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Cayden Cailean

Snorb's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 396 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Liberty's Edge

Name: Xazz'rav
Race: Drow
Origin: Menzoberranzan, and I absolutely refuse to believe I actually spelled that right on the first try.
Adventure: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill
Location: The caves just outside Trunau
What Done It: Party member absence, rules that don't really come up so much in Pathfinder

Last Time, on Dragon Ball Z: Our party's extremely racist dwarven druid discovered the definitions of karma and irony as he was killed by the party member that most represents his utter hatred of orcs, so we had to go meet his replacement.

Enter Xazz'rav, a drow rogue who combined Piranha Strike with the finest of elven weaponry, the Colt M1911A1 elven curveblade. He proves how awesome he is (and how excellently he teams up with Waldo the halfling who occupies large opponents' fighting space) in the next fight.

And Exit Azure: Azure's player couldn't make it tonight, so Azure went... well, hell if I know. She just up and vanished. The four remaining party members go into the eeeeeeeeeeevil caves up outside Trunau anyway.

This proved to be a mistake; I blew all my Channel Energy uses trying to kill a swarm of ghost rats, the party thoroughly gets its ass kicked but we persevere.

CHAIN OF PAIN: Then we fight gryphs and spiders. We easily defeat them and move on, and then things get bad when we run into Our Villain, the tattooed half-orc who might or might not be leading the orc army.

.....And his two dire wolves.

.....And his flood troll pal.

.....And his alchemist buddy.

During this fight, we discover:

  • No matter how high you can get your Armor Class with judicious arcanum use, a good roll on a d20 will ruin your day, as Rogen learned.
  • The Healing hex actually does have a specific range (touch) as I learned.
  • Halflings really shouldn't use Strength as a dump stat, as Waldo learned.
  • Rogues aren't exactly the most durable character class, as Xazz learned.

Deep Hurting: Xazz'rav keeps going up and down like a Yo-Yo Ball as my feeble healing spells keep healing him back into consciousness (then the wolves knock him back into a coma, repeat until bored.) Rogen's holding his own against the troll, the orc escapes with the big-ass hammer we were trying to stop him from getting, and then Xazz goes down, his spirit grabbing my shaman and telling her "Do everything you can... to keep me alive," telling a messed up story about how "if [he] lives, my f%~*ing nephews will NEVER get my money, mwahahahahaha."

Me: (decides he's delirious from blood loss)
Waldo: What.

Like Russian History...: Things get worse. Xazz goes down for the fourth time. I go down (but stabilize on a natural 20; our DM refused to use the Fifth Edition "roll a 20 on your stabilize check, come back to life at 1 HP" rule like I wanted.) One of the wolves goes down. The alchemist... I honestly don't remember what happened to him; I think he's dead. The troll is eventually killed as Waldo too joins us in a time-out. The one potion we have in the party doesn't fully rouse me, so Rogen knows things are serious.

He takes my healer's kit and starts operating on me.

My Light spell ends, so he winds up having to light a torch (that he forgot he had...) to keep working on me.

The Obscure Rules Part Kicks In Here: Treat Deadly Wounds takes one hour in-game to do, unless you have certain ways to mitigate that that I'm too lazy to look up right now (it's 1:15 am and I really should be asleep...) If you're unconscious for an hour because you're in the red when it comes to HP, you need to make a DC 10 Con check. Succeed, and you're awake but can't do strenuous actions. Fail, and you lose 1 HP and need to make another check in an hour.

I regain enough HP from Rogen's (untrained!!) Heal check to perform surgery on me, and Waldo wakes up because he actually rolled good on that Con check. Unfortunately for Xazz'rav... he did not fare so well on his Con check.

He had 8 Constitution.

The three surviving party members, two of whom have massive Strength and Constitution injuries, get the hell out of Dodge to go regroup.

Cory, Rogen's Player: By the way, you know who's to blame for all this, right?
Me: We're not gonna blame the healer, are we? =(
Cory: What? No. This is all Damien's fault!
Mike, Xazz's Ex-Player: Huh?
Cory: He's a sorcerer! If he showed up today, then we would have had attack magic! Snorb wouldn't have blown all his channels on those g@&%*@n ghost rats!
Booke, Waldo's Player: All in favor of blaming Damien for Xazz dying?
All of Us: (raise hands) Aye!
Booke: All opposed?
Dead Silence: (nothing happens)

Liberty's Edge

Kerry the Cavalier: :D (he's straddling so that one foot is on one horse and his other foot is on another horse)

Freddy the Fighter: .....You can't be serious.

