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Gremlin, Pugwampi

Sheik Voodoo's page

2,812 posts. Alias of voodoo chili.


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Only Karethas succumbs to the blinding dust this time. Amir's twin blades dart and weave in a confusing pattern that leaves the alabaster shaitan unguarded. A pair of critical strikes nearly finish off the genie, who falls a moment later to one of Kzrira's arrows. The archer's next shot critically wounds the amber female.

Varkata calls upon divine grace to mend the lumps and bruises delivered by the immense elemental. It seems worse for wear now as divine blade and ally strike in tandem. Karethas blinks and wipes at his eyes, but manages to send Gen on a mission with magic granted by the wand.

The mortal heroes seem to be holding their own thus far, but with more of the powerful shaitan on the way, they wonder how much longer until they are overrun. Thankfully, the Protean have not betrayed them. The wild creatures of Limbo appear with a warping of reality overhead in the pyramid shaped chamber. When the nauseating movement stops, Lahapraset is seen floating with another pale elf-like form that could be her brother though he looks tired and wounded. This must be the newly released Maagiyawara.

A half dozen more strange and primal creatures encircle them; they are serpentine with confusing patterns and colors racing through their scales. Spines raise and sink all along their form from the great adder-like fanged head to a rattling tail. They are further armed with massive clawed hands and tentacles ending in vicious jaws rear from their shoulders.

Great disks of clashing colored light and shadow crash down upon the dispersed shaitan with a cacophony of thunder and roaring and shrieks. Several strike the top of the cube, but though the shaitan are nearly knocked to their knees and afterwards move as if pushing against unseen force, the heroes feel nothing. Zulfikar falls dead, crumbling into sand. A moment later, Lahapraset smiles and waves her hand over you and you are speeded by a haste spell.

Only the great elemental, Obherak and a pair of genies appearing through the wall across the room are unaffected. The elemental continues its deadly pummeling of Varkata and she is knocked unconscious by the force of the blows. Varkata-21, 30 (subtract DR). Though slowed, the amber shaitan manages to push Amir into a tight spot and deliver a powerful slash. Amir-10 slash (no DR). Obherak calls the unslowed shaitan to his side in the face of the Protean assault.

Round 8
The Family Stone

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Missed that they are trying to blind Kzrira again.

basically a free action. so why not? ; )

just need Amir and we'll see what happens next!

Sheik Voodoo wrote:
Kzrira, Karethas and Varkata are caught in a shimmering cloud. will DC 14 or blinded

OK, got Varkata, but evidently Kzrira missed the save as well. also, need Karethas' save.

ps. hope everyone had a great holiday.

eek and eek

Amir focuses on the nearby shaitan feinting for an opening and then hammering the spot with his keen blades. He wounds the alabaster genie leaving a crack that leaks dust. The golden shaitan below, Zulfikar, dodges the wobbling orb of water sent his way and the greatest elemental shies away momentarily from the orb of fire, but there is nowhere for the shaitan upon the ramp to go as Gen's touch causes it to droop like melted wax and drop the heavy granite genie to the ground.

Freed from one threat for the moment, Kzrira turns her attention to the alabaster shaitan threatening Amir and the volley of adamantine arrows cut through its stone skin as if it were mortal flesh. The great genie is sorely wounded.

Both Varkata and Amir call for help to whoever might be listening. Things certainly look dire as the heroes are surrounded by powerful genies that have sworn to destroy them. Varkata's call is answered immediately as a foppish swordsman floats behind the great elemental, but proves hardly any better at piercing the animated rock.

The alabaster shaitan retaliates against Amir dealing him horrible slashes with her large scimitar that has been transformed into adamantine to cut through his diamond hard skin. Amir-26 crit, 13 slash (no DR) Fortunately, the amber female opposite her falters in her offensive as she is distracted by her granite companion's fall.

