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Mierul Ardelain

Star_Light's page

329 posts. Alias of Johnny_Panic.

OK here is the idea

The Magnificent Seven meets pathfinder.

Here the game idea, I am going to take a known simple pathfinder scenario and shoot the living bijuzus out of it with Seven Gun Slingers,

The Magnificent Seven

Seven players every one a Gun Slinger

Making a PC

1: 100 to 500 word back story.
Just who is your PC,
they bad or good,
law abiding or head strong.
They like killing or do it for the Bounty?
How did they get to be a slinger?
why did they join up with the other 6.
NOTE: Each PC will know one of the other PCs from the past.
so work out who knows who.

I want a mix of races in the PCs so here is a
Races to pick from are.
1:Half Orc

CLASS: Level 3

Class: Gun Slinger [min level 2]
and if you wish, You may take 1 level in another class,
Pathfinder CORE/BASE classes Only [other or No 3ed Party]

10+ Race + 21 point buy
[or roll 3d6x8 throw the lowest 2, but once you do you have to take the outcome]

The players will be using the Advanced fire Arms rules
for costs/skills and feats v gun use.


I want players to keep this to themselves and play their PC as they think it should be player. other players will have to work out if your PC good or bad from what a PC dos.

Starting Cash / Items

50+5d10 gold
+ 1 Horse/pony or Riding dog
+ 1 Cow boy/girl hat
+ 1 pair of boots
+ 1 x 10gp Cow-boy/girl clothing [No nude PCs thank you]
+ 1 Advanced fire arm [shotgun, Rifle or revolver]
+ 1 Gunslinger kit.
+ rations for 3 days
+ 1 Water canteen
+ Saddle + 2x bags


The idea is for this game to be fun, yes your PC may die,
But is a good way,

Once I feel we have seven and they look cool, we will start play.

Time limit, 2 weeks 12th say.

Seeking some players for a fun game, this game will last 20 weeks, for the 1st Story Arch.

Hi well I have been a Gm here and a player for a time and right now don't seem to be doing much so I wanted to offer up fun game.

This is a game lot like most Pathfinder games, I best set them out now so as not to wast your time reading wall of text to think, narr not for me.

1: Im Dyslexic, if your a pendent or hate bad spelling, missing words, or things messed up good bye now and happy gaming :), IF how ever you like fun story telling and loads of action keep reading.

2: Rules super light, I mean it, this is a PC driven Campaign NOT a game system driven game. Showing me you know how to get +6d6 more ice DMG with a 4 feats, and some magic will do nothing. I just don't care, I do care if you talk about he family magic sword passed down from father to son for 10 generations, why its called what it is and the deeds it down. If you like less rules and more PC/World/story then keep reading.

3: Long posts, I like em, I want you to get into you PC and you will be I hope, with the rules changes I'm going to offer. If you like that then keep reading.

4: You start Zero class, in this way you start with NO class ability's or spells/magic not even Zero spells. You will how ever get such IN game. So No classes as such, you gain ability from any class in game, so all players can do all core class ability's. Again happy with that read on.

5: No Alignment, that's right, there NOT an absolute good and evil, law of chaos in the world, just points of view, your PCs point of view sets whats good/evil/lawful/chaotic to them. Tricky a, if you happy with that read on.

6: Races: you can be any core race, [if other ask. But note I want the Challenge ranting to be even across the players.] Happy with that then read on.

5: The Setting,
The village of new ford, built after old ford, burned down, or sank into mud, or was it crushed by Giants what ever it was it had to be remade and so NewFord came into being, some years ago. To the north is the north hills, South the Deserts lands, east the sea, west the great woods. No one outside the village can agree on whats beyond that. Some the the high Kingdom, some the elf lands, some the bad lands, some the Dragon lands, you get the idea. No one really seem to know 100% The Village has some 220 Inhabitants, most in large family farms, there is Shrine to the farm god, and some in the village give other offerings to, spirits and other things. who knows what go's on behind locked doors.

6: Magic + Powers + technology
All three are in the world, Well story's any way, not that your PC has seen anything other than tricks and water clock/windmill. I will be using Full Transparency rules. If you like this then read on.

7: Stats - Race variables + 21 Point Spend [1 for 1 spend]. read on if you like

8:Money/Items etc.
Ya dirt poor, but you have other than your farming cloths 1 item [non magic] max cost 100gp. Up to you what thats is. Keep going almost done.

