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Male Human in Jungle

Silent Man's page

84 posts. Alias of The Silent Man.


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Currently for the game this is most of what you have brought to my attention along with a few questions that I have at the moment:

1. New Hastings, near the site of the hold Hastings town, would like a cardinal direction of new Hastings position in relation to old Hastings

2. Old Hastings is trapped inside a time phase loop. Every day is effectively equal to one year if I remember correctly.

3. There is a decent length leyline to the west of the town's, approximately how far off is the leyline and does it intersect with another one at some point.

4. I'm relatively up to date with the actions of the group via the campaign journal of course there is some holes that need to be filled due to the time gaps

5. What kind of resources are available to the party in regards to current level of knowledge of the world are they up to at this point

6. Regarding their immediate surroundings what is available and what were you working on i.e; resources, landmarks, neighbors, dangers, questpoints ?

7. Are there any changes to the setting that were thinking of like inserting changes into the timeline prior to their cannon info. I know you were working on turning or implying that Richard may in fact be Lord Coake, though in actuality the real Lord Coake has been on planet since 80+ years prior to this point.

If your looking for mass combat rules in the rifts setting then Rifter 23 should be worth taking a look at. The design behind it is pretty similar but takes into account the different attributes of the setting. They're good in my opinion

All I would like to know is if that damnable archer has finally bit the dust (permanently preferably)?

So the GP is moving or the group?

Maybe i'll stop by and say hello at some point.

Still Playing at GP or switched everything to your new house.

By the way still haven't congradulated you and your girl on that, Hope you have some good fortune with that in the future.

This has been a rather interesting read, fuzzy man eating crotch biting balls have torn down a city in japan, alien worlds are exhanging land mass with each other, and party of yahoo's continuosly lose thier unmentionables every session. How's the clothing situation looking for the party.

PS. What happened to your Pathfinder Game

Well fellow gamers this is it. The RLM has finally won so I must say adios for now.

I have not been present for the past few session if there were even any, but either way I will no longer be present for a future sessions so I will be leaving this journal to the Cap'n should he choose to use it.

This of course also means my extremely short lived Kingmaker game is also shut down as of this moment.

Don't worry however I will continue to live up to my namesake and stalk the boards every now and then from the shadows.


Appreicate the look out Killer but at the moment the game I'm running is fully booked. As it is I'm squeezing probrably two more persons than what is legally allowed in that back room, same with the Cap'n. Though that might possibly change in the near future. One of our original players (Druidad) is thinking of making a return to the table for his campaign so we might end up changing locations or dropping several more players to round everything out. Even with our recent cut we're still running a slightly overfull group.

I'll see if anyone at the GP down here is looking for any members and let you know if I find anything.

As it was I was thinking of dropping from the Capn's game to make room for other players given my own checkered attendance record as of late.

Session 10 May 22, 2010

Just a few points to cover before we begin. Due to absences and a general lack of interest in detective work the group has decided to play a more episodic type of campaign that should involve a lot more butt-kick and a lot less lip service to keep it interesting, after all they originally voted to play as mercenary bastard alignment so why should they bother letting their brains do the talking when their blades will do just fine. So the game was fast forwarded a little bit to where we pick up.

Cast: the names in parenthesis are the players from the original A Whole World Awaits
Ram; Fighter 1, Cleric 6 of War
Orion; Paladin 7 of St. Cuthbert going Grey Guard (Silent Man)
Pinky; Dire Wolverine former cohort of Ram and currently of Orion
Lialda; Paladin 6 of Gorath (Magic Girl)
Cleric; Cleric 6 of Pelor (Sneaky)
Tharnos; Punching Bag 9 (he has recently been promoted will be named as such)
Jayce; Rogue 4 Wizard 3 (Kitty)
Twinky; Dire Wolverine
Xenos; Wizard 6
Luna; Sorceress 9
Connie; Ranger 9

The party decided to make their way to Blackmoore to visit Jayce’s family after he received a letter from his mum about a book he was looking for. When they arrived in the land of Blackmoore, the sight of a massing military force that decided to occupy the lands between the border and capital greeted them. The same was evident at the Darkholme manner. Upon arrival, they were arrested and Jayce was hugged by his oversized mountain of muscle mother that broke his ribs as she cried tears of joy now that her little baby boy had returned.

They were treated fairly though and after some discussion and negotiation over work they took a job that involved the capture of some of the apparent enemy so they could study their opponents tactics and capabilities. Apparently the enemy force they were currently battling had some form of control over constructs they were using in the war, (no one really bothered to get any good details about this war other than it was getting worse and they were getting paid, at least they think so anyway) Ram was invited to join in the military effort which he readily agreed, the others took the task of capturing one of the enemy to bring back for study.

Oh and Jayce was banished from the family since he ran away and then returned.

Heading toward the target area they were attacked by the supposed enemy and their constructs, large humanoid/crablike things that could really kick butt as Punching Bag would soon find out. Without even considering basic tactics, he rushed out to meet the enemy head on only to get pummeled into submission by three or four of them from the get go. The rest of the group (discounting Ram who joined the military so he wasn’t there) divided into two with tanks up front to attempt to block the enemies advance and let the artillery do their thing. Fire balls would fly, swords would swing, teeth and claws would rend but the fight would not be over so quickly. Orion would show up the second round and flank the enemy but would meet only limited success, Cleric was the real hero in this fight, his expertly cast heals would keep the party from being fertilizer except for Punching bag who would see most of the fight from his back on the ground.

In the end, they would win and capture six empty shells that once held the constructs. And that would end the session.

Sink it is I guess.

And yes it mostly was the Real Life Monster that I had to duke it out with and I pretty much gave it a black. hopefully it wont show up for a rematch anytime soon but we will see.

Oh and do remind me sometime this week to get back to you that Honor Harrington book that I finished like a month and a half ago, it was really short but REALLY REALLY GOOD, much better than the last with all the glorius combat sequence's nearly back to back, just the way I like em. Which will bring up a point of discussion when next I see you.

sorry for the long wait (real life monster and all) but we finally got a session done after so long, but not much happened since we were trying to get the Kingmaker campaign finally off the ground. so I will sum it up in as little as possible space.

