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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

10,213 posts (11,476 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 aliases.


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Sundakan wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
And they are wrong. You guys are a class act. Issuing errata is a minefield, and lots of people get unhappy no matter what you do, but you do it well. My compliments. Going without errata is far worse than losing a +1 luck bonus to AC helmet.

And I restate: Stop with the false dilemma.

Good errata > Bad errata and No errata > Bad errata =/= No errata > Errata

It's no false dilemma. If people complain about having errata in the first place, which was the exact claim I answered in my post, then that is a suggestion that there should be no errata at all. That would be disastrous to the game, in my opinion - which is what I gave.

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And they are wrong. You guys are a class act. Issuing errata is a minefield, and lots of people get unhappy no matter what you do, but you do it well. My compliments. Going without errata is far worse than losing a +1 luck bonus to AC helmet.

Thank you.

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Miss Vomipenny?

God Strikes Back

I really need rhombal dodecahedrons to use as d12s. Why this is not a thing yet is beyond me.

Sadly, I don't think so.

More stupid and less delightful, sadly. Reams of papers have been written on the influence of "prosocial messages" on it.

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Letric wrote:

How is reactionary a problem? It's literally half a feat, Imp Initiative giving +4.

+2 AC ONLY ONLY if you invested a trait. That's not a problem on the item.
So, you could avoided a crit? Why is that op? I just don't get it.
You're basically protecting yourself against the randomness of the d20, which can outright kill you, for no particular reason, which is completely unfun.

If you're not familiar with the term unfun, please try playing Middle Earth Role Playing Game.
You walked intro a trap. DM rolls, you get stabbed in the heart, you're dead.

Death should be a consequence of poor decisions/strategies, not a random 20 on a Scythe used by an orc barbarian with 26 STR.

Reactionary is half a feat. You can also take both, giving you a +6 Init before Dex. That is huge. It means your entire party (all sadly bullied as children) can go before any monster gets a chance. They do not, usually, get traits, hmmm?

As for the unfun of playing MERP, I am sure I can't agree with that. There seems to be quite a few people who like it and find it fun. And whether death should come only as a consequence of bad planning and strategies, well, that is an opinion you are quite entitled to. Different people want different things from the game.

This reminds me of my early days of Magic the Gathering. In the original set was a spell called Channel. It let you get mana for life, letting a deckbuilder do some quick damage, then channel/fireball to kill the opponent, leaving them with 1 life. If this was countered, they conceded. In short, it was pitiful and stupid. WotC banned Channel, setting off a storm of rage about how they hurt the game and should have banned Fireball instead. See, there was also Disintegrate that had mostly the same effect the Channel morons could use, but Channel itself was irreplaceable to them. After this ban, the game was much better.

The jingasa was too cheap for what it did, which was a unique AC bonus type in a slot where everyone could use it. If you did not have a jingasa, you were doing it wrong. End result, most adventurers had 2 AC more than they would without the jingasa and Fate's Favoured. Whoop de doo.

I am glad it's gone. Good riddance. Without it, the game can get a little bit better. Now for errata to Fate's Favoured and Reactionary as well. The best way forward would be to also errata away as much of the big six as possible too, but that is a bit too entrenched to be feasible, I think.

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Oh dear... flaming bikes incoming...

Damn you, Fratakara! Your magic is worthless!

The only possible reward you have to offer is information. Let them find something out, and frame it as someone telling them what happened. That also allows you to use the El Shaddai and Dragon Age II solution to things going wrong: The one telling the story says "No, that was not what happened." Note that you really are not in a hurry to do this. Let the PCs explore something of what would have happened first. Done right, you can give them something they had no idea about, that makes the scene more complex.

KK plays the baclava.

Goblin Cleaver gets hugely fun if you are Huge, such as a Huge Earth Elemental. Just sayin.

Well, headlock thread took a turn for the hilarious..


No, really, I...


Sorry. Let me try again.

*tries desperately not to laugh*


The whole rights situation seems to me to be the perfect explanation to why intellectual property is a bad idea. Seriously, the fact that both interests own parts of the whole means no decent movie gets done? Where there could have been several, with budgets and with a hope of success?

Good thing we have intellectual property laws.

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Traditionally, it's been just Norman, MJ and Black Cat. Aunt May was a big reveal.

Then again, what makes it even weirder is someone like him HAVING a secret identity at all these days.

KK, in the kitchen, with the field howitzer.

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A doughnut chart means you have to extrapolate the dividing lines between fields into the center. At least I have to. I suppose I find them less intuitive than pie charts. But then, pie charts are a central part of Powerpoint poisoning, so meh.

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"Nod. Get treat." is a pretty good contender for memedom.

Much better than SPAM MIMICS, absolutely agreed.

TOZ or whatever alias of him wrote:

No one asked the GM to do that for them. Expecting gratitude for doing what you personally wanted to do is rather entitled.

Naturally, if your players came to you and asked you to run, then this does not apply. In my experience, it's the GM coming to the players however, and who should be grateful that they are willing to give up their time to play.

