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Cayden Cailean

Snorb's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 505 posts (515 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2

Just remember, everyone, as of TNG Season 2, a splint is basically considered medieval quackery by a couple of docs on the Enterprise! (But surprisingly NOT Pulaski.)

Liberty's Edge

Snowblind wrote:
Snorb wrote:
Legio_MCMLXXXVII wrote:
Cool. So tell me again how your versatile fighter is going to get to the next town over in five minutes? Cause I would love to be let in on that secret.

Cannon travel is always a possibility.

Unless gunpowder hasn't been invented in your campaign setting, in which case catapult travel is always a possibility.

The best part? Because cannon/catapults make an attack roll to launch their payload (you), you can get to town in one standard action!

That must be a pretty close town. The longest ranged siege weapons printed can't even hit targets a mile away. If one of them could land you in the next town, you could just run+hustle there.

Oh, shoot. Even a heavy trebuchet can only get you 4000'. Still, you're a fighter, you can run n' hustle from there.

Bandw2 wrote:
just going to point out the rules don't allow the use of creatures as ammunition... otherwise i would be using dead cows as my trebuchet ammo.

I would say that dead cows would at least count as plague bundles. (And we launched a character out of a catapult in our Giantslayer game. Amazingly, the character in question survived.)

Liberty's Edge

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Legio_MCMLXXXVII wrote:
Cool. So tell me again how your versatile fighter is going to get to the next town over in five minutes? Cause I would love to be let in on that secret.

Cannon travel is always a possibility.

Unless gunpowder hasn't been invented in your campaign setting, in which case catapult travel is always a possibility.

The best part? Because cannon/catapults make an attack roll to launch their payload (you), you can get to town in one standard action!

Liberty's Edge

sunbeam wrote:


There was a hilarious thread I saw once that was totally ripping [Sean K. Reynolds'] "value" for feats. I don't know if it is still on his website, it was around the time they were making the Pathfinder RPG.

But that was some condensed insanity if you can find the page he was writing his analysis somewhere.

I think he deleted it around the time Fifth Edition came out. It's replaced with something along the lines of "Deleted, this is just me coming up with stuff on the ride to work anyway, if you're curious go search engine it."

Liberty's Edge

18. Truly excellent bladework! Your dice (and hopefully your opponent's thoracic organs) explode! (Roll your usual critical hit damage, and reroll any damage die that comes up on its maximum result, and add it to the running damage total. If a rerolled die comes up maximum result again, reroll it again! The fun and learning NEVER begins!!)

19. As #18, but throw a d8 into the mix as well!

20. As #19, but pretend your first damage roll was all max results! (Basically, roll your critical hit damage, reroll exploding dice, and when all is said and done, add your usual max critical hit damage to your result.)

Liberty's Edge

Me: I dunno, I just heard Bryan say "I need to buy cosplay, I need to buy bullets."

(last Monday, during a rather abstract game)

Ziggy: You're giving me a shortsword? What the hell am I supposed to do with a shortsword?
Matt: ...Stab him with it?
Cory: Stab him nonlethally!

(us, getting ready to fight a powerful Winter Court fey in our V20 game)

Mike: An icebox! We can bind the Snow Queen!
Me: ...Did I just get out of the bathroom to hear you guys say you're going to shove a woman into a refrigerator?
Mike: No, we're going to buy an icebox and bind her soul to it for all eternity. Or until it breaks.
Cory: Do you know how easy a fridge breaks? "Broken" could be as simple as "the hinge broke."
Mike: Eh, whatever, we're just going to mail the f~~@ing thing to Abu Dhabi anyway. She can be the snow queen of Saudi Arabia.
Matt: She can just teleport back! She's a fey!
Mike: Then a stuffed animal. Those are next to impossible to destroy.
Me: Congratulations, Mike, you just invented Freddy Fazbear.

(from the same game)

Mike: Does anybody have dots in Academics? Nokturo's from before public-subsidized schooling was invented.
Cory: They had an Academics skill in Dark Ages: Vampire!

(the same game)

Cory: Well, Tremere himself made it up to Third Generation, but only because he diablerized Saulot. Nobody ever diablerized up to Second Generation.
Bryan: Challenge accepted. :D
Chrissy: I just wanna point out, for once it's not the Assamite saying this.

