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Sister Maeve's page

140 posts. Alias of joriandrake.

Full Name

Maeve Sylessin Eyllisundinaea








Chaotic Neutral


"The Witch Queen"

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 8
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 17
Charisma 14

About Sister Maeve


While most half-elves look much like their human parents Maeve is the exact opposite, not only does she resemble her mother the most from all the Feyborn sisters, but she also looks barely different from typical elves.

She still does honor her bloodline and just as her mother and sisters she also has snow white hair, although she colors a few strains blood red. Her youthful physic and pretty face may turn many heads after her, but Maeve's beauty and divine grace are also a blessing from the Witch Queen to her loyal priestess.

Maeve Sylessin Eyllisundinaea is the youngest, fourth child in the family, and as such is unlikely to inherit anything. She enjoys the gained freedom through this however, and would never exchange her life for that of her eldest sister Lysanna who is the heir to the citadel. She is devoted to her city and family, but more than anything else her goddess.

Maeve usually wears a light and soft silken white dress with knee-length skirt, and a long black cloak with a hood. If she is traveling she often wears a customized black studded leather armor atop her clothes that offers some form of protection while still adding emphasis on the form of her slender body. A few times she wears the exact opposite, a silken white cloak with a hood and a revealing black lace dress. She never hides her holy symbol and is proud to be what she is.

Maeve is headstrong, calm, but rebellious in nature. She has no skill or need of leadership, but her natural beauty is additionally blessed by the divine power of the Witch Queen, and thus she is more than charismatic. Maeve has a frail delicate body that resembles the constitution weakness of the elves, but is tougher than she seems. Her agility and strength is average, and she makes up for that with being clever and having an unusually good intellect. She has it hard to find people who don't bore her in a discussion though, even if this is not written on her face. Maeve looks for people to get into a more serious relationship with if she likes them and they have a "Conversation Score" (a total of the three mental attribute modifiers) that is higher than hers.

Racial and Class Details:

Favored Classes: Rogue, Cleric

+2 to One Ability Score: Maeve gets a +2 bonus to Wisdom

Low-Light Vision: She can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Adaptability: Maeve receives Skill Focus as a bonus feat at 1st level.

Elf Blood: She counts as both elf and human for any effect related to race.

Elven Immunities: Maeve is immune to magic sleep effects and gets a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.

Keen Senses: She receives a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.

Multitalented: Maeve has two favored classes and gains +1 hit point or +1 skill point whenever she takes a level in either rogue or cleric classes.


Elven Caster
Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
Spell Focus (Enchantment)
Alignment Channel: Evil

House Eyllisundinaea, also known as House Feyborn:

House Eyllisundinaea was in ancient times one of the greatest and most renown among elves, many of their members were famous Oracles, Seers, or Forest Knights. They were patrons of artists and musicians, their wisdom and advice was sought after when new settlements were planned, and the location was decided by them. Two of the Feyborn bloodline became once Queen of the elves.

As time passed by and the old elven gods grew weaker the House became rumored to deal with otherworldly beings, devils, dragons, ghosts, and that many of them were witches themselves. It was already known that feyblood is strongly running in their bloodline, the snow white hair of the Eyllisundinaea sons and daughters was a proof to this. Despite being respected the rumors grew and escalated, the fact that while most of them were untrue didn't keep their enemies from spreading them to damage their prestige further.

Still, the family that to common men is known as House Feyborn remained strong, and even revealed its true ties to witchcraft, as indeed, House Eyllisundinaea had many witches and warlocks in its ranks.

As elven generations passed the family became more and more distant of the elven society, and created diplomatic ties with nearby humans and started to trade with dwarves. It was about this time when they were cursed by the then royal family of the elves on forged evidence of turning against their own kin and massacring an elven town. In truth an ancient rival House got rid this way both of its enemies in that town and also got House Feyborn exiled. The curse itself was simple but considered a death sentence for the family as the result of it was that only females would be born to the family, thus sooner or later eradicating the bloodline.

Those fools didn't consider the wisdom and foresight of the white haired witches though. House Eyllisundinaea withdrew to their most outlying lands and started constructing a great fortress and city, the Black Citadel as it got later called. The family also declared to be from thereon matriarchal and thus ignored the curse the best they could.

