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Jeggare Noble

Sir James Durham-Fairfax's page

352 posts. Alias of DSXMachina.

Full Name

James Durham-Fairfax


Dark Reckoner Warlock











Strength 9
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 24

About Sir James Durham-Fairfax

Human - Warlock Dark Pact

James leads the group through the wide busy streets and down the narrow backstreet's and snickelways until they get to a tall terraced Town-house. Externally the white-washed walls are framed by dark wooden columns in a Gerorgian style, each of the storeys overhangs the lower by more than the last.

James leads then to the top floor of the attic space, the lounge and kitchen are open plan. To one side are three doors leading to bedrooms, though they are mostly beds. Whilst to the other side is a large bathroom; with many a shelf full of oils, soaps and herbal extracts. James lab is hidden behind a final door.

He throws his jacket into the laboratory and removes all his regalia (bracers, etc...) "This is my place, feel free to take a bath. Eat, read or whatever. I have a beef stew, that should be ready in half an hour. I had prepared lots, just in case my brother came home. But it'll feed at least half a dozen. Drinks anyone?" James says whilst opening a bottle of red wine.

Hope I am not being too presumptuous. If so, feel free to ignore this.

AC -29 10+9+4(dex)+6(arm) +1(item/bloodied)

Fort -29 10+9+2(con)+2(feat)+1(hum)+1(item)+4(cloak)
Ref -33 10+9+4(dex)+2(feat)+1(war)+1(hum)+2(arm)+4(cloak) +1(item/bloodied)
Will -34 10+9+7(cha)+2(feat)+1(hum)+1(war)+4(cloak)


HP: 91/111 (Bloodied 55) 0 Temps(d8)
Surges: 8/8 (Value 26)

AP: 1

Group Benefits:

  • When James spends an AP, him and any within 5 gain concealment to the start of James' next turn.

  • when James scores a crit with a Necrotic power he becomesinvisible until the end of his next turn or until he attacks.

    Str:9 (0)
    Dex:17 (5)
    Con:14 (2)
    Int:12 (1)
    Wis:13 (2)
    Cha:23 (12 + 2)

    Init: +13
    Speed: 6 +2(item/bloodied)

    lvl 17
    lvl 18

    Class Features
    Prime Shot (+1 to hit when no other ally nearer)
    Shadow Walk (gain concealment, when move 3+sq)
    Warlocks Curse (minor to curse +2d6 dam 1/round)
    Implement User (rod & wand & pact blade & songblade)
    Dark Pact - +1 to aura eveytime a curse enemy dies. 1/round Free action when an enemy makes a melee or ranged attack, (1d10damage/aura) +2. If does 12+ damage, enemy weakened & Aura resets to 1. Otherwise 0. Enemies Immobilised TSOJNT.

    Darkspiral Aura - 1 d10
    Languages : Common, Goblin

    Race Features:
    +1 skill
    +1 feat
    +1 ref/fort/will
    1 At-Will

    Insight: 25
    Perception: 20

    Acrobatics* + 18
    Arcana + 10
    Athletics + 8
    Bluff* + 21
    Diplomacy + 16
    Dungeoneering + 10
    Endurance + 11
    Heal + 10
    History + 10
    Insight* + 15
    Intimidate + 16
    Nature + 10
    Perception + 10
    Religion* + 15
    Stealth + 13
    Streetwise* + 21
    Thievery* + 20

    H- Alchemy You can create alchemical items of your level or lower. You must have correct formula & skill
    1-Improved Defenses (+2 to defenses)
    2-(Multi-class -Bard) Bardic Dilettante
    4- Rod Expertise (+2dam;)
    6- Implement Focus (Rod)(+2 to hit)
    8- Superior Implement (Deathbone)
    10- Dark Fury (+2 Damage for Necro/Psychic)
    11- Two-fold Curse (2xCurse as minor)
    12- Superior Crit (+1d10 on crit)
    14- Improved Darkspiral Aura (DA= 1d10)
    16- Dual Implement Wielder

    Occupation: Criminal, moving through towns in the company of his brother. He has had to flirt with the law on more than a few occassions, often bailing his brother out doesn't work and he has to break him out. Moving to another town before dawns light. +2 Thievery


    Melee Basic, Pact Blade: 1d20+12, 1d4 damage

    Ranged Basic, 1d20+22; 1d8+13
    bra = Eldrich blast

    +1 bloodied; +1 Vs Bloodied; +1 if closest
    +8lvl, +6cha, +4impl, +2feat, +1vsWill
    Damage= +2d6curse+d6Necrotic

    At-Will Powers:

    Eldrich Blast:
    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement,
    Range: 10; one creature

    1d20 + 22
    1d8 + 15
    Hit: Basic Ranged Attack.

