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Goblin Pirate

Spacecaptain Pillbug Lebowski's page

31 posts. Alias of Ambrosia Slaad.


Farael the Fallen wrote:
Mark Thomas 66 wrote:
And who are you supposed to be again?

{shrugs Korath-ily}


{wonders if she can convince Farael to steal Mark Thomas's leg}

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♫♪ "Space goblins on the Moon,
Coming from Pai-zo soon.
But there ain't no pick-les,
So we fight for gigg-les,
And sing a goblin tune.
" ♫♪

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Ah, I see the disconnect now.

While it's perfectly fine to play androids however you wish and build their racial background from any number of sci-fi sources, Starfinder androids have very specific qualities. They are each invested with a quantifiable soul that moves on to the afterlife, the same as any other living sapient. Most were constructed with a specific gender, although many have since rejected the gender they were assigned at birth. This is all canon in the setting materials. Think of Starfinder androids as synthetic living humanoids, not soulless robots in human(oid) shapes.

Play your home games any way you wish, but here, I think most of the posters are assuming you are speaking of Starfinder-specific androids. It's like popping into a Pathfinder forum and talking about traits and lore specific to Tolkien elves or Faerun elves. That's perfectly fine for those elves (and at your gaming table) but that isn't canon for Pathfinder elves.

(Maybe we need a separate thread for androids who differ from the Starfinder canon?)

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If it helps, I started a Pinterest collection of Sci-Fi- and Fantasy-themed art a while back.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
189. Your cyberlegs have several fixed movement settings...all of them hard-coded in by the Ministry of Silly Walks.

This would be fantastic if it was built into gun kata software in a move-by-wire system.

Now I'm curious for which kind of "dark matter" did the OP wanted to see in the rules. What TV show(s)/movie(s)/other fiction's depiction of dark matter did you want to see in the game?

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Of course we are literate. We can read and write in Meme and GUI, and space gobs with high Intelligence scores can take Filk and Auld TV as bonus languages.

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Envall wrote:

Instead of being slaves, the males are now WAGE SLAVES.

Brave new world.

An entire society where every one, male and female, is trying to be Gordon Gecko and Patrick Bateman rolled-into-one. Eek.

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khadgar567 wrote:
aka they are perfect starfinder society agents but going rouge makes slight problem

(Sorry, the typo gave me an idea:)

Vesk Field Agent: "Sorry, sir."

Vesk Commander: {exasperated} "What exactly did you say to those skittermanders?"

VFA: "We needed to locate and question that red-furred individual who was last seen with the shirren suspect. So I asked the skittermander villagers if they could help me quickly locate any rouge ones for questioning."

VC: {looks around at hundreds of gathered helpful skittermanders, all with freshly-dyed red fur} "Cos' damn it."

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We Be Skittermanders adventure modules?

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Owen KC Stephens wrote:
Jokey the Unfunny Comedian wrote:
AetherealFlux wrote:
So, now I am imagining running an Starfinder Society game and I’ll have 6 Drow at the table named Dr$$it or something like that. <GM cringe>
I'll have you know that my character's name is Space Drizz't, good sir, of Space House Space Do'Urden.
He likes Moon Pie and Mars Bars..

And like Moon Bars and Mars Bars, Space Drizz'ts are very tasty when deep fried. Even tastier when you're at least a bit inebriated.

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180. Your new implant also mines precious materials. When you sleep, it ejects a microdroid or a swarm of nanobots that stripmines any nearby unattended objects of raw materials. Some of it is used to maintain the implant, but that surprise! duranium alloy "kidney stone" was hell to pass. And now you are developing argyria from the unused deposits of metals in your epidermis... just smurfy!

Edward the Necromancer wrote:

Congratulation on winning the lottery, what are you going to do with your winnings!?

Gobby is going to buy Cheese!

How much cheese?


{ponders new feat tree the grants character at will cheese fart aura as stinking cloud spell, later upgrades to constant and/or cloudkill}

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Idea #2:

HWalsh wrote:

He was the star of a show called, "Gobster."

Gobster is the heartwarming tale of a young Goblin adopted by a Lashunta family after his own family passed away in a tragic accident. The show is a sitcom that interspaces itself with moments of true heartwarming feels...

