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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

9,650 posts (10,866 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 aliases.


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Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
The Miles Vorkosigan novels by Lois McMaster Bujold
I know you already brought him up, but if you have not read Lord of Light by Zelazny, do so.

Congratulations on your 40th birthday, KC! =)

*claims that socialism is evil, retarded and hates peanuts!*

*asks what peanuts ever did to socialism???*

Pulg has me confused with someone else. And besides, he can't prove a thing.

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GoatToucher wishes he could discuss flatulence without blushing.

Edit: AoZK is just waiting for the right opportunity to use this against him.

Darn avatar ninjas.

J-Bone wrote:
Wow thats a new take on it with 1 Teir equalling 2 PC levels. Interesting.

Well, I was entirely serious. I would not say a lvl 1/MR 1 equals a lvl 3, but just a bit up from that, absolutely. Some gain more than two levels' worth of power for a mythic rank. The base assumption of 1 MR = 2 levels is laughable. We tried to play mythic, and decided to stop because it just became ludicrous. Nothing survived a round, not even stuff four levels above our expected combined level.

Dungeonscape for 3.5 has good advice for designing encounters. Basically, it lays out an inerative process where you test a battle with various tactics to cover up the obvious holes in the setup, giving you a solid and challenging battle for the players. This is expressed in the form of a template, which can then be varied by using different settings and monsters, and modified by differing conditions.

Not all builds go all the way up, either. Sometimes, there is very little to add, and the build stagnates.

I had a druid 8/Unbreakable ftr 3/stalwart defender build focused on being a huge earth elemental through feat-boosted wildshape, with wild stone plate, cave domain for tremorsense, a huge dorn-dergar for close and reach smashage, improved by cleave etc etc etc. In short, this guy was hilarious to play and could lock down a huge area of the battlefield, earth glide anywhere, and cast a few piddly spells. At 12, when I started him, he was great. At 16, when the campaign ended, he was dealing only mediocre damage. There wasn't much that really could take the concept further.

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Let me just say: I have huge respect for James and his designed stuff is beautiful. If he now gets time to work on a project he has wanted to do for a good long while, that is very very very exciting. And most centrally: To me it doesn't much matter what it is. I generally despise Wild west stuff... But I would trust James to make a good one if he did.

We will know in due time.

I don't want to die in this thread either...

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They have been quite busy. Morale has improved.

Arcana Unearthed had this, I seem to recall. Some spells each level required feats to learn, these were the exotic spells. I suppose it is a decent idea, and one that could really be tuned to what you want. There are disadvantages, of course, mostly dealing with work required.

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Considering the things FHDM doesn't like but I do, perhaps I should start taking his suggestions seriously. As in, only see things he doesn't like? :-)

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I remember that one! It was the one with the big pumped action star in that role as wossname, some sort of cool ex-military role, lots of inane autofire, stupid one-liners, and the love interest with the wonky hair!

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*claims that GMB has inferior reading comprehension. And potassium, to boot*

Muscles and explosions II: Big muscles and big explosions!

Anchors. Altars.

Doin' the dromedary raffle

Boredom level is now OVER 9000!!!!!

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*complains about how TRoaOM is a social justice warrior*

To make your clerics survive, you need to learn to love summoning. Get the feats. Do the maths and update the critters as you level. Up your speed as suggested. If possible, get invisibility. Make sure you get Sacred Summons and, say, Summon Good Monster. Get a tanky cohort if you can. Keep your initiative up, Reactionary is a good trait. Give up the idea of fighting in melee after level five or so, you will not do a good job. This frees you to pile on the defenses instead.

A collage of images showing a happy family standing around a computer, looking at the workbench of the newest version of Windows. Music of inoffensive tones ensues. A deep voice, full of confidence, speaks:

"Windows 10. When you CARE about SECURITY, TRUST, HAPPINESS, JUSTICE, TRUTH, GOD, and AMERICA. And about your FAMILY. We certainly are not selling any of your information to anyone, and it is not to get more of that information that it's important to us that you upgrade TODAY."

"Windows 10. It does everything Windows 8 did. And it has a new startup jingle!"

Back to the battle!

There is a basic issue here. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how we faithful houses off our owners.

"Sir, do you have a minute?"
"No! I have WAY too many deaths to have a minute..."
"It is about them. Something bad."
"What? Spit it out!"
"All these weird deaths and suicides occurred in those new smart houses. All in a week."

The 1st edition init rule had a neat option... Each character had an initiative, rolled ONCE. Talk about a roll you don't want to roll badly.

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Collect all his skeletons in the surfing history. Add in various things humans have hangups about as needed.

Make a fake ID as a blackmailer and threaten to send the file to his employer, unless he pays you.

