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Mithral Scarab

Solwynn bint Khalsim ibn Abdul's page

73 posts. Alias of Brox RedGloves.

Full Name

Solwynn bint Khalsim ibn Abdul-Basir




Valor Inquisitor of Saranrae 7














Abyssal, Common Elven Shoanti, Varisian Undercommon


Purging the Heretic

About Solwynn bint Khalsim ibn Abdul

NOTE: Solwynn keeps a book chained (literally) to her belt. The front cover and all right-hand pages compile Saranrae's holy tome. When the book is flipped over, the cover and all right hand pages compile the Crimson Tome, a ledger of all manner of foul creatures, animals and sentient races found in her travels. All Inquisitors of Saranrae keep such a tome, and when they gather, they compare notes and copy from their brother's and sister's tomes. In this manner, they keep a record of all they have seen for future generations of inquisitors (Also goes toward the Inquisitor Monster Lore class ability)

Day 478~~ I've received a new set of orders. I am to travel to the far city of Riddleport. A surly hive of pirates, misanthropes and worse. According to the plea sent by Fr. Padrick, he wishes to clean up St. Casperian's mission. To that end, I was advantageously located in nearby Korvosa. A week or more of travel by boat will see me in yet another seedy and godess-forsaken hovel where only the most sinful thrive.

Day 479~~ According to letters received, Fr Padrick is much impressed with the charity of a paladin of Iomedae named Forrix. Apparently he has bolstered Fr Padrick's faith and empowered him to make greater strides in expanding the small mission.

Day 495~~ Cleaned out most of the unwelcome jetsam that infects the holy shrine. I've instituted a pogrom designed to make the shrine uninviting to the criminal element while stirring the faith of those supplicants that arrive for services and charity. It has been hinted to me that perhaps I should seek out this paladin of Iomedae. I understand that Fr Padrick is unhappy with my methods, but that is of no matter to me. All that matters is ensuring the shrine doesn't fall to dissolution and vice as it had under Fr Padrick's inattention and laxitude. My letters back to the Order will bear this out.

Day 515~~ My efforts to compile a full journal of my activities has been supplanted by the sheer peril we face on the wretched island known as "Devil's Elbow". Between the shambling horrors of the undead, the mysterious creatures (see page 496 Crimson Tome Vol 1 for add'l notes) who seem to be able to create said undead horrors; and the machinations of the loathsome crime lord Clegg Zincher, my time is better spent defending my comrades-in-arms than at the pen. We have discovered that Zincher is enthralled to an elf of dark demeanor, who has used a foul ritual to call down a fiery doom on this lonely isle. We suspect that this was a test and if she is not stopped then the fate of Golarion and all the souls in it will be sealed.
Oath: When I find this "dark" elf, I will recite the fifteen words of detestation. The sun and the stars above will dim before my righteous fury, and I will smite her ruin across this forsaken island. I have already annointed my eyes and mouth with a pure oil, and burned the root of a blackwood tree. My soul is ready. I go forth to cleanse in Saranrae's name. Light be upon us all.

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