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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

7,424 posts (8,273 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.


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...a poisoned piece of cloth. Wylliam's skin falls off in great pieces of sludge, leaving a severely corroded metallic skeleton in an inert heap.

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All wizard parties have a pretty good reason to focus on fireballs and the like. Sure, it's not the most effective form of attack one on one, but four fireballs on round 1? Scary.

All commoners, now there is a challenge for you.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Trigger Loaded wrote:

A simple one I remember being used years ago, and still like to this day.

Have the PC's in a darkened room. They see a levitating skeleton, arms outstreched, floating towards them.

If they charge and attack, they run straight into a gelatinous cube that hasn't yet ejected the remains of its last meal.

That's from ** spoiler omitted **!

AND from

Crown of the Kobold King

The obvious one:

271: There was no tavern brawl on.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
samerandomhero wrote:

Congrats!! :D

So is marriage a prestige class or an archtype? :)


The secondary effect of kids is what really changes the game.

Well, new PCs have to come from somewhere.

Americans suck at geography... then again, I don't think I could place more than fifteen American states correctly.

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You bagged a wife? Gratz!

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A stair that lets you go up a level. Of course, the area beyond is dead end and dimensional locked, so eventually you will have to go down a level.

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I think of it this way: There are enough orthorectic health nuts to donate blood for most occasions. Thing is, it is important that the checks work and are simple and cheap enough. I think it really IS the desire to donate blood that matters.

The bad part of TIE fighter was that a) the Gunboat was utterly boring to fly, and b) the Advanced had stupid missions. Agreed, the TIE Fighter and Interceptor, and the Defender, were awesome.

268. An argument about whether the Great Prophet had meant "paradise will never happen", or "if you shoot enough pigs from catapults, you will have paradise", takes a turn for the worse.

Yes. Poor guy. I of course sent the eye to the National Transplant Authority to let them reimplant it. Besides, it smelled ewww.

The next poster was the recipient.

... my severely inadequate skills at intrigue.
... my failure as a leader.
... my ineptitude at magic. And combat. And stealth.
........... my low self-esteem.

1. What's our key selling point for the next D&D movie?
2. That seems like a pretty odd choice for the combined cupcake baking and archery competition.
3. How can you aspire to be a god when all you do is pick up girls and father bastards on them, curse people and strut around shooting people???


1. Oh no, my darling, I would never let that happen.
2. BlipblipblipblipbleeeeeeeeeeeepPWING!!!
3. Four. I am almost completely certain about that. Maybe four point seventeen.

Samnell wrote:
Jean-Paul Sartre, Intrnet Troll wrote:

I don't mean to dissuade you. It wasn't terrible, it was just kind of blah. It was pretty much everything you've ever heard about it and not much more. Wordly attachments are bad. Do your duty. Be virtuous. Life is transient. Worldy attachments are bad. Now I'm going to go invade this country over here and take their people into slavery and concubinage. (It might not say that last part.)

Stocism always struck me as a philosophy of the extremely privileged and moderately self-aware. Contentedness comes easiest to those who have all the worldly comforts they could ever want.

Indeed. In more modern times, Marx lived off a stipend, which put him in exactly the same position.

I was talking about dead tree copies of it from the 19th century. :-)

The original title was Alice's adventures in Underland, IIRC. Don't think you're getting those books for free though. :-)


Freehold DM wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Your value as a human being doesn't lie in whether you can donate blood. Seriously. Not taking LGBT donor eggs and sperm is, on the other hand, a concrete problem.
I would not be here if several people beyond my father had not been generous with their vital fluids. So yeah, to me, value as a human being is very heavily wrapped up in blood donation.

While that's quite understandable, I think it's quite enough to know that you would if you could. Heck, I take medications which make me ineligible, so I can't do it either. See, having those in the body increases the risk of fainting while donating blood, so they don't want it. Otherwise, I would. Fainting is also a risk I am quite willing to take, so I find it pretty pointless. I have a hard time seeing myself as less of a human being than if I did donate blood, though.

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Indeed, my comment was a reference to the exchange between Davor and TOZ.

I still don't follow why claiming that PF can be used very well for more restricted flavours of game has anything to do with death panels, understood as an example of opposing a bill because of something that is not included in that bill. I remain unconvinced, and will treat suggestions that you must use other systems than PF if you want to play anything but anything-goes games. There are perfectly good reasons to prefer PF to the thousand other fantasy RPGs out there, considering the familiarity of the system, freely available rules, expansive materials available, support, and so on and so forth.

