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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

8,654 posts (9,691 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.


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Less than 1/million... Take a look at the disease statistics. Less than 1/100000 is usually the cutoff for the truly rare genetic disorders. SMA, if you want to look up something truly heartbreaking, is not nearly that rare. The issue is simply this: Nobody can always know everything they need to at every moment. Even if you know their whereabouts, you won't know all they are doing. Electric outlets, dangerous substances, open windows, sharp objects, matches... How many kids die from cot death each year? Far, far more. Don't pat yourself on the back. It CAN happen to you. Punishing people for this is inane and cruel.

But if they can be incarcerated for ages, the prison interests stand to make a LOT of money off them. We're talking JOB OPPORTUNITIES here, people!

The first step to gaining acceptance is to get known at all. There is no way around this. Changing the resulting fearful attitude that results is the next step. Jenner can do the first job. Once the door is opened, there will be many others. Sum total I think it is a good thing.

For Ravenloft, they had vampires that fed on cerebrospinal fluid, thereby draining Int. X-files had a fat-drinking vampire (why he didn't go to Hollywood and work as a cosmetic surgeon I don't know), which could affect Con in another way than blood drinking. The schtick is drinking, though, so eating eyes and flesh is pretty clearly out. Sure, a vampire could drink the acqueous and vitreous humour from the eyes, but that is pretty tiny volumes we're talking about. The body heat drinking was (I believe) from Chill. You could have a creature that drinks skills, and prepared (or available) spells would be thematic for a vampire wizard or sorcerer. A fey- or similar-themed vampire could drink enchantments on people, perhaps as part of their feeding.

The structure of magic is bound at least in part by dualistic principles. The council set things up to reflect this, to guard against corruption of magic. However, this means that not only WILL they come in conflict, they will also not be able to resolve it without weakening magic as a whole. Over a very long time, the council has lived in barely concealed warfare, plotting and one-upmanship, always careful not to show this to everyone else. And then, one of them had enough.

I toss it out the window because it is inedible. And toss out GoatToucher too while I am at it.

120. "What is your Perception modifier again?" ... "Oh, okay. You don't notice anything."
121. "You just have a feeling that you missed something important."
122. Roll a d20. "Hey, rules-guru, if someone fails a save against Dominate Person, do they notice it?" "No." "Okay. Thanks."

Professor X has been one of the chief dicks of the Marvel Universe for decades. True, a lot of this was written in retroactively, but it fits, it is consistent, and quite reasonable. The most powerful telepath in the world certainly would end up with a massive bank of secrets, and stuff he was not proud of having done. Expediency can be a b#!#@, sometimes. Ask Hulk. Also, Xavier has never been a warm character. He's emotionally isolated from everyone except an alien queen, go figure.

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It has been on for years now...

Habanero chocolate ice cream. It is as perverted as it sounds.

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I REALLY like how people consider Abjurant Champion OP. Or, I mean, it might be, but seriously, getting an extra bonus to AC for abjuration spells is hilarious! There were no abjuration spells that granted you an AC bonus. :-)

The feat that lets you colourize spells was Spell Thematics, from Magic of Faerun, probably reprinted a few times since.

Book of Nine Swords was an awesome attemp at doing something new, but it was too much at once, I think. Some of the class mechanics were quite boring, too. It absolutely did not make martials into casters, much less fighters into casters. The book didn't even touch on fighters.

Maskity Globyellow

*takes the Win with little trouble*

*throws the Win into the Tarrasque's maw*

*swats the Tarrasque's butt with a giant Buttswatter +23 and sees the Tarrasque barge off into the distance*

Your move, gentlemen, ladies, cats, dwarves, devils, old-timers, avatars, mice, chimera kittens, ratmen, and whatever else!

Mom's Mighty Latte to The Incredible Machine: Affirmative. Deploying Gremlin in 3... 2... 1... Fire!

I would say that if you can't get a way to get std action summoning, you need to seriously consider if summoning is the route you want to go. One round casting time is brutally horrible. There are currently three ways AFAIK: Sacred Summons, Summon Evil Monster and Academae Graduate.

Or... I know! You could combine the two! Racial holy war in the FATAL world!!!

So... in order to set the bar lower, you'd need something about torturing puppies.

What of your body of work so far at Paizo are you most proud of?

And prestige cl.... AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Licquorice is a complex phenomenon. It is like anise, but has many other flavours too, giving a deep, rich taste that is an acquired one. As for the health risks, the problems are acute, so you would really have to binge out on it. Now, salt licquorice is not much fun by itself, but it cleans the mouth of unending sweetness in a bag of candy, and in small amounts it is surprisingly good. It is awesome in ice cream. Most cooking with it is a failure to me. Sweet licquorice is okay, if a bit bland, and sweet enough to "join the choir", so it doesn't do much for me. Next up is salmiak, a different but similar-tasting substance, used often in powdered form in sweets. This is the bee legs above. Awesome doesn't begin to describe it. I suppose many would just consider it salt, though. It is not. :-)

WoD, 18 dice in the dice pool due to pulling out all the stops for a desperate attack. No successes, three ones...

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Poster 1: X works because A, B and C (quoted from the rulebook).

Poster 2: No it doesn't. You claimed Y worked in thread Z, and you were wrong then.

