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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

10,265 posts (11,528 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 aliases.


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Nits are there for picking. =)

Angry Birds was better than this sounds.

According to the descriptions written up by Mark Rosewater, Green wants harmony. The status quo. Very, very slow evolution. Nature. Life. I don't see it as Good either, but the same description for White is exceedingly Lawful. Charting the alignments to colours, I would still say Good is closest to Green - even if Good and Evil are not parts of this pie chart, because Black certainly skirts very close or closer to Evil.

Squewerless is a very old spelling meaning squireless. It... is not a word that comes up much today.


RainyDayNinja wrote:

Recently made a foray into the self-published works on Amazon, because I figure if I want people to eventually take a chance on my self-published novels, I should do the same for others, right?

Turns out, there's a big market for stories of conspicuously-competent Special Black Force Ops Beret veterans rebuilding society in the wake of an apocalypse/time travel accident/etc. with little to no opposition. They list the things they need, then find them, even when the thing they need is a person with a very particular primitive survival skill. All of the plans are executed flawlessly, all necessary resources are found in abundant supply, and the only danger is from the occasional violent lunatic, who is effortlessly dispatched via Special Black Force Ops Beret badassery.

Sounds awesome...

Generic Villain wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Schizo means different, as in severed, split off, alien, not merely split. The Multiple Personality Disorder was a consequence of that thinking, and is a rare diagnosis today, for very good reason. Schizophrenia means different soul.

You're obviously very well informed on the subject of mental illness. Have you heard the more recent take that multiple personality disorder doesn't actually exist? There is a lot of proof to that effect, but I think the most damning is that the vast majority of MPD cases are diagnosed by a very small percentage of practitioners.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are subject to the same desire for accolades and recognition as anyone else, and unfortunately, having a patient with MPD is one way to achieve that. I hope that no professional would consciously decide to convince a patient that he or she had such a disorder, but if someone comes in with, let's say, depersonalization disorder, the doc may indeed decide that the patient is now a "different person."

Also, people with MPD have been shown through some pretty ingenious methods to actually maintain memories between their "alters."

The MPD craze has been over for more than twenty years. It died under a flurry of court cases where doctors had persuaded patients to pretend to have MPD in the early nineties. Not only that, it was started by the movie Three Faces of Eve and the book (I think) Sybil. After it crashed, suddenly having a MPD patient was no longer a claim to fame but a liability, leading to very few such diagnoses. It is worth noting that it is not only a few practitioners that use it, it's also a very small pool of patients indeed outside the old US.

The problem with going the today mostly ideology-driven route of diagnosing MPD is that, as you say, people who often have OTHER serious diagnoses get no help at all. Most often, they have anxiety issues like depersonalization or derealization, functional symptoms (like "fake" seizures, vertigo, pain, etc), or the like. Today, those are often called Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID. Science is slowly coming to understand those disorders, which is a good thing.

Oh, and when I tried the Myers-Briggs test some fifteen years ago, I was sharply INFP. I have no idea if that has remained.

Schizo means different, as in severed, split off, alien, not merely split. The Multiple Personality Disorder was a consequence of that thinking, and is a rare diagnosis today, for very good reason. Schizophrenia means different soul.

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Voss wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
WombattheDaniel wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
No, I don't like WH40K's setting, why do you ask?
This is one of the saddest sentences I've ever read.
I disagree. Warhammer 40k is entirely too "grimdark" for me.

You're reading it wrong (much like the current design team). It is entirely a farcical parody.

Which, to be fair, there is plenty of reason not to love. But taking the grimderp seriously is a bad plan.

Parody, sure. But with half a million books out, and the only two elements of humour in it being Ciaphas Cain and the cockney orks, someone missed something vital. As you say, the current design team does it, so why treat it as a parody?

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Not to mention personality disorders are a rather outdated concept. In all likelihood, they are other disorders or neurophychological handicaps.

Start with Ultimate Neutral.

High-society slaves like those were usually eunuchs etc to make sure the rulers were not in a position to bequeath their rulership to anyone. The rest was simply details. The RCC took a similar stance as the reason for forbidding prests to marry.

