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Rich Diver

Slamy Mcbiteo's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay. 224 posts. 11 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 16 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

Wondering who to contact about session reporting form this years Gencon? I guess I should have checked earlier but it seems not all my sessions got added and some are incorrect?

Grand Lodge

I see this was released....when will the pre-orders be sent??

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

Did they remove the ability to generate tracking sheets for events? It seems I can not print them for my events tonight. Is it a glitch or intentional?

Grand Lodge

I see there are two Pathfinder Tales currently on Audible. Any thought to putting the Audio Dramas out there? I am hoping for more Pathfinder Tales also

Grand Lodge

Just wondering if that book is going to make it on the PRD or not?

Grand Lodge

I was looking for #25: The Bastards of Erebus (Council of Thieves 1 of 6), the PDF is still out there but it seems that there are no more physical copies at Paizo. So I went out to Amazon to see what then had....Holy Cow! It listed starting a $90 going all the way up to $200?

Just wondering if Paizo ever looked at the print on demand. The stuff from RPGNow is good quality. I can settle for the PDF but I would rather buy a physical copy if available. Just a thought

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So the other day I ran across an interesting (maybe ingenious) use for the Carry Companion spell. Basically a Druid had several buffalo, he loaded them with gear and then cast the spell on them and dropped them in is back pack. Each has strength 27 so it can carry 1000 pounds of stuff. then he would pull buffalo out bring it back get what he needed and then shrink it again.

By the spell description I could not see why this would not be allow. But it seemed a little strange that basically he could carry 4000 pounds of stuff around with no penalty.


Grand Lodge

Does the god-king drive a mini van? :)

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

I was wondering if anyone knows of time line for the Pathfinder Society? Basically an in game history to share with new players? Either an outline or maybe a graphical one? We have a rich history and I would love to be able to represent it better.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

How come no Magus, Oracle or Witch? Just wondering?

Grand Lodge

Hey looking at the dungeon maps they are labeled "1 square = 10 feet" is that right? They seem way to big....some of the rooms are huge. Even the furniture on the map seems wrong, the beds end up being 10 x 10? Just wondering if others thought that? I am toying with the idea of using "1 Square = 5 feet" but not sure if I am missing something?

Grand Lodge

I am looking for the name of a real B rate gaming movie from the 80's. It is about a gaming group that loses one of its players and the GM summons a minor demon from hell to be there fourth player. The group then decides force the demon to play a lawful good paladin that he promptly names "Suckface the Paladin". The production quality is horrible, the effects were horrendous and the scrip was much so that it was awesome.

I thought it was called something like "Dungeon Master Oh Dungeon Master" but I can not find anything about it....

If any one remembers the name of the movie it would be much appreciated

Grand Lodge

How do people deal with small characters? I am currently in two AP, Reign of Winter (GM) and Carrion Crown (Player), both seem to be a race to the finish so not a lot of shopping and there really never seem to be any small items?

In Carrion Crown I am playing a Gnome Bleachling Cleric of Pharasma ...nothing not a single item and we have not been in a town where we could buy any thing over 2000 gp yet. I am a level 10 cleric with a lot of gold but really not much else. On top of it I was handed a certain artifact built for my character accept that is to big so I take major penalties. I am about to handed to a medium character and forget about it...very annoying.

In Reign of Winter I am GM, we have two halflings and I ruled that everything would re-size otherwise the same thing happens.

Do people house rule to allow for re-size of weapons and armor? Or advise against playing small characters?

I think you have to do one or other...the weapon size change is rather allowing to small characters...I know I will never play one again.....

Grand Lodge

Is there anything that protects against the Slumber Hex? I thought maybe "Protection from Evil" did but according to the FAQ it does not.

Protection from Evil FAQ

Just wondering? Seems like there is nothing I can find?

Grand Lodge

I was wondering if one could us the images of the books or maybe an AP? I joined a Kickstarter where they will make a solid wood GM screen for me. I would like to use some of the book images. This will not be a mass produced item, it will be a one time thing just for me. Everything I would use I own (most times the book and PDF). The issue I am having is they will not use copy written material with out consent (which is good)...

Is there a different way to communicate with them? I sent the request in using the email/website 8 weeks or so ago?

Here is the Kickstarter web site

Iron Wood Engraving

Grand Lodge

Just wondering if they plan do anything with the awesome "Troop" template they introduced in Reign of Winter. I would love to see a Campaign setting guide..."Troops of Golarion"...just a thought

Grand Lodge

So I am running my first AP..awesome! but the physical book is getting a little beat up. The corners are starting to split and it gets dinged up a little. I try to only buy hard cover books for this reason but there is no hard cover option in AP (well except the Rise of the Rune Lords).

