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Mask Golem

Smashtag's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 38 posts (260 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 6 aliases.


dotting; shall post character soon.

Samara No'lien wrote:


"We are sometimes having difficulty expressing ourselves. We can protect you, that is a thing that we are much much better at than expressing ourselves... Much much much better. But it would help us very much to know who would do us harm. And harm is not what we wish for you."

Madame Solstdat sniffs and wipes her face before picking up the gold coins Mai threw at her, then looks at Samara pleadingly.

"So, you people didn't mean to scare me half to death and nearly burn down my shop? What happens to people who you actually are attacking?"

She stands up, looking around at the group.

"Listen, I didn't tell you this, okay? Nia told me she'd kill me if I said anything, and even though she was always nice to me before, I believed her,because she always seemed kind of… weird, disturbing. I don't know what she wanted with you folks, honest!"

She eyes the back door, sidling away from it as she speaks.

"She's a sorceress, and she's always dressed in the finest dresses. Blonde, very pretty. Also, she's got six fingers on each hand, so she's not hard to miss if you run into her again."

She then wrings her hands, looking suddenly panicked.

"Oh no! Do you think she'll come back? Ohhhh! What should I do now?"

Jace Mercier wrote:
"Did an acquaintance of mine come in here? Just before us?"

"Why, no, m'lord, no-one has graced me for hours until your company arrived," Madame Solstdat says as she follows Jace and Mai back into the shop. "Good! Now that we are out of that filthy alley, let me show you some of the finest . . ."

Corbyn Osric wrote:

Corbyn pokes his head in the shops door:

"I think it's time we leave comrades, I don't like the people in this area."
Corbyn draws his Bastard Sword and rests it comfortably in front of him.
Intimidate: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

The shopkeeper squeals and falls to her knees when she spies the looming half-orc.

"No, m'lords, m'ladies, please! She TOLD me she'd kill me if I said anything! Please! It's not my fault! I didn't do anything!" she blubbers, obviously terrified.

The agitated woman follows Mai out into the alley, still trying to herd her back into the store. "Oh no, miss, you're going to ruin your fine robe being out here in this filthy alley! Please, don't you speak Common? Come on back in; I shall make some tea for you and your friends while you look at my cloth!"

However, there isn't anything out of the ordinary in this alley.

Mai: Sense Motive DC10:


The woman is quite obviously more concerned about getting you out of the alley and back into the store than anything else.

Mai: Sense Motive DC15:


She is acting as if under some sort of strange influence.

Jace Mercier wrote:
Perception 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14


Other than not being very well kept, there doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary in this store.

Corbyn Osric wrote:
Perception 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14


As your fellow Pathfinders move into the store in the company of the shopkeeper, you see a figure with a disturbing air about it emerge quickly from the end of the alley, looking behind itself, before disappearing rapidly down another side street, merging with the crowd of shoppers.

Cassie DuSollier wrote:

I am her once again. And hopefully I may become a bit more stable this time.

Oh.... should I change my avatar once more?

And confuse your GM?

Preordered. Showed the picture of the cover to my pathfinders. Now they're maintaining a countdown to November. :)

Seriously, good job guys!

Well, most of us are friendly.
watches Treppa and DSX suspiciously

Treppa wrote:
Smashtag wrote:
Treppa wrote:

Current Roster: GM + 9

Ioimprevisto (GM): MCP
DougFungus: TBD
Smashtag: harr.e.hunter
Eragar: TBD
Meowselsworth: Meowselsworth
Mahorfeus: Answerer
DSXMachina: Uriel Phoenix
Treppa: IEFBR14
Xzaral: TBD
Bombadil: Java App

You forgot Eldon. :)
I used his 'real name', Xzaral, not the alias. :/

I just noticed that and was going for the edit button when you called me on it, Speedy!

