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Slaunyeh's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,647 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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CapeCodRPGer wrote:
Another great episode last night.

Yes. Yes it was.

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sgriobhadair wrote:

Str: 18, Dex: 9, Con: 14, Int: 15, Wis: 13, Cha: 8

(randomly rolled, but happens to be equivalent to point buy 29).


What would you make with these stats?

Ooh. Let's see. I'm picturing an alchemist (vivisectionist, perhaps?) who has been experimenting on herself to the point where she's become obscenely buff. However, the added bulk has slowed her down a good deal (never mind how her hands have started to shake when she goes too long without her custom cocktail of drugs). She also tends to be rather impatient with the common plebs who just don't get her genius! A character flaw that has grown more pronounced the more she expose herself to her own experiments.

Elf would be an obvious choice, but I'm also thinking half-elf (or human blah blah), putting the bonus points into Dex or Int. Probably Int.

I'd play her!

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Am I The Only One? wrote:
Aren't barbarians supposed to be unbalanced? I mean, that's what makes them rage, right? Lack of balance in life?

It's their huge upper bodies and tiny little legs. Try to be stacked like that on a ship in a storm. No wonder most barbarians hate sailing.

As much as I hate rolling stats and think it should die in a fire, having played Dark Heresy for a while, it's kinda growing on me. :p

While point buy is both more fair and allow you to build the character you actually want to play, I'm finding myself coming around to the point where I actually enjoy the random nature of rolled stats and having to come up with a character concept that fit those, rather than the other way around.

Is this what old age feels like? o.O

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It's been going for a few weeks over here, and is great. Enjoy!

Looking forward to this like heck!

Is Michael Palin still in play? That guy gets my wote, drag or no drag.

Kthulhu wrote:
It wouldn't really translate well. Dark Souls rewards skill and the use of the correct strategy against each opponent, which is kind of the antithesis of combat that is largely resolved via a random number generator like dice.

I'm not a particular fan of that system (I had a bad experience with it :p), nor am I familiar with Dark Souls, but Burning Wheel sounds like it might fit the bill. While there's a random element, combat is more based around outsmarting your opponent and figuring out his weaknesses, than on rolling dice.

So yes, the barbarian might be a bit unbalanced, but does it really matter? Some people enjoy the challenge of coaxing something good out of it anyway. If that's not your cup of tea, there's lots of other things to play.

GentleGiant wrote:
Obviously it's full of spoilers!


Scarlet Witch!

I had not guessed that one.

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Heh, one thing that struck me about Black Widow... her background as a former KGB agent gets increasingly awkward, the longer this movie franchise is going to continue. It's something you could ignore away, but she did make direct references to being ex-KGB this time around.

"What, you were like seven years old when the KGB collapsed?"

wicked cool wrote:
were there 2 swords in the book? I really have to go back and re-read that book

Yep, they made two swords out of Ice.

That was a great season premier!

I'm a bit foggy on the spoiler rules for this thread (it's been going for a while :p) So...

I couldn't help notice that the Hound didn't appear to get fatally stabbed in that fight scene. So I guess they are going in a somewhat different direction with him for the show? I was worried he would get phased out in like episode 2 at this pace, but maybe that won't be the case.

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DM Under The Bridge wrote:
its warmongering in a negative light

Sorry I don't have a lot to offer, but the above kinda made me snicker. You can put a positive spin on a word like 'warmongering'? :)

Aaanyway. Yes, sure. I've been in lots of games like this. Although, the vast majority of "real world" games I've been playing in are World of Darkness games, where the overall theme is that governments suck, and also tend to be very US biased, so clearly the US government sucks. WoD was very 'punk' in the 90s. :)

And then, still white wolf (why does white wolf hate America??), there's Aberrant where the US is pretty much a second tier villain who doesn't trust the rest of the world and have their own 'Directive' to *ahem* "take care" of domestic supers. (On the flipside, I've also played in an Aberrant game where the players were Directive agents.)

swoosh wrote:
Meanwhile the Wizard is dropping a good spell or two and shutting down the entire enemy team in the same amount of time before he goes back to remaking reality in his own image. So why is the first one the most distressing?