Does anyone have any good solutions for protecting the these softcover books?

Grand Lodge

Just wondering if any one has a good image that might represent the Pale Tower? I run an online game and we are just about to get there. Since it is the end of book one I thought I would try and find some imagery...If you something please share :)

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Just wondering how people deal with this at the table? For 500 gold it seems like a great deal since there are no real issues. +10 to bluff check to lie and +5 to bluff checks to feint with only a -5 to bluff checks made to send secret messages.
I know it does not list it but it seems like it would be a huge issue for diplomacy and anything else Charisma based. Just wondering how people handle this....or if it really matters

Grand Lodge Game Space Beta Tester

Our group currently uses roll20 for pathfinder. I would love to check this out if I can get an invite?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

So trying to figure out how to run this? I was asked the other day if it was available out side of cons. Is this a Venture-Captain only mod? Just wondering....

Grand Lodge

Quick question about the way people use knowledge checks. Some games the players ask to make a knowledge check and the GM will says "OK make are Arcana check". When I GM the players ask to make a knowledge check I always reply "OK which one do you want to use?". I had a player the other day tell me that is not how it works....I read the rules I could not find anything saying one way or the other. Did I miss something? What do most people do?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

Hey we are looking at running a few sessions of GM101 to getting people interested in GMing after our normal PFS meet up on Sundays. We have a pretty good group but people seem a little hesitant to GM.

Currently I am thinking of breaking into 4 sessions...each not lasting more then 1 hour. I am thinking this is more of a group discussion then a presentation so each topic should last about 30 minutes maybe 45...leaving time for pizza.

Does that sounds about right? Or do people usually do it all at one sitting? If you have done this locally I would love to hear about it and what worked for you.

Grand Lodge

So I have been trying to understand how Acrobatics and how it works when avoiding AoO. It seems currently in our gaming community there are two interpretations.

A. You make a single Acrobatics vs CMD for each foe that could take an AoO on you. If you beat there CMD you can move freely with out fear of AoO for the rest of your move action. Meaning you do not have to reroll acrobatics if you were to leave a second square threatened by the any of the foes that you already rolled against.

A rouge and orc are in a 15 foot wide hallway, the Rogue wants to get by the orc. Hey moves forward, first move is into the square to the orc's forward right, since he is entering a square and not leaving the squarer no AoO.
When the Rogue wants to move into the square directly to the right of the Orc, he will provoke and AoO because he is leaving the threaten square, forward right of the orc. He makes an acrobatics, he beats the orcs CMD so not AoO.
Since he beat the orcs CMD on the Acrobatics he can coninue moveing with out provoking and AoO.

B. You make a single Acrobatics vs CMD for each foe that could take an AoO on you for every threaten square you leave.

A rouge and orc are in a 15 foot wide hallway, the Rogue wants to get by the orc. Hey moves forward, first move is into the square to the orc's forward right, since he is entering a square and not leaving the square no AoO.
When the Rogue wants to move into the square directly to the right of the Orc, he will provoke and AoO because he is leaving the threaten square, forward right of the orc. He makes an acrobatics, he beats the orcs CMD so not AoO.
Now since he wants to continue moving forward into the square on the orcs left rear he makes another Acrobatics vs the Orcs CMD.

I seached through the forums and even found the FAQ that Jason B put out.
Acrobatics FAQ

But it seems there is one line that seems to be the issue

Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Acrobatics allows you to make checks to move through the threatened area of foes without provoking attacks of opportunity. You must make a check the moment you attempt to leave a square threatened by an enemy, but only once per foe.

What does the part mean, once per foe. People are arguing that the statement means once per foe per move action or once per foe per leaving a threatened square(provoking event).

Personally I could see both making sense but just trying to make sure I rule it correct. I am sort of looking for rules to back this up which is what I have been having a hard time finding.

Thank you in advance

Grand Lodge

Hey just wondering if there is a good resource to figure out where on the map of Golarion places like Heldren, Waldsby and The Pale Tower are actually?

I have a rough idea but was looking to make Waldsby and The Pale Tower....north of Hoarfrost Woods? South? West? thinking north but just wondering

Grand Lodge

I love them!! I GM over a VTT so it makes it much easier. Bravo Paizo! One question the map of Waldsby seems to be missing a button? I can not remove the map there a way to do this? Just wondering

Grand Lodge

Hey I was searching around to find some clarification on reach. Basically the diagonal question. I found this thread from 2010 where James Jacobs explains reach and diagonals perfectly. Along with a few other reach related feats. It seems to me this should get added to the Core FAQ. The question comes up a lot, well in my area it seems too. So is this still the official ruling? If so how can we get it FAQed?

