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Songan's page

567 posts. Alias of Phillip0614.

Full Name





Bard (Archaeologist) 3; HP 19/19; AC 19/14/15; F+2/R+7/W+2; Init +4; Per +6




Medium (5'9", 175 lbs.)










Catfolk, Common


Amateur Archaeologist

Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Songan

Character Sheet:
Songan Eyata
Male catfolk bard (archaeologist) 3 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide 90, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 32)
CG Medium humanoid (catfolk)
Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +6
AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +4 Dex, +1 shield)
hp 19 (3d8+3)
Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +2
Defensive Abilities trap sense +1, uncanny dodge
Speed 30 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee MW longsword +5 (1d8+2/19-20)
Ranged darkwood composite shortbow +7 (1d6+2/×3)
Special Attacks archaeologist's luck 7 rounds/day (+1)
Bard (Archaeologist) Spells Known (CL 3rd; concentration +6)
. . 1st (4/day)—charm person (DC 14), grease, silent image (DC 14), sleep (DC 14)
. . 0 (at will)—detect magic, ghost sound (DC 13), light, mage hand, read magic, sift[APG]
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 16
Base Atk +2; CMB +4; CMD 18
Feats Lingering Performance[APG], Point-blank Shot
Traits artifact hunter, vagabond child (urban)
Skills Acrobatics +7, Bluff +9, Climb +8, Diplomacy +10, Disable Device +9, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +7 (+9 to navigate underground), Knowledge (engineering) +3, Knowledge (geography) +7, Knowledge (history) +7, Knowledge (local) +7, Knowledge (nature) +7, Knowledge (nobility) +3, Knowledge (planes) +3, Knowledge (religion) +3, Perception +6, Sense Motive +5, Spellcraft +5 (+6 to identify the properties of magic items), Stealth +6, Survival -1 (+1 to avoid becoming lost when using this), Use Magic Device +9; Racial Modifiers +2 Bluff, +2 Diplomacy, +2 Sense Motive
Languages Catfolk, Common, Sylvan
SQ bardic knowledge +2, cat's luck, clever explorer +1
Other Gear mwk chain shirt, buckler, arrows (20), darkwood composite shortbow (+2 Str), longsword, bedroll, blanket, chalk, compass, flint and steel, masterwork backpack, silk rope (50 ft.), thieves' tools, tindertwig (5), torch (2), trail rations (2), twine (50'), waterskin, weapon cord, 30 gp, 2 sp, 6 cp
Special Abilities
Archaeologist's Luck +1 (7 rounds/day) (Ex) Gain Luck bonus to attack, damage, saves, and all skills.
Artifact Hunter (Use Magic Device) +1 bonus to Spellcraft to ID magic item properties. % chance to ID artifact.
Bardic Knowledge +2 (Ex) Add +2 to all knowledge skill checks.
Cat's Luck (1/day) (Ex) Can roll 2d20 for a Reflex save and take better result.
Clever Explorer +1 (Ex) Half time to use disable device.
Climbing (20 feet) You have a Climb speed.
Compass +2 circumstance for Survival or Knowledge (Dungeoneering) to avoid becoming lost.
Lingering Performance Bardic Performances last 2 rds after you stop concentrating.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Point-Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Trap Sense +1 (Ex) +1 bonus on reflex saves and AC against traps.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex) Retain Dex bonus to AC when flat-footed.
Weapon cord Attached weapon can be recovered as a swift action.

Character Description:
In many ways, Songan fits the stereotypical idea of what a person thinks of when they think of an ordinary cat: he is naturally very curious and loves to explore. He loves see new places and new things and has known to get into his fair share of mischief. He can sometimes fixate on a single interest or thing for a long period of time; in this case, it is his interest in archaeology and arcana. He is not like cats in all ways, however; as he has grown, he has abandoned the "loner" attitude that is stereotypical of many felines, much preferring to be in the company of others and enjoying greatly the opportunity for social interaction, likely an outgrowth of the lack of positive attention he received as a kitten.

