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Sir Jeffrey's page

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Charles Scholz wrote:

Probably the latter since many subscription players probably picked them up at Gencon.

I was at Gencon and these things sold out fast! By the time I got there to pick up my subscription copy they were gone.

Hopefully we'll see them up soon, not 'months' from now.

Will we see more of these as new characters are introduced?

They all have the same layout and you can use one with any character card, but it's fun to see the great artwork.

Vic Wertz wrote:

We're pleased to announce that we've teamed up with Ultra PRO to create play mats for all your favorite characters in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! Each player using a character mat receives a special perk: Once per game, at the start of your turn, you may discard a card to draw a card.

Mats will be sold in two packages. A 7-mat set, priced at $19.99, contains mats for each class in the Pathfinder ACG Base Set, while a 4-mat set, priced at $12.99, contains mats for each class in the Character Add-On Deck.

The mats go on sale at Gen Con 2013 next week, and will be available at retail and at in the near future.

At Gen Con, visit Paizo's booth #203 & #403, or Ultra PRO's booth #1611—See you there!

I was able to pick up my PACG box and expansion at Gencon, but didn't know there were play mats until I sat down with an old friend I ran into who had bought them! By the time I got back to the Paizo booth they were gone! When will these be available for sale? Will they be sold at FLGS?

Another hat in the ring for Android OS. I use a Toshiba Thrive 10.1 tablet during my games with the srd up for rules questions, lots of pics to share with the group, etc. We have been using Herolab to generate PCs and just purchased all the supplements - kaching! Would love to see it for Android but in the mean time I use my laptop with HDMI out to a 32" tv.

gamer-printer wrote:
So what kind of pirate ship can keep from capsizing with an unintelligent undead giant walking on it? Unless the giant is tied down in the hold or specially designed (expensive) to accomodate easy egress on and off the ship, that I'd say it's a rather problematic issue.

bobthe stated the giant was animated as a skeleton, so per the Animate dead spell it lost all flesh and is just a bare skeleton (maybe some nice gooey parts left for the fun of it).

Just a quick google search for 'what percent of body weight is the skeleton?' answer: Apparently the bones account for about 12% of body weight in females and about 15% in males in a normal sized frame. states Marsh Giant size: standing 11 feet tall and weighing around 1,500 pounds.

So quick math: 1500 x 15% = 225lb skeleton. Not going to tip over any boat that wouldn't tip from a large human male.

Now a 1500 pound rotting flesh zombie Marsh Giant, that might list the boat a bit.

bobthe wrote:

I'm currently playing a Wizard in an evil campaign in my Pathfinder group. Originally I was specializing in creating an Undead army, but we quickly realized that the ability to control undead by a party member is completely unbalanced. The ability to control four times your HD in undead is just insane. Consider that with Desecrate you can effectively have a single undead with four times the HD of each person in the party.

A great example came up in our last session. We killed a Marsh Giant with the Advanced template (so +4 to all stats) and 14 HD. What do you know, we're level 7, so I can animate it. Now I have a 14 HD undead giant in the party. It's attack bonus is almost a solid 50% higher than our main warrior-class character, not to mention the damage output, plus the fact that it will still benefit from party buff spells that aren't mental in nature (love those hasted undead giants). On top of this, it only takes up half my max HD I can control. So if we find another one I could control two of these beasts. Then there are feats that can increase the max HD you can control, plus Desecrate, which doubles the HD you can animate.

I guess my question is, how are other people balancing the ability for PCs to create and control undead in their campaigns? I haven't even touched on undead variants, which adds even more flexibility and power to the arsenal. On the NPC side each undead counts towards the encounter CR and is thus included in the encounter strength, but on the PC side they're basically free extra party members that you can replace even more easily than a PC. Oh, and those extra low-level enchanted weapons and armor found in loot that aren't worth a whole lot normally? My undead army just got stronger, plus the ability to overcome some DRs.

Unfortunately it can be quite a bother when you party is able to have the undead minions do their 'adventuring' for them. The GM should be able to work with/around this by presenting challenges that can work to minimize or neutralize the addition of these servants. I feel that the APL needs to go up equal to the amount of NPC henchmen, hirelings, followers or undead your party controls. No fair saying your APL is 7 if you have all those helpers too. The challenges need to be tailored to the actual power of the party, not just the PCs.

