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Loris Raknian

Sir Hexen Ineptus's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,031 posts (3,958 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 9 aliases.

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I was looking for a decent straight up character creator. I miss this more than anything from City of Heroes, and don't care if it is even technically a game. Preferably no subscription costs, not online always, and just a straight up buy and be done with it.

As for the other games, I am looking for a good action beat-em-up, like a customization Devil May Cry, or an action version of City of Heroes type game play, not turn based/world clock, MMO type games. I am looking for PC games here please. I don't have any console here.

Any help would be great, I am going insane here.

Thank you!

So with the trend of hybrid classes getting around the large amount of multi-classing deterrents I got an idea. How about going to the customization even further, perhaps to ludicrous levels, and make an entire class for just one specific character.

Has anyone done this yet? I would love to see some if you have.


Was just wondering. When I asked for TWF advice a while ago, I was given the suggestion of the Sawtooth Sabre. I was wondering, why this over Kukri in a Slayer build. Power Attack was suggested, but I am not seeing a benefit from using a one handed versus a light weapon there. So when dealing with a strength build with a slayer, I was thinking the slightly higher critical range and saving yourself a feat seemed like the better idea. So could someone please enlighten me?

Orignial Post: Best way to do TWF now.

Crosswind wrote:

For a full example of a slayer/horizon walker build:

Half Orc Slayer
Sacred Tattoo, Shaman's Apprentice (endurance)
1.) Slayer 1: Power Attack
2.) Slayer 2: Slayer Talent: TWF
3.) Slayer 3: Two-weapon Rend, Sneak Attack: 1d6
4.) Slayer 4: Slayer Talent: Trapfinding
5.) Slayer 5: Double Slice
6.) Slayer 6: Slayer Talent: Improved TWF, Sneak attack: 2d6
7.) Horizon Walker 1, Favored Terrain: Urban, Feat: Outflank
8.) Horizon Walker 2, Favored Terrain: Astral, Terrain Mastery: Astral
9.) Horizon Walker 3, Terrain Dominance: Astral, Feat: Dimensional Agility
10.) Slayer 7
11.) Slayer 8: Combat Trick (Improved Critical), Feat: Dimensional Assault
12: Slayer 9: Sneak Attack 3d6
13.) Slayer 10:Slayer Talent: Greater TWF, Feat: Dimensional Dervish
14.) Slayer 11:
15.) Slayer 12: Sneak Attack 4d6, Feat: Dimensional Savant

I am thinking of using a modified variant of this, but had to go human with my GM not using traits.


Okay, I know that in a recent statement Paizo okay-ed using spell like abilities for meet prerequisite, specifically Dimensional Agility feat. I have not been in the loop, but is this still the case? Reference links please for my GM.


I was looking at getting into PFS and I heard you can play as a tiefling with some sort of special voucher. I have looked over the rules but I am missing something. Can someone please give me the 411? Is there a particular way to do this, perhaps earn the voucher the quickest.


I am always a fan of TWF concept, but with full BaB. Does anyone have any suggestions with all the recent additions? Sort of thinking Blood Rager, but I am sure there are better.

I am a huge fan of this particular model of Gundum, so I was thinking about buying the best pre-made figure/toy. Does anyone have any suggestions who might know a lot about these sort of things?


I have been having a rather hefty conversation on what is it that defines a game or aspect of game P2W (Pay to win). Having done both old type MMOs and other video games, as well as play TTRPGs, the entire subject being in question at all seems rather ludicrous as it is just very simple.

P2W: "Gaining a game mechanic benefit by paying money."

However this seems to be in question when it comes to minor impact things in a game like market board space and off character inventory space.

I sort-of can see why these things would be overlooked, but it is clear and cut to me. Every obstacle in the game, be it a final bosses in the game, unlocking a prestige class, or managing your inventory limitations.

I just look at this from the point of a a TTRPG; "Oh GM I am beyond the physical limitations of my house in storing stuff. I would like to give you cash to get a 2nd house for my character to live in."

I was very surprised by how many people could not see this and this has brought me to a rather shocking conclusion; these people have been groomed into thinking this is okay. This maybe half due to them really wanting the benefits in the first place and are willfully ignoring it to avoid guilt.

