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Shogun_of_the_Merciless_Rain's page

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If it stacks with the weapon's normal enhancement bonus (and it does), I see no reason why it wouldn't stack with other enhancement bonuses.

According to page 21 of the DMG , Bonus types of the same name do not stack. Therefore, if you gave the sword of Aaqa the chaotic bane ability, which would increase the +2 enhancement bonus of the Sword to +4 vs. chaotic, If evil bane were then placed on the sword, it would be an enhancement bonus of +4 to evil, but since enhancement bonuses do not stack, (i.e., magic weapon does not enhance a +3 longsword, p. 21 DMG) The new +2 chaotic bane, evil bane mithril longsword would not have a +6 bonus against chaotic evil outsiders, but would instead have a +4. Maybe I'm looking at the glass half empty, because I do see your perspective on it. That's just how I personally would rule on the bonuses.

Vegepygmy wrote:
Demiurge 1138 wrote:
And no, the bane bonuses wouldn't stack.
Why not? They're unnamed, so the normal rule would be that they do stack.

The effective enhancement bonus would not stack, but there is no reason I can find that the 2d6 damage bonus would not be 4d6 against a chaotic evil foe.

PC Name: Orion, Pal 2 of St. Cuthbert
Adventure: The Whispering Cairn
Location: Old Observatory, Level 3
Cause of Death: Failed save vs. Ghoul Touch and Bloodthirsty Zombie or One greedy Dwarf, you pick.
Specifics: As I was looking ahead at the upcoming encounter with Filge, two things were my focus. One, my players have a large party, so I have to set the bar a little higher. Two, Filge's angle in the world lends toward him being an "undead expert." So, I grabbed Libris Mortis, and looked for ways at tweaking zombies. The basic troglodytes were scrapped for advanced humans, each with their own "special design" from LM. The party predictibly mowed through the welcome party skeletons, even though I had the skeletons' claws dipped in poison, as well. On the second floor, however, the CE Dwarven Fighter/Cleric of Erythnul, Izak Bronzeale, decides to take the platinum piece from the head-on-a-platter, setting off the alarm. Our Fey'ri fighter, Tiefling Rogue, and Human Paladin rush upstairs after hearing the shouts of Filge, the breaking of glass, and the haunting moans of the undead. (The Dwarf, the Human Ranger, and the Half-Elf sorceress waited behind.)The bugbear zombie, using his arm as an improvized club, partially blocks the stairwell, while Filge and the Land girl's skeleton fall to the back of the room. Orion runs past the Fey'ri and the bugbear's battle, moving for the Necromancer, but the three zombies move to block his path. Zombie #1, an orc with the Unkillable variant from LM and meathooks for hands, Zombie #2, human with the Diseased Variant--oozing sores and dripping pus, and lastly, Zombie #3, also human, but with the Bloodthirsty Variant, complete with six inch razor dentures. Orion fought bravely, but 3 rounds later, just as the bugbear was dispatched, and the other characters pouring out of the bottlenecked stairs, A failed save against Filge's ghoul touch/spectral hand combo had Orion paralyzed, surrounded by 3 uber-zombies. In 2 rounds, Orion's brain was being feasted upon, and the only truly "good" character in the party had perished.

EP Healy wrote:

There are rules for how many templates a character can use. Shock, right? There is a pyramid of creature types which exists - humanoids and such are on the bottom, while others, such as aberrations, are at the top. You can take a template that changes you from a lower level to a higher, but not in the other direction.

In my game, if someone wants to add a template, I work with them to hammer out the concept they're going for. They are great tools (like PrCs), so I rarely say "No!" However, I prefer to use they to enhance a character concept or roleplaying. Sometimes, when I speak with a player about a template, and they see the ramifications of the choices they are making, they back off. But, it's their character, so unless I want to ban the template outright, I have to let them take it, it they're determined to do so.

E P,

I would be interested in such a pyramid in complete form, mayhaps you would know where I could find it? BTW, to everyone, the feedback is great on this subject, and has really helped to iron out some wrinkles with my players. Thanks.

I once ruled when I was first DM'ing that one of my players couldn't make a character with more than one template, not seeing it as a feasability at the time. However, Dungeon #126's Blood of Malar lists Vampiric Lycanthropes, and so then the question arises, how many templates?
I'm much more open with my story arcs and player allowances, but I still hold story balance in very high regard. Any thoughts on the subject? Maybe a Titanic Vampiric Half-Dragon Werebear?

Ok,the only information I have on the Spawn is what's written in Monster Manual II. The rules do state that a worm transfer is a free action, but the very first statement is "Once per round, as a free action..." I've misplaced my Dungeon #125 and #126, so I couldn't double check to see if there was a rules correction for the campaign. Is there one, because that will definitely affect how I run the Spawn.

Question, new to the site, but interested in the topic. What is the RAW?

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