Dev Questions


Edit: Fixed url

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

Any way to get sets of paper minis created for the Pathfinder Society scenarios? Basically everything you would need to run the scenario. Some could be the stock images from the books but there are a lot of special things in the mods that would be great to see. I would buy the PDFs in an instant it would help with prep and online play...just a thought to help out GMs.

Any one else agree?

Grand Lodge

Is there a beast man monster some where? Sort of the half-man half-ape guys from the old pulp stories? I have not seen one...maybe a half-Ape template? Looking for something around those lines but not finding much...

Grand Lodge

Was there ever official errata on this? The PRD does not have it and I can not find any Ultimate Combat errata...if not so Gun training and Pistol training are untyped so they would stack.

If there is official errata please let me know...I have a player asking about the build. If there is no official errata I will allow it

Grand Lodge

So I have a Flowing monk and I am looking at taking a few style feats. But I have a questions about the styles. So with a flowing monk I give up Stunning Fist for Redirection but it seems that some of the styles are specific to Stunning Fist. Example would be Monkey Shine in the Monkey Style feat tree. Do I need to pick up Stunning Fist or will this work with my Redirection (since it replaces Stunning Fist).

I am thinking I need Stunning Fist but thought I would ask

Grand Lodge

not a rules or scenario question but a more practical question. How does everyone carries all their stuff around?

It seems I have accumulated lots of things (books, maps, minis, cards,...)around my favorite hobby and I have started running more society I am traveling around more and I need to carry my stuff. I have started looking for a new roller bag or something like that but I have not really found to much. Games Workshop has some of them but the are more focused on minis...I have a lot of other things. The back pack I have now is getting to small and too heavy! So any ideas or links would be great! Thanks in advance....

Grand Lodge

I was subscriber to Kobold Quaterly and loved getting them in the mail. Are there any other good RPG gaming magazines that people subscribe too? I am looking for actual magazines (with an pdf option).

Grand Lodge

Can you still by the base rules for Pacesetter games??? All I see a bunch of mods

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

How do people handle the ego on the black blade? Last table I ran I guess I pretty much ignored that what others do? Or do you make the Magus make will saves when appropriate?

Grand Lodge

Quick question where is the best place to get the actual rules around a Magus? I see lots of threads and lots opinions but I am having a hard time finding answers.

I saw that the there is a FAQ entry about the cast, move and use the free attack to deliver the spells...which was good. But is there more?

Here is a question that was brought up in today's game. The Magus wanted to use Spell Combat and Spell Strike together. His argument was that Spell Combat allowed him to 2 attacks at a -2 like two weapon fighting and that since the melee attack in Spell Strike was free he could make the second attack with his sword. In essence, cast shocking grasp, hit the monster with his sword doing weapon and shocking grasp and then hit the monster again with his sword as his second attack taking the -2.

To me this seemed wrong, the way I read Spell Combat is it allows you to attacks, one touch attack to deliver the spell and one sword attack. I read Spell strike as being able to use you sword to deliver a touch spell as part of a melee attack. They seem to be two different types of combat. My argument was he needs two "weapons", ie the spell and sword to use spell combat and that he could not use the one weapon to do what basically is two weapon fighting. And that was an either or type of attack..the idea of using your sword again to attack seems wrong to me.

Is there a ruling on this? Am I wrong? Just because it feels wrong does not make it wrong....please point me to the right ruling so I can show up with evidence one way or the other.

Sorry if this has been covered but I was unable to find anything that seemed to cover it that was a definite ruling.

Grand Lodge

I just noticed something probably should have seen before....readying a slash weapon is a full round action. I have always treated like a potion...a move to retrieve a stored item and a standard to throw (attack). But it sounds like it should be a move to retrieve, a full round to ready and a standard to throw. Am I reading this wrong? Does this apply to Alchemist bombs also(thinking not but thought I would ask)?

Grand Lodge

So if I have Wind Stance I should be able to hide (make stealth check) against all ranged enemies. But not really sure with the wording in Stealth....

Wind Stance
If you move more than 5 feet this turn, you gain
20% concealment for 1 round against ranged attacks.

Against most creatures, finding cover or concealment allows you to
use Stealth.

So wondering what people thought? I am thinking anyone not adjacent the player could hide from....