Derril the Dorfen Druid: He says he can ride two horses at once, lad. I tol' 'im that was a stupid idea. Looks like I owe him ten gold. Damn.

Liberty's Edge

Oh, boy! Time to post what I lovingly call my summer reading list! =p (And yes, I realize a couple of these are from the 19th Century and not the 20th. Oh well.)

When Gravity Fails - George Alec Effinger
Middle Eastern-inspired cyberpunk.

Neuromancer - William Gibson
THE definitive classic cyberpunk novel.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream - Hunter S. Thompson
Based on a true story...ish. The movie's not bad, either.

The Aeneid - Virgil

The Odyssey - Homer

Around the World in Eighty Days - Jules Verne

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Jules Verne

The Essential Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe - Edgar Allan Poe

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Lloyd Frank Baum

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Naoko Takeuchi
...Don't judge me!

Casino Royale - Ian Fleming
♪I've seen diamonds cut through harder men/Than you yourself, but if you must preEEEEEEEteeeennnnd, you may meet your eeeeeeeend~

Brain Droppings - George Carlin

Napalm and Silly Putty - George Carlin

When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? - George Carlin

I Hated Hated HATED This Movie - Roger Ebert
Title taken from his review of the movie "North." A compilation of his "finest" zero to one-star reviews.

Your Movie Sucks - Roger Ebert
Title taken from his review of "Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo," which the book starts with. More reviews of movies that never should have been greenlit.

A Horrible Experience of Unbearable Length - Roger Ebert
Title taken from his review of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Yet even more reviews of godawful movies.

The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien

Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare

The Guide - R. K. Narayan
I read this in college.

The English Patient - Michael Ondante
I read this in college, too. Better than the movie because it doesn't shove the love story in your face.

The Ridiculous Race - Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran

Dungeons & Dragons: Oriental Adventures - James Wyatt et al
The supplement for Third Edition, not the one from the 80s.

Dungeons & Dragons: Player's Handbook (Fifth Edition) - Wizards D&D Design Team
...That's what it said on my receipt, anyway.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
GoldEdition42 wrote:
It's worse if you have a TPK and people bring in a new class. With no history working the data (or studying up on the powers) there is a TON of referring to sourcebooks/websites....the battles can take the whole night.

Freddy the Fighter: ...So, who exactly hired us for this quest?

Amy the Alchemist: From what I remember, you got hired because Rando the Ranger picked a fight with some half-orcs and they beat him into blood paste. What a mess...

Rita the Rogue: Yeah, the two of us got hired after that dragon ate the cavalier and the brawler. What about you, Erik?

Erik the Cleric: You guys hired me after your bard slept with that succubus and got his soul sucked out, remember?

Freddy: So... the original four party members all died, and we got hired to replace them as they bit it.

Rita: I... guess this means we don't really have a reason to be on this quest anymore, then.

Amy: Yeah, you're right. Let's go to the tavern and get drunk. I can use the booze for alchemy ingredients, anyway. ^_^

Liberty's Edge

Ventnor wrote:
Jaelithe wrote:
Ventnor wrote:

75.) Building an entirely new town is hella expensive.

You'd do it for Randolph Scott.
I have no idea who that is.

He was a star in Westerns in the '40s.

The reference is Blazing Saddles.

Liberty's Edge

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Jaelithe wrote:
Ventnor wrote:

75.) Building an entirely new town is hella expensive.

You'd do it for Randolph Scott.

Freddy the Fighter: Randolph Scott! (removes helmet)

Amy the Alchemist: Randolph Scott! (removes her little alchemist turban)
Erik the Cleric: Randolph Scott! (removes his cleric miter)
Rita the Rogue: Randolph Scott! (does not have a hat to doff)


Liberty's Edge

Set wrote:

It's still a decent punishment if the person 'stoned' had a family or friends or job or home, since all of those things would have changed by X number of years while they were doing time as a fancy coatrack.

"Hey, my sentence is over and I don't remember a thing! Woo! What do you mean that my wife has remarried, my kids are grown up and have kids of their own, my house is now a stable owned by the orphaned kid of my victim, and my father passed away and disinherited me and left the mill to my younger brother?"

"Yes. Your sentence is served. Welcome to being homeless in a city that's nothing like you remember. The crown requires that I give you these five silver pieces to help you get back on your feet..."

