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Sorin Saldward's page

534 posts. Alias of ZetaGilgamesh.

We are looking for folks on the windward side who are up for some Friday after-work Pathfinder.

We have a group of three right now in Kailua, but we are looking for a few more folks who want to play to help round out the party.

[location: Kailua, Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii, HI]

It appears that the holiday12 code is no longer active. What is up with the post?

Male Humanish Pilot/8; Argumentative/4; Biologist/5; Medical Student/3

Under Construction! Opening soon!

Male Humanish Pilot/8; Argumentative/4; Biologist/5; Medical Student/3

Rova 10 4708. Wealday. Afternoon. Clearing skies.

Artume had been a quiet, depressed town. Despite your best efforts, there hadn’t been any work, nor any promising leads, just a sullen malaise. Your swiftly dwindling gold reserves made you eager to move to a more hospitable location, such as the nearby city of Gralton. However, the rumor of pirates on the Gralton branch of the Sellen river had caused all barge traffic from Artume to Gralton to grind to a halt. You were one of five individuals who hit upon the same idea, to go by caravan on the overland route to Gralton. Five or six days easy days on a wagon, no problem.

Several other wagons had left earlier that day, but by the time that you had gotten to the gates, the only wagon that was still loading, was a lone wagon taking bags of potatoes to Gralton.

If you had to describe the merchant, Emet Arde, in a single word it would be curmudgeon. Grumpy, clean shaven, with big bushy white eyebrows and constantly smoking a foul smelling pipe weed (a cross between dead fish and anise seed), you had second thoughts immediately, but there was nobody else leaving for days, and he was amicable about taking you…for a price.

A gold for food and your promise to help with the wagon as the need arose got you a seat on the potatoes. The first days had been easy. The track was dry, the potatoes could be shaped into a semblance of a seat, and Emet. despite his disgusting pipe, was both a decent storyteller, and with your gold filling the larder, an excellent chef. The track wound across the low hills, passing through forest stands and across empty meadows as it meandered its way east. Despite the emptiness of the countryside Emet still drove the wagon carefully, his well used and loaded crossbow always on the seat beside him.

Then the third day the rains began. The track became a morass, constantly sucking at the wheels of the wagon. The wagon seemingly got stuck at least once a mile and your pace slowed to a crawl.

The third time the wagon got stuck, it would not move despite everyone pushing, slipping, and trying to rock the wagon out of the muddy hole the wheel had gotten trapped in. It was then you discovered that Emet was a better trader than you had taken him for, as the nearly half ton of potatoes, that you were forced to unload, concealed nearly a hundred sword blanks, ready for the final shaping and sharpening. You repeatedly unloaded and loaded the potatoes each time the wagon was too stuck to move.

After two days of nearly constant deluge and struggle, the rains have finally stopped.

Despite your cloaks and leather, water has gotten into nearly every stitch of clothing you own, and where the water hasn’t gotten, the mud has. Emet and the five of you are caked from head to toe, and everyone is looking forward to drying and cleaning clothes off around a roaring campfire this evening. Spirits are slowly beginning to rise just as the wagon gets stuck once more.

It is in that moment of quiet, without the constant creak of the wagon and the jingle of the horses’ harness that you can hear a muffled, indistinct sound carrying down the track on the damp afternoon air.

You can consider your characters introduced. You can also consider that you have just worked very hard, in quite miserable circumstances, over the last few days. While there is no reason for you to have shared your entire life history, nor to completely trust one another, you are quite comfortable working together after your ordeal. If there is any part of your history that your character would not like to share with the other characters, please put it behind a spoiler button.

And with that, away we go.

Set in the River Kingdoms

15 point buy
Standard Races
Standard and Advanced Classes
2 Traits (with approval and appropriate backstory inclusion)
No Evil Alignments (LE may be approved, but I am going to make you a subordinate of another PC)
Level 1
Average Starting Gold (per Starting Character Wealth Table)
No starting magic items, no starting masterwork items(unless per trait)

Post submitted characters on Paizo and please use the following template: Demo template. I recommend copying the template into a document program, editing and then posting it as a character on Paizo.

This will be at least a single adventure. Depending on how well this runs, I will probably roll the characters into one of the campaigns, so the better you are at keeping up with posting, the more likely we will continue.

Be disciplined. Treat this like a journal. You don’t have to post an epic tome every day, but I expect you to post something every day, even if it is just a couple of sentences.

I promise to keep you informed as to any changes in my personal status, but as I have a steady 8-4:30 job, I expect little problem with posting on a regular basis. If I go on a temporary duty to an offsite location…well that is why Paizo sells the books as PDFs.

I expect the same courtesy from you to the other players: keep us informed and always attempt to find a way to post.

I just got into the area and am looking to join/start a Pathfinder or scifi RPG. Anyone have any leads?

Paizo, is there any chance you can strip the Pathfinder RPG main book and the other core books of all their art so they can run as stripped down pdfs for e-readers?

I am trying to decide if it is worth it to bring dice and rulebooks to the Died. If anyone is currently there and running/in a game or is interested in getting a game started, I need to know quick because I am heading out there in a few days.

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