Grand Lodge

I ad a player to day that was a 3rd level magus, with out casting spells, just a normal swing of the sword was doing +7 to his damage. I asked in the game for a little clarification but I did not want to slow the game down to I did not push the subject. He spouted something out about weapon finesse and dervish dancer. This allowed him to add dex into his damage....still +7 right out of the gate with out any magic. So did a little seems dervish dancer is a bard archtype. That wouldn't do it.

So am I missing something? I could not find a feat that allowed me to add dex bonus to damage....I see the Agile magic weapons but I asked that he dd not have one. So thought I would ask here and see what I get

Grand Lodge

looking at create water I wanted to verify the size of the down pour. It looks like it wold be pretty limited but not sure i am thinking about it right

1st level 2 gallons 1/4 cubic foot 3/4 a cubic foot down pour
2nd level 4 gallons 1/2 cubic foot 1 1/2 cubic foot down pour
3rd level 6 gallons 3/4 cubic foot 2 1/4 cubic foot down pour
4th level 8 gallons 1 cubic foot 3 cubic foot down pour
5th level 10 gallons 1 1/4 cubic foot 3 3/4 cubic foot down pour
6th level 12 gallons 1 1/2 cubic foot 4 1/2 cubic foot down pour
7th level 14 gallons 1 3/4 cubic foot 5 1/4 cubic foot down pour

is this right? so to make enough water to fill a 5 foot square with rain the caster would have to 7th level? So I am thinking to put out a 5 foot square of fire the caster would need to be 7th level?

Here is the spell

School conjuration (creation) [water]; Level cleric 0, druid 0, paladin 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect up to 2 gallons of water/level
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
This spell generates wholesome, drinkable water, just like clean rain water. Water can be created in an area as small as will actually contain the liquid, or in an area three times as large—possibly creating a downpour or filling many small receptacles. This water disappears after 1 day if not consumed.

Note: Conjuration spells can't create substances or objects within a creature. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. One cubic foot of water contains roughly 8 gallons and weighs about 60 pounds.

Grand Lodge

I was told the other day that you lose your dex (basically are considered flatfoot) when you stand up from prone.

The PRD states it is move action and provokes....

Stand Up
Standing up from a prone position requires a move action and provokes attacks of opportunity.

but I see nothing about losing your there a different rule that I am missing? Just wondering...

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

Wondering what other people thought about this years special at gencon?? Not one of my favorites...but some of that is my fault and some I thought was the special design.


I had generic tickets so I knew that I might not get in but thought I would try. But the mustering was really a mess by us (level 3-4). The poor guy working the clip board had no idea what was going on and went back repeatedly for clarification and communication. They tried to seat all the real tickets first and then generics. This makes sense but there were no lines, no organization, no groups so the poor guy was mobbed.

I got there an hour early and stood by the muster point hoping to get in line but it seems that since there was no lines it did not matter everyone just mobbed the door and chaos ensued. (really needed a protection from chaos). The biggest issue I I got there early, stood in line, checked in the muster captain (not sure what he is called) as soon as he showed up but others of the same level were seated before me. In fact at the end I was told there would be no table for me....after they seated a bunch of generics right in front of me that showed up later. I guess I should have been more pushy and really pestered the the guy. Luckily one of the other people that was not getting in was a GM (2 star I believe) and he offered to run the mod cold for the people that were left. Which was great!!!! I could not thank him enough...awesome support from the community. I got lucky...there were a bunch of lower levels that got turned away....

We had issues with some of the timed events as both the GM and the party stumbled to understand and catch up since we were seated late. But our biggest issue was a lack of party diversity, not having any skill based characters on the table. We had 2 clerics, 2 barbarians and alchemist. This made the special extremely challenging for us but I guess was the luck of the draw.

Can I suggest something for maybe future years? I like that the special are widely diverse and challenging but maybe there would be a better way to organize. Force the players to self muster, do not report to the muster captain (or what ever he is called) unless you have a full table of 6. This will put it on the players to get a diverse party a opposed to the random seating assignment that the muster captain was doing. First he will seat tables with 6 real tickets, then he will sit tables with 5 reals and one generic...and so on. The more real tickets you have in he party the quicker you will be seated.

Also make sure the time for mustering with real tickets is clearly stated, real tickets will be exclusively seated for a given time period, not sure how long maybe 20 minutes. If you do not show up with a party of 6 then you could lose your chance play.

My hope is maybe the players could help with the organization and keep the chaos down to minimum. Plus maybe the muster captains will be able to make the will save vs insanity!