"Welp! Welcome to life as a first-level adventurer! (whistles the Duke Nukem 3D theme as he saunters off)"


19. The Temple of the Harvestmistress

This massive wooden barn looks out of place among the stone buildings that comprise most of the city of Rampart; however, this is how the goddess of community and farming, Ruma, prefers her temple.

Inside the temple, besides an area for confessions and services, is a massive charity kitchen. All a traveler needs to do is sit on the floor, and they will soon find rice, bread, and lentil soup before them. The only compensation the priests ask is that one help out in the kitchen a bit afterwards.

(Yes, I was looking at an article about the Harmandir Sahib. Why do you ask?)

Liberty's Edge

36. Because maybe, just maybe, that really cute innkeeper from Xianghua might be interested in you; she just needs to be properly heroically rescued.

Liberty's Edge

Biscuit of healing. Munch on this tasty cookie-like treat and you get some hit points back!

(...And no, you can't just take one bite for some HP. You want the healing, you have to eat the entire damn cookie.)

Liberty's Edge

The only way my build's gonna be cool with getting 4th level equivalent wild shape is if I'm actually going full druid. =p

Liberty's Edge

No, variant multiclass wizards don't get spellcasting.


But hey, if you're gonna variant multiclass, pick up druid. You still get wildshape. Eventually.

(Moral of this story: Don't variant multiclass. And don't carry on a conversation with someone while giving the monitor a sidelong glance, thus causing rules misreadings. =p)

Liberty's Edge

Characters who take wizard as their variant multiclass can cast spells just as well as a wizard can for twenty levels.

Characters who take fighter as their variant multiclass get a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls with their preferred choice of weapon by twentieth level.

I don't want to say there's a small issue of parity here, but there's a small issue of parity here.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Raoul Silva, from Skyfall.

Why Silva?

Because he's managed to do what Julius No, Red Grant, Rosa Klebb, Auric Goldfinger, Emilio Largo, Ernst Blofeld, Ross Kananga, Francisco Scaramanga, Karl Stromberg, Hugo Drax, Aristotle Kristatos, Kamal Khan, Max Zorin, Brad Whitaker, Georgi Koskov, Franz Sanchez, Alec Trevelyan, Eliot Carver, Electra King, Renard, Gustav Graves/Tan-Sun Moon, Le Chiffre/Jean Duran, and Dominic Greene have all failed to do over 53 years and 23 movies.

He beat James Bond. His was the only plan out of EVERYBODY up there that actually succeeded. All those people up there? Body bag filler at the end of their respective movies. (In Carver's case, more like "Gallon Ziploc Bag filler" instead...)

Silva... well, Bond still sank a hunting knife into his back at the end of Skyfall, but his plan actually succeeded.

EDIT: Oh, and add Nikolai Diavolo from Everything or Nothing to that list up there. He died too.

Liberty's Edge

...Didn't it take us like three months to go through Carnival of Tears?

Liberty's Edge

I didn't say Street Fighter was a good adaptation. =p

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Winner of the Masculinity Contest
Decapitate yourself on a fumbled attack roll.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oh, stupid me. I legit forgot one movie up above in my last post.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Not only is it a very good fantasy movie on its own, it is probably the very best video game to movie adaptation ever made (the close second/third would be Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter: The Movie, of course.)

Liberty's Edge

My Iron Gods brawler I played as Chaotic Neutral. She was good friends with the party (the barbarian moreso than the rest, but she DID avenge the android cleric's death...) but I just played her as "with no compunction towards killing anyone" and "adopting children to teach them how to be brawler/barbarian multiclass characters is a good thing."

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Pontchartrain Bridge from 007: Everything or Nothing, of course! You get to drive against traffic on a motorcycle on the largest bridge in the United States, and you're chasing Jaws in a tanker truck, and you get to P-P-P-POWERSLIIIIIDE under a jackknifed 18-wheeler! And just to show you how suicidally fast James Bond is driving, the camera fisheyes! Holy crap I need to play that game again

Oh. Umm... Pathfinder level. Whoops. Right around level 5. Your spells are powerful but not TOO game breaking, the party is durable, and everything starts to come together nicely.

