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Cayden Cailean

Snorb's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 595 posts (607 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Learn Greater Weapon Specialization (Chainsaws).

I Can Still Bleed on You
Do slashing, bludgeoning, or piercing damage despite having lost both of your arms.

I Never Asked For This
Replace both of your arms and legs with cybernetic arms and legs.

If It's a Tie, You Lose
Kill an enemy after you yourself are killed.
The reference is a hard to find death from Police Quest I.

Shadow of the Beast
Spend more time wildshaped than as a humanoid.

The Ultimate Firmware Upgrade
Play an android with both arms and legs replaced with cybernetic arms and legs.

Liberty's Edge

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Erik the Cleric: Alan.
Alan Not-an-Antipaladin: Y-yeah?!
Erik: If you urinate on that altar, I'm gonna give you such a whooping. Don't do it. Don't think about doing it. Don't think about loopholes about it. Don't cast Desecrate on it. Just walk away from that altar.
Alan: But if I just want to pray?
Erik: Prayers to the Dragon are fine. Anyone else, and... well... (nods to the monk)
Tae Kwon Kill: (bows; gong plays in the distance) あなたの鼻の穴を通して、あなたの嫌いな人を引き裂くために大変光栄になります。 It will be a great honor to tear your rectum out through your nostrils.
Alan: Is that supposed to be a threat? No, seriously. I have no idea what the hell he just said.

Liberty's Edge

I would say forced movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks unless you have an effect that says otherwise (such as Greater Bull Rush.)

Backhacking this from Fifth Edition, which actually does say "forced movement doesn't provoke."

Liberty's Edge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Armored Monk
Learn Greater Weapon Specialization (Unarmed Attacks).

David vs. Goliath
Kill any enemy with the Giant subtype... with a sling.

Grappling With Grappling Rules
Learn Greater Weapon Specialization (Grapple) and Greater Grapple.

I Thought They Smelled Bad on the Outside
Get swallowed whole by ten monsters and escape by cutting through their stomachs.

Incident at Owl Creek Bridge
Survive getting hanged.

It's a Katana on a Stick! How is THAT Honorable!?
Learn Greater Weapon Specialization (Naginatas).

Party Needs Food Badly
Your adventuring party is an elf ranger, a human fighter with Weapon Focus (Greataxe), a female human fighter with Weapon Focus (Longsword) and Shield Focus, and an old human evoker wizard.

Purina Brand Monster Chow
Get knocked unconscious while swallowed whole.

Ram the Bastards
Ram ten vessels with your ship. Battering ram optional.

The Sudden Stop at the End
Survive a 200'+ fall without Slow Fall, Feather Fall, or any other means of checking your fall.

The Mission Was to SLAY the Dragon
Have sex with a true dragon.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So, about the alchemist achievement I called "How Breaking Bad Should Have Ended," that's because Breaking Bad didn't end with Walter White dying in a colossal meth lab explosion like I was expecting. I was a little disappointed.

Also, I named a couple achievements after Phantasy Star Quadrilogy stuff and I'm surprised nobody got the references. ;_;

Liberty's Edge

Arim Shadeborn wrote:
Would it be horribly broken if higher level martials could make two attacks as a standard action instead of just one? I'm just spitballing here. I've not played a martial character at a high level before.

Do I think it's horribly broken? No. Not really.

Anything more than two, maybe three attacks if you're a fighter? Probably. I'm not great at game design/balance, tho.

Liberty's Edge

Hmm. I'm all for:

Treat Deadly Wounds: 1/day/patient, takes 10 minutes, DC 20 Heal check, heal 2d4+2 HP +1 for every 1 you exceed the DC, costs one use of a healer's kit; a second use adds your Wisdom mod (min +0) to the healing

Liberty's Edge

This threw me for a loop when I ran Jade Regent for my friends; one group of ninjas in (I think) Book Five are armed with katanas, and breaking down their stat block suggests that they're using Weapon Finesse.

Fun Tidbit: Katanas were in the original Fifth Edition playtests, and they were basically a longsword you could finesse with. (Then the katanas got removed and they put a note in the book saying "If you want a katana, pay for a longsword and write 'Katana' in the blank instead.")