I would like to say I am open to being wrong on this, but that would be a lie because it just seems so cut and clear on this subject of inventory and market space.

High I was wondering how much better would it be if someone, like my self, (hypothetically) designed a scythe that had a 19-20x3 critical range/effect, vs. the standard 20x4 critical range/effect.

Is it about the same or is it drastically different/more powerful.

Does a scythe being a two handed weapon make that much of a difference?


I have been just over-hearing about new FAQ rules on Spell-Like abilities.

I was wondering, does this mean that the Teleportation Sub-School Shift power can now be used to qualify for Dimensional Agility?

Thank you,

So I came to a general astounding realization the other day that my characters seem to have some sort of inherent bonus for escaping T-rex's death-dealing jaws no matter the system, so long as the character is of some skill; let me explain as there is a bit of a story to each encounter.

A LONG time ago when I was playing the ttRPG Heros Unlimited I first played a lycanthrope. Those who know the system know that they these creatures are VERY powerful and suitable for heroes as they are invulnerable to EVERYTHING except Magic, Silver, and Psionic attacks. There was all sort of "I gotcha" moments between me and my two GMs where I would note this fact and get by some obstacle or what-not. I got tired of this character as he died, and often in this game, as OTHER PCs frequently had magic weapons and accidents happened.
So I decide to go the other route and make an entirely tech Power-Suite character. The character had a bit of depth though, however it was generally a stealthy type skilled type. Well one day my GM came around and decided to have a fun moment and have us run into the bar of the gods. He had us take a drinking challenge were we drank this bear and had to roll off to keep from falling over drunk and unconscious. My character being entirely tech and becoming VERY aware of the mystical and magic was constantly looking for ways to deal with these beings. I saw demons and dragons falling over in drunken stupor. Obvious light bulb went off and I filled my injectors in my suit with the stuff. Well you think that this would be a rather obvious use considering the tittle of this article but there is a tad more to it.
Having been thwarted by my previous character's one key ability one too many times and now playing a tech character revenge was their plan! Turnabout you would call it. A few MONTHS (RLT) pass by with this character and I become face to face with a T-Rex, that is a ghost.... I fire off my silver bullets and they do NOTHING. I quickly find myself in the ghost's mouth. With a eye roll and a sigh I say, well I guess I had to use it sometime and tell the GM I am going to inject the ghost, he laughs and says, "with what?" The assistant GM gets wide eyed and says "Oh you still have that beer!" GM1: "Wait what, from my bar?!?!" Some dice are rolled and the T-Rex falls over, undead and unconscious from the magic beer, and I arise victorious. Comments later about how he was just going to have me pooped out by the ghost after a bit of damage to the suit and my ego.

Different game, many years later, I was playing a pathfinder/DnD hybrid game. My character was a ninja (DnD version) and was totally taking advantage of being size small via-magic and doing ranged sneak attacks from invisible moments. I was still being quite skilled as jumping and attacking while invisible to avoid tremor sense and still getting a sneak attack in and using many alchemical flasks (or touch attack sneak attacks), anti-toxins, and tangle foot bags. Continuing to expands my nifty tools I look into the Complete Scoundrel book and get GM approval to buy some non-magical stuff from the book. Well the GM notices that I am about to gain the ability to go ethereal making my character about unstoppable (ki-points willing). He decides to take advantage of my small size one last time while he still can and throws at me, you guessed it, a giant celestial T-rex. I plead in terror "Don't Eat Me!" as the t-rex B lines it to me and gobbles me up. Well, just so happens the I had just bought a little item or two of Gut Mites. I was vomited up rather quickly.

So, it seems that now more often than not when facing the jaws of some monstrous T-Rex I am some-how overly prepared. I just seem to have an innate +10 bonus to escaping them.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

A personal creation of mine, the Shadow Knight, has been up on their blog for a little now.

April 25th (Part 1)
April 26th (Part 2)

I hope everyone can enjoy it I am proud of the end product.


Working in an interesting little race and thought something like this weakness would be appropriate. What RP value do you suppose this is worth, if any.

