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Tayacet Tiora

Slothsy's page

RPG Superstar 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond West. 1,668 posts (2,575 including aliases). 124 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 24 Pathfinder Society characters. 11 aliases.

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This is a solid product that I would recommend to most people who play in Golarion to pick up. I'd also recommend that people who don't play in Golarion but want rules materials for joining organizations and unlocking unique rules content to look into.

The Good: The organizations feel distinct. There's a good amount of information so that way players can understand exactly how those characters function. The crunch is solid, the supporting text is excellent, and I find it a great inclusion to my gaming tools. In particular, I like how there's members of each organization presented at the beginning of each chapter. I also really like how the book differentiates between rules available at different levels of affiliation; it lets me have an idea of "this is a unique fighting style to this org" versus "they just specialize in it, but other people use that fighting style as well".

The Okay: There is a good amount of reprints, but it's all reprints that make sense. I'm happy that First Aid Gloves made it to the hardcover line. A few things did get edits during reprinting; most of those edits made a lot of sense! I'd estimate that the amount of reprints in this book is less than 1/3rd of the total word count.

The Ugly: The AP spoilers are really, really rough. The Lantern Bearers' chapter in particular gives my pause. I'm currently running Second Darkness and I essentially can't point my players to that chapter. This is particularly rough given that players would have a good reason to be a lantern bearer in that AP.

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This series is amazing. It has great stakes, great npcs and seriously fun mechanics. 10/10 will play again.

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This is one of my favorite modules. I played through this one instead of GMing it. It really does fit the niche of "three separate but connected adventures". Having played all three parts, the third chapter is by far the best with a thematic and creepy trek into an abandoned mansion. It genuinely lead to several moments at the table where all of the players were creeped out - and that's not an easy thing to do with this group. I highly recommend this module.

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Beautifully Horrific


(My previous review disappeared, sadly, so let's try this again).

As someone who loves GMing high-level adventures and who loves horror-themed games, this was right up my alley. This scenario had great environmental setting (especially with the mechanical penalties have brought everything home and interacted well with the other encounters) and one of my new favorite NPCs. I greatly enjoyed the characterization of the final npc and how she could go toe-to-toe with the most sarcastic member of my party. When the scenario scripts me to clap mockingly at my players, I'm all for it (in the most respectful manner, of course).

The combat encounters were well-placed and appropriate for seekers.

Some Details:
In particular, the fight with the qippolith had appropriate consequences. They opted to rest for an hour after fight, which meant that Kramalog was dead before they got to her (they also opted to fully research the two libraries). Its ability to do ability score drain, again, lead to lasting wounds and made the players more cautious as they went through the adventure.

Likewise, the God Fount encounter terrified them. One of my players brought out his earthbreaker as soon as he saw the ooze and then became very concerned when it split. However, my party discovered its cold vulnerability early on and was able to take out the ooze by burning through all of their cold spells.

All in all, I had run everyone out of the majority of their spells by the time the scenario ended, and several players burnt through wands. They definitely were challenged and felt the need to up their game, which is all I ever ask for.

A Few Quibbles:
My players were very disappointed at how the shadowbound corruption boon was handled. Mostly, they were disappointed that only the primary researcher was permitted the ability to get the boon, especially since the research rules means that only one person gets to be the primary researcher, especially since that person is normally decided by who has the biggest bonus. They did not mind the cryptic offer, however. Perhaps, in the future, everyone participating in research can receive the offer, or something similar.

Second, the God Fount tactics do not take into account what happens if no one is walking down the platform. My party literally all opted to fly down there, which meant I got to do on-the-fly adjustments. I like that, but I also want high level play to take into account all the abilities and options that players have and really make them have to use the tools at their disposal.

Finally, the venture captain duties felt more tacked on in this scenario. While it made sense to send the PCs to the Uskwood and the plantation, it also felt less like they had a team on hand. My player did bring the Axe Fixers with them to the Wingless Rock, which did feel more like what I loved about how the duties were presented in the first part of the series. The incorporation in this was okay, but definitely felt tacked on.

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