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SpunkyGnome's page

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I love this item. I had to go and look up the spell lily pad stride after reading this, as I had never heard of the spell either. After reading it though I have to say that this spell is, in my opinion, not a spell in a can. The spell has the limitation of only holding people the same size as the caster. Even though this item limits it to 200lbs and therefore restricts really heavily armoured creatures, it does not make the item, unlike the spell, completely useless for the other party members of a small caster.

I have been waiting for info on Irissen since I first read about. This is great, but I hope to see more on Irissen specifically and would love to see an AP focused there.

Nymian Harthing wrote:
79.) When the most romantic Valentine's Day gift your significant other gives you is...a custom-built campaign centered around your favorite character's group's previous adventures (and mistakes).

80.) When you ask your significant other for notebooks to keep your campaign notes in when they ask what to get you for Valentine's Day.

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