(discussing possible Thaumaturgy paths in our Vampire game)

Damien: Oh, this path's gonna annoy you so much.
Cory: Which one?
Damien: Path of Green. I can talk to trees.
Chrissy: "Hang on a second, guys, lemme go talk to this ficus and see what she knows."
Cory: You talk to the oldest tree in the forest. "Hi. I remember there used to be a lot of trees. Then I was the only one. Then there were small buildings. Then there were large ones."

(From an extremely brutal battle in Giantslayer, just for variety)

Ziggy: Natural 20.
Cory: Oh, boy. Let's see if I'm dead.
Ziggy: (rolls) 15...
Cory: (raises arms) Hoor-
Ziggy: (adding modifiers) ...16... 17... 18...
Cory: (lowers arms, giving Ziggy double middle fingers) ...ay.

(more medical body horror from Giantslayer)

Me: Damien, I don't get it. I just got a hole punched through my shield and my hand, not a drop of blood. You get nicked by a falchion, you're bleeding all over the place and holding your guts in.
Damien: Snorb, I don't look at it as "getting nicked."
Mike: ROOK, WE GOT THIS! And meanwhile Damien's like (imitates bleeding through chest wound)
Me: (imitates drinking Cure Light Wounds potion through profusely bleeding neck wound)

(creative interpretation of the paladin code)

Mike: It's not breaking the paladin code if you're too stupid to realize you're breaking it.

(five minutes later)

Mike: It doesn't say anything in the paladin's code about eating intelligent evil creatures!
Cory: Eating an intelligent creature is an evil act. It's been on the forums. It can be raised.
Mike: Then it can watch me eat it! OM NOM NOM..... (sigh) Fine. Icegrinder will not eat delicious dead fish-people UNDER DURESS.

(discussing weaponry in Vampire)

Damien: ...Do you have any silver bullets for this?
Mike: It's a .50 cal! You don't NEED silver bullets! You just shoot garou with it!

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My relationship with Pathfinder, and indeed the d20 System these days, is like a relationship with an old girlfriend.

You're happy to see she's doing well, and you have a lot of good memories, but at the same time, she's become something you fell out of love with, and you also know that there's a reason you two split up.

(For what it's worth, I do prefer D&D Fifth over Pathfinder; that said, I'd love for the group I play with to give Fantasy AGE a try, too!)

Liberty's Edge

Erik the Cleric: For the last time, Kate, yes, destroying the undead is a right and proper thing for Bahamut's Chosen to do, but you can't just keep doing that weird phrenology stuff on every one we destroy.

Katelyn the Kineticist: Well, I can't do it on this skeleton because you busted his skull into dust, but this ghost right here--

Erik: (sigh) She didn't have anything corporeal about her, Kate.

Liberty's Edge

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Freddy the Fighter: So, how does it look, Doc?
Katelyn the Kineticist: (phrenology) Well, you're a male half-orc, about nineteen years old... You seem like a pretty decent person, willing to do what it takes for you and your girlfriend to live decent lives. I think you're pretty good at being a fighter. It's hard to tell because you have all these funny lumps on your head.
Freddy: Isn't that because my brain helps shape my skull?
Rita the Rogue: No, Fred, it's because you don't wear a helmet. Ever.

Liberty's Edge

Legal trouble: The magus is definitely (and the ranger, possibly, depending on just how much the magus runs his mouth in the clink) in trouble, and should both pay a fine and replace Titus's door. If the magus has the campaign trait "Favored Son (Sheriff)" from the Advanced Player's Guide, now would be a REALLY good time to use that "once per play session get out of jail free card."

Plot trouble: If Titus is indeed behind the murders, congrats. Now Titus knows the party's on to him. Does he flee? Does he gun for the PCs? Does he try to pin the murders on them? Does he know a couple buddies in jail who might make the magus "disappear?"

Liberty's Edge

Well, I did stat up numans from up above =p

Palmans can use the same racial stats as humans, androids/CASTs can use the same stats as the androids from the Inner Sea Bestiary... not sure about dewmans, but only because I haven't played PSO2.

Liberty's Edge

This is... quite a bit late, actually. But still slightly relevant!

Just in case people want to play older/younger humans or numans, do this:

Humans in PSOfinder use the half-elf's aging track (considered an adult at 20, middle aged at 62, old age at 93, venerable at 125, can live for an additional 3d20 years after that) from the Core Rulebook. This is to signify advances in medical care from AW 2284 onward.