This has nothing to do with your original post, but is more of a mental exercise I'd like anyone's help with - am I reading the RAW correctly for turning your Marsh Giant into an undead?

Looking at the Marsh giant, seems like your GM buffed him up a bit with the Advanced Template (+4 to all stats). But the HD of the base creature should be 12d8, the advanced template does add HD, unless the GM was overruled this. (I do it frequently).

When you animated the giant using Animate Dead and Desecrate, you had to choose to become a skeleton or zombie. Either way it loses Int and Con scores. +1 hp/hd because it was made in the area of Desecration.

As a Zombie it would gain +2 Str, -2 Dex, Wis and Cha become 10 and no Int or Con score. BAB is 3/4 his HD (using 14HD BAB 10, 12HD BAB 9). Zombies lose all feats but does gain Toughness bonus feat (so extra HP here). Zombies have the staggered condition, so can only take a single move or standard action each round. You like to use Haste as you stated , but the Haste spell only grants an extra attack with a natural or manufactured weapon if using the Full Attack action, it does not grant an extra action. Since the zombie can't take a Full Attack action because he's permanently staggered, I wonder what effect Haste would have on him? Per the Haste spell description, if he took his move action he'd get +30ft of movement, if he took his attack action he'd get +1 bonus on attack rolls. Either way he also gets +1 dodge bonus to AC and reflex saves. So it's not a total overpower spell to Haste the zombie, it doesn't 'negate' his permanent staggered condition. Your giant zombie would only get a faster move action or a +1 to his attack and a +1 dodge to AC for the 7 rounds of the haste spell (your Wizard is lvl 7 right?). He could never get the extra attack action from Haste, and he cannot make multiple attacks using a standard action. So a zombie giant is limited to 1 attack or a move whether or not he's hasted.

Maybe I've made a mistake but that's how I interpret things. If you chose a skeleton giant, he would not have the staggered condition so you could gain the full benefit of Haste spell (1 extra attack when using Full attack action, +30ft to move, +1 attack and +1 dodge AC). Either way zombie or skeleton it would likely keep it's rock throwing extraordinary ability since both templates state the creature keeps any ex abilities that increase range or melee attacks.

For sure it's a great monster to have to bust down doors and smash your enemies!

Cobalt356 wrote:
I just bought the beginner box and would like to continue a adventure after we finish it what adventure should I get to follow up after it. I was thinking Rise of the Runelords but if not im open to suggestions.

Check out the transitions pdf, free download:

Will help you get going from beginner box to the 'main' ruleset.

I agree with the other poster, try some of the great modules available. There are also tons of PF compatible products out there. If you're ready, you can also start to create your own adventures for your players.

I'd recommend picking up the Core Rulebook and the GM Guide. READ the GM Guide - it's a fantastic resource and very well put together. I think it should be standard reading for players as well, as it spills tons of great advice on how to work together in a party. Many great ideas on how to create dungeons, traps, encounters, and run your campaigns.

Rise of the Runelords would be lots of fun, but if you and your players are just starting out I'd highly recommend a few modules and home brew games. It will also give them the opportunity to switch it up with new characters. You can allow them to make characters starting at higher levels, if you wanted to run a 5th level module let's say. Nothing wrong with that. Just have them work together to build some back story as to how they came together and why they are a party. That can go a long way in a game. Something like the PF Adventure Paths can take 6 months to a year to complete with regular game sessions. So it may be lots more realistic and fun to make your own adventures or run a fun premade module. Good luck and most of all have fun!

Mr FuFu143 wrote:

Here's my problem.

My friends want to play goblins. The problem is that in my game universe, the last group of friends I had genocided the goblins down to two brothers and their mother and now they number around two thousand and suffer massive race penalties because of this.

I know what you're thinking, "Why don't you just rewrite the history?" Well I don't just want to rewrite it. What do you guys think?

Any and all suggestions would help.

