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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

8,327 posts (9,308 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.

If you have a seriously, utterly wealthy NPC, say, the king of a huge merchant kingdom, who should have truly astounding access to money, how should you deal with that in game? Not necessarily for fighting the PCs, you know, more like finding out his general capabilities, for things like information gathering, defenses against prying eyes, and the like? The most simple solution seems to be to increase the CR, but at some point that is not going to be enough.

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Trying to avoid further derailment of the Charles Manson has a date. What's your excuse? thread, here is a thread for debate about the love lives of the single (and double) goblin.


Matt Damon!!!

Lissen up youngsters! There's a soggin lot of cultists here on these here boards!

We really need to do something about that! Before they, you know, do what it is cultists do. That never turns out well!

So join me! Take the fight, one and all!

The FFXIII game has six roles, Commando (melee striker), Ravager (magic blaster), Sentinel (tank), Medic (healer), Synergist (buffer) and Saboteur (debuffer). Most of these are pretty straightforward, but I feel the Saboteur has a few interesting points. Most notably, their debuffs cause damage when they hit, and one of their spells lower the max hp of the target (Wound). What this does is it makes it feasible as a real class, able to stand on its own. The Wound mechanic should also be possible to integrate into PF with few problems.

As of yet, I am unsure of what to do with this, but I would like some thoughts on it.

In my group, we have a paladin of Torag, with intelligence 9. When first meeting the Queen, he swore himself to her service. *sigh*

We have now played EoA and SDttG. The heroes are pretty certain that the Queen is behind the plague and large amounts of other wickedness.

So... Where does this leave our paladin? The Queen is becoming aware that the heroes, who did a splendid job of fighting the plague, are her enemies. She has not yet ordered the paladin to do anything but go to Cressida and see what she needs help with, as per EoA. Nor is it likely that she will be able to do so, at least not for a good while.

The paladin thought about it, and considers it a serious problem. For the moment, I think that is quite enough. But actively not obeying an order to someone sworn to you is about as clear cut a chaotic act as can be. Avoiding her is pretty much a borderline case. Then again, obeying a known monstrous evil person's orders is very much an evil act.

I do not want to screw the player over for playing his character. At the time, he had no way to know who the Queen really was. Any thoughts?

In the process of converting a 2nd edition AD&D Dungeon Adventure, I have ended up with a serious problem. One of the villains is a Pureblood Yuan-Ti wizard, powerful enough to cast level 4 spells (at least). I would prefer to make it a sorcerer, which adds up to level 8... and the Pureblood is CR 3 in itself. Deduct two levels because pureblood ends up as "special" creature, and you still have a CR 9 to work with. Considering that the toughest encounters otherwise end up at CR 7, this patently doesn't work. So, is it enough flavour-wise to have a human with serpentine bloodline at level 8?

Second, the adventure has an important location covered in a hallucinatory terrain effect, cast by said wizard. In Pathfinder, the spell no longer changes equipment, creatures and buildings, only the natural terrain. Do you have any suggestions?

Flashes against darkness illuminate a dragon's head. Classical-ish music starts pumping. Two swords clash.
A red haired thief hides behind a few barrels, clutching a dagger.
A stream of darkness envelops a man, and we see his pained face.
A knight is out walking in the woods.
A princess walks through a gate followed by monks, her hands bound.
The knight rushes through a wall of fire in slow motion.
They are torn from each other's arms by monks.
Music calms down. We see the knight staring at the portrait of the woman.
The princess is crying.
The knight hands over his sword.
The red haired thief is playing a set of pipes.
Evil, scantily-clad queen looks evil.
A bird flies.
Music picks up speed.
A huge temple in a thunderstorm.
Fighting. Explosion. Sword. Someone falls into water seen from below. Fire.
Thief backstabs someone who looks evil.

Got this game for christmas. Thought I'd try playing it solo to start getting familiar with it. Set everything up, chose Seoni, and gathered together the suggested cards for her deck, and set up the locations etc for Brigandoom!

