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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

7,982 posts (8,899 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.


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4 people marked this as a favorite.

"These men are all celibate, like their fathers and grandfathers before them..."

So, he has settled outside of court for probably very large amounts of money, not once but several times? I WONDER if that would attract other accusations. Nah, people couldn't be that opportunistic and dishonest, could they?

The simple truth is: Until a court decides, you have nothing, he has nothing, the women accusing him have nothing. Contributing to ruining someone's reputation with no basis is disgusting behaviour, even if all you do is smear crap on a messageboard about someone.

Uh... yeah. Contrary to what Gorilla Grodd says, they did choose the acronym YWWLA, not YWLA, because YWLA was taken by Young Wereboars of Los Angeles. Intra-lycanthrope politics are often a confusing thing.

I push R2-FU down the stairs. Rocket legs not installed yet, see?

Irontruth wrote:

You misunderstand.

I'm not interested in anything he has to say... as an entertainer.

If he has something relevant to offer up in his defense, I'm willing to hear it. It better be good though. For example, if all he has is personal attacks on each of these women, I'm not interested. I want to hear dates, times and alibis. To date, the best he's offered up is "I've never met that woman". That's not really much to go on and is so easy to say.

If I were on an actual jury, sure, I'd do everything I can do examine all the evidence.

I'm not on a jury though. I am not the government. Any "punishment" I chose to enforce will be miniscule and irrelevant to Mr. Cosby's life, therefore I think focusing on me and my actions as they pertain to this series of events is laughable as if I'm somehow guilty of something that actually matters.

Based on everything that's known to the public right now, Cosby is most likely a serial rapist. I'm sorry if that conclusion is offensive, but it's also the most realistic conclusion at this point.

Let's just say this: "I never met that woman" is a pretty clear defense. It is also dangerous, because if the accuser can show that you did meet her in a situation where you should remember her, you were just caught lying. That he is willing to use that defense shows that he isn't really worried about that.

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There is usually the little point of "till death do us part". It... is usually not a problem for a succubus to pretend to be a sweet wife until the wedding night...

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Nobody has an obligation to stand by anyone else in any situation. We choose to. If one of my loved ones were accused of something terrible, I would stand by them, as I would expect most to do if it happened to theirs. If someone is accused of something, I can understand if people suspend interaction until the courts have decided.

However, people giving themselves the right to publicly denounce someone as a criminal because of accusations? Disgusting. This is specifically the reason we have courts, so that people don't get judged by the nearest interested lynch mob or demagogue.

When the matter is decided, that is when you call someone a rapist.

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thejeff wrote:
Sissyl wrote:

I don't know what to say, really... Except "damages".

It would be a better world without ambulance chasers, frivolous lawsuits, legal opportunists and such people, but they do exist, and wherever they can get money is where they will be.

Many daggers find a falling camel's back. Of course, it is quite possible he did do those things, but if so, the courts will have to decide, not the general public.

No duh. Even for the "damages".

Or more accurately only for the damages, if those are even possible now, since the statute of limitations has passed, I believe. At least for most of them.

OTOH, as I said above, for those of us not involved in determining legal guilt or legal civil responsibility, we have to rely on our own judgement and our own standards to determine how we respond to such allegations. "Innocent until proven guilty" only applies in a court of law. Outside of it, we are and should be free to judge as we see fit.

Judge, then. How about jury and executioner, is that also up to you as you see fit, thejeff?

I don't know what to say, really... Except "damages".

It would be a better world without ambulance chasers, frivolous lawsuits, legal opportunists and such people, but they do exist, and wherever they can get money is where they will be.

Many daggers find a falling camel's back. Of course, it is quite possible he did do those things, but if so, the courts will have to decide, not the general public.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

In a culture like the American one, there is good money to be made in accusing people of various crimes, particularly if they are wealthy, and if others have made similar accusations, it also helps. Thus, I don't really understand the idea that if thirty people have made accusations, it's a matter of how many are true accusations. It seems quite possible that none are. That said, I have read nothing about the Cosby cases.

The reason for rocket tag is that offense is really too good compared to defense in the current ruleset. When offense dominates, you get very short conflicts and wars, when defense dominates, you get the trench wars of WWI with neverending combat.

