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Gremlin, Pugwampi

Sheik Voodoo's page

2,869 posts. Alias of voodoo chili.


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Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:
I think I just realized I made a mistake. Other than the like cash items these should be "worth" half their purchase price right? I calculated at list price?

I'm not sure what you're asking? Selling goods other than gems and art net half price otherwise, everything is valued at full.

Alright, to get back to Amir's question- the flameburst scimitar belonged to Obherak so it was large, but we'll say the Proteans shrunk it down for you. As far as 2-weapon fighting, I'd say that as long as one weapon is light, you can fight normally. That is at a -2 on each weapon.

I should just put the value of the gems up front b/c I have no idea now...

let's say 500 gp per ruby and 2000 for the circlet.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Those are the spells I have bought above the two I receive at each level and the two times I took a spell for my favored class bonus.

I'm not going to count those for wealth.

Amir-failed perception check. look up.

bracers = 2100gp, Tempest Staff is the ONE big item = 16K.

Red Genie Seal- 10K

I'm moving again and dont have books handy, but sounds like I need to look up:

6 small rubies from House of the Beast
3 rubies from which statue?
and diamond circlet kakishon?

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Does the Wand of Stone Shape count against me? (12,960) I'd sell it if it does.

spellsight bracers-2100

what are those extra spells? scrolls?

Nah, wand can be party loot.

yeah, the big +4 weapons are going to skew things and I did that to give you guys more oomph since we're now running below AP level now.

I'm thinking maybe the ONE BIG ITEM (+4 enhanced weapons and Karethas' staff) will be discounted 50% to 16K meaning you should have around 16K of other gear. with that, Varkata still a little high, Amir a little low. Not sure about Karethas.

Kzrira doesn't really have the BIG item any more so she's at WPL, but yeah, missing the secret 16K bonus. maybe you can forgive her death debt...

yeah, it'd be nice to have a wealth total for each of you to make sure no one is falling too far behind.

WBL 8 = ~35,000 gp

Also, still not sure what 'big' sword Amir is talking about so a list of personal equipment from him might clarify...

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
I think we need to figure out our split and do some shopping. I know I need some spells!

alright! someone needs to step up for some forensic accounting and let me know. I'm going to be fairly busy over the next week so I'll leave it up to you all to work up so we can continue...

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Hey Voodoo, should Tempest be able to cast 4th level spells since I have leveled?


So what's the plan, all? Let me know what you need to do in Katapesh and hn it sounds like a return to the evil oasis.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Varkata sighs, "And, of course, there's also the vampires to deal with.... unless the Efreet burned them for us."

The priest shakes his head. " I doubt they'd be that considerate. That route would be the quickest and avoid any spies along the way that might warn the genie, if they care. And of course, reopening the road would be a great boon to civilizing the western wastes."

The High Priest shrugs, "Perhaps you underestimate your own strength, but be wary of the efreet. Do not rush into this fight. Find out all you can of the enemy and gather all the allies you can. Sadly, all I can offer is general advice. I have heard nothing of Zayifid or the Kelmarane Temple."

The Abadarian looks pained, "From what we have heard so far, the leadership was taken prisoner, so we have every reason to believe Almah and your friend's family are alive in captivity."

His expression darkens somewhat at Kzrira's outburst. "Taming the wilderness has never been easy that does not mean that we should just give up. The efreet are powerful, but as you say, someone was able to trap them in the scroll."

The high priest toys with the great golden key that hangs from a heavy chain from his neck. "Strange, the wards on the Vault should have blocked any gate, but the scroll is far more powerful than anything I've seen before. It is a pity that it has been destroyed. Though considering its dangers perhaps for the best."

To Karethas, he replies, "We would not know where the Efreet had gone except that Katapesh has received the first refugees just this past week. It appears they have taken Kelmerane..."

The Vault Master frowns. "Well, we will need your account far sooner than that, but to fill you in since your disappearance- the scroll burst forth with an army of efreet. We have only just repaired the damages to the temple. At great expense, I might add. They did not linger long, but still did a fair amount of damage before flying off to the west."

"We assumed that you had been swept along with them and that the scroll had been destroyed. We found it buried in the rubble after, but given the danger, we decided not to alert the Pactmasters or their rivals, the strange men of Leng that demanded it as well. We hid it in our vaults hoping that it would eventually be forgotten again."