Freehold DM wrote:
KenderKin wrote:
For many people the onset of schizophrenia is a horrifying reality, persons with life success, families, careers, etc are suddenly unable to keep any portion of their life, their plans, hopes and dreams all suddenly come to a screeching halt.
WRAP plans in particular are good at countering this when used in conjunction with advance directives.

True, as I understand it, but unlikely to help the first time around.

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My thoughts go with you, tgtg.

Yes, yes, your hands are dotted... Here, take this rasp. You'll get the dots out, but you need to work it vigorously.

That tends to be the consequence, yes.

It was the last of the Absalom stations...

I am sure it will be exactly the size of plot.

Absolutely. When a person with schizophrenia is violent, it is usually due to being in acute psychosis, and then because someone got too close. In that state, it is very clear the person is not functioning, and he/she needs more personal space because it is difficult to deal with the world as it is without someone coming too close.

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WombattheDaniel wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
No, I don't like WH40K's setting, why do you ask?
This is one of the saddest sentences I've ever read.

How so? The basic premise is that there is a giant church-like tyrannic organization that keeps everyone except a chosen few in slavery and abject poverty. Those not in slavery are troubleshooters of various stripes, and ALL of them would denounce the worst totalitarian scum our history has produced as "too rainbow sunshine huggy huggy weaklings". There are other races, defined only by what kind of ultra hostile they are to humanity. So there can be war, war, war. Yay. And the best part is, ALL this is NECESSARY because otherwise things would be far worse (?).

I don't particularly enjoy roleplaying stuff that reads like the fantasies of white power fanatics.

Schizophrenia is a chronic condition characterized by psychotic symptoms, which consist of positive (in the sense that they add something to the person's experience), negative (which remove something), and cognitive symptoms. Positive symptoms are the classic psychotic symptoms, divided into hallucinations (false sensory experience that is felt to be real, most commonly voices in schizophrenia in the West), delusions (such as paranoia, megalomania or religious delusions), and changed patterns of thought (like not having thoughts, having so many that it hurts, having your thoughts "leak" i.e. You feel everyone else knows what you think). Negative symptoms are withdrawing socially, talking less, doing less, loss of emotions and so on. Cognitive symptoms are the consequence of all this, meaning you lose mental capacity with every episode, even if just a little. It begins in early 20s for men, 10 years later for women. 0,7% of every population gets it. The only known way to not have psychotic symptoms is medication, and sadly all of those come with side effects. The specific symptoms vary within the above, but are usually remarkably constant for each person. It is quite possible that there are twenty or more types of schizophrenia. Causes have been determined to be somewhat genetic, but that does not explain all of it. Identical twins do not necessarily both have it if one does, for example, the risk is around 50%.

Another suggestion is to plan for how the PCs can deal with the Lumber Consortium. Believe me, they will want to.

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Gigantic dystopic systems that comprise all the galaxy/whatever. Massive shoulderpads. Monotheistic theocracies used as a tool for conformity among PCs. Chaos used as a catch-all term for bad. Grimderpness.

No, I don't like WH40K's setting, why do you ask?

Not green? Or was that, super green?

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Blasphemous geometries. When Sacrilegious topology just doesn't do it for you anymore.

So you don't like it hot, hot, HOT???

"I'll never leave your pizza burnin'"

Would you, Pulg?

Or make the elf a villain. That usually works fine. :-)

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Rysky wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
The one with the most slaves at 12 wins?
A cleaver to the face?

Hopefully. :-)

It is a treatise on the injustice put on the backs of the poor goblins, and what to do about it. You would love it. :-)

The guys complaining they don't get healing are all perfectly welcome to play a life oracle if they so choose. Hmmm, that sounds like a cool house rule: Anyone complains about another PC not healing gets to play a dedicated healer next time.

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The one with the most slaves at 12 wins?

Nobody Likes a Goblin, a comic/kids' book by Ben Hatke. It is completely adorable. In general, I can't recommend his works highly enough. He has published Zita the spacegirl, Legend of Zita the Spacegirl, Return of Zita the Spacegirl, Little Robot, and Julia's House for Lost Creatures. Having read all but the last one, I feel I have to share this with you. Maybe it should be in the comics section, though. They are perfect for bedtime reading, too.

