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Goblin Squad Member. 1,773 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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ShadowFighter88 wrote:
Slaunyeh wrote:
Magic appears to be using a classic D&D-esque vancian system, but I haven't figured out how to memorize spells yet, so I'm not sure. :)
Open the character's inventory and right-click their Grimoire. Spells actually seem to work more like the Arcanist's spellcasting; select and prepare spells like a wizard but then cast them like a sorcerer.

Oh. I would never have found that on my own. :D

Nullpunkt wrote:
Sounds good so far! Though I wonder how they can debug the main plot-related quests without having a rather large number of people actually play them. Is this more like a technology beta?

Well, yeah. Sorta. It's not so much a "catch bugs" beta as it is a "give feedback on the system" beta. This includes the layout of quests and conversations that, presumably, will also be applicable to the main story (or any story not part of this small snippet of the game world.)

Also, I just got et by a lion. o.O

In unrelated news, there's a Trial of Iron mode where you only have one save game that gets deleted if the main character dies.

...I don't think I trust Obsidian enough to only ever have one save game. ;)

It's too early to talk about mechanics, but the game does feel very much like the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate that I was pining for.

The current round of beta is set from level 5 to 8, and take place in a small town in the wilderness. It's void of any main plot stuff, as to avoid spoiling the story for any beta testers (I have no words for how much I appreciate this. :p)

So far, I feel there maybe isn't a lot of information available in chargen, so it's hard to make fully informed choices. What I don't know is whether this is a quirk of the beta, a deliberate design decision, or the consequence of a design where there really aren't any "wrong choices" (this I'll believe when I see it.)

I've not really gotten to any significant combat yet, but I got the sense it works fairly similar to the traditional games of the genre. Magic appears to be using a classic D&D-esque vancian system, but I haven't figured out how to memorize spells yet, so I'm not sure. :)

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bugleyman wrote:
Because that's not how D20 games work? Seriously, it really isn't. The game is designed so that the majority of one's ability is defined by class; ergo, if you want to be good at fighting, pick a class that's good at fighting.

Apparently it's how this D20 game works.

There is no NDA, we're encouraged to share everything we feel like. So I will!

Right now, my experience is sitting at work itching to call it an early day. :)

So the backers beta for Pillars of Eternity is here, and I am way more excited than I have any right to be. Anyone else playing the beta?

I just bought a 25 year old Talisker single malt for my dad. I hope he'll like it!

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
I've never seen animals burn businesses or shoot cops, but I grant you, New Hampshire doesn't have as much wildlife as it used to.

There was that one movie where an orca whale burns down a town. What was it called? Orca: The Killer Whale?

Ahem. Anyway. Please continue.

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SeeDarkly_X wrote:
I don't give it a lot of thought past, "I like heroines."

Hi! I'm a heroine addict.

Tels wrote:
Still, I have heard from many people that Obsidian games tend to be very buggy. So, I guess I would say that I'm pessimistically optimistic? If that even makes sense?

Obsidian has a weird track record of having their games released before they're ready (as was evident in KotOR 2, and don't get me started on Alpha Protocol). I think Pillars of Eternity is really going to be indicative of what they can do. If that ends up a buggy mess, they are really out of excuses. And if it ends up great, that'll be great!


Oh boy, that's dumb. And sexist on so many levels. Like sexismception!

KSF wrote:
Well, he's not going to wake up as a woman. He loses his power and his title, and a woman takes over. That's the premise.

Well, the official blurb goes something like:

"This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe."

It still comes off less as "a woman now wields the power of Thor" and more as "this is the one and only Thor."

Scenario #1 could be cool, scenario #2 is pretty dumb.