Numans in PSOfinder use the human's aging track (considered an adult at 15, middle aged at 35, old at 53, venerable at 70, can live for an additional 2d20 years after that) from the Core Rulebook.

Androids in PSOfinder use the elf's aging track, with one minor difference: Androids do not visibly age.

Liberty's Edge

38. Life of the party [Picture of a Cure Light Wounds potion] since 1974!

39. [Picture of the most stereotypical dwarven urgrosh wielder imaginable] AND MY AXE

Liberty's Edge

"Snorb" is derived from my last name, and is pretty much what my group of friends calls me in lieu of my actual name.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2

Okay, uh, LB... how's this for skills?

The Seiryuu System
Bar Trivia
Starship Recognition
Bounty Hunting

Kei's Description:

Kei is lithe, toned, and beautiful, despite the thousand-yard stare that sometimes forms in her eyes. She keeps her hair out to her elbows as a matter of personal preference (she says it reminds her of her mother.) Though she laughs and smiles and socializes with fellow bounty hunters, deep down she has morose feelings.

While on the ship, Kei wears a white tank top, a tanned leather vest, well-worn jeans and chaps, gunslinger's gloves, and knee-high boots. Off the ship, she adds her father's hat and her People's Army of Seiryuu greatcoat; the only remaining decoration being two stripes at each shoulder, indicating her former rank of captain.

Liberty's Edge

4. Your weapon sinks deep into your opponent's flesh. You are both considered to be grappling each other; you control the grapple so long as you are still holding your weapon. A DC 15 Strength check pulls the weapon out of your opponent.

5. (Slashing Weapons) Horizontal slash, neck level. YOU guess the result.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2

Is checking in to add to my My Campaigns tab! XD

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2

"Cargo trawlers?!"

Martine took the PADD from the ensign, looking down at it. She bit her lip in frustration as she read the manifest. "Thanks, Ensign... Landen to Captain Cahr. There's been a mix-up with Supply. Four crates of dilithium meant for the... Shooting Star found their way aboard. I they've got four of ours."

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2

Slightly worse example of the dual nature of Vulcans and emotions: Spock goes from "You're trying to provoke an emotional outburst from me" to "(SPOCK PROCEEDS TO BEAT THE LIVING S#@% OUT OF KIRK)" in Star Trek '09. =p

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2

WARNING: Stats for uber-continuity nerds. (Like me. XD)

In terms of just when we are, Star Trek: Generations hasn't happened yet- the Enterprise is still a Galaxy class, though I think work on the Sovereign class is nearing completion.

(The Enterprise E was launched in 2372/stardate 49827.5, according to Memory Alpha, was still around as of 2387 in Star Trek '09, and ultimately wimped apart destroyed by the Undine/Species 8472 in 2408.)

The Intrepid class is also Starfleet's fresh and new science vessel hotness, because Voyager's maiden voyage was in 2371/stardate 48315.6. Of course, we all know what happened to that...

Also, the Nova class (the USS Equinox among others) is also a contemporary vessel.

(sighs, should really open up that Star Trek d20-lite game I was working on one day and actually stat out the Sovereign, Intrepid, Defiant, Nova, Akira, Steamrunner, and Saber class... along with the Excelsior and Miranda classes that Starfleet insists on keeping around a century later because props and CGI models are expensive if they ain't broken don't fix 'em. =p)

Liberty's Edge

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See, I parsed the thread's title wrong. Now I'm disappointed.

Freddy the Fighter: ...You trained the dog.
Erik the Cleric: Yes. Yes I did.
Freddy: You trained the dog how to be a paladin.
Paladog: Bark.
Rita the Rogue: He can't even speak Common, how's he supposed to pray to the Dragon?
Erik: He can find his way. Can't you, boy? :D
Paladog: Bark.
Freddy: How can he even use that smite evil thing paladins can do, anyway?
Paladog: Bark bark! (bites Freddy exactly where you'd expect him to)

Liberty's Edge

I'm in it as well!

Liberty's Edge

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Male Human Smart 2

Huzzah, I finally posted!

(And yes, Martine enjoys her Starfleet nostalgia.)

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2

I'll post when I get home. And I still owe Kasia a PM, too. Both! =D

Liberty's Edge

Yon Classes Of Istoria

Alchemist - Somebody has to be making all those potions, after all!

