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Darius Finch

Solace Franzir's page

16 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Arknight.


Human (Taldan)


HP 10/10 AC 15 CMD 14 Touch 13 Flat 12 Rapier +4;1d6 Pistol, Double Barrel +4;1d8 F +2 R +5 W +2 INIT +3 Perc +6 CMB +1 Gunslinger (Pistolero) 1



About Solace Franzir

Male Human (Taldan) Gunslinger (Pistolero) 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +6
AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12. . (+2 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 10 (1d10)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +2
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Dagger +4 (1d4/19-20/x2) and
. . Rapier +4 (1d6/18-20/x2) and
. . Unarmed Strike +4 (1d3/20/x2)
Ranged Pistol, Double Barrel +4 (1d8/20/x4)
Str 10, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 14
Feats Extra Grit, Gunsmithing, Weapon Finesse
Traits Child of the Streets, Watchdog
Skills Climb +4, Craft (Alchemy) +6, Knowledge (Engineering) +6, Knowledge (Local) +6, Perception +6, Sense Motive +7, Sleight of Hand +8, Survival +6
Languages Azlanti, Common, Jistka
SQ Deeds, Grit (Ex), Gunslinger's Dodge (Ex), Quick Clear (Ex), Up Close and Deadly +1d6
Combat Gear Alchemical Cartridge, Paper (10), Black Powder (10), Dagger, Firearm Bullet (10), Lamellar cuirass, Pistol, Double Barrel, Rapier; Other Gear Backpack (3 @ 8.5 lbs), Blanket, Peasant's outfit, Pouch, belt (1 @ 0.56 lbs), Pouch, belt (20 @ 0.167 lbs), Powder Horn (10 @ 0 lbs), Rations, trail (per day) (5), Sack (5 @ 5 lbs), Wrist sheath, spring loaded (1 @ 1 lbs)
Alchemical Cartridge, Paper - 0/10
Black Powder - 0/10
Dagger - 0/1
Firearm Bullet - 0/10
Grit (4/day) - 0/4
Rations, trail (per day) - 0/5
Deeds Gunslingers spend grit points to accomplish deeds. Most deeds grant the gunslinger some momentary bonus or effect, but there are some that provide longerlasting effects. Some deeds stay in effect as long as a gunslinger has at least 1 grit point. The
Grit (Ex) A gunslinger makes her mark upon the world with daring deeds. Some gunslingers claim they belong to a mystical way of the gun, but it's more likely that the volatile nature of firearms simply prunes the unlucky and careless from their ranks. Whatever
Gunslinger's Dodge (Ex) At 1st level, the gunslinger gains an uncanny knack for getting out of the way of ranged attacks. When a ranged attack is made against the gunslinger, she can spend 1 grit point to move 5 feet as an immediate action; doing so grants the gunslinger a
Gunsmithing You know the secrets of repairing and restoring firearms.

Benefit: If you have access to a gunsmith's kit, you can create and restore firearms, craft bullets, and mix black powder for all types of firearms. You do not need to make a Craft c
Quick Clear (Ex) At 1st level, as a standard action, the gunslinger can remove the broken condition from a single firearm she is currently wielding, as long as that condition was gained by a firearm misfire. The gunslinger must have at least 1 grit point to perform t
Up Close and Deadly +1d6 At 1st level, when the pistolero hits a target with a one-handed firearm that is not making a scatter shot, she can spend 1 grit point to deal 1d6 points of extra damage on a hit. If she misses with the attack, she grazes the target, dealing half the
What is your name?
I am Solace Franzir, but my friends call me Sol.

How old are you?
By whose calendar? If you're going by the standard, I'm 18. If you gauge by street experience, then I am much older.

Do you have any personal goals? What are they?
At the end of a long journey, having a weapon at your side, a horse between your knees and a woman that loves you seems to be the best thing to live for. In the end though, just belonging somewhere is important. If you don't have a home, then anything else doesn't really matter. Although, finding my sister is a high priority.

Where are you from?
I grew up on the streets of Alkenstar. That was a long time, let me tell you.

Who is your best friend?
I would have to say that Vanderon, the woman that taught me how to use a gun and treat people with respect. She's not much older than I am, but she knows how to handle a gun and has my respect. So yes, she would be my best friend.

Who is your most potent ally?
I'm not sure I've found a true ally yet. I know I have a couple of aqaintences, but if I had to say then Vanderon would also be my more potent ally.

Who is your greatest enemy?
Grishnar, a half-orc thug who tried to press me into the service of his gang. Because I managed to escape, he took it out on my sister and her family. Her family's dead and I haven't seen her since. I want him just as dead.

Have you ever killed anyone? Who?
A couple of Grishnar's thugs, and some monstrous creatures in my journey from Alkenstar to Absolom

What is your most prized possession?
I'd have to say it's a signet ring given me by my mother last time I saw her. She said it was my father's, but I haven't found anything out about it yet.

What is your most closely guarded secret?
According to my mother, my father was a nobleman, and had no heirs when he and my mother were together. I guess that would make me some kind of noble, but I definitely don't feel it.

Do you owe any debts? What are they?
Nope, I've been lucky enough to just buy what I can afford. Although, I do fee a debt of honor to Vanderon.

Do you have any old grudges? What are they?

What is your single greatest regret?
Leaving my home and not being there when that thug attacked my family.

Of what accomplishment are you most proud?
Being able to join the Society.

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