I would theorize one problem is that you really can't build your defensive abilities, i.e. hp, saves, AC, to the absurd levels you can build damage, save DCs, maneuvers, and so on. Even if you do, that leaves you wide open for any other sort of deviltry the enemy throws at you. Make a character with 57 AC, and you get hit by save-or-dies. Buff up your CMD and they blast you with area-of-effect spells. Attack has the initiative in this comparison.

Worse, even if you did add more defensive options, all you would be doing is extend the length of the battles. I believe many would feel this made things more boring, so it may not solve the things you think.

Or make sure they don't learn who you are.

...Harry Potter. Dammit that guy is annoying.

I thought a group of bards were called difficult terrain.

Sounds VERY appropriate.

One thing I don't see people understanding when discussing evopsych here...

Offspring is the selection criterium for evolution, true.

That does in no way mean it is the direct point of our adaptations.

Sex brings offspring, this is generally true. Those who like sex have more of it, thus more offspring. This means that ANY somewhat reasonable behaviour that increases sexual frequency WILL BE SELECTED FOR - and not because that behaviour specifically gets us offspring.

So anytime someone does something that increases their attractiveness to others, it's done because it feels good to do so, which happens because it was selected for - but we don't make ourselves pretty or handsome because we want children, we do it because it gives us rewards in and of itself.

Why we do it != why evolution has made us want it.

If you doubt this: Why do the sperm banks have such a difficult time recruiting donors?

I send the local YWWLA (Young Werewolf Lycanthrope Association) at the Ulfen Death Squad. The resulting ripped-off-bones-and-digging-them-down orgy is quite watchable - so goes on youtube.

The opposite argument actually has something going for it. We do know that when violent movies are shown in an area, violent crime in the area drops significantly. We do know that in the US, sexual crime statistics have dropped with widespread introduction of internet connections in various states.

It's almost as if... and this is REALLY weird... people got stuff they wanted to do out of their system by reading about it or otherwise partaking of it in an immediate medial form such as movies.

The take-home message is that shutting down porn and violent media depictions might not be a very good idea at all...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Lucky thing nobody is talking about forcing you to see anything, huh? The truth is, the debate here has been going between one side claiming again and again that "there should be less of it" without a single shred of practical suggestions as to how this would be acheived, and the other pointing out that without such suggestions, all it is is a cry for general censorship and banning, supported by nothing at all, and certainly no reason to institute any kind of censorship or banning.

It's impressive, really. Decade after decade, the call for censorship has gone out about the latest types of media. Decade after decade, would-be censors have researched the hell out of the area in search of the holy grail: evidence that society becomes worse in a measurable way with porn/swearing/D&D/dancing/rock music/whatever. And, decade after decade, they draw a blank. But the truly sad part is, despite this, there is never a shortage of people who buy into the completely unscientific argumentation anyway.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

The best idea is to get help for a simple phobia. It doesn't even have to cost too much to get it. If the phobia hurts your life, you will get a new life after treating it.

If that is not possible, sure, you could remove the <thing> from all RPGing and be done with it. However, it's not always a good thing. These things can be VERY disruptive. For example, I had to deal with a huge bunch of people who had a triskadekaphobic among them - she was afraid of the number 13. And everyone had adapted to her. They wrote 12+1 when they meant 13, and so on. That is... too far.

An amazing display of Perform (archery)!

Arrows and crossbow bolts are no fun when discussing penetration power. Bullets go fast, they kill effectively, but they do not really weigh much. As such, when hitting armor designed for them, they don't work well. The bullet deforms and splays out against the hard kevlar surface, causing a bruise and so on. An arrow weighs far more, and all that energy WILL go somewhere. When it hits the kevlar, it's an entirely different ballgame. I'd say penetration would be quite likely.

I feel like a wuss.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Go through a collection of The Far Side comics (Weiner Dog Art, The Chickens Are Restless, Unnatural Selection, take your pick, although that last one has something extra-special in it), and put just about anything from there in your dungeon - or make an entire dungeon themed on it!

For example: After killing a minotaur, the PCs find its toolbox. Inside are tools only a minotaur could possibly guess the purpose of.