This is basically saying that the task of GMing is not something that deserves any kind of respect OR gratitude. Since the GM wanted to do it, nobody owes him anything whatsoever, even basic courtesy like thanks for the job done. The entirety of thanks to be assigned depends on who asked for the campaign, which is, to me, b++$++*%. TOZ' time is an opportunity cost, i.e. Time he could have done better stuff with. I don't understand it. I just feel sad that people think this way.

I read that as SPAM MIMIC. Which would explain a few things.

Evisceration Party

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TriOmegaZero wrote:

And yet people are explicitly demanding gratitude from players here.

You are also ascribing things to me that do not hold true.

No. He showed where you wrote exactly what he claimed.

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A GM puts work into GMing, or the results are generally poor. A player only puts in time into the campaign outside the sessions if he or she wants to. If the player doesn't, nothing bad happens. In at least some cases, a player who puts in a lot of time between sessions then uses the newfound rules loopholes to disrupt the campaign.

Don't try to frame it as the players doing the GM a favour. You know, if you have GMed, how much work it is. Sure, it is done because the GM wants to do it... but the GM also assumed the responsibility for doing that work over a long time specifically to entertain the players. It IS a commitment worthy of respect. Whether you see that or not speaks mostly of you. Calling it an opportunity cost would likely mean I would prefer to see you do something else as well, if it was my campaign.

And plalundin will frall.

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Well, look at it this way: If you don't accept the GM having the final word in conflicts, that is what you get. Sometimes the important point is that SOMEONE has the final word.

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If a player points out an error I have made in the rulebook, I expect the player to have understood the rule in question. I expect him to state it clearly and accept my ruling of it. Like it or not, the rules are not always very clear, multiple interpretations are possible. Or there are conflicting rules. And if we are to have a discussion about it, that happens AFTER the game.

See, one of the most annoying situations I have ever been in was one player who did not understand the rules himself, and because he did not, he kept questioning my rules applications to the point that EVERY. SINGLE. Piece of rules effect was debated. And when I told him to show me what the rules said, he was wrong again and again. Eventually, I put the smackdown on his passive aggressive rules whining by saying that he, specifically, was not allowed to make rules questions during play AT ALL. It cost us several hours of rules whining before I did.

Welp, only thing for it is to declare myself Empress of the Proctarchy here.

The other set would only be a free touch attack if she was (not) wearing certain conditions of garb.

Rupert Bear: Otyugh Chow

Ventnor means it. Quite literally, the fat on half your body disappears. Which side depends on how long your hair is.

I am sure a person of your head shape has never needed a head massage.

It also shows a sad, tired incomprehension of how sexuality works. You can't change someone's tastes in sexuality, either as children or adults.

VRMH wrote:
The floor is now lava. Again.

Dammit VRMH! You gotta pay those fees on time! Sheesh, what do we pay you for???

Subversion of Lord Naughtius

Pokemon did Trubbish and Garbodor.

Yes... absolutely gorgeous. Touching. Radiant.

Europe is not the US. There was a EU-wide ban on selling lightbulbs. Nor do we in Sweden use much coal power. So, perhaps for you.

If you have a serious case of mercury poisoning? If I were to guess without looking it up: Dialysis, or even plasmapheresis. Big stuff.

Getting rid of mercury in general circulation in Western societies was a major milestone. Nothing good came of using it. Then suddenly lightbulbs got banned FOR ENVIRONMENTAL REASONS and WITHOUT A SENSIBLE ALTERNATIVE. So everyone has to get poison bulbs instead. Brilliant. The environmental lobby truly outshone itself there.

I dunno, those LEDs are pretty secretive... Who knows what they might do?

"I am the mistress of DAAAAARKNESS and LUUUUUST, and my name is NOCTICULA, BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!"

Cool. It gives up medium armor, shields and one domain, though, and doesn't get any of the feats until 4th. I am not quite certain it is worth it.

It is NOT a bad class, merely extremely feat starved. If you do focus massively, you can make a very good character. And summoning requires at least three feats, plus the Spell Focus (conjuration) feat tax. That means you get it up and running at seventh level, fifth as a human. After that, sure, you rock as a summoner, and you could spend further feats on other things.

Don't give me summoning. Without the Augment Summoning, Sacred Summons and Superior Summoning feats, and preferably also another feat for more summoning options, you spend an entire round (of the three expected ones), risking interruption, to summon a critter a number of levels below yours. Without devoting all your feats to it, what it lets you do is drench the battlefield in wastes of time. Celestial Eagles are only relevant for a very short stint.

The Iron man suit has the exact problem that is the reason for aircraft that work being pretty massive things: No redundancy in power generation or propulsion means one failure gets you dead, no ifs, ands or buts. Besides, considering that the suit's only power source is its primary weakness, is there really a reason not to armour it up?

Ventnor wrote:
There is no off thread. We are all that is, and all the will be, and this thread is our illusion of reality of finest dreams.

Sad now.

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