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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

8,271 posts (9,239 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.

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graystone wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Thing is, that happens with one creature. Once they did their attack, anyone else they attack gets an AoO against them, which should kill them handily at level 5+. Yes, touch attacks hit most of the time, yes, Con damage is scary, but all in all? 1d4+2 Con damage means 4-5 Con, meaning around 2 hp/HD of the target in damage. For a d8 HD monster, that is a bit less than half its hp. Can be powerful, but generally situational.

Ahhhh... You know that each one can drain 4 con right? One creature loses 1d4+4 per round until it adds up to 4d4+16 OR it wastes it's attacks killing them which isn't attacks against the party.

Even if they have drained every con that can, they can still eat up AoO. I'm sure the melee people wouldn't mind having the second giant waste it's reach AoO on stirges...

So 20-32 con lose and/or 1d4+2 AoO/attacks negated for one summons. Some creatures can ignore basic damage but any creature with a con isn't going to sit around and watch it's con vanish.

No, it's going to be 12-24 Con. Even that is if all of the stirges attack the same target, all hit (even touch attacks aren't automatic), the target isn't immune to ability damage and whatnot, and so on. The stirges can probably all start in the enemy's square. However, doing significant damage to one target after several rounds, that depends on a variety of factors to function, that can be mitigated actively by the target or his allies, using a level 3 spell? Sounds about right to me.

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This is going to come off as "get off my lawn", but... It is an attitude problem, not just for people who got burned. So many on these boards have an attitude that if a GM steps out of the rule-covered areas in the least, they would leave the game, and any situation that would require GM adjudication is to be avoided at all costs. It is a deep divide in gaming style, and I don't see it changing.

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Does "all the good crap in my fridge" include your milk? If so, there can be no mercy for them. No mercy.

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Dessert. So much this. Creme brulee, strawberry cake, banana split, fruit salad... the adventure possibilities!!!

Adventure in a desert or in the frozen north?

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"The thieves' guild kidnapped our friend? And they are keeping her at their HQ? Hmmm... Wooden building. Okay, let's firebomb the place and kill all the ones trying to get out. Once everyone is dead and the house is burnt down, we resurrect her."

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Paternity leave is a beautiful thing.

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It is a good thing that, while getting acceptance for other things being biological with us humans is difficult, the idea that our sexuality is biologically determined is spreading.

As for the idea that it is a choice... seriously, what would the motivation be? "I need to decide if I am straight or gay... hmmm, either I choose to be straight, with no particular problems relating to this... no, I think I will become gay instead, with all the ill will and poor understanding that comes with being gay! Brilliant!" It is also heartwrenching to hear what some of the anti-gay campaigners say... "We must all stand firm against the temptation of committing homosexual acts!!!1" Somehow, I think there is a problem there...

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The question is more how much pressure you need to apply to even out the numbers, and what else happens due to that pressure. Every action has consequences, and some of those could well be catastrophic. The goal is not everything, and as you say, thejeff, having a number as a goal is in itself wrong. Oh, and which social and legal obstacles are you talking about that apply to a woman working in the exact sciences?

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That last sounds good to me.

Would you rather fight a type V demon, a marilith tanar'ri, or a marilith blackguard?

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One of the ioun stones sustain people without air...........

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Ioun stones are always helpful... But they can be... Distracting.

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So, a succubus with a MIGHTY BATTLE COCK? Or perhaps an incubus?

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EVERYONE should leave bad relationships. Having a relationship does not make you a better person, and I suspect so many go into relationships that won't make them happy because it is socially expected. If they would have chosen to have sex without a relationship instead, everyone involved would have been happier. If, that is, sex was what they wanted.

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Caster. If nobody has magic items, my magic is far more marketable.

Would you rather be an eldritch knight or an arcane trickster?

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Beshabe is under imaged and under used, indeed. The official art of her is limited to the F&P picture and the Tymora's luck cover, I believe. That said, the F&P image IS pretty much as she is described. When Tyche was split, Beshaba was the beautiful daughter. She is lovely beyond compare, but her face is cold, dead and twisted. She wears black, and is pale, typically with white hair. Her dresses show off her body, and are usually torn. She wears jewelry. The book cover is a complete failure. There was some nice fan art by googling her name.

