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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

10,068 posts (11,314 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 aliases.


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That thread is among the stickiest on this or any other forum...

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Anything dry enough, salty enough, or sugary enough keeps virtually forever. Jam opened and then left for a decade in the fridge will most likely be perfectly fine. The only way to get something to keep even longer is to remove all oxygen from it. Tin cans and bog corpses both function along that principle. But if you DO get a little air in, the environment will become anaerobic, opening the door to infection by various anaerobic bacteria. Of these, clostridium botulinum is the best-known. It has a poison, among the strongest poisons known to man, that causes paralysis. Of course, this poison is what people inject in their foreheads to look younger, botox.

Can't be too careful, can we now, KC?

...changing the nature of a man.

Hello, new people! We have a nice forum for you, even somewhere you can Win!!! Only thing you have to do is post last...

Then you just need this.

*hands a green citrus slice several feet across*

Yes. The Wheel of Lime.

Subtle Rhino Strikes Back!

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Succubi of the Inner Sea is not going to be an easy book to get published...

At least in some edition of 3.X, quarterstaves were free. This meant that by the crafting rules, creating them took zero time. Thus, just make quarterstaves. A virtually infinite number of them. The nukes will detonate and char the jigillion quarterstaves, but enough people will survive far below the surface of the new sea of wood. And hey, not even a wizard.

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Make it cool to play a cleric. Show them awesome clerics. Let them fight some of them, see others in action. Give an extra skill point or two if needed. Make the divine parts of the world present in various ways. Make temples important actors.

The problem with playing a cleric is twofold: That everyone expects you to be their healbot, and that you have a massive number of spells on your spell list and need to choose among them, i.e. learn about all of them.

So, if someone starts a cleric character, support them in playing the way they want to. Make it clear that a cleric is far, far more than the healbot it used to be in earlier editions.

Direct the player to a suggested pool of spells for his concept, if you can.

I dunno... Zendikar was the one I feel would make for a brilliant D&D setting.

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A really tired kid will often be hyperactive. Thus, when you give a tired non-hyperactive kid sugar, it will get a short term blood sugar increase that will help it function and not be as tired. However, sugar passes, and by that point the kid will be tired and maybe hyperactive. This has nothing to do with a sugar buzz. Caffeine, now...

zorander6 wrote:
:: Wanders in and asks totally unrelated question in regards to playing Pathfinder ::


Sissyl never comments herself.

GMB issa ninja!!!

IHIYC is the m4n with th3 pl4n!!!!

... taking a chance on you.

So many undead french maids!

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I never did either.... *sniff*

Something funny happened to Ventnor on the way to the bar. Something ha-ha funny.

How green was my goblin

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CY is sane.

It is not by any means certain that all the planes work similarly regarding number of dead souls that go there. Indeed, it has been made explicitly clear that they do not. The lower planes have been far more populated since the very beginning, and this holds true for PF as well. The PROCESS, though, is the same. A good person and an evil one are judged in the same way.

Someone who did a lot of good things, but also spent their time casting evil spells to heal, summon and reanimate, would by my view be solidly evil. After all: All those spells come with pretty bad baggage in any number of ways. You desecrate dead bodies for your convenience. You risk letting evil incarnate loose on the world if you make a single mistake. You gather unholy water - how do you get that and what do you pay for it? Even protection from good implies pretty directly that you need protection from good creatures - why? If you want to heal, there are better ways without the baggage, why not use them? If you need menial labour, why not just pay people for it? If you need powerful extraplanar creatures to help you, perhaps summon some good ones? There is a world of complications you avoid that way. Not doing it means that something is more important to you.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

There was a MtG card that had a beautiful take on this: Reparations. The flavour text was "Sorry I burned down your village. Here's some gold."

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To clarify, not all the above movies are examples of awful movies. I do like all the first three, f.ex. Aliens is awesome.

Revenge of the nerds
Romancing the stone
Crocodile Dundee
A bajillion stupid college movies

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The Dark Crystal
The Neverending Story
The Princess Bride
Anything with Bette Midler, Shelley Long or Molly Ringwald
Ahnold and Stallone had their best years there

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That is not the problem. The problem is that if you look to actually good movies from the nineties and call them eighties' movies, there are so many awful eighties' movies you don't inflict on the poor guy. :-)

Technically a domme. :-)

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...whose first big screen appearance seems to have been in Thelma and Louise in 1991.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Interview with the vampire, 1994
Legends of the fall, 1994
Being John Malkovich, 1999

Just sayin'.

