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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

11,457 posts (12,812 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 aliases.


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A living grimoire can use his book as DF. An Exalted (prestige class in ISG) get a divine brand that works too.

Actually, you should look up Commandaria st John...


Yeah. Sometimes you should... like... go LEFT!

Moral standard: Mind... blown!!!

And some others.

Part drei

Arid pert

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*chops off the rope of the catapult with her axe, sending the trussed-up net of enthusiastic screaming goblins and the heap of chemical barrels into the air*

*watches the contents of the net detonate in a riot of colours to cover the sky*

"Happy birthday, Dalindra."

The next poster was hit by one of the goblin-shaped objects.

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Nudity is not just the law, it's a good idea?

Yeah, and the one who dies with the most stuff wins!

Moral standard: The one who dies with the most stuff wins.

Not madman... more like jester. IIRMF.

Yes, since the lip-launcher started to be used.

Moral standard: You are what you eat.

I have been crunching the numbers on this for ages now. It... just doesn't add up. You get the book, which, as a light weapon, doesn't synchronize with much of anything. You will end up as a front liner due to the book, but you have d8 hp and medium armors and no other defensive abilities. There is nothing in the books that help light maces more than any other weapon. You can't really multiclass, because you lose out on the book advancement. And so on.

All in all, about the only thing you are good at is intimidate.

I am afraid my verdict will have to be nope.

Yes. But the Add new thread/post/reply links were still there.

You really shouldn't do that to a female pig.

Moral standard: We are all fellow passengers on spaceship Earth.

BeefSupreme wrote:


Bad: Stupidest movie ever!!!

Good: Stupidest movie ever!!!

My gaming group & I always quote lines from that movie.

And who the f+@* are you?

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A congestion of oozes.

Urotsukidoji is a film that did something absolutely incredible: It did full on hentai for a full movie DESPITE JAPANESE CENSORSHIP! It is really quite amazing when you think about it. It is a very iconoclastic movie, and will do bad things to your head if you take it seriously... but I have no idea how anyone would manage that.

He's getting to the meat of it now.

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But you really need to work on your ranged attack bonus.

Moral standard: It takes two to tango.

Wonderful, thank you! That is very helpful.

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Burn someone else's bridges. Duh.

Moral standard: All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

I am. After keeping my brother for six years, he wants to get out of the cell.

Moral standard: You snooze, you lose.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oooookay, Joey just failed his Reflex save and fell into the horrible-looking pit. Let's get going everyone.

Moral standard: You're not you when you're hungry.

...ummm slayer arrows?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Trusty old Anagrammaton.

I know Linnorms is cool. I have a few. Only issues are, they are big, dangerous and smelly critters and it's really difficult to find any storage that will take them...

You're saying I can have some individualities here if I trade?

Gorbacz wrote:
Bestiaries list collective nouns for every monster type (well, every that appears in groups) under Organization part of the statblock. Elementals, for example, form gangs (3-8).

Would more of them be a ghetto?

If you wear a full plate, and a tentacle gets inside, you will not be able to stop the tickles at all...


I want BLEURGH to be an acronym too.

Ruptured appendicitis? Well, that's too bad. See, the surgeon refuses to harm your skin.

Moral standard: Bros before hos.

And here I was letting you off easy. Okay, guys, fetch the blowtorch and the pair of tweezers.

Moral standard: It's not you, it's me.

Paladins are not a SAD class, so get off my case!

Moral standard: Stay away from the voodoo!

*studies the people staring at one another, nodding at the intervention of Kileanna, and checks a box on her clipboard*

*is not making a tiny hint of a smile*

For a wizard it doesn't matter. For a sorcerer, though, I would say add to the ones they have left.

I also count dmg taken.

Generally, IP law is an unadulterated mess. One of the core defenses of it all is "you can't own an idea", but in practice, if someone richer than you has the IP of something that they claim even remotely connects to what you did, and you are not as wealthy as they are, they can shut you down in an economic chicken race. Companies even go out of their way to buy up IP that could be useful to smack people over the head with legally. Cheers for "not owning an idea". Meanwhile, millions of people do not get vital medicine because the owning companies sell too expensively and do not allow anyone else to sell it at all.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Once upon a time, the kindly aboleths decided the empire of Thassilon, led and inspired by the enlightened Xin and his loyal runelords of virtue, had come far enough to receive their gift of knowledge and truth from the heavens. It almost didn't happen, though, with much of the gift stolen by the evil moon goddess. What reached the ground elevated further cooperation among the runelords and started the Age of Light.

Kaer Maga is a flat, uninteresting place where a conformist and homogenous population of elves have lived for ages, just on the shore of the Blessed Lakes in the north of civilized Varisia.

Found this pretty awesome concept for a Strange Aeons game. My question is, if I want to make it effective, how do I do it? It seems to me it gives up most its power for a gimmick. How does it match up at later levels? Is there an obvious multiclass I want to explore for it? Or, could I keep the concept but make it another class, for which the clearest options would be magus or paladin?

Any insight welcome, but please no spoilers for Strange Aeons.

Hey, I have stood for hours, ok?

Moral standard: Turn the other cheek.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Filled dough dishes are an extremely widespread concept. From east asian gyoza and dim sum, to empanadas and the like, to polish pirog, to german knödel, to swedish Pitepalt and so on, it seems to be more or less universal. Filling out expensive meat with veggies and dough is a pretty decent idea.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Oh yeah??? So if you can't go cow-tipping, you go for waiters instead???

Moral standard: Love thy neighbour.

Vidmaster7 should know after years of stealing Vick's prospective grooms.

I'd never do that - far too Rysky.

The next poster will do one better.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There is nothing naturally about it. Learning to cook takes time. I am at the level where I can comfortably follow almost any recipe. I agree though, burgers is easy. Just don't burn the beef, and there is little that can really go wrong.

Remove the straight line and you need more than three.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As I said, anything living. There is enough suffering.

They made Matrix sequels???

Regarding the SW prequels, I agree. The intrigue storyline was great. Oh for another Anakin, tho.

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