"He is already on his way," a guard tells you keeping a steady bead on the intruders with her crossbow. A moment later, the familiar form of Jalal Abdul-Abadar appears. He stops short upon seeing you and seems momentarily at a loss for words.

"How? You have been missing for over a month. How did you end up inside the Vault?"

He's in there- CR 16 unique meladaemon. He is a demigod likely drafted by the Four Horsemen. He was trapped in an artifact long, long ago and released 20 years before the adventure takes place. The focus of the module is tracking down other artifacts to trap him again.

The thread seems pretty well introduced and wrapped up in the AP, but There might be some way to come up with 10 levels of adventures relating to gnolls, cults, ghouls, and daemons.

I'm considering using it as a epilogue to Legacy of Fire which I'll be finishing at a lower level than usual. Around 10th.

boo. smarty pants wizards... thought i might get you that time

Karethas logic has served you well so far so Varkata leads the group back through the doorway you just entered to find a different room on the return. Only three doors are curtained in flames this time. The fourth opens into a larger chamber where you find ten temple guard in two rows, one row taking a knee and the other row standing just behind, all in golden breastplate armor and aiming crossbows at you.


Varkata once again leads with her blade and passes safely through the fiery doorway. The next room is nearly indistinguishable from the former save an ornate gilded scorpion decorating the ceiling and the numbers above the exits. Starting with the portal you just entered, the number read clockwise: 12, 13, 14, 15...

Taking Karethas at his word, Varkata pokes her sword through the flame and finds that although she imagines feeling the great heat even as she stands inches away, she suffers no harm as she experimentally extends her arm so her hand touches the curtain of flames. A moment later, she safely leads the others through to the next room. It is nearly identical to the last chamber except the domed ceiling bears the ornate image of a golden dragon.

The doors here are numbered ascending clockwise as well starting with the passage you entered: 5, 7, 9, 11.

wow. nice string of strong rolls. Oh ok. pfft.

Though not particularly knowledgeable of theology, Karethas' somewhat spotty studies did include numerology. The course was particularly dry and uninteresting and taught by a particularly annoying professor who held the pharaohs of Ancient Osirion to be the pinnacle of magical theory. Despite all this, Karethas does recall a basic category of numbers that were the product of no other number than itself and 1. Certainly, such "unproductive" numbers would be bane to Abadar.

Varkata may not subscribe to the same point of view as the Master of the First Vault, but she knows a few thing about His religion. She thinks Kzrira might not be too far off with the numbers being in order. Surely, He would start with 1. But it cannot be that easy. What numbers would be most favorable or perhaps unfavorable to this god of calculation and increase?

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:

The numbers must be the key. The question is what?

Sense Motive: 1d20+1 <-- hunch?

ooh, nice!

Kzrira finds nothing special about the carved numbers and Amir corroborates there does not seem to be any obvious physical or magical mechanisms to bypass the holy fire. The phrase, The numbers must be the key, echoes in her mind though.

Abadar is a god of numbers and accounts. A logical and orderly God, too. Might that have something to do with a safe route?

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
I don't know if I'm being dense, but I don't even the barest idea here. Did you say there was something we could roll for a hint here Voodoo.

I'm purposely not giving you anything, but feel free to roll for hints. Hunch is a DC 20 sense motive. know religion might be applicable. there's always trial-and-error. mwu-ha-ha!

Your mystic vision and trained eye discern that the flames in the doorways are of divine origin. It appears to be like a flame strike spell and composed of magical fire and divine wrath rolled together. The fire might be extinguished, but the divine energy would still burn you should you attempt to pass through.

Kzrira impatiently shoots an arrow through a random doorway. The arrow is obviously incinerated as it passes through the curtain of flames.

"special about the [l]izard"

Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:

I return, post super colds and ER visits for back spasms and crazy sudden weather shifts...

Power Attack...which I figure is the better choice if I am now going scimitar/short sword...

Though I have a question for you Voodoo. How would you feel about the scimitar being my "off hand"? The rules make some convoluted statements about the off hand being the light weapon and all that but would it really be so bad if a short sword is my primary?

Welcome back!

wait, what's with the scimitar? I thought you were dual wielding short swords.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
...are the doors numbered in order or are they out of order? Is there any special orientation to the lizard or is there anything special about the lizard that looks like one of the keys?