I would say it is a very direct correlation to many people, though, perhaps even a majority. Involuntary childlessness is one of the worst conditions to handle psychologically.

The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Go with the first.... Gilgamesh

Epic hero has many adventures annoys the gods, the gods send his fighting equivalent Enkidu, they cant beat each other so they become best friends, go on many adventures annoying gods slaying giants. Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh realises he is mortal and goes on quest to make himself immortal..... I won't say what happens in the end.


Your value as a human being doesn't lie in whether you can donate blood. Seriously. Not taking LGBT donor eggs and sperm is, on the other hand, a concrete problem.

Heh. This thread is acquiring a rather classic, slightly hypnotic tinge of "We'll just keep beating one another over the head with the same arguments, even if they're becoming rather stale by now". Seriously, there are different ways to GM. People value different things. But: These things come with other implications. Just as some are not interested in a setting where they can't play their undead houri minotaur, their optimus prime, their genestealer or their half-fiend gelatinous cube, some are not interested in a setting where "My undead houri minotaur got thrown through a portal" is an acceptable backstory.

I do object, however, to the idea that has been thrown about here several times that you should only play kitchen-sink games that accomodate every possible character that could be made with the rules in Pathfinder, and that anyone wanting to play anything else should use some other system. That just comes off as a rather primitive territorial argument. The truth is that it's perfectly fine to play different styles of game within the Pathfinder framework, from gonzo mythic campaigns, to everyone playing commoners, and everything in between, without one iota of change. If you are changing things, it all depends on what gets changed. Tearing out the WBL and CR systems as well as cheap healing, and you should be able to make a rather functioning gritty ruleset. Add in more on diplomacy and such and you should be able to do intrigue. And guess what? If the GM does this, and one of the players say "Pathfinder doesn't work for this", the proper response is:


Long, happy life. It's so obvious, and I never cared much what people I don't know think of me anyway.

Get stabbed in the hand
someone you work with and know, but not well, gets stabbed in the heart?

1. What is six times nine?
2. What did the rogue do to the wizard's toad familiar?
3. Are you down with our albino alligator-hunt tonight?

1. Really? Oh, that's... excellent... news.
2. In the air ducts? Seriously?
3. It's just one of the problems of a base like this.

Ebola fails in an INDUSTRIALIZED country as a weapon. See? And you know, fear is ALWAYS useful to get the sheeple to give the government more power.

It's not surprising that the US has this reputation, after all it has done to deserve it, wouldn't you say? I suppose it's a cost factored into government decisions by now... but trust is a rare commodity in politics. As someone says: Once they stop trusting you, it doesn't matter what you do. And yet we get moronic policies that compound the problem all the time. Wasn't it pretty recently that the vaccination groups cried foul about government intrusion ruining their credibility?

So when is the theory going to be launched that it's a US government weapons project with a testing ground in Africa? Ages ago, right?

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267. Jorge the barbarian couldn't take that dwarven soldier blindfolded. Indeed, not even without a blindfold.

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All rogue sounds like a challenge. The right campaign could work wonderfully for it.

...but oh... I WANT to play an all barbarian campaign. SMASH RULES!

Granted! You become the GREATEST of goblin gods. Most of the other gobbos start praying to you. This, of course, change nothing about you, but the other gobbo gods die from neglect, losing gobbos the place they had in the world. The Licktoad swamp becomes a parking lot.

I wish gibbering mouthers were real and far away from me.

"THIS! IS! SANDPOINT!!!" scans better.

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It is pretty annoying when you try to make a character that you want to fit in, so since the GM says "I'll make it work", you decide on something pretty simple. Only to discover your character is beyond useless in the campaign, and apart from the one opportunity you got to fly a spaceship/gamble/make public speeches/lead people/make difficult sniper shots/whatever, the rest of the campaign deals only with bog standard level-appropriate melee combats.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Policy is made by those who show up. Whatever anyone thinks of it. So... if it's so easy to make all the changes required for the campaign to be a good fit for all six or seven players involved... I wish the one willing to make all those changes the best of times as the GM of that game. If that sounds like "pay up, or shut up", then so be it.