Unnatural and Isolated (-1 or -2 RP?)
Prerequisites: None.
Benefit: Members of this race unnerve normal animals. Members of this race take a –8 penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks to affect creatures of the animal type. Animals' starting attitude toward members of this race is two steps worse than normal.

Thank you,

I am a little confused about the Fused Eidolon and the Aspect and Greater Aspect class abilities.

While fused with his eidolon, the synthesist can use all of his own abilities and gear, except for his armor.

So the question is do you still have access to the abilities you gain from aspect?

For example, if you get a tail evolution, would you still have it while fused?


On a side note, what about fast healing and the Synthesist? If you get that ability do you only regain real hit points or do you actually heal the temporary hit points? I ask this because if it is only hit-points then, it is a no-duh buy for greater aspect, as you would want to have the ability all of the time, vs. just while fused.

Thank you,

I have gotten this voice recorder and it looks like the thing is a little old. I have plugged it in and it is recording, but I can't seem to get my PC to recognize it is plugged in.

I use Windows 7 Ultimate, but the device uses:
Windows 98/SE
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
and Apple Os

It is my understanding Windows 7 Ultimate has a comparability mode. Any help would be great.

Thank you,

I was wondering if anyone could thing of already existing magic items or spells (that can be turned into items) that allow for anime-like effects.

Things like:
Charge Jumping
Incredibly High Jumps

I know we already have dimensional agility covers some of this so don't bother mentioning.

What would you also consider an anime-like effect, and how would you convert this RAW with magic?


Hello Forums,
I for one quite liked the idea of a 15 level prestige class (or 12, or 14, more than 10). Class levels and abilities, to me and some of my friends, help define the character's identity as a whole. Some prestige classes even seem to call for 15 levels like the Mystic Theurge or Assassin, but any of the core prestige classes (and many of the others) could be expanded.

This could be done with the upper level guide book, or on its own, because believe it or not people are playing to 20th level. My group specifically have gotten to 20th twice now.

So I kindly ask Paizo to reconsider this for pathfinder.

Thank you,

So was thinking back to my splash weapon/touch attack/sneak attack days back in 3.5 and was wondering what the best options for a rogue to get proficiency with a gun. Any advice would be great. I plan on getting ki abilities as well. Trap-Finding is a must though.

Was looking at:
Just taking the feats
Taking a level dip into Gunslinger
and Rogue talents


Queen Scythe

Once in the history of Cheliax there was a ruthless queen who was very fond of public executions by her own hands, and eventually developed it into a sport where she used this scythe in personal gladiator-ship matches as a form of exhibition of these executions. Fortunately for some she became too arrogant, as she stopped having rigged matches, and lost one of said matches, ending her reign. This was not before designing her own personal scythe and its style of use.

The general shape is about the same as a normal scythe except with a second smaller matching blade on the other side of the handle. The blades are purposefully made to look intimidating with long serration hooks running along edges.

Two-Handed Exotic Weapons
Cost: 250 gold
Dmg (S): 1D6 Dmg (M): 2D4 Critical: 19-20/x3 Weight: 13 lbs.
Type: P and S Special: Trip, Performance (See Text)

When performing a coup de grace, the queen scythe adds an additional +2 to the fort save DC to keep from dying. Successful critical hits and coup de grace used to finish off a victim can cause decapitation (If the wielder wants).

Just was looking over the feats, and I couldn't help but notice that the bite attack from the Razortusk feat actually only gives you a secondary attack as part of a full-attack.

For the longest time I thought the feat gave a full attack, especially after the ARG came out and said a bite attack was only 1 RP and was open to humanoid base races.

So I was wondering if there were any other feats, other than Aspect of the Beast, that granted natural attack that is not in the Advanced Races Guide.

Thank you,

So I was looking at building an Infiltrator Ranger, but want to make it even less nature oriented and more combat oriented if possible.

I was thinking Battle Scout, but that would leave me with only one favorite enemy.

Any suggestions?

Hello SHRH,
I have a particularly conservative GM who tends to take the side of underpowered with things home-brewed. This has been a bit of an issue in the past, but he has been nice enough to continue listening to my requests.

I need some feedback on this idea before I present it to my GM and any help in balancing it would be great.


I took the idea of everything the normal summon monster class ability did and re-worked it for transmutation spells of the same level.