Use the money to send a hitman for him, or tell him thanks and just send the stuff to his employer anyway.

Wipe the evidence of the blackmailer ID.

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GMB has been researching, and as the fruit of that research, he now has a family of six giant, prehistoric sloths hanging from branches he set up throughout his living room.

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Sad thing about cheese graters and salt water is that adult people of your species have been thoroughly exploring how to do things with them to other such people since cheese graters and salt water were invented...

One mythic tier is a bit more than two levels in my experience. No, not joking here. Maybe this doesn't hold up for very low levels, but beyond that, it does.

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Yes. Dog breeding has taken a decidedly dark turn in recent decades, with people breeding on what dogs look like rather than health and intelligence and other things needed for a dog meant to work in some fashion. As usual, this makes for sellable pups... But with awful genetic disorders, behavioural issues and so on. It turns out inbreeding really is not a good idea - who knew???

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Exactly, Sharoth. Exactly.

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Prepare for 5dventure!

Brilliant! Thank you. Exactly the right stuff I was looking for. What else is out there?

Bob was there too.

At last count, we have, um... An umpty-bazillion monsters to choose from, going only by the Bestiaries. And yet, when looking through modules and APs, it is the same critters most of the time. This is not inherently a bad thing. After all, there are only so many monsters you have time to use, and the ones chosen reflect the setting used pretty well.

But from time to time, you want something different.

So what is your favourite? Which little-used monsters have you had good experiences with? Which were easy to build off? Which ones got a place in your setting, and how did they change the place?

Dark Sun was brilliant. Keeping a campaign going could be difficult, though. Mostly, I think, because there was so much there about the novels storyline, and little else.

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"Where is Scandinavia?" was a good one. Good to know stuff about Sweden and the gang.

Pelor is the sun god. The symbology of that faith should focus on light, dawn, fire, warmth, time, hope, sight, and such. There will be many sayings that focus on how bad things go away with a new dawn, how light can be seen for miles at night, how warmth lets things grow, and how the night must give way to dawn. Add in constant references to your deity, such as "By the light of Pelor..." and "In Pelor's eye, ..." and you have what you need.

We played intentions - initiative - actions. This was actually necessary in AD&D, because you got modifiers to your initiative depending on your intended action (weapon speeds, size modifiers, various and sundry penalties). It was a serious bother, but hey, you did get used to it.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

GoatToucher went through the Tomb of Horrors once. He doesn't talk about what happened then. Neither does Acererak.

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[deep movie trailer voice]BEFORE THEY WERE GOBLINS... THEY WERE YOUNGER GOBLINS!!![/deep movie trailer voice]

Obviously you can play a winter witch, but you have to be careful. Conceal, don't feel. Don't let them know...

309. The fourth edition Forgotten Realms design team.

... toxic internet memes.


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I finally saw it. I was... Disappointed.

It felt like a rehash of A new hope, to a ridiculous degree. Even the start on Tat... Sorry, Jakku. Han in Obi Wan's role, with what that entailed. The superweapon blowing up a... SEVERAL planets. Trench run. Droid carrying data from death zone. Etc etc etc. The next issue is the hysteric dropping of references to earlier movies. Rey digs treasures from a downed SD. AND sleeps in a dead AT AT. Third, and this feels like the most serious issue: The movie makes EVERYTHING a secret. It builds everything up to the next movie. Unlike A new hope, which presents us with a pretty clear conflict, and it wasn't known whether there would be another. All told, it was not a bad movie, because the new elements were good. I guess I wish they would have had a bit more confidence.

Subtle and quick to anger.

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It seems to me that whenever the USG calls something "enhanced" anything, it is something everyone should stay the f#@+ away from. If they one day call something enhanced nutrition or enhanced intelligence, we're probably all screwed.

Promises, promises...

A few suggestions:

Corpses. They are always good to punch into the players' minds that things are going to get serious. They can be as mutilated as you wish. But what is even worse is when the victims are STILL ALIVE, and just as mutilated. Bodies that have been reshaped. These things make people want to burn the place down.

Choices. This doesn't work on a micro-scale, they will just try to do both. No, give them a choice to travel to one of two places, giving them time enough to solve ONE problem... but the other will haunt them. Especially if they later see the consequences. Yes, they will fail no matter what they do. But who said there was always going to be a way? Just don't blame them for it, that's unfair.

Change something in the concept. If they are traveling around on a flying ship, let them see the villain make off in it. If they work from a central guide's orders, have the guide change, disappear or die. If they know a villainous organization well, have them change leadership and methods. Hell, just shutting them inside a tomb they are exploring will instantly change most things about their assumptions.

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