Your party is competent, but not too competent. =p

Liberty's Edge

@NathanielLove: Which version of Star Wars d20? I'm only familiar with Saga Edition and a bit less familiar with Revised Core Rulebook.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yes, fighters get four attacks per round in 5e. At level 20. (Or at level 5, but only once per combat thanks to Action Surge. =p)

Barbarians, monks, paladins, and rangers are stuck with one extra attack (gained at level 5.) If you multiclass into two classes with Extra Attack, you only get one extra attack unless you have enough fighter levels to grant two extra attacks.

(And before you say "What, the monk only gets two attacks per round?! HAX" the monk flurry is "Swift action: Two unarmed strikes. This costs one ki point.")

Liberty's Edge

You can't edit a post that's more than an hour (one?) old. A GDocs link is better anyway.

(wishes he made GDocs links for the "Feats You Wish Existed" thread)

Liberty's Edge

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wraithstrike wrote:
Peter Stewart wrote:
kyrt-ryder wrote:
Could you elaborate Peter? What do you find so horrid about every single last one of them?


1. Bounded Accuracy, even on a smaller scale, is not a desired outcome for me. The massive differences between a 1st and 20th level characters flat number (attack bonus, AC, saves, spell Dcs, ect) are desirable to me. Even within a single level the relatively large differences between various stats (say my 15th level wizards 27 AC and the party fighter’s 38) are things that give the system life and variety. Any and all capping needs only exist in the form of bonus types that are allowed, and in the amounts they are allowed in (e.g. what already exists with deflection, natural, ect).

Does bounded accuracy mean a fighter and wizard have the same bonus to attack or does it just mean stats(not just ability stat) have a ceiling built in such a way that characters such as a cleric and a fighter will have a meaningful difference in attack rolls, but it wont be so far apart that the cleric can not contribute in melee to what a fighter is fighting.


Yes and no.

A fighter and a wizard that are the same level will have the same proficiency bonus added to their attack rolls (let's go simple and say they're first level, so their proficiency bonus is +2.) The Pathfinder equivalent would be "every class has the same BAB progression." A cleric would certainly be able to help out in melee if they have a decent Strength; hell, the wizard would be able to help out in melee if he has enough Strength or Dexterity (Daggers, one of the few weapons the wizard's proficient with, use Dexterity for attack and damage rolls.)

Of course, the wizard's Armor Class is 10 + his Dexterity modifier, because he can't cast spells while wearing armor he's not proficient with (read: ALL OF IT) and a dagger's only 1d4 + Str/Dex mod. Meanwhile, Studly Doo-Right the fighter's got 16 + Dex (max +2) for his AC because he started with scale mail. Hell, let's throw in a shield, so he's got another +2 AC on top of that. So, while the wizard CAN help out in melee if need be, it's probably not a good idea. (Fun fact: If you're a barbarian without armor, you add your Constitution mod to your Armor Class.)

Also, yes, I think fighters need a boost, but hell, I'm comfortable with giving them 4e Marking and 5e Second Wind/Action Surge and calling it a day.

Liberty's Edge

Feedback = very yes

But, uh, there's no clickable links or anything. ;_;

Liberty's Edge

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There isn't one of these yet? Geez, people, we're either getting better at this adventuring thing since Rise of the Runelords, or we're slacking. Anyway, you know the routine! (Besides, this'll kill some time while Steam and my 2DS update)

Name: Abner Stormhearth
Race: Dwarf
Origin: The Mountainhomes, probably. We never really learned much about Abner.
Adventure: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill
Location: Just outside the city gates at an orc-fortified position.
What Done It: Casual racism, one big damn bomb.

The Party: Might as well introduce them while I'm typing this. Yon party of Giantslayers consists of:

  • Rogen, a human totemist (yes, a Magic of Incarnum class!) played by Cory...
  • Inga, his twin sister, a shaman and chirurgeon played by me. We both look like Princess Mononoke.
  • Waldo, a halfling mouser whose character picture was the (blank) back side of his character sheet, played by Matt. He is the fastest person in the party.
  • Azure, a half-orc sorcerer who joined the party during the big-ass battle in Trunau, played by Damien. Damien didn't actually know about how Mike was playing his character, so it was quite a hilarious surprise when she met...
  • Abner Stormhearth, a dwarf druid, who was even more racist towards orcs and half-orcs than per dwarven norm.