9: 100 word Description - This is a core thing, write 100 words about your PC, any skill you name it in, you get 1 rank in, your item must be named in your 100 word description and your players name. Each key moment in your PCs life in game will add to this 100 words PC description. Things you gain will be listed in it [You will get a lot and lose a lot, the world is a harsh place]

Well your done, if you like please Post
Race + States + Item + 100 word Description.

That's it, as I said Little and an bit mad.

** Please I'm not getting into a long debate about how my rule changes will work, if you feel the need to ask more than a few things, this is not the game for you.**

GM Spugs

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

Ok you see this at the top of the Online Campaigns threads

Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.
Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.

Simple and clear, well I emailed more than once as I am DMing a game
that I did not start and ... Nothing nada, zip zilch nothing at all just emails into the blue.

So seeing how emailing the address gets nothing Im posting here asking
if this dos nothing why have it on the site?

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

Its raining, its always raining its seems, the war was long but now its long over, well so they say, fact is there are some things still going off and the high ups say the, with the local lords not having the warewithall to sort the problems out the army had to come and set up camp. Well not all the army, just the buts they did not want or need. All at camp 'Bloody Lost' know this, a ragtag bunch of, lose cannons, nut jobs, old vets, now where to gos and glory seekers. Its the place you get sent when you mess up and the place you go to hide of you don't want to be found. Thats camp 'bloody lost'. But the ladys and lasses have to job to do and for there newly made home land and they, well most try and do it.

Your new to the camp, you in and waiting with your things for your new commanding officer.

Its raining, its always raining.

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

GM Spugly here, this is Camp [Camp Mirog or as its know Camp 'Bloody lost'] where you can chat and talk as you like, Game thread will be for PC to PC events and doing stuff, all Qs about games rules and stuff come here. I am of course you Commanding officer.
The your new officer Sir Mirock Nobb, a clueless chinless wounder who spends most of my time down the officer mess (if you can call a tent that) drinking and/or playing cards badly, do not expect pay this mouth. From time to time I will send you off simple no risk at all to your life jobs, simple in simple out kind of thing, in the woods full of evil things with sharp teeth, Enemy agents and bandits as well as other nameless things. So no worry's there then.

See you soon.

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

GM Spugly here, this is Camp [Camp Mirog or as its know Camp 'Bloody lost'] where you can chat and talk as you like, Game thread will be for PC to PC events and doing stuff, all Qs about games rules and stuff come here. I am of course you Commanding officer.
The your new officer Sir Mirock Nobb, a clueless chinless wounder who spends most of my time down the officer mess (if you can call a tent that) drinking and/or playing cards badly, do not expect pay this mouth. From time to time I will send you off simple no risk at all to your life jobs, simple in simple out kind of thing, in the woods full of evil things with sharp teeth, Enemy agents and bandits as well as other nameless things. So no worry's there then.

See you soon.

Recruitment call for an ALL Summoner game - GM SpuglyFuglet

Hi All GM Spugly here with a another (could be) mad idea for a game.
Players: 4 to 5 players.
Setting: Golariopedia (stranded)
Location: Nirmathas
Time: Just after its independence and formation.
Who are you: A newly formed troop of Summoner's in the rag tag army of what was Irgal Nirmath, now dead - Nirmathas, your new officer is one Sir Mirock Nobb, a clueless chinless wounder who spends most of his time in the officer mess drunk or playing cards badly.
Task: Keep Nirmathas free of course "Long Live Nirmathas!!" and "Viva la Revolution" etc.. Enemys about, it may seem like peace time but there are others seeking to take our great land of trees back.

Its your 1st day in your new camp, you do not know each other all you know is they have made a troop of Summoners who will act as a unit under and well known (he did some thing brave once wile drunk) but also as well know 'useless' officer, why? you have no idea, its the army the high ups think of such things, poor troops just have to do them, mind you this is a free army you have a say, your not Cheliax for gods sake.

So if you think this sounds fun, and this will be a fest fun game, Im looking to keep things moving and get a post a day from all the players of I can. Note I will auto-bot your PC if its slowing game play. Maps will be simple, Im not map artist but they will I hope do the Job.

