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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

9,266 posts (10,419 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 aliases.


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Tar Baphon. Vice presidents have to be stupid or evil. He would be difficult to beat at evil.

Would you rather get prioritized for death by the red mantis church, or the Aspis consortium?

Goes without saying.

CBDunkerson wrote:

My best guess at what you are trying to say is that you believe that shifts in these various 'flow patterns' are 'made up' to explain a lack of warming.

Which doesn't really make sense given that there is no lack of warming to be explained. 2015 to date has been far and away the hottest year on record... even looking just at the <2% of warming in the lower atmosphere temperatures that climate deniers have insisted on using since the last similar temperature spike in 1998.

In any case, the jet stream is an air current over North America which travels from West to East in a wavy pattern. As global warming has proceeded the average height of the 'waves' has increased and the speed at which these waves travel East has decreased. Larger waves results in warm air from further South being pulled North and cold air from further North being pulled South... depending on which part of the wave structure you are looking at. Since the waves also move more slowly these patterns can persist longer. End result is that the changes make some areas warmer and others colder. El nino, La Nina, the gulf stream, the NAO, and many many other air/water flows are similarly being affected and causing other changes which can inflate or counter each other in various locations. All of which, along with short term weather patterns, adds up to any given location potentially being warmer or colder than normal for any given day/week/month/season... BUT does absolutely nothing to change the overall warming trend. These flow patterns are all just moving heat around within the climate system. Global warming is continually adding MORE heat to the climate system.

Well, each year for a while now, there have been informative articles as to why there has been no global warming last year. If there has been, don't ask me why they still need those articles. These articles look like cut and paste and replace stuff: "The reason things aren't warmer this year are because <weather phenomenon>. But that will not protect us in the future, because it cost <weather phenomenon> its energy this year. We still have to fight global warming." The roster of these weather phenomena is el nino, la nina, the gulf stream and the NAO, all of which are apparently gone now. It's the media, they f*++ things up, but honestly, there are limits.

Darklands adventure sounds great. Also easier.

Would you rather discuss morality with a protean or an inevitable?

I will try th... I will tell my friend. Thank you, Rysky.

Ah yes. The jet stream. Soon to be another casualty of the global warming that protects us from temperatures rising in the media. Just like el nino, la nina, the gulf stream and the NAO. Even if at least el nino still seems to have remained despite sacrificing itself for humanity a few years ago.

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So, posteriors for posteriority.

I, ummm... You wouldn't know how to get rid of head-eating, chitinous alien parasites? Ummm.... You know, a... Friend want to... Know. Yeah.

In Sweden, it is Gällivarehäng, presumably people in Gällivare let their pants hang that way.

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Nooooo... Release your anger... Give in to your hatred...

He kills people who have some sort of power, like soldiers and guards, unless they obey and surrender. In diplomacy he goes to war unless people surrender to him. The only way to get fairness from him is to serve him. All this is by your explanation.

This guy is evil to the core. Rotten, wicked, monstrous. He is ready and willing to commit atrocities for his own self-interest, for power. If an outsider were to see him, they would see something utterly evil. The only one who thinks he is good is himself. He would make a worthy villain, if he weren't so cliche in his inability to see his own taint.

If you intend to be Good, there are things you don't do. Mass murder and starting wars for power are two of them. Exploring darkness will taint you, and using it for Good still makes you a reeking wreck of Evil.

Unless of course those innocent people don't support him and obey him. This guy is as evil as they come. Compare with the concentration camp commander in Schindler's list. As repugnant as mass murderers come, he gets it into his head that he can be GOOD and perhaps even divine if he pardons some of those slated for execution.

Just asking. :-)

Should we guess the plot?

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Rosita the Riveter wrote:

Does anyone else hate Thanksgiving? I do. My parents and I don't get along, my sister hides her affection under a layer of abrasiveness, my brother doesn't get why my parents and I can't get along, and family dinners aren't a thing. My parents have always eaten in a separate room from my brother, and my brother and I ate processed frozen food when my stepdad cooked for him and mom. We had homecooked food on Thanksgiving, but still ate in a separate room. And don't get me started on that. When my sister became an adult, she earned the right to eat with my parents. When I became an adult, I got no such thing. I'm still not allowed to when I visit.