    Spiteful Glamour:
    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Psychic
    Range: 10; one creature

    1d20 + 23
    1d8 + 17 / 1d12 + 17
    Hit: 1d12 if target at max HP.

    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Psychic, Charm
    Range: 10; one creature

    1d20 + 23
    1d6 + 17
    Hit: Invisible to target TSOJNT.

    Encounter Powers:

    ODeath Commands(7):
    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Necrotic
    Range: 10; one creature

    1d20 + 23
    1d12 + 19
    Hit: Target Dazed.
    +1 to hit Vs Undead & cannot move closer to James next turn.

    ODeadly Judgement(11P):
    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Necrotic
    Range: 10; one creature

    1d20 + 22
    2d8 + 19
    Hit: Each enemy within 2 squares takes Necrotic damage equal to your INT.

    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Psychic
    Range: Burst 20; any creature under curse

    1d20 + 22
    2d10 + 20

    OThirsting Tendrils(17):
    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Healing
    Range: 10; one creature

    1d20 + 22
    3d6 + 14
    Hit: James can spend a Healing Surge.

    OMajestic Word(Bard):

    Minor Action ♦ Arcane, Healing
    Range: Burst 10; one ally or James [/i]
    Hit: Target can spend 1 Healing Surge & gain that value + 3d6+6 & slide 1 square.

    Daily Powers:

    OCrown of Madness(5):
    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Charm, Psychic
    Range: 10; one creature

    1d20 + 23
    Hit: 2d6 + 16
    Miss: Half Damage.
    Sustain Minor: Target makes BMA against adjacent ally (Save Ends).

    XRing of Pain(9):
    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Psychic
    Range: 10; one creature

    1d20 + 23
    2d10 + 16
    Hit: Target takes ongoing 11 Psychic damage (save ends). If the target fails a save, a second creature within 10sq. suffers 5 ongoing psychic damage (save ends).

    ODark Rain of Mutuz-Vot(15):
    Standard Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Necrotic, Zone
    Range: Burst 2 within 20;

    1d20 + 22
    3d8 + 19
    Hit: The burst creates a zone of raining darkness that lasts until the end of the next turn. The zone's area is lightly obscured. Each creature that enters or starts in the zone is blinded (save ends). James ignores the effects. Sustain Minor

    Utility Powers:

    OBeguiling Tongue(2):
    ENCOUNTERMinor Action ♦ Arcane,
    Range: Personal

    Gain +5 power bonus to next Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate check.

    OFey Switch(6):
    ENCOUNTERMove Action ♦ Arcane,
    Ranged: 10

    Targets: You and 1 ally swap places.

    OShadow Form(10):
    DAILYMinor Action ♦ Arcane, Polymorph,
    Range: Personal;

    Effect: Assume shadowy form until the end of the encounter or 5 mins. Become Insubstantial, fly 6 & cannot take standard actions. Minor to stop.

    Minor Action ♦ Arcane
    Range: Personal

    Hit: Until the end of your turn you are invisible to each enemy cursed by you.

    OEye of the Warlock(16):
    Minor Action ♦ Arcane, Implement, Psychic
    Range: 10; one creature

    Effect: See through the targets eyes, target not aware of this, you have LoS & LoE. You can use a power through this link & a 3rd eye appears on targets head (save ends).

