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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

11,836 posts (13,227 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 aliases.


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Well... Kyuss is a human originally, and there are intertwined plots showing his story. That would have to be changed, but otherwise I don't see a problem.

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*sends hunger waves to Kileanna*


Just a nit: KotOR was published in 2003. Star Wars Saga edition was published in 2007. Of course, there were earlier d20 Star Wars games.

You don't have to go all seaweed. Yakitori, gyoza, yakiniku, tempura, sukiyaki, mmmmmmm...

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I have yet to find a music service without hiphop. :(

Ummm... I would say Union Jack has some "symbol of oppression" thing going on as well, but, still.

Read the rest of it. While those threads are nice and welcoming, it is still an important topic for people, and not allowing it will hurt people's will to engage here.

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Whether you understand it or not, I have said what I am going to say on the matter. Going further would mean more conflict, and I am both too weary and too respectful of the rules of conduct to go that direction. And no, I am not being particularly hostile.

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Yeah. Thank you for demonstrating my point, thejeff. I am sure you will get many favourites. I just can't answer it, as I stated.

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Another thing: I sincerely do not believe banning politics will have the effect people hope. What draws people to participate deeply in a community is that they feel welcome as they are in that community. That they can gather around all sorts of topics that are important to them in that group. See Deep 6 FaWTL for an example. For better or worse, the current world situation makes all our lives political, and finding people you like to discuss them with is a huge plus. My guess is, overall posting will merely go down. I may be wrong.

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I find it a very sad thing that politics will now not be discussed on these boards. I can understand the problems with having those discussions, but let's be honest, compared to the rules questions sections, they were a balmy breeze. Still, it is difficult to go through the discussions in my head without seeing precisely the echo chamber described above. Go American-style leftist, or go home, to put it frankly. As a Swede, it is a daunting prospect to learn all the words that nobody is supposed to say. As an old school liberal, I consider it better to know that someone despises you because they tell you, than not to know because those particular words are forbidden. With all due respect to those theories of language-shaping-thoughts and all that, those people aren't going to stop thinking what they think because they get called racists. It doesn't work like that. What works is giving them an alternative, something better to believe in, listening to their concerns, respectfully showing them your position, and, critically, letting them save face when they do try to change.

Indeed. Best wishes and a quick recovery.

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Better to know it than not, John.

Jade is heavy. That is probably the point.

Hurr hurr he said Belknap...

Jade eggs are intended to train the pelvic muscles. It is often a good thing because most people do not train those muscles (riding helps, though). Of course, you can call it chi. You can always call it chi.

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It's osmotic.
Roomba malfunction.
Boomerang practice.
The maintenance tunnels.
Trebuchet injury.


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Makes it likely she'll be defeated.

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I am not saying sequels are always bad. Absolutely not. What I am saying is that an industry that focuses only on selling repeat performances and guarding that is unhealthy. Sure, one or two new games make it into the mix, but the huge money gets dumped into sequels. The worst part is that this further solidifies the genre stranglehold we know so well, shutting down possibilities of creative games. There is more, of course, like the "give is over 90% or kiss any review copies in the future goodbye" school of games journalism that gave 100% to the latest round of Sim City, and the despicable maneuverings that gave us Aliens: Colonial Marines.

I do try to keep an open mind, but it's difficult.

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It's one thing if you get mild symptoms like fever, a skin infection, a cold, or the like. Lumps, neurologic symptoms like numbness or severe vertigo, severe pain, breathing problems... in those cases, don't be stupid, be a smartie. Go to the ER.

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Lattucino accident.
Mouthwash accident.
Botox accident.
High voltage accident.
Lunar eclipse.

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I dunno about the carbon sample.

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Dune, indeed.

Seconded what skizzerz wrote.

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Wazzat? To Hit On Armor Class 0?

I started playing in another era. Single-person projects could be smash hits. Graphics were primitive, so gameplay had to compensate. Most of it was still drek, of course, but some was excellent. And now games cost a hundred million dollars and require a thousand people in three or more companies to make. Which means sequels and remakes are what the companies go for. Which means the brand, not the game, is paramount. Which means we pay top dollars for the marketing, not the game.

It is deeply unhealthy. And E3 is the yearly showcase of exactly what is wrong with the computer game industry.

What would impress me is seeing something more and different from games that were originally released in the 90s. Meh. I have been playing computer games for too long to be impressed often, but E3 does tend toward the extremely predictable. Hopefully a few of those games are really good.