Andrew R wrote:
For me i will not play females with high strength. Not that a woman cannot have it, just that i accept reality that a woman of that strength would be just as big and muscled as a man, not the 130 lbs or less that we think of as feminine. To the flip side of that (mostly thanks to tv) i envision almost all high dex concepts as female

That's lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Aranna wrote:
When did this happen in DDO? Last time I played you HAD to be in a group. And it was nearly impossible to find a good group. Want to solo up a couple levels? Sorry we will flatly kill you dead if you DARE enter a dungeon as a solo player EVEN if you are 5 to 10 levels higher than it. That was when I quit DDO... even the guild I was in wasn't interested in helping a lower level member catch up... I just got left behind and the game kicked me to the curb hard. That and leveling got to be such a grind even with a group... play the same few dungeons over and over and over seemingly endlessly till you finally get to level. That's probably why nobody ever wanted to group with a lower player they had already played that content 50 times themselves and they were mighty sick of it.

From my experience, it never really went away. They changed it so you could solo through the first docks quarter, but around level 4, when you got out into the main game, it was still Team or Die.

The game probably has the best mission layout of any MMO to date, but I found it next to impossible to actually experience it when you're forced to team with players who's done it a million times before and really just want to blitz through as fast as possible.

There were a lot of elements to DDO that I really enjoyed, but I just couldn't play it at my pace. And that's a deal breaker.

(That said, the first three levels are some of the most fun I've had in an MMO.)

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AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:

PRO - I am a feminist, and so I can see where allowing a female character to take on the mantle of Thor is a good thing for equality in comics.

CON - I am a huge fan of Norse Mythology before I ever heard of Marvel's version of Thor, and I've not read more than one or two issues in my entire life, and only because they were crossover issues with titles I did read. So, for me making Thor male is like... O_o cause Thor is male. Thor is not Freya, Thor is not Hel, Thor is Thor. Thor is male.

There are not-dumb ways to combine the two. And, to be fair, we don't know if they are going for one of those.

(Though the official statements aren't filling me with confidence.)

Also, just to lay that to rest, I get that 'Lady' is female, whether it's a noble title or not. That's why "Lady Thor" sounds silly. So does 'Dame Thor', 'Thor Girl' or 'Miss Thor' (though that would be an awesome name for a drag queen act).

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
I meant Lady in the nobility sense, not in the more universal female sense.

I guess that's a subtlety of the English language that eludes me then, Lady sounds pretty female to me. And that's what makes it funny.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Lady Thor


Sorry, but that just tickles my funny bone. It's like a female Captain America calling herself "Lady Steve".

Though I suppose if she was Sif, calling herself Mrs. Thor would make sense. In the 50s.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
But manners are getting the better of me, so I will not.

Pff. Be the bigger goblin!

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
I don't know where you're from Citizen Slaunyeh

The made-up country of Denmark!

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

However, I apologize for being mean and snarky to you, Citizen Aranna. I don't know you, unlike the rest of the imperialist running-dog stooges in here, and it was rude and unhelpful.

My work here is done. ;)

*vanishes in a poof of rainbow sparkles*

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Really, that's the best you've got?

I didn't realize we were having a competition.

For reference, the alternatives were going "Objection your honour, relevance?" Or a long tirade about the bombing of Copenhagen in 1807, ending on a snarky "good guy??"

So, to answer your question: Yes, that was the best I got. And I thought you were better than this, too. Guess it's a day for disappointment!

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Pro-Russian separatists brag about shooting down a Ukrainian military plane, discover it is a civilian airliner, cover their asses: evil incarnate.

The United States shoots down an Iranian airliner, refuses to apologize and awards the commander of the Vincennes the Legion of Merit: good guys?

Oh, someone else in the history of the world has been a douche, I guess that makes it alright then!

Kirth Gersen wrote:
The important thing to remember, though, is that the whole country was caught up in a massive Satanism scare at the time

Hm, I don't remember that at all. Of course, I didn't really play in the 70s and 80s, I only got my eyes up for roleplaying games when I inherited my sister's red-box in, like, 1990 or something so if anyone grew up with that it'd be her.

Still, it wasn't really a thing at all, as far as I recall. Those who knew what roleplaying games were at all (read: parents of roleplayers who cared what their kids got up to) saw it mostly as a craze that prompted their kids to learn English and spend all day pouring over dictionaries and discuss what the heck a "hobgoblin" is (hint: An oxford's dictionary is exceedingly unhelpful with D&D terms :p), so generally not a bad thing.