There's already some great replies to your conundrum that would work just fine. I respect your wanting to keep your gameworld continuity intact from previous changes made by the PCs who've come along before. That's what makes it 'your' world. :)

You said that in your game 'universe' the gobs were wiped out save a family who've now bred to 2000. Well, PF and D&D work in a 'multiverse' which gives you as GM infinite creative material to draw from.

There are likely goblins on the many planes of existence, different planets (unless your PCs traveled the galaxy wiping them out) and different TIMES. I had lots of fun with a group that did some time travel on their prime material home world years back. Did all kinds of crazy fun and random things to the story arc.

I like the idea of a lost tribe brought up by another poster. Why not have a tribe enslaved by the denizens in the underdark or found in lost caverns that were recently excavated by the dwarves. Nothing is ever 'permanent' in your game world. Keep looking to the alternatives and you'll find something that can make 'sense' to your players and restore this classic race to it's full fire loving, dog eating, chaos loving glory!

Okay I've got 2 likely players, hoping to find 2 more in the south end who would like to play.

If running an entire AP is too much to commit to ( I know it is going to be a long run) I'm happy to get some casual games going. I have plenty of home brew stuff and lots of great PF modules. I ran a group through the Godsmouth Heresy about 10 months ago, it was awesome! We had a blast.

If you're interested drop me a line here or email


Well my group of players has spread to the winds as often happens in life. But I do have 2 that should be regulars and I'm seeking 2 more players to join us in the Rise of the Runelords AP. I've been playing RPG's for 25+ years and PF for about 1.5 years now.

I've run my own homebrew games and some PF modules, but since the ROTR anniversary book, minis, pawns, etc are now out it's a great time to start this campaign since I've never played/gm'd it and I'd like players who have no knowledge of the AP as well, so it will be new and exciting for all.

To be up front and not waste anyone's valuable time, here's what I'm looking for from my players. I'm not trying to offend anyone, just being straight forward and honest to start off on the right foot:

1) It helps if you're over 21, have a car, a job, stable living situation, a few bucks to spend to pitch in for food/snacks and to buy your own dice, books, minis, etc. Last go we had a couple broke, starving college guys and though they were awesome I want to change the dynamic this time around. I've spent a small fortune on my books, dice, minis, etc, and it's not required you have your own, but it does help. Carpooling is great and all, but it's a drag if you don't have transportation of your own. I'll be too busy getting ready to host and gm and can't pick you up and drop you off.

2) You should be able to commit to the entire AP, which I estimate will take several months, if not half a year. I'm shooting for a regular Saturday game, start late afternoon til we quit. Don't sign up if you have lots of obligations that would prevent you from playing on a regular basis (missing a game here and there not a deal breaker, but 2 or 3 in a row won't work).

3) I host, so you'll be guests in my home. You should not need to be told to be respectful of me, my spouse and our house. Decent manners, regular bathing and laundered clothes are required. I'm pushing 40 and spent too many years with the pit funk crew and that's not negotiable. If you worry this will be a problem for you, this won't be the group for you.

4) My home is non-smoking, no pets (well, we do have 2 giant spiders, but they're tamed with a permanent charm spell and live in glass houses). If you're a smoker, you can take your breaks out on the patio, butt can provided.

5) Ultimately my goal is the group all become friendly, because it just works better that way. So, I like to meet perspective players first and chat and get to know each other and make sure we 'click' so as to avoid any speedbumps. I'm sure most everyone can appreciate this. It's your chance to interview me as much as I get to know you.

6) If players are late or absent, we may opt to play Munchkin or other games til they arrive or skip the session all together and do other games that night. So there's usually always fun to be had even if the PF game gets pushed off occasionally.

7) It would be ideal that you have some experience playing PF/D&D. If you're brand spankin' new to RPGs/PF, then I expect you to read the core book and learn the basics on your own. By basics, I don't expect you to memorize all the spells, weapon stats, etc. I mean you understand the basics of combat, skills, feats, character creation, etc so you can grow and learn as your character progresses. But you should want to learn the game, otherwise you're just an observer who occasionally rolls dice, and that's not what we're after for this AP. A good player, novice or veteran, is always hungry for knowledge and readily self educates.