Songan is a relatively tall male Catfolk, standing around 5'9" and weighing around 175 lbs. He's not the strongest person around, but the muscle he has is lean and toned. He is covered in a short layer of soft fur that is a dull yellowish-brown, tawny color. His clothing and armor are modified to allow his long tail to emerge from the small of his back without any discomfort or difficulty. His eyes are a dark green color, similar to the color of a malachite gemstone, and just as a normal cat's eyes, they seem to glow in the dark when a light is focused on them.

Image of Songan

Character Personality:
Songan is, in many ways, a clear embodiment of the four-legged felines that seem so much more common in the world. Naturally very curious of his surroundings, it is sometimes difficult for him to control his urge to question his environment and the people in them. He has a natural love of learning and, though he has little real-world experience, he knows enough about magic and magical phenomena to get himself started and is excited about the thought of learning from other fields as he begins his journey.

That same curiosity, while it has served him well in some ways, has also gotten him into trouble; it is sometimes a struggle for Songan to resist the urge to rush into a situation without first making sure it is a wise idea to do so. Still, he considers it a greater benefit than a detriment, especially in the light of his interest in exploration and discovery, and he hopes that it will serve him well as he begins his journey beyond the borders of the terrain he is familiar with, the lure of the larger world around him calling him all the way.

Character Background:
Songan Eyata was rare among the people in the entire country of Lastwall, much more so the small town of Firrine that lies near the border of the Hold of Belzken, west of Vigil. In all his life, he'd seen another catfolk only a handful of times, usually members of his race who were simply passing through on their way to some other quest.

Songan has never been sure of his origins...he has been alone for as long as he can remember. As a youngster, he was forced to fend for himself, finding food and other necessities where he could, often finding himself on the wrong side of the local authorities, though he was often able to escape them simply by merit of innate ability to easily climb to the roof of nearby structures for a quick escape. Many days of his youth were spent watching passersby from rooftops or alley shadows and he always found himself envious of them, wishing that he could enjoy the kind of relationships that they themselves often seemed to take for granted. However, rather than become imbittered by the lack of a deep relationship, it only made him desire one even more. In those days he longed for an emotional connection with another sentient being, a desire that would continue to shape him as he grew into adolescence and adulthood.

As time passed, however, many residents in the community he calls home began to take to the solitary catfolk rather than simply shooing him away; in the years hence, he's been more-or-less adopted by all the families there and they were all determined to see him raised well and not let him become simply another child that was abandoned by those around him. Of course, it didn't stop him from getting into some measure of trouble, as orphans are wont to do; stll, the ultimate goodheartedness of the locals left a lasting impression on him and even though he's still occasionally found himself on the wrong side of the law, his life as an older child and teenager has been a great deal better than when he was very young. He even managed to convince local merchants and passers-through to allow him to be a runner of sorts for them, going here and there to fetch supplies and other needed materials...for a small fee, of course. Most of that money he was able to sock away, some part of his mind knowing that he was not going to be the kind that spent his entire life in this community.

Of course, he was not without his fantasies...for Songan, who has spent a fair portion of his life in relatively isolated obscurity, that fantasy has always been to be an explorer. He has often read of the exploits of the Pathfinders, daring adventurers who find their way into places unseen by mortal sentients for hundreds or thousands of years, and found himself fantasizing about being a member of their ranks and exploring the places they have explored, finding artifacts lost to civilization since time immemorial. It is with that motivation that he has moved to finally seek his fortune in life, and though he doesn't know a great deal about true exploration yet, he has learned enough about magical traditions and arcana that he feels he could recognize an artifact if he saw one.

Convinced that his best chance of finding his fortune will be to explore one of the nearby mountain ranges, and nearly immediately ruling out the Hungry Mountains for its proximity to Gallowspire, he has decided that his best and most immediate chance is going to come from the Mindspin Mountains in the Hold of Belzken, hoping that the presence of orcs, giants and other dangers not quite so severe as Tar Baphon have kept a great many explorers out of the area. With that goal in mind, Songan used the money he'd saved up for the last ten years to purchase the supplies he felt would be beneficial in the starting of this new journey and headed out from Firrine with the goal of reaching Trunau in the Hold of Belzken and using it as a springboard to get him into the Mindspin Mountains, where he would attain his goal of finding fame and fortune...or die trying.

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