Session 8 May 1, 2010;


Ram, Pinky
Jayce, Twinky

Now the party has returned to Monmerg and has begun their investigation anew. Over the next two days they would discover that they may have a lead as to who done stole from the Cap'n. all evidence thus far points to the Risen Crown shipping company. it recently came to light that they were like a fence for the crimson fleet back before they were thouroughly obliterated by the Cap'n and crew and now operate on a more or less legit standing. the warehouse the group searched and fought in earlier belong to them and held some of the cargo belonging to the Capn's Fleet of the Fist.

The group also found the Risen Crown owns and operates its own brothel, and many of their members frequent the spot. upon exiting they seem rather out of it as if in a daze. also a number of them had strange growths on their necks, whcih after some research seems akin to abolith rash or something like that (all I remember is it dealt with abolith in the sentence), which allowed said members to breath underwater for a time.

The risen crown also appear very interested in slaves, usually the unusual or unique types like orgers and exotic magical creatures. the group caught sight of whom they beleive to be the big man in charge (emphasis on the big, easily drawfing even Ram who himself stands at 8'being a goliath) with his unforgetable crony Da Nose. Other notable figures were spotted at the slave markets but they are a whole other story for the moment.

Finally the party discovered a info about the Risen Crowns ships and one of them happend to be docked at the moment and has been since its reported arrivale coencides with the time frame of when one of the cap'n ships were hit.

Next up is the assault on the ship to find even more evidence and possibly get ourselves a boaty to sail back to farshore if things go that way. (I'm thinking they're gonna wynd up sinking it how bout ya'll)

I'm just glad that she has and will continue to get the party into trouble cause they let her do the talkin and the dice rollin'. I'm thinking of letting her do all the encounter rolls just because of the characters nature ;)

MAXIMUM CONGRADULATIONS good sir. We pray for a wonderful future for you and the missus and any possible future Turin jr’s ;)

Seriously though I hope my player commit to this much carnage, I'd never go hungry.

I like what you did with Cassandra Slayn, just brilliant. That should teach them that paranoid is better than dead.

now this has gotten me REALLY HUNGRY; what did I do with those donuts....

Admiral Jose Monkamuck wrote:
On an amusing note the individual slain by Lobo that lead to his incarceration is none other than Avner. An older Avner who was still as irritating and arrogant as he ever was. Despite the horrors of his trip to farshore he somehow managed to retain his arrogance. Sadly he is no more.

Watchu mean sadly?

From what I heard he was due a visit from the Da' Main Man

I thought this thread was about barbarian rage powers.....

though I agree on some points made here, some powers are really just fluffy others if really thought out can give the barbarian some great options that other won't be able to quite FULLY get the most of like a barbarian can and that's cool, shouldn't stop you from playing the class the way you want.

Can't wait, I've got my gameday spread all layed out (nachos, beef jerky, hotdogs, chips ahoy, the works)and my favorit chair all ready to go....

What? gratuitous violence makes me hungry.

Turin the Mad wrote:
Silent Man wrote:
what book is rhino hide in, sounds interesting for my fighter build
Page 466 as I recall of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook good sir. ^^

Thanks thats a rather nifty suit right there, and it might go very well with Lobo's build

what book is rhino hide in, sounds interesting for my fighter build

good send me an email if you still have the address otherwise I can send you a text with it.

Admiral Jose Monkamuck wrote:

The results for Liliana were indeed quite fatal. While Xenos used magic missle to try and whittle down the Morgh that had a hold of her, the others were far too busy with their own activities. Upon dying she came back a zombie thanks to the Morgh special ability. Unfortuantely the zombie didn't do much as it was almost instantly annihlated by Luna's fireball.

This dealt enough damage to the Morgh that it decided to pack up and leave, but not before paralyzing Xenos on it's way past.

Jayce had been playing tag with one the flsh golems. His idea of using the stacks of boxes to stay out of reach seemed good until the golem took a flying leap into the stacks.

Eventually the party decided to GTFO. The Morgh had run, but the golems where still very much a fighting force.

This was going to be a rough fight, with two CR 7s and a CR 8, but it would have been doable. The party's main problems were with coordination and tactics.

As for the AP. I'm looking forward to it. I will be playing Lisavana Monkamuck, the daughter of Jose Monkamuck. She isn't much interested in sailing, but is slightly smarter than her father. At this point I'm thinking she will probably be a streight fighter. No prestige classes or weird feats. I current intend to do a character journal for her.

As for comment on my having regained my sadistic streak.....that's somewhat true. I've finally gotten a good hold on how Pathfinder has changed things, and I'm ready to start monkeying with stats to make things interesting. I've already stated up a pair of very nasty (and fun!) villians for later. Not much later though....

I can't believe I missed the flying leap kick....I knew Dave left someting out I wonder why?

Oh and how's Lisavana's write up comming along?
It's pretty heartening to see that the group already has two well made tanks and a healbot, I just hope the rest can round out the rest of the spots for the group.

ah capitan... uh, I mean Admiral it is good to see you finally back online again

Really enjoying this read, very nicely done.

Can't wait to see if Jarvick gets the party into the inevitable trouble I think he's going to get them into.

Session 7 April 10, 2010

Good news everyone….
We finally managed to fill another body bag today, although I very sad to report that I was not there to witness the session (I was updated by Jayce when I called into get a synopsis of what was happening) due to celebrating my sisters 17th birthday party, I can relate that I and my brother (Farmboy) proceeded to laugh our butts off when we got the news. So here is what we do know in a quick jot;

Today’s cast:

Jayce, Connie, Liliana, Tharnos, Xenos, Luna, Twinky.

The party left off in the middle of a battle between them, two flesh golems and a morge inside of a warehouse that was believed to be he location of the stashed stolen cargo. Liliana was in the clutches of the morge when we last saw her and needless to say the outcome for her was most unpleasant and probably very messy (fatality). As for the rest of the group who despite having superior numbers and firepower could not turn the fight around to their favor and proceeded to flee the scene hoping to avoid discovery by any other possible hostiles or authority. They made their way back to Ian’s plane hoping to allow the situation to cool down before figuring their next move. And that’s where the session left off.