Liberty's Edge

The Empath? (As in, "empathic healing?")

Liberty's Edge

The Mortar and Pestle

Owner: Amelia Kaleka, female human alchemist. (The Amy the Alchemist who wanders around the message boards, actually.)

Description: The simple wooden sign hanging above the building's door bears a stylized carving of a mortar and pestle. The shop's front wall is thicker than normal, perhaps in an effort to prevent the odors within from drifting down Tower Street. As for the inside, potions and flasks of all kinds line the shelves, while a well-stocked marble workbench bears the tools of the alchemist's trade: a mortar and pestle, a charcoal brazier, a set of crucibles, small bowls, spoons, and mixing rods.

Sells: Amy primarily sells everything in the Alchemical Remedies section of Ultimate Equipment. She can make the following alchemical tools/weapons on request: alchemical glue, alchemical glue accelerant, alchemical solvent, blackfire clay, bloodblock, casting plaster, nushadir, smokesticks, sunrods, tindertwigs, acid, alchemist's fire, alkali flasks, bottled lightning, fuse grenades, liquid ice, pellet grenades, tanglefoot bags, and thunderstones. (Try to steal from her, and she'll show you what bomb-related alchemist discoveries she knows!)

Sales Pitch: Your wizard's going to run out of spells someday!

Liberty's Edge

Anyone can kick.

Monks and brawlers are just better at it.

Incidentally, for some reason you needed one free hand to kick (or elbow, or headbutt, or shoulder-bash, or knee, or hip-check) an opponent in Fourth Edition. No reason was ever given why.

Liberty's Edge

Frosty Ace wrote:

I recall some gamemaster guide (Unofficial) said you had 2xCon+1 till you're... sickened I think (can't recall if there was a save). Which makes sense. A Barb with base 20 con who then rages shouldn't have to worry about getting sick until they've had a looooot of drank. Meanwhile a wizard Elf likely isn't as... hardy and shouldn't be able to firm more than a few before they feel strong affects.

Hell, the Fast Drinker feat requires 18 Con. Seems like Con would serve as some sort of limiter. Also, Fast Drinker is ridiculous. You're drinking a standard action's with of booze (A tankard as per the Drunkern Master) in the same about of time, with the same amount of effort, as it takes to drop that very bottle. And then you can still drink as a standard!! Best feat ever.

The best alcohol feat is Carouser from d20 Conan. You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff and Gather Information checks related to your drinking companions after two hours of heavy drinking, and you never suffer any penalties for being drunk no matter how much you drink. (Oh, and you are considered to have had a full night's rest after a night of drinking and wenching.)

Liberty's Edge

Urist McRanger: Oi, barkeep! My friends an' I wan' th' finest alcohols available t' cityfolk, we wan' 'em here, an' we wan' 'em now!

Freddy the Fighter: Well, looks like drinks are on the ranger tonight. Let's get drunk!


Rita the Rogue: I like wine. ^_^

Amy the Alchemist: I prefer palm wine, but beer is good too. (she lets a few drops of beer fall to the floor)

Freddy: Beer's great!

Urist: Aye, it is, lad!

Edvard Eddard, Evoker: Guys, please. Fruit brandy's awesome.


Rita: Just leave the bottle, I'll refill my glass! ^_^

Amy: Tasty beer.

Freddy: Yeaaaaah!

Urist: Ayyyyyyyye!

Edvard: Uh, I think two's my limit. If someone casts Burning Hands on me, I might go up like a torch.

Freddy: Just like the bard did! Haa~


Rita: (napping at the table) Zzz. ^_^

Freddy: Ooof. My head's starting to spin.

Urist: Baaaaah, ya lightweight inverted pansy!

Amy: You need to know how much you can handle, Fred.

Edvard: (busy vomiting into his wizard hat)


Rita: Zzzz.

Freddy: x_X (passed out at the table)

Urist: Lass, ya sure you ain' a dwarf yerself? Yer handlin' yer cups better than mos' dwarves.

Amy: Didn't they tell you, Urist? Alchemists are immune to poisons.

Urist: .....Clever lass.

Liberty's Edge

24 people marked this as a favorite.

Freddy the Fighter: Huh. We've never had a monk in the group before. This is... well, this is gonna be weird.

