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Gelatinous Cube

Sketchpad's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 382 posts. 12 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 1 alias.


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Can we get Goblin Cookie Cutters? Please? ;)

Unfortunately, Fiddlers, virtual tabletops aren't an option either. My group gets together every other Saturday to play and have been playing together for over a decade. To split them up would be rough for everyone involved, and most aren't the VTT sort of players.
In all honesty, I'm considering adapting the PFS system to my campaign, only without registering anything. This opens up some of the other races that folks have talked about, as well as using books like Ultimate Campaign.
Maybe sometime in the future we may slip into PFS officially or maybe it'll expand its requirements to allow larger groups. :)

Unfortunately, Fiddlers, there's no room to split the group where we play. It's probably looking like no PFS for the time being.

Thanks for the welcome and the info, John. It's much appreciated. I kind of figured that was the case, unfortunately.

Hi Gang,
My group and I have been playing Pathfinder since the Core Rulebook hit shelves, but have never played under the PFS. We're getting ready to start a new campaign up and, as GM, I really liked the idea of using the PFS and taking advantage of the resources offered for such a game. However, that said, I've run into a snag: my group is 9 people large on the average (and occasionally can grow to 10 people around holidays).
We play as a home game and have limited space, so splitting the group really isn't a solution (not to mention they like playing as a large group). Is there any way that I can hand wave this? Or are we just not PFS compatible? Thanks in advance.

Any more word on the Goblin Backpack? I'd love to get my wife one for our anniversary. ;)

Any chance you could re-post the Roach Thrall? The link above doesn't work. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: NM. I found them. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to see some fiction highlighting more of the planets seen in Distant Worlds.

When is the actually street date for this? October 30th?

So any chance there might be new Goblins at Gen Con? Or maybe around Christmas? I remember seeing a plush Goblin backpack at one point.

I'd love to see an official app for the Combat Pad as well. Mind you, I'm also hoping for Paizo apps on the Kindle. ;)

I'd also like to see a pawn set for this. Any chance we might see a Golarion NPC Codex with named characters from the comics and novels eventually?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Was there any Pawn news at Paizocon?

SOLD! Is it March yet? ;)


SOLD! :)

This sounds like a great resource. Looking forward to it.

Can't wait for this one! :)


Very cool! Looking forward to this.

Looks like Dwarven Forge stuff.

Robert Brookes wrote:
Cheapy wrote:

For the good of everyone, I recommend you all check out this link.

Lirianne has an important message for you all.

+100 points if you get the reference.

To that I say:

"While I would like to maneuver through this world with an open heart and mind, sometimes it doesn't gain you favor. So I just need to be equipped with the necessary skill sets, guns, training, weapons, fighting - in case I encounter any obstacles that need to be defeated." ;)

Chris Lambertz wrote:
You can find those sheets here. We have updating the Community Use Package on the To Do List.

Thanks, Chris!

Vic Wertz wrote:
the Haunted Jester wrote:
Could be the surprise $14.99 product released at PaizoCon...

Sorry... nope.

We did just approve the production sample for the new Combat Pad, though, and we're hoping we can have it in stock in time for Gen Con.

Vic, does the new one look just like the old one or has there been some changes?

Will this be updated with the sheets from Ultimate Campaign?

Count my vote for an ARG set. Honestly, it could probably be done in the same size as the AP ones.

Now my wife will need rules for these as animal companions and familiars. ;)

XperimentalDM wrote:
Cyd the Arcmagi wrote:
Sketchpad wrote:
Can't wait for July to get a copy for the Missus. She's a HUGE PF Goblin fan and I know she wants this. :)
Isn't Free RPg Day this Saturday?
It is, but if he doesn't have a participating store in his area, he has to wait till July 1st to buy a hard copy or download the free PDF from Paizo.

Give that DM some XP! We used to have someone in the area, but the new owners have no desire to carry on the tradition.

Can't wait for July to get a copy for the Missus. She's a HUGE PF Goblin fan and I know she wants this. :)


SOLD! I love the first set! :)

SOLD! Can't wait for this!:)

You know, instead of a backpack card, has Paizo ever considered a playmat for such containers? Or maybe a special box? I always thought something like that would be cool for the item cards.

Deanoth wrote:

Yea it was the Mini set and not the Pawns.. Sorry sir :)

To bad you aren't in Minnesota.. you could join my home game :)
Shattered Star for the win! :D

One of these days we need to be at a con again. It was a blast the first time around. ;)

Deanoth wrote:

Sketch. There WERE Nightgaunts in the Shattered Star Set.. I got more then a few :)

-WizO_Kip :D

The minis set, right Kip? Cause I don't see any in the Pawns. Dang shame, as we've switched 100% to using Pawns in our PF games.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
See answer in other thread. :D

"Which other thread would that be, Mister Stephens?" Sketch asked, unaware of the spiny tail that slipped down from the rafters. In the shadows of the roof, a nightgaunt stared on silently. ;)

No Nightgaunts? Aww. Hopefully they'll make it out on another Pawn set.

Ooo... my wife would dig this. It'd go great with her plush Goblins.

Yup. My wife will need this one as well. Next thing you'll put up are more plush Goblins, since we have the others. :)

Any chance we might see a small Pawns set for the two modules? ;)

I'm hoping for multiple Nightgaunts ;)

I'm digging the Augmentation rules so far. Can't wait to see the finished product :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Looks like I'll be buying two of these as well :)

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

Absolutely. I welcome all questions, though I warn you now sometimes the answers will be "I can't say" or "I don't know yet."

Excellent news! Thanks for answers, Owen! I think this is the book I've been waiting for :) Looking forward to the finish product and a possible Kickstarter campaign!

Really looking forward to the book, Owen. Thanks to SGG for picking this up. I had a few questions if that's okay...
• Are there plans for support beyond a core book?
• Will this be more sci-fi than fantasy or a blend?
• How close will this be to some of the info found in d20 Apocalypse?

Thanks again!

Wait, SSG is working on WotA now? Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the book :)

James Jacobs wrote:

Something like a technolich would need to wait for the Numeria Adventure Path I'm so increasingly eager to start.

And I will happily lay down the cash to buy such an AP ;)

There are also the Androids in the Inner Sea Bestiary.

I'd be interested in a PF PA book as well, especially if it was a spiritual successor to Gamma World. No fantasy races, rather mutants, pure strain humans, and maybe a few stock species. Various tech, runied earth, mutated critters for a bestiary. There's a TON of potential there.

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Sketchpad wrote:
Like Ultimate Campaign, my bookshelf awaits this book eagerly.

And there's the connection to make.

Ultimate Campaign is going to be filled with TONS of awesome new character options. This book brings those options to players and characters campaigning in Golarion.

As folks get more insight into Ultimate Campaign I think the role of and placement for this book will become increasingly apparent.

You had me at "TONS of awesome" ;) I can't wait for the book.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I've always liked the concept of Truename Magic and would love to see either a PF Base Class or maybe as an option for a Wizard. As far as the whole PFModern idea, I'd rather see a great PF-Compatible modern horror book (along the lines of d20CoC meets Dark*Matter) or even a well supported PF Space/Sci-Fi book.

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