It is the final duty of every citizen to go into the tanks.

Certainly not a remake... and I KNOW about the previous "attempt" to film it... and I know there are reasons why it would be problematic... but I SO much want a Lord of Light movie.

...ACP... *sniffs*


It. Is. Not. Parody.

Believe it.

Also... if you read it, your brain will never recover.

*takes out her trusty laser pointer*

*starts moving the little... tasty... red dot around, over the walls, the floor...*

*keeps teasing Doomkitten with it for hours, until the kitten collapses and dies of exhaustion*

Uhhhh... No. I have (which makes me feel dirty just thinking about it, and not in a good way either) read enough of it. Horrible tables, stupid racist crap, idiotic skills and mechanics, cut and paste text blocks repeated too many times, kinderfresser ogres... And ACP. You do NOT want to know what ACP stands for. It is a game half-written, half-vomited onto the scene to be edgy, innovative and exciting. 0 of 3 actually IS pretty bad.

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Ng. Like "ng" in english. It doesn't need any vowels at all, almost silent or not.

It has a stat called enunciation and a skill for urination...

White plume mountain, given by the gynosphinx in the crossing of the three paths. I do not know the room number, though.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Wolfhound for some goofy Russian fantasy.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Shyness means you tend to agree with what others think when asked for your opinion, because otherwise you would draw attention. You never interrupt, and fall silent if interrupted yourself. You don't make jokes, argue or try to take the lead. It is more difficult with people you just know a little, those you know well and those you don't know at all are relatively safe. If asked about something, you give a short, noncommittal answer. If criticized, you doubt your value as a human being. If praised, you nod give a stiff smile and try to flee. You say sorry a lot, and you go out of your way to avoid making people feel you're tryingto pressure them, leading to many, many unneeded words. Above all, if there is someone you are interested in around, you are supremely uncertain and uncomfortable. All these things get easier as you get to know people well. Now, I know much of this is exaggerated, but still.

I *KNOW* that game.

Go at torches. Probably a night procession of some kind. Don't.

The next poster is just not satisfied.

thejeff wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Ummm... I would say an assassination is a murder committed against someone, known or unknown to the murderer, holding an office of some kind or not, where the intended effect is not primarily the death of the person in question, i.e. the person's death is a means to an end of some other kind. It could be getting paid for the death, it could be a political motive of some sort, it could be done for religious reasons, or something else. There are, of course, a line-drawing problem, for example, serial killers do not assassinate people, because the aim for them IS directly tied to the death of the victim.

So if I kill a cop to escape from justice, that's assassination? Or shoot someone in the course of a robbery, for that matter.

In both cases, the death of the person is not my actual goal.

It's interesting, because we all have a fairly clear and largely shared idea of what it means, but it's a bugger to nail down. You know it when you see it though.

No, because an assassination is not something that happens at the spur of the moment. It needs preparation and premeditation. It is also specific, in that there is a certain intended victim.

What if my dice bag needs to beep beep beep when it backs up?

Ummm... I would say an assassination is a murder committed against someone, known or unknown to the murderer, holding an office of some kind or not, where the intended effect is not primarily the death of the person in question, i.e. the person's death is a means to an end of some other kind. It could be getting paid for the death, it could be a political motive of some sort, it could be done for religious reasons, or something else. There are, of course, a line-drawing problem, for example, serial killers do not assassinate people, because the aim for them IS directly tied to the death of the victim.

Did it change your opinion of her, and how?

AMBER is niche, but lovely. Golden Sky Stories is brilliant at what it does (which is pretty specific).

Other suggestions:
13th Age: A looser version of d20 that can be easier tailored to players.
Numenera and The Strange: Quite oddball SF games using much the same system.
Changeling: The Dreaming: The "cute" game for old World of Darkness, but a wonderful one.
Changeling: The Lost: The successor of the above for new WoD, but no longer cute, instead harsh, dark and mean. Wonderful game.

You're joking, right???

The next poster has an obscure, lame joke to share with us.

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If the task is manage a few days... My go to method has always been to do things that distract me sharply. Now, it is important to do things that really work efficiently. For that, it needs to demand concentration. So, playing action games, seeing movies that I am not really used to, chatting with more than two people simultaneously, cook difficult things... I am sure you have other examples. Getting absorbed is key. Books, even if good, are usually things you do with pauses, so no good. Blast your brain for a good number of hours, then sleep without an alarm.

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A grognard would helpfully point out that it's spelled THAC0.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Because she committed an Act of Ultimate Sparkliness?

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I have been playing for too many bloody years, and you know what? The games ARE better these days. That doesn't mean the old games were without merit... But still. Things are so much better now.

Men in porn make less than women. That is the only modification to that lecture from me.

*lights the catnip store on fire, watching the fumes spread out in a thick fog across the thread*

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Kaer Maga. Absolutely. Sure, it's a dangerous place, but compared to the alternatives, it's a summer breeze. Plus, it's not all that far to Korvosa, or, preferably, Magnimar.

Have a Kaiju transported from Golarion to Earth, or have a pretty gorram big nuke transported from Earth to Golarion, and either way, you end up in the world that was the recipient (with the stuff you need for basic survival in Golarion, such as language)?

Bloody addict.

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