First thought? Because a wizard isn't really "remaking reality in his own image" before pretty late levels. If ever. A lot of games never actually reach the point where wizards become god. The guy who dominates combat at level 5 is getting a lot more bang for his buck, compared to the wizard who could theoretically dominate the world five levels after the game has petered out.

Secondly, you pretty much said it yourself. If the wizard can "shut down the enemy team" a couple times a day, she still needs the rest of her team to do the actual work. If a couple of optimized barbarians can just scythe their way through every encounter, nobody really needs the control that the wizard brings. (I played the caster in this group, as a matter of fact. Casting spells in combat was pretty meaningless until, like, level 12. I think the game ended at level 13. Thankfully I'm perfectly happy playing the gal standing in the back making snide comments. :p)

Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
I for one thought it was a very well done movie. Chris Evans did a great job but I still wish that the Black Widow had a Russian accent.

If I have learned anything from Michelle Pfiffer, it's that English with a Russian accent is super hot.

That said, however, it would be a pretty poor super spy who couldn't shake her native accent.

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Aranna wrote:
I suppose I should be amused by all this nerd rage over what some people call characters. I mean really does it matter? As long as you understand their meaning and you obviously do or you would be confused rather than enraged.

Your definition of nerd rage is hilarious.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
So I'd like to ask people about their characters.

Prelude, that is probably way Too Much Information:
Okay. So. This is going to get a little weird, I think, but it's been a long time coming.

Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm 30 years old, female and... let's go with straight.

I'm of a generation in gaming where it was just easier not to let anyone know you were female, saving yourself a lot of hassle. I started playing games online around 2000. Maybe 1999. There about. I started with online MU* games, and later got into MMO games (starting with City of Heroes and WoW around 2004). Playing male characters was the best way to dodge the inevitable "a/s/l?" question, so the vast majority of characters back then were dudes. The internet was pretty immature back then.

This got to the point that my "online persona" basically turned into a guy. It was just easier, and most of the RL friends I was playing with was doing the same thing. These days, that seems kinda silly but by now it's just become a habit that I don't even think about. It's also a habit I've been thinking of discarding, lately (for some reason, FF14 triggered these thoughts. I'm not sure why).

So, with the prelude out of the way, in online gaming my characters used to be almost exclusively male, while more recently I've started playing more female characters. To be honest, these days I mainly pick the gender of my character based on how good the character model looks. In some games, guys look ridiculous, in others I can't stand females.

In tabletop gaming, I've played a few male characters over the years, but most of them have been female. Don't ask me to list them all... in 20 years of gaming, there's been a lot of all kinds. Typically, if I start to notice a trend in the characters I play, my next character will deliberately be something completely different.

My favourite recent character is a hard-nosed Adepta Sororitas in a Dark Heresy game. Sister Aurelia is awesome. She's female (obviously), straight (not that it matters), and a bit of a tough cookie. I like to describe her as "under different circumstances she could have been quite the lovely young lady, but a decade of war has left her grim and scarred." Which is, to be honest, probably a trend in recent characters that I should be breaking: Women who could be called beautiful with a little work, but whos' life has taken a different direction (like a face full of shrapnel. Poor Aurelia *sniff*).

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Mikaze wrote:
Personally, "toon" bugs me in MMO's too.

So much this.

But to answer the OP's question, I'd probably just grind my teeth and not say anything. I know what you mean.

Also, I only see 'murderhobo' used as an ironic statement on the nature of adventuring. I've never seen anyone seriously refer to their character as a 'murderhobo' instead of 'character', so I don't think that comparison is particular apt.

Sebastrd wrote:
No, you couldn't.

Otters created an absolute nightmare void for those of us whose kids just wanted to play a basic whatever the otters became.