Arcanist - What can I say, I think this was a great class. Too bad I never play the arcane caster.

Brawler - When you wanna just punch someone in the mouth as hard as you can.

Fighter (with Combat Stamina) - It's as close to MP as you're gonna get for martials Pathfinder.

Inquisitor - The last one of these I played was literally an unkillable juggernaut. Besides, I like the inquisitor's spellcasting and abilities better than the cleric's. (But I'm lazy.)

Kineticist - You too can be a wannabe Super Sayajin or Sailor Guardian or have a STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND or ninjutsu that they explain in every detail in every episode of Naruto because the writers think you're stupid.

Magus - This is because it can channel magic through a sword like Final Fantasy V's mystic knight. Mystic knights are awesome. Magi are awesome.

Mesmerist - Good tricks for great friends! XD

Paladin - In a realm where an adventuring party is expected to be champions against evil, you are THE champion against evil.

Sorcerer - So your great-great-great-(.....)-grandmother was promised to a dragon's harem, or something. You get to reap all the benefits!

Unchained Rogue - This rogue's sooooo much better than the actual rogue.

Martial: Brawler, fighter+, rogue+
Arcane: Arcanist, magus, sorcerer
Divine: Inquisitor, paladin
Psychic: Kineticist, mesmerist
Alchemic: Alchemist

& Races of Istoria

Humans - .....You know what humans are.

Dwarves - Short, fat, really drunk, have beards woven into intricate braids that (they say) tell their family's history, really good with axes and spears and crossbows. You know these too.

Elves - Taller than humans, really good with bows. Come in three varities, each more or less have the same game stats: Summer elves (ye standard slightly xenophobic high elf), autumn elves (yer less xenophobic actually kinda friendly wood elf), and winter elves (the elves everybody else hates, except in the north pole, these elves actually have the same pale skin tone as the other elves. Otherwise, they're dark elves.) Humans are the spring elves. But neither racial group knows that.

Goblins - Short, stupid, green-skinned, illiterate, can eat anything, are sexually attracted to fire, worship "The Dark One," which is a twelve foot tall man made entirely out of fire, have no words for "victory" or "win" in the Goblin language (the closest they can get is "not-lose.")

Tieflings - Human-sized, horned heads, tolerant of fire, descended from demons. (allegedly.)

Catfolk - More common in the western nations of Seigyoku and Xianghua, they're agile, really good with combat claws, and resemble your typical anime catboy/girl. (And not the one from the Advanced Race Guide. Good grief.)

Sylphs - Tall, thin, willowy, they might be a little more attuned to psychic energies than other races on Istoria. (They have pointy ears like elves, except elf ears stick out to the side like anime elf ears. Sylph ears go up a bit like Leonard Nimoy's Zachary Quinto's. Yes, my homebrew world's a bit anime-inspired. Shush.)

Liberty's Edge

Hmm. I'm not 100% sure that'll work- PSO's stats might not correspond 1:1 to PRPG's six stats.

Liberty's Edge

Since I've got this open, I might as well add...

Ever since the destruction of the Profound Darkness over eight centuries ago, Palmans have, more than ever, become the dominant life form in the Algo Star System. Since then, old technologies have been rediscovered, new technologies have been created, and space travel, once banned under the rule of Mother Brain, has been reintroduced. But will this lead to Algo's second golden age... or its second dark age?

Palmans follow the same rules as human characters do in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.

(no flavor text for androids, but they have the same stats as they do in the Inner Sea Bestiary.)

Liberty's Edge

(resets table) (picks up minifigures, rulebooks, Kindle Fire, character sheets, dice, and other ruined gaming supplies from among the spilled Cherry Pepsi)


Liberty's Edge

You know, I tried working on a Phantasy Star roleplaying game based on Saga Edition a couple years ago. That might be up your alley, actually. (It was based on the Classic Series instead of the Online Series, but the same stuff shows up in both series; besides, I'm of the opinion that PSOnline takes place 800 years after PSIV anyway.)

Anyway, this is what I (and a couple other people on the Phantasy Star Cave message board, and the Fringes of Algo message board) came up with for numans:

Sometimes called beastmen, sometimes called Homo novus, numans have an unusual heritage that traces back to the Great Collapse. Though the original prototypes suffered from accelerated aging and premature death, advances in genetic engineering in AW 2284 and AW 2750 have stabilized the numan genome, allowing them to live almost as long as a Palman.