Treppa wrote:

Current Roster: GM + 9

Ioimprevisto (GM): MCP
DougFungus: TBD
Smashtag: harr.e.hunter
Eragar: TBD
Meowselsworth: Meowselsworth
Mahorfeus: Answerer
DSXMachina: Uriel Phoenix
Treppa: IEFBR14
Xzaral: TBD
Bombadil: Java App

You forgot Eldon. :)

Rashida Massri wrote:
Yes, but he went out on his own terms. Very noble for an evil construct.

Speaking of which, if you and DSX don't hurry up and get character concepts posted in Master Control's thread, I will haunt both of you equally and opportunistically!

taig wrote:
You should post in here more often. :D

Only when horrible disasters happen. Give me... five minutes.

Treppa wrote:
Ohnoes! Happy Recovery?

So far, everyone I've showed the hard drive to has just burst into laughter, so I'm assuming not so much. :D

Freehold DM wrote:
Smashtag, I'm sorry you had a horrible day, but that was one of the funniest stories I've read in some time. Welcome, chummer.

Thanks! It was just too amusing to sit on and not share! (Also, horrible week, seeing as I'm still at the store handwriting everything!)

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I don't post in FAWTL, but if I did, it would look something like this:

[flashback]Two years ago:

Smashtag's company: "Hey Smashtag, you're an awesome employee. We want you to go run our satellite store in a different city."

Smashtag: "Super cool! I'ma make it shine! One concern though. The store operations server is in a closet. Literally, a closet."

Company: "Don't worry about it." [/flashback]

Fast forward to last Wednesday:

Smashtag: "Doo-dee-doo, going to work, openin' mah store, gonna sell some stuff and make lots o money! Oh hey, 'database connection lost'. Well, lemme go reboot the server!"


Smashtag: "Oh crap! Well, good thing we were backing up all the data to this OTHER hard drive!"

OTHER Hard Drive: "Tee-hee! I'm blank!"

Smashtag: "Oh crap! Well, good thing we can re-mount the platters and hopefully recover my database from them!"

Ruined Hard Drive: "I'm more warped than Paizo's customer service department!" Seriously, this thing overheated so bad that the entire case had about a 5-degree angle.

Smashtag: *mikedrop, peaceout*

7 people marked this as a favorite.
Cornielius wrote:
DSXMachina wrote:

Kajehase wrote:

Treppa wrote:
Nekkid cosplay? What's the point?
Must be a Heinlein character.
Rofl. Briiliant

Late Heinlein only. In early books, he was more calm and kid friendly.

And on another note: I take a weeks vacation and come back to more tham 2500 posts?? No way in hell I'm reading all that.

Hey, I don't even post in FAWTL and I still read the whole thread. Man up!

.enabler_ is actually pretty powerful because it makes Sura/Meowselsworth (worst worst case) or Gigus/Rashida (best worst case) impossible. Your specials automatically have a network started that they can trust. Also, the scanners don't have to hit the special itself; they can hit the scanner OR the enabler. This is all balanced by the viruses being able to disable the special by hitting either it or the enabler. So yeah, I totally dig enabler and think it's not powerless at all. Plus, RP! Whoo!

So, assuming you decided to go with all special roles and that we have 16 players again, what would the breakdown look like?

3 debuggers, networked
2 reverse engineers
2 backups
4 enablers, networked with their respective programs
1 whitehat


2 proxies
1 obfuscated
1 blackhat

That is a LOT of networking for the good guys right off the bat. I'd almost say have the bad guys networked from the beginning too, especially since that makes vote records even more of a diagnostic tool, thus putting the in-thread voting in the primary position you want it in.

I just gave up and started solely rp'ng when I realized the head wasn't playing on my team.

I tried like heck to keep you four from networking, darn it, and knew I was hosed when you all hit the alcove. Boo! ;-)

You know, with all the roles you're envisioning, this could easily end up being a game with no 'vanilla' programs, which 1. could be super awesome for the players because everyone's got something neat to do and 2. take care of Treppa's concern that the vanillapps would be left with no source of info.

In that scenario, it would make sense for the enablers to be networked with the program they enable from the start, as they would be the closest thing to un-powered out there.

Also, don't mind me. Today's super slow at work so I'm babbling.

