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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

10,560 posts (11,857 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 aliases.


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And by the same token, the number of arrests in Turkey prove nothing other than perhaps an active intelligence community. Of course they have kept their eyes on people. That is what happens in turbulent times.

If a bona fide military coup happened in the US, and was deterred, how many would be arrested in the first weeks?

Here we go...

It is very easy to get called paranoid on these boards. Not agreeing with the official American government line is the easiest way. As for Turkey, I find it quite likely it WAS a staged coup... But there have been so many other such events worldwide - and I have run into a wall of being called paranoid over most of them, it seems. As an example, Silvio Berlusconi getting attacked with a statue.

As for 9/11, note that the Patriot Act took very little time to get implemented. Almost as if they had prepared it beforehand, no? And the president at the time was a rather peculiar person who implemented the use of extrajudicial killings of American citizens, widespread torture, dehumanising war camps, etc. And there were various suspicious circumstances around it all... Which were precisely the criteria used to justify the Turkish coup to be a conspiracy.

I am not saying 9/11 was an inside job. I am saying that even though you do not like to think about it, your government is not necessarily on your side at every turn. Being aware of that is likely to become very important in the near future. So maybe you should stop ridiculing people for being so?

More people drinking the paranoid conspiracy kool-aid, I see. Get real, people.

Yyyyyeah, those are idiot-priced drugs because of stupid conditions in the Medicare program. They are antiviral and anticancer drugs. I agree that it is stupid, but it really has very little to do with psychiatry.

As for your second point, not really. Serious psychiatric disorders are rather well described, and even if the details may be slightly off, the treatment used is relatively cheap, largely entirely safe, and can be tried with good confidence in most patients. That much of the brain is unknown doesn't really change this, so I am not sure what the second article is there to say.

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"Sir, this facility is a nuclear missile facility. You are not allowed in here. Indeed, you're not even supposed to know about it. You can't imagine the trouble you're in now."
"But, but... Snorlax?"

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Things happen because things that happen earlier? No, sorry, that is CAUSAL Friday.

Stormbringer did not have rules for approximating them. And yet you would have to roll hundreds of d6es.

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But that has not yet overwhelmed itself with hugely powerful charms. :-)

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Go Exalted. 2nd edition has a charm that allows you to attack every enemy within a mile radius with your sword. Nuff said.

Or, ummmm... Go another way?

I would say Dragonites don't come from eggs. They are evolved pokemon, y'know?

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1. Seriously, man? A thousand sloths in my yard?
2. Let's see, we have thirty wrecked patrol cars, fourteen casualties, more than a hundred wounded civilians, at least sixty lawsuits for police brutality, a demolished quarter in central Manhattan, and a dead giraffe. For a shoplifter?
3. What did you do to me? Please tell me that is yoghurt...

And now, the answers:
1. They misunderestimated me.
2. Most of our imports come from overseas.
3. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... ummm... can't be fooled again.

Sara Marie wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:
Wait, Eevee is a 10k egg pokemon? I am *flooded* with eevee around my house. I have 8 of them evolved, so I was assuming they were a low tier pokemon that was oddly powerful, lol.
Me too. The neighborhood is figuring this out and we're getting more and more people slowly walking & stopping near our house. Time to weed the garden and make it a bit more presentable I guess!

Or plant some bellsprouts, for a visitor-free environment. =)

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When starting teaching, you need to immediately beat up the biggest guy there. Or maybe that was prison.

Christopher Anthony wrote:
There are no winners here.

We are all the winners, doncha know?

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Well, depends if the corporate types are being restless. Then you might have to show them some new tech to make them worship you like a god. Say, a fax, or a ballpoint pen.


Looking through the cards of the Zendikar set, I find that a number of those cards would make for great spells. From earlier, I have found that setting a level of 1 + 2 * (coloured-1) + colourless makes for a pretty good curve. This puts a RR1 spell at level 4, a WWW3 at level 8, and a B1 at 2. Some spells come with kicker or multikicker, just like many 5th edition spells. A good number of the spells could probably be simply replaced with D&D spells, like Cancel -> Dispel Magic, though you might want to keep the name. Another issue is that many of the cards more properly describe EVENTS, you know, Rumbling Aftershocks or Magma Rift. Still, that is no reason not to use them.

What is difficult, though, is the very effective removal spells. Destroy target green creature doesn't fit well with the D&D paradigm. My suggestion would be something akin to chaos hammer or the like, which does damage or forces a save, depending on level.

The schools should go, of course, to be replaced by the colours.

EDIT: I have also found, which I forgot to mention above, that global enchantments should get a +2 to their level due to affecting several targets.


...finding out the guys who enforce them are not people you want to mess with.

TFF just had to get it. I mean, a heart plug, so sodding cheap! And hey, everyone gets one!

Fake coup? Nah. Only paranoid people would ever buy into s&@~ like conspiracies.

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Communism is a religion. It has the same appeal to "goodness" (obedience), the same transcendent Vision (the Classless society), the same unbridled dogmatism and fragmentation, the same disdain for outsiders, the same moralism and suppression of sexuality, and the very same violent aggression toward competitors (other religions) just as soon as they become the dominant part in a society.

Communism being atheist is very old by now, and still just as useless.

Back in the day, Captain Omen had Hulk walking behind a submarine across the bottom of the sea. Apparently this went on for quite some time. It was never explained how Hulk got out of that one.

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Fire stations, apparently.

1) The doctor actually transplanted your appendix to replace your arm?
2) What's the best day of your life?

And here are your answers:

1) Zug Zug!
3) La la la la la la!!!


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Still claim that would be Lord of Light. But, sounds fantastic.

Do we need badgers?

GoatToucher's avatar photo was taken just after a loganberry hit him in the eye.