Summon Monster originally was a full round, the ability made it a standard action, huge jump in action economy as the monsters could then act in THAT round. So I basically quickened the spells that are standard action to a swift action.

Summon Monster spells have a large variety of options, so I gave 2-3 spells to choose from to mitigate this.

I kept all the same restrictions as per summon monster plus added an additional weakness revolving around the outsider type and taking additional damage, enemies getting higher bonus to hit, etc.

So any feed back to help this become more balanced would be great.


I have an Android Samsung Infuse,
and I need to turn this into a voice recorder with an attached microphone with controls separate from the phone on the cord.

Here is the situation:
I get locked in these rooms to watch them while they play for 3-7 hours a day just to watch over things. However I am not allowed to mess with my cellphone because they don't want use texting, emailing, or calling people while I am supposed to be watching. However it is okay "unofficially" to listen to music or use my phone for other purposes so long as it is not visible in any real way. I have issues with battery life as you can imagine so bluetooth

I have a clip microphone already being used as part of my job, so I can easily just add one more to the mix.

So in the end I need the following,
1. A microphone phone attachment with external controls
2. A compatible voice recording app that will work with the microphone if my current one that came with the phone doesn't work.

Thank you!

Sorry but I just need say something about this very common question that is almost FAQ worth except the FAQ isn't for the purpose; Is the Summoner a broken class, well the answer is VERY simple;

Yes, yes it is...

BUT not really in the way everyone thinks. Yes, it maybe too powerful, however the class and its archetypes are STRONGLY relative to other classes by how powerful the PCs are, specifically, if you use point buy (which a lot do) and how many points the players get. While the player can be set as you want for the game, the Eidolon and the Summons are set in stone. I see a lot of people saying that the class can out do fighters, but I don't see them saying what stat system they are using or what point-buy. YES if your in a 10 or even 5 point-buy the Summoner is class is going to totally kick real @$$ as they would be like GODS. On the flip side, if you have a 25 point-buy and let the players start with the Advanced template for free.... The Eidolon and the summons are going to suck to no end! I played a cleric that summoned in one of those games and I was totally out classed as my summons were only set to powers of 15 (?) point-buy, not 25 with the template. The template did nothing for my summoning and I suffered for it.

So my suggestion here is maybe Paizo should step-back, breath, and think, did they do the right thing continuing with these set in stone summoned beings stats? Perhaps if you have some new rules for Eidolons and stats for summoned monsters for various point-buy levels this could solve a lot of problems with this and other classes.

Thank you,

I am in an aquatic campaign (skulls and shackles) and I was thinking about the possibilities of playing wizard. The problem is that pesky spell book and water. Is there any way around this Feat, Trait, PrC, etc...

Thank you,

I was wondering, with all the new books we have, who is actually capable of doing two weapon fighting effectively?

Thank you,

I have finally done it; I think I have finally worn-out my enjoyment of Pathfinder.

I am looking for some inspiration as what to play next and could use some help.

I really only like playing melee characters, but don't bother with the synthesist suggestion, I don't like playing characters THAT broken. Its not that I haven't played a caster, in-fact I recently got done with a lvl 20 Cleric with the 3.5 variant cloistered cleric, it is I just don't like playing pure casters.
Sorry for the miss info: This campaign is PF material only, chaotic good is the only good that works in this campaign (Skulls and Shackles) and ends about level 15. So no paladin.

So any help you can lend that would be great.

Thank you,

Well I am working on TWF dimensional agility tree focused build, but things are not going as well as I thought. I was woundering what spells would be good for adding damage to TWF. With hope I will get a quicken rod and pop said spell off quickly. I am looking at lower level spells, 1-4 5 max.

I am about to give-up on this build so any help would be great.

Thank you,

Hello message board,
I have a game coming up this Sunday and I was planing my build. Was wondering what people thought and if could please get some advice it. Specifically I am looking for schools to chose as opposition schools and spells in general, but any/all suggestions are welcome. This is an aquatic campaign so electric resistance I thought would be the best.

The beauty with this race comes in with this race with the tail, as it would allow you to cast spells with two weapons in hand. Switching weapons between tail and hand is a non-action like switching between hands, so you could put a kukri in the grasp of the tail at any time you need to cast a spell.

