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I recently volunteered at a local convention, and one of my slots is a 4 hour Pathfinder session. The players may be new to the game or experienced, so it will flow slowly im assuming, even if i provide pre-gens

There are some modules from Free RPG day that are shorter, but they exceeded the 4h window when i played them with my group i normally play with (maybe we just argue a lot?).

Are there any good modules / campaign sections / ideas for a 4 hour session or am i looking at a home brew here ?

I've seen posts similar on the message boards, and the majority of the responses are PFS, having never been part of one, are these still 4h-ish for newer players?

As it stands now based on the other threads I'm thinking "Pathfinder Society Scenario Intro 1: First Steps—Part I: In Service to Lore".

Any advice would be appreciated.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Spahrep wrote:
Spahrep wrote:
Is the PDF similar to the AP paper mini's where they have the red folding line to make it easy to double side ?
They do not. The PDF version contains the pawns in a dieline for cutting out as a single image (we also include the mirrored version for each sheet of pawns).

Thanks Chris.

Spahrep wrote:
Is the PDF similar to the AP paper mini's where they have the red folding line to make it easy to double side ?


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Is the PDF similar to the AP paper mini's where they have the red folding line to make it easy to double side ?

Thanks a bunch, i started reading the comics (they are part of a humble bundle this week) and Seoni in particular kept giving me pause.

I'm really bad at reading unknown names, Amiri/Lini, Seelah, Merisiel and Seoni in particular are giving me pause. If anyone could apply a pronunciation key to these, that would be greatly appreciated.

Amiri (Barbarian)

Lem (Bard)

Kyra (Cleric)

Lini (Druid)

Valeros (Fighter)

Sajan (Monk)

Seelah (Paladin)

Harsk (Ranger)

Merisiel (Rogue)

Seoni (Sorcerer)

Ezren (Wizard)

HaraldKlak wrote:

I think the first two books of Council of Thieves would fit this purpose very well. The game is city based, and there is a very alternative dungeon/plot.

Does it have to be a prewritten adventure?
Otherwise, my experience is generelly that making a RP heavy game (where the PCs' choices affect the game more) is easier (and require less work) in a homebrew campaign.

Yea, i thought about doing a home brew, but i'm already running one with my other group, and 2 home brew at once just seemed like a bit too much work :P

I've done lots of GMing in the past, this is just a very different group than my normal "KILL EVERYTHING AND LOOT THE BODIESS!!!!!!!" group. I know that i could do more RP in any module/AP, was just looking for advice on ones that easily lend them selves to it.
I'll have a read through of jade reagent's first AP.

care to expand on that?

Starting a PF game with some family members. The majority are not big gamers and are more interested in the RP aspect then the numbers and dice rolling. Anyone have any suggestion for modules or APs that are especially good for story and role playing?
I have copies of Jade Reagent and Carrion Crown that I havent played yet, but would pick up another AP (not RotRL or Serpant Skull or Kingmaker or Shattered star which im already playing/played with a different group) or module if well recommended.

Goblin Squad Member

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The avgerage Joe should not be able to see where a fire ball is going to be landing...

If anything a wizard with a high spell check might be able to.
Lets not make this game easy and obvious, reward skill and cunning.

Is having a party walk not in a clump that hard a tactic to employ when you think you are in territory where a PvP attack is likely?

What about sending your rogue/stealthers ahead to scout the area you are walking into. There are tons of ways to avoid a mass AOE attempt on your party.

Also +1 to 3D AOE, that is important in the pathfinder world.

Goblin Squad Member

Love the friendly fire idea.
Not sure if i have a problem with multiple AOE's being able to nuke down a small party walking right next to each other. I'd like tactical movement to be important.

12 int + 3 = 15 before race bonus, so it can be a 17 or 19 (custom race). Scroll master is a wizard that can use scrolls as short swords and shields.

So yet another person in our group is giving GMing a shot.
And against my strong advice, they decided to give people options of character creation that were well, insane.
The option i chose was rolling 5d6 take best 3, rolling each stat in order. I came out with:

18 Str
15 Dex
17 Con
12 Int
16 Wis
15 Cha

Now i still get to add an additional +3 across these any way i chose how, and pick a race (including anything i can make up using 10 RP)

with stats like this just about anything you can dream of is playable. We currently have 2 clerics, a pally and a (druid or wizard).

I'm thinking of either
A) Going Monk
B) Going some obscure rarely played archetype that these stats might enable, like scrollmaster.

*edit: I expect there to be almost zero room for roll play in this campaign, combat combat combat.