Very Dark Traumatic Goblin Childhood:
The simcom show Gobster ran two decades (or more). The goblin lead, under an admantine-clad contract, was kept on a medical maintenance schedule that arrested his physical development as a per-pubescent gobchild. Trapped in the Simstudio system, he became an expert con-artist, a skillful manipulator, and cynical with a biting angry wit. When the show finally ended, treatments could never completely restore his lost growth, so he still looks baby-faced and cute... which he uses to his advantage, along with his considerable charm, to milk his "wholesome rascal" public image while secretly becoming a criminal mastermind and Goblin Hood-type adventure seeker.

(I stole some plot bits for this from John Varley's The Golden Globe.)

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Idea #1: He is the current famous fast-eating champion among the Pact Worlds. He can eat so much within the timed limits that even other goblins are in awe of him.

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152) You don't like it that much, and want your original bio-part back. Shame it's now attached to Sador Nestori, one of the most highly-skilled underground fighting champs in The Spike. But you're in luck: the kasatha has agreed to return the part to you if you can beat him in the fighting ring.

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143) You've just discovered that your neuralware has an undocumented feature that allows you to excise and export unpleasant memories. This is both a blessing and a curse.

Barbarossa Rotbart wrote:
140. Your neural implant slowly transforms you into a mindless cyber-zombie.

I knew there had to be a catch in getting trideo-sim receiver headware. Oooo, new season of Bojack Hobgobman is available!... {turns on, tunes in, drools out}

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The Drunken Dragon wrote:

I actually created an NPC pair who were a ysoki and half-elf. Since one was a physician-mage and the other a biochemical engineer, they combined transmutation magic and gene therapy that allowed them to successfully have a kid. Said kid is a half-elf like his mother...but manfiests natural lycanthropy and becomes a wererat as a teenager.

It's tough for him, but hey, at least his mom got to publish a paper about the possible origins of lycanthropy.

I Was a Teenage Were-Ysoki was the 3rd highest grossing trideo sim of 314 AG among the Pact Worlds. It was perceived as a horror flick in elven society on Castrovel and as a comedy in ysoki culture on Akiton.

EC Gamer Guy wrote:
MagicA wrote:
So, how would a vesk and human have a child? Do vesk even give live birth or do they lay eggs? I
Probably eggs. It's a trait of reptiles. Even Dragons who are canonically warm-blooded lay eggs.

Didn't Burroughs' Barsoomian Red Martians lay eggs? Did Dejah Thoris and John Carter have kids? (Edit: Google says they had two children but doesn't turn up whether they were live births or hatched.)

I, for one, welcome our new wookiee dragonkin overlords co-pilots.

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110) Your new cyberware/nanoware comes with some prototype semi-autonomous tuning/maintenance software... which seems to be malfunctioning slightly. When you are stressed or tired, you hallucinate a freshly-baked cake in your peripheral awareness which disappears when you try to perceive it directly. At first it was just in your peripheral vision, and then last week you could sometimes smell & taste it. But starting today, you noticed you hallucinate hearing it... hearing a totally silent, completely ordinary, and maddeningly delicious cake.

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The Sideromancer wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

This thread has given me the an idea for a Vesk action star that plays both the main lead and his love interest because he films on extreme locations and is often the only vesk available.

(any other species of love interest is of course, unthinkable)

I assume being the only Vesk around also makes them both character's stunt doubles, for four roles and counting.

Now I wonder if Vesk cinema has Ed Wood or Roger Corman equivalents.

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Set wrote:

97. The Shirren who last owned this cyberlimb knew she was about to die, and snuck her larvae into the 'smugglers compartment' where one usually hides contraband. Fortunately it's only been a couple of days since the limb was 'creatively acquired' and resold to you, so the larvae remains healthy. Congratulations! You're a parent, ish, to a bug! <Cigar not included. Do not smoke around children.>

97a. The larvae shirren is aware of your surroundings and interactions. When you enter combat, the excited larvae telepathically urges you to launch your fist/foot at the enemy.

Edit: 97b. The larvae has reconfigured the wiring in your cyberlimb, allowing it to 1) tap into broadcasts of vintage trideo shows (especially ones involving giant mechs) every chance it gets, and 2) keep your limb refrigerated to a constant 7.2°C. It also "speaks" at length to any who will listen about the evils of the god Weydan, although it consistently mispronounces it as "WHEE dun." ;)

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96. A highly-skilled hacker remembers your cyberarm's previous owner, or at least the arm. Occasionally, without warning, your cyberarm is wireless hacked to make a fist and punch you in the face really hard. It had only seemed to happen whenever you were near-ish (400k klicks or so) to Absalom Station... but then earlier today, it happened again while your ship was orbiting Akiton.