The party decided to call the session early since Ram nor Farmboy were there help in this endeavor. At this time the group is in the process of writing up their characters for the upcoming Kingmaker Campaign I’m due to run in maybe two or three weeks time.

Now this is going to be good. Great job on an introduction to the story and characters.

psionichamster wrote:

lurking a bit...your games seem very free-form and rock'n'roll, which is a-ok by me!


the Cap'n is very fond of the freedom of homebrew style games, it allows him a lot more imaginative freedom, not just for him mind you but he likes to encourage those of us who can to be a bit more creative ourselves.

Heck you should see me and Jayce in rifts. sometimes we get him to the point where he just cant stop laughing at the stupid stuff we purposly do just cause we can.

oh yes he can. He is finally getting is DM legs back so things are looking up...from a bloodthirsty player perspective at least. I miss the days when a combat would have us damn near on the edge of our seats waiting to what was next in line to get flayed just to bennie his way back to the field (and yes I admit I have done my fair share of that, but then again why not use what you've got right, especially when your party doesn't have a healbot).

Session 6 April 3, 2010

In this session we had the entire party available so we managed to get a few things done. Needless to say however this party or at least some members need to learn something about discreteness. We left the session on a bit of a cliff hanger but depending on how things turn out in the following session we might have a body bag or two filled.

Arriving in the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Monmerg the party is confronted at the gates where it appears their mission might be derailed before it had even begun. But as luck would have it the guards caught sight of something that deserved their attention and allowed the group to pass unmolested. Quick to action Jayce proceeded to the docks to begin gathering information about the missing merchandise while Xenos, Liliana (the Druid), Luna Connie and Twinky followed close behind. The others instead trusted the instincts and nose of Pinky who had caught the scent of something that really got him going. The scent would bring him to an overpriced tavern somewhere on the less dangerous side of town (less being relative) where merchant men who could afford it paid for overpriced booze and comfort.

Looking through the window at the cue of Pinky’s growls Tharnos would see a familiar….nose. the same distinguishing nose that no one could ever forget. The same nose that had offered the party a while back an ultimatum of sorts that would have netted them a good size of money if they would only tell one itsy bitty tinny little lie to the wife of the Cap’n face (as if the party would be so suicidal, stupid maybe, suicidal I don’t think so). Ram had to restrain Pinky from bursting through the tavern window and begin tearing up the place for Tharnos had a plan. He would walk in wearing his best cloak (hehe) and case the joint. However the Nose had already figured out what was going on and made his move to get the heck out. Little did he know that the Ram and Pinky duo were waiting for him at the back door of the place. As soon as the nose stepped out side is second foot would even touch the ground because ram had him about 4 feet in the air. Te questioning began although the Nose was not so easily intimidated with the threat of being eaten alive. Ram not even caring as this was their first meeting decided it was time to end the boring conversation with the Nose’s head meeting the tavern wall. A that point the fight started.

Though battered slightly the nose sprung first after he managed to gain his footing placing a well placed punch into Ram’s armored stomach nearly dazing him. Next would be two wererats that were lurking in the shadows. Ram would notice them in time to prepare his defenses but Pinky reacted to slow and would take some vicious damage. Rams counter attacks would mean next to nothing against the Nose as the fight went on missing him on several occasions until Tharnos, Farmboy, and Luna would even things up. But the tide wouldn’t change until Pinky sliced off the head of one of the wererat would be assassins in one swipe of his enraged claws, and his companion and the Nose would soon flee not wanting to drag this on anyfurther.

In the meanwhile Jayce and crew were having mixed success on the more discreet end of the investigation. Down at the docks his questioning would meet some rather unfavorable answers. The workers were nearly hostile in their attempts to get him to leave but he wasn’t deterred so easily. His next stop would be the Dock office where he attempted to smoose some info out of a sorta cute secretary but that didn’t get him very far. What did however was an overheard conversation between two harried workers who seemed very on edge about some powerful person’s sour attitude about something or other. Apparently, this person might be some kind of crime lord with operations on the dock, at least that is the general thought about this at the moment.

After obtaining the lead, the party got back together thanks to Twinky’s sense of smell. Pinky on the other hand had another smell that attracted his attention. Apperantly the Nose had left his scent behind when he vanished during the fight and Pinky’s not one to leave business unfinished. The party split up again at this point, on group following Pinky and the other totaling Farmboy and Tharnos looking for the slave market (something about a new host or something, that got Tharnos a little confused). Well they got lost pretty much and were on their own for a little bit.

Pinky led the remainder of the group back to the docks, the side of which Jayce noted where he met some rather unfriendly resistance to his questioning. But the trail ended at a trading company called the Risen Crown Shipping, that got a few ominous eyebrows didn’t it. However the party determined that the situation was little out of their hands as the building was secured by some form of alarm wards, as determined by Ram’s detect magic spell. Instead the party decided to gather themselves and get some rest before continuing. Luckily Liliana would grant the group a break for she spotted what she believed some of the missing cargo being loaded into a warehouse.

Resting at the Swaying Rabbit Tavern the party gathered themselves and thought of their situation. They knew the opposition new of their presence and being that they were in Monmerg the enemy had the situation under their control. So instead of waiting for the enemy to make the first move they decided on a night raid on the warehouse. Sounded like a good idea at the time, not so much when they arrived at the warehouse later that night.

Outside the warehouse the party could tell the place was pretty much sealed tight. Windows were boarded over and the doors were likely the same. Luna came up with a plan for a stealth recon team to infiltrate through the roof with the aid of fly spells while an assault team waited outside. The recon team consisted of Tharnos, Luna, and Connie who found a roof hatch and would use that to infiltrate. The assault team consisted of Ram, Farmboy, Jayce, Xenos, Liliana, Pinky and Twinky. Instead of waiting at the door the assault team would come in through the boarded windows at the rear instead after checking for traps, wards and alarms. The infiltration team checked for the first of the three before entering noisily through the roof (didn’t do to well on the STR check to pry open the hatch quietly).