8) Rogues are cool characters, but if you are one in real life, please don't even reply to my post. By that I mean, if you are a felon or are commiting felonies, are involved in drugs stronger than pot, have a bunch of drama that requires constant phone calls/interruptions, are under investigation or in any other way are dealing with some heavy shyte, please look for another group. I'll likely be able to tell this when we meet, so please I don't want to waste your time.

Okay, that wasn't too bad, you're still reading and think, hey, I fit into those general guidelines. So please drop me a line and let's see if it's a match and get on to playing some Pathfinder!

GM Jeff

abeltda wrote:

Hi Mike. I am looking to start a new PF group with the intention of running Rise of the Runelords. I've been playing D&D for over 20 years and just recently got back into RPG's when I found PF in June 2011. I had a group together since about early Jan this year but it kinda derailed as some people took off for school and summer activities, etc.

I have 2 players but would want to add 2 more. We are in Tacoma and I host and GM at my place. Looking to start a regular Saturday evening game that goes throughout the fall/winter to hopefully get the campaign over by spring 2013.

If you're interested drop me a line.

flash_cxxi wrote:

OK when I added the Deluxe Sub, it charges me $3.19 for the Paizo Exclusive Cover and $3.49 for the other 4 Covers. I figured by getting the Deluxe that all of them would attract the 20% Discount?

Also, it doesn't want to ship them all as a Subscription. It wants to ship the Paizo Exclusive Cover as part of my existing Subscriptions and then wants to ship all of the others as 4 individual shipments (trying to charge me $3.85 shipping for each) or giving me the option to put them in my Sidecart to await my Subscriptions. They are part of my Subscriptions, I shouldn't have to treat them separate...


I'm getting the same error. This has to be a glitch, no way I'm going to pay more for the shipping that the price of the comic. Would love to add this Deluxe Subscription, but please fix this Paizo staff. Thanks!

Chris Lambertz wrote:
In reference to our blog post today, let us know what devices you want to see apps for!

Android phone (Samsung Epic 4G)

Android Tablet (Toshiba Thrive)

I have made great use of the Thrive while GMing and previously while playing. You can bring up your pdfs and with wifi access get to the SRD as well. Great tools.

Would love to see some type of Character Sheet/Record app that allows you to track combat - HP, conditions, temporary bonus/penalty, spells, etc.

PM sent to MTO and nameurl regarding joining our regular group.

I have purchased 3 core books from Barnes & Noble website recently and they are all 5th Printing. They have good prices too, and fast free shipping as well. Plus I had a coupon (loves me some coupons)!

My girlfriend and I have watched the show since it first came on, but man has it turned into the same old reality TV drama BS. Who friggin' cares what your personal drama is, just show the guns and blow stuff up! We record it on DVR and fast forward to the shooting and explosions. They have made some cool guns and for someone who can't afford to ever go and play with those machine guns and such it's cool to see. But as far as 'quality' you'd do better with just about any other show.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Harley Quinn X wrote:

Hello. I'm pretty new to GMing and I have a quick question about the enemy position in room 20 (The Great Pit) in Godsmouth Heresy for people who've GMed this module. I haven't run it yet, but I'm just trying to work through the details in my head, and this sort of popped out to me. Just to ere on the side of caution, I'll put possible pertinent bits in spoiler tags, just in case some player who hasn't played yet is reading the thread.

** spoiler omitted **

My question is, where is the enemy standing at? Is it considered sharing the same path that the PCs, or is he considered in the pit? The picture on page makes it seem as though the creature is in the pit and its head is just out of the pit. Given its seemingly powerful attacks, it would make sense if it were considered to move adjacent to the path around the area, so that way three PCs could pound on it.

However if it had to put its head on the path to attack, flanking with melee fighters and such would be more feasible.

Perhaps, I'm just thinking too much about this and it just falls under the rules of "GM Fiat"? Any ideas?