...And Your Racist Friend: Seriously, Abner was really, really hilariously racist towards every half-orc in Trunau. He said of Brinya mourning the death of her beloved Rodrick "Oh, look! It thinks it's feeling sorrow!", was suspicious of every half-orc in Trunau's blacksmith shop because he thinks all orcs are murderers (then he quickly decided that the half-orcs can't be blacksmiths because "all orcs are f@%$ing illiterate, and half of the stupid hopeknives in this city have writing on the blade.") and when we noticed all the white crosses dotting Trunau and found evidence of orcs burrowing under the city through the plague house, and I'm quoting the guy from memory here, "We should round up all those stinking half-orcs in the city and put them somewhere. Like a camp. To concentrate them in. 'Cause they're not sentient beings."

WAAAAAAAAAAAGH: And then the WAAAAAAAAAAAGH happened, and our party is thrust headfirst into the middle of a pitched battle! We ran around the city lighting the signal beacons to summon help, Abner takes particular glee in killing every half-orc we see, and we think he dies after charging off an open tower and down a cliff (due to an Obscuring Mist spell he himself cast and then said "Don't worry, they're too stupid to understand basic tactics!") He scaled the cliffs to save our bacon after the rest of the party was beaten into unconsciousness and tied up for imminent and repeated rape trophy-collection. So, uh... well, not everything is forgiven, but at least we have a full party.

Meeting Azure: When we get to a bar (represented by a flipmat our group uses for EVERY bar we fight in) we meet Azure, who I mentioned above. She's fighting an orc who can cast spells (I think?) and we get hit with Deeper Darkness. Because he's the only one who can see in the dark in our party, Abner serves as our guide in the combat. Unfortunately, his idea of "guidance" was less "actually cast Guidance" and more "direct the party to kill our upcoming party member as well as the actual threat."

Didn't Happen: Azure survives (the fight, Abner's directions) and we meet up with Kursk, who tells us to get outside the city and deal with the orcs catapulting the city. We do so, running into them at the Plague House. Some of the orcs die, but Abner "valiantly" charges at the orcs, triggering further encounters.

This includes the orcs with fuse grenades.

Abner decides to have some fun with this. He grabs one of the grenades thrown at him, and charges the orcs screaming Something I'm not going to repeat here. The ensuing explosion kills two orcs, leaves two survivor orcs, and our dwarf is badly injured. The surviving orcs pick Abner up and drag his carcass to us, presumably to go man the catapult and gloat.

Catapult Fightmare: Abner goes up and down like a yo-yo during the fight because I'm down to just a Cure Light Wounds wand for healing at this point. When he goes down again, he stabilizes. Thanks to how combat went, Rogen and two orcs are taken out of the fight when Waldo fires the catapult while they're in the bowl. (Rogen thankfully survived.) Another orc throws a grenade. Azure returns it by rolling it under the catapult. I'm busy dealing with another orc, so I can't quite go back to rescue Abner.

Abner is at negative hit points, just conscious enough to see our half-orc party member roll a grenade that comes to a stop four inches from his face.

I remove Abner's minifigure from the map and draw a red humanoid-shaped splotch on the square I emptied.

Liberty's Edge

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Aratrok wrote:
Aratrok wrote:

Heey. Heeeey. I'm doing pretty alright with my fighter in 5e. (Despite the fact that out of four permanent members and two who rotate in/out of the group, I'm the only person who doesn't use magic at all. On the other hand, I gots the ranged combat handled.)

Liberty's Edge

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Could be worse.

You could have 4e's "Okay, I'm adding half my level, my... Charisma mod, because I need that for this power for some reason... plus an extra +4 because I'm actually proficient with longswords and that's what I'm using. Am I missing something? Oh, the warlord's giving me +2 because he's within 20' of me shouting at me, the half-elf's giving all of us +1 because he's a half elf, I get another +1 because I used a power on my last turn and I rolled high but not too high, it's Friday so I get another +1, but my fighter overdid it a bit at the inn for lunch, so he gets a -1 to this attack roll. How long did that take to figure out? Who's President now?" math. (And yes, I'm exaggerating, but only slightly.)

Liberty's Edge

Okay, one more thing from the setting I'm doing, and this is more of a physical than a social quirk.

The sclera of an elf's eye is not white like a human, dwarf, halfling, or neko's would be. Instead, the sclera is a very light shade of the elf's pupil color.

Liberty's Edge

In the setting I'm working on, goblins do not have a word in their language for "victory," "triumph," or even "win." The closest they get is "not-lose."

Common goblin names include Wuxx, Luseir, Stppd, Dummox, Galut, Whiik, Adequate, Idjut, Nuub, Fuul, and Turd Ferguson. (Don't ask.)