Goblin Squad Member

Also have a look at this thread.

Anyone play utopia?

If anyone is playing, send me a message.
Its not a card game, its an online strategy game from back in like 1998 that is still going.

At least you guys remember to put in your submissions. 3rd times a fail for me haha :)

Francis "The Tank" Ricard wrote:
Second the narration/omission of the capture scene. The players may feel a little railroaded at this, but they will certainly feel much more cheated if they are doing everything right to win a combat and you say "nope, you lose"

I think you guys are on the right track with this one. If they continue into the core of the city, I will have to do something like this.

I've also done the gambit from nothing to 3D terrain and everything in the middle and have had success with all of them.

For combat its much less confusing and less arguments about distance/ranges using a grid based map. My current setup is basically a 30"x20" 1" grid easel pad. My wife is very artistic so I've got dozens and dozens of maps at my disposal that she has created for me over the years. Then when i need an improtu map, i just scribble on it with some markers :)

As mentioned above using aids can take away from the imagination required which does take out some of the magic. If you love painting a picture with your words, then very simple maps are better IMHO, if you do not or your players dont care, detailed maps with elevations, terrain obstructions etc work well.

I've played using dice (easy to keep track of mob 1/2/3/4/5...X), paper mini's and minis. All work very well as long as you can number them. Similar to maps though, i find when I'm using just dice i describe the mobs more and give it more flare vs minis its more of "you see one of these buggers".

Hand Outs:
These I love. I like to take paper and use tea/fire to make it look old. Wanted posters, notes left behind, maps, all manners of documents.
I've also found NPC cards to be useful (made myself but you can get pre-made ones). PCs can fill these up with information they have discovered on the NPCs so they dont forget key points between sessions.
Also when PC's find strange items or artificats or runes/inscriptions I like to draw these out in the form of a handout. Mainly this helps my players as they tend to forget things, but if your group doesnt need this, your flair with words may easily fill this void.

I guess it just comes down to what you enjoy and what your players enjoy its a spectrum of imagination to pre made. Try a few different ways and see what your group works well with.

Im more looking to do this purely through technology / alchemy / traps. Advancing them was just so they wouldnt be 100% trivial even with the technology :)

These trolls have seized power in the region through those means, and there is story line circulating with that also.
The trolls themselves are weak, its the technology that is supposed to be making them strong.

The trolls also use fortifications ala 1800s eg ditches with musket slots,
and similar tactics to gain advantages.

Seriously, guys in my sandbox dont read this lol. that means you fail cleric marco :P


So i've got a party with lowest level of 8 ranger, and highest of 12 sorc and a cleric who's min/maxed to heal with amazing ability. They are in a vast underground ice cavern system that spans hundreds of kilometers. There are a unique race of trolls that have mastered a number of technologies, giving them muskets, rifles and all manner of academical supplies. The party has stumbled upon the largest of the troll cities.

These troll parties encountered outside the city normally quickly dispatched by the party as I've been using the Advanced Ice Troll (CR 5) with some upgraded weapons. They dont live long vs a fireball with minimum 80 damage (save for 40). I could advance the trolls even further, but i want them to still just be trolls that have come to power in this region due to their technology.

My dilemma is i want to have the party become captured by the troll guards if they proceed further into the town. I'm looking for a way to do this without straying too far from paizo content.

I was thinking maybe some sort of knockout gas grenades ala cloudkill or something lol.

Just posting to get some ideas on what type of alchemical and or technological means the trolls could use to get the upper hand with minimal casualties to themselves.

Goblin Squad Member

Goblinworks Inc. says:


You DO NOT need to add shipping for Crowdforger pledges.

We have not made any announcement about availability of Add-Ons after the Kickstarter. To make sure you get one, you should Add-On!

Huge oppertunity for a plot hook.
BBG is a litch, sounds like he could rez up your fallen PC through any number of ruses (planted scroll that is is actually a different scroll etc) and exert some sort of control over that PC. you could even pull the player aside and let them know what is going down so they can play along.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

You could buy extra small animals to confuse enemies.

If the enemies still target your familiar, above all others, then you need a sit down with the DM.

This made me laugh, all i could think of was a witch throwing a sack of crazed badgers into the middle of a combat situation.

Goblin Squad Member


Goblin Squad Member

The thing is, if yes for #1, i have to adjust my pledge accordingly before closing do i not?

Goblin Squad Member

1) If outside US, do i need to pay more to ship the minis at crowdforger
2) Are the rewards such as Regional Trail and Honourable Title going to be available in game via quests and/or micro purchases?

