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Starglim's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter, 2014 Star Voter. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 3,035 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 16 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Grand Lodge **

Guide to PFS Organised Play

Guide to PFSOP page 7 wrote:
Select your character’s class and race from the choices offered in the Core Rulebook. You may also select kitsune, nagaji, tengu and wayang as your character’s race with access to the proper Additional Resources book.

Grand Lodge

Rhatahema wrote:
For home games, a GM might be persuaded to allow other humanoid subtypes (Scion of Halfingity?).

And this is a home game, because Small-size aasimars are not legal for PFS.

Grand Lodge

1. Much like other cooked meat and baked goods, it might keep for a few days, more with cold or magic, or the witch might be able to make preserved foods or trail rations that last indefinitely but don't look quite as delicious.

2. One meal or serving. If you want more, cook more people.

3. Each serving can have a different effect, most likely at the witch's option when created.

Grand Lodge **

born_of_fire wrote:
My understanding is that a character can always purchase items valued at under 750gp regardless of Fame or PP. Is this the case or have I experienced a catastrophic reading comprehension failure?

This is not the case. If he has less than 5 Fame, he can only purchase Always Available items and items on the character's chronicle sheets.

born_of_fire wrote:
Also, can things on one character's Chronicle sheet be bought by another one of my character's since the Chronicles are kind of attached to me as a player rather than to each of my individual characters? It seems clear that the items and boons from the top half of the Chronicle are character specific but is the list of equipment on the bottom half only available to only that character as well?

No. Chronicles are specific to the character who earned them or was assigned them. A few boons carry over between characters and these are described explicitly on the chronicle or in the scenario concerned.

Grand Lodge

Ultimate Equipment has the most comprehensive lists (end of the page) that I know of. I don't know if any individual sources state what weapon groups a new weapon occupies. Otherwise, ask your GM.

Grand Lodge **

1. Vishkanya have Poison Use because they produce their own poison. Neither PFS rules nor logic support them buying manufactured poisons unless they have levels in the classes that normally have this benefit, or access from a Chronicle. If a vishkanya obtains a manufactured poison, her Poison Use ability works as written.

2. The rules don't support an animal's venom working effectively if applied directly to a weapon, though a non-PFS GM could allow it as a house rule. It must be prepared as a manufactured injury poison. edit: Outside of PFS, a character might use it as raw material for Craft (alchemy), applying a suitable Profession check for how much raw material it provides in gold piece value, but that's not explicit anywhere. In PFS, a day job roll against Profession (animal keeper) followed by a Craft (alchemy) roll provided you are an alchemist or investigator would do something like this, producing one of the permitted standard types of poison.

Grand Lodge

You make a good point. The text really should say explicitly if the brawler's levels count as monk levels for the effect of feats and items. The only support I can see for this is the examples selected - but in both examples, the only difference in their function for a monk is that they scale with monk levels. I think it's poorly written and needs clarification.

Grand Lodge **

The Guide to PFSOP, pages 21, 25 and 36 describes how to adjust XP, PP and gold for the slow track. The Guide says nothing about altering the day job result - instead it says (pages 21 and 36) to enter the result from table 5-1 in the day job box.

edit: as others have said, providing a citation/quotation for a negative is pretty tedious.

Grand Lodge

That's an unhelpfully vague description of Martial Training. A brawler counts her levels as monk levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats, and to determine what options apply for feats that work differently for monks and non-monks. Otherwise the character has 2 levels of hungry ghost monk and 3 levels of a non-monk class.

Punishing Kick knocks an opponent back 5 feet, as it would if the character was a level 5 hungry ghost monk. She can use it twice per day.

Elemental Fist does +1d6 damage and she can use it twice per day.

Grand Lodge

Should they? Not a rules question. If you want a character who is less than the minimum age for an adventurer and your GM is prepared to allow this departure from the rules, I would think you should be prepared to use the mechanics for that choice. Otherwise, a half-elf can take PC class levels at 20 years and if you want to claim you're 11 for some roleplaying reason, the game world will draw its own conclusions.

Grand Lodge

It's pretty long, to be honest.

If the character was introduced to Abadar by a Tien merchant, he might recognise the Tien aspect first, until he develops enough personal understanding of theology (say, high ranks in Knowledge (religion) or cleric levels) to make his own speculations. However Abadar is an ancient god and appears to different cultures in their own guise. I expect he has draconic and cyclops aspects, for example.

The church would probably advise the character to integrate into Katapeshi civilised society more than to preach to his own tribe, unless perhaps he had an opportunity to convert almost all of them at once.