Looking through with the low-amount of light available and Tharnos low-light vision they determined the floor of the warehouse was pretty much clear except for six covered objects resembling perhaps “statues” spread on the floor surrounded by crates filed against the walls. Afterwards they descended while still under the effects of the fly spell and as soon as they landed they were assaulted by said covered “statues” which turned out to be flesh golems. With no were to get to, their flanks covered by the side door, walls, crates and the two active golems they summarily began to not so gracefully receive their beat down. Tharnos would be first to suffer a knockdown blow but he was not out of it yet though he did receive serious damage. Luna through out a fireball that slowed the brutes down. And Connie’s attacks would see very little success.

By this point the assault team after hearing the explosion of a fireball and Tharnos’ cry’s of pain had begun to make their entry. This was a slow process and would see two or three rounds before they would make it in. by then the stealth party was making their hasty retreat. Now at this point they ran into some technical difficulty. (This part was overlooked during their infiltration, even though I and even my brother who is new to the game mind you advised the fly spell be cast on Tharnos instead of Luna)You see Luna has a STR of 14 which nets her a maximum load of 175 lbs. Tharnos who was knocked prone and being airlifted out by Luna weighs 175 lbs, before gear. Can you see the problem here. However, (to our entertainment, I take full pride in saying at the expense of my group) the Cap’n has started to regain his sadistic streak, back so he allowed her to lift him up about 5 feet off the ground and the laughs started roaring after this. Sadly after Luna the Golems were next on initiative and poor Tharnos learned how to play a piñata very well. Still he remained conscious through all of it before Connie came down (she was the first to get the heck out of dodge) and aided in getting him up to the roof before she rained down with the arrows.

The assault team had finally managed to get inside by this point with Jayce going first under the guise of invisibility so he wouldn’t be detected as he got into position. He was followed by Liliana, Farmboy, Twinky, Pinky, Ram and Xenos in that order. Now everyone should have taken into account (which Ram and Jayce did taking advantage of a little spelling up) that Twinky and Pinky were very nervous about something inside the building. The golems wouldn’t be the cause they knew that, no there had to be something else to it. Jayce was lucky he was invisible on his entrance, Liliana not so much after entering and moving in further she ran into a Morge that was hiding in the dark that no one noticed (bastard had a stealth check of like 30+) that wrapped her up tightly in his tentacles. Farmboy followed by Pinky would assault the monster but it wouldn’t be enough to make a difference, and the golems marched on the fresh batch of intruders.

That is where the game left off.

Now I’ll admit that this could have gone faster if I had correctly remembered to buff up beforehand and prepared to take down the planks as quickly. But I (along with Jayce’s player) found the whole situation with the stealth team just to hilarious, we figured out what was going down after they opened the hatch. It was just too obvious but due to our respect for the GM and our own devilish pride, we kept our mouths shut and just watched gleefully. I personally got the message when Jayce (being the rogue) didn’t go with the stealth team he’s a lot smarter than that, although in hindsight it might have saved their butt’s some beat down if he did go but he has a sixth sense for the GM’s traps it seems. Lord knows he’s frustrated me a hell of a lot of times when he figured the trap was coming before I even got to put on the table. Suspicious monkey.

Turin the Mad wrote:

May they suffer many character deaths - screw the bennies. ^_^

And have fun, no point playing if it's not fun.

Damn straight

good news

after speaking with my saturaday group about running an AP, they thought it to be a cool idea and a sort of break from the norm. so begining in a few weeks I will be running the Kingmaker AP with a group of 8 players. Of course they have been made aware that there will be NO training wheels on this and they are going to have to live with what they do.

We'll see how this turns out, I for one am looking forward to a great time had by all.

This weekend should see the group enter the city of Monmurg proper and begin their mission to find out who thought they had sacks enough to thieve from the Fleet of the Fist.

so stay tuned it is likely to get brutal and dark for our more linear thinking group.

Session 5 March 27, 2010

As mentioned in an above post we nearly saw the hilarious demise of two characters do to the wish master granting my very desire. Allow me to explain…..

To start the party had begun the task of procuring supplies and getting the lay of the land. They found some ancient ruins that they wisely marked for later exploration instead of taking the opportunity to meet messy demises while they were still so young. Deciding to travel north along the beach towards what the hoped to be Sasserine, the more alert members again spotted possible trouble coming their way. Since they had virtually no means of picking the four-armed apes off at a distance sine so much of their gear was lost storm. A battle line was formed and the furbags approached. The party came out of this fight without to many bruises and full belly’s….well at least Lobo, Pinky and Twinky, did anyway stuffed to the brim with monkey organs and meat. (yes Lobo has taken quite well to eating the hearts and brains of fallen beasties I wonder why…..). the party quickly moved on not wanting to attract a possible pack of the Dire Apes if anymore happened to be near by.

The party thus far has managed to keep themselves alive living off the land if you will (probably the first and only time you will see them really work together without direction) making sure to avoid any more un-pleasantries. Well a member of the ship crew that survived the storm by the name of Ray, who normally disappears rather well when there is trouble came running back from a scouting attempt and promptly disappeared before anyone knew what was happening. That is when the heard the roar then the stomping and trees crashing. A big momma T-rex came bursting trough the jungle. Now ever the foolishly brave type who longs for thrills and excitement was the first one to act and the first one to get to see what the inside of a sharp tooth maw looks like…again. There wasn’t much of a battle plan here just through bodies at it until it either 1. Perished, 2. Ate its fill, or 3. Figured this meal was not worth the hassle. The second part was fulfilled. Tharnos was not the only one to enjoy the wet slide down the beasties throat; Connie would soon take the opportunity herself. And speaking of opportunities, Lobo and Jacye and everyone else would take that opportunity that presented itself while the beasty’s mouth was full to lay waste to it while it happily chewed away. In the end before barfing up Tharnos who managed to climb his way back up (after being swallowed twice and spending a few bennies to keep himself from boiling away in stomach acid) the beasty would run away with a partially full belly… that is until Connie cut her own way out of the stomach just before the T-rex would be roasted by Luna’s Fireball.

