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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

12,385 posts (13,791 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 aliases.


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Btw, you people... now the tea dumped in Boston surely has had time to steep properly. Does it taste good?

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*makes a bridge out of Bedevere*

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Seriously, the sound of people drinking when talking to them over the phone. Ewwwww. And for some bloody obscure reason, people never learn not to do this.

"Would you please not drink when talking to me again? I asked you eight times already."
"Oh, sorry."
*takes another swig*

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Of course it is a problem with bad guys winning. However, there is also the matter of psychology here. A villain with a warrior's perspective (something like "I lost this time, but I will have future possibilities to reach my goal") can remain impressive despite losing. Someone who is relevant because of his gargantuan ego, however, becomes laughable with failure. Such as Doom.

*cuts out the painting from the frame*

*rolls it up*


An apocalypse of gray goo.

A __________ of veranallias.

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Yay doombots.

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If they win, it's a beautiful day for relaxing on a corpse-choked beach.

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Just PLEASE make sure to keep the rice airtight for the duration. Rice and chicken are the two things you don't want to store improperly once cooked. And the toxins involved are heat resistant.

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Indeed. Not what happens, though. Five months of gray sludge and half-melted ice for surprise falls is more likely.

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So running a country SHOULD be a piece of cake for him. He doesn't have much in the way of excuses.

How do I find out?

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I find it strange that people find Doom impressive. He is the epitome of undeserved imperiousness. He fails at all his plans, despite massive resources and high technology. The only ones he manages to terrorize are the poor farmers in Latveria. In other words, a miserably failed bully who talks about himself in third person.

Not to mention that if he were to run his country as a modern one, it would be the most prosperous one in all of Eastern Europe.

Was there ever really any doubt?

I dunno about soothing voice. He was scarred by an explosion. I would expect a harsh, somewhat angry voice, with slight cracks.

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Our Kingmaker country had a high priest and cathedral to Jaidz...

Demento - a movie about a modern politician
Schindler's fist - The list didn't work, so a more direct approach is needed
Fangs of New York - vampire showdown in late 19th century
Around the World in 80 Mays - After Brexit, the UK uses a radical approach to find a new place in the world

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And you'd become level 6 (he was 5th, but you're an NPC class) but still, naturally, A COMMONER.

I win.

A brokenness of reefclaws.

A __________ of undead giant squirrels.

Gemjump is from the Forgotten Realms.

I would agree. The intention is eminently clear. It works. And as stated, if you are unhappy, add the object tag.

Pron man

Vere are the njuklear wessels?

*spikes a pair of thumbs-up styrofoam hands to CRH's wrists*

*uses a Mojo smile-face-holder on CRH*

Yup. Now he's agreeing.

The next poster has a... very... serious... objection to what I did.

The Goblin Cleaver feat and Great Cleave lets you keep hitting targets within reach that are smaller than you.

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My nemesis was music. I hear music just fine, with good sense of tone... but producing it? No. I sing awfully. Every flute is a pipes of panic in my hands. A PIANO sounds off key when I play it, even if the next guy plays fine on it. A drum sounds off key...

I have no idea how my teacher gave me a 3 of 5 in music, but he did.

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Absolutely. I merely ask him if he would kindly post his stamp collection on instagram.

Next poster, would you kindly set fire to yourself?

Could be a druid, or an enchanting courtesan.

She only gets mythic versions of spells in her own domain. Let's just say that fighting a demigod in her home might not be the best idea.

As I said before, anti-magic field costs her a lot of her abilities. Risky move.

I didn't know you were a barbarian, VM7.

I win.

(Damn.. feels good to say it...)

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Scintillae wrote:
Kind of you, but I'm serious. Econ textbook is copyright 2003. Thankfully, the class is just hitting basic concepts, and supply and demand haven't changed since Adam Smith, but that means absolutely zero look into more recent economic problems... sigh
I loved learning from outdated textbooks. Why, back in '93 or '94, my Social Studies text (which still declared itself to be a History text) discussed how "One day the Soviet Union will surely fall apart, thus demonstrating the superiority of capitalism and democracy".

I take it the textbook wasn't written in 93/94...

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Mythic characters who grant spells aren't gods. No. That is not the measure of "deity" in PF.

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Anyways, take a look at Wikipedia. Soviet, China and Romania. It's fascinating history.

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I believe you. There are a good number here, especially Poles.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

My interpretation of socialism was from a Polish Jew, a Romanian, and a Hungarian. They all told the same story.

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Orthos wrote:

Yeah, the "COMMUNISM BAD" is hammered in at very early ages.

Also the "socialism is just diet communism." I did not know until I was in my late 20s that the two have very little really in common.

As I understand it, socialism is what the communists call their policies. Communism is reserved for the Eternal Happiness of the Perfect Society that Shall Be. When people in communist countries asked why there was no food, the party replied that the country hadn't reached communism yet, so they had to fight even harder to get there, but there would be food for everyone when communism finally made it all worth it.

Social democracy is a different thing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It all makes so much sense now. Do yourselves a favour: Read the history of a few communist countries. Just the Wikipedia pages. Go for Soviet, China and one east European country. Romania is interesting, for example.

And with only lvl 20, no mythic?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Soooo... THAT is why all you Muricans think leftist policy is such a great thing??? Because you don't know what happened after 1950? I mean, as a Swede, history seems like a good idea...

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Forgiveness is a christian hangup. I don't agree with it. Forgiving stuff you shouldn't forgive makes you a doormat. The important part is not letting yourself be affected by it. Don't think about it, unless the person in question comes up. Then you remember, and you act on it.

Desna would probably be fine with it. The issue is whether the Black Butterfly would. She would invest you with a part of her power, and it is still quite likely your soul would go to Desna. What you'd need to do is ASK both of them, there are ways.

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Feel free. It is good advice.

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Best dating advice I ever heard: Live a life that someone would like to be a part of. Someone will turn up.

Druid. With Fighter to start. Turn into a huge earth elemental. Your wild stone armor goes with it. Pick up the huge dorn-dergar.

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Also note that sexuality IS a rather primal aspect of us all. The emotions we thrill sexually to haven't changed significantly in human evolution. Any romantic contact needs to play into that. And of course, alcohol helps focus this.

Don't generalize. It's both sexes. But #notallhumans.

As I said, a level 20 party has way more power than most people think. It's when you play at that level that you discover exactly what lvl 20 means.

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