Grand Lodge **

Tamec wrote:

Given what I know of that particular adventure

** spoiler omitted **

They might pull out a few of their captives to do that - particularly if the PCs destroyed specific undead servants and were well suited to replace them, such as Luscilia's zombie and the party included a strong fighter, or Dalirio's huecuva and a cleric - but most of the slaves are either shipped off for cash sales in other nations, or sold to the derro for purposes revealed in Part 4.
Grand Lodge **

Unfortunately, if the bad guys stabilised and captured the characters (as I agree would fit their motives), it sounds as if none of them have 5 PP for their faction to rescue them, so the GM would still have to let them off easy and make up the consequences of the bad guys looting their gear.

Grand Lodge

Ceremony wrote:
ALSO - druid question. Im playing a game right now with a Druid with a Wolf companion. Do they both roll initiative? Do they both get to attack? Does the Druid need to roll to command the wolf?

Different GMs treat initiative of companions in different ways. I've given the player the option of either rolling once with the lowest initiative modifier between them, or rolling separately. Either way, if the companion is an animal and has no orders that seem to apply, it will delay for orders.

Both the druid and the companion get full rounds of actions.

You use the Handle Animal skill to control an animal companion. To summarise, the player needs to know what tricks the animal has been taught from the skill description. Commanding an animal companion to perform a trick that it knows is a free action, Handle Animal DC 10 with a +4 bonus for the Link ability. If it's not his animal companion, isn't trained for what he wants it to do, or is injured, it becomes more difficult.

Grand Lodge

An attack that counts as both silver and cold iron (such as any weapon with a +3 enhancement bonus or a 9th level brawler's punch), that bypasses all DR or that has +6 or higher static damage can harm this creature. It's no big deal.

Grand Lodge **

1) You can run scenarios from any season, unless the scenario has been retired.

2) Use the current character creation rules, Additional Resources and rulings.

3) That's fine, they don't get any extra faction boon but get prestige for the primary and secondary success conditions and other rewards that are not tied to a faction. In the last couple of seasons this has not always been as clearly described as it should be.

4) See the Secondary Success Conditions for seasons 0-4 to assign PP for primary and secondary success conditions. The Season 6 guide gives equivalent factions to receive faction-specific boons, but you don't give out any Lantern Lodge, Sczarni or Shadow Lodge specific boons. All characters get XP.

5) Some boons are not tied to conventions. There have been boons for owning novels, playing in a certain period around a holiday, earning sufficient prestige over a season, earning GM stars and no doubt others.

Grand Lodge **

Jeffrey Fox wrote:
Starglim wrote:
3. If the players listened to the briefing and talked to the NPCs, they should know what the item is. If they choose to test it, they had better be prepared for the consequences. A player at my table triggered it and dealt with it, without any 7th level spells.
May I ask how did they deal with it?

Adamantine longsword. I assumed the item had some extra hit points as for a magic weapon, so there was some question whether the sword would get through it before the character fell over from the damage he was doing to himself on top of the constriction and strangulation.
Grand Lodge **

3. If the players listened to the briefing and talked to the NPCs, they should know what the item is. If they choose to test it, they had better be prepared for the consequences. A player at my table triggered it and dealt with it, without any 7th level spells.

Grand Lodge

You're manipulating a rope, but not applying any particular new effect to the opponent. I'd probably treat it much like drawing a weapon: a move action, or can be combined with a normal move.

Grand Lodge

Only to the effect of abilities you already possess that vary by your wizard level. In the example, you'd get a +5 bonus to initiative.

Grand Lodge

PRD wrote:
Some spells and abilities cause you to take an ability penalty for a limited amount of time. While in effect, these penalties function just like ability damage, but they cannot cause you to fall unconscious or die.

As Orfamay quoted, ability damage doesn't reduce your ability score, so you still qualify.

Grand Lodge

If a creature ability isn't listed in the spell description (descriptions, for beast shape II and higher) or general polymorph rules (Magic chapter), you don't get it.

Not sure about the galvo. If you become a jackalwere, you don't gain its Change Shape ability, so you take the natural form of a jackalwere, which is a jackal. Jackals don't have hands and, strictly following the statistics of a dog, wouldn't be able to speak or perform verbal components.

Grand Lodge **

I thought there was an Alfred Hitchcock quote in that, but it looks as if he didn't actually say "scale" .. Yes, for a standard rate of pay.

Grand Lodge **

claudekennilol wrote:

Ah thanks. I never looked through much of the ISWG since it has fewer mechanics in it than the core books or the player companions. I was looking through the regions in 'The Inner Sea' chapter and assumed those were ethnicities but it makes sense under the Race entry, too.