As for the book plot, it was ages ago, but I believe it was

a plot by Iyachtu Xvim disguised as Sirrion, Krynnese god of fire, to join the two again. It failed, and I don't believe anything much changed from it

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If men are scum through and through, so are women. I would just like to paraphrase one of the more famous Swedish murderers in our prison system:

"I stopped reading the love letters after a few months, there were just too many."

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The media we see is a conglomerate of soundbites designed to reach a specific reaction for all sorts of reasons, a hysterical worship of gravely disturbed people, most of them with personality disorders, usually narcissistic, a desperate and severely unhealthy preoccupation with any sort of feelings that can be evoked such as shame, grief and hatred, various sick myths, eager wallowing in ignorance and moronity, political maneuvering to what gets screen time, censorship and bizarre ideological slogans. It is a virulently toxic and despicable beast today, with few, but existing, exceptions.

Given this, 50SoG is small potatoes. There is literally nothing about it that isn't completely cast in shadow by 24 hours of mixed television.

It is all well and good to say "ooooh this book is so horrible and weak people will do stupid stuff if they read it OMG OMG OMG!!!!11", but you need to understand that the vast majority of people watch TV, a far more direct type of media, at times even interactive, SEVERAL HOURS EVERY DAY. From the toddler stage, we're put through the wringer of s~!! mass media, and we still survive. We learn to filter, indeed, we're amazingly good at it. They started becoming worried about information overload in the eighteenth century.

Certainly, the effect on a person to read 50SoG may not be good... but it truly has competition for the chance to ruin us.

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No, you need the power of lightning to fuel it... :-)

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Uhmmmm... NINE years, Kajehase? My hat off to you. No thread necro I have heard of even comes close.

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KenderKin wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
PbPing an AP.
Playing an AP some times...
What's wrong with PbPing an AP?

Merely that PLAYING one takes years. PbPing one by necessity extends this even further into the realm of incredulity. Still, to those who want it, more power to them.

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Exactly. I am so glad you understood my point, Terquem. Fantasies are a safe way to handle breaking the limits we live within. They are not something we should be bothered by. Anastasia gets given a wealthy lifestyle in a wonky relationship, far from having earned it herself. As fantasies go, it's far from the worst I have seen. Now, if you don't like it, it did not work for you. To me, it's a stupid plot and bad writing that makes me stay away.

And if we do criticize other people's fantasies, how about these?
It is unrealistic!
It is violent!
It gives questionable moral guidance!
It distracts people from the real world!
It is racist!
And of course,
it encourages pursuits of unattainable goals!

If those are reasons that something is bad, then let's scrap every kind of speculative fiction ever. All are criticisms that have been leveled at fantasy, SF and related fields since day one.

Yes, it IS a fantasy. And that is not by itself a problem.

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"Here, duchess, a toast to... uh, can you drink this, like, really quickly? Please?"

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All the time in the world. What can I say, I never had enough time, and too many important things to do. Elysium of the Great Wheel always felt like a lovely idea to me.

Okay, the situation is this: You, as an evil dark lord, are tracking twelve different beginner adventurer parties. Each of them have slain the first goblin recruits you sent at them. You have more powerful minions, of course, but you now find you have to choose between focusing fire on a few groups, i.e. more likely to kill them but leaving others to their adventuring, or spreading out the pain and covering all or at least more of them. Which is it, and more importantly, why?

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Molten Dragon wrote:
Lady of Pain in training.

OOOOOOOOooooooooh thank you so so so much!!! *squee*

That makes me so happy I am not even going to call you tongue-biter... ooops.

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"Ooooh, I seem to remember something about White Blume Mountain in these areas..."

Knowledge (geography): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

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The fantasies played in 50SoG are a bit more numerous than that. It's the sexual Sadism/Masochism one, yes, but also the power exchange in the Domination/Submission fantasy. BDSM is a complex, multifaceted beast, and every part of it is certainly not for everyone. Power exchange is a thing, and there are many who choose to live that way permanently.

Something not many seem to understand about sexuality is that the only requirement for something becoming a sexual point of interest for someone is that it evokes an emotional response. We thrill to things that make us feel. If someone gets excited by playing with food, you can be certain that that same person feels differently about food than most others. Nor, indeed, does this emotional response necessarily have to be a GOOD one. So, "some experience in an unpleasant controlling relationship" is quite enough.

