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Sothmektri's page

340 posts. Alias of J. Chris Harris.

I'm still missing two e-tickets to the Friday evening Kobold Press event. I know Wolfgang has been trying to get them on there, but no dice so far. Thanks!!:)

Had to be the APG or 'Gatecrashing'. Great book, and congratulations!!

edit: Oh, and after checking it looks like I actually had 'Gatecrashing' down in the best writing category, so I don't have to feel conflicted anymore:)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm located on the edge of Sun city/Peoria until December. I know there are games in E. Mesa, but that's about an hour away and the transit time plus game time adds up to a bit too much, so I was wondering if there was anything closer. Any info is appreciated!

I received an email about this order which stated that there was a problem with billing, and saw that they tried to bill it to a card that I haven't used for two years. I don't know why that card was selected instead of the one I've been using since then, but I've corrected the issue on my end, and this is just the note to let someone know as instructed.


Ran into a bit of trouble with this. Hadn't paid any attention to the mechanic for this as it hadn't come up before, but then one of my players, a cleric,began scribing last night and fumbled. That got us all reading the fine print, which led to the 'cursed item' table, which the scroll was. The problem is that now all of the players know its cursed, which is a little bit of a metagame challenge, made far worse by the fact that it was intended to be a 'stabilize' scroll:)

So, my question is how do other DMs resolve this? I don't like taking away rolls from my players, but this system seems designed to work best 'behind the screen', with the player not really knowing the outcome until the scroll (or whatever) is used.

To clarify, I just received an email which stated that these two items (the flip mats) are in a sidecart awaiting the next issue of the AP, instead of the Bestiary for some reason. I'd rather not wait that long. Thanks

I've got a couple of notions I'd like to bounce off of the community and see if they hold water:

I envision necromancers in Osirion to have a fair number of legitimate lines of work, acting a bit like occasional priests-for-hire when it comes to preparations and preservation (read: mummification) for the dead and well-to-do, outfitting their tombs with the proper protection once the architect is done, etc.

I can also see them being a resource that might get used at the municipal level, considering that the place is covered in ruins and tombs, and several of the cities there are built over older ones. Add to that the fact that the current occupants worship most of the same gods as the previous tenants, and the current residents won't be too casual about just plowing on thru disprespectfully and building that new ...whatever. Especially if it's 'occupied'.

Some of that last bit is informed by living in Phoenix, where they're constantly halting building projects when they find ruins beneath. The result is some fairly hasty archaeological work, with grave goods and so forth being handed over to the nearest living tribe that makes a claim, and then the building proceeding pretty quickly. I've had close friends that worked in that field there, and the general view is that it would be a much different scenario if the ruins they were finding belonged to an ancient Baptist or Catholic enclave, instead of the remains of a culture with no living practitioners/members, but only distant cousins.

Well, the case in Osirion is clearly different, and so my thinking is that the 'profession' might be quite a bit more respected/accepted were they seen as the profession capable of dealing with a goodly amount of those problems without going about obliterating the ancient and revered dead, regardless of their current temperament, as a priest might.

I guess my question is (A) does that sound alright, and (B) are there any holes in that, gamewise, that I'm not seeing? I've read all the source material I can lay my hands on, but sometimes the brain hiccups.


Now it's Paizo's turn, apparently....


If possible, please combine my issue of PF AP #26 with Paizo Order #1254930. I tried to arrange that on my own, but it was defaulting to the October issue instead of the one shipping next.


When the PCs are sent to the Citadel they're also given a line of credit at the Three Rings Inn. They present it as though that's sort of the 'cop bar' for the Korvosan Guard. However, it's way the hell across town from the Citadel, and way too close to the Bank, City Hall, etc. I can't really see (A) the guard *wanting* to stagger home drunk all that way, or (B) the city itself wanting to watch off-duty guardsmen staggering down mainstreet.

Now, there are a couple of inns near the Citadel, but they don't really fit. One is a place mostly for sailors, and the other for ON-duty guards to swill coffee and recent jail releasees to get their swerve back on, as it were.

So my question is this: I've only got the first three issues of this AP atm. Is there anything that's going to be affected negatively by me moving a couple of inns around? I worry that I'm going to divert them away from the Three Rings, say, or move the place to a 'better' location, and then in Issue #10 I'll find out that the whole plot hinges on the PCs staying in an inn that's within yards of the City Hall and connected by a secret tunnel, or something along those lines.

Oh, we are using PFRPG rules, btw.

I suppose I could just go and mangle monk up a bit to make it fit, really. The only real problem with it is a flavor problem, not so much a mechanical one.

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