If someone suggested a generic, kitchen sink campaign where they did not intend to make a coherent plotline, deal with NPCs, keep track of combat, etc, I would be solidly uninterested in playing in that game. I would quite honestly get so much more out of playing WOW, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, or any computer "rpg". Sure, I would get the chance to play a psionic elf cyberninja catgirl if that was what I wanted... but what for? Rolling the dice to kill one level-appropriate encounter after the other? Watching my PECC increase in levels, so she can take on slightly tougher (but still level-appropriate) encounters? Sorry. No harsh words if anyone gets their jollies from that, but it isn't for me anymore. I want a chance to play a character who learns, interacts, has emotions and relationships to people, and so on. Stats are necessary, but need to be held from consuming all the play time.

It is not a crime to make your character fit the campaign. If you don't want to do that, well, maybe you are more comfortable settling the campaign viewpoints of a group wanting to play a human tourist, a space marine, a my little pony, a xenophobic fremen, and a flumph.

243. Suddenly the door slams open. An old, unshaven man steps through, peering death around the room at the assembled people. He sniffs, and raises his metal cane. Then he speaks.
"Muckle darmed cultists!!!"

That buzz is generally inescapable... and it does exist on vinyl as well, though it is far less noticeable. But only until the record has been played a few times with a needle. Then you get a bigger worsening of audio quality than the MP3 buzz.

I think I'd take the fart option. At least the confetti is in my clothes, and hey, confetti doesn't smell.

A lifelong friendship
Making a quote for the ages in public and having it noticed?

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Hmmm... oozes could grapple a succubus...

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Jaelithe wrote:
TheMonocleRogue wrote:

Couldn't Do It If You Tried

Roll a natural 20 five times in a row.
Aren't the odds against this 3,200,000-to-1?

Never tell me the odds!

My threshold is that it's on par with what wishes can absolutely grant. Thus, since a wish can duplicate the effect of any 8th-level or lower spell, any comparable effect is reasonable without particular consideration. It is a bit more powerful than that, though, given that you can choose ANY lower spell, and it's a ninth-level spell, so the power bar SHOULD be higher. In general, it is easier to say what should NOT be possible. As a starting point:

Time travel, unless there is a good reason for it that would improve the campaign.

Stuff that can't be expressed well in the ruleset. Complete invulnerability, special unique abilities like turning stuff to gold by touch, and the like.

Stuff messing with the gods. No. It could certainly get the gods' attention, though.

Major holdings, titles, and other roleplaying- and story awards that would in effect change the opinions of a zogging lot of people. I would say it is ALWAYS easier to get these things by conventional deeds than through magic.

Barring this, there are many other things it can certainly do. Change someone's race, improve inherent bonuses to stats, get lesser magic items or get a chance at obtaining major ones, locations of hidden things, clues to major mysteries, solutions to minor ones. Temporary strange abilities. Destruction on a scale on par with major damage spells of level 8-9. Minor effects over larger areas.

There is no point in screwing players over for making wishes. If they come up with a real stinker, I'd be fine with letting them redo.

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Uhhhh... yeah. Good morning. I trust your garden (or whoever's garden it is) has a pleasant climate?

MWWG (the first edition) was more of a board game, generally well done parody of sexist crap in games. In particular, their monster table was magnificent, with Gnarlyhotep, Isaac Azathoth, Yoko Uggoth (That which screams without a voice) from the Lovecraft mythos, and Mental Midgets, Drunken Frat Boys, and so on.

Go mythic. Nuff said.

Locate object, possibly metamagiced for range, should be able to help you finish the search, so long as you have an image of a specific item on one of the wagons.

1. How has the American left moved this last century?
2. What happened to the latest Guantanamo appeal case?
3. How come all American presidents go white-haired during their presidency?

And answers:

1. No. No, I REALLY don't want to try that. Not even with hot sauce.
2. 20.
3. Only one of us is walking out of here alive.

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GM says: "Who's at third place in your marching order, and how tall is he?"
GM means: Well, pretty much this.

No, you can't. Thing is, though, it would be an easier way to handle it all, given that you can already retrain your feats as you gain levels.

... the CMD of the succubus in question.

231. Someone didn't join in the prayer the drunk dwarven cleric started belting out.

232. A drunk dwarven cleric started belting out a prayer.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Act of passion as an attack of opportunity, then?

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