Numans have the following species traits:

  • +2 Dexterity and Intelligence, -2 Wisdom. Numans are agile and, due to their history as genetically modified humanoids, excel at certain mental attributes. However, this genetic modification typically resulted in a sheltered existence.
  • Medium Size: As Medium creatures, numans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Numan base land speed is 30' (6 squares).
  • Low-Light Vision: Numans can see twice as far as Palmans in low light.
  • Knowledge Base: Numans have a +1 species bonus to two Knowledge skills of their choice. They may reroll any Knowledge checks involving those two Knowledge skills. The new result is final, even if it's worse.
  • Automatic Languages: Numans can speak English.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Campaign idea:

The king has been kidnapped by NINJAS.

Are your party members bad enough dudes to rescue the king?

Liberty's Edge

43. Really Tiny Hut: Creates a 20" sphere, but otherwise functions as Tiny Hut.

44. Spell "Turning:" For the duration of this spell's effect, whenever someone casts a spell on you, you hear "Turning. T-U-R-N-I-N-G. Turning."+

45. Cloud, Kill: Summons Cloud Strife to kill everything within 30' of you. (This, obviously, includes you!!)

46. Cloud Kill: Kills Cloud Strife, and makes Tifa and Aeris very sad. You jerk.

47. Shout, Shout: Let it all out. These are the things I could do without. C'mon, I'm talking to you.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also predating every anime ever:

Tarzan, John Carter, Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering, Flash Gordon, Doc Savage, the Lone Ranger, the Green Hornet, Sherlock Holmes, Pierre Arronax, Phileas Fogg... all would be good non-caster characters. =p

Liberty's Edge

Seranov wrote:
Snorb wrote:
But... but I like anime ;_;
I do, too, Snorb. What shows are you watching this season?

None, actually. I've been trying to catch up on Golgo 13, and I gave up 11 episodes into Sailor Moon Crystal. I should go back into my Hulu account and go check out what I've been missing.

...When I'm not working on Open Skies.

...Or figuring out how to make Cress Albane's sword techs into PRPG fighter abilities.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

But... but I like anime ;_;

Liberty's Edge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

...Actually, are you even able to cast a spell with a verbal component in an airless box?

EDIT: Actually, scratch that. Air Bubble's somatic and material/divine focus, so no need to try and choke out "Sebrus cass, sebrus bass, Air Bubble come save my ass" in a total vacuum. ^_^x


Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Disclaimer: My favorite classes are, in order, fighter, cleric, magus, and alchemist, so my opinion might be a bit all over the place here.

Snorb's Perceived Experience: Like I said, my favorite class is the plain old honest-to-Bahamut fighter. What can a fighter do? The fighter can beat the skeleton out of some poor guy's skin with a greatclub. He can effortlessly[1] cleave the head off a blue dragon with a kukri. He can take a bow and fire it through an orc's eye, sinking that arrow all the way up to the fletching. He can wear armor that weighs more than your average halfling, strap a shield about the size of my bedroom door onto his left forearm, and wade into battle.

He can not fire beams of energy from his sword that ride the ground like a bulette. He cannot stare down a dragon without flinching, unlike the paladin or his halfling friend[2]. He cannot touch the injured and soothe their wounds. He does not have an animal who accompanies him on his adventures and travels. He cannot throw unerring missiles of pure force[3] that bypass illusory effects. He cannot craft magical items to increase his or his companions' abilities. He cannot fly. He cannot bypass the effects of armor and shields as the wizard can.

What the fighter does get, however, are some very good things (plus Combat Expertise.) He gets Power Attack, yes. He can get Jabbing Style or Pummeling Style[4]. He can specialize in specific weapons. The problem here, however, is this: Most of the nice things a fighter can get don't dovetail with each other. He cannot use Pummeling Style and Jabbing Style at the same time, as Battletoads-esque as that would be. Even if he got all the "add this effect to a critical hit" feats, our fighter can only apply one[5] critical feat to his critical hit, and even then a critical hit isn't as reliable as the fighter would like it.

What Viewers Like You Could Do to Help: Make the fighter great! Create ways to make the fighter less magically-dependent! Make a fighter who can hurl a greatsword fifty feet and nail a stone giant through his helmet's eye slot! Make a fighter who can turn into a blood-soaked tornado of painful red death like some kind of gore-soaked Taz in plate mail!