But the fantasies do not end there. Ana is living a stupid life that goes nowhere, working retail and sharing an apartment. It's a situation many people can identify with, and a significant number of them want something different. Now, here's an attractive man, with oodles of wealth and power, who wants to give her EVERYTHING, all the pretty dresses, forever, and enslave her to a life of luxury. Note also that his threat is not "Obey me or I will kick your ass", it's "obey me or it's over". All in all, then, it's a pretty safe form of enslavement.

The fantasies are not the bad part.

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It was a decent movie... but the ostrich race man was such a complete failure as comic relief that the rest of the movie fell flat for me.

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Footfamiliar. In America, it would mean running around with it in your arm, in the rest of the world, kicking the familiar around the field.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Stereofm wrote:
Why did nobody mention Lamashtu ?
Because I don't want anyone to die. Lamashtu cannot be trusted to not dine upon Shelyn.

No, I think she can. EVERYONE loves Shelyn. That includes even now-divine demon lords. In fact, if anything could get Lamashtu flustered and shy, it's Shelyn.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

So it is an UNDEAD, likely incorporeal, company that did this? Beautiful. :-)

3 people marked this as a favorite.

A world government.

The concept of fate, a.k.a. "everything happens for a reason".

Protection of religious beliefs from criticism.

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Considering that 50SoG started out as Twilight fanfiction, how could it be anything but a romance about a deeply defective relationship? Once the urge to publish the pile of whatever became too great, the rewrite was called Snowdragon's Ice Princess, IIRC, then when fantasy didn't show appeal, she rewrote it again, this time with a genius title and a serious marketing campaign.

That said: Depictions of BDSM have a long, sad story about defective relationships. L'histoire d'O started off the trend, and it's a commonly severely misunderstood book. It is, compared to 50SoG, a well written one, which makes it far more relevant... but it still shows a defective and abusive relationship. For some reason, such relationships hold more of a story than happy ones.

Finally, it also needs to be said that desire is a very fickle and diverse thing. Someone who desires to be controlled in various ways WILL be drawn to someone who can provide that. It is typically not a good thing, but it remains his or her desire. Sometimes, the choice is stark: happiness or sexual fulfillment. As strange as it sounds, this is not usually a simple one.

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It's often fun reusing an old NPC for this role. The typical campaign leaves several NPCs behind every few sessions, and this is a good way to reuse them. For some reason, then, the wife of the clockmaker they helped a few months ago, the one who made such delicious cookies, has discovered something that prompted her to seek the heroes out. Due to reasons, she can't tell them directly what it's about, but she needs to know something from them, and wants them to do something. Voila, perfect NPC to "stalk" them for a while, then try to get them to do something for her. The next step is having her get noticed by trouble and having to miss their next meeting with her, and so on.

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Zaboom! wrote:
When I started you rolled 3d6 and that was your Strength, then you rolled 3d6 and that was your Dex!

You're one of them newfangled "fogeys", aren't you? After Strength, you rolled INTELLIGENCE, not DEXTERITY. Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Correctly, I think. I mean, wouldn't that be all sorts of awesome?

Would you rather cuddle with an otyugh or flee from a quickling?

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If this board means no rule is sacred... WHY did suggesting ability score requirements get such a hysterical response? Wouldn't it be, I don't know, better to assume it's a house rule to discuss?

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Xexyz wrote:

That this thread has made it to 139 (now 140) posts.

Really? If you want truly monstrous threads, Last one to post wins recently passed 15.000 posts. If Picard doesn't like 140 of this... just think how he'd like that...

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That's it, Orfamay! I had hoped not to be forced into this, but now, I have reported you to Paizo's SWAT rules squad. Expect a violent visit soon, or conform and convince us all you are within specs for the Right Way to play PF!

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Okay... in the beginning there was Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. They had 150 different pokemon between them, with something like 6-10 not appearing in each game, and with some more common in one than the other. There was also a Yellow, which had some missing from Red and some from Blue. Then came Gold and Silver, with most of the old 150 + 100 new ones, again with some not in each game. This had (I think) Crystal as an extra game. There have been several new generations since, among them Sapphire/Ruby and Black/White, always with much the same principles. The number of pokemon are in the several hundreds now. When they did Silver and Gold, they could add colour, and so they remade Red and Blue into FireRed and LeafGreen, then Silver and Gold were remade into HeartGold and SoulSilver. These are the same games, though, merely updated.

The games are fun to play, designed to play on your desire to complete a collection, and are quite deep. I enjoyed the ones I did play.