Despite the fact that pretty much everything goes against goblins from the word go, they are surprisingly cheerful.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Huh. I thought the "I want a Revised Edition" threads were on Mondays, and the "Bloat is killing Pathfinder" threads were on Saturdays. Meanwhile, the "The Fighter and Rogue Suck" threads were originally scheduled on Tuesdays, and weren't the "Power creep is killing Pathfinder" threads alternating Sundays where leaves weren't on the ground?

Liberty's Edge

My favorite character I've ever played is Rosalie Merikreel. Her friends, however, call her Tharja.

Tharja had a normal happy childhood up until her parents were murdered by the Technic League when she was four. Thanks to my friend basically making his part of our game world an autocratically-run hellhole, Tharja wound up going through the orphanage system.

It wasn't a nice happy orphanarium. This was a messed up cross between the prison from The Shawshank Redemption and the fighting nights from Fight Club. Tharja held her own as she got older, and started developing a fighting style that focused on hitting someone once as hard as she possibly could. (The orphanage keepers didn't like that, because Glass Joe-ing every fight doesn't look good.) She wound up leaving the orphanage at the age of 19 because, quite frankly, Tharja scared the living s#@* out of the other orphans/pugilists. Six months after she left Pellaos's most hellhole orphanage, she met up with her fellow adventurers Jagg, Mira, Sakit, and Murphy.

As to why she's called Tharja instead of Rosalie, people in Pellaos go by a nickname rather than her given name. Tharja's came from a mountain in Pellaos that one of her fellow orphans said was like her: "Beautiful, but difficult to climb." (Tharja beat him into a coma. He apologized a fortnight later once he woke up.)

I actually said Tharja looked like Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon once, so I don't know why everyone in the group thinks she looks masculine. Must be that 7 Charisma she's got.

Liberty's Edge

Oh, I only asked that because my Iron Gods brawler had a habit of doing that to her opponents. (The benefit of having a DM/group that enjoys describing how we finish off opponents brought to -1 HP.)

Liberty's Edge

So I'm looking through the firearms section of Ultimate Combat, and I notice this little gem:

Ultimate Combat wrote:
Shotgun, Double-Barreled: This twin-barreled shotgun can be shot either one barrel at a time, or both together as one attack. A double shot that fires bullets is inaccurate, and takes a –4 penalty on both attacks. A double shot that fires bullets targets only a single creature and increases the damage of each barrel to 2d6 points (Small) or 2d8 points (Medium) for a total of 4d6 or 4d8 points. A double-barreled shotgun uses metal cartridges (loaded with either a bullet or pellets) as ammunition.

Now, this implies that I can load pellets into one barrel and a bullet in the other. If I do so, do I still take the -4 penalty for using both barrels? And what about using pellets in both barrels? Do I take a penalty there, and would I wind up increasing the damage to 2d8/barrel? Or would I just wind up doing 2d8 damage to everything in the cone without an attack penalty?

Liberty's Edge

The 5e tarrasque also has flat-out immunity to spells that require a ranged attack roll, line effect spells, and Magic Missile, along with fire, poison, certain conditions, and nonmagical weapons. (In the case of those spells I mentioned above, you the DM roll 1d6. 1-5 means the tarrasque takes 0 damage, 6 means the tarrasque takes no damage and you get attacked by your own spell. Fun!)

Incidentally, this means a party of clerics can Inflict Wounds a tarrasque to death in 5e. (Assuming they can get past AC 25.)

Liberty's Edge

On a tangentally related note: What's the Strength DC to crush a human skull between your hands like Khan did in Star Trek: Into Darkness?

Liberty's Edge

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Snorb wrote:
Why didn't the tenth level orcs show up sooner? You're not the only adventuring party in the world! =p


Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Why didn't the tenth level orcs show up sooner? You're not the only adventuring party in the world! =p

Liberty's Edge

4 people marked this as a favorite.

This is one of my favorite descriptions of alignment.

D&D Second Edition PHB wrote:

Imagine how groups of different alignments might seek to divide a treasure trove. Suppose the adventuring party contains one character of each alignment (a virtually impossible situation, but useful for illustration.) Each of them is then allowed to present his argument:

The lawful good character says "Before we went on this adventure, we agreed to split the treasure equally, and that's what we're going to do. First, we'll deduct the costs of the adventure and pay for the resurrection of those who have fallen, since we're sharing all this equally. If someone can't be raised, then his share goes to his family."