[1]"Effortlessly" meaning "with at least a +1 on that thing."
[2]Let's face it, Bravery is unhelpful, compared to the paladin's fear immunity. (On the other hand, halfling fighter gets at least +4 vs. fear effects... this warrants further research at the table.)
[3]I'm all for thematically reflavoring spells. I had an arcanist whose Magic Missile spell resembled blue-glowing shuriken.
[4]Before it got clarified to unarmed attacks only, anyway.
[5]Two, actually; I'm considering Critical Mastery as one of those feats.

Liberty's Edge

Fighters really do need something like the 5e self-heal, or the 4e marking, or combat abilities that let them fight like the main character from every Tales of game.

......I don't actually believe the last one; I'm just responding so something other than that thrice-damned Korean online casino BS shows up when I hop here from the SRD.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2

All right, Kasia. I'll send you a PM later tonight.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Smart 2


Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

111: A massive poster detailing the complete anatomy of a great wyrm red dragon.

112: An abstract clockwork device depicting the worlds in the solar system: Surl, The Heat-Scarred; Miria, the Wind Dancer; Istoria and her twin moons, Tana and Sheeda; Saber, the Blood Brother; Siegmund, the Emperor (a gas giant); Sieglinde, the Empress (also a gas giant); and a gray planet only known as "the Stillborn."

113: A poster of a black-haired succubus. She is wearing nothing but blood red lipstick, mithril heels, and a +6 tiara of alluring charisma. Written on the corner of the poster is a declaration of love and devotion in Abyssal, next to a perfect lipstick imprint.

114. A hand-written chart of the letters (or most common phonemes) in Common, Elven, Dwarven, Goblin (with the note "best guess"), Draconic, and several other languages.

115. A mortar and pestle; next to that, a small brazier with a good supply of charcoal, all set on the wizard's workbench.

116. Carefully-sealed jars of colored powders, ranging the gamut from mandrake root essence to saffron to ground toadstool.

117. Shelves lined with bottles filled with various fluids: Mint oil, virgin's blood, holy water, thrice-boiled licorice root, &c.

118. In the corner, set in the floor, a nine foot pentagram made from cast silver. It is engraved with various arcane runes.

119. Various base materials for creating staffs: a six-foot tall piece of rose quartz (for Staffs of Healing), a perfectly cylindrical granite shaft (for Staffs of Earth and Mud), and so on.

120: A small metal box with a glass pane clearly marked "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass." Inside the box is a Scroll of Greater Teleport.

121: A corn-husk broom that, when talked to, can only say, "Swish-swish, swish-swish aree! A magical spell to help you see! Nuttob B, tceles! Swish-swish-aroo!" (Or "Flipper over, flip flip! Elcric d'na, trats!" depending on who you ask.)

Liberty's Edge

Lieutenant Martine Landen, reporting for duty!

(Pretend that's a lieutenant pip. Also pretend that she's wearing a TNG uniform, not an Odyssey uniform. The initial chargen in STO is rather... limited. =p)

Liberty's Edge

Hama, I'll have a picture and a name up tomorrow!

Liberty's Edge

I was going to say, Where No Man Has Gone Before is a very rules-lite d20 version of Star Trek (and certainly much better than Decipher's Star Trek game) and you can drop the silly bits from that if you want to use a system and rules!

Anyway, I'll get a picture of my character when I get home from errands/Giantslayer later today! ^_^ (does not have to pay for the First Contact uniform in STO, but does prefer Starfleet Sierra-3... =p)

Liberty's Edge

"Whaddya mean, 'Paladin of Tiamat!?'"

Liberty's Edge

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Y'know, I'll go engineering chief. Time for the gold shirt! XD

Liberty's Edge

Grey Lensman: There's a five-level playtest for the mystic on the Wizards website (in the Unearthed Arcana section.) ...Why is it the first new class in an edition is usually the psionic stuff? =p

MPL: The fighter is most definitely not useless, as my fifth-level "can attack twice in a round, or four times in a round once per encounter" wood elf archer fighter can attest to. =p

Liberty's Edge

He has to bring his hands back and shout "Kame-hame-hame-hame..." as he does it. He must.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Erik the Cleric: So... About this vigilante schtick of yours. What's your alignment?

Sir Reginald von Milquetoaste, He of the Battle-Yellowed Pantaloons: Lawful Good, why?