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151) A mechanic (any race) with an exocortex (aka Dr. Bunsen Honeydew) that keeps convincing the fleshy mechanic (aka Beaker) to perform risky, poorly considered/researched, and often dangerous actions.

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25. After your team took out that flying security drone, you didn't think much about it when you pried loose its unusual-looking optical sensor and slipped it into your coverall pocket. Shortly thereafter, it was joined by a couple prismatic-coated security cards (even though they were useless). No biggee, just nullzero-looking souvenirs, mementos of a job done well. Then when you were back on The Station, you kept the junk-bodger flamer from the gob tough who tired to stab-n-grab ya. But you couldn't deny you had a problem when on the next job, you just couldn't leave that dead vesk there without gouging out four of his custom photochromic-skinned brow spurs. You were so good and resisted for just over a week.

And now you sit here in your tiny flat, the freshly-stolen darklight mirrorball from that ysoki hopdance club as the new centerpiece in your shiny horde. You can feel a fresh headache coming on as your rub the still slightly tender regen'ed skin around your weeks-old refurbished datajack...

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19) At least once a day, you experience a mild hallucination that whatever you are currently drinking or eating tastes like (and has the consistency of) a inoffensively bland slurry of plant-based single-celled protein combined with synthetic amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. While it's marginally amusing (at first), you do wonder if you would be able to discern food-borne toxins or pathogens while the glitch has kicked in.

(Oops, skipped a number.)

8) That new reactionware/bodyware is interacting weirdly with your somatic nervous system. Now, when you're focused on another task or nervous/anxious, you find your body sometimes just wants to move. You'll find yourself compulsively tapping your fingers/hands/tentacles on the inactive spots of the ship's console, or you'll bounce your leg while sitting. Or it unexpectedly puts a little swing into your steps.

It's nothing that'll make you step out in front of the mag-lev way, or disrupt your Piloting/Gunnery during critical moments. But it might start to irritate your teammates. And it might make you more memorable when you're just trying to walk inconspicuously through an area anonymously/as Joe Enlisted Crewman.

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Maybe your team ran across a tough cybered-up badguy who almost TPKed you all...

Maybe you found leftover implants in a abandoned medbay during a run...

Maybe you know you need a little edge, but can't afford the ultra-expensive brand new model augmentation...

Maybe you were celebrating a successful run with a few-too-many intoxicants, saw a bodyshop, and thought "What the hell? Why not?"...

Whatever the reason, despite any misgivings or hesitation you might have had, you got some previously-used (hey, technically it's new to you!) cyberware, bioware, or nanoware implanted. But after you got it, you've discovered it comes with an atypical hiccup, glitch, or drawback. Not bad bad enough to get it removed, but it makes your life a little more interesting or weird. So, what is it?


1) You got some great used headware/neuroware, or a hacking/communication system... and now you just can't say, type, or communicate certain words or phrases. You still understand the meaning of them, and can hear others say them, but for you, you just can't vocalize them or you stutter on them so badly it's incomprehensible.

Fumarole wrote:
Digitize me! Digitize me!

I can't help hearing this in Lady Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17's voice.

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♫♪ I woke out of cryo with ship alerts chiming in
I thawed my mind with a dash of tonic, whole lotta gin
I fumbled my Piloting roll, fell from eight miles high
I tore our hull on a jagged sky
I just dropped in to see what condition my gobdition was in
(Yeah, yeah, oh-yeah, what condition my gobdition was in)

I pushed my ship in a deep Drift hole and then I followed it in
I watched some Leng clawing out as I was a-crawlin' in
I got such a fright watchin' reality unwind
I saw so much I broke my mind
I just dropped in to see what condition my gobdition was in
(Yeah, yeah, oh-yeah, what condition my gobdition was in)

Some grem' painted "Libera tutemet ex infernis" down the ship's spine
I set a course through the Vast, spaced the crew, and blew out my mind
Eight days outta Absalom, little hope and less air
Eight days, straight up dead adrift somewhere
I just dropped in to see what condition my gobdition was in
(Yeah, yeah, oh-yeah, what condition my gobdition was in)

I said I just dropped in to see what condition my gobdition was in
(Yeah, yeah, oh-yeah)

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