Race: Tiefling (Grimspawn; 11 RP)
Type Outsider (native) 3
Size Medium 0
Base Speed Normal 0
Standard (+2 Dex, +2 Int, –2 Cha) 0
Languages: Standard 0
Resistances: Fiendish resistance: Electric 1
Findish Sprinter 1
Prehensile Tail 2
Bite 1
Senses Darkvision 60 ft. —
Total 11

12 2 Str: 12
16+2 10 Dex: 23 (+5 from leveling)
14 5 Con: 14
13+2 2 Int: 15
12-2 2 Wis: 10
8 -2 Cha: 8

Lore Warden 1/Wizard 5/EK 10/???
School: Teleportation
Favorite class/bonus: Wizard/+1 Hit point

1st: Weapon Finesse
3rd: Toughness
5th: Weapon Focus: Kukri
6th: W5: Fast Study?
7th: Arcane Strike EK1: Piranha Strike
9th: Dimensional Agility
11th: Dimensional Assault EK2: Imp. TWF
13th: Dimensional Dervish
15th: Dimensional Savant EK3: Greater Weapon Focus: Kukri

Skills: bonus 2 skills points per level Profession Sailor, Knowledge Geography (house rule)

Skills listed by importance
Spell Craft
Knowledge (Arcane, Religion)
(Suggestions Please)

Thank you,

I have been dealing with a particular GM that for what-ever reason, thinks that natural weapons are super-powerful.

Can someone please enlighten me?

Thank you,

I couldn't help but think about the somewhat prominent presents of guns in the game and I started to wondering; with minimal rules creation and change, could the world of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust now be done? Your opinions please, but please save specific new rules for later if/when I create a conversion thread.

Thank you

I would like to start off that I work with cats and have had cats, and has a cat as pets and I am really perplexed with Paizo on this one.

Apparently claws don't do slashing and piercing damage types like they did in D&D 3.5, they do Slashing and Bludgeoning. Now I can see large cats doing all three damage types with a claw attack, but if I had to choose 2 I would stick with slashing and piercing.

This is one of a few really strange decisions about claws Paizo has made that I have over looked. Perhaps I have over looked something and this has been mentioned before.

What mechanical reason for this design decision is there?

Well I need a very decent two handed weapon that does piercing.

I was thinking esthetically, a scythe would be best, but I am looking at spending a feat. I would be alright with this if there was a better version of a scythe, but there isn't.

Looking for suggestions. I know Heirloom Weapon trait gives you proficiency with a specific weapon, but not to all weapons of that type. I like adamantine so this isn't going to work too well. Race is set to tiefling, so don't think that is going to help out much there.

Thanks in advanced,

I was looking at designing the most intimidating melee I can, going into the Dragon Blooded PrC ASAP at the same time(Wayfinder 6, pg28).

My GM has given the okay on this slightly modified Tiefling.

Demon-Spawn (Pitborn) Other variants possible

Outsider (3 RP)

+2 Str, +2 Cha, –2 Int (0 RP)

Fiendish Resistance: Tieflings have fire resistance 5. (1 RP)

Darkvision: Tieflings can see perfectly in the dark for up to 60 feet. (2 RP)

Spell Like ability: You have over-sized limbs, allowing you to use Large weapons without penalty. (2 RP)

Prehensile Tail: Many tieflings have tails, but some have long, flexible tails that can be used to carry items. While they cannot wield weapons with their tails, they can use them to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. This racial trait replaces fiendish sorcery. (2 RP)

Fiendish Sprinter: Some tieflings have feet that are more bestial than human. Whether their feet resemble those of a clawed predator or are the cloven hooves common to many of their kind, tieflings with this trait gain a 10-foot racial bonus to their speed when using the charge, run, or withdraw actions. This racial trait replaces skilled. (1 RP)

So preliminary research points to barbarian. Opinions and suggestions are welcomed!


Dark Archive

I didn't make it through one game session. I was unlucky. Alone with two crew-mates obviously not my friends. They acted faster catching me flat footed, got a lucky hit and I am dead now. I was so looking to live but what to do now.

So how do you deal with having a character you really looked forward to playing dying early, or even session 1 of a game?