Needless to say the whole group including the crew ate well that night and the nights to follow. Again Lobo and his boys would feast mightily on the heart brain and liver of the great beast. In the aftermath of the fight the group would search around to find any possible loot or signs of a nest to see if they might perchance be lucky to get their hands on some rare dino-eggs. Lobo would so love to get his hands on one so he could have his very own dino-baby (he would have named him Belt or Boots). Two weeks later the group would finally reach the gates of Sasserine by following a southern well beaten path.

Finally reaching civilization the group would gratefully take in the pleasures of comfort and relaxation for the time. Lobo and Thannis would go and get so drunk they would end up in a brawl that would cost the life of some spoiled rotten inbred piece of ant dung nephew of some very powerful person that would net them some serious jail time and an execution date. But rest assured my readers (if there are any other than Sir Turin) that Lobo will return, not sure ‘bout Thannis though with the whole Cleric of Death and wanting to harvest souls thing.

While gathering themselves Jayce would come across Twinky wondering the streets alone and would take him in for himself capitalizing on the chance to have a rather tough beasty follower at his command. At the same time he would stumble across a scene were several town guards would be harassing Pinky who even more than usual, was pissed off about them invading his private space (which was approximately a 15’ radius that only Lobo could enter, and even then…) as evident of one poor sap who seemed happy to realize his limbs were still attached. At this point a huge man clad in gleaming full plate and armed to the teeth and then some would come up and diffuse the situation.

Jayce would invite Ram into the party enticing with the full promise of war. Ram brought Pinky along with him and the two seem to be getting along fine for now (as far Pinky is concerned anyway) and he also brought one other with him who just seems to go by the name Farmboy and carries a really large ugly looking sword that he never allows to leave his reach. And with that the party was resupplied and reinforced and make way for Monmurg.

Also to mention the party would take the gate system that connects some of the largest city’s on the planet together by passing through the Plane of Ian, the god who created the gates. There certain members of the group would make inquiries into getting special equipment made from the artificers in their tower while they waited for the gates to shift and open to Monmurg.

And that concluded the session for the evening.

very good time indeed.
sadly the group didn't have much of an adventures' spirit and opted to stick to the beaten path so the only things we ran into were dire apes and a T-rex, the T-rex being coincidence as I was hoping and hoping (out-loud) we would run into one, female preferably (Lobo was going to start a collection of exotic pets) and thats what the encounter roll pulled up. I'll explain more when I post the journal up later on today. No-one liked me very much after that one for the rest of the session.

Session 4 continuation;

After picking themselves up the group decided to get their bearings and fix themselves up. The surviving crew members who seemed to be in favor of following Jayce (since he was responsible for saving their lives) aided in this endevor. with the help of the sailors it was discovered that they landed about three weeks on foot south of sasserine. everyone buckled down and prepared for the trip, now that supplies were very limited (well for everyone who didn't think that everything that walked was really edible, not true where Lobo, Pinky and Twinky were concerned, tree monkeys worked just fine and so would the sailer if any dropped dead for no apperant reason :)).

Session 4 Mar 20, 2010

This session would have seen a near TPK but everyone got either lucky or smart. Having remembered Tharnos poor drinking display a few months prior the Wife of Cap’n Jose Monkamuck told him (not asked but told him) with a swift kick to this spine, to gather up his friends for a job to which he readily obeyed. After receiving a job from the “Lady” and one seriously ‘roided dude and pseudo dragon (made Lobo’s 6’10” 340 lbs of halforc buttocks look like a wimpy 80 pounder) about some stolen cargo and the need to investigate as to who was behind it the group set off got passage on a ship and made way for Monmurg. Nearly forgot that before they headed out the previous night when they first received the job they met a weasly bastard of a man whom the party dubbed “Snively” who proposed a counter offer. However being that Lobo was in charge and he found that Pinky and Twinky had not ripped his @$$ in half because they were under the effects of poisoned administered by dagger “Snively” got his answer before he faded away under the effects of some spell (lucky punk). This job just became one of revenge.

3 days out the ship would travel pass several exotic locations including an island showing off some very, very large trees and cliffs known as the “Island of the Giants”. Unfortunately the captain along with the rest of crew would shoot down Lobo’s requests to land there (primarily since there was nowhere to land). Next the ship stopped at a port to trade for supplies while the party would go off and explore the island for the next two days while all the preparations were being made. They came across a massive fortified wall enclosing a small town. Turns out as those who figured from history that the inhabitants of this town just disappeared some time ago. Exploring the town would report that approximately 1/3 of the buildings had been burned down about 20 years ago. The group decided it would be wise to leave the rest of the island alone.

Heading back out to sea would bring the ship across waters covered and blocked by a massive mangrove covered in spider webs and spiders. The ship had managed to get caught on a few strings and drew the attention of a pair of giant water spiders. (I really hate spiders, particularly giant ones and the fact that they can run on water makes it even worse). The pair would assault the ship killing off one crew member with their poison and nearly doing the same with Luna. But the arachnids were made quick work of by flurries of axe swings and fists. With the bugs dead only one more problem remained. The more observant members would spot what was thought to be giant trees on a nearby island begging to move toward the ship. Turns out it was an even BIGGER (insert bad words here_________________________________________________) SPIDER.

Quickly and maniacally the group along with the crew set to work on removing the giant spider strings attached to the ship to get the heck out of dodge ‘cause that thing was so big the ocean floor wasn’t deep enough to slow it down. During the process to not become lunch Jayce spotted, a cocoon attached to the last strand of web. With the help of Lobo they got onboard and on their way well before the massive spider could draw near the ship. It had a dried out husk of remains inside. The corpse’s skin had become leathery while the insides were all missing save for the bones. Therefore, Lobo being the sick bastard he is made himself a human leather thong! a poorly made one at that, kinda chafes.