The great elemental pounds on Varkata with immense force. Varkata- 30 crit, 16 budge (- DR) Zulfikar sinks into the stone floor away from the watery orb while Obherak appears some distance away on the opposite side of the cube as more shaitan skin glimmering in metallic and jeweled hues pass through the stones in the other corners. Kzrira, Karethas and Varkata are caught in a shimmering cloud. will DC 14 or blinded

Round 7
The Family Stone

Varkata Steeleye wrote:

No problem, Voodoo. Means we'll live a few more days. ;)

More seriously, though -- is there a spot that Varkata can step and cast spells without provoking/? (Trying to mentally determine the reach of the elemental and our new friends)

not really. the cube is packed and GEE has 15' reach (basically the whole thing), Shaitan 10'. Kzrira has nowhere to go either.

just waiting on Amir and Varkata.

Hi all,

It's US Thanksgiving and I'll be traveling plenty this week. Posting may be spotty.

i realize things are getting complicated so I'll put up a sketch to help. Z=kzrira, S are the shaitan


yeah, thought was with all the shaitan unleashing simultaneous quickened glitterdust upon the group, you'd be hit by at least 2 of the spells thus 2 saves.
note: damage given below is gross so subtract stoneskin reduction.

Amir kips up skillfully, but it would take supernatural grace to avoid the pony-sized stone fist that pounds down upon him. His magic fortified skin proves equal in hardness however, and the blow is glancing. Amir strikes leaving deeper scorch marks as the fist impacts him. Amir-15 bludge Karethas adds to the burns mounting on the stone colossus by summoning a rolling ball of flame as he shakes the dust from his eyes.

Kzrira shakes her head and rubs at her eyes finally clearing them from the glittering dust that still covers her. Varkata grows to shaitan size and gives the great stone hulk something to think about as her now much bigger sword shatters a rocky rib. The living monolith focuses its ire on the larger threat with a pair of pulverizing blows. Varkata- 23, 18 bludge

One shaitan steps into the stone and a moment later erupt through the surface beside Amir and Varkata. It is getting crowded on the top of the glowing cube with Karethas sandwiched between Amir and Kzrira and a shaitan and equally large Varkata between them and the great elemental. The sharp spikes that erupt from the elemental and the cube affect none of the stone skinned adversaries except perhaps Karethas.

A pair of stone ramps appear from behind the human-sized trio and a pair of shaitan charge up to flank them with the elemental! Obherak breaks free of the watery orb and sinks into the stone out of sight as more shouts in Terran are heard from chambers surrounding the great pyramid room!

Round 6
The Family Stone

Karethas- glitterdust save is at the end of your turn. also, the elementals head is some 20' above the shaitan so unlikely to get all in the burst. of course, next round they will likely be on top of the cube and it may be possible.

Amir up

Obherak's commanding voice is heard over the shouts of the gathering shaitan. "Traitors! We will bury you in the stone!" Further threats are quelled by the appearance of a conjured orb of water which catches the leader off guard.

The great elemental backhands the swordsman annoying it knocking Amir back toward Varkata. Amir-13 bludge, prone It steps forward into the block and threatens all atop the glowing cube.

The other shaitan rush the cube with heavy ponderous steps. A pair each reach opposite sides below the heroes.

Round 5
Kzrira- unblinded at end of turn
The Family Stone

Karethas- I'll give you a 50% chance of placing correctly.

The micro-sandstorm disperses in an instant leaving the adventurers covered in glittering flecks of mica. Karethas and Kzrira are blinded by the dust, but Varkata and Amir manage to close their eyes tightly in time. Her glowing blade keeps stabbing at the great elemental while she begins a spell to increase her own size.

Amir is hindered by the grit that covers him and his strikes are less precise than usual. Simin still cuts into a stony forearm blackening a rock.

Karethas and Kzrira blinded, but can still take an action

everyone should be full hp between ss and varkata's channel.
Amir- I believe Sholeh is your keen blade which would make 18 a threat. 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (2) + 11 = 13.