Treppa wrote:
If no roles are announced at death, how will non-investigative apps acquire any information at all?

Decompiler would be key under this scenario. I Win button is getting it investigated and brought into the debugging network.

To clarify, decompiler's going to have to publicly announce results for non-investigative apps to get much info, meaning it's going to have to have been proven reliable and protected.

So, we wouldn't know what roles were actually included, AND we wouldn't know roles upon death?

Smashie likey!

Just as a general note, whether or not the game 'turned wrong', this was still absolutely the most fun I've ever had in a mafia game. :)

I'm pretty much of the opinion that Lover and Head shouldn't be in the same game. Granted, it's up to chance for the Head to be a Lover, but as we've seen, it's game-breaking when it happens. Without the Head, I actually kind of like the Lover role, as it introduces a third faction and another layer of uncertainty to the game.

I don't think lover/binary needs to go. It's an interesting role, especially in a game that prohibits private soft networking. It's really only imbalanced in one specific case.

Will the enablers and their respective programs start the game knowing each others' identities and able to communicate privately? Also, will the forensics suite be able to determine specific questions (I.E. "did player so-and-so lie about being an enabler?" "Yes, so-and-so lied about being an enabler.")? Alsoalso, dot.

The Master Control Program wrote:
Another notable difference is that when a player is eliminated their role is not automatically revealed.


Reads like the debugger gets one scan which is voted on, meaning the virii have to kill multiple networked-from-the-beginning individuals to fully get rid of the scan. So, I'd say that balances out .obfuscated pretty well.

Also, I suddenly really want to replay the .hack games. So, if I don't make it into the next game, y'all will know where I be. :)

Welcome back!

Now go catch up and make post and good luck, because the plot got so thick it went non-Newtonian like 150 posts ago.

And I believe her particular 'raound hyar' was 'Missoura'. Yeah, that's right, St. Louis. I couldn't remember if she was SL or KC.

Mrs. Smashtag made me read some of the Anita Blakes and Merry Gentrys.

I was disturbed, confused, vaguely -- well, you get the picture. :-P

Mr. Smashtag no readie those kinds of books no more.

I, Robot isn't particularly similar to the book, but it's a darn good movie nonetheless. Funnily enough, I didn't even think of I, Robot or Blade Runner when developing Gigus. I was mostly aiming at a high-tech Frankie's Monster or golem.

I'll have to check Tanith Lee out.

Your death speech from the mutant game was my inspiration, obviously. :)

In a top hat and coat tails, singing "Puttin' on the Ritz', of course.

Well, if you don't mind robbing graves for body parts and installing an AI in them as part of a sick joke. :-P I might suggest a nice body for him next time; maybe he'll be less grumpy then!

I vote for retcon and Taraz' PM going in while we still have time to modify posts. :) I understand the point that votes should go in early, lesson learned, but at the same time we're all here to have fun and feeling like you have to camp your computer or die by time zone isn't fun.

Besides, the game's pretty well wrapped anyway, so Taraz' death really doesn't do anything but provide some Break the Cutie drama.

Edit: I like Cassie's idea below.

Ooh, a defrag routine AI, but Noir fluff, so its job to clean up the Frags in the style of a jaded, semi-corrupt beat cop. You can't spend all your time in the Frags without becoming a bit fragged yourself, right?

*gets to work on that*

Rashida Massri wrote:

So... many... posts...

I'm accustomed to FAWTL-velocity posting; however, the posts here have content and reasoning and must be read carefully. It's completely different.

Yeah, last night was insane, since Von Zombi's posts take a bit to compose, especially the off the deep end ones.

Holy crap. I just broke 100 posts, and this is literally all I have done on these boards. Apparently I need more things to do at work.

*looks at the pile of paperwork on his desk*


DougFungus's Murder Mystery Tour! The Mafia game where instead of last-minute vote shenanigans, we have last-minute pun shenanigans!

I don't think there's much more that we can do until the first hour elapses, honestly.

Welcome to the already-slightly-crazy party. :)

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