuii wrote:
I read that you don't pay for masterwork again, then I see a confusing add up of value listed. I buy a plus one long bow, that's 2100, or 2400?

Only a masterwork weapon can be enhanced as a magic weapon. You pay the extra cost for the masterwork item once, not twice or more, so a +1 longbow is 2400 gp.

Grand Lodge

A gold dragon is not a particular sort of chromatic dragon. If the GM allowed this combination (I don't see a problem with a kobold having kewl black scales with icky golden speckling and edging, for instance) the player would pick freely from the listed chromatic types.

Grand Lodge **

Rapanuii wrote:

Anyone know the average gp earned for a level one or rather a low level game that allows a level one?

I don't know if I should take 500 when playing a low level session could be more beneficial

It varies by scenario, but 500 gp is fairly typical. If most of the others in the party are higher level and your table plays at subtier 4-5, you'll take a greater risk, but if you survive you'll get out-of-subtier gold that's about twice as much.

Grand Lodge **

4. I agree with reading the Guide. However masterwork weapons, specifically the bow you've described, are Always Available.

Grand Lodge

jahvul wrote:
Can witch's only choose spells from the witch's spell list in the advanced players guide, or can they choose spells from the core rulebook too?

Witches can use spells on the witch's spell list in the APG (many of these are core rulebook spells), spells published in later books that list a Witch level, plus what they get from their patron and/or archetype.

Many males historically were condemned as witches. Different games use "warlock" in different senses, but often refer to a distinct form of magic that has something to do with pacts or specifically-evil patrons.

Grand Lodge

A bow is not a two-handed weapon. It's a ranged weapon that requires two hands to load and to fire. When you're not doing either of those things, you can hold it in one hand.

Grand Lodge **

Single classed:
inquisitor (dead)


Grand Lodge **

Alchemist 2
Barbarian 2
Brawler 2
Cavalier (Order of the Dragon) 2
Cleric (Pharasma) 13
Fighter 3 (1, 1, 1)
Inquisitor (Irori) 2
Magus 7
Ninja 2
Ranger 10 (8, 1, [Urban Ranger] 1)
Rogue 5
Samurai (Order of the Warrior) 11
Summoner 8
Witch [Winter Witch] 4
Wizard (Transmuter) 1

Loremaster 2

11 characters, 76 levels

Grand Lodge

kinevon wrote:
Starglim wrote:
If you can make a melee attack at 15 feet, you can do sneak attack damage with it, provided you qualify otherwise. If you don't have 15' reach, this trick doesn't give it to you.

Enlarge Person and a reach weapon, a normal whip, most reach weapons with Lunge.

What is the reach of an enlarged person with a whip?

What is the reach of a Large (tall) creature with a whip?

edit: Since a whip has the reach quality, it doubles the creature's natural reach, or it has a reach of 15 feet since the specific description says so. Therefore, a creature can choose whichever of these reaches is most beneficial for him. This is a good answer for Large creatures (as discussed previously for a notable example), probably not so desirable for Tiny or smaller instances.

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