The change in governance to a matriarchy and the emergence of the Witch Queen's faith that the family converted to aided much in the changes that resulted in an amazon-like society that formed around the Feyborn family in the Black Citadel. The current family has many members and side-branches, the main family that rules the Black Citadel has five members.

Head of House: High Mistress Rhyliannah Sylessin Eyllisundinaea (elf)
Her children: Lysanna Rhae Eyllisundinaea (elf, heir), Laeriel Marille Eyllisundinaea (elf), Mayrien Cyrivelle Eyllisundinaea (half-elf). and Maeve Sylessin Eyllisundinaea (youngest child, half-elf)
Rhyliannah had all her four daughters with different men, they all resemble her the most though, and all have snow white hair.

Black Citadel: This is the "capital city" of the Feyborn family, its name comes from various sources. The most obvious is that the fortress and city walls are made of a dark, almost black stone. Superstition and rumors made it get called that also because the fact that it is ruled by witches, and for many men it represents a fear of what may happen if women come to power. The city flourishes currently, nearby territories are owned and protected by it, it is basically a city-state what gives refuge to those who accept their laws and want a new life without their new neighbors looking into their past.

The citadel formed a culture similar to the legendary amazon one, females rule, their name is inherited by the children, and due to the influence of the witches those with arcane or divine powers are also above the average people. A commoner male wizard or warlock is about as much worth in the society of the Black Citadel as a non-spellcaster noblewoman. The Black Citadel does keep male slaves that are gathered from battles, but these always had the right to rather take the death sentence, and some of them do regain their freedom if proven worthy.

Darksprite Forest: This forest is what protects the western borders of the Black Citadel, it houses fey folk and hags loyal to House Eyllisundinaea and its laws. Rumors say it also houses a clan of neutral werewolves of elven origin.

Iron Hills: The Iron Hills is in fact a smaller mountain with a lake and a rich mine on its top. The river from the lake comes down as a waterfall and is known as the Iron River. The river flows through Black Citadel and is the primary fresh water source for the city.

Religion of the Witch Queen:

The Witch Queen is a Chaotic Neutral goddess of witches, warlocks, bards, lovers, those who embrace mortal pleasures or seek knowledge. The goddess has access to Charm/Fire/Knowledge/Magic/Trickery domains.
Also known as "The Lover", "Queen Flameheart", "Seeker", "Fateweaver".
Favored weapon: scythe
Her symbol: a pentagram with a stylized heart in the middle

Her clergy is always female and wears light black and white clothes, either mixed or pure. They rarely wear armor and if yes only light armor. The priestesses sing their verbal components, but just as the armor this is also just a tradition the Black Citadel created and no defined rule.

The Witch Queen is said to have been once a mortal, a young Seer girl who was revered almost like a god in her community, but when a plague came and she wasn't able to give advice to avoid the disaster the people blamed her and burned her as a witch that caused the plague. Instead of being destroyed however, the spirit of the poor girl took its first step towards divinity, and fire became a close friend that saved her from further torment. As someone who was never able to enjoy live due to being treated as a bird in a golden cage before her death, she supports those who wish to enjoy every pleasure they want, and to aid those who were wrongly accused.

Her faith is still young, but it is already more than three centuries ago that she appeared as a goddess, House Eyllisundinaea was the first noble house with some power to convert to her faith. While the Feyborn family is the ruler of the Black Citadel, due to personal decision the title Queen was never used by them, instead the ruler is called High Mistress, and her daughters as Mistresses. This choice was made to honor the Witch Queen as the only true Queen of all witches, including those of the Black Citadel.

Clergy of the Witch Queen are often seen as either wise women or whores, depending on opinions. Just as the Feyborn family embraced the name for their city as Black Citadel, many priestesses truly follow that profession to some point, and enjoy life while they help others to also enjoy it. Ignoring ridicule and enchanting men to get what they want.

The mostly symbolic use of a scythe becomes rarely a weapon in battle, if it is used like that, then the scythe blade is usually covered in alchemist fire, and this flaming weapon is what is used in attacks then.

Character Sheet

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