The dearly departed,

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if there was ever an offical ruling on if player character Tieflings, and the like, got the martial weapon proficiencies or not.

Thank you

I was wondering what was the best way to get quick and useful access to Dimension Door, use of the Dimensional Agility Tree, and have good melee capability.

I noticed that this feat tree makes for good TWF use so that is a thought as well.

So race/class/and build suggestions are welcomed, I just want to see what people think on the subject.

Some feats, like Dimensional Agility, requires the ability to cast a spell. I know that feats can be meet by magic items. So the question is, can you qualify for Dimensional Agility with a wand of dimension door?


I was wondering if anyone had the general total to-hit bonuses break down on full base attack bonus classes before and after spells (if they can cast any). This would include things like Smite and Favorite enemy.

This would be flat class, class specific feats, and class spell bonuses at level 20.
Do not include race or other factors.

Thank you,

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Charging through friendly space vs. through unfriendly space.

PRD wrote:

Moving Through a Square

You can move through an unoccupied square without difficulty in most circumstances. Difficult terrain and a number of spell effects might hamper your movement through open spaces.

Friend: You can move through a square occupied by a friendly character, unless you are charging. When you move through a square occupied by a friendly character, that character doesn't provide you with cover.

*Note bold

PRD wrote:


As a standard action, taken during your move or as part of a charge, you can attempt to overrun your target, moving through its square. You can only overrun an opponent who is no more than one size category larger than you. If you do not have the Improved Overrun feat, or a similar ability, initiating an overrun provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of your maneuver. If your overrun attempt fails, you stop in the space directly in front of the opponent, or the nearest open space in front of the creature if there are other creatures occupying that space.

When you attempt to overrun a target, it can choose to avoid you, allowing you to pass through its square without requiring an attack. If your target does not avoid you, make a combat maneuver check as normal. If your maneuver is successful, you move through the target's space. If your attack exceeds your opponent's CMD by 5 or more, you move through the target's space and the target is knocked prone. If the target has more than two legs, add +2 to the DC of the combat maneuver attack roll for each additional leg it has.

So my question is, why not just overrun a friendly and then you can charge through friendly space no problem?

Dark Archive

It has come to my attention that Tieflings (Option #16) can trade their spell-like abilities to wield large size weapons (like a redcap that uses the same exact language) like they were one size larger.

"You have over-sized limbs, allowing you to use Large weapons without penalty."

So with the use of a feat, what is the best strength build weapon to get?

Off the top, I am thinking a huge size Falcata if that is possible now.

Yes I take -2 to hit, and use it with two hands (was going to only do that any way).

Not sure about weapon stats, but if I am correct that would be: 3D6 19-20/x3

P.S. Please not next post. Can't do huge only large.

Well with the last two threads *cough* talking about using oversized weapons. I couldn't help but look at the tiefling.

1: Racial Ability: You have over-sized limbs, allowing you to use Large weapons without penalty.(This means you don't take the -2 to hit, you still need to use both hands to use a large size one handed weapon, right?

2: Superior Clutch: Your hands not only are bigger than normal, but also have a strong grip useful for wielding large weapons.
Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls when using weapons intended for creatures of a larger size.

So am I reading this right, not only would you not take a -2 to wielding, lets say,... a falcata, but get a +1 bonus to damage on top of that?


I am re-flavoring the paladin class to handle a variety of different beliefs/religions, some that maybe more arcane in nature, such as a god of magic.

I was thinking Athame or Templar, but I was looking for some suggestions.

Thank you,

Well it has been a LONG time coming on this one, the game seems to be about ENTIRELY re-built from the ground up and the first rounds of Beta have already began.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I was a big FFXI player, and while I did distant myself form that game due to City of Heroes, some of my favorite character concepts come from that game.

Apparently there is a lot riding on this game due to its near re-construction and 3 additional years of production. I just hope we don't have another A:CM on our hands with the time spent on the game.

Also there is the PS4 to consider, as this game was produced for the PS3 and already has an apparent release date for the PS3 at Gamestop. I hope with the up-coming PS4 that the graphics will have a boost over the original 2010 version in the re-make.

Has anyone made it into the 1st round beta? I would love to hear what you thought.


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