The doors are numbered in order, clockwise starting with 1 at the 12 position. You don't note anything special about the wizard. Feel free to roll for spellcraft and/or hunches if you wish

Sheik Voodoo wrote:

As for gravity bow, yes it could be a potion, but I personally think it is a rather dumb meta-gamed spell that only exists because enlarge person arbitrarily doesn't apply to ranged weapons. I would rather just house rule that enlarge person applies to ranged weapons.

Yeah, this is what I wrote. Still applies.

wondering what Amir's going to take for his level ??

y'all ready to start up again?

Varkata peers through the veil of flames in each of the four numbered doorways and sees what appear to be four identical rooms to the one you find yourself.

Happy 2016! all the ideas above are worth a try. just let me know what you're doing and which numbered portal you're trying.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:

Ok, so, figured with the weird dreams and haunted past, having a touch of the Djinn in the blood made sense - went Elemental (Air) Bloodrager.

I like it; another take on a whirling dervish. The area she's from has a long history of genie habitation and could explain her strange markings, eyes, etc.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
So, yes, assuming our GM's okay with it...

Isn't alcohol a depressant though? ; ) Sure, I'll take interesting over optimized any day.

and considering that Amir's advanced age, maybe Escaping from Nursing Homes would be more appropriate...

We are on the back burner through the holiday. you've got time to level up and ponder the riddle. I'm not giving any overt clues to get out of the vault. Let's see what you come up with.

As for "un-optimized"... you aren't. at all. really.

Kzrira is over optimized for my tastes. Karethas does an excellent job of making a mess of foes as only an experienced wizard can. Varkata is doing a great job on double duty healer and hurter. Only Amir seems to be below the power curve, partly because dicebot seems to hate him and partly just in comparison to Kzrira and partly because he's half rogue.

This group is more than holding their own against CR 9 and it's a rare encounter that Kzrira can't annihilate in 3 rounds given the chance.

So enough whinging, please.

If you 'feel' unoptimized, it's only because I'm working extra hard to keep things slightly challenging...

Happy Holidays!

The heroes quickly deduce that they have been locked in the Immaculate Repository of Katapesh City. Possibly, once the efreet were released, the dangerous artifact was locked in the deepest, most secure vault. On the bright side, the heroes are home. Unfortunately, who knows how long it might be before anyone visits the vault to find them and Karethas can already sense with chagrin that the place is sealed against any type of teleportation or conjuration for that matter.

Surely, there is some way to pass safely out of the vault. Despite the curtains of flame, there are no visible doors or locks. Perhaps the numbers above the passages numbering 1-4 provide some clue...

Kzrira feels whiskers brush her cheek and hears the croaking mew of Spooky, Karethas feels the cool staff in his hand quiver nervously, Varkata feels a bit hungover and Amir just aches all over like an old man. Slowly everyone awakens.

The walls of the 30x30 square room appear to be made of shining gold. Arched passageways obscured by curtains of fire lead out in the center of each wall. Above each arch a number in the form of a stylized key is engraved. The ceiling is domed with a great stylized lizard engraved at the center. Small locked drawers line the walls, one hangs open right next to you.

A square of ash lies on the floor below the empty drawer. Obviously this is all that remains of the great world of Kakishon, reduced to the leavings of a hearth.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
. I just hope we can get someplace where I can buy spells and where I can actually cast most of them.

I'll prob torture you a bit longer, but eventually ; )

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:

HP 1d6+2 (Toughness + Favorite Class bonus) Awesome!

New Spells: Confusion, Arcane Eye (Racial Bonus)

I'll take the Ring of the Ram. VooDoo, how many charges?

I think we've been allowing rerolls of 1s. Go ahead.

Ring has 22 charges.

Well, we made it. Finally finished our hybrid Director's cut/Published version of the book. Thank you, Mr. Nelson for a great adventure!

It's all on PbP <HERE> for anyone with too much time.

TL; DR- The DC presents many more details about the isles esp. Khosravi (Flint and Steel) and Ismaizade (Crystal Isle). Also, presents a much more interesting hate triangle between opposing shaitan camps and the proteans.

