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Neolandis Kalepopolis

Shieldknight's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 589 posts (1,627 including aliases). 5 reviews. 5 lists. 2 wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 8 aliases.

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One side good, two would be better

****( )

Love the dockside tavern, would have loved to see a second set of docks on the flip-side. I guess its nice to have a blue background for any scenes on the water, but regular blank flip-mats would work fine for this.

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Each side different


Love this flip-mat. have used it several times, including PFS scenarios set in Qadira and Osirion. Used the Sphinx as a statue to Irori, just a little imagination and this map works well for almost any desert terrain you need.

The only negative I have is the same mentioned in another review, one side should be straight desert dunes and scrub, no oasis. Still a great map, beautifully drawn.

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One side good, two would be better

***( )( )

Handy market that can be pulled out for use with any homegame. I have used it in PFS scenario's. Works well with any marker and erases with ease.

Would have been nice to have a second market instead of a blank side. Maybe a circular style market, or one with a stockade (sorry, civil disobedience platform) in the center. As with all flip-mats, I already own a couple of blank mats, I really don't need another.

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Great Product, fold diminish value

****( )

Love this map. Easy to see, write on and erase. Works well with various kinds of markers. I even use the lighter side for projecting map images onto to keep the grid.

The only downside I have to any of the flip-mats is that you need to lay it flat when you store it and only fold it when you travel with it in order to keep the map from folding up on you when you play. However, even this does not keep the folds from stopping your marker when drawing on them.

Our Price: $9.99


Great addition to any game!

****( )

Wonderful product. Easy to use.

I love these cards. They are very useful in game to help remind characters what they have available to use. Rather than something that gets written down on the back of a character sheet and forgotten, a player just has to skim through the cards laying on the table to see what they have.

The only down side, is that I need at least one copy for each player of certain items. I mean, one dogslicer? Every goblin has one, how do I choose which character gets the card and the rest have to remember they wrote it down on the back of their character sheet.

I will follow the advice of other posters and scan the more common items and make duplicates.

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