Amir keeps up an attack at ferocious speed, but his short swords do little damage against the rocky giant. Karethas sends a round of translucent bolts into the creature to greater effect. At least more than Kzrira's barrage of arrows which merely send rock chips flying. The dancing sword hacks at the creature doing about as much damage as the arrows. Varkata calls up on her God's bolstering support and the adventurers feel renewed to press on against the monstrous elemental.

The primal feathered reptilian Protean now freed from the great glowing cube opens its eyes and roars in pain and confusion. In an instant it disappears leaving you to face the towering elemental alone. The stony giant pounds Amir with two crashing boulder-sized fists. Amir- 15 and 22 bludge (-10 each for SS) The stone skin spell at least spares him some of the awesome force of the blows.

There are shouts from the corners of the room as shaitan emerge from the blocks covering the exits to the room. You spot the onyx form of Obherak flanked by golden Zulficar and another female alabaster genie. From the other end, an amber female and granite male emerge. Suddenly, the top of the cuber is engulfed in swirling blinding glittering dust!

all- two DC 14 will saves or blinded.

Round 4

still need Amir's post in game...

yeah, I know everyone has been really busy including myself. Thanks for keeping up with the game despite all this.

I'll allow it. That will def balance things out a little better for what is a tough encounter. So applying stone skin to 2 front line fighters and archer. Just need to recheck damage.

I'll update after Amir's action.

Ah, check. Karethas is correct. I've managed to give away 2 doses of stone salve and a potion which was meant to be another dose.

As for whether any have been used... I'm not trying to be hard-assed, but no one seemed to catch it, including myself.

Dunno. What do the others think?

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
"No, but we have two doses that will give someone the same effect that I have been saving for a big fight. I believe Amir has a potion to do the same thing. The two doses will last two hours. Amir's will last about 80 minutes. The wand can be useful in other ways, and the shaitan will all be able to create stone walls, so we will need it for that. I just wish I would have thought to have Varkata memorize Detect Chaos, so we could find that Protean more easily. I also wish I would have memorized Invisibility to have Gen scout around a bit." Karethas uses his last Pearl of Power to recall Grease and then casts Mage Armor using the Ramskin cloak.

OK, found the quote (10/24) and it is not at all clear what Karethas is talking about. I take it he is referring to stone salve? Is there a potion, too?

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Don't forget the Stone Skin spell on everyone for 2 hours.

i have. In fact, I can't find this at all. Remind me or link when and how?

Amir steps to the edge of the strange cube to slash at the great elemental. It still towers head and shoulders above the old rogue, but Amir is undeterred though pained by the stone shard that cuts through his shoe hobbling him with a wound. Amir-6 pierce, half move His twin blades flash, but only Simin's hot flame seems to do any real damage. Amir- update weapons and roll energy damage separately, please

Karethas can clearly see that the mass of living stone is a greater earth elemental albeit with some additional power that lets it affect the stone around it. The wizard uses the wand once again to smooth the dangerous spikes for a moment before the outsider overrides the effect. He speaks an uncouth tongue to the unconscious Protean, but it remains bruised and unresponsive.

Kzrira and Varkata shift. The archer continues unleashing arrows. Two lodge in the creature with limited effect and the next two shatter upon hitting the animate rock. Varkata bravely joins the front line next to Amir. Cailean's conjured blade is knocked aside by the living monument, but the priestess bravely hits the THING with the freezing flame leaving a small crack framed with frost.

The monster pushes forward into the cube and wacks Varkata with a massive boulder sized fist. The priestess is thrown backwards through the air landing near Kzrira at the opposite edge of the cube! The rock cube erupts once again in sharp spines. Varkata- 22 bludge, prone 15' back

Round 3

V- no way to flank unless you drop 20' off the cube and circle around a huge foe with reach.

Karethas- any action this round.

At Gen's spell-enhanced touch, the rock around the Protean moves back freeing the unconscious creature.

Amir takes a defensive stance before the enormous mass of living rock and earth. Karethas shouts encouragement and sends his genie-familiar on an errand as he drifts to the floor of the strange chamber.

