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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Because you let your dice master you. It needs to be the other way around.

Chocolate AND peanut butter... Ah, damn. I can live well without PB, chocolate would be seriously difficult.

Lose hand or lose foot?

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I find it surprising it didn't happen sooner.

Eyelid, I think. Nothing heals as fast as eyelids - but this is provided the eye isn't harmed.

Alcohol is a lethal allergy for you,
Pasta is a lethal allergy for you.

Assumes gelatinous cube shape and slowly digests GoatToucher.

Changes back, burps.

"The next poster has a suggestion for indigestion."

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I think that is too much excusing. If nothing else, that is a way to make it an issue. Asking "how do you identify, gender-wise?" is not rude, and I have found that many are happy that it was not made an issue. If someone gets angry, that is when you tell them about the form of questions and why.

How did it go?

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Because every moment of keeping up the charade is a risk.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I... uh... don't see how that would... work... Um. I would need some... evidence before I believe it.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Meh. This is not a situation for negotiation. When the dice start thinking it is acceptable to ruin things for you like this, it is time to take off the kid gloves. Punish the dice. Find the most egregious offender and execute it in front of the others. I find that hammers work well. Once this is done, you will find the dice roll VERY well a period afterward... But after things start to sag again, another example is needed. Get new dice to replace those lost, and treat those VERY well. Do this, and you will have shown your dice that they serve you, not the other way around. You should be able to reach 10.5 quickly, maybe even a little bit more.

Jaelithe wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Well, all of them.

I are confused.

You're utterly opposed to all of them or you see where all of them are reasonable in a certain context?

I guess I wasn't clear enough. I will commit these gladly. Excepting one thing I missed earlier: Paladins and casual sex. I wouldn't dream of punishing a character mechanically for roleplaying - the problems to follow would be golden material for me as a GM.

So: Yes, I demand the players roll in the open. I roll behind my screen. I have never been ashamed about it.

I use NPCs, weak and strong, to try to make a vivid setting. I never understood why having a strong NPC somewhere in the world means the players are useless. Sending these powerful NPCs out to accompany the PCs is not usually a good idea, though, unless it's for a short period of time (and will not usually focus on combat...) I vehemently HATE the GMPC concept and will not use it for any reason. If the PCs get a hangaround NPC to follow them for a while, it will be a weak one, but more importantly, it WILL be an NPC, i.e. it will be its own character, have its own motivations, and its own assumptions about the PCs.

I have pretty clear views on alignment, I share them if asked, and you know what? My views are what go because I am the GM. That said, I have never really had a complaint about my handling of it in a game. Paladins are nothing new, and I warn players about to change alignment clearly. I do not, as a rule, allow evil PCs unless the campaign is geared toward them.

I restrict whatever I feel like in a campaign. Simple as that, and anyone who prefers another setup is free to GM instead of me. If I would wait for them to do that, it wouldn't happen, so *shrug*. Theme and flavour are much more important to me than mechanics in why something is restricted or not... but I already have a group of players who don't want to play full casters due to paperwork.

I do try to follow WBL guidelines, simply because it's easy. However, if it's off by some margin, I could definitely care more. Complaints about not getting enough WBL would be filed in the round file archive until such a time as it is clear to me that the PCs are in over their heads in the campaign.

Abusive metagaming and people "roleplaying" through stating mechanical actions, well, I don't have time for it. The first would be an out of game problem to me, and I would discuss sincerely with the player about it... but might well kick them for doing it afterward. People not roleplaying, saying stuff like "I use diplomacy on the... was it a guard this time?", that's so pointless it hurts. I have better things to do with my time.

It depends on the situation what happens, I think, when someone gets mind controlled. I have been in a few situations where the player got flak afterward for stuff he was mind controlled to do, but decided on himself. I would rather not deal with that, so I may well decide to assume control of dominated PCs immediately instead.

I am happy to let players control their mounts, familiars, usually their cohorts and so on - lots of paperwork. The only reason I step in is because the players want their allies to do suicidal acts or stuff the character in question never would.

Well, all of them. I dunno about benevolent autocrat, though. Maybe more toward the tour guide, depending on your definitions. Smacking down on abusive metagaming would not be an in-game problem to solve to me, but an out-of-game problem. All the others, pretty much, yes. Especially disallowing tone-breaking characters and refusing evil PCs.

