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Gelatinous Cube

Sketchpad's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 381 posts. 12 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 1 alias.

Hi Gang,
My group and I have been playing Pathfinder since the Core Rulebook hit shelves, but have never played under the PFS. We're getting ready to start a new campaign up and, as GM, I really liked the idea of using the PFS and taking advantage of the resources offered for such a game. However, that said, I've run into a snag: my group is 9 people large on the average (and occasionally can grow to 10 people around holidays).
We play as a home game and have limited space, so splitting the group really isn't a solution (not to mention they like playing as a large group). Is there any way that I can hand wave this? Or are we just not PFS compatible? Thanks in advance.

Can't wait for July to get a copy for the Missus. She's a HUGE PF Goblin fan and I know she wants this. :)

So I was watching the Olympics and started thinking about an adventure centering around a competition akin to the event in Golarion. Is there something like this in the world? I didn't notice any notation of it. Has anyone else considered something like this?

Oooo ... look what ICv2 announced today! May can't come soon enough!! :)

Hola! I've been reading the Pathfinder Tales novels and really dig what I've read so far. However, I was curious ... will we ever see the stats for some of the heroes of the books? Or maybe some of the significant background characters? I heard that Inner Sea Magic had levels for Varian Jeggare, but no stats (as well as having Riffle Scrolls, yay!).

So I've been running an old school dungeon crawl for my kids' group and was wondering if anyone's made an expanded encounters table for critters and such? I've used the one at d20 Pathfinder SRD which is the same in the books, but was hoping for some tables that included B2 content.

Just heard via FB that Paizo's own Sean K. Reynolds and his girlfriend, Jodi, got married today. Congrats Sean & Jodi, may you have a great life together! :)

Anyone have the classic map symbols that are seen in the GMG? Is there a font that has these? Or just a bunch of images?

What's the closest area to Rome in Golarion? Is there one? I was almost thinking it was Cheliax ...

Is there a stat block for the average Chelaxian Soldier in a Pathfinder module or possibly in the upcoming Gamemastery Guide? I just had an epiphany for an upcoming adventure and it would involve that ;)

Hiya Gang,
I asked this over at the HL boards as well, but I was wondering if anyone has added any of the options from Tome of Secrets to Hero Lab? Or if there was a dataset coming out for it? I thought I'd heard something about it before ...

So I broke down and snagged the PFC Campaign Setting book ... and I love it :) But I had a question for the Pazio's That Be ;)

Is there a conversion guide to transfer over to the Pathfinder CRB? I know there isn't much ... but I was just wondering in instances like the Prestige Classes in the back and such ...

On a side note, my wife and kids are addicted to Fable II and I get a vibe akin to that in the book. Really looking forward to running a great game with this ... thanks Paizo :)

Does anyone know is the symbols used in the bestiary available somewhere as a font or as just images?

Has anyone converted the Dragonborn as they appear in 4e? How about The Apelord?

I keep getting this error when I try and download some books. I realize this is probably going to be fixed when everyone gets back ... but I hadn't seen anything on it.

So I've been considering pre-ordering the Pathfinder RPG. But, before I do, I had a question on its compatibility with a few books. I apologize if this has been asked before :) How compatible is 3.X going to be with Pathfinder? Mostly thinking of some of the alternate classes ... like in Tome of Magic or the Heroes of Horror books. How much modification would be needed to use these classes?

From today's blog:
The Free RPG Day is almost upon us, as is your chance to grab your copy of the limited Pathfinder RPG Bonus Bestiary for free! This Friday, June 19th, participating retailers will be handing out this fabulous little full-color supplement featuring 13 classic monsters, each updated to the upcoming Pathfinder RPG rules! These critters won't be found in the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, so if you want an early copy for your Pathfinder game, find a local participating retailer at!

Bold is mine ... isn't Free RPG Day tomorrow June 20th?

Just wondering if there are plans for a Pathfinder Character Folio? I'd love to see one. Always found the past ones useful, but more as a download rather than a printed product (that way it can be put into a binder, additional pages can be printed when needed, etc.) ... mind you, I'd also love to see it as a free download rather than a buy product, but then I've always thought that a nice folio should be offered as a promotional piece ;)

I'm wondering about the compatibility of the Critical Hit & Miss Decks with the Pathfinder RPG. I know that most consider the PFRPG D&D 3.75, but I'm curious if the criticals are going to be different in enough of a way that the deck has to be revised?

I love what the Pathfinder stuff, but tend to run other games than Fantasy. Any chance that we might see a Pathfinder Modern or Supers? Or a Pathfinder Future line?

Has Paizo ever considered making book like Pathfinder for other systems? Like GURPS Pathfinder ... or maybe Pathfinder Hero ... or even Savage Pathfinder? I think it could be neat ...

Any chance that we could see a d20Future or Modern Item Deck? I'd love to see some neat futuristic items :)
Also, with the idea of Pathfinder in mind, any chance of seeing a futuristic setting like it?

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