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Shepard Jeremiah Pie's page

39 posts. Alias of Artthedarklord.

Full Name

Shepard Jeremiah Pie


Earth Pony


Ws 0 | Ds 0 | Fa 0 | Cha +0 | Spd 6 (+d6) | Pry 7 | Tgh 8 | Bs 0





Special Abilities

Brawny, Danger Sense, Feat of Strength: Unstoppable


Rock Farmer

About Shepard Jeremiah Pie

No one is certain where Shepard Jeremiah Pie came from before the founding of Trottingham, but he was one of the first ponies there. Shepard Jeremiah Pie stands at average height, with a dark grey coat, Black Mane streaked with light grey (been that way since birth, not from old age), is rarely seen without his straw hat, and has a simple Cutie mark of a rock on his flank. Odd mannerisms and and an unusual view of the world set this pony aside from your every day colt, but in spite of this, he seems to know whats going on a hoof ahead of everyone else. Some ponies doubted the need for a rock farm in Trottingham, but not a single pony complains when the able bodied Shepard Pie comes to their aid for anything from raising barns to chasing off wild beasts, and as such he has been a major contributor to the construction of nearly half the city... or so they say. This pony is a man of little words, and doesn't like to brag about his accomplishments, simply leaving his work for everyone to see and judge for themselves. When is comes to life, Shep has a very practical approach, and dislikes distractions and unnecessary work, such as adding bright color to things for no reason or making unnecessary loud noises for things less than emergencies. The biggest pet peeve he has is having to deal with unsupervised children, not because he dislikes children, quite the opposite, because he knows just how harsh the world can be, and knows that a child is an easy target for those beings who find ponies appetizing.


Charisma: +0
Pace: 6 (+d6 when running)1 = 1 inch or 2 yards in game
Parry: 7 [2 + 1/2 fighting] (+1, Soldier)
Toughness: 8 [2+ 1/2 Vigor] (+1, Brawny) (+2, Chain Barding)
Curious (Major)
Heroic (Minor)
Weird Magnet (Minor)
Danger Sense
d8 Athletics---- Strength
d8+1 Fighting----- Strength (+1, soldier)
d6 Grace-------- Agility Clash of Wills
-- Healing------ Smarts
d6 Intimidate--- Strength Clash of Wills
d6 Intuition---- Spirit
-- Investigation Smarts
-- Know(Science/Engineering)- Smarts
-- Leadership--- Spirit
-- Nature------- Smarts
d6 Notice------- Smarts
-- Persuasion--- Smarts Clash of Wills
-- Piloting----- Agility
-- Spellcraft--- Smarts
-- Stealth------ Agility
-- Streetwise--- Smarts
-- Taunt-------- Spirit Clash of Wills
-- Vogue-------- Smarts
Feat of Strength:
Unstoppable (Spade)

arming saddle
Armor (chain Barding)
Cannon (reskinned Arbalest)
flowery scented soap
horseshoe x2
pack saddle
40 yards rope
Studded Horseshoe x2
waterproof satchel

Pocket change:
0 fl
0 sp
4 b

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