"Since we agreed to split equally, that's fine," replies the lawful evil character thoughtfully. "But there was nothing in this deal about paying for anyone else's expenses. It's not my fault if you spent a lot on equipment! Furthermore, this deal only applies to the surviving partners; I don't remember anything about dead partners. I'm not setting aside any money to raise that klutz. He's someone else's problem."

Flourishing a sheet of paper, the lawful neutral character breaks in. "It's a good thing for you two that I've got things together, nice and organized. I had the foresight to write down the exact terms of our agreement, and we're all going to follow them."

The neutral good character balances the issues and decides, "I'm in favor of equal shares--that keeps everybody happy. I feel that expenses are each adventurer's own business: If someone spent too much, then he should be more careful next time. But raising fallen comrades seems like a good idea, so I say we set aside money to do that."

After listening to the above arguments, the true neutral character decides not to say anything yet. He's not particularly concerned with any choice. If the issue can be solved without his becoming involved, great. But if it looks like one person is going to get everything, that's when he'll step in and cast his vote for a more balanced distribution.

The neutral evil character died during the adventure, so he doesn't have anything to say. However, if he could make his opinion known, he would gladly argue that the group ought to pay for raising him and set aside a share for him. The neutral evil character would also hope that the group doesn't discover the big gem he secretly pocketed during one of the encounters.

The chaotic good character objects to the whole business. "Look, it's obvious that the original agreement is messed up. I say we scrap it and reward people for what they did. I saw some of you hiding in the background while the rest of us were doing the fighting. I don't see why anyone should be rewarded for being a coward! As far as raising dead partners, I say that's a matter of personal choice. I don't mind chipping in for some of them, but I don't think I want everyone back in the group."

Outraged at the totally true but tactless accusation of cowardice, the chaotic evil character snaps back, "Look, I was doing an important job, guarding the rear! Can I help it if nothing tried to sneak up behind us? Now, it seems to me that all of you are pretty beat up--and I'm not. So, I don't think there's going to be too much objection if I take all the jewelry and that wand. And I'll take anything interesting those two dead guys have. Now, you can either work with me and do what I say or get lost--permanently!"

The chaotic neutral character is also dead (after he tried to charge a gorgon), so he doesn't contribute to the argument. However, if he were alive, he would join forces with whichever side appealed to him the most at the moment. If he couldn't decide he'd flip a coin.

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The Thing from Beyond the Edge wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
The Thing from Beyond the Edge wrote:

My apologies if this has already been asked. I was not sure how to phrase a thread search.

How long, under good conditions (not necessarily the best but also not as many grand obstacles as occurred during the Jade Regent path) should it take to travel from Hongal to Karlsgard?


Pathfinder #51 is an entire adventure about answering that question, and other than just measuring the distance between those two locations and doing the travel math (which anyone can do), I can't really answer this off the top of my head, and since I kinda want to race through the other questions here before I run out to grab lunch... that'll have to do for now.


Jade Regent is the only adventure path I have had the opportunity to both start and play to its conclusion.
But, I don't remember how long it took plus there was the incident of stopping the plan to bring on a global ice I am not sure how long a typical journey would take.

Fortunately, I'm not looking for anything near exact.
Could a merchant journey over one way one year and then come back the other way the next?
Back and forth in the same year with an early start?

But, if your current elaboration is all you wish to go into, the time is appreciated regardless.

Note: This is basically part of a fanfic idea where this particular jaunt before a character is introduced is a point where the journey is just a journey rather than an important part of the story as in Jade Regent.

I ran Jade Regent in our group's world instead of Golarion. I kept the mileage intact, though. From what I remember, it took the group seven months to get from Sandpoint to the capital of Minkai.

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thorin001 wrote:
Charlie D. wrote:
thorin001 wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
I may be alone in my ignorance... but what's bounded accuracy?
It is the concept that the dice should be a bigger factor in determining success than character ability.
What? That is not even close to accurate or factual.
Really? Biggest possible modifier at 20th level is +11 (stat+proficiency) The D20 has a swing of 19. The die is far more relevant than ability. And it is even more pronounced at lower levels. Add to that the fact that no auto success due to high skills was a big part of the design philosophy. So my comment is both accurate and factual.

Biggest possible modifier at 20th level is +13 (+6 proficiency, +7 Strength mod because barbarians get their Strength and Constitution caps upped to 24 at 20th level.) =p

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All righty, this one's gonna be a weird one.