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CrimsonVixen wrote:
Don't forget the Animate Rope spell. Also we should start figuring out how many atonement spells you all will need for getting this entangled with a chaotic evil being.

Honestly, I am thinking after participating in this thread, the succubus might be in need of an atonement as well. What IS the evil counterpart to this spell, by the way? Detonement? Harald's efficient blink puppy kicker?

Pffft. Let's just say I wouldn't be all that surprised if Thor-chick was doing this to get her hammer back. Trymskvida and all that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sometimes, N for Nobody. Things get... Messy. But then, most of the time it is PG to R.

Drejk wrote:

*looks on the map*

*looks again*

Admit it, it was to make everyone notice that Sweden is bigger.

That is true, of course... But honestly, there is a very good reason why the Euro coin shows a map that includes Norway, despite Norway not being apart of the EU... :-)

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A strong character that needs to hold back to not outclass your character means, even if it never does a single thing to be overbearing, that the entirety of your character's existence, motivation, struggle, whatever you call it, becomes meaningless in a single stroke. If Superman is with us, why doesn't Superman solve every problem with the villains? Your character becomes a supporting cast character in Superman's story... and feels completely irrelevant.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Or pictures. You know, for reference... and stuff. Reference is very important.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Reality is not as firm as we think, or want to think, it is. It is enough to be tired to see illusions, i.e. False sensory input building on something real. This is the twig against the window you see as a hand from a bit away. Even more strongly, hallucinations (genuine false sensory input) happen often to people falling asleep and waking up. Add in drugs, various reactions to sensory deprivation (listen to enough white noise and you WILL hear voices, especially if you expect to), various traumatic experiences, severe anxiety disorders, light versions of psychotic disorders, and so on, and you will realize that there is more than ample opportunity for the human brain to use the canvas we call reality as a sounding board. If we expect to see something, stand to gain from doing so, or want to see something, that is what we will see.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

It is also one of the most demoralizing ones to play with.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

kestral: I think the answer to this can be clearly expressed best by the old adage about why people don't like the Forgotten Realms: Because there are dozens of ultra-high-power NPCs running around. Basically, since these exist, why don't they always deal with the current world-shaking crisis? What space is there for a hero in the presence of all those giants?

The central issue is this: Alice and Bob are out adventuring, fighting tooth and nail against an evil orc chief. Setbacks, crises and difficulties abound, but in the end, Alice and Bob manage to kill the orc chieftain. The year of struggling, the death of Charlie, the intrigue to make the threat known, the wounds, the uncertainty... it all feels like it MEANT something. Why? Because they fought through it all and won through their own skill and determination.

Now Alice and Bob hear of a new threat. A necromancer has risen in the North and needs to be fought. So they recruit Dave, a wizard. Dave is a massively powerful spellcaster, far beyond Alice's and Bob's growing skills. After this becomes obvious and leads to a conflict within the party, he tells them "Don't worry, I will only use my full power if it becomes absolutely necessary. The rest of the time, I will stay at your level."

That should have improved things, but didn't. See, as soon as anything seriously threatened the party, Dave blasted it, flew them through it, conjured something to solve the issue, at one point he even went toe-to-toe in melee against the blackguard and didn't break a sweat in killing it. See, Dave knew there was a serious risk this enemy might kill one or more of Alice or Bob, and thus it was "absolutely necessary".

They did kill the necromancer (or rather, Dave did). After this, Alice and Bob retired from adventuring.

If I understand this situation correctly...

The far right is whining about a subpoena that will show that the horrors of homosexuality has been a serious focus in their sermons, and are grabbing at any kind of straw that might help before it's too late and it goes through.

Once it does get through, of course, the main story in this will be how much trash the right wingers talk in their sermons about homosexuals.

It might carry a price to pay, of course. Everything does. And there is the point: Right-wing churches will pay a far worse price for decades of preaching intolerance.

Zombie news is the simple fact that by the time the general population gets word of news, they have been reheated at least four times. Not to mention gone through a heavy censoring process where media high-ups cancel news that are seen to carry a risk of "causing public unrest". So, next time you watch CNN, listen for the moans and the "Braaaaaains..."

