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Gremlin, Pugwampi

Sheik Voodoo's page

2,978 posts. Alias of voodoo chili.


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"Efreet? Ah, I saw a trail of fire high in the sky a few weeks ago. I wondered... You must go. I wish that I could join you, but I am pledged to this place still."

the ignorant thief is correct.

Ashraf-Asim turns to the shining obelisk. "I believe Sarenrae will soon make it known to the faithful that this holy site has been restored, but notify the Vaultkeepers. They will be glad to know this trade route is open once more and so will the little town of Kelmerane which I believe you mentioned once."

"I would have said you had your God's own luck to defeat the evil that lurked here, but I think it took more than luck," Assad says with a faint smile. It is the first expression other than wariness or grief that you have seen on the sphinx-like creature. "Where will you go next?"

The lammasu nods. "Yes, all are welcome to the drink deeply at the Well of Paradise. It will be a beacon of light once again for any traveler to rest and be refreshed."

The previous night, Kzrira once again feels as she did after her resurrection that her soul is worn and less than it once was. It is beyond the leonine lord's ability to repair and she falls asleep troubled. Her dreams beneath the obelisk are bright however and through its influence, she awakes restored the next morning.

just made it.

gonna need a fort save from Kzrira for the neg level, but +4 circumstance bonus.

The day breaks pink and gold in the east. The tall obelisk resembles a upright flaming sword in the dawn's light and is reflected in the oasis which has miraculously purified itself to become clear and refreshing with the coming of the day. Kzrira, ever on the look out for profit with her good deeds, sees something else glimmering in the now transparent pool. Old gold coins are scattered about the oasis' bottom: 3600 gp in all. Everyone sets forth to remove the dark stain upon the place and after a day of hard work, the ruined chapel though still broken, no longer bears the marks of desecration.

The guardian of the oasis sits as the sun sinks and takes in the view. "Noble Heroes, what you have done is beyond what I ever hoped, but I am sure others have need of your strength. I will stay and rebuild the chapel, but know that I am eternally in your debt."

It takes most of the rest of the day to gather wood and build the pyre. The deadly swarms have gone and only a scattering of mosquitoes bother those that enter the jungle for dead wood. After the pyre has burned down to hot ash, Assad can focus once more on the party. "You are tired and drained. This place is safe now. We can rest here. If you wish, I have the power to restore your lost vitality."

He can cast lesser restoration 7/day. so consider CON damage restored, if you wish.

The lammasu's deep brown face turns ashen with grief. With a single claw extended from his massive paw, he tenderly draws aside the shroud. "Her head," he says though it isn't clear if this is a question or statement. "All the remains should be cremated. Let her burn as brightly as the sun one last time. Then let us pray that her soul somehow reaches the Dawnflower."

It is not long after you have set to work that a rush of air is heard overhead and a great winged form glides down to where you stand. Assad Ashraf-Asim, lammasu warden of the desecrated oasis has arrived. The great bearded face of the winged lion looks incredulous. "You-You have done it. I had lost faith that this place could be restored, but I feel it. The curse has been lifted. The darkness purged. Did you find her? Fadiyah al'Qirym, the lost paladin?"

Varkata can see beyond the cracked wall to a small dim crypt lit by a sliver of light cutting through the crack.

I'll just wrap up this part.

Karethas uses his wand to form a passage into the chamber. The Archon easily overpowers the feeble vampire dragging it through the hole, from the pit, and out into the now bright sunlight that shines on the oasis. Four times is this repeated until all the unholy imams are destroyed forever.

Afterwards, the Archon bows his head to the conjurer. "It was an honor to be called for this task. Should you ever face such evil again, do not hesitate to call me again." Then he vanishes back to his higher realm.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
-- there was always magical darkness, or creatures hiding because they expected me to look through the wall/door.

Outrageous! What kind of GM would abuse darkness that way?!

The Archon assaults the unholy seal until little is left besides shredded metal. Stopping only when it is destroyed, the wolf-headed outsider lowers his great sword and pauses to catch his breath.

Varkata's got a way to see through the walls as well. just saying.

Varkata-yes, bonus would apply.

Following the Archon, Kzrira finds that her light now shows the dark waters and slimy stone sides of the pit even after the enraged celestial teleports back out of the pit.

perception DC 25 in the pit:
You note that there are four evenly spaced gaps in the walls of the pit. They are mere cracks, but too straight and of uniform length to be natural. They are too narrow even for a finger, yet greasy black mist might slip through.

Surely, this is the most powerful being that Karethas has conjured so far. The robustly built being is muscular and man-shaped except for its canine head, but would never be mistaken for a gnoll. There is an aura of nobility that emanates from it and a bit of threat from its poise and