So, yea. Screw Thanksgiving. It's a stupid holiday that makes me depressed and I hate it, and I'm glad I'm alone in my apartment rather than at home.

Sounds like some serious crap going on there. People say that blood is thicker than water, and it is... But not by much, really. Nobody should have to go through that.

+5 seeking flaming burst suppositories. :-)

+3 vicious thundering unholy earmuffs

Rod of Failing: Unless the wielder succeeds on a DC 52 Will save, the rod merely sputters and does nothing.

Thanksgiving unleashed? Thanksgiving II - the revenge of Turkeytron?

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I really prefer to avoid a thermonuclear explosion in my kitchen. The microwave oven gets stopped at 00:01 if possible.

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Every trait we humans have is biological, this much should be obvious. Unless we are discussing the "soul" and non-material stuff that makes us decide what to do. I will assume not.

The biological part of human behaviour, as opposed to the environmental, is what sets the outer limits. The stuff we can't really change. Environment affects us only within those limits. When discussing people without serious handicaps: We get a native language, either an already formalized one with rules from our parents, or one that we shape into a formal language if it doesn't have said rules. We learn to walk, lie, imagine abstract things, and so many other things. And we get a sexual identity and a sexual preference. These are not negotiable. Given all this, yes, we can further build on these "core rules" as we and our environment shape us.

What characterizes a purely biological trait? It is absolute, non-negotiable. A human learns to walk. To make him or her not do that, you would have to actively provide a massively warped environment, like tying him down for years. He will likely learn it still, only later. By the same token, a human will always learn some kind of language. The tabula rasa is anything but rasa. And part of that is your sexual identity, and your sexual preference. A heterosexual doesn't stop being so. A homosexual cannot be "cured" despite oceans of effort to the contrary.

Why is not everyone cishet? Well, sexual identity and preference is a complicated thing. A strong sexual identity and a heterosexual preference is likely what maximizes the chance for offspring - so it should be sharply selected for. But it also needs to be different for men and women, so it must be contained in a rather complex machinery - and all such are open to "errors". And so, some will be non-cishet. Or, otherwise put, cishet people would not exist in any large numbers without non-cishet people.

Sexuality is not something we can negotiate. Sure, we are of course able to go through the physical motions of things outside our sexuality, but we are not going to enjoy it like we do things inside it. People routinely risk death and torture for sex. Sometimes they have sex despite KNOWING they will be killed or imprisoned for a very long time for having it. Non-negotiable.

Goddity had a period of seeking, of fanaticism, during its youth. For some reason, the thing it focused on was the moderately successful (but very famous) goblin trash metal band Junkburn Nodogs.

It falls to what he does. Going about getting world domination in a LN way would be to build power structures, working toward a legalistic view of the world, knowing the entire labyrinth that results, getting through agreed-on methods to the key positions of the hierarchy, and making sure everyone else keeps invested enough in the structure to want to keep it. At the end of the day, he might never be Grand Poobah of everything with a crown and a throne... but he would decide on policy, call the shots, and everything would happen through him. He wouldn't really have to murder anyone, but he would be quite happy to set up trade deals that would make the disadvantaged party weak enough to need his support, etc.

That was not this guy. Anyone he considered an enemy died. Anyone who didn't comply died. And whoop-de-doo, he was fair to his subjects - the people who did what he told them to. Sorry, not good enough. This is a textbook example of LE.

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Ever heard the phrase "we don't negotiate with terrorists"?

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Darnit. 1+1=10. Seriously.

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There are places in various slums where GPS maps recommend you not to stop even if your car is having trouble because it's too dangerous. Similarly, yes, if your plane is going down, and you are landing in certain territories, it may well be that you HAVE no good options. Hopefully, the pilots knew this about the situation BEFORE going in.