A blade glowing amber like cool pure ale flies at the giant rock pile striking it as Varkata drops onto the cube with her companions. Kzrira sands a trio of shots in quick succession. All hit, butadamantine does not appear to have any greater effect than steel against the living stone.

The behemoth ripples and its rocky surface is covered with stone shards as is the cube upon which it vaults. A limb pounds down on Kzrira like a landslide, but the strange feathered reptilian creature trapped in the ancient cube continues its troubled dreams.
Kzrira-20 bludge. All on cube- half move and takes d8 from sharp stones with each move.

Round 2

I'll try and make some sort of map this weekend, but basica layout is that Amir and Kzrira are standing on top of a 20' cube in the center of a pyramid shaped room. Varkata dangling above. Karethas drifting down. A huge earth elemental is standing right next to the cube and is about the same size as the cube.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Can I get a rough idea how high up Varkata is?

put yourself where you like- max 50' up to down to cube level.

Varkata's question goes unanswered as Karethas, who has been climbing upon the ceiling like some creepy robed fly suddenly gives a gargling croak and drops from his hold. The staff upon his back writhes and Gen takes its place to slow his fall with his own feather fall spell. No one has time to watch him recover a moment later as a hulking, roughly humanoid creature nearly as big as the great runic cube explodes up from the stone floor, faceless save for two glowing gemstone eyes!

Amir 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
Karethas 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15
Kzrira 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
Varkata 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12
foe 1d20 ⇒ 13

Round 1

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
It's on the ramskin cloak. I've been saving those spells for this fight. Except protection from spells, that's for a REAL fight :-).

OK> so i'd allow use of spider climb if that was your intention. The next problem is- does spider climb allow you to hold on when stunned? It requires use of hands, but I'm not sure about how active those hands have to be. I think I would prob still rule that you fall when stunned.

Karethas- do you have spider climb?

ok, to set this up a bit better: there was about 50' of shaft before it opened up into a large triangular room. It's 60 feet high, but the 20' cube shaves off some of that. I assume Amir has joined his two 50' lengths of rope for 100' which will reach the cube. Based on responses, it sounds like the first two dropped off and Varkata and Karethas are still up the rope a ways.

Amir looks over the strange cube with the even stranger creature embedded within it. It certainly looks like some sort of trap yet he detects nothing. He can now see that the creature lives though it is unconscious.He drops onto the cube to take a closer look and Kzrira joins him with her bow ever ready.

Above, Varkata calls down a question while Karethas enhances his sight to study the evidently powerful dweomers of the cube...

The object radiates overwhelming magic like nothing you've seen since perhaps the scroll of Kakishon itself or the astral ship within the old shrine to Nethys. You are overcome by the power and nearly faint...stunned for one round means you drop everything- including the rope I assume you were climbing and fall.

sooo. I'm unclear whether you've descended to the floor of the chamber or are suspended on the rope still...

actually, now that I think about it- you were looking for the same kind of Protean that you spoke to before; an imentesh protean to be specific.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Having said that, going with what works. :)

hmmm, good point. Protean is more a genus than species. 'Kind' is really rather unclear. Nonetheless, I'm pretty ready to wrap up this book so all for letting it slide.

I did mention that it is a shaft... I'd say that enough time has passed that the fly spells have expired.

Faced with the deep dark pit, Karethas quickly fashions a projection with the wand's assistance and Amir ties off a rope. The old rogue leads the way down, flaming sword handy to provide flickering light. Kzrira is next, then Varkata and Karethas.

About fifty feet down, the sides of the narrow shaft suddenly spread away revealing a bizarre, sixty-foot-wide chamber which suggests the interior of a six-stepped ziggurat. Set in the center of the chamber
forty feet below you is a block structure some twenty feet across, covered in an intricate lacework of tiny, glowing, golden Terran runes, giving a dim light to the entire chamber. At the widest point of the room’s perimeter at the base, stand four large stones.