For everyone else, I don't think they were even aware of what it was or that it might be an "issue". There was the occasional thing on TV, but I don't remember details. It was probably just foreigners being crazy foreigners. ;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wait, that feat is not a joke? Seems like something you'd release on April 1st.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tacticslion wrote:
Seriously, though, she actually is. A lot. I still don't know how I managed to con her into marrying me. I guess she's a sucker for goofballs.

Maybe she's the one who used her Super Intelligence to con you into marrying her?

ShinHakkaider wrote:

This, at least for me, is great news.

Looks neat. Is he the guy from the latest Captain America movie?

Also, how does taking over as Captain America work? Is it just costume + name + bring-your-own-powers-to-work-day? Or do they have spare supersoldier serum lying around?

I sure hope they don't mean to suggest that a woman would need magical accessories to be a powerful superhero! Hrmph!

Te'Shen wrote:
I believe that in the Norse myths, he's still the God of Thunder (and other polios) even without Mjolnir, as he was before he received the weapon. To be fair, he was also described as red haired and red bearded, and Marvel doesn't have him married to Sif anymore or fathering Thrúd, Módi, or Magni... or a lot of other things.

Yeah, I guess this is one of the main disconnects between Thor and MarvelThor.

Aranna wrote:

Awww... you seem pretty fired up for someone who is wrong, Jaelithe.

If Marvel says it's a title as well as a name and that they are giving it to a woman. Then it's true. They own it and can do what they want with the IP. No amount of petty ranting is going to change that.

Marvel can obviously do whatever the heck they want. That doesn't make it an inherently good idea. :p

I'm glad you like the change, but could we dial down the sniping of other posters? No sense descending to those levels just because you disagree with them.

Irontruth wrote:
I think it's less of an issue for older folk. Once you get past the age of 30 you're more likely to have a good concept of who you are and have better tools to do reexamination internally.

Enh. I guess. When I was a kid I hated those Spielberg movies where a bunch of kids were the heroes. Maybe I'm an odd duck.

Anyway, that was kinda my point. I don't think I've ever really felt a 'need to feel represented', and I think that's okay. It means they can represent someone else who needs it more, and I can still enjoy the story (assuming it doesn't suck. ;) )

ShinHakkaider wrote:

The New Ultimates

I will most definitely be supporting this book. As I've just dropped both Bendis X-titles and one of Hickman's Avengers books there's room on my pull list for this.

Heh. If it hadn't been for the thread/article title, I don't think I'd have noticed anything "wrong" about that lineup.

The article doesn't seem to go into detail about who these people are (I admit, I skimmed a bit), but none of them seems to represent me (they all look so young!) And that's okay, I don't really need to feel represented to enjoy a good story.

"When we deny women and girls representation, we put them in ever smaller boxes," she wrote. "And when we limit their potential, we limit the potential of our culture as a whole. When we limit the contributions of half our society, we cut our potential in two."

I... uh, okay, this is me talking from a "didn't really grow up with these comic books" perspective, but maybe that's giving comic books slightly more importance than they really deserve. It's just comic books. I'm pretty sure Marvel isn't the last line of defense against cultural decay, or something. :p

Would it be nice with a broader representation of women in comic books? Absolutely! Is it going to destroy our cultural basis that girls have to pick between She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and femThor? Probably not.

But I get that I'm a weirdo, so feel free to ignore!

Slight tangent: Also, that picture of Captain Marvel? *swoons*

ShinHakkaider wrote:
Well the guys griping an complaining about the black Nick Fury replacing the White nick fury in the 616 Marvel universe on the message boards that I frequent about a year or two ago were figments of my imagination?

Nah, I'm sure they were not. I'd be surprised if there were not idiots in any group of people. But that wasn't the question you answered...

Freehold DM wrote:
wha? You must have been in another internet or comic book store. The shaft jokes were all over the place.

You should reread the original question.

