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Soricel Minoi Mousefeet's page

Goblin Squad Member. 35 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.


Hello again all,

It has been two issues and I am back! I just sent off my submission.

Whew, finally a break from school work to submit my article Tim. I submitted Words From Many Seas enjoy.

Snorter wrote:
Soricel Minoi Mousefeet wrote:
I am excited to be in another issue and can't wait to see how this copy turns out.

I've meant to ask for some time;

Do you actually have mouse feet?
And does that apply to all four limbs?
Do you have to type your submission on an ergonomically-adjusted keyboard?

Ha! Snorter, you would think I would but having smallish hands makes it easier to type. :) hmm and I suppose mousefeet just refers to the already small gnome foots. -rubs chin-

I am excited to be in another issue and can't wait to see how this copy turns out.

Hmmmm, just sent in my sub. *crosses fingers*

Ok almost there, four poems done might have time for more. Least I have four to submit Tim.

Oh my! I haven't been following this. My little hands are frantically writing some poems for this issue.

Tim I am glad you put the call for Wayfinder 6 in the last issue. I was working on my article the whole time. It took longer since I started school so again thank you. The last dead line was harsh I knew about WF 5 two weeks before the dead line.

I am still working on my poems and I should be done tonight Tim. I can only send in four this time as I just started a new job and school so free time is on short supply.

Anyone get a chance to check out my poetry? Thoughts?

So just checking in with everyone since I haven't seen anything yet, how is everyone liking the new issue if Wayfinder?

Doh stupid work! Hey I know it was awhile ago but thanks for the email Tim can't wait to see what horrors lie within!

Hey I think it would be a good idea that way we could discuss Wayfinder and all its glory. :D

Whew! Submission is sent Tim hope you get it ok. *Wipes brow*

Hey Tim, I am still frantically writing to get you something good.

Sweet theme, now to get cracking on my poems.

Hugo Solis wrote:

This baby was so sweet that we wanted to keep'it for ourselves... thou we got careless and the goblings managed to upload it after all...

Congratz to writters, editors, artists and supporting paizonianz! Now on to WF5... :D

Hope you like!

Ohh I do like, very much so, specially my layout :D. Once again outstanding job everyone.

I must say this issue looks very nice, I enjoy the layout of my poems naturally and dig the bag pipe dude. Thanks Liz for making another great issue.

Lilith wrote:
Soricel Minoi Mousefeet wrote:

Oh did you get my article Liz? I can always give you more

If you want. :)

I did indeed! Soricel will need to rest up his feet for Wayfinder #5 though.

...Mwah-hah-hah. :)

Heh can do , took a month to gather these tales!

Lilith wrote:

Articles sent out to editors! Woot!

Now I need some more crunchy articles - no monsters, please, I have plenty. What about jungle-themed class archetypes (like in the APG)? Equipment? Traps? A prestige class maybe? (Also, I got no sidetrek submissions... ;_; ).

Looking forward to round two of submissions. :)

Oh did you get my article Liz? I can always give you more

If you want. :)

Adam Daigle wrote:
Soricel Minoi Mousefeet wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:
Yay! Another Guy/Fang teamup. More Mousefeet poetry (I hope), and some lovin' from Jess! Nice!

ohhh, adam you like the poems?


I cut my writing teeth on poems and reading yours in Wayfinder made me revisit them, so thanks!

Excellent! I am glad to hear it. Nice to hear good things about my work...hope I get more :P

Adam Daigle wrote:
Yay! Another Guy/Fang teamup. More Mousefeet poetry (I hope), and some lovin' from Jess! Nice!

ohhh, adam you like the poems?

Whew, just submitted mine Liz. Hope you get it. :D

Lilith wrote:
ulgulanoth wrote:
so... hows the wayfinder shaping up? more or less when are can we expect to be able to enjoy reading it?

Scheduled release is for December.

And I need more submissions! :D

Hey I am cooking up some more poems for you Liz :D

Ugh! So many ideas, so little time... Soricel is cooking something up....

Oh soon. The gnome will get to tinkering. :D

Just wow, I have to say Wayfinder # 3 looks fantastic! Great job everyone!


ooooohhhh I wanna see art for my article....I am curious now

*Squeal* This is exciting. I hope to see everyone that contributed at PaizoCon, and I helped with a donation so people can take my work home with them and cherish.... :)

Whew! Ole Soricel submitted, must rest these tired gnome hands. Ahh beer!

Ole Soricel is cooking something up for you again Lilith, almost done.

But Guy

As a poet in the Wayfinder # 2, it is our job to be shameless self promoters.

That being said I encourage you long shanks to take up on some gnomish culture and read Word from Many Roads by your one and only....Mousefeet.

Jason Kirckof wrote:
N'wah wrote:

Shameless plug time:


Sure Thing!

I was able to contribute
Gnome Poet

and the pathfinder fan comic
Path Lousers

Oh I loved the gnome for my article, very cool.

Ohhhhhh pretty. I have to say it looks nice and hope people enjoy my gnomish poems. This being my first publication I am excited it is with you clever long shanks. :D

Oh, I was just asking about this today. Is it still a week or two for completion?

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