Brogue The Rogue wrote:

I hate every time these threads pop up.

Yes, this is allowable per a strict reading of the RAW, as the makers of the game didn't see fit to put actual sleeping rules and requirements in, because it was so common-sensical that it didn't seem necessary.

If you try this, hopefully your DM either doesn't prefer realism or is very lenient. Good luck.

Lol. realism doesn't permit dragons or magic wands :)

In this case I am the GM and i see no reason not to allow them to do this. I just wanted to make sure there were no consequences that were not being taken into consideration. The players made conscious choices to take the classes, domains and archetypes that they did, why stop them from using them?

Goblin Squad Member

Well i sent an email off to Mr. Dancey, I'll let you guys know if I hear anything back. Back in the day I would beta test in exchange for getting access to the game and that seemed to be the normal if you weren't a paid tester hired by the company who would deal with the unit testing and alpha testing.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

@AvenaOats - after re-reading the plegde levels etc, I'm assuming that the crowdfoger Alpha and or paid testers will be covering this aspect.

I guess the use of the word has just changed over time in the industry from what it was 20 years ago. I can remeber having to sign NDAs, fill in weekly reports and actually test during 'beta testing'. Now it seems like its a preview or a demo more then a beta, this isnt specific to golbin works or this game.
I'll forward my views on to goblin works anyway as I like what they have planned for the game.

Goblin Squad Member

Im a little confused here, i must be missing something key.
When you do the kickstarter and get your 4 months subscription, this is used up when you are playing in closed beta?

I was under the impression that you only need to start paying when the game was released....

Can someone direct me to the appropriate posts to clear this up?


Its a paid beta..... wow.

Not what i was expecting when i pledged. It looks more like its just an early release vs a beta. I mean I've closed beta some MMOs before, were its a buggy game and you work with the dev team to help adjust/fine tune difficulty in encounters, economy values and other similar game mechanics. GMs change your level and inventory according to what needs to be tested and you 'pay' with your time and reports.

Im really very disappointed by this paid beta / early release. Very. I was so looking forward to actually beta testing this.

Grick, the diagrams do not cover all possibilities.
For example, 120 foot line spell, and you want it to hit a square 105 feet away, and 15 feet to the right.
Where does the line break? Can you tell me? I know i cant. This is where a piece of string works wonders.

We just had this out with our group, thankfully i was the GM :)

Pass through in my mind means it passes through 2 edges of the square, these can be adjacent edges.

In the case of this, you would hit nothing as you would not cross 2 edges of the target square.

Looking at the diagrams is all well and good for those specific lines, but there are thousands of lines that can be made as the distance on line spells inreases, so its important to make a ruling on 'through' a square to deal with these also.

Yes, we are aware that many class features require rest to recharge, I thought that was clear... We are looking for anything other than class spell/abilities recharging.

Lamontius wrote:
Are any of the other party members casters who need to prepare spells?
Spahrep wrote:
<SNIP> unless someone needs to as a restriction on getting class abilities/spells back.<END SNIP>

its a level zero spell. I use it all the time, its for when you run out of other spells, or the situation doesn't warrant a more powerful spell.

This also isn't really a rules question...

Restorative Touch (Su): You can touch a creature, letting the healing power of your deity flow through you to relieve the creature of a minor condition. Your touch can remove the dazed, fatigued, shaken, sickened, or staggered condition. You choose which condition is removed. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

We have a cleric with this domain power, who has can do this more times a day than there are party members. From what everyone can tell, this means the party never needs to sleep unless someone needs to as a restriction on getting class abilities/spells back.

Is there any downside we are missing when it comes to never sleeping?

Im trying to price a custom magic item, as I am reading over the rules in the prd to try and get a handle on it.

I'm getting confused by the BOOTS OF TELEPORTATION pricing listed as the example.

Its a lv 5 spell, the caster level would be level 9.
Use-activated or continuous Spell level x caster level x 2,000 gp2
thats 90,000gc.
Then you use:
Charges per day Divide by (5 divided by charges per day)

so 90,000 * (5/3 charges a day) = 54,000gc.

The listed price however is : 49,000.

Did i do my math wrong or does this guideline not apply to this item?

+++++++++ EDIT ++++++++
Found my issue, i needed to use Command word math, using 1800 as multiplier instead of 2,000gc.

Also does anyone know of a paizo wondrous items that has use charges in a x/week or other non day time period?