I'll sum it up for convenience:

Q: Does the people who dislike this also hate a black Nick Fury?

A: Absolutely!

Easily demonstrated to be false, as I think femThor is a silly gimmick, while having absolutely no issue with a black Nick Fury (or Heimdal for that matter). Heck, if the alternative is David Hasselhoff, I'd prefer every comic book character to be black.

John Kretzer wrote: relation to the threads title....where does the world end? I mean it is a just keeps going and going...

Pretty sure the End of the World is a bar on Christian's Island, in the Baltic Sea.

ShinHakkaider wrote:
Scythia wrote:

I wonder if the people now denouncing this as a gimmick or forced inclusiveness were equally disdained when Nick Fury became black?

They MOST certainly did/do.

Not even a little.

Terquem wrote:
Slaunyeh wrote:
thejeff wrote:
It's not like someone stealing the the fighter's +2 sword and becoming the fighter because Mjolner is not a +2 sword and because Odin is a bit of a jerk. (Primarily for reasons of plot though).
Well, excuse me, +2 hammer then. :p
Comparing mew-mew to a +2 hammer is like unto comparing the Hand of Vecna to a Ring of Spell Storing

Given how neither of those changes your name or makes you a god of something when you put them on then yes, the comparison is equally apt.

I get the complaint, it just misses the point. Which was closer to: haha, norse mythology is like the precursor to the D&D christmas tree effect. :p

thejeff wrote:

Out of context, I kind of agree. Obviously whoever this woman is, she won't actually be Thor.

In context, we don't know yet. We don't know the circumstances or how and why she takes up the name as well as the hammer.

Maybe it'll be stupid. Maybe it won't.

This is, I think, the most important point. I mean, they could take the idea in a good direction, or a stupid direction. But the only thing that has been presented so far is "omg Thor is a woman now!" which is, hopefully, not the full story.

thejeff wrote:
It's not like someone stealing the the fighter's +2 sword and becoming the fighter because Mjolner is not a +2 sword and because Odin is a bit of a jerk. (Primarily for reasons of plot though).

Well, excuse me, +2 hammer then. :p

LazarX wrote:
They haven't appeared since then, but in Norse mythology, Thor actually NEEDED both to wield his hammer properly.

Yes, but I was asking about Marvel Mythology. :)

LazarX wrote:
Blondie isn't being turned into a woman. (although that HAS happened in the comics) There actually is a different person, possibly Sif? getting both the hammer, powers, and the name of Thor. That's happened to. A stuntman once was found worthy and he was given Thor's mythological belt and glove of strength to help him wield Mjolnir.

In Pathfinder terms, that's like stealing a fighter's +2 sword and then you become that fighter. I don't care how you twist it, it's silly. :p

There are ways that Thor could pass on the torch, as it were, (and preferably to someone a little less White Power) but going "oh yeah and Thor is a chick now" isn't the best way.

Oh. The belt and gloves are a thing in Marvel too?

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
"'You just don't in the 21st Century behave in 19th Century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext,' Mr Kerry told the CBS program Face the Nation."

Take note Kerry, Putain is showing how it's done in the 21st century!

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I remember a Dark Heresy game a while back. The group got themselves into some hot water, surrounded by evil cultists they are brought before the cultist leader who just wants a pleasant chat. He promises to let us go, on a few conditions.

It's all quite civil, really.

Also, all the PCs are nervously eying my Adepta Sororitas, because really, this is a "do as he say or die" situation. So I just smile politely to the GM and say: "I shoot him."

Things went to hell quite fast, after that.

I'm working on making her a more... 'constructive' character. :)

(incidentally, all the PCs survived more or less intact. In unrelated news, flamers are <3).

I don't know what it is about Dark Heresy, but I find it very easy to just not care about the consequences and just do what my character would do. This would never have happened in a D&D game.

Vlad Koroboff wrote:
You see,if anyone has more or less accurate evidence,it's russians.