    Equipment - Magical:
    Rod - Deathbone Rod of the Bloodthorn +4; +1 to attack rolls if you or the target is bloodied. Bonuses Stackable. Crit: +4d8 or +4d10 if either is bloodied. Daily drain a Healing Surge & add it to your own.
    Wand -
    Weapon - Pact Blade + 1(680) When melee attacked by cursed enemy, enemy takes 1 damage.
    Armour - Snakeskin Leather Armour+4 (+2ref)
    Hands - Shadowfell Glove (1800) - Minor Daily - Acts as Necrotic & +1d6 Necrotic damage
    - Gloves of Piercing (680) Daily Minor ♦ Until End of the Encounter, James attacks ignore Resist/10
    Arms - Warlock Bracers (9000) +1 Item to fort/ref/will vs cursed targets.
    - Diamond Bracers (4200)
    ODAILY wrote:


    Minor Action ♦ Resist/10 to a damage type you suffered since end of last turn.

    Feet - Dragonborn Greaves (13000) (item bonus +2speed; +1AC & Ref when bloodied)

    Head - Helm of 7 Deaths (1000) 7******* LIT! 7 Diamond
  • Minor At-Will ♦ Choose Bloodied creature you hit this turn, learn it's HP.
  • At-Will Free 1/turn ♦ You kill a creature. Gem captures the creatures soul and it glows with a green radiance. A dead creature cannot be returned to life whilst the soul is captured.
  • Minor Encounter ♦ 3+ Gems lit; Regain 1/2level +5 HP (14HP). 2 Gems darken
  • Minor Daily ♦ All 7 gems contain souls. On next damage roll maximise 4 dice rolls. All seven gems darken
    Neck - Cloak of Arachnida + 4 +2 to saves Vs Immobilisation or restraining.
    DAILY wrote:


    Immediate Interrupt ♦ Adjacent enemy attacks or moves away from you.
    Cha (+20) Vs Ref, on a hit target immobilised (Save Ends)

    Waist - Diamond Cincture (5000) +1 Fort Item

    At-Will Minor ♦ Healing, you spend a Healing Surge & the diamond darkens lossing the Fort Bonus. Refreshed after a Extended rest.
    - Viper Belt (680) Resist/5 Poison Encounter:+2 to save Vs Ongoing Poison

    Blue= Not worn

    Wonderful - Restful Bedroll (360) d8 temp HP to start day
    - Bag of Holding (1000) Carry 200lbs

  • Equipment - Mundane:
    Twine, Chalk, Incense, Soap, Rope (50’ silk), rough map, whittling tools, hand axe, snare wire, cook pot, water-skin, skinning knife, tarpaulin, small hammer, dozen torches, flint & steel tinderbox, lantern with 10 pints of oil, outdoor/ travelling clothes, tavern clothes, ‘finery’ clothes, thieves tools, smoked meat (rabbit), a restraints or cuffs, hard tack/biscuits, 2 bottles of brandy, a silver locket containing a picture of Eleanor. Numerian Leaf (28gp)

    Alchemical Rituals:

  • Clinging Essence (120) -Change/add damage type to weapon.
  • Elemental Accelerant (70) - 10 uses (300) Burst:1 within 10. +2 damage & -2 to On-going saves against first attack of cold/fire/lightning/radiant/thunder. Std Action.
  • Foaming Plaster (70) - 2 uses (40) - Plaster-cast.
  • holy water (50) - 3/6 ranged; minor; level+3 Vs Ref 1d10 radiant damage.
  • Precarious Crystal (120) - Trigger for trap.
  • Smoke Snake (800) - 2 uses (400) creates burst:1 within 10 TEOE of obscured zone.
  • Sweet Water (100) - 10 uses (200) - removes poison from food, minor.
  • Tracking Dust(160) 5 uses (200) - +7 to 5 squares perception; Std action, lasts 1 hour.
  • Lockburst Chalk (160) 2uses (80) - +7 to Thievery, destroys lock. Std Action.
  • Clearwater Solution (100) 5 uses (100) - removes poison & disease from 935 gallons, minor action.
  • Smokestack (450) 2 uses(300) - creates burst:1 within 5 TEOJNT of obscured zone
  • Sovereign Glue (375) 2 uses @8 (250) - glues two objects requiring after 1 turn a STR DC 29 check - causing 2d10 damage. Standard action.
  • Universal Solvent (600)1 use (200) - destroys glue, standard.
  • GOLD - 1297! (1k gone to Hester)

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