Round 1: Encountered a Xulgath at the farm. 9. 1d12+1d6+2 should do it, and it did. Sure, it cost me a card, but that ended up at the back of my deck, so no problems. Feeling confident!

Round 2: Werewolf. Blessing of the Gods out. Seoni gets roflstomped, discards all her cards.

Round 3: Oh well, Seoni has new cards now. She'll kick their butts! New Blessing of the Gods, and the same werewolf! Dammit! Invisibility saves Seoni from a humiliating replay.

Round 4: Seoni encounters a Warlord! This time 1d12+1d6+2 turns out to be 1+1+2, modified by the Warlord to 0+0+2. Another roflstomp. This time, there are no more cards to draw. Death ensues.

Yeah, the game is far too easy. :(

I am sure I missed something or a lot, but man, that was brutal!

In this day and age, we are bombarded with stupid morals in every major movie we see, every episode of a TV series, every book we read. Apparently, the age of the faerie tale is not over. So, with this in mind, I propose a new game thread: Find the moral of the short story presented in the previous post, then write a short story for the next person.


The mighty gnome sorcerer Flim Bocknoggle XVI used his painstakingly crafted silver summoning circle, his unicorn tallow candles, his Book of Vile Darkness and the sacrifice of a flumph to summon a succubus. He dealt with her with all his skill and all his power, and got her to agree to serve him without protesting. Once she let him out of the circle, she did. With tomato sauce, fried potatoes and some fava beans.

And the moral is?

Just sat down to try to compile the stuff that exists about summoned monsters. Haven't included the stuff for specific gods and the like, just Core Rulebook and Champions of Purity, among other things trying to find what, if any, languages you need as a monster summoning class. The results are:

Abyssal Babau, Bebelith, Dretch, Glabrezu, Hezrou, Nalfeshnee
Auran Air elementals
Aquan Water elementals
Celestial Babau, Glabrezu, Hezrou, Nalfeshnee
Draconic Babau, Glabrezu, Hezrou, Nalfeshnee, Pseudodragon
Ignan Fire elementals
Infernal Hell hound
Sylvan Blink dog
Terran Earth elementals

Soooo... if you get Draconic, you get all the bigtime demons and the pseudodragon. Add Abyssal for the bebelith and dretch, then choose if you want to give specific orders to what kind of elementals, and whether you care about summoning dogs. Also note that the demons and the pseudodragon have telepathy, but the rules do not say if you can start telepathic conversations with creatures who have telepathy, so it may not be useful for giving orders.


In the subdomains listing, there is a mention of an "angel subdomain", that does not exist in the writeup. Should there be one?

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The devout red-skinned tiefling from Blood of Fiends. She is... shockingly gorgeous. So glad to see her again now.

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*Sits down at the head of the table, checking to see if any nurses are nearby. Seeing none of them, he scratches his beard and takes out his dice bag and a well-noted ancient copy of Tome of Horrors*
Hey! You guys!
Yeah, you. Come on, let's play some D&D! I got the...
*looks carefully at his adventure, then stretches his arms to see better*
...Tomb of... Ummm... Borrors here. Yeah, you can borrow my dice.
*pours out a bunch of miserably useless dice of severely mismatched colours*
Now, you will need a character, or you can't play! Lunch won't be for a while yet, so I think we are safe for a while. C'mon, a bit of age is no obstacle to playing!

This was an idea put forth by someone in another thread. It's a beautiful idea.

It's simple: Here go general discussion and comments about signs that civilization is degenerating. It is not a thread for what to do about it, merely observations and general comments about such observations.

I'll start: Turns out 64% of all garbage on the streets here is used cigarettes. I remember when it was just 53%. Darn smokers.

Saw this yesterday. Loved it. Even if it isn't a fantasy/SF movie.

Okay, there was a discussion about this series in the RPG Superstar forum thread Feminine wiles. I think it would be a better idea to discuss the books in question here. Considering the nature of the series, again, a dedicated thread is a better idea.

My personal view is pretty simple: It's not the first literary description of an utterly failed BDSM relationship to make high profile. I am talking about The Story of O, of course. 50SoG can't do much to warp the view of BDSM that O didn't already do.