Clearly the work of (pretty big) purple worms.

sunshadow21 wrote:
Captain Marvel was at least a Marvel creation and not a ripoff from ancient mythology with a lot of stories existing that Marvel had no part of.

This is how I imagine femThor. :p

Also, I wouldn't really consider MarvelThor to be a ripoff of the Thor from mythology. They don't even have hair colour in common. This is also why I don't really have much of a say in this. I could go "...but the hammer doesn't work like that" except, you know, I have no idea if it does for MarvelThor.

Mythologically speaking, I could see a plot go something like "Thor has gone missing! While the gods' squabble and waste time discussing what to do about it, Thor's daughter takes matters into her own hands, claim the mantle of God of Thunder and goes to search for her father." (Possible edited to be less cliché, but this is a comic book we're talking about).

Incidentally, this was also roughly the entire meta-plot of City of Heroes. :)

I made the mistake of making my first character (for multiplayer) a Lone Wolf, and have had a really hard time playing anything else, since then. Those perks are just so useful!

Is archery working out for you? It kinda leaves me with the same impression as scoundrel melee: it doesn't seem terrible good against undead, and even the specialty arrows still comes with the baggage of having to find/make/collect those arrows and worry about bow durability, that casters just don't have to worry about (while also blowing everything to heck).

In my multiplayer game, we're a caster/archer duo and we're just worlds apart.

Larkos wrote:
You mean who the new Goddess of Thunder is.

That was my first thought, but at this point I'll just accept that I don't 'get' Marvel's "Thor" at all, so taking him (her) further away from the mythology he's based on might make it less confusing for those of us who read norse mythology long before we heard about Marvel. Which is a good thing.

"Thor is a woman!" is still a silly statement, But I won't even begin to guess whether that's how the hammer works in Marvel "Thor".

That said, I'm all for super-strong heroines, so it could be a very interesting character. Especially if she turns out to be "a wielder of Mjolnir" and not "literally Thor".

(but now that they are changing the shape of Thor's boobs, how about changing the "brick on a stick" look for Mjolnir too? That bothers me much more than Thor's testosterone levels. :p)

I find it... difficult to play a melee-focused scoundrel type character. I like the benefits of focusing on Dexterity over Strength, but the actual in game difference seems to be a character that hits for a few points of damage eight times every turn, vs. a guy who oneshots roughly everything everywhere.

The main problem is that almost everything you fight are undead, and daggers are doing squat against skeletons, and your bleed/poison attacks aren't particular handy either.

I've played three or four groups to level 7 by now, and I still don't have a formula for a scoundrel-style melee guy that I feel works.

On the flipside, a full-caster elementalist-style guy works wonderfully well.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I think Word Crimes will be pretty legendary. That's the one that stood out for me the most.

I have this tendency to always play the same character, and when I finally notice I go out of my way to make the next one markedly different from my usual trend (and thus starting a new trend). It's not something I do on purpose, and I do prefer my characters to be different... I guess I'm just wired that way.

Pan wrote:
Did Jar Jar Binks make you happy?


Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
limsk wrote:

Out of all the MMOs I've tried, I miss the community in CoH/CoV the most which was a far removed from the kind of jerkass-ism you expect from these games.

And I could spend all day playing with the costume creator.

I allowed my son one hour of computer time daily. After I opened a linked account for him on mine & let him play, he would frequently spend that entire hour fiddling with the Costume Creator, and that was just with the 'open to everyone' costume options.

When I purchased about $50 in credit for him for his birthday, we opened the Mastermind Archetype, the Animal Lord powerset & all the animal themed costume pieces. I had to let him have an entire afternoon that day.
It was also one of the only MMO's on the market with actual mechanics in play for genuine 'Player Created' content.

Just as a heads up, I believe there is a stand-alone project that gives you access to the character creation, and makes you able to run around the game zones. Mind, there's no game attached, but if you enjoyed the character creation, that's still somewhat possible to play around with. I believe the project is called Titan Icon, if you google that you should be able to find instructions for how to set it up.

(I have no direct experience with Icon, alas, but thought I'd mention it.)

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