Just because you aren't terrorized by otters doesn't mean you can just dismiss everyone else on Earth! :(

Instead of flipping out because someone said 4e, try to read the comment more like "I've found that the current version of D&D is too complex for my kids, I hope the next edition will be designed to go a bit easier on them." Conflict escalation isn't very helpful.

Malachi Silverclaw wrote:
For example, job applications can be without photo, name or address, so judgements cannot be made on perceived race (some names are more likely to indicate race than others) or wealth (some areas are poorer than others).

When I applied for a job in the US, the last question on the questionnaire was "what is your race?"

I feel like I should add something to the topic, but to be honest, I don't know where to start.

Kthulhu wrote:
You realize that that you can substitute 3.x for 4e, and that statement is just as valid for some people, right?

You could also substitute "pants" or "otters" and it would be just as valid for some people.

Rynjin wrote:
And here I am sitting crestfallen that my equivalent moment is rolling 3 ONES in a row (and a total of 6 ones in a 3 round combat).

I am reminded of a Werewolf: the Apocalypse game once, long time ago. I was rolling 21 dice for damage and the net result was -1 success. Probably the worst roll I have ever seen.

(For those not informed on oWoD, you roll d10s and any die that comes up 6+ is a success. Each 1 subtract one from your total number of successes. So I had more 1s than 6+s.)

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Huh. I've seen a lot of TMHT as a kid, and I never once wondered about his race. Or why he had an army of ninja.

When you fight mutant turtles, I guess it never did register as important whether you're from Japan or Okinawa. :)

Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:
Your grumpy old guy image isn't very well-established. I, for one, thought you were a grumpy Danish (?) chick.

If I learned anything from Kelly Taylor, it's that "guys" is gender neutral!

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Ivan Rûski wrote:
Not that Fichtner is a terrible actor, but he's white. I'm not usually one to complain about a race swap, but in this case it's pretty important to the character.

Shredder has a race? And it's important? o.O

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I should really stop following this thread. Constant laughter is really hurting my grumpy old guy image. :(

Blue_Hill wrote:
Here in Finland movie is called "Captain America: Return of the First Avenger" that title may fit better to the themes of the movie. Your mileage may vary. I personally like the Winter Soldier name better but that has nothing to do with the movie itself, I just think Winter Soldier is cool and creepy name for villain.

Here in Denmark the movie was called "Captain America: Winter Soldier". Then, like, a week before release all the advertisement changed to "Captain America: Return of the First Avenger". I even saw one ad on the side of a bus calling it "Return of the First Avenger: Captain America: Winter Soldier", which kinda makes it sound like Captain Armenia America is the Winter Soldier.

It felt like someone in marketing pulled a microsoft and decided it should be called something else halfway through the marketing campaign. :p

The movie posters at the movie theatre still calls it "Captain America: Winter Soldier".

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Dazylar wrote:
as you guys haven't got it yet :-)

We haven't? I'm pretty sure it premiered yesterday. :p

I'll be seeing it this weekend. Looking forward to it!

I may not be terrible familiar with the British monarchy, or with your American presidents, but I don't think they serve even remotely the same function. Will the vice president be taking over the presidential duties?

But hey, if you're looking to throw away a couple million bucks, I'll take 'em!

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Quandary wrote:
And all those Americans, Germans, British, loyal moral citizens of NATO just CARE SO MUCH about all these quaint little people that give so much purpose to their military machine. Just like they care so much about those Libyans, Somalians, Iraqis, Afghans. Oh! South Sudanese too, how could one forget!? Or did they eat all each other by now? It's almost like there isn't enough quaint little peoples in the world to save. Almost.

Preach it!

In 1807, the British Fleet fire bombed the heck out of the civilian population of Copenhagen. We have not forgotten!

*grinds axe*

The North Will Rise Again!


That extra hour of sleep when we switch back from daylight saving hours to "normal" time is to die for. I will sacrifice every one of you for that extra hour!