Tae Kwon Kill: こんにちは。私はタイクォン・キルです。お会いできて光栄です。 Good day. I am Tae Kwon Kill. It is an honor to meet you.

Rita the Rogue: ...What in Bahamut's name did he just say?

Edvard Eddard, Evoker Extraordinaire: I have no idea.

Paladog: Bark.

Rita: Where's all his money? His swords, his knives, his arrows, his armor?

Tae Kwon Kill: 私は剣や鎧を必要としません。爆発顔の道は私の武器です。 I have no need for sword nor armor. My way is the Way of the Exploding Face.

Edvard: Say whaaaa~?!

Amy the Alchemist: Can you cast spells?

Tae Kwon Kill: 私の味方のために精神です。そして、強力な同盟国はそれがあります。人生は、それが成長になり、それが作成されます。そのエネルギーは、私たちを取り囲み、私た ちを封止します。光の存在がないこの粗製の問題は、我々をしています。 For my ally is ki, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.

Barto the Bard: Damn it, can't anybody actually speak his language?!

Tae Kwon Kill: (looks right at Barto) 北斗神拳...スピニング パイルドライバー!!! (proceeds to beat Barto senseless with rapid-fire punches and kicks) お前はもう死んでいる。 (No translation should be necessary and/or required for this.)

Barto: Nooooooooo (head explodes)

Rita: I think he speaks our language loud and clear.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Secret Wizard wrote:
Jiggy wrote:

"I want to play a Roy Greenhilt type of fighter!"

"I want to play a Jayne Cobb type of fighter!"

"Great! You both have identical Intelligence."


Are you implying that a Fighter with enough skill ranks to max Survival, Climb, Perception and Sense Motive and puts his +2 on STR while picking up ranged weaponry is the same as a Fighter with enough skill ranks to dabble around, takes several versatile training options to max ranks, uses traits to gain more class skills and probably uses Fighter's Tactics with the Martial Master archetype are indistinguishable?

Which one's which!? D:

Liberty's Edge

Rosita the Riveter wrote:
Echo Vining wrote:
Needing hands free doesn't imply channeling through your hands. As so.
This is how I decree it. You need a free hand to gather energy, but as you have that and the relevant blasts, there is no particular reason you couldn't consume your enemies with fireballs from your eyes and bolts of lightning from your arse.

Katelyn the Kineticist: People like you are the reason the Kineticists' Guild was formed. >=(

Liberty's Edge

(looked at thread)

(is surprised nobody mentioned the Assplodomancer build yet)

Liberty's Edge

2. Sickbay

The doors leading into this room are frosted glass etched with a stylized caduceus. Inside are eight beds, each attached to a sensor array made to monitor vital functions. A large operating theater is off to the left behind two heavy airlock doors, while the chief medical officer's office is behind a partition to the right. Lockers containing basic medical supplies sit between each bio bed, and the room is arranged so that the attending physician can see all eight beds at once. The smell of antiseptic hangs in the air.

It's clear that this is where the main characters are treated and released to serve another day, while the nameless redshirts die horrifying agonizing deaths.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Katie the Kineticist: Well, yeah, I mean, I can fly with my fire blasts. I just need both of my hands free.
Freddy the Fighter: To fly.
Katie: Yep.
Rita the Rogue: Not even straight up, just fly from, say, Whitecliff to Marchwall.
Katie: True.
Freddy: You need two hands for this.
Katie: Kineticist's Guild rules.
Rita: Hey, you don't get to make up a Kineticist's Guild just because there's a Thieves' Guild. Which does not exist and I am totally not a member of, by and by.
Katie: Well, we used to be able to use our feet and eyes when we were experimenting with kinesis blasts.
Freddy: And?
Katie: Let's just say the first aerokineticists took "fart lightning and crap thunder" waaaaaaay too literally.

Liberty's Edge

Then again, there is Microlite20, which really really strips down the d20 system to its bare necessities. You only have three* stats, four races, four classes, and four skills**.

*Expert Rules add Charisma as a stat, otherwise you still have Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.
**Expert Rules also add Survival as a skill, otherwise you still have Physical, Knowledge, Communication, and Subterfuge.