I maintain that one was a saw.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

157. Survive after a fall of several miles. Despite the spikes they hit. Sadly, his three war elephants who fell the same distance did not survive. Despite having their fall cushioned by him...

The erinyes used to be pretty scary in 3,5. I don't know if she still adds up to the archery horror she used to be.

Yeah. These days, it's waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and other namby pamby s*#*. In my days, we had iron maidens, racks, knee crushers, and tiny spiked cages. It's awful how an entire profession can lose sight of their pride that way.

The next poster bought the machine that goes BING! from a Monty Python prop sale, and is finding good use for it.

Thejeff: The problem of basing it off economic need is that it becomes an economic drain on the person in question. Take the hemophiliac. Should he be forced to spend every dollar he might ever get his hands on to survive, with the state only going in when he absolutely can't survive without help? Is it reasonable that a poorer hemophiliac should have to pay far less for the exact same treatment?

You could also have a hat with a very long tube where you could keep the money.

thejeff wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Doesn't seem like a problem to you guys that a significant part of the population has extra expenses simply to deal with the absolute basics. If there is a disparity, shouldn't this be compensated via taxes?

I'd rather we all had as few taxes as possible and everyone were able to pay for this stuff by themselves... But that's too unrealistic an expectation, so the government does have to provide free education, health care and other basic needs (sadly, the quality of public services varies quite widely from place to place).

If the only extra expenses someone has to afford is paying a bit more for bigger shoes or having to buy a second serving of fries, then that person is doing fine. The problem is when they can't afford to pay for food, potable water, electricity, health care, education, etc.

I don't mind paying more if I consume more. That's only fair. I just prefer to pay straight to the producer rather than paying the government, who then pays the producer.

Sissyl is trolling the statist liberals here, not actually thinking taxes should pay for extra food for larger people.

More generously, using a Reductio ad absurdum argument to hopefully make us realize that government shouldn't be doing so many of the things it is doing.

You know me so well, thejeff. Thank you for understanding. It's not quite the truth, however. Regarding how society should deal with different people having different needs, it is a complex issue whatever way you look at it. Thing is, BOTH views that "men should pay more for eating more food" and "you should pay the same since you're paying for a service" are quite defensible. Unless, of course, you take the approach that any different needs are the sole responsibility of the one with those needs. Hemophiliacs are an interesting case: The substances they require to survive are famously expensive, weighing in at millions per year. If you DO want the state to pay for that, you also have to decide on a point where it's not the state's business anymore, and further, you need a justification for the point chosen.

I am not quite as much of a Randian as some people here think I am. There are very legitimate areas the state should pay for, via taxes. I just find it strange that larger people get no sympathy from the liberal statists, when so many others do.

Randarak wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
He was. =) Sad thing was, Spider girl only got something like eight issues.
That's not correct. There was Spider-Girl that ran for 100 issues between 1998 and 2006 and then Amazing Spider-Girl run that went for something like 30 issues between 2006 and 2009.

Well, Sweden never got much of the Marvel lines. Anyway, it shows that it's quite possible to have Peter Parker retire.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you could know the general power of a wizard just by trivial means, and not seeing him in combat, that wizard isn't doing his job right. If you play MMOs, that's where you get the skull/red/whatever icon that says "Stay away from this one."

He was. =) Sad thing was, Spider girl only got something like eight issues.

Doesn't seem like a problem to you guys that a significant part of the population has extra expenses simply to deal with the absolute basics. If there is a disparity, shouldn't this be compensated via taxes?

Spider girl had a bit of a legendary run. Peter lost his leg in his final battle with Green goblin and retired. His daughter May had the same powers. It worked.

Lithium isn't going to be a very impressive trap. It would fizz a bit, is all. Potassium, however...

Yeah, yeah. We all know what really happened. The satanic panic of the 80s did manage to stop the spread of Satanism in the gamer scene - but the movement wasn't enough to cover the whole world. So, Australian gamers are all casting mind bondage on their fathers for more RPG books now.

ONE three-hour movie?