Earth elementals are great fun when they are Huge. With stone plate, they have massive AC. They can earth glide, one of the absolute best travel forms around. With the cave (maybe cavern) domain, they get tremorsense, allowing them to pinpoint anyone in contact with the ground. Deeper darkness comes from the same domain, letting them but nobody else see - unless they grant the tremorsense ability to others.

Vori - When a french couple bikes together but do not have plans for making a picnic.


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Well, there are fifteen alignments/colours, if you only use one or two. I would set each race to have a basic colour (blue for merfolk etc), with some able to select one of two (surrakar can be black or blue), and humans able to select any single colour. Then if the person changes, or chooses a specific class, most of which come with a colour (red for barbarian or sorcerer, white/black/blue for cleric, green for druid etc), they can choose to add the second colour to their alignment (I called it association instead). As for what each association means, there was a series of articles on WotC's home page. Now, the single-colour articles have been updated and republished, while the others have to be found through the wayback machine, but it's not really a problem to do. The basic is that black wants power, blue wants perfection, green wants harmony, red wants freedom, and white wants peace. The rough translation to alignments would be black - evil, green - good, white - lawful and red - chaotic, with blue not strongly aligned, but it is explicitly stated that good and evil are not involved in the system. I suppose you could cast black as selfish and ambitious without being outright evil.

Looking through fifth edition, there is NOTHING that directly depends on alignment. The things that deal specifically with good and evil (protection from evil and good) instead trigger off creature types (undead, fey, celestial). This means you COULD run the game flat out as is without dealing with colours, but you could of course also change certain class abilities and spells to interact with colours.

No cheating!

dysartes wrote:
PaizoCon 2017...

Hey now. I know this thread is for speculation, but seriously, come up with something even a LITTLE credible, thanks.

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Goddity wrote:
People who don't use capitals, punctuation, spelling, grammar, or full sentences on the forums. I'm not perfect at this and I'm not expecting perfection either. I just would like to see an effort so I don't have to read posts that almost seem to be in another language given how long I have to spend deciphering them.

agreed i rly hate that so lazy omg

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Pretty much a lumberjack, then? :-)

My suggestion would be to use the colours as alignment. You could of course divvy up the spell lists by colour, add in "protection from colour" spells, and so on, but I am not sure it is worth the effort.

Exactly. That is why I said it really doesn't work. Better to give them a diary or something, and have the guy who wrote it gone. Preferably somewhere you the heroes could find him.

Recurring depression means repeated downs, no ups. Hypomania means sleeping far too little and not getting tired, having tons of ideas, feeling very social, and so on. You just never cross the psychotic threshold over to mania, where you can no longer keep it together. That is when you flirt with your pal's wife, tell your boss what you really think of him, spend far too much money, and are angry with everyone who doesn't let you destroy your life. Bipolar I means with mania, II means hypomania but not mania, and III means you are one of those who can get manic from antidepressants.

As for me, it is seasonal depressions. Guh. November is a poor excuse for a month. I sodding hate it so sodding much. Double guh.

This is one classic meme that does not work within the PF framework. If you want to do it anyway, make sure the guy has been poisoned with an antimagic poison. Then spend the rest of the campaign explaining why the heroes can't make antimagic poison.

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KingOfAnything wrote:
Season 8 is totally going to be the year of Aviation. I'm maxing my Fly skill and Knowledge ( planes).


If you do, you need to call the rest of us occidentals.

Rabbit Rampage

You bastard!

...the Maginot line.

"Calm down, I am sure it's just our friendly teenage chakram-throwing git."

Darksol, it is completely irrelevant to the discussion whether the dusty rose prism is whatever. We are discussing the jingasa. One of the problems with the jingasa is the very fact that you can add it to other items, like the dusty rose prism. And yes, all things considered, Paizo probably should have taken down the dusty rose prism too. And reactionary, and fate's favored. All the small bonuses added together do become a problem. If the jingasa is a problem, then it is a problem no matter if it is the only problem or not.

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The "woe" crowd here has an interesting situation. First, they say that a +1 luck bonus to AC is not overpowered, not dangerous to the game, there are better things out there, etc. Then they try to convince us that the jingasa is now "eviscerated" now that it doesn't have the luck bonus to AC. Well, which is it? Is it overpowered and a problem (and if so, why protest the errata?) or is it nothing special (and if so, why whine that it is gone?)?

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