Freddy the Fighter: What about your vigilante identity?

Sir Reginald: RONALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD JUSTICE's alignment is Chaotic Neutral! Why do you ask?

Rita the Rogue: Yeah, um... Lawful Good people don't do the stuff Ronald Justice does.

Freddy: You crucified a dog, man.

Erik: You made a guy cut off his own leg and then you beat him to death with it.

Rita: You stole all the gold from the bad guys and spent it at the whorehouse.

Amy the Alchemist: You blew up the entire Underdark.

Freddy: You sold the bad guys' families into slavery.

Rita: You chained an antipaladin up in a galleon's cargo hold, armor and all, capsized it, then sank it in the middle of the Northern Ocean.

Sir Reginald: No, that was RONALLLLLLLLLLLLD JUSTICE who did all that, not poor mere meek Sir Reginald von Milquetoast...

Rita: ....You know we know Ronald Justice is just you with a Red Mage hat and a Blue Mage domino mask and cape, right?

Liberty's Edge

Petty Alchemy wrote:
Snorb wrote:
Nothing's going to keep you down.

You're the best around.


There's Godless Healing and it's about as weak your iteration of the feat. I really like the things Rogue and Fighter got in 5e (Rogue Time and Fighter Time, as I've referred to them previously). If you want to add in Healing Surge, I think you should do it full throttle. It's basically a reflavored self only lay on hands.

It has to be a swift or immediate action, or else it takes too long. If it's a standard action, it has to be a big heal, because you're basically giving your opponents an extra turn to destroy you.

So in summary, things I would like (in the constraints of non-wuxia):
Bonus actions, super luck, immediate actions.

Swift/immediate actions are overly utilized on some classes, while other classes never have any use for them. Which is a real shame I think.

You could have waited for me to edit in the Improved/Greater Second Wind feats! =p

In fairness, Saga Edition's second wind is "Okay, half your health. Heal it back up." and Fifth's is "1d10 + your fighter level, heal that up." I'm not good at game balance... ;_;

Liberty's Edge

DM_Blake wrote:
Snorb wrote:
I just want my fighter to have a self-heal, that's all ;_;

Not fair to only give that to fighters - that would open up questions about why can the fighter heal but the rogue cannot, or the wizard cannot.

But what about something like this:

Every character gets Fast Healing X, where X = BAB/5.

(or for those who don't like math, X is always equal to the number of iterative attacks you're allowed).

This way everyone gets it, even the top-tier classes, but they get less of it. It removes the necessity of a Healbot (I know, not exactly a necessity but many groups think it is, now they won't) but it doesn't remove the necessity of a condition-removal-bot.

To me that feels too fast. I wouldn't want it to actually be much of a factor in combat. So maybe divide it by 10, so X = BAB/50. This way a 1st level fighter (or 2nd level rogue, etc.) would gain 1 HP every 50 rounds (5 minutes). He could fully heal in about an hour, which has the added benefit of slowing down the adventuring day (prolonging it past 15 minutes).

The answer to the first question would be "Because that's how Fifth Edition did it, and Snorb really likes Fifth Edition." =p

Okay, here we go. Here's my proposed solution to this whole affair, because I also liked Saga Edition and think unlimited fast healing X would be a bit too much.

Second Wind: As a standard action, you can roll a die equal to your class's Hit Die and add your Constitution modifier. You immediately recover that many hit points. (If you are a multiclass character, use the larger Hit Die. For example, a fighter/rogue would roll a d10, while an alchemist/wizard would roll a d8.) You can do this once per day.

Extra Second Wind
You just don't know when to quit.
Benefit: You can catch your second wind an additional time per day, but only once per encounter.
Special: You can take this feat more than once. Each time you do, you can catch your second wind an additional time per day (but still only once per encounter.)

Shrug It Off
Nothing's going to keep you down.
Benefit: Whenever you catch your second wind, you gain a new save against any disease or poison currently affecting you, or any effect that would be reduced or negated with a successful Fortitude save.

Improved Second Wind
You can take punishment more easily than others.
Benefit: Whenever you catch your second wind, roll a d6 in addition to the die you would normally roll for your second wind. Add the d6's result to your recovered hit points.

Greater Second Wind
You shrug off injury like an old overcoat.
Prerequisite: Improved Second Wind
Benefit: Whenever you catch your second wind, add half your Constitution score to the total hit points recovered.

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