I'm curious how your party dealt with the necrophidius? I am running this module now, party is a Druid, Barbarian, Rogue and Wizard (universalist). They came in from the west side (area 19) and the rogue went around to the door on the east side of the pit. The druid and his wolf companion went around the south side of the pit, while the wizard slowly scampered along the north edge. The barbarian was hanging back by the west entrance. While the rogue was checking out the eastern door the necrophidius crawled up and surprised them all, and the druid, wolf and rogue were dazed by his dance of death. The wizard used his Grease spell and the necro failed his save and fell prone. The barbarian started smashing him. The wizard followed up with his longbow (he's an elf) and actually got a couple hits. The barbarian raged and used his two weapons (axe and spiked shield) to finish him off. Then the wizard noticed the secret door at 21 and the rogue went to investigate. The Iron Cobra surprised the rogue, and they started a grapple after that. The rogue had the upper hand and wanted to try and stuff the iron cobra in a sack, and the druid shouted 'throw it in the pit you fool!'. Which he did, and they went on to area 22.

So far it's been a fun module, they're all enjoying it a lot. We have had 2 sessions and play about 6-7 hours. Hope to finish it off this weekend.

Jeremy Mcgillan wrote:

And here is the Complete list for you Erik. Only took an hour and a half of work, and it should help you with any mini suggestions. yet

Jeremy your link just takes me back to this blog I was really looking forward to your list. Thanks for the great effort that's really useful to me in my hunt for minis.

Erik Mona wrote:
I'm pretty sure the yeti in the Bestiary Box is the illustration from the Bestiary.

Thanks for that info Erik!

Erik Mona wrote:

This is the version of the Yeti from the cover of Ultimate Combat. I suppose that eventually we will reconcile in world why there are two different official "looks" for yetis in Pathfinder, but for this mini it comes down to "this is how Wayne Reynolds drew them, and we thought they looked cool this way."

Erik, any idea what the artwork for the Yeti in the Bestiary Box will look like? Are you guys doing new art for those as well? Just wondering if we can expect the Ultimate Combat style Yeti or the Bestiary 1 look.

Drogon wrote:

I'm a huge fan of the minis you are producing, and they are doing really well in my shop, so kudos. Keep it up.

However, I have to say one thing after seeing today's image: can you tell the sculptors that not every monster has to stand face forward, mouth open, arms raised in the air? The troll, werewolf, zombie, wolf, frost giant, dire rat, gargoyle, skeleton, vampire, orc brute, mummy, spectre, and a couple goblins already have been stuffed into this "surprise!" pose. Do something a little more dynamic, perhaps?

Great point Drogon. I agree, though the sculpts and painting are great, they do seem a bit 'static'. Perhaps some more lively poses would help to put a set of 'great' minis up to 'exceptional' status.

Yeah I'm all for multiple versions of monsters, that's what makes Pathfinder so fun! Not all monsters are cookie cutter. Was just curious where that version came from and Eric gave a satisfying answer.

Love the Klingon analogy!

Erik Mona wrote:

This is the version of the Yeti from the cover of Ultimate Combat. I suppose that eventually we will reconcile in world why there are two different official "looks" for yetis in Pathfinder, but for this mini it comes down to "this is how Wayne Reynolds drew them, and we thought they looked cool this way."

Thanks Eric, that is a simple enough explanation. Checking the Ultimate Combat cover, they do look pretty impressive and brutal. They are even wielding spears and axes. So I guess folks can start equipping their yeti with all manner of weaponry to do standard damage if they'd like to make their yeti's weaker, give them 1 attack and take away the cold damage and rend capabilities.

Thanks for the preview. I'm in Tacoma, just south of Seattle, so I share the Paizo crew's understanding of the Snomaggedon we are facing.

I got a case of the Heroes & Monsters and love them all! Just one short, the Frost Giant talked 3 Ettins into my case so he could go out and play in this snow storm!

Can't wait for the ROTRL set later this year.

The yeti mini looks like a great sculpt, but I have one question? Why does the yeti have a loin cloth and a shaved chest? I checked the entry in Bestiary 1, no pants, shorts, or britches. Did a google image search for 'yeti', plenty of pics, none with clothing of any type. Every instance of yeti elsewhere and indeed in the Bestiary shows them with long white fur on their entire bodies, sans clothing. This mini sculpt is nice, but looks more like a silverback gorilla in a loin cloth. Just my 2 cents.