Final Cut of Eternity:

Set up
Our version was mainly the Diretor’s cut (DC) with occasional use of the published version (PV) when the edits felt like they would play better. Players included: a maximized archer, a very clever wizard, a strong cleric and very unlucky fighter/rogue. Really, Dicebot just hates him.
Considering that my players are all very experience and that there’s a bit of power creep between 3.5 and PF, I did a few things to challenge my players. First, PCs did the whole book at 7th level. Second, Kakishon was truly cut off from the rest of existence so I allowed no conjuration of living things. The Proteans provided simple materials, but conjuration was severely limited. This was a big hit to the conjuration specialist wizard, but he was a good sport.
Serpent Isles
A brief recap above, but I'll mention again that the leveled gnolls provided in the DC were much more useful than the PV. Several ended up joining the party forcing the gnoll hunter archer PC to bide her time until their sudden and inevitable betrayal. I did use the tracking rules from the PV which seemed a bit more streamlined. I added some more encounters in the swamp- Stymphalian birds which I imagined picking bugs off the Golden Ram's back when he traveled through the swamp. The archer basically steamrolled the Golden Ram in a couple rounds once they spotted it.
Pleasure Palace
The next stop was the Pleasure Palace because I wanted to set up the Shaitan rivalry before the Proteans were explicitly introduced. Dilix appeared as a human female and the interactions with Neshari and Auroze were quite enjoyable. Not much exploration of the palace or island occurred as the PCs were distracted by the “help” and in a hurry to get after Jhavhul. I used the dream sendings from the cat, Spooky, per the PV for a bit of foreshadowing and mystery.
Flint and Steel
Though Dilix sought to send the PCs right after Obherak, she did advise a visit to Norrin first. This is where the DC provided the best new stuff. The trek to find Norrin now included hidden terrain hazards, animated ballistae and steel swarms. I also added a cutlass spider to the mix as well. The ghasts of Black Spire don’t really work so well any more under PF rules. I brought the steel swarm in to push PCs into the dead magic zone and give the ghasts a little better chance. I also gave them a more virulent ghoul fever that acted each round instead of daily. I think that worked OK, but wonder if gargoyles would work better in the dead magic zone since there wouldn’t be any magic blades to bypass their DR. I put noqual crystals atop the Spire just because I think that they are cool. Noqual encrusted gargoyles?
Good stuff in the DC added to Norrin’s Forge. I just incorporated Ebon Flame into the powerful sword he awards them.
The PC’s get back on the boat to go after Obherak next and find him awaiting them at the hostel there. I think they were quite surprised to find him proud, but reasonable. He also cast a bit of doubt on Dilix’s character by revealing that he was a male shaitan, possibly an efreet sympathizer, and not particularly honest. This is where the DC really adds some more depth to the shaitan conflict by giving the PCs a hard choice between Dilix and Obherak. The players seemed to be really uncomfortable suddenly with picking sides. Obherak gave them three days to bring back Dilix alive or dead or become enemies by default.
Speaker of the Dead
Skipped the Crystal Forest bit and merged it with the Isle of the Dead per PV. On the way back to Dilix, the party stop to investigate the now familiar island they’ve pass a few times now. I changed the Well of Tears to a haunt that retains and reveals a vision of Andrathi’s death. Venema tests the PCs as per the DC and finally provides them with information about the presence of the Proteans.
Isles of Not
Proteans now deliver the egg that sends the reluctant galley to the edge of the world. I used the whale and squid encounter in the DC. After all the double dealing, the PCs are even MORE hesitant to trust the Proteans, but reluctantly agree to their plan of trying to recruit Dilix's aid against Obherak and then betraying all the Shaitan. The give a few gifts and promise to aid the PCs further once the Protean trapped by Obherak is released.
Obheraks’ Fane
Negotiations with Dilix are tense, but he finally grants them the charm to sail a galley over the sand rivers and a couple quivers of adamantine arrows. Braving the sandstorms and raiding gargoyles, the PCs finally find the hidden fane. They solve the sphinx’s riddle mitigating her and fend off the shaitan sentry's attack. One PC is pushed into the quicksand like dust in the Golden Bowl and has to be rescued before sinking forever.
The Delven Labyrinth became a true labyrinth where all paths led to the 7-fold chamber in a rapid manner as mazes rarely go well. It never came into play though as the clever PCs noted the lack of tracks in the scattered sand around the tempting passages and eventually figured out that the retreating genie escaped down through the rock.
The finale followed the PV a bit more closely. Due to the low level of the PCs, I only had the cyst guarded by a greater earth elemental with an aura of stone spikes. The cyst itself was the simplified version. The party had made good use of the stone salve given them by the Proteans which helped them greatly against the difficult encounter. They managed to quickly free the captured Protean which disappeared. I made the party sweat it about three rounds as they held off the powerful elemental and a growing number of shaitan. Finally, the Protean cavalry rushed in to help the party against their shaitan enemies in a 12 round battle royal.