The next poster will tell us how he discovered a far more literal reason for the term.

I dunno. I would be very interested in NEW material for Planescape. A rehash of the old material, with the stylized art replaced by generic "adventurer doing action-y stuff" like in fourth edition, without the language, likely without the deeper understanding of the setting that was its starting point, that would feel like merely a way to wring money from it. YAY! I can now play Planescape in fifth edition... which amounts to a Points-of-Light setting full of the standard warforged, dragonborn and various shades of elves PLUS rogue modrons and bariaurs, where some characters have faction membership, doing the standard action-heavy adventuring... Let's just say it has all the elements needed for exquisite suckage.

- DUCK!!!

- WHERE???

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KSF wrote:

So when I first started on hormones, around 19 1/2 months ago, I was taking a couple of pictures of myself at the end of each week, to see if I could notice any change. Which I guess was a bit foolhardy, given how low a dose of estrogen I was initially on. (Nowadays, I'm up to a full dose.) It ended up making me feel more than a litte down. And given that I started a bit later in life (I was 41 at the time), it added to that perennial transition worry, did I start too late for this to have much of an effect. (Which seems to hit some trans people regardless of when they start.) So after a couple of months, I quit it. (Taking the pictures, not the hormones, of course.)

So, last week, I happened on some of those photos, and I had couple of moments where I thought, wait a second, who is that guy, I don't look like that. Particularly in the photos taken the night I took my first dose. So I selected a few of the photos from the first month and reshot them, trying to match the originals as best I could. I was struck by how different the two sets of photos were.

Just to see if I was imagining it, I made some jpgs that had the matching photos side by side, kind of a before/after (or before/now) kind of thing, and ran them by some friends and co-workers, and it looks like I wasn't imagining it. Looking at one of the pairs of photos, a friend said, "How long ago was that one taken?" "About 19 months," I said. "Really? If you'd just shown it to me on its own, I would have guessed that it was from 10 years ago." It's kind of cool. There's still a ways to go yet, but this was kind of cool, seeing a demonstration that I've gotten this far, on the physical side of things.

I'm glad I took those earlier photos now.

(Edit to add: I hope that all didn't sound too narcissistic.)

Documentation is important later in a slow process, and it's good that you're seeing progress. Congratulations. And caring how you look is human, not narcissistic. Talking about it in a place like this is sharing good news, not being narcissistic. =)

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I have been gaming for ages by now. I have done the extreme power character so many times that I find it a) too easy, b) usually boring to chew the rules that hard, and c) unnecessarily disruptive to a campaign which usually ends up with the GM flubbing the challenge for some participants (either challenge the power freaks and kill the others or challenge the others and bore the power freaks). I want my characters to have weaknesses, and if someone exploits these in interaction or story-wise, that is usually the sign of something that I will enjoy playing.

Sure, the rules system allows for freakishly strong characters, usually these are good at only One. Single. Thing. Glass cannon is a thing. Players who make these tend to whine insufferably if their One. Skill. can't be used in an encounter, say, a trip master who encounters an ooze. See, it's not just the mechanically strong build, it is also about players trying to shape the game to give the player in question maximum returns for the build. Other characters are designed to be so overwhelming (say, in damage output) that the GM has to adapt every encounter to counter tactic X or see the character flush it down the drain, which is also a drag after a few encounters. Encounter variety is a significant part of the interest in playing the game, at least for me, so anything that limits that, I will consider a problem.

Finally, the idea that it's a good idea to have a mechanically superior character, but not use it fully so as not to annoy the other players, is frankly a pitiful one. The only sense this makes is if you are so afraid of "losing" that you MUST have an answer for precisely everything. I can understand that playing with a "killer GM" may lead you to this perspective, but really, give it a rest. Relax, calm down, nobody is going to kill your character to show they are superior to you. And so, if you have a character that can kill any monster in the four manuals in a single blow, CONGRATULATIONS. YOU WON. Now let's put that character in a permanent retirement demiplane somewhere and make some new ones that can actually be challenged.