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Russia knows WWIII is not going to be kinder on them than on anyone else. They are a poor country, in poor shape regarding production and civil society. Getting involved in a serious war would quickly see them in a very precarious situation. Not to mention, the West would quickly unite against them, and China would love to see a chance to carve out a piece of them. It is not a winning concept for them either.

Regarding shooting pilots... It is not something you should expect going in that your opponents will follow the rules of war, unless they are representing a nation, and often not even then. It is quite simply a very bad idea to eject in the wrong place.

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To be honest, CotCT would probably do better without the trip away from Korvosa... But of course, that is a serious rewrite.

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Fitzwalrus wrote:

I don't care what the "one step away" rule says.... if you're envisioning the destruction of the known universe and the annihilation of potentially billions of entities as a "Good" outcome you're using a different dictionary than I am.


There is quite a lot about what God almighty is going to do to billions of us humans in the end days in the Bible. Just sayin'.

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Not really... it is very common that the heroine needs to fight to save the love interest from various bad things: death in a duel, poverty from business rival plots, etc. Or at least it has been in my limited experience.

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48. We're not making much process in disabling the soul-destroying, automatically recharging, trap just outside the only toilet in the dungeon. Nor is the dig around the trap project going as planned.

49. Well, the entire thing was plastered with asbestos, in full accordance with previous building norms. Yes, I know a +2 to item saves vs fire is a good idea in an enclosed space, but you wanted a pool room...

50. The screamy phantom of dread is keeping everyone awake all night, everywhere in the dungeon. The last bunch of clerics gave up on trying to exorcise it earlier today.

51. Turns out "Dungeons of Horrible Dread, Fleshfester Swamp 1, 555-13, Fleshfester Swamp" has problems with mail delivery.

Harrison Ford probably bites it. After all, he costs. And honestly, I'd prefer him to get a good screen death rather than have the rest of the trilogy as "Han Solo in a nursing home". He really ought to have known enough to stay away, because like Captain Scoundrél in OOTS, there was no other option for him than being the mentor.

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Nonono. Three meter tall disco Xerxes, ridiculous testo poisoning, hilariously bad dialogue, and slomo doesn't belong in a trash compactor. You need such movies to heckle from time to time. I maintain, it's a work of art.

No, it is right there. Phase 434: Profit!

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Dear, sweet Tacticslion, let me emphatically state that you are NOT the first who ever confused two parts of Realmslore... =)

Hey! This product doesn't have "And much, much more!" :<

Excuse me, were we discussing RPGs and mental illness, or what Alzrius and IronTruth said?

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The Netherese archwizard was named Ioulaum, the first to create an enclave. In second edition AD&D lore, the only mention I know of beyound the Ioun stones is that the plane of minerals has a swathe of land that is called Ioun something, the area closest to the positive energy plane. This is from The Inner Planes for Planescape.

Edit: Apparently, there was a Ioun guy too, but the one in the spoiler is definitely Ioulaum.

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Stuff is gonna end. Bad stuff will happen, and we can't do anything about it. Why not enjoy the time we have left, get our affairs in order, you know? And hey, if we are diligent, it may be possible to prolong it all, sound good?

Yeah, CG cleric of Groetus sounds quite possible.

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Eeeeeexcept there are things the narrator of 300 was not present for.

But I do agree. Work of art. There is a place for ridiculously over the top muscle action with lots of yelling and slomo.

And yes, two people did run around the Titanic and giggle. The resulting security checks meant the crew did not manage to detect the iceberg.

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Die, maggot!

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NobodysHome wrote:

Let a = b
a^2 = ab (multiply both sides by a)
a^2 - b ^2 = ab - b^2 (subtract b^2 from both sides)
(a+b)(a-b) = (a-b)b (factor out (a-b) from both sides)
(a+b) = b (divide by (a-b))
(b+b) = b (since a = b from the start)
2b = b (addition)
2 = 1 (divide by b)

Thus, 1 + 1 = 2 = 1


Followed by dividing by a-a... A.k.a. zero. Don't do that. It makes bad stuff happen.