But alas even after a relaxing cruise and a fight to keep form being lunch the party found they just couldn’t catch a break. Soon after the whole spider thing the ship came under assault from a different kind of foe, nature itself. A whole hurricane decided it would be tough enough to take them out. Would have to if the GM weren’t such a nice guy. As it hit several of the party were already underway of getting their individual butts to safety well those who could think fast enough anyway. Lobo made his way to the hold to rescue Pinky and Twinky completely forgetting about any extra gear and turning a good portion of the hold’s starboard wall into a raft of sorts with a couple quick strikes with his axe and feet. Jayce and managed to save a few members of the crew when yelled to get to the long boats and make for shore just a few hundred yards away. Tharnos tried to hold on for dear life to Lobo’s backside, Luna tried to hold onto Lobos makeshift raft and Thannis tried to hold onto Luna’s backside. The druid I do not think was there for this game (its hard remembering if the player is there or not since he doesn’t do much of anything even if he is) and Xenos just washed ashore. The captain would go down with the ship.

Awaking the next morning, at least everyone thought it was the next morning the survivors gathered up their bruised and battered bones to realize they had been separated during the storm. Lobo wound up with Twinky, Luna would wake up praying something along the lines of “please be Twinky, please be Twinky” when the sound of growling proved she was alive at least temporarily. When she opened her eyes to see Pinky staring here in the eye just before hearing the calls of his master. Along the dragging and tumbling trip to meet Lobo and the rest of the crew she would notice she and Thannis seemed to have been entangled together in the rope that once tied Pinky to the hold of the ship along with a rather sizable piece of the ship wall still attached to it. Thannis would wake up mid trip to the beat of rocks and sand panging off his full plate.

Our GM took it rather easy on us seeing as how many of us should have flat out perished under normal circumstances due to the weight and state of gear some us were carrying around like full plate armor and heavy sack of basic equipment and ammunition. But he had us role swim checks and then checked our sheets for what equipment would go missing. Sadly I am to report that the deck of many things that Tharnos was carrying would be lost to the storm, sigh…..

Oh well at least they still have their health right :)

Session 3 Feb 27, 2010

This session nearly saw the death of two characters (one almost twice) from encounters in the dungeon, sadly I am to report that they survived due to the awesomeness that is Lobo’s axe swinging. Not to mention we had to carefully look over Tharnos character sheet to see why a level 9 monk character was getting powned by CR1&2’s while the level 5 fighter was tearing through em.

Everyone was in attendance that day so we had a full compliment of D-bags. To start after spending the night in the tunnels following the mouther the group awoke to continue exploring thinking that if the mouther was the worst down there then the rest would be a cake walk. They were right….mostly.

In continuing to follow the party had located what looked to be a recently created passage in the side of a collapsed tunnel. Curiousness nearly killed these cats. Exploring the tunnel saw the group set upon by a group of 6 Morlocks and a fight ensued. Lobo cleaved through 3 of the ugly midgets in quick succession while the other three ganged up on Tharnos who joined Lobo on the front line to prevent the rascals from encroaching on the squishier members.

The little monsters used their swarm fighting tactics to great effect against Tharnos (which is what gave to looking over his sheet) dropping him down to single digit hp but leaving him alive enough to remove the head of one of them in a single punch. One became a nice little pin cushion the other managed to escape. At that point Tharnos convinced the group to rest up for two nights to lick our wounds. At least we got some use out of the Druid who hasn’t done a thing but watch until she agreed to grant some healing.

Thankfully on the second night things weren’t so boring. During there rest more alert members (meaning Tharnos again) would notice that there were figures lurking in the darkness of the tunnels. Lobo, since he could see in the dark could see that they were about to be charged by a small band of morlocks counting about a dozen or so. The party worked themselves into positions of advantage Lobo waiting at the corner to take off the head of the first pisant to pass by and lop of its head with is axe. Tharnos took up at the opposite corner of the passage to do the same and flank any of those that passed by with Jayce standing next to him. Connie who couldn’t decide where she would go stood right where she was sleeping and readied her self for their charge. And the casters stayed well back with the Druid in the rear acting as though she had no clue as to what was about to happen.

The raving midgets came barreling down the hall as was obvious from the start and two met the buiness end of Lobo’s double axe with one cut cleanly in half and the other looking as though his head would roll off on its own. Tharnos nearly had as much luck but wiffed mightily after walloping one on the head and the other ducking him easily. Connie would think twice from this point on about standing out in the open for the enemy to charge her when plenty of cover was available. This fight got pretty brutal for the party. Connie would be stabbed and dropped along with Tharnos who wasn’t fully recovered from his previous injuries to begin with. Thankfully however things began to turn around. Lobo managed to strike the fear of well….Lobo into their hearts and they started to loose their fighting spirit. They never got the chance to run though as Luna and Lobo began to slaughter them wholesale at that point.

But it was not over yet. As soon as the pions numbers thinned out so much two more showed. This time though they were a bit more prepared for us. One happened to be a cleric of some kind tossing some low level artillery at us and trying to rally the remnant of their forces. The other was a rouge as evident of him carving Tharnos’ liver like it was a hoby, just after he got back up to boot which put him back down, then after that it was Connie’s turn again (though she decided to play dead after stabilizing at 0 hp) and he then he got Jayce. At this point Luna had had enough and decided it was time to go all out and let loose with her draconic heritage, needless to say Lobo wouldn’t go hungry that night. The Cleric midget decided to hold his ground against the combined might of Lobo and Luna but it was to no avail and he would soon join his ranks in the heaping pile of midget steaks. The Rouge on the other hand had different ideas and ran like the boogie man was out to get him. And that ended that nights activities.

The next morning after the complete exploration of the dungeon as far as they could tell while trying to hunt down the one that got away, the party decided it was time to move on exiting the tunnels. They made their way to the coast of the island they were on until they spotted a fishing boat in the distance. After greetings and bartering for a ride to Farshore the group got a chance to relax in relative safety even if the stink of fish was not very comfortable, well…to everybody but Lobo, who in the mean time persuaded Connie to help feed his “baby boys” while he and all the other strongmen on the ship aided the fishermen with their catches as payment for the ride.

