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Smokey Bogwash's page

49 posts. Alias of Tarren Dei (RPG Superstar 2009 Top 8).

Full Name

Smokey Bogwash


Gnome -- now screw off!


Cleric 3 / Rogue 3


Mind your own business


Bloody Enormous, wanna see?




Chaotic Neutral


The Great Mother of All -- the Pregnant Sow who Copulates with the Very Universe and Slurts Out All Creation From Her Cavernous Womb

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 19
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 9

About Smokey Bogwash

Languages: Common, Gnome, Goblin, Burrowing Mammal


"Yeah, I can talk to squirrels. You know the problem with being able to talk to squirrels? The skittery little things have nothing to say ... it's all 'me, me, me' and 'have you seen my nuts', 'do you wanna see my nuts?'"

HP 48, AC xxx (xxxx +xxxx, xxx +xxx, Dex +1, Size +1) (+4 to AC vs. giant types)
Fort +10, Ref +5, Will +7
Init +1

Melee Falchion +5 (1d6+0)
Range Dagger +6 (1d3+0)
(includes +1 to Attack Rolls due to size)
(+1 attacks vs. kobolds and goblinoids)

Spells memorized
Zero level (4)
Create Water: Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water.
Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or object.
Guidance: +1 on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Inflict Minor Wounds: Touch attack, 1 point of damage.

First level (3)
Bane: Enemies take -1 on attack rolls and saves against fear.
Cause Fear: One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.
Inflict Light Wounds: Touch deals 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).

Second level (2)
Enthrall: Captivates all within 100 ft. + 10 ft./level.
Inflict Moderate Wounds: Touch attack, 2d8 damage +1/level (max +10)

Domain spells memorized (madness domain)
1st: Lesser confusion
2nd: Touch of madness

+3 Balance (+1 Dex, +2 Ranks)
+5 Bluff (-1 Cha, +6 Ranks)
+5 Concentration (+4 Con, +1 Ranks),
+9 Craft (alchemy) (+1 Int, +6 Ranks, +2 Gnome),
+7 Diplomacy: (-1 Cha, +8 Ranks)
+8 Disable Device (+1 Int, +5 Ranks, +2 Feat)
+3 Heal (+3 Wis, +0 Ranks),
+9 Hide (+1 Dex, +4 Gnome, +4 Ranks)
+2 Knowledge (arcana) (+1 Int, +1 Ranks),
+2 Knowledge (history) (+1 Int, +1 Ranks),
+2 Knowledge (religion) (+1 Int, +1 Ranks),
+2 Knowledge (the planes) (+1 Int, +1 Ranks),
+9 Listen (+3 Wis, +2 Gnome, +4 Ranks)
+6 Move Silently (+1 Dex, +5 Ranks)
+9 Open Lock (+1 Dex, +6 Ranks, +2 Feat)
+7 Search (+1 Int, +6 Ranks)
+7 Sleight of Hand (+1 Dex, +6 Ranks)


  • Greater Fortitude (+2 fort)
  • Brew Potion
  • Nimble Fingers


  • once/day dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, (DC10)
  • +4 Size bonus to hide
  • Low-light vision
  • +2 save vs. illusions
  • +1 DC to saves on illusion spells cast by gnomes
  • +1 attacks vs. kobolds and goblinoids
  • +4 to AC vs. giant types

    Common, Gnome, Goblin, Burrowing Mammal


  • trapfinding
  • Evasion
  • Sneak attack +2d6
  • trap sense +1
  • rebuke undead 2/day



    xxx cp, xxx sp, xxx gp

    Initial Reactions to Fellow PC's



    Smokey Bogwash doesn't remember much before the nightmares began and most of what he does remember is a blur of disconcertingly happy images. He is certain that he was happy once before 'she' came.

    'She' is the one he sees at night. The goddess with the many-chambered womb ... the 'Mother-of-all' ... the 'Slut-Who-Copulates-With-The-Night'. These are the names he uses to describe the goddess who visits and tortures him, explaining and demanding nothing.

    Since the nightmares began, Smokey Bogwash has lived on the outskirts of civilization stealing to survive. He used to pray that the goddess would mercifully kill him until his prayers were answered with torturous visions of his own death followed by visions of him being birthed through a narrow tunnel of slimy grasping and clawing hands. This he recognized as a promise from his goddess 'If you take your own life, your rebirth will be hellish!'.



    What Smokey doesn't know is that the goddess he prays to is Lamashtu. Being a solitary and quite insane creature he hasn't come across anyone who can explain the horrible nightmares and make the connections for him. Why is Lamashtu torturing him? Because she's Lamashtu.

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