For nostalgia reasons, I would love to see BG&E2, I just don't believe it will a) come out, and b) be well done if it does. Some things are difficult to match.

8/9 sequels. I'd say that is about what's expected from E3.

BG&E2? Oh, please. As if.

Mom's Mighty Latte to The Incredible Machine and Government Spending: We seem to be out of primary targets. Rerouting to match secondary and tertiary targets instead. Oh, and we still need those lymphatics.

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Oh no! And where will you ever find someone to answer your call for help???

GeraintElberion wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
The core idea of capitalism is that companies that do things you like get more of your business...

Unfortunately, nonsense.

Consider the professor of economics who proved that the US would save a lot of money by sending out pre-filled tax forms which just say 'let us know if this is wrong'.

It would have saved time, money and stress for millions of people.

The companies which produce tax-form support software and manpower lobbied hard and got the legislation slapped down.

Capitalism at its purest.

Capitalism is just a series of exploitative monopolies waiting to happen.

Only regulation prevents this.

You said it yourself: The politicians decided your example bill wouldn't pass. A spectacular example of regulation, not capitalism, in action.

Capitalism has faults. Blame it for those.

Mom's Mighty Latte to Government Spending: Good to have you on board! Aaaand we're connected!

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Apple released the first one. Apple has a "design goes first" sensibility that has infected all latter models, even from the other companies.

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I watch as Pulg is crushed by, oh, say... a railway station.

Indeed. Those who could not are off the hook. Those who just did not, though...

Mom's Mighty Latte has formed the torso!

*flings a scattershot net of blowfish from my trebuchet to sting Kileanna*

Yes, all the people who did not vote have a large responsibility.

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Remember... Whatever you go through, whatever suffering or agony ends up in your lap, you still have one thing to be thankful for: You are not the guy who sent the hate mail.

Hey! Watch where you snort stuff!

The core idea of capitalism is that companies that do things you like get more of your business. People seriously need to understand that. Take responsibility for what you buy. And before anyone says it, not everyone is without options. When the Muhammed pictures hit, people in the arab world boycotted Danish butter very effectively. It cost the Danish export sector billions. So... find out who is owned by who. Learn who runs not a perfect company, but a decent one. Stop whining about bad company policy and keep eating those companies' foods. You can't change it yourself... but it has never been so easy to organize things. This, more than anything out of the socialist 70s, will make people take notice.

I.e. Service jobs, no?

Mom's Mighty Latte to Green Eater, good to hear you.

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And from me as well. Depending on the condition, there are rehab things you can do yourself, if improvised. Surgery is another matter, of course. Still, not giving up, and by extension, making sure you are not depressed, is extremely important.

Orfamay: If what you say is true, the solution is simple enough: Everyone who wants a well-paid, skilled, stable job without a degree needs to start their own company/hire themselves out as a consultant/etc. The reason they do not is that generally speaking, they are unwilling to take the risks inherent in that sort of work. Though, I have to say, presenting it as well-paid, skilled, stable work is strange. It is harsh work, with huge overtime, for several years, before you even begin to see the situation you describe.

thejeff: Complete agreement. Old solutions do not answer today's problems. And the reason they aren't is that people see the system, analyze it, and adapt.

Okay... Well-paid, skilled, stable work that doesn't require a degree is not exactly available anywhere in the West as it is. For that matter, neither is well-paid, skilled, stable work that DOES require a degree. And why is that? I would say that things are moving far faster these days. Now the jobs change, the economy changes, the skills needed change, and everyone is replaceable. Still, a degree is still a powerful argument to get a job, if it's a tough one to get. Ask yourself, if you were a CEO, would you offer well-paid, skilled, stable jobs to people without degrees?

Globalization is not a good process to everyone, that is true. But now, the UK stands to see exactly how much fun it is not to be a part of it. London will likely survive as a financial center by some means. If not, that is a further 10-20 million people to share the jobs stacking shelves at Poundworld. Those who do not want to be part of that will leave... just as large portions of the UK has already done to find jobs in London.

Well... the UK has been there before. Before Thatcher, there was something lovely called the stagflation. No jobs and high inflation. Then the coal mines were shut down, the heavy industry was sent packing, replaced by high-tech and service jobs, but not populated by the coal mine workers. And the economy recovered.

Were the old industry jobs somehow "better" than those that replaced them? What would have happened to the economy if the UK had kept subsidizing the old industry jobs?

And now, there is mr Corbyn, who wants the old days back. Seems like a familiar pattern to me.

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