I love the kineticist from the Occult Adventures playtest. Do you forsee any additional blast talents (or indeed, elements!) coming for it in future books?

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Bounded accuracy basically flattens the math a whole lot compared to Third/Pathfinder, or even Fourth Edition. Armor Class 19 is just as viable at 1st level in Fifth Edition as it is at 20th level. (in Pathfinder, if you're a 20th level fighter with 19 AC, you are suicidally brave and/or reckless and deserve what you've got coming.)

The math goes thusly: You have a +2 bonus at 1st level to saving throws, skills, and attack rolls you are proficient with. If you're a spellcaster, your proficiency adds to your spell's save DC (defaults to 8 + your casting modifier + your proficiency bonus). Every four levels past 1st, this bonus increases by +1. So, technically, yes, the rogue is just as good with a longsword at fifth level as a fighter is because their proficiency bonus is +3. The fighter's (hopefully) much stronger than the rogue, though.

In case you're wondering how multiple attacks works with multiclassing, because I know that came up a page or so back and I'm too lazy to double check it, they don't add together. You can't make more than two attacks unless one class's version of Extra Attack says you're allowed to (like the fighter's does.)

As a sidenote, 5e's bounded accuracy is much better than 4e's, only because of what happened with the math in that.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Snorb wrote:
Some stuff needs to be baked into every character (looking at you, Precise Shot, Shot on the Run, and Spring Attack!!!)
If we're baking stuff in, I want chocolate chunks.

Fine by me! XD

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I've called certain alignments "Awful Good," "Chaotic Stupid," and "Boring" in the past. I'll leave it to you to figure out which ones I mean. =p

Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral, and True Neutral.

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Some stuff needs to be baked into every character (looking at you, Precise Shot, Shot on the Run, and Spring Attack!!!)

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In the setting I'm working on, catfolk refer to themselves (and are referred to) as neko. "Catfolk" is a racial slur to them, the equivalent of using Better leave that word out, just to be on the safe side... in real life. (Of course, why a fantastical world about people on floating islands in an open sky uses a Japanese word to describe them is a mystery for another time.)

Then again, what humans in this setting call dwarves, elves, and halflings, I'm content to give them the name "dorf," "elowaan," and "halfling." This is more endemic of "I liked Dwarf Fortress, I liked Starflight, and I'm lazy, in that order."

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Hmmm. For rallying allies, I'd say make it... let's say a 30' radius that centers on (and moves with) you the fighter. Allies within this burst when you start the rally immediately convert 1d10 + Con mod damage to nonlethal damage. Allies that start their turn within your rally can do one of the following effects:

  • Gain a morale bonus on weapon attack/damage rolls equal to your Weapon Training bonus. (Use the best bonus.)
  • Gain an extra 10' bonus to land speed.
  • Gain a dodge bonus to Armor Class equal to your Armor Training bonus . (This bonus goes away when your ally is attacked, regardless of success.)

Allies that end their turn within your rally burst can make a new saving throw against one ongoing effect they are suffering from (except for diseases and poisons.)

Your rally lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Bravery bonus.

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You resolve multiple attacks as one single attack, so... yeah. Getting seven attacks resolved as one uber-punch only to find out you tunneled through a Mirror Image's head instead of the guy you wanted to punch is gonna suck. =p

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I'll be honest, as much as I think fighters really really need a self-heal in Pathfinder, I think what you've got for Second Wind is a little... much. I'd say maybe do it like the Witch/Shaman healing hex, where it works as a Cure Light Wounds spell from level 1-5, Cure Moderate from level 6-10, &c. (using your Fighter level as your "casting" level, of course. ...I guess that makes Second Wind an extraordinary effect, then.)

Fighter absolutely needs stuff like Marking from 4e (when you attack an opponent, you can mark him; he takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls against opponents that aren't you, and if he moves away from you, even to 5' step, that provokes an opportunity attack; you only get one active mark at a time), fast movement (you can move a total of [Con score] extra 5' squares per day, these need not be used in one uber-move), and morale bonus (allies within 20' of you can make one save against an effect currently affecting them, excluding poisons and diseases.)

Oh, and requisite "4 + Int mod skill points/level" and "Add Perception to the fighter class skill list" here. XD

Sorry for spacing issues, I'm kinda sleepy. =p

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Guys. Guys. We're forgetting something major here.

Just go find some cybernetic leg replacements, hook them up to our about to be cadaverous wizard, and when he craps out, cast Raise Dead on him.


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