Jamahawk knows this, indeed knows this very well, because he tried too and couldn't.

Krensky wrote:
I remeber my psychology texts use the term acute for sudden onset and describe that trauma and stress can trigger episodes, but they're also a decade and a half old, so things may well have moved on.

Acute psychosis is a thing. Drugs, various personality disorders, depression, mania, extreme anxiety disorders, etc can bring that on. Schizophrenia describes one form of chronic psychosis, and as far as we know today, that has a serious run-up phase. Of course, it is possible that that never gets observed well, which would be interpreted as a quick onset. Note also that we are still at the threshold of understanding psychosis better, which means things change regarding diagnoses still.

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Schizophrenia is, as stated, a poorly understood disorder. It was originally described by Kraepelin, who called it dementia praecox (early dementia). A while later, it was called schizophrenia by Bleuler. The word means "split soul", which gave rise to the idea that it's several people in one head, but actually, the schizo part of the word means split like in "split off, other, different".

The disorder consists of a chronic condition of psychotic symptoms: Positive, negative, and cognitive. Positive symptoms are positive in that they add something to the patient's experience, and include hallucinations (typically voices), delusions (typically paranoia, megalomania, or various religious forms). The negative remove something, making the patient less communicative, less social, and they tend to isolate themselves. Cognitive symptoms are signs of accumulating, albeit minor, brain damage, found by cognitive testing before and after episodes of acute worsening. Psychosis refers to the inability to separate what is real and what is not, and is a matter of degrees.

There is no such thing as acute schizophrenia. There are various forms of acute psychosis, such as amphetamin-induced paranoia, however, but these are not considered to be schizophrenia. Nor does schizophrenia (or usually, psychosis) come from traumatic experiences. It is a slowly-developing disorder, which begins at perhaps ten to twelves years of age with prodromal symptoms, but these are symptoms that are far more common, and so these give little hint of who will develop schizophrenia. Typically, the disorder begins with a sharp psychotic state at around 20 for men, and 30 for women. From that point, only neuroleptics (aka antipsychotics) have been shown to help. What they do is they get the patient to function, even if it is rarely full functioning. If the patient stops taking their medicine, they grow psychotic again, usually within a month. Since understanding that they are ill is rarely the case, much of psychosis care has to be done against the patient's wishes. With medication again, recovery from acute symptoms comes within two weeks or so, but cognitive symptoms get worse with every such episode.

Regarding violence, it can and does happen. However, a person in an acute psychotic state is usually far from unpredictable. First, each episode looks the same and doesn't vary much, usually even across decades. Second, this is a very, very scared person. They are not out to hurt anyone, their priority is to protect themselves. Violence happens when someone gets too close, doesn't listen to the patient, and keeps trying to communicate/touch/hold/whatever. Acute psychosis expands your personal sphere. Don't stare. Don't show your teeth. Don't make sudden movements. Don't get too close. Don't use big words. Focus on giving them an environment they can relate to, keep a decent distance, keep a roughly neutral face, see if they want/need something to eat or drink. If they tell you to go, go. It's not rocket science. Sum total, schizophrenic patients are very slightly overrepresented in violent behaviour compared to the general population - but there is overlap with autism spectrum disorder and other disorders that also have the same overrepresentation.

Contrary to popular belief, visual hallucinations are rare, and belong more to conditions like alcohol delirium.

It is harsh, unending, and breaks you down. 0.7% get it, slightly more in urban areas, slightly less rural. The causes are unknown, but some genetic predisposition exists.

All told, yes, confusion as a result is pretty decent. What you see of acute psychosis is typically that the patient is distracted, not much else.

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PLATYPUS VAMPIRE!!! That is all.

Industry interests seem to me to be a poor reason to send men and women to die. Just sayin'.

We are all allowed to believe all sorts of things.


Antipaladins need to go through redemption to "rise". It is not something easy, and will include restitution. Paladins shouldn't fall easily either, but far easier than redeeming an antipaladin.

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