Alrighty! Level up!

and congratulations for finishing book 4. I think I need a bit of a break over the holidays. I'm going to change things up a fair bit for the grand finale : )

The Proteans disappear, having little interest in mortal quandaries. Amir spots the glitter of treasure amongst the black sand that once was the shaitan leader. Karethas identifies a +2 ring of protection, +2 bracers of armor, +1 flaming burst scimitar, ring of the ram, , and a gold circlet with a diamond mounted at the front.

The heroes have no idea how long it will be before the Proteans take care of their unfortunate business and it feels like hours before there is a ripple in reality. The high sloping walls of the pyramid shaped room ripple and then the stone walls start falling outward into darkness. There is a tearing wind that circle around as the heroes gather atop the glowing Cyst. The walls disappear and the howling void falls inward toward you until there is a lurching sensation and all goes dark...

The fair elven visage wears a most malevolent smile. "The terms of our bondage were chiseled in stone and the stone must be shattered and ground to dust before we can remake this world."

anything befote the wrap up?

No remaining shaitan targets here. You gather that the Cyst is the rune covered stone cube.

Amir rushes into the fraying line stabbing at a genie, but is again frustrated as Sholeh is turned by the stony skin only leaving a slight burn where she touches. Karethas shouts something about being low on spells and lobs a glob of acid way outside.

Kzrira's shots grow erratic as she rushes to get a killing shot. Only one stricks and it is not a critical wound though the powerful shaitan staggers as the assaults are taking their toll. Varkata reached the shaitan nearly simultaneously delivering a great blow with a weapon nearly equal in size to his own. He staggers back yelling defiant curses before another hammering blast of chaos falls upon the battered knot of defending shaitan crushing them to powder.

The great hissing Proteans turn toward you still seemingly mad with blood lust, but a commanding word from Lahapraset halts them. She turns to the heroes. "Now we will destroy the other remaining shaitan. Stay near the Earth Cyst here. Once all the shaitan are gone, we will return the Enslaver's World to its elements. The Earth Cyst will serve as an anchor to the Scroll and return you to your world."

Kzrira sends a barrage at the shaitan leader. The first two deflect off his onyx skin, but the next two pierce the stone. Varkata's flying force fleet race toward the final knot of shaitan. One falls from the snaking chain around its legs. The priestess herself charges down the ramp and with a snicker-snack of the black fire blade sends the half-drowned, half-burned granite genie's head flying off.

Obherak continued to gibber as the big Protean sinks fangs into his arm. This seems to being him back to the moment and in a furious sequence of swings, Obherak slays the Protean and turns on another. The two remaining loyalist shaitan shake off the nausea of Karethas' green cloud and fight boldly, but one suffers a bite as he attempts to stand and the other succumbs to madness after being bitten by a weird fanged tentacle. The shaitan turns his scimitar on himself as the rest of the Proteans converge on the defiant earth genies.

Round 12
Three rocks left

Amir pauses to finish the ever useful bottle of fortifying ale. Karethas' flaming sphere rolls down the ramp and onto the prone shaitan releasing howls and steam.

Round 11
The Family Stone

Amir moves over to the shaitan besieged by Proteans and lands a blow though it does little damage to the stone-skinned genie. Karethas sends a volley of force shards at the leader and directs spheres of fire and water around the field of battle. Kzrira focuses on the injured shaitan on the cube and with a direct hit to the head slays it sending it tumbling off in a spray of sand. Varkata refortifies herself and readies to join the assault against the surviving shaitan.

Denied their target on the cube, the frenzied Proteans descend on the fallen shaitan and tear him to pieces as he struggles to rise. Lahapraset and Maagiyawara laugh as the shaitan fall one by one. Obherak is hit by one of Kzrira's shots and then mobbed by a hissing Protean beast. It strikes him with one of the fanged tentacles and the powerful shaitan is reduced to babbling incoherence. The nauseated pair of shaitan and Proteans regain their composure and rejoin the battle. The Proteans strike three blows for every one managed by the shaitan.

down to the dregs- drowning shaitan, Obherak, and two shaitan engaged with Proteans

Round 11
The Family Stone

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