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Sigvard Troslös's page

Goblin Squad Member. 15 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Goblin Squad Member

Paladin, dwarf of course : )

Goblin Squad Member

This is probably something that looks very good on paper but in practice will be a disaster for PvP players. Inhibition of the game through military precision, rather than to promote a free teamwork in PvP sounds like a poor attempt to control players.

Goblin Squad Member

In DAOC you could not strafe too much in PvP combat. Those who strafing like maniacs lost their combat opportunity and it was a 100% miss.

"You move too much and miss"

When it comes to PvP all Goblinworks have to do to get it right from the start is watch and learn from DAoC.

Goblin Squad Member

Hope is the last thing that abandons a man ; )

Goblin Squad Member

I hope very much on an OS X client. Right from the start if the game comes out on the market.

Goblin Squad Member

The Forgelight engine? ;-)

Goblin Squad Member

Artanthos wrote:

The most important element?


I agree 100%

Goblin Squad Member

They asked for 50,000 and got 300,000. The next step should be to fix investor suppor.

After all, they received 250 000 more than they anticipated, and we will both buy and subscribe to the finished product

Goblin Squad Member

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if I do not come in with the 4500 first, I guess I do not have to purchase a PC and can quietly wait for an OS X Edition : )

Goblin Squad Member

king of the mountain, seriously I have no idea yet. There have been some pretty interesting perspectives in this thread.

Dark Age of Camelot and some rare moments in Warhammer Online

Just love the open RvR in DAoC and keep sieges the absolute best experience of all the MMO's I have ever played.

Goblin Squad Member

You're right it's wrong of me to think of gold = NPC force

Regarding the strength of an NPC army, I have not seen anyone say that it will be as strong as an equivalent PC army.

Goblin Squad Member

Andius wrote:
DeciusBrutus wrote:


In a game where they stated it should take years for the first official player settlements to spring up. It needs to be a long involved process to take them over.

That's why big NPC armies that can go from map edge to map edge is a bad thing. There must be difficulty's and a tough process to go to war. Nothing you can do to seamlessly just because you have much gold.

Goblin Squad Member

Alexander_Damocles wrote:
So, what about the company that focuses mostly on making a metric ton of platinum per day? Should they get steamrolled by the company that focuses only on combat? Hire-able NPC's I feel are a must, from caravan guards to city guards, to armies. While players are good, they can't sit around all day to do something. An army lets you do that.

Limit the number of NPCs that can be hired to go to war and limit the number of NPCs that can guard an town after town or keep size. Let the defending army NPC respawn after X minutes but not the attacking.

Pacts such as between the two neighboring kingdoms to protect each other must be more fun than being able to buy 1000 NPC guards. Or the other way, two kingdoms go to war together against a greater enemy.

Goblin Squad Member

Hoping for play-based battlefield without large amounts of NPC. As in DAoC, although more than 3 kingdoms. With peace pacts and danger to the own kingdom if you take out all the players in war.

To start a war with another kingdom must be a big and dangerous thing, at the risk of a third kingdom sees the chance to attacking those who left their own city gates without enough defense (only NPC's).

If you have decided to attack you should not be able to have hordes of NPC's in the front line just because you have more money than the kingdom you are attacking. The key to it all is to get the players to feel loyalty and honor for his own kingdom, whether it is attacking or defending. And it should, in my own opinion, not be bought for gold.

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