Finally reaching their destination the group thought it great to take the opportunity for some R&R get resupplied and look for some work. They took about three months off to do their own things. For instance Lobo took the chance to domesticate and teach his baby boys “Pinky” and “Twinky” get drunk and spend all most a whole month in jail, Thannis would do the same when the player returned. Tharnos would meet and attempt a poorly thought out attempt to impress the wife of a local hero named Cap’n Jose Monkamuck and passed out almost immediately. Jayce would disappear to do rogue things and no one knows what the others did.

Turin the Mad wrote:
An excellent choice. ^_^ Chapter 2 will be especially challenging I suspect...

Good hehehehe...

Kingmaker looks really good but I dont think a number of my players would be up to the task.

I wont do Savage Tide either since the Cap'n has already gone through it so he will be well prepared.

Maybe I'll let them choose the path without giving to much of the AP's details away so when the bodies start hitting the floor they have no one but themselves to blame for it, hehehe....

But if they really can't make up their minds I think I'll take them on with Rise of the Runelords to get them started and use it to reteach them the basics of the game all over again cause a number of them need it.

Turin the Mad wrote:

11 players? O.o (Or fewer .... ah, looks to be about 8.)

Good to hear that the Cap'n maintains a strong table presence.

I do admit, finding a DoMT this early is pretty shocking ... but then, of all the times to get one, about 3rd level is pretty savvy. Less time to get attached ... just, if you insert one in your own game, "preload" the DoMT as you see fit - or, at a minimum, remove any cards you as the GM find not to your liking.

I was listing all the characters that have come and gone up to the point we are now just for reference so it is about 6-8 regularly. But yeah you should see his Anima game he runs on Tuesdays, for a time he had up to 12 players but they are starting to thin out now.

I admit this is the first time in about 2 years where Ive had a character off'ed in his first appearance/session. but needless to say I learned my lession a long time ago not to get attached to a character, it helped me grow up as a gamer and a person.

thats some great advice and I'll keep it mind.

Oooh and also the Cap'n and I have begun discussing the near future of running an AP, I'll be running it so he could get a chance to game for a change, only thing is now is scheduling. I'll keep posted as we move foward.

yeah it was a great find, and it would have been a running gag through the campaign until we lost it. Shame too cause I was going to see how many characters I could get to draw from it that would have turned out badly (not just for me mind you) just for the laughs and maybe see if I could set a record or something.

Session 2 Feb 20, 2010

I forgot to mention that another character, Luna had lost her soul after netting a lot of good stuff. Well given that Thannis was rather smitten with Luna he declares that the next course of action is to reclaim her soul. The party reluctantly agrees seeing that we would have to travel to the Outland Plane where it was trapped. After the careful expenditure of wishes Thannis earned from the Deck, we had all the necessary arrangements to proceed. The party which accounted for Lobo, Thannis, Jayce, Tharnos and Luna’s unconscious body, teleported to the plane where they landed in what was a very desert like terrain. Luckily thanks to the carefully worded wish that got us here we didn’t have to go wondering off to locate Luna soul.

Her soul apparently was trapped inside a soul stone that was guarded by a sphinx. Well the sphinx offered that it would hand over the soul if we did something for it that it found of equal value; present it with a riddle that it could not solve. Jayce who was annoyingly good with riddles presented it one with which it was thoroughly stumped and conceded the soul stone to us. The only problem now was to break it open to retrieve the soul. After a little working of buff spells and a decent starting point from which to crack the sucker open and Luna’s soul was freed along with Connie and The Druid at the same time. afterwards returning to the material plane the group landed in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the ocean and a chain of islands. Jayce decides to take the time to go spear fishing to gather some supplies for the group since a number of them lost a deal of it (primarily Lobo who only has a suit of studded leather armor and his weapon). Later in day the group while travelling what they had hoped to be north towards the city of Farshore is approached by two water mephitis. Lobo decides to deal with the situation himself to work off a little frustration and get some exercise in. one thing leads to another and ends with one dead mephit and a level for Lobo (he pulled the solo challenge card allowing him to lvl up if he won the next encounter on his own).

Deciding to continue moving while there was still some daylight left Tharnos spots a structure hidden among some overgrowth (he is really good at that). Clearing it away it is discovered to be a staircases leading down into a dungeon. Since they had nothing else to do at the moment a little exploration wouldn’t hut anybody. Exploration found that most of the initial area had been picked clean but the group observed ancient painting on the walls depicting an ancient civilization. They had also found the skeletal remains of what looked like a winged elf and a winged centaur (previous players that most of the current players are glad to have left).

Thankfully not all of the time spent there was peaceful. Again Tharnos would detect something moving toward them from a darker part of the dungeon and it sounded hungry. In a failed attempt to use the cover of darkness (seeing as Lobo was the only one with Darkvision) to ambush the Gibering Mouther that came oozing around a corner which saw Lobo screaming to turn on the lights then not to turn them on. In what at first appeared to be a one-sided encounter in the favor of the mouther after swallowing down Lobo who escaped and then Tharnos who wasn’t as lucky until the end where he managed to pull himself out. Spells were slung, crossbow bolts were let loose and only the Druid of the group decided to sit back and watch as members were eaten only to be barfed back up, and then the beasty popped like a wart from magic fire.

When the nasty beasty was slain the corpses of the dead winged guys were picked cleaned and then the group rested for the night to end the session there.

Hello everybody, sadly have not gotten the chance to talk to my group about the possibility of a pathfinder AP due to some recent events so instead I’ll go ahead and post a journal for our current homebrew. A continuation of A Whole World awaits involving a second cast of characters since we have so many new players replace old ones who moved on to better things.

Bobo; Half-Orc Barbarian 3, deceased (Silent Man)
Lobo; Half-Orc Fighter and all around badazz 6, in jail (Silent Man)
Ram; Goliath Fighter 1/Cleric 5 (Silent Man)
Thannis; Human Cleric of Death 3, Fighter 3, in jail
Farmboy; possessed by evil sword (the sword being the actual character), Barbarian 6
Jayce Sin Darkholme; Human Rouge 6 (Kitty)
Luna; Human Sorceress 9, Red Dragon bloodline
Connie; Human Ranger 9 (Tin-Man).
Xenos; Human Wizard 5
Tharnos; Elf Monk 9
Druid; Half Elf Druid 4 (Magic Girl)

Session 1 Feb 13, 2010.