It says "per level", not "per ninja level". Is this intended, or typo.

it impacts rouges taking

Ninja Trick (Ex): A rogue with this talent can choose a trick from the ninja trick list. The rogue can choose but cannot use talents that require ki points, unless she has a ki pool. A rogue can pick this talent more than once.

Ki Pool (Ex): A rogue with this talent gains a small ki pool. This ki pool is similar to a ninja's ki pool, but the rogue's ki pool does not grant any extra attacks. The rogue gains a number of ki points equal to her Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). These ki points replenish at the start of each day. If she already has a ki pool, or gains a ki pool later, she gains half her Wisdom bonus (minimum 1) as bonus ki points to her ki pool. She can spend a ki point to gain a +10-foot bonus to movement until the end of her turn.

Vanishing Trick (Su): As a swift action, the ninja can disappear for 1 round per level. This ability functions as invisibility. Using this ability uses up 1 ki point.

Ventriloquism (Su): As a swift action, the ninja can throw her voice as if using the spell ventriloquism. She can use this ability for 1 minute per ninja level. Each use of this ability uses up 1 ki point.

Actually, i think i'll go with Greater Paragon, put the penalty in str and cha. Leaves my dex and con alone for some more survive/saves/hit.

Can we end the lectures based on assumptions about how our group works and either give some advice or leave it alone. Apparently there are a lot of dysfunctional groups out there lol. For the record, Min/Max is the standard with our group, not the exception, so its not going to disrupt anything. Also this is by farm the most powerful character creation I've ever been a part of. The last game was 3d6, stats rolled in order, which was actually my favourite way to generate ability scores so far, lead to some weird stuff.

The facts are i would like to use the custom race rules to create the most powerful wizard possible that uses crowd control / illusions instead of lets say fireballs and MM, having never played a wizard, nor created a player race, im looking for some assistance with my proposed race.

As far as the weaknesses I've selected, im not overly concerned about overcoming them. I've played races with these before light aversion before, there are always creative things to be done and it adds an element of role playing to overcome them. Regarding the travel, our group almost always has a small or slow person involved and thus mounted travel is more the norm than the exception.

lol, i've been playing with these guys for every Friday for 3 years now, there no malicious, I just want to make the most powerful wizard i possibly can now that i cant make my pixi, and i can play with a custom race idea. No idea where this hostility is coming from on the board today.

I've had a look through a couple of guides, and a number of people recommend the samsaran and their "mystic past life" trait. Most of what people type is theory craft, has anyone give that a shot? how did they find the relative power level.

So one of my players is doing his first round of GMing and i get to be a player here. He's running kingmaker and he's letting us design our own races if we want to 10 point no advanced traits. He shot down my non min maxed thematic race as it had an advanced trait, so im just gonna min max the heck out of it.
Now I've never played a wizard before, have GM'd over lots of them, but they are always offensive wizards. I want to play a wizard who does crowd control / illusions.

Below is my first attempt at a 10 point custom race, but its only 9 points. So I'm looking for advice and possibly another 1 point trait.

Im also looking for any advice people may have about prestige classes or archetypes. We get 4d6 take 3 for our rolls + a bonus 3 points, so the stats will be very high. Ideas? * = im not sold on it yet.

Slow Speed (–1 RP):

Darkvision 60 Feet (2 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of this race can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Light Blindness (–2 RP): Prerequisite: Darkvision or see in darkness trait; Weakness: Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds members of this race for 1 round; on subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.

Paragon (1 RP): Members of this race gain a +4 bonus to a single ability score, and a –2 penalty to either all physical or all mental ability scores. If the bonus is to a single physical ability score, the penalties apply to all mental ability scores, and vice versa.

Standard Language (0RP)

Flexible Bonus Feat (4 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of this race select one extra feat at 1st level.

Static Bonus Feat (2 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Choose one feat with no prerequisites. All members of this race gain this feat as a bonus feat at 1st level.

*Eternal Hope (2 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against fear and despair effects. Also, once per day, after a natural roll of 1 on a d20 roll, members of this race may reroll and use the second result.

*Object of Desire (1 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of this race add +1 to their caster level when casting charm person and charm monster.

thanks tonyz

ahhh, thanks, i didn't realize it was something specific to the bloody, i thought he was talking in general.

1) What happens when your corpse companion reaches 0 or -1 HP. Do they get destroyed, or just go down.
1 b) If they go down, can you use inflict light wounds or negative channeling to bring them back?

Can someone show me where it says they come back from destruction after an hour?

Samsung Galaxy Ace

stjstone - how has this worked out for your group?

your successful unarmed strike functions as its attack.

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