I do have one other thing, while I did not make it to the second part (not an issue) one of my friends did. He showed up for the second part, well it seemed that the rest of his table did not leaving him the only one on the table. There were other tables with the same issue so they were all pushed on to one table (ok seems to make sense). Well since they were all different levels, 2 out of the 5 players were forced to higher level generics (hmmm in the second round of the special??) and they did not have a full table(cringing now.) Also the mod had an in game time limit or your table would be TPKed in box text (what??? really??? TPKed in box way PFS would do that).

Once again the table suffered from the same issue I had with pick up groups....lack of diversity. No fighter or true melee at all. They struggled to say the least....they decided to run at the end and not finish the mod, they got the word to open the door and were running out as time was called. The table GM told them they made it all the way out and were safe but he had to check with the head GM on one issue. After the discussion with the head GM it seems that he was over ruled and the party was TPKed. Really??? Over ruled and killed in box text??? Really????

It seems that a lot of the tables at the special were also TPKed at the end. Really??? So you pull the best players from the first round to TPK them with a time limit??? Also it seems really strange to over rule the table GM, since he knew the situation and had made the call.....

The death was not really the issue, I mean they had the 21 prestige points to get recovered and for the raise was the whole thing that seemed to stink. First, over ruling the table GM seems wrong, he was there, he knew the situation and had already ruled on it. Second, are we not all heroes? I mean losing a fight to horrible monster. Ok. Dying a horrible death in a strung trap. OK. Those deaths we at least feel like we tried but to be killed in box text? I mean really???? Take a second, write a ending where the players barely escape by the skin of their teeth and have to face there fellow pathfinders with the shame that they failed. Killing them due to a time limit seems very silly to me and a good way to piss people off.

With all this said I still feel that PFS is a handled very well and provides a great setting, great GMing and a fine environment to play in.

Grand Lodge

Maybe I should have known this before I purchased the whole set but it seems these are not written to the "Pathfinder" rules but to the D&D 3.5 rules. really??? The home page for the adventure path says "Pathfinder" all over it!!!!!! hmmmm it should really state that on the adventure path page......

I saw the thread with the all the PDFs to convert stats to Pathfinder but do I really need to have a whole set of stat blocks out side the provided material? I was hoping I could calculate CMD and CMB off the grple stat and go with it. I really do now want a full set of stuff out side the provided material

Any one else run this with the Pathfinder rule set? Any big issues that they found???

Maybe I am over reacting a little bit...maybe there are no issues....I guess when I buy something labeled "Pathfinder"...I expect "Pathfinder"! It would have been nice to know it was not written with that rule set.....

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Wisconsin—Green Bay aka Slamy Mcbiteo

Hey I see Gray Maiden shirt re-roll is allowed? I have one of the shirts but I have been told in the past it is not allowed at tables any more??? So thought I would post since it seems to be in the PFS guide or is it a miss print?

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I play a gunslinger and I have had several people groan and tell me how broken they are....I must be doing something wrong cause it seems to me like it is a pretty balanced class. The damage output is offset by the cost and reloading rules or it seems to me.

I am currently a 2nd level gunslinger and to be real effective it seems I need 3 feats, point blank, precise shot and rapid reload. right now I have 2 of the 3 and I can fire every other round..since reloading a pistol is standard and i do a whole 1d8. I know it is against touch so it is easier to hit but it seems they slowed down the damage output.

I know at eleventh level I can take lightening reload and reload as a swift action. By that time I will have multiple attacks I will be able to reload one barrel a round as a swift action. So with even with the pepper box I 2 rounds of full attack before I need to reload which will take me 2 rounds to fully reload. (2 from the swift actions on the two rounds firing, 2 move actions a one swift to load 3 more rounds and then one more move action to reload) so over 8 rounds I will do ~12d8. t actually seems kind of low at 11th level. I suppose I could have multiple pepper boxes with some enhancements so it would be more.

I guess it seems balanced to me...either that or I am missing something.

Grand Lodge

Quick question...does a backpack provide any encumbrance benefits? Or is it just a container. How do people deal with retrieving something from a backpack? I am thinking move action or full round if the pack is worn. For some reason I can not really find any rules on backpacks anywhere. I did see the thread on how much can it hold which is good to know but thought ask a few more questions...

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

It seems that Ninja and Samurai did not make the favored class list? I am assuming they could use the rogue and fighter favored class features. It seemed strange that gunslinger made it but those two classes did not...any thoughts?

Grand Lodge

Hey wondering which of the Map packs has the best trees...looking for a pack to quickly create forest encounters with lots of trees. Any ideas? I guess I could make my own...

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