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Snowstyle's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 6 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Goblin Squad Member

I have 2 day 1 (all daily deals) EE DT accounts. PM with offers, bitcoin preferred.

Goblin Squad Member

Ryan Dancey wrote:
What I would do, were I extremely worried about the issue and wanted to guarantee that I'd be able to train multiple characters on the very first day of Early Enrollment, is make two Kickstarter accounts and pledge twice, once for Alpha and once for Pioneer...

I doubt many others would find this solution favourable considering the daily deals and that the pioneer level is now in month 2.

If this is something you intend crowdforging to decide then you should let us speak now so that everyone can know how many accounts they want. Because at the moment I have no idea.

Goblin Squad Member

What about a system like this. When someone has an opurtunity to place a bounty they may set up a bounty 1 time only for any amount that they can imediately afford and that amount is then put into escrow. But what the owner of the bounty can also set up is how much money is given out each time (with a hard minimum to avoid 1gp or similar amounts to prolong the effects of the bounty).

So if a 1000gp bounty is set to be paid in increments of 100gp per kill then it will last 10 kills. What this would do is still allow wealthy players to create a greater incentive for others to exact retribution but they are atleast restricted by what they can afford at that moment instead of using future wealth to keep a bounty running indefinitely.

Or you could also make the bounty have to be paid in a set amount of increments (like 500gp, something significant but also affordable) and only give the owner of the bounty controll over how many times that can be paid out based on how much they are willing to and can afford to invest at that moment.

Goblin Squad Member

Will any form of item upgrades (enchantments, sharpening, etc.) that will be applyable to standard gear be applyable to these as well?

Goblin Squad Member

Stephen Cheney wrote:
If you attack someone unprovoked in a hex that is unclaimed or where murder is not set up as a Crime by the owning settlement, you will certainly get the Attacker flag and probably lose alignment...

Would this alignment loss be restricted to the good/evil axis or will it include the lawful/chaotic axis? As the hex where the event took place has no laws against murder it seems unintuitive that a murder would make you less lawful.

Also are these systems ment to punish settlements who wish to keep outsiders away as a security measure? So far the ability to create your own laws seem meaningless as (how I understand it) you get all of the punishments for an action (excluding the criminal flag, which atm also seems meaningless as everything that happens to someone with a criminal flag also happens with the attacker flag but on a shorter timeframe.) whether there are laws in place or not.

Previous blogs really gave readers (or atleast me) the impression of greater control over a owned hex than what you guys are talking about now.

Goblin Squad Member

Hey everyone I'm new to this forum; although I have read all of the blogs and been following discussions on this forum for quite a while.

Decided I wanted to ask a question: Are there plans to have/Is it being being considered to have/Is it decided that there wont be funding achieved by some sort of kick-starter program? I know I would love to contribute to something like that.

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