Edit: Oh, just the US. Carry on then, nobody cares what they do over there. You're safe. ;)

I recently saw Transformers 3 and it wasn't nearly as bad as I had been led to believe. In fact, I thought it was pretty okay (unlike Transformers 2 which was just stupid.)

No Shia is a pretty big plus for a 4. :)

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Jeff Erwin wrote:
This is sad. It's frustrating that being a tabletop gamer is a pejorative in our culture. If he ran a fantasy football league no one would care (I think).

I still remember a few years back, some guy was found dead in Sweden somewhere. This got a passing mention in the news. Then, few days later, it was revealed that the victim was playing Vampire: the Masquerade and the media just exploded in a frenzy that lasted for two weeks until it turned out that he wasn't killed by a coven of death-worshipping, blood gorging cultist, but rather over a drug deal gone bad.

The media is pretty blasé when it comes to dead junkies. Unless they happen to own an RPG rulebook.

Rynjin wrote:
Wait are you trying to say there's something wrong with any of those?

Not at all. Well, I don't think so. But when you use Pathfinder as a shining example of how "sex sells" is wrong, I just like to point out that Pathfinder got plenty of sexy.

Tirisfal wrote:

Whenever people pop off with "sex sells, it's gonna keep selling", I like to point out that they obviously haven't noticed the fact that Pathfinder is outselling the competition by being so inclusive and progressive, some folks actually get cranky and storm away from the game.

Saying that objectification is okay simply because it "sells" is moot at this point, seeing how it's been proven that a company can succeed by not alienating women from the hobby.

You mean this Pathfinder?

I've read that 96.6% of the population in Alaska wants to be part of Russia.

Good news! Paradox are pretty awesome.

Of course, now's their chance to spontaneously turn evil and, I dunno, take The Pillars of Eternity alpha build and release it as a full game tomorrow! And then blame all the bugs on Obsidian.

(Disclaimer: This is just a joke and would, obviously, never happen in the real world.)

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Part Two: Everything you know about Crimea is wrong(-er)

I patiently await the follow-up article "Everything you know about western media is wrong."

Irontruth wrote:
Objectification is a way of uplifting people and treating them as equals?

No, it's a hyperbolic way of saying that people like pretty people. If you are pretty enough to be in an ad, we're clearly not equals.

Jadeite wrote:
Well, I for one would rather have a optimizing rollplayer than a roleplayer like this one.

Well, I'm sure we'd all rather have a non-jerk player than a jerk player. I don't think that's necessarily relevant to the oprimization vs. roleplaying* divide.

Disclaimer: I think the divide is better summed up as: Do you make the numbers fit the concept, or do you make the concept fit the numbers? Either approach is entirely valid. Just different.

(And also, one of them is wrong. :p)

Jadeite wrote:
And keeping someone in the party that just drains their resources just because he's a player character is an epitome of metagaming.

Let's not go throwing the M word around, shall we? That's a double-edged can of worms that's not going to make anything better. :p

I have a reputation as an unrepentant powergamer in my group, for some reason. Like, whenever I pick something, the GM will examine that something extra carefully to see if there's something he should ban or house-rule in advance, and the other players are always like "oh, if you picked that there must be something we hadn't realized about that." Like I'd play a rogue because I had a fun idea for a Han Solo-type scoundrel, and everyone would be like "uh oh, what is he up to now."

I'm not sure exactly how I got this rep, because... it's not really how I see myself. I pick classes almost entirely based on whether the fluff sounds cool, and then try to build something useful based on whatever the random thing I picked was. Which isn't always possible. I don't think I've ever picked something for being powerful. I've tried, but I just can't make myself do it. :p

(It's particular obvious right now because I'm in the process of making a Dark Heresy character and the GM is watching me like a hawk. I don't know what he expects, but I barely even glance at the advancement table before deciding on a career.)

The cockpit looks amazing.

Imbicatus wrote:
It looks like a decent game, but it's NCSoft, so I won't be playing it. I will never give them another cent after killing City of Heroes.