To be honest, though, the writing is abysmal, and my interest is pretty much nil.

As a place to consider threads that are no longer with us, I would like to dedicate this thread to the illustrious history of these boards. The rules are simple: Post a link to a thread you enjoyed, whether you were in it or not, that has not been written in for at least a year. The sub-forum it appeared in is of no consequence.

I will start with What's your current favourite word?.

I have been thinking about this on and off for some time. The fact is that the spell lists of Dungeons & Dragons, and by extension all descendants of those games, are riddled with old, faithful spells that have become the "expected core" of the magic system in every setting for the games. Magic missile, fireball, lightning bolt, invisibility, fly, haste, hold person, charm person, detect magic, know alignment, featherfall, protection from evil, mirror image, mage armor, shield are some of the more classic offenders. I can understand why, they give you a feel of familiarity.

However, sometimes, that's not what you want after a long time playing. I have had thoughts about making a setting where the elements matter far more than they usually do... and I run into magic missile, mage armor and shield. Force spells remain a staple of every low-level wizard's repertoire.

Another consideration is that these spells are often badly written due to not being seriously updated since the dawn of time.

So... what can be done? What happens if I just exclude them? What other spells will take up the slack? Is it okay to do this? Will the price in added confusion be worth the contribution it can make to a setting? Will removing a few, generally low-level, spells change the power level of the various spellcasting classes, and is this a bad idea?

I hope this is in the right forum, and I apologize for the coming wall of text.

I am, if I say so myself, a pretty experienced game master. I have been running campaigns on and off for a very long time now. Last few years, I have done Shackled city, Rise of the runelords and Curse of the crimson throne, with breaks due to work and family taking too much time. I have also been playing in others' campaigns, a variety of RPGs including Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire slayer, GURPS, d20 Modern, Dark heresy, and some others. I have also run a number of shorter games... but all of them published adventures.

Now, I have felt somewhat burnt out on D&D-like games. We stopped Curse of the crimson throne after episode 2, because I felt I couldn't play it as it deserved. I have played, which has been good.

I set my sights on Exalted. I wanted to make a somewhat simple campaign, start as heroic mortals, then only solars, in the western direction. I freed up time, I read... and something happens. Writer's block, perhaps. I feel like all my ideas are pointless. Most of the time, it feels like there are NO ideas. There is a lot of text involved in the setting, and I am no slouch at plowing through text, but right now it feels like I can't make sense of it.

At this point I don't know what to think. I haven't created for a game for years... but I so want to.

Please, paizonians... do you have any suggestions? I apologize if this is too rambling or personal, but I suspect there are others out there who have dealt with this.

Well this is a fine mess I got myself into. We played the end of Edge of Anarchy, and the heroes were mystified when the queen held an execution - because they had the executionee in their custody. Having hidden Trinia away, they still went to the execution and found that the queen sent another woman to be executed. Cue Blackjack and one dramatic rescue, and the heroes have now ended up with two young women on their hands: Trinia, and another, feebleminded, woman who nobody knows who it is.

Feeblemind is a brutal spell. It is permanent and not removable without at least a level 6 spell (Heal), something that only three clerics in Korvosa would be able to deal with. None of those clerics (high priests of Asmodeus, Abadar and Pharasma) are people the PCs want to talk to about this, considering the delicate situation.

Thus, they sent the women off into the countryside, but one day they will solve the issue by casting that spell, and I will be faced with a woman the queen found in the dungeons of the castle. Anyone have a suggestion as to who this might be? Any way to tie this woman to the plotline?

I win!

This was a major let-down. The whole game is excessively short, and while I can't fault the actual game play, almost everything else about it feels shoddy and forced: It's often not clear where you can go, the graphics are somewhat wonky, breakage has been simplified compared to SW:TFU1, there are rather few enemy types.

What's your opinion?

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I have been the DM of a campaign running the module series set in Falcon's Hollow, namely Hollow's Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King, Carnival of Tears, Revenge of the Kobold King, and Hungry are the Dead.

Spoilers will follow, so if you don't want to see those, turn back now.

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