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Laws are not necessarily lawful. Repeat that until it sinks in. Why must every alignment thread always rehash the same boneheaded arguments? Lawful laws are those that promote order, predictability and procedure, and strengthen organizations. Chaotic laws do the opposite, i.e. Break down order, predictability and procedure, and strengthen individuals. A law saying that the king can have anyone he feels like killed is the very epitome of a chaotic law. It is... Getting grating to hear the usual cries of "paladins must follow every law waaaaaaah".

... the fact that dancing is so much more fun than the drudgery of conquering the world.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

One overlooked part of summons is the sometimes rather extreme skill levels they have. Just saying.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Bluh... This again. EVERYONE has rules they live by. Everyone. The difference is where people find these rules. A lawful person gets these rules from an external, strictly codified source like a religious text, while a chaotic person thinks more in terms of traditions and an internal list of principles to juggle. These two do not match. A lawful person will consider a chaotic person dangerous specifically because they do not have a codified set of rules and are therefore unpredictable, something very problematic to a lawful person. A chaotic person sees the lawful person as dangerous to the freedom of action of the chaotic person, something the chaotic person isn't going to just accept. There is no common ground here, but these characters can work together on a case by case basis, because they share a more important goal, or because they respect one another.

The key difference between LG and NG is that LG has more and firmer answers. LG wants the same as NG, a good life for all, but they see chaotic concepts such as freedom, conflict and disagreement as more universally a disruption of society. NG see these things as necessary FOR society, and are more willing to consider differing viewpoints, see conflict and disagreement as ways to improve society. LG can often be pegged as crusaders, builders and champions, while NG tends to work as healers, diplomats and redeemers. Granted, the differences can be subtle and difficult to apply, but try to put these things in action within the party. When differences of opinion arise, the LG will aim to convince of their view while the NG will make it a priority to let everyone voice their opinion and will weigh various options, leading more often to a situation where she may have to settle for the least bad option, perhaps because it is what people can agree to work toward. There will also be a difference in willingness to work with untrustworthy people, how you handle prisoners, and so on.

Heh. Yeah. Proto-Al-Qaida. Heh.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Somebody is wrong on the internet!!!

Well, what about Al-Qaida? They got a s&#$load of weapons from the US...

Re-release? As in, print The Factol's Manifesto & co again? Doesn't sound like a solid plan. The hardcore fans already have them, others won't be all that interested. Making new stuff for it? Sure, but I'd expect them to print a campaign guide, a player's guide, and one adventure, just like they did for Forgotten Realms and Dark Sun in 4th. I can tell you for free, I ain't holding my breath (and I'm one of the above Planescape freaks).

I am not myself part of this group (thank whatever deities are listening for trusty RPG groups), but... honestly... long as you don't count only face-to-face gaming...

...doesn't at least one suggestion suggest itself... a little? =)

Dats sum fancy talkin', Abes.

218. A game of darts goes very, very wrong.

I use a flamethrower to douse Poog in sticky, burning glop.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The go-to Cha caster beastie in 3.5 was the nymph... doesn't surprise me if succubi have the same advantages.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Lucky she has no restriction on sex.

Ayup. Ah figger.

The cake is a lie, Artemis.

Always, always, always have alternate routes for the players to find stuff out. They WILL miss things, even things you consider clearly labeled as hints. When given a choice, players will focus on why the guard captain is stuttering or why there is a pile of horse poop on the square 100% of the time. Make sure there is more than one way to find out. If they miss all your hints, beat them over the head with it. Seriously, this is dangerous ground.

... me not knowing what a bidé was until after the fact.
... my underlings being smarter than me.
... the sudden proliferation of smelly otyughs.
... the fact that slightly singed brown mold is delicious.
... the Dungeon Outfitter's sale of their already very decently-priced pit traps.

Add in then and I'm with you.

Rysky wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:

considering that respect seems to revolve around never complaining, criticizing or even commenting, it's going to be very easy to be seen as a malcontent.

Once again, there's a differance between airing grievances and mindlessly hatebashing. We live in a society were the popular consensus is to hate all police, regardless of individual interactions one might have with them.
Okay... Agreed about your first sentence. There IS a difference. But, pray tell, who gets to decide which is which? The "malcontents", the "scumbags", the "fascist oppressors", the "guv'ment", the "cop lovers"... And where do you belong, Rysky?