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So... I am WIGHT!!! =)

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Depression is not, counter to public perception, that you are sad. It is an inability to be happy. Again, counter to public perception, bad circumstances do not prevent happiness. Even those in the worst of situations feel happy when they should... Unless they are depressed. Depression carves out your self-image, your will, your happiness and your hope. Sure, you will live, but the price (in years lost) is steep. Not to mention the risk of suicide. All in all, the antidepressants have very few problems for what they cure. Weight gain, for most drugs a mild one of a few pounds, lack of sexual interest (depression usually kills this dead anyway, so it is not a problem until you get better), dry mouth, and some autonomous frizzles when changing your dosage. These frizzles consist of mild nausea, tiredness, numbness, yawning, etc, but pass after five to ten days (when your new blood concentration has settled). This last is why some think they are addictive.

While many claim they make you happy, in truth they do not. They restore your ability to be happy when you should. After a few weeks on the right dose, your close ones will recognize you as who you used to be. After another week or so, you will find that you feel better.

What comes next is what people tend to miss. When you get depressed, you lose the ability to imagine success. The best mental image you can manage is ho-hum, no matter what it is you do. This in itself will mean you fail more often, and after months of this, you will have adjusted your self-image to protect yourself ("I didn't manage this job, oh well, I knew it wasn't going to work out for me"). Therapy in this situation will not help you, because that won't work either. But once the depression has been treated, you have a lot of work to do in building up a new self image. It takes a few months of taking on reasonable projects you can succeed at, the same as the process of getting any new habit. This, therapy can help you with.

As for numbers, depression is very common. The estimate I have seen is 5-10% point prevalence (number ill at a point in time) and about half of women and a third of men in lifetime prevalence (people who have depressions at some point in their lives). Add to this that recommendations are at least one year treatment first episode, two years second, lifelong third, and 13% is probably too low. It is important to remember that these are mild drugs that people can try out. Most of the 13% thus likely feel helped by it.

As for change in numbers, let's not forget that the method of dealing with depressions used to be "nothing to do about it, too bad, so sad." It was not seriously diagnosed until the postwar era.

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A scuffle and some whispering ensued from the little group, while the king patiently watched the motley group. Eventually, one among the group stepped forward. On his shoulder was a brightly coloured parrot. It met the king's gaze with one baleful eye.

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4. Here, Rover! Catch the ball! *throws the ball down the dungeon corridor, certainly not to check for traps*

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Wouldn't it be the succubus who grapples the MIGHTY BATTLE COCK?

8 people marked this as a favorite.

Eidolons are truly open field for getting refluffed. The one closest to my interpretations would be that the eidolon is a facet of the summoner himself. This would put this discussion somewhere between masturbation and "great minds think alike", i.e. If the summoner is kinky, the eidolon likely is as well, and they just happen to like the same things...

As for Cayden's amorous pursuits, he did wake up one morning in a creepy castle full of undead, with a note saying "Sorry, had to leave on urgent business, help yourself to breakfast." and a true horror of a bender. He... Does not talk about this.

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Link to the myth

Also, body water is rather saline, and pretty close to sea water levels, so pruning doesn't happen in salt water.

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Ehum. Puella magi Madoka magica. :-)

What struck me most about it was the impressive writing and how well it hung together. In form, it is a classic tragedy, and very impressively done. Note also that Fukushima happened between the first airings of episode ten and eleven, which delayed the series for a week and becomes rather poignant when you see the series.

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I started some years ago... Let me tell you, it was a different game back then. We didn't have numbers for hit points yet. I used to hate the cruddy bottle caps we used back then. Ah yes, bottle caps. Back in my day, there were real drinks. Soft, fizzy drinks, and we could all drink as much alcohol as we wanted because there were no laws about it yet. I had a girl once, who used to wear blue dresses. But public transportation... Wazzat? Speak up. Characters? Yeah, I played a level two fighting man. He used to whack people with a bohemian ear spoon... Zzzzzzz...

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None of those ideas are stupid. They are wrong, but they did not turn stupid. The people who formulated them were basing them on what they knew. A special note about the humoral theory: when you design ways to describe human personality, you almost always end up with three or four variables. Say what you will, they did get something close to the systems marketed today for the same purpose.

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Shelyn make an ugly face. It would be hilarious. She would fail miserably, and she might like the challenge. Asking Desna to stay put wouldn't get me anything more than a sad smirk.

Would you rather bring enough trail rations, or survive off the Spoon, for a trek across Osirion?

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