So things you need to know,
Im looking for simple built Alts.
Combat and stats at the top, Back story at the bottom, and also post that back,story here under a spoiler tag.

About me, I a old school GM, but no ball barker, I am dyslexic but if you can read and understand this post then, that's what my posts will be like. Rules wise I'm now export, if a mess up, pull me up on it. If you have a fall out with another player or me, take it to PM not on the threads, last of all Fun, its all about inventive fun, I love RP over rules and if the RP is good Ill bend even brake rules for the sake of Fun.

character creation INFO:

Bad new ->

NO - 3PP stuff at all, sorry but unless its in core PF books or and not 3pp its not it.

NO other class but Summoner -
This means the normal roles taken on by a party, healer, fighter, Rogue will have to be crafted from this one class,

Good news ->
any thing thats on that's not 3pp I will allow.

Races - Any even monsters, that's right any Race as long as it fits see below, I get the yes/no on each, and may trim any race abilitys and powers to fit the groups level. Simple rule is if its more than 11 points to make in the custom race maker its to powerful. So Drow YES, Nobel Drow NO

IMPOTENT! Aliment ->
All Aliments will be hidden, Unless you cast a spell in game or some thing in game gives it away, you will know other players Aliments. Please do not place Aliment in your alt or on the thread, Only me your GM and the player will know Aliments until its reveled in game if at all.

Leveling, no XP keeping levels will be give at then end of every mission or big event so you will be leveling fast. Mythic will come in at some point early on. around level 5, I will give a PC rebuild at that point so do not worry about it now.

Starting level 3ed,

A 20 Point Buy.
Or risk
One roll only 1d12+8 (do you feel lucky)
On or the other not both.

Traits 2

Starting gold 8,000gp

HP ->8+con mod+1d4-1 (you have been in the army so your harder then most PCs)

Well thats it,

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

I have been GMing to games that last their GM but Now I would like to close them, One I wish to start again at some point and the other that has now ended.

Any way to do this?

Been thinking for some time about a Doctor who PbP,

The setting would be Any Time any place,
With the Doctor MIA, your a bunch of his beings who have known him at one time or another,

The TARDIS has come to get you, with one aid


System 100% yet but you get the idea.

If you do not know what Doctor who is
well look the old chap up.

So I can run a PbP

2 people marked this as a favorite.

"O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention,
A kingdom for a stage, princes to act
And monarchs to behold the swelling scene!"

Its been playing on my mind of late as a GM that we all have books with stuff that will never be used, the mage high level stuff.

I asked myself some "what if's?" and "hows?"

What if a group of players could play 40th level PCs?
Such Players would be well beyond Epic at the Demi God level
So why not play it like that, Demi-gods looking to get that fall godhood stamp. One more level and its full got time. A place in the havens and worshipers to power you. Joy o joy, but there is a problem the gods are at war, a slot is now open and you aim to fill it.

But who are you, what kind of faith are you trying to get started, where is your base of operation, who are your flock in a world at war above and bellow the lands.

What if you could be ANY race 3ed party and all, and number of classes that add up to 40.

So I was thinking,

All players of said game must make a PC and the mean underlings they have + there base of operation, for Faith and God-ness you need followers, temples and such. You will have to used all that gold you get at 40th to pay for the lot.

then its down to the GM and other players to see what he can do that's fun to mess up your plans of becoming a good, wile still fighting in a war.

All players will get a Higher god as a patron, so think gods and aliments, you may be a half good offspring a an under Demon. They make ask you to fight on there side in the god war.

well let me know what you think.

Dear players out there The Drow game is

Looking for two Evil Dwarf Gun Slinger or
any class from Pathfinder books (but have have gun smith skills)

Level 5 and gold for that level

Gunslings ok and Guns abound in Dwarf lands

Please read the game thread to get an Idea of the game and setting.
[url=]THe DROW Game here[/b]

Making your PC

Any kind of Dwarf, deep etc
15 point buy.
Any class thats Pathfinder, and no third party sorry.
We will start at level 5 level.
For health, roll on this thread, at first level take full, and then take roll + CON after that.
Take 5th level money + 5000gp
Two traits, that tie into backround well.
I need a short backround, 2 or so paragraphs.
Recruitment will end when I have two fully built Pcs I like
so its a bit 1st come 1st served etc.