I like the visuals, and the trailers were hilarious, but yeah. This. Sorry Carbine, but NCSoft makes this a no-go. :(

What is it with twos and apples, huh?

I really liked this episode.

Also. Uhm. Sorry about the rant. I'll shut up about it now. :)

Klaus van der Kroft wrote:
I believe sometimes the hybrid model can be good. It depends on how you implement it.

If you implement it without a cash shop, then yeah, it will be great. The point of a subscription, to me, is that A) I know exactly what a game costs me to play, and B) I don't have to worry about expenses during my leisure time. It's peace of mind. If you have a subscription AND a cash shop, the entire point of the subscription goes away. Then it's only a question of how much you are going to harass me for my money, and frankly, if there isn't a "not at all" option, I'm not really interested.

Klaus van der Kroft wrote:
Some hybrid models offer either a subscription OR a cash-shop, such as what you can fin in games like Rift or Terra (ie, if you pay for the subscription, you get several perks, usually including some things you can't get through the cash-shop, while if you don't, you can still play and buy the components you want by separate).

Ah, I see. I don't really consider it a hybrid model if you really have a sharp divide between cash shop and subscription. I don't remember how RIFT did it, but to be honest I really don't trust anyone to actually keep that separation. Usually it's just a question of time before they start offering things in the cash shop that wouldn't make sense to just give for free to subscribers (like, I dunno, temporary boosts or whatnot) and then, even if you don't care about anything they have to offer the cash shop is there, and they do want you to spend extra money on it. Even if it "isn't necessary."

Klaus van der Kroft wrote:
On the other hand, some models offer a subscription while including a shop for cosmetic/quality-of-life services, such as what we can see these days in WoW (subscription to play, plus a real-money shop for things like pets, mounts, and character transfers).

Don't get me started on the whole "oh, it's just a cash shop with cosmetic items. Nothing important." thing. Aesthetics are important!

It's wonderful if you don't care about looking awesome while killing zombies or whatever, but I do. Which means that I have to be harassed by the cash shop. It's like if you had to buy a license to kill orcs from the cash shop. After already having paid a subscription. How would you like that? :p

Klaus van der Kroft wrote:
I would say both those systems are good; one offers you the choice of going with the one you prefer (though the subscription is usually more efficient in those cases if you play regularly), and the other is giving access to non-essentials.

It would be great if that was actually true, but I've yet to see a "hybrid" model where that was really happened. What I want from my subscription is to never know about the cash store. Never see a button to go to the cash store. Never get bombarded with the latest "now on sale!" advertising from the cash store.

Again, it's great if you're not having an issue with that. But I'm absolutely not getting what I want from any sort of hybrid model I've ever seen. What I'm seeing is my favoured option slowly dying out, to be replaced with a system that literally stresses me out. And I do not need stress from my hobby.

But the reason for the change is obvious. Most people aren't able to keep a reasonable budget when they are being nickle-and-dime'ed all the time. "Hybrid" and "Free"-to-Play options are, from all appearances, significantly more profitable than a pure subscription so I have no doubt it'll get much worse before it gets better.

Most of us aren't Hama. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Mark my words. The plane vanished, but reappeared 24 years earlier over the Philippines where it crashed. Fragments of the plane were brought to Boeing's secret research facility and were reverse-engineered to produce the Boeing-777 only a scant few years later.

In less conspiratorial news (or is it?), my fingers consistently insist on spelling Boeing as Boing!

LazarX wrote:
Let me see how fast your Ranger is running in Heavy armor and what your armor checks are like and come back to me again.

This is probably the most confrontational phrasing of "I agree" I have ever seen. :p

Davor wrote:

Google "Elder Scrolls Online Cash Shop". There are several sites that reference an interview done with a German fanbase.

@Hama: Why are you paying $15 a month if you have to pay for extra content anyways?

$15 a month is well worth the peace of mind of not having to worry about cash shops and being constantly nickle-and-dime'ed. Which is what makes the "hybrid" model the worst of both worlds.

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