Liberty's Edge

Freddy the Fighter: This is a terrible idea, Ed.
Edvard Eddard, Evoker Extraordinaire: No, it's not! It's an absolutely brilliant idea!
Rita the Rogue: Brilliant as in "brilliantly stupid."
Edvard: Guys, you're complaining too much. This is gonna be awesome. I promise. (pumps shotgun, takes aim) Meteor Swarm!

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Man, I can't stop my berserker rage, my balls are on fire!"

Liberty's Edge

This is why God invented the belt pouch. That way you can just stash a potion or a couple of alchemist's fire bottles within easy reach. (Plus, it stops you from storing all that alchemist's fire in your backpack, which can cause some REAL trouble for you!)

Liberty's Edge

I do see the value of static saves (or at least 10 + character level + appropriate stat + class bonus) as a Saga Edition fan, but I gotta admit it's a little more fair for the player to roll his own saves.

Says the guy who rolled four natural 1s on Reflex/Will saves last night in Shackled City.

Liberty's Edge

Actually, my favorite Pathfinder character was a deranged berserking lunatic who had two goals in life:

  • To kill and eat Mogaru.

  • To have sex with the most beautiful goddess in our worlds' pantheons.

    And all he had was a greatsword, hide armor, and a heavy shield. Titan maulers are crazy.

  • Liberty's Edge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    (Checks C:\Users\Snorb\Documents\Pen and Paper\Miscellany)

    Buck Rogers: High Adventure Cliffhangers (and its sole supplement, War Against the Han, if you can actually find it. Good luck.)

    Human-Occupied Landfill (sci-fi, and very very f$$*ed-up sci-fi. Every page in the book is hand-drawn except page 29. One of the actual in-game rules is your character must be male, because no woman has ever been unlucky enough or stupid enough to wind up on the planet the game takes place on. Has one supplement with the unfortunate name BUTTery wHoLesomeness. The supplement has the character creation rules.)

    Star Trek (FASA edition) A much better game than that mess Decipher came out with ten years or so ago! [Captain Janeway has absolutely no character flaws, who are YOU kidding?]

    Savage Worlds (can be whatever damn setting you please!)

    The Third Age: Ghost Lines (steampunkish Ghostbusters, is free online. Is set in the same universe as Blades in the Dark, if you like that. Requires some Apocalypse World familiarity.)

    Totem (Inuit/Ice Age roleplaying game, has a very unique conflict resolution method not involving dice. Might be a bit close to fantasy for you though.)

    Liberty's Edge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    658. A guy with independently angry eyebrows, a guy with floppy hair and a little bow tie, a really patient-sounding green-suited man, and an energetic older gentleman all tumble out of the same mysterious blue box and invite you on the journey of a lifetime.

    ...They're the Twelfth, Eleventh, Eighth, and Third Doctors.

    Liberty's Edge

    Liz Courts wrote:
    Moved thread to Conversions forum—that's what it's here for.

    You didn't reply in all caps =p

    Liberty's Edge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.



    Liberty's Edge

    ...Don't most spells have vocal and somatic components and thus give you a -8 penalty to this check as it is?

    Why even bother at that point?

    Liberty's Edge

    By all means, Gears! There's a suggestions/comments thread in the doc itself, just click on it and suggest away!

    Liberty's Edge

    Bumping because this got buried ;_;

    Liberty's Edge

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    Achievements For Other Planets
    Just in case Pathfinder takes you to another world besides Golarion. Or wherever.

    Does This Look Infected?
    Contract a disease from another planet.

    Ieyui Nobomeno, Renmiri Yojuyogo
    Worship a deity from another planet.
    ...The reference is Final Fantasy X.

    I've Got a Girl on the Moon, I've Got a Girl on Mars
    Have sex with a humanoid from another planet.

    No, John, You Are the Zombies
    Be the only extraterrestrial in a party of a planet's natives.

    No Xenobiological Filter
    Suffer from a poison from another planet.

    One Small Step For Humanoid
    Travel to another planet.

    Really Exotic Weapon Proficiency
    Become proficient in five weapons of extraterrestrial origin.

    Resistance Is Futile
    Be the only native in a party of extraterrestrials.