Good luck

NOTE this game was set up by another GM who left, so Im kind of stuck with how he set it up. :)

Im Looking for two Burks to join a planeScape game.
The game group needs a kind of Cleric class and a fighting type class,

Back ground

1:One contact name - who - and what are they

2: One enemy - who and why

3: Some thing you care about, what and why


20 Points

4 Traits (one planescape-ish) (I like em)


Race any (if custom 11p buy) (all must be aproved) (Nobel drow Level-1)

Game Link here Burks :)

Hi all GMS on who read this, I'm looking for the
"never going to happen game"
Whats that you ask, well is a game that has to thing in it
Rarer Than Rocking Horse S**t. that is

1) Epic level game, 20th level and up.
2) Psionics most of all 20th level Psionic PCs.

Most of you on reading this will think

Hay your right, that is a "never going to happen game" good luck with that one

To you I say
"farewell and good luck GMing your Atypical games"

See your not the holy grail GM i'm looking for. No I'm after that most rare of things a skilled, gifted and some what insane GM who just read the above and said to them self's.

"never going to happen, no way man, I love epic and Epic Psionics sounds like a great idea for me to show of my amazing GMing skills and Savant like Knowledge of Pathfinder.

Grovel kiss kiss ...
you get the idea.

I say to you.

"IF you would like to run such a mad game, and IF you have an Enrollment, could I would like a shot please."

Thats all really
GM Spugs

Act 1 - The 1st key

The read doors down the way in to the "Nag Heads pub" some steps down and your into the main bar area, to the left is the bar, some 5m long, the room itself is some 18m deep x 26m wide x 3m tall, to the right is a raised area with a stage and tables for eating. Sid the Demon stands behind the bar, chating with a local, on the wall are a number of human female heads, all old is and look angrily at any one coming in. Get to close to one and they will start to Nag you about being over weight, not working hard or being like home. You can see how the Pub got its name. Real or not they are funny at 1st then very annoying after a time, some seem to have been gagged.

The pub is not to full yet and Sids happy to take coin and pass over any drink you like, His wife and elf (ugly as sin) come in and out the back room with food.

why not take a seat and see who shows up.

Well Berks, the Spin has come to ask all on the Spike, to put their Brain Box's round the Idea. If a game in the City of Doors would be fun.

Now here's the Book true, The good about the city of door, you can be any race and I mean any. Long as its playable you can have it, if not the lady will send it down to the labyrinth see. Class well all, that right ya get all kinds here. But if ya looking to a god for help forget it, no gods magics works in Sigil right, She do not like gods here see and they have no powers, so they stay well away, just dusty's in the making likes you and me, berk.

So what ya think come for a walk down the Hive A!, have us some fun.

What ever I feel like what ever I feel like What ever I feel like

Talk here about ingame and other things guys

What ever I feel like what ever I feel like What ever I feel like

The desert planet Arrakis (Dune) sun hangs high in the Sky, as the Village citizens of "Calling Bards" get on with there day, life is harsh and just making your water for the week is a full time task for adults and Children alike. The water sealed homes sit half submerged in the sand. Safe behind the Shields wall not great sand storms range here. The Stationed House Jazaria troops can be seen walking around, looking for Spice smuggler activity, There Slug Gas guns always at the ready.
Water sells can he heard trying to sell a 1 spice unit cup of clean 100ml's of water. With village still-suits being so bad that's a days water. Its in the world out players start. Will you live through the day?, We shall see.

If you do not know what DUNE is then you may want to stop now, But heres my thinking, I would like to GM an Online PbP DUNE game set in the
University of Frank Herbert's DUNE book. Only the DUNE books written by him in his life time. No other works by his son and others.
In fact the 3 core books of DUNE, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune.

The setting will be some 70 years before DUNE the main book, On Arrakis
where 3 house's mine the spice.
House Harkonnen (as overlords of the world)
House Jazaria (A young house miner to House Harkonnen who do the work)
House Shilack (A demoted house Major who used to control all of Arrakis spice mining rights)

House Shilack and house Jazaria are in the middle of a war of assassins
wile the only thing the Harkonnens care about is the flow of spice.

Players will be Village Fremen living inside the shield wall but outside of Arrakeen city, you live close to shield wall.