Is "ethnicity" defined somewhere for pathfinder? What makes "Garundi" an ethnicity but not "Geb"?

The ISWG has more mechanics than you might think, some rather widely used. The one you're after starts on page 10:

Inner Sea World Guide wrote:
On Golarion, humanity is further divided into many different, unique ethnicities .. Twelve human ethnicities are detailed on the following pages

Note only eleven are PFS legal. The Dragon Empires Gazetteer and later products offer more.

Chapter 2 describes "locations", nations, empires, frontiers and wildlands, but I believe the most consistent rules term would be regions. They aren't ethnicities and don't dictate what ethnicity your character can have.

Grand Lodge **

This is not the first time I've heard this asked, particularly in relation to GM credit.

Grand Lodge **

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Jeff Merola wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
(Can you get ancient osirioni as a human with your int bonus? I can never remember the rule for that)
I'm pretty sure you can't, but I don't remember where the rule is located.

Guide to PFSOP page 8, "Languages".

Grand Lodge **

kinevon wrote:
Isn't Necril a country? If so, I would look under that country.

Necril is spoken most often in Nemret Noktoria, which is in the Darklands (ISWG page 60, or as mentioned, Into the Darklands gives a lot more detail). You may be thinking of Nex.

Grand Lodge **

It's in the ACG

Advanced Class Guide wrote:
Fine etchings spell out the alphabets of four languages around the inside of this finely crafted silver band. The wearer gains the ability to speak and understand the four languages whose alphabets are inscribed on the ring. Normally the languages are Common, Dwarven, Elven, and Gnome. Less often, such rings are attuned to Giant, Goblin, Orc, and Undercommon, and rings with different sets of languages might also exist. The wearer retains the ability to speak in these languages even if she assumes a form normally unable to do so (such as a druid wild shaped into a wolf). [!]

and some further abilities.

Grand Lodge **

Languages - ISWG page 251 . For a proper source for Osiriani as a free language, you'll want the Garundi ethnicity (ISWG page 14). A human can take any published language except Druidic or (for PFS) ancient languages as a bonus language.

Grand Lodge **

Dragnmoon wrote:
Is there a reason that tactic would not work in these season 6 scenarios?

Some of the creatures in question have a lot of attached blades and saws. If the party have something better than rope to deal with them, it seems feasible.

Grand Lodge

For any creature, not just a PC and regardless what attitude you achieve, "some requests automatically fail if the request goes against the creature's values or its nature". Of course, the GM may make note of what you claim to be your character's values or nature, in case you should later be charmed or dominated. Further, "if a request is refused, the result does not change with additional checks".

But, yes, Diplomacy explicitly works on NPCs.

Grand Lodge

An ioun stone does nothing unless it has been activated - either orbiting his head, implanted, in a wayfinder on his person, or using another game ability that applies the stone's enchantment.


Pathfinder Society Primer wrote:
Your soul can be absorbed into a pale orange rhombus [sic] ioun stone only once per 24-hour period.

The additional stones are pale orange rhomboid ioun stones, so the character's soul's ability to enter one is limited by this note, regardless that they are not the same ioun stone that activated first.

An ability that allowed him to stabilise automatically would reduce his danger.

Grand Lodge **

Zach Klopfleisch wrote:
--No, the only requirement to gain XP in PFS is completing three encounters (and being alive at the end of the adventure.) Prestige is the same for modules like Master of the Fallen Fortress. You cannot take XP or Prestige away for poor roleplay.

If a character actually refused to take part in an encounter (and wasn't doing something else that creatively helped the party), it might not count towards XP. If they were present, they completed the encounter.

Bear in mind that gaining XP moves the character towards higher level, which, if the party doesn't do well and loses gold or prestige for a scenario, can sometimes not seem like a benefit.

Grand Lodge **

Geb might give him, most likely, Osiriani, then Kelish or Polyglot. He might even know Necril.

Grand Lodge

The Amateur Investigator feat doesn't grant the inspiration class feature, so it doesn't meet the prerequisite for Inspired Alchemy. If the prerequisite was "inspiration pool" or specifically included Amateur Investigator, or if Amateur Investigator said "you gain the inspiration class feature", it would qualify. See the Extra Inspiration feat, which lists Amateur Investigator and the inspiration feature as two different prerequisites.

Grand Lodge

I'm planning to play my first session as an investigator this weekend. For what it's worth, I don't see what stops an investigator neutralising poison in a creature that's already affected by it. That's what the spell neutralise poison does.

He would, of course, have to physically examine the poison (which probably means he must have an exposed, unused dose of the poison) to identify it, then make a check to neutralise it, taking at least 2 minutes before the affected creature received any benefit, more if it had been poisoned more than once.