Well if cops or the government have wronged you then by all means air away, but if you have never had any interactions with the police then you shouldn't rant and rave like the world owes you something. It's one thing to side with a victim, it's another to Attack a group with little to no knowledge of what's going on.

Me? Nowhere. I've had plenty of dealings with cops, from them writing me up for speeding a couple of times, to having to go over an incident report where I fell asleep at the wheel and crashed my car, to them having to search my house because a man wanted for murder was loose in the area. Not in any of those times did they try to bully me. They did not antagonize me nor did they talk down to me or treat me like a second class citizen.

I have had interactions with the police too from time to time, only once about me in a minor infraction, and I have been well treated. No personal complaints.

However, it is a legitimate concern for EVERYONE living in a society that the police force works decently. They are the agents of the state, effect the monopoly on violence (along with soldiers, which have a similar issue, no?), and can potentially become a very serious problem in two main cases: First, if the state were to become corrupt, meaning society is turned into an authoritarian police state (see, there's that word again, wonder if it has any relation to the police force and their policies...) Second, if the police were to be severed from democratic influence and act like a mafia. See, the police are, and need to be, tied to both state and public, and severing either of those ties leads to very bad places.

So, complaints about the police ARE important. As stated above, a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel. We are today in a situation where much of the trust the police OUGHT to have does not exist, partially due to various spectacular f!@&ups, insane policies and poor transparency in the police force itself, partially due to bad policies from the national level that the police are forced to follow. Now, even if this is not all the fault of the police force, and even if turtling in and getting defensive is completely understandable, it is an important, larger issue. At some point, when trust is gone, you have to open up to accountability, transparency and criticism - if you want to do a good job.

And calling every complaint about the police "mindless hatebashing" does nothing but polarize the issue further.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It doesn't hurt me to consider those people vile for what they did. I have no problem feeling empathy, letting people close, caring, showing kindness, or anything positive. What remains is a sad, sad conviction that I am basically worthless. This, too, has gotten better, but it exists, and will probably stay with me all my life. Someone doing that to me is not someone I have to forgive, or would feel good about forgiving.

There is a current story in Sweden about a woman who was contacted by her bully twenty years after the fact, and asked to perform a stand-up comedy act at his pizza joint. She is decently successful today as a comedian. When she got this mail, she said basically that "I could have taken ten grand to tell everyone there about what you put me through, but I won't." However, she managed to unintentionally miss blurring his name in one location when she published her answer on the net. This caused an internet meltdown between the "you have to forgive and move on and not publish his name" and the "bully scum are subhuman s@$% who deserve everything they get" crowds. It is interesting to watch the outpouring of support for her, even if she did apologize for publishing his name.

Rysky wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:

considering that respect seems to revolve around never complaining, criticizing or even commenting, it's going to be very easy to be seen as a malcontent.

Once again, there's a differance between airing grievances and mindlessly hatebashing. We live in a society were the popular consensus is to hate all police, regardless of individual interactions one might have with them.

Okay... Agreed about your first sentence. There IS a difference. But, pray tell, who gets to decide which is which? The "malcontents", the "scumbags", the "fascist oppressors", the "guv'ment", the "cop lovers"... And where do you belong, Rysky?

There are four people who have actively bullied me. One of them got hurt when I pushed him away, and never touched me again. His hangarounds then wanted me to be the new king of the pile of s*+&, to which I told them to get lost. The other three took over from 9 to 12 years of age. These three, if I met them today, I would spit on the ground and leave. People talk about forgiveness as if it is a duty. They scarred my confidence for life, they hurt me worse than anything anyone else ever came close to. Because of them, I always doubt myself today. And the thing is, that happened without any sort of serious violence. I can honestly say that if any of these three contacted me to apologize, I would tell them "So you said your piece now. Good for you. Now you can pretend it never happened, that you are a worthwhile human being. You can even pretend I forgave you." or something to that effect.

Bullying is a disease. Bullies are the worst sort of pustule on humanity. Then again, I have met few if any good people who weren't bullied - and few if any bullies who did not crash and burn as adults.

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