Ok Pathfinder with some limits.
Race - Human only but Humans have a range of types.
As Village Fremen you get

Sand Freman
HD 1d10
Skill 2+int Level
Str +2
Dex +2
Cha -2
Wild Freman Contacts (Cha skill)
Poison resistance +5
Spice addition 1/day
Knife +1 + Still-Suit
Starting wealth 1d4 x10 Spice units

Town Freman
HD 1d6
Skill 4+int Level
On world House Contacts (Cha skill)
Poison resistance +3
Spice addition 1/3days
1 tech Item or tech weapon.
Starting wealth 2d6 x10 Spice units

Spice Smuggler
HD 1d8
Skill 3+int Level
Off-world contacts (Cha Skill)
Poison resistance +1
Spice addition 1/week
1 off world item or tech weapon.
Starting wealth 2d10 x10 Spice units

Ever Human gets all simple weapons and armor use.
For any higher tech you have to take a feat for it
or be trained to again the feat.

Things like Shields and Lazguns cost as much as a small Village
so you will not start with them, or have the skills to use them.
Budi Pistols.

explosives are fine but have other problems, so if you want frag grenades and such Ill have to ok that.

Amro comes in 3 kinds

Still-suits = cloth to chain mail depending on its type.
Battle suits = Used by house Guards, useless in the desert.
Body Shields = Very high cost and used by elite house Guards and very fast death in the desert as they drive the sand worms mad.

DUNE and Pathfinder Magic,
Well there is no magic in the DUNE world, So all spell caster classes are out. Now some "magic" powers could be down to Spice use. So we will have to take this case by case.

This is where the Players come in, I need you to come up with ideas for your PC, who are they, what to they do in village life, do they have contacts out in the great dusts beyond the world.

you are all Young, and know each other, all born in the same "Singing rocks" village ages 15 to 19.

Well what ya think.

Well if your interested

NOTES: about you me The GM
I like to write, but i'm dyslexic, I use my computer to help me as best I can but I say now, Sorry for the bad Grammar and spelling.

I will be posting often, as I have a lot of rest time at work. Slow un-stressful job is what I wanted.

NOTES: About pos players.
Would be good if you have read the DUNE books, core ones most of all.
We will be working to make this a good game so feel free to pick me up
on things you feel I have gotten wrong.
Posting, I know RL gets in the way, But please if you can not post often
or RL means you may not post for some time, let me know and Ill pop your PC on hold until you come back.

Number of players, well was thinking 4 to 8. I know * sounds a lot but I have run DUNE games with 12 before at cons and feel that's ok is groups will brake up and do own things in the same setting of its large.
Ill keep you all linked so not to worry.

Last thing.

My game play.
A run rounds like this.
1: Running away - Always go's 1st, if in the middle of combat you say on our next round "I'm running away, Your Initiative becomes 0 and you run away as best you can. remember this is a game with Guns and no healing magic.
2: Doing things, That is any action that is not direct combat, you go next. So shooting the struts under the walkway where the troops are shooting at you, may be more effective that shooting one troop as time.
3: Direct combat, last in a round for good and bad guys alike, Dune is a deadly place this is the last thing you want to do unless you really have no other way.

there is a saying on DUNE
"God created Arrakis to train the faithful and who am I to go against the word of god"

Remember that.

Helpfull links



What ever I feel like what ever I feel like What ever I feel like

On the good ship GCU:"Say that again!" a small Pool and bar area some 30km along its length. You have been transported by a number of ships and pods to "Say" and have been waiting for the Ship aviator to show up. The Drone "Kimpiss Looper" who when to see you is also there, Wile here you can have a chat and talk to it.

Would any one like to play in a I M banks "Culture" game

I have been thinking for some time of running a PbP "Cultur" game
I have run PnP ones, you will not be Minds or Ships but
Ships Avatars, Organics and AIs (drones) are all in.

System is really down to players if any.

So any like to play?

Banks vers

"The Culture"

The Game Idea is simple.

A "Sublimed" as crafted a world known as Golarion (Pathfinder)
"Special Circumstances" has a one off chance to drop onto this world
a "Contact" team to find out what the hell is going off.

As a poor and most hated out of luck Psion down and out, he seeks only a home a hot meal and a coin now and then. I ask in all humility are there any great GM who would think of letting my poor soul into their world.

Saxton Quinn
A poor Psion.

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