Our group of adventurers not including Connie who didn’t make it to the session started out in a town on the borders of the city of Blackmoore and the Highsteps. There, agents of the local lord collected up us. No one in the group ever bothered to get any details about our employer nor did we care, we are a bunch of mercenary bastards getting paid and that is all that mattered.

This local lord needed “bandits” cleared out of an area so that his “convoys” could move through this particular area. He wasn’t particularly good at hiding the fact that he really meant “kill off the local tribe of peaceful savages cause their sitting on serious pay dirt”.

Being the bastards we are we took the job and headed on our way. Travelling on foot we came across a pair of Dire Wolverines spotted by Tharnos who decided he would go and check out the loud growling noise all on his own, and a fight broke out. Lukily Bobo was there as he thoroughly destroyed one pretty much on his own while poor Tharnos would have been lunch if the sorceress didn’t back him up, the other dire wolverine pretty much spilled his guts on the floor, he went down in the second round but was not out yet. Seriosly popping a ragging dire wolverine on the nose with a bare hand is not a very good strategy. After carving up their remains (the fur would fetch a decent price) Bobo managed to find their nest were two baby dire wolverines slept. He decided to take them for his own and raise them himself.

Afterwards continuing on our way to the tribal village we met a wagon driver heading back for the city. Taking some time to barter for supplies to aid in healing the thoroughly ravaged monk and something to keep the babies fed we rested for the night.

Soon after this, while travelling down the road some more we came across what we first thought was a lone tree out next to the path we were following. Tharnos and his nearly awesome perception checks spotted glittering gold lying in the grass at the base of the tree. Pointing this out to everyone who would listen he then heads straight over without a care in the world until he gets entangled by an assassin vine lurking in the grass. Again we marched to his rescue and Bobo managed to save him. In all it was a good thing Tharnos spotted the gold because there was a good amount of loot scattered about as well as a corpses. One of the things we found was a Deck of Many Things. Not bad for a first session.

Before the end of the session we decided it would be fun to pull from the dreaded deck of many things seeing as in the previous campaign we had hoped to avoid it like the plague or at least that was the impression we were getting. Well after some threats from Jayce to not pull from the deck or he would kill Tharnos much to the amusement from the party claiming “if he pulls a card that kills him what would you do then”, he had to think about it then. Well sadly luck decided it liked Tharnos at that particular moment since it had been given all sorts of poopy all day, he pulled only one card and that card got him from Level 3 all the way to Level 9, the lucky turd.

Bobo pulled 5 cards and wound up losing is gear and his soul but managed to summon his brother Lobo with one of the cards who summarily killed his butt knecked soulless brother, took the two baby wolverines and pulled from the deck himself losing all his gear but gaining some state bonuses and a few boons. Luna pulled from the deck gaining xp to become 9th level and a castle but lost her soul. Thannis pulled from the deck a total of 18 times, gaining a whole load of good stuff including a castle and two levels but nothing really major. This kept up until every body but the druid pulled from the deck. And that ended the session.

Thanks Turin I'm certainly going to look into this and may even have a chance at it this weekend.

Maaaan I gots ta get my DM runs some of these AP's because this is some great stuff. All the stuff our group is missing out on....damn.

but what do you do in your opinion,

if the DM is generally encouraging power gaming to some degree, maybe not to the level some of your players did in AoW(Feral minotaur and AM armor) but to a point where the players forget about the objective of the game and focus on making a character/class that has completely left the uniqueness of the class behind simply for sheer amounts of munchkin power or something entirely unintentionally something the opposite of what they had in mind.

Turin the Mad wrote:
psionichamster wrote:


just, wow.

can't wait to see what they do now!


ps: Go Twin!

^_^ The Twin appreciates the huzzahs, eager to returning to the Nine Hells and settling long outstanding debts, then plotting gruesome and horrific vengeance upon House Thrune at a point YTBD.

The fun part will be to see their decision process(es) as they come to grips with the logistics of attempting to shelter hundreds of people within the abandoned Chapel of Aroden. Even using the lyre of building - should any one they know even be able to play it worth a spit, which is currently not the case that I know of - they are going to be stressed beyond their current resource capabilities to shelter, sustain and keep healthy that many people.

Their best bet in the short term is to act immediately, the next morning in game time, to strike at the cause of the Critters of Shadow. Fortunately, the AP presents an opportunity to do just that in the beginning of Chapter 5 Mother of Flies...

No Pressure....right its only the beginning of doomsday :)

Killer_GM wrote:
Silent Man wrote:

Yes actually I still do game with the Cap'n, he has just gotten his A Whole World Awaits homebrew game back up and running again with a few new additions since a couple of our old players have gone their seperate ways due to the callings of life, two of which have recently gotten married and moved away.

When does the Cap'n hold his games? Are you guys still at the Dale City Parlor? I'll have to drop by some time to pay you and Jose a visit...

yeah he still hosts on saturdays around 2-6pm at the Dale City Parlor

Yes actually I still do game with the Cap'n, he has just gotten his A Whole World Awaits homebrew game back up and running again with a few new additions since a couple of our old players have gone their seperate ways due to the callings of life, two of which have recently gotten married and moved away.

First, Mr Killer GM's (both Allen and Turin) gotta to give you props and respects for your gamming style and inspiring me to get back into DM or GM'ing depending on the game system. I really enjoyed this thread from beginning to present (only thing keeping me enterained for 'bout six-eight hours of a boring job with not much else to do the past couple of weeks).

I normally game on saturdays with a GM I've known for a few years who guys really remind me of. kills us off at the right times without really crushing our gaming spirit in the stead wanting us to comeback for more, and it helps when the players are particularly blood thirsty and care less for the particulars and just want to enjoy the GAME. like my brothers and I.

after reading this it kind of renews my longing to gm again start rackin up a body count which I know I can get away with on a few players i game with regularly.

but either way please keep the carnage commin and now your fan base is still growin out there.

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