    Set Course For Home
    You and your entire adventuring party get involuntarily transported to another planet.

    Tastes Like Chicken
    Eat five distinct foods from another planet.

    That's One Ruined Liver
    Get stinking drunk from another planet's alcohol.

    tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?
    Learn two languages not native to your planet.

    Wilma Deering Would Be Proud
    Travel to every planet in your local solar system.

    You Say Water, I Say Dihydrogen Oxide
    Drink five non-alcoholic liquids from another planet.

    Liberty's Edge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Right here is what I have so far of a class called the dark knight (not Batman.)

    This was inspired by the Dark Knight character class from Final Fantasy IV and X-2. The whole idea of the class is that it's supposed to be a more martial kineticist/more reliable source of negative energy damage. I think I botched it pretty badly, which is why the document's open for commenting.

    [*[Class skills, which I forgot to add in because I'm stupid.

  • Thinking up something for a dark knight to get at fifth and fifteenth levels.
  • More Dark Arts abilities, possibly gating some behind levels and/or earlier-attained arts. I'm not good at these.

    As always, comments, complaints, compliments, suggestions, and any other feedback wonderfully appreciated!

  • Liberty's Edge


    Power Attack's combat trick kinda sucks.

    Liberty's Edge

    16. Freddy the Fighter: So how do we keep this place defended while we're adventuring?

    Amy the Alchemist: Well, we look at everything the guys we killed did to safeguard this place... and we do the exact opposite because it didn't work out so great for them.

    Liberty's Edge

    Please, Mark, tell me that DM didn't make a character with 4 Dex be an archer.

    Please. I'm begging you.

    Liberty's Edge

    "All right, let's see your character sheet, Greg... oh. Look at that. Five 18s and 20 Strength. But that's okay because Amy signed off on that! Now, let's see Amy's cleric... whaddyaknow. 20 Wisdom and 18s across the board, but it's kosher because Greg saw you roll your stats!"

    Liberty's Edge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    "Urist, that's not a beer stein. That's a giant chess rook you poured beer into."


    "All right, it's a beer stein. I'm sure my friend will say so once he regains consciousness."

    Liberty's Edge

    Barry the Barbarian: All right, everyone! Time to go kill some gods! Who's with me!?

    Waldo the Warpriest: Yeaahhhhhhh~!

    Archie the Arcanist: Me too!

    Ingrid the Inquisitor: As am I!


    Waldo: (exploded like a meat balloon inside his full plate; his full plate has been fused into one solid piece)

    Archie's Boots: (covered in the ashes of what used to be an arcanist)

    Vaguely Human-Shaped Scorch Mark: (Barry's greataxe is right next to it)

    Ingrid the Inquisitor: (has been shipped off by the war god for an eternity of soul-sucking AGONY in the seventh circle of the only place worse than Hell: Staten Island.)

    Liberty's Edge

    John Compton wrote:
    James Sutter wrote:
    *PFS will not be allowing paladins of Asmodeus.
    Confirmed. The Pathfinder Society leadership does not intend to introduce paladins of Asmodeus at this time.

    Amend that to "at this or any other time"! D: D: D:

    Liberty's Edge

    BigDTBone wrote:
    Just like the fighter has to tell me where they stand, who they attack, and with what weapon. They can't just say, "I roll an attack."

    Hmm. Does "That ugly-looking guy who's been beating me with his club for the past two rounds, I hoist my greatsword and attempt to shove it through his face all the way up to the crossguard with Power Attack" suffice? =p

    Liberty's Edge

    5 people marked this as a favorite.

    Freddy the Fighter: Ugh. What a fight. Good thing Erik can heal.

    Erik the Cleric: Good thing we brought that paladin dog, too.

    Paladog: Bark.

    Rita the Rogue: Too bad about Barto, though.

    Erik the Cleric: Oh, he'll be fine. I cast Fabricate to replace what he lost.

    Barto the Bard: (in Captain Pike's chair from "The Menagerie, Part I and II") (OK Google jingle) [vocoder] I hate you guys.

    Freddy: See? He'll be just fine.

    Barto: (OK Google jingle) [vocoder] My life is hell. Fed through a tube that sticks through me, just like a wartime novelty. Tied to a machine that makes me be, cut this life off from me.