At this point the current group of 4 players and myself are into our 4th session of a homebrew adventure I'm running. Two of the players are going back to college in the next week or two, so things may be changing up a bit. As things change I will post here and let you guys know.

Glad to see there is some more interest here in Tacoma!

Na!rb wrote:
I don't know if you guys have a full game but if you have room for another player I'd really like to get involved in a weekend game. I am most interested in playing on sundays.I've games forever. Close to twenty years depressingly enough. I trend to dm but I'd rather play honestly. if you have the room in your game please let me know.

Thanks for your interest. As of right now I was able to put together a group with 4 players and myself. We've had 2 sessions so far and it's going great. If things change or someone drops out I'll be in touch.

No worries Kyrt. I currently work from home doing my own ebay business so I'm flexible on time and you can contact me days after 10am up to 10pm.

I met up with another cool guy yesterday who wants to learn PF and I ran him through some beginner scenarios. He's jazzed about it and I think he'll be a great addition to the new group.

Any other Tacoma area people interested let's talk!

Kyrt - msg sent.

Any other Tacoma area players interested in joining in go ahead and post and let's get rolling!!

I suggest we revert the old standby, a phone call ;)

Oops that's right, spaced that. Skype work for you?

If you can get to the 121st St & Pacific transfer station that's 3 mins from my house. If we play at my place this will be super easy to get you picked up from there.

Are you free tomorrow to meet up? I enjoy any reason to go to the South Hill Mall for some Del Taco :)

If you can get to the South Hill Mall or somewhere on Pacific between 112th and 180th I can likely pick up/drop off from there. We can get to transportation after we get a few more players because we may get lucky and find someone close to you for a rideshare situation.

Yes South Hill Mall. Or if another place in Tacoma works better for you let me know.

Yeah for sure we won't be ready this weekend, and I have some stuff lined up anyway. But I do not mind if you or other players have a great knowledge of the rules, and I'm sure your way ahead of me on that department. Sometimes I find one player works very well alongside me to help facilitate rules questions and it can save a lot of game time and keep a good pace.

Maybe we can meet up at the Puyallup Mall at some point in the near future. Let me know what works for you.

kyrt-ryder wrote:

I certainly am interested. I live in Graham (in-case you know where that is.) I tend to GM so I'd prefer to play, but a rotating GM schedule could be cool. I'm nearly 23 (16 days away) but I've been told I tend to fit in more with those my senior.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask.

Surely I know where Graham is. I'm off of 112th and Pacific.

Sounds great, I've been wanting to get back to GMing for awhile. I'm new to PF, about 6 months or so. I don't mind if my players know lots of rules or a few. My story telling is strong so I think that will make for a great game overall. I found long ago that it's better for a GM to be able to spin a great story than to be just a rules jockey who can't weave an interesting tale or is stuck going by the numbers in a module. I enjoy a good mix of fun, intrigue and drama as well as squashing the bad guys.

Let me know what your schedule is like. Does a weekend game work for you?

Fellow PF gamers in the Tacoma, WA area: I'm looking to start a regular weekly or biweekly Pathfinder game in the Tacoma area. I can host or we can find a suitable meeting place (there are several game shops in the area where we can meet and play if that works better for everyone).

I'm 38, been playing RPG's since I was 13. I can happily GM, but can play a PC as well. I have all the core books, several supplements and modules, etc, so if you've wanted to get into a PF game but don't want to invest yet I've got you covered. I'm open to new gamers as well as experienced players, as long as you have an interest in Pathfinder!

Also we can mix it up and throw in the occasional game of Descent, Munchkin, Talisman, or other board games. But my main goal is to get together a group of solid role players and have some fun! Getting characters to levels where they can do all the cool stuff is important, but we can start with some players who are motivated and enjoy the process of working your way through the levels.

I currently play in a weekly game on Wednesday nights up in Bremerton, but would really like to form a core group in Tacoma for a regular weekend game. I've got tons of experience as a GM. I used to run a game store in the mid 90's. I've got a wonderful girlfriend who is supportive of my gaming interests so no conflicts there.

Drop me a line if you're interested and let's get to adventuring!

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