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No no no, that would be the Pink love hulk and the Purple depression hulk.

"Purple depression hulk is saddest of all..."

Norman Osborne wrote:
Set wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
Uhm I think She-Hulk is still female.

Yeah, and Black Lightning is still obviously visibly black, that's where I was going with that. She doesn't really need a 'she' in her name, since anyone can see that she's a Girl-Hulk, not a Boy-Hulk.

At least it only happened with some non-white-dude groups. It would have gotten even more awkward if everybody had to have their ethnicity or gender built into their name. Gypsy Scarlet Witch! Asian Psylocke! Gay Northstar!

Calling her Asian Psylocke would make sense, given the character's history (I'm of the apparent minority that both remember and prefer when she was British Psylocke).

Minority? Really? Well, if so, I am another. It wouldn't be so bad if they had even tried developing asian Psylocke's character, but that never seemed to happen.

Well, okay. Hulk is Korean-American. Spider Man is at the center of a gaggle of Spider-Whatsits, but still Peter Parker? Considering the reaction to Ben Reilly... And then there is the ever-lovable Punisher, who has not yet been replaced by a woman. Or maybe he isn't A-list anymore? Ah yes, Daredevil?

I dunno. And I do apologize if I come across as crass/racist/whatever. I just don't think it's necessarily good storytelling to use the same recipe over and over.

My Marvel-reading days ended with Civil War, which had me questioning the sanity of every character involved. And the writers. I guess I shouldn't criticize what I am no longer a part of.

Exactly. What other A-list heroes remain to be replaced? Hulk? Punisher?

EDIT: Ah, silly me. Apparently the Cap woman was from 2099. So there is one.

Marvel has a s+%*load of heroes, admittedly, but their A-level heroes are a rather condensed group. Depending on how you count, of course. With this, we now have:

Wolverine, now a woman. Thor, now a woman. Spider-man, not replaced but with Spider-Gwen, a woman. Iron Man, now a woman and black. Captain America, replaced by a man and a woman. Not having followed it all, what has happened to Nick Fury, Cyclops, Mr Fantastic and Dr Strange?

Perhaps it's good business sense, and really, a lot of these characters grew stale and overused ages ago. But... too much replacement, too quickly? Is it really such a fresh perspective that a big hero becomes a woman if that same thing happened to the last six big heroes to have a new storyline?

A good character is a good character, whether male or female. It may be that these are all remarkable characters in nuanced, interesting, fresh storylines. It just seems to be the new thing, and like every other such thing, it is overdone.

And of course, it will be changed back in not too long, if past performance is anything to go by.

What you need is short episodes, or at least ones where you can set a harsh time limit and succeed anyway. This means, as stated, that the objectives need to be entirely clear from the get go. There should also not be too much contact with society, unless the commanders are ok with serious collateral damage. This structure cuts out anything that relies on mystery and research. If you want to do it anyway, extensive reworking with division into sub-objectives and a trip for each might do it, letting someone else deal with clues found. Also, of course, the squad is meant to struggle life and death against their commanders.

So, the only one I can really see is Shattered Star.

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No, 48%.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The portrait MD uses actually depicts his foot. Things got pretty screwy when he melted.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

...Molten Dragon.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, let's just say that 48% are likely going to be okay with it, plus whatever portion of the leave voters who have been disillusioned by failed promises. It's still not going to be an easy thing to do.

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prosfilaes wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Two points are not a line. They are two points. If you have a line through them, then you know what that line looks like, yes, but there is nothing at all that says there is one in the first place.
Euclid does, in Postulate One of his elements.

Really? You're seriously arguing this? Heh.

Okay. We have two points. You can, as you say, draw a line through them. Then you can claim that whatever the two points measured you can now predict just by looking at that line.

But all you really have is two points. The claim that the line now corresponds to anything at all is merely your conjecture. You can extrapolate that line and say "Hey, in 20XX, Paizo will for certain publish another collected edition of an AP. Just look at the line!" Considering that they have specifically stated that we shouldn't read anything into the fact that they now publish that second collected edition, i.e. that the line you speak of has no relevance whatsoever, you'd be making a claim out of the blue, wouldn't you?

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If one was to go visit the congress, would the road be blocked by a lump of snorlaxes?

(What??? I am a sorceress??? And here I thought I was merely an insufferably smart layabout.)

Pulg was hentaied by an Ewok. Which, you know, explains things about Ewok sexuality.

If someone thinks A should be done because the bible says so, such as resistance to gay marriage motivated by the famous Leviticus quote, and the horrors of Sodom and Gomorrah, then it IS a religious issue for them. If someone speaks for an organization of a large number of christians about these same things, and those cristians largely support this because the bible says so, then it IS a religious issue for the person speaking AND for the organization.

I don't think you have to go further in this. See, gay marriage is literally only a problem on religious grounds.

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The young queen was sold by her family, who had mistreated her horribly, to marry the aging despot of Korvosa.

But the castle holds many secrets, and in the deep vault, she found him. He had been mighty, a powerful lord, and now he was imprisoned. She sensed the danger from his first word to her... But he set her soul on fire. It would be the deepest treachery to acknowledge her feelings. And yet, he is the first who has ever loved her. Theirs is a love that will shake the pillars of heaven.

Curse of the Crimson Throne is a romantic adventure path, following the growth of a young girl into a woman.

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Poog is... Well, how do I put this? He is a... Squirrel who was bitten by a radioactive cucumber.

A nose by any other name would smell as bad.

And the olympic games use how many condoms each time? :-)

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Why would it be a good idea, if you have several toilets, to close all but one and set it as nongendered? I mean, if you have several, I would think there would be just as many nongendered... And where is the harm then?

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