If lantern archons are what you use, it is quite enough to abstract them. At least until the AoE spells start flying or someone decides to whack the archons. Simply make the attacks and be done with it. For even more efficiency, colour code the dice so you can roll one d20 and the proper damage dice of a certain colour and do all of them at once.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So bigger people should just suck it up and pay more for clothes, shoes, food, etc etc etc?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Generally if I check how much my character is carrying, it turns out the backpack takes safely in excess of 1,000 lbs.

Consider this: a restaurant's expenses for the customer are the costs for meat, veggies etc, salaries for the staff, energy and insurances, the location, ad campaigns, etc. Of all these, only the food costs more for a big eater. Should men then be forced to pay a significant markup for insurance, ad campaigns and so on?

Another way to view it is that the customer pays to get fed. Is it reasonable that someone bigger should pay more for the exact same service?

Ummm... I sat down to try to build the Huge earth elemental Fighter/Druid/Stalwart Defender in this thread... just wondering where Huge elemental form came from, given that 8th level druids just get medium elemental forms?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A level 16 wizard? Well, he can't use wishes or imprisonment (yet, unless via scrolls, of course), but generally, an 11 level disparity is not something you will manage to deal with. Consider this: He knows where you are, since you have his book. All he needs to do is pop in while invisible and summon a few beasts with Summon Monster VIII when you are sleeping. If he even cares enough about you. Now, the book: he is not going to fall for explosive runes on it. It has been compromised. He has other spellbooks. How you die is merely a matter of how sadistic he is and the quality of his imagination. When depends on how important you are. If, well, if really isn't an issue. And, as was noted: Kiiiiinda rooting for him here as well.

Complete Book of Elves had a neat little story about what revenge can mean, and why rings of regeneration are not your friend.

Mackenzie Kavanaugh wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
If we're debating physiology and sex (yes, sex, not gender), then how much should women pay for their restaurant meals? Given they have a lower average weight than men and, again on average, eat less than men? Is it fair that they have to pay the same price as a man for a portion that they don't need as much of? Would it be fair that men should pay more for the same service than women (getting fed)?
Actually... the exact opposite was historically a genuine problem, where restaurants, knowing that there is an inherent variation in the size of steaks and other such food portions, would intentionally give the smaller portions to female patrons, while charging the same amount. I witnessed this happening countless times while growing up, and unlike my mother, refused to put up with it and would often complain, especially when it was clear that the portion I had received, for ordering the exact same meal as my father, brother, etc, was only 2/3 the size.

What would you consider a fair solution?

If we're debating physiology and sex (yes, sex, not gender), then how much should women pay for their restaurant meals? Given they have a lower average weight than men and, again on average, eat less than men? Is it fair that they have to pay the same price as a man for a portion that they don't need as much of? Would it be fair that men should pay more for the same service than women (getting fed)?

When you have buses with two-seat rows, the ugly method is to sit in the aisle seat with your bag in the window seat. To combat this effectively, all everyone has to do is target that bag seat for preference, even if the entire rest of the bus is empty. Always remember to say thanks when they move, too.

Again, as Aranna says, age is a good concept that would keep things fresh.

So I called Message Board Troll.

The next poster, also a resident, wishes I hadn't.

A good backstory is something that gives the GM a clue to what you want your character to be ABOUT. Most characters can be described in terms of conflicts, at least outside the gaming medium. Can a relatively powerless person succeed where the great heroes of the ages did not, merely due to his strength of character? Can a person deny the wanderlust within him and what price will he pay for not doing so? Can a wanderer accept his heritage and assume the mantle that is his? What will a prince do when given a chance to help his kingdom even if it will risk his soul? I assume all these should be relatively familiar.

But in RPGs, we get characters whose main defining trait is "I can do 1d12+567 damage when I power attack". I don't know about you, but to me it feels like a pretty big waste. I know many don't agree with me.

If you have a backstory to write, try to find a theme, a conflict. Is your character's focus on the conflict between wilderness and civilization? Is it about duty and doing good? Freedom and security? Trust and vulnerability? So long as you take care not to make that ALL he or she is, it's a good way to find a backstory that works to build off.

Ignoring rules lawyers makes them die inside? You sure? Because that solves a few issues I have neatly. :-)

Xxx must not know how to wash slaves...

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