Trekkie90909 is also synaesthetic. However, actually smelling what colour everything is around you is a lot less fun than most people think.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

When someone falls in the movies, it doesn't happen after casting the fifty-third protection from good spell. Let's take an example:

Judge Claude Frollo of the Disney movie Hunchback of Notre Dame: He is far from a pleasant man from the start. He despises gypsies, indeed he sees society as at war with them. When faced with Quasimodo, he first intends to have him killed due to his deformity, but realizes he would damn himself if he did. If he did, there would be no way back. Even in his shriveled soul, there is enough good (or maybe fear of the tortures of Hell) to force him to save the child.

However, years later he meets Esmeralda. And he must have her. In the face of this need, he chooses to set fire to the city (IIRC), knowing full well the consequences of doing so for his immortal soul. The act he finally fell for was monstrous, not some little piddling thing.

Otherwise put: Everyone eventually gets one final warning, and yet they choose to ignore it.

However, I would say having lesser evil acts be routine is perfectly sufficient to make you Evil.

SuperNun IV: NunChaku Cataclysm!

One summoned creature at any time is effectively shutting down the summoning strategy. Whatever floats your boat, though.

SuperNun III: The Lesson Continues to Continue

Not knowing what marzipan is is just as sad now as it was in 2007.

Excuse me, could any of you fine ladies and gentlemen tell me what?

From the scope of other people, it does.

"We caught Joey Badguy red handed. He had just killed the innocent girl. Of course we killed him. Execution. No doubt of guilt."
"Funny thing, you guys... The girl was killed by a sword wound. And you said he wielded an axe."
".... And a sword. Right. Sword."
"And you are all armed with swords. And both the girl and Badguy had freeze marks along the sword wounds, just like would be inflicted by your frost brand. As have sixty previous cases connected to your earlier executions."
*adventurer shoves his frost brand through the investigator's head*
"Guys, we need to update the story..."

*attacks OTiO vehemently for its lack of netiquette in responding to a post more than a week old. No, seriously, that s%*~ is just not okay. Keeps ranting about useless posters and lacking manners!!!!*

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Ko-dan armada of Zur... *sigh*


Plg blvs n vwls, bt ls blvs tht "" s cnsnnt.

Go cards instead. No finding stats in books, which then have to be modified by Augment Summoning etc etc etc. Have ALL the maths done on a card and update that between sessions.

We are playing a game that (among other things) tries to tell epic, heroic fantasy stories. Yes, I know some prefer other styles of playing, but the game still moves in that direction. And as soon as anyone tries to play evil characters, the campaign falls apart from intra party backstabbing, ultra douchebaggery and sheer idiocy. Ideally, it should be possible to play any alignment including CN and CE, but no such luck. So many try to allow evil characters, but only LE ones, right? Given this, the game is perfectly justified in an objective alignment scale, so you don't get into s~!% arguments about "my character comes from a culture where it is good to torture children to death" and the like.

There is also no point to symmetry. The limits are there to prevent you from doing bad things. To keep you cooperating, and able to cooperate with. Summon evil creatures, you infect the world somewhat, that makes sense. Summoning good creatures is an entirely different prospect, and shouldn't necessarily make you good.

You don't have to like it. You have to play by the rules. They work, and that is justification enough. And hopefully, you can find a group that is able to deal with alignment or the lack of it where you can play your antihero without going full moron, imploding the group, or squicking the others out.

Enter the Nun V: Return of Atheist Man

Ventnor, for his part, has never gotten past his war against capital letters.

*flips table and storms off*

The problem here is twofold:

First, as has been stated above, playing a summoner requires you to be extremely efficient. You need ready stats for ALL creatures you could want to summon. This means you will have to update them between sessions. It is a good strategy, some extra time will probably be okay, especially if control of the summons are spread out, but not too much.

Second, summoning 1d4+1 ANYTHING (except maybe lantern archons, which can be pretty much abstracted anyway) is useless. Yes, you can do it. No, it won't make a difference either way. At that point, the summons are too weak to be more than a nuisance. Either talk to the player about this, or enforce it by removing the 1d4+1 option.

*faces the heavens*

*camera starts zooming out*


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