    Rita: ...His singing's almost as bad minus his vocal chords.

    Liberty's Edge

    452. We're fighting over whether or not these tavern brawls are taking place on Golarion or a homebrew setting, depending on who's writing them.

    Liberty's Edge

    447. Someone started shouting about martial/caster disparity and I cast Burning Hands on him. (And his friends.)

    Liberty's Edge

    4 people marked this as a favorite.

    Circus Minimus
    Win a chariot race in a campaign by being the only remaining competitor.

    The End of the Millennium
    Your adventuring party is a human fighter/paladin, an elf fighter/cleric, a human sorcerer, and an android gunslinger.

    The Fellowship of the... oh, Whatever
    Your adventuring party is four halfling rogues, one human wizard, two human fighters, one dwarf fighter, and one elf ranger.

    Generations of Doom
    Have a campaign go on so long that your characters retire/die and their children take up the campaign.

    Hang In There, Baby!
    Win a chariot race in a campaign by getting dragged across the finish line by your horses.

    Look At Me. Look At Me. I Am the Dungeon Master Now
    Usurp the position of Dungeon Master.

    Old-School Throwback
    Your adventuring party is a human fighter, human rogue, human wizard, human cleric, dwarf fighter, elf magus, and halfling rogue.

    Successors of Time
    Have a campaign go on for so long that you wind up playing the child of the character you played as in the Generations of Doom achievement.

    Liberty's Edge

    It's like Classic Traveller all over again! ^_^x

    Liberty's Edge

    Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
    Snorb wrote:

    In this DM's admittedly very slim defense, plate mail did grant an AC bonus against slashing weapons.

    Back in 1989.

    And as a DM back then, I loved to ignore that annoying and stupid table. AC was a suitable abstraction back then, and it still is.

    Tell your DM you're no longer interested in the type of game he runs, and that you respectfully bow out. Then spend all your energies finding a new group.

    Hell, I don't blame you. I looked at my copy of the 2e PHB and I still don't know how to make heads or tails of that chart.

    Liberty's Edge

    All perfectly valid points- I kinda dashed this out in like five minutes before I had to help my dad put out Halloween decorations. =p

    Set wrote:
    That last line seems to have ended early. Do the missiles directed at that target do double damage or something? Explode? Ricochet to affect other targets?

    Yeah, it was supposed to end "does double damage." I kinda messed that one up.

    Set wrote:
    Magic Missile Master

    Guess what was the inspiration for these? (Besides 13th Age. =p)

    Ross Byers wrote:
    Improved Magic Missile looks a lot like the effect of Spell Specialization(magic missile).

    You know, I have never seen the Spell Specialization feat before. x_X

    Greater Magic Missile should just be a higher-level spell, not a feat. (It's very similar to casting Maximized Magic Missile.)

    Perhaps, but to be fair, there are better spells at higher spell levels than outright damaging spells.

    Not getting critical hits is one of the balancing features of spells without attack rolls. Not sure it's worth a feat to get more damage 5% of the time, instead of just getting a metamagic feat with guaranteed damage.

    Then again, I was never particularly good at game balance...

    Stay on Target should required Greater Spell Penetration, and would be more interesting if it applied to all Spell Focused spells, not just magic missile.


    DM_Blake wrote:
    Super Genius games has a 2-page PDF with 7 feats for Magic Missiles. Part of their Bullet Points product line.



    Yours are pretty good, but I'm not fond a feat that has limits per day based on character ability scores.

    Besides, very few Wizards will be limited by this (how often does a wizard cast Magic Missile more times than his INT mod per day?). The feat is worthless for sorcerers.

    Int limitation removed!

    Also, the feat that gives criticals is not worth a feat. Make it more interesting, like a to-hit roll with each missile and let it crit as 19-20/x3 and maybe I'd spend a feat slot on it.

    Critical Missile now does 19-20/x3 criticals. (You can still only target one unlucky bastard at a time with it though, but nothing's STOPPING you from tossing six magic missiles at him... =p)

    Thanks for the feedback so far! ^_^

    Liberty's Edge

    I like Magic Missile. I made feats to improve/break the spell.

    Enjoy! Critique! Concern! Praise! Scorn!

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