Grand Lodge

Yes, a Large air elemental's whirlwind counts as a storm for call lightning.

Note that forming a whirlwind is a Supernatural ability that has no specific action listed, so is a standard action, and the druid can remain in whirlwind form for 1 round per 2 hit dice (levels, most likely).

Grand Lodge

Improved Uncanny Dodge is not relevant, since the barbarian is not flanked.

Uncanny Dodge and Surprise Attack seem to conflict directly. I would read it: During the surprise round, combatants are flat-footed until they act on their initiative count. Surprise Attack causes an opponent to count as flat-footed to the rogue as if they had not acted. A character with Uncanny Dodge cannot be caught flat-footed ever, including if she has not yet acted in a surprise round. Therefore, the barbarian is not flat-footed.

Grand Lodge **

It's in my copy dated August 28 2014.

Grand Lodge **

The character with the chronicle you mention may scribe spells into a spellbook or formula book or teach them to a familiar that can store spells, no one else.

If the bard could scribe spells, he could scribe them into his own book and allow other characters playing in any scenario with him to copy from his book. Since he is not a character who prepares spells, the boon is of no more use to him than to my brawler, who also had the chance to take it.

Grand Lodge **

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Guide to Organised Play free download and rules forum

As mentioned the PFS Guide includes a full list of regional coordinators. The following link in the PACG Guide works by copy/paste, but from the document seems to go astray: Regional Coordinators

Grand Lodge **

He could before. Taldor is entirely happy to sell made-up titles to places they don't actually control, especially if they were formerly part of the Empire.

Grand Lodge

Choose a specific grid intersection at the centre of your space. If the centre of your space is a grid square (as it is for most PCs), pick one of its four corners.

edit: It looks to me as if emergency force sphere's 5' radius hemisphere centred on you places you in your choice of the four squares that the dome takes up.

Grand Lodge

Seadeatea wrote:

I have a loosely related question. Since a cleric must be able to present their holy symbol to channel energy, what if a caster changed it's appearance? Would it no longer work as them presenting their holy symbol?

Honestly, I am thinking of the ever notorious Prestidigitation. I know it can't interrupt a caster but if you were to change the shape of say an ankh into a rough sphere it wouldn't directly be affecting their cast right? But it would no longer be the right shape to represent their faith. Or, even if it were a different shape, would it still work as it is still the Same object?

This is not one of the listed abilities of prestidigitation. It could perhaps make some sort of blobby coating, but since materials made by prestidigitation can't count as a spell component, I doubt they can modify the effect of a spell component either.

If a holy symbol was reshaped by something other than a 0-level spell, that certainly might prevent it functioning.

Grand Lodge **

Thinking about where each individual would have to move, it should be at least a full-round action, after the troop moved adjacent to the ladder. If the GM allowed the troop to use any of its damage-dealing abilities while doing so, it's more like two full rounds. They might choose to fire crossbows through the trapdoor instead.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

1. The primary effect of the haunt is fire damage to the target creatures. A haunt can't cause the room actually to catch on fire, because rooms are objects and immune to mind-affecting effects.
2. It's an odd sort of spiritual effect. You might think of shadow magic as an analogy. Affected creatures take real fire damage.
3. Yes.
4. Nothing. However creatures affected by the haunt, but immune to fear, see all its effects but are not harmed by them.
5. Presumably something that an affected creature does or suffers in response to the haunt. For example, if the haunt affects a paladin's horse and the horse panics and bucks her off, the paladin takes falling damage, or if the haunt affects a dark stalker and does enough damage to kill him, he explodes.
edit: The haunt can probably also do things to an affected creature's gear. Any consequences of that would be secondary effects.

Grand Lodge

Rules for magic oils are in the Magic Items - Potions section of the core rulebook, pages 477-478.

You make them using the Brew Potion feat.

Applying an oil is a standard action to smear the oil on the target (note, throwing does not work) or a full-round action to apply an oil to an unconscious creature. The person applying the oil is the caster and the thing receiving the oil is the target. Despite some wording in this section, you can apply an oil to a creature if the spell can target creatures.

Grand Lodge

No. A creature that's not an appropriate mount for you can only benefit from an exotic saddle and if it doesn't have one, you take a further -5 for riding bareback.

A military saddle has its listed effects and is probably better suited than a standard saddle for unusual forms of movement. Whether it needs to be exotic depends on the mount.

Grand Lodge **

Corwin Illum wrote:
If i get deafened at level 1, MUST i cure it?

Unless it heals by itself over some period of time, yes.

Grand Lodge

Or if 5/6 of your party are in black tentacles.

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