Yet in this strange chamber, perhaps the strangest sight of all is the figure imprisoned in that floating stone block—a snakelike creature with a feathered reptilian head and delicate humanoid arms seems to have been fused into the block, coils of flesh and lengths of arms protruding here and there from the stone, its head partially encased with only one closed eye free.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Type refers to general category: Humanoid, Aberration, Outsider, etc. That is how it is referred to in the Beastiary. It is not perfectly clear, but kind would seem to indicate race, species or whatever.

That's my reading: you can't look for Outsiders, but could locate Proteans.

Karethas uses the wand to shape a hole through the strange stone and finds a deep shaft underneath.

I'll assume that you are now taking '20' to inspect the chamber.

After careful inspection, the seven passages seem identical. The air within them is stale and warm. Walking just a little ways in each reveals that they turn sharply and likely compose a maze. There is no hint that any descend.

However, close inspection of the floor of the entry chamber reveals a 10 x 10 section of stone floor that does not seem to have the same texture as the rest. There is no seam to signify a door, but it may have been shaped or summoned to cover a passage down.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Varkata shrugs, "I don't know the protean, so the spell won't work. Can't just find 'a protean'."

spell desc- "The spell can locate a creature of a specific kind or a specific creature known to you". So I'd say it works.

Varkata prays for a bit of guidance and surprisingly someone up there is sober enough to give her help. She feels the presence of a Protean about a hundred yards beneath her feet.

Amir and Kzrira search the archways looking for tracks and note something unusual; some of the light golden sand outside has blown around the area, but none of the dust that has drifted into the passages is disturbed. It does not appear that anyone has passed through any of the passages recently at all.

well, that ain't getting anything. perhaps Amir should lend his expertise.

onward down one of the seven passages?

Karethas prepares as the party ponders their predicament and the plethora of passages provided. The perilous proximity of the partitions precludes further flight.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
How many charges does the wand have Voodoo?

wand of stone shape now at 31. wand of restoration is at 18.

The wand makes the stone as malleable as clay and a large hole is easily punched through the conjured stone wall. After a short passage, you find stairs. Descending the stairs from the sphinx’s platform above, you enter a darkened corridor 10 feet wide. Scattered around the far end of the corridor are seven squared archways opening into 5-foot corridors leading deeper into darkness.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
She flew off.

like a big old jet airliner. You do have magical tools for this job if you check recent inventory...

Varkata further injures the shaitan as he retreats to the safety of the now blocked tunnel into the surrounding steep outcrops.


the way was sealed behind him blocking pursuit

Karethas swoops to catch up his suspended friend and deposits him safely back on the platform. Now outnumbered and sorely wounded, Zulficar retreats past Varkata (another AoO) into the passage at the back of the temple. A wall of stone suddenly appears blocking the way behind him.

Round 5

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Can I get a +2 for a charge and his full attacks for a well worded teamwork stunt?

well, I'd be up for a flying aid another, but Amir didn't get his save vs blinded until the end of his turn so I'm going to say no alley-oop flying charge this time.

Kzrira backs a step away from the groping giant and fires a full barrage of adamantine arrows. These pierce his golden flesh as if it were mortal meat. The shaitan howls. Varkata follows this up with a slash from Ebon Flame. Sand sprays from multiple wounds.

Amir shakes the sand from his eyes to find himself lifted from the shifting dunes, but still some seven yards from the others as he dangles helpless in midair.


Varkata Steeleye wrote:
So Varkata should be able to stay off the ground, just above the Shaitan and attacking downward (and still be able to full attack?)


Sheik Voodoo wrote:
Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:
How long am I blind for? At this point I slowly levitate/crawl/shamble/climb back to where all the loud sounds are...
my bad, it's glitterdust so Will save DC 14 at the end of your turn (incl last round).

which reminds me, Kzrira still needs to make her save as well.

The spell is fly not air walk. You must maintain minimum air speed to stay aloft just as if you were flying with wings.

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