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Sir Galavaine of Verbobonc's page

293 posts. Alias of French Wolf.

Full Name

Sir Ferman Galavaine




Cleric of Heironeous 5, AC-1/0 Hits 45/45, xp 13,363.5/27,000








Valour, Courtly Love and Goodness




Common tongue, Elven, Giant, Goblin, Orc


Questing Knight

Strength 17
Dexterity 17
Constitution 15
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 17
Charisma 16

About Sir Galavaine of Verbobonc

6ft, 190lbs, tall, strong and rugged good looks

Current Experience 0,165,191.5,209,244.2,326.7, 419.1, 1293.6, 1521.6, 1608.5, 2103.5, 2137.6, 2617.2, 3144.1, 3281.6, 3582.3, 5091.5, 13,363.5,
Next Level 27,000
Experience bonus Wis 16+

Hit Points
Total Hits 45
Current Hits 18,13,22,27,45

Armour Class
AC -1 (plate mail -7, large shield -1, dexterity -3)
AC 0 (from flank or rear)

Strength 17 (+1 to hit, +1 to damage, +50lbs, minor tests 1-3 (d6), major tests 13%)
Dexterity 17 (+2 surprise, +2 missile bonus, -3 AC adjustment)
Constitution 15 (+1 hit pt bonus, 94% Raise Dead, 91% System Shock)
Intelligence 15 (max 4 bonus languages)
Wisdom 17 (+3 mental saving throw bonus)
Charisma 16 (8 henchmen, +20% loyalty bonus, +25% reaction bonus)

Cleric Class
Weapons permitted blunt only - club, flail, hammer, mace, oil, staff, clerics may hurl hammers, clubs or oil but may not employ other missile weapons.
Weapon proficiencies 2+1/3 levels
Penalty to hit for non proficiency -3
Spellcasting wisdom bonus +2/+2/+1
Spells 5/5/2
Spells memorised (X indicates spell slots to be used tomorrow)
1 - cure light wounds, cure light wounds, cure light wounds, command, X
2 - hold person, hold person, silence 15' radius, resist fire, spiritual weapon
3 - continual light, dispel magic

+1 Flail named Relentless +2 to hit, 1d6+3 damage (vs. medium), 2d4+2 damage (vs. large)
Warhammer +1 to hit, 1d6+2 damage (vs. medium), 1d6+1 damage (vs. large)

Aimed Magic Items (rod, staff, wands) 13
Breath Weapons 15
Death/Paralysis/Poison 9
Petrification/Polymorph 12
Spells for unlisted categories 14

Combat Gear (170gp)
Plate Mail (400gp, 45lb)
Large Shield (15gp, 10lb)
+1 Flail named Relentless
Heavy Warhammer (7gp, 10lb)
Throwing hammer (1gp, 5lb)

Backpack (16gp 9sp 2cp)
Flint and steel (1gp)
Hooded Lantern (7gp, 2lb)
5 pints of oil (5sp, 5lb)
2 days standard rations (4gp,4lb)
Woolen Blanket (5cp, 2lb)

Vial of holy water

Silver Holy Symbol (25gp)
Whitecloak (3cp, 2lb)
Woolen Tunic (5cp, 1lb)
Boots (5gp, 2lb)

Movement 90ft
Encumbrance 78lb, 85lb max before penalties apply

gp 122
sp 3
cp 7
gems and jewelry

The Galavaine family have produced an unbroken line of paladins for the last 200 years. That is eight generations. Ferman's elder brother was a paladin killed at the battle of Emridy Meadows fighting against the Temple forces. His father grieved long and hard at his chivalrous son's tomb. Then he turned to the second son and ordered him to follow those footsteps, but both men had their reservations. Perhaps Ferman did not shine with the light of Heironeous, or maybe he just did not believe in his own place as a guiding example of the faith. Nevertheless Ferman acquiesced and tried his hardest to accomplish the impossible. Despite possessing many gifts in body and soul, his personality lacked that wholehearted sacrifice that the ArchPaladin demanded of his holy warriors. Gradually Ferman and his tutors understood that he had many of the best qualities of valour, protectiveness and charity but he was destined to guide others to greatness not himself. Ferman's goodness and justice were tempered with a degree of getting the job done by any means. He saw one of the main rigours of paladinhood as naivety. A naivety that had led to his brother's self sacrifice on the battlefield. His own intelligence questioned many aspects of being a paladin and those doubts could not be set aside easily.

Of course his father was disillusioned with his failure (as he saw it) and an unspoken wall formed between them. However Ferman has a brave, younger sister and she became the focus of continuing the sacred bloodline.

Now free from his father's loadstone, Ferman has volunteered to take the battle to the wilds and test his soul and the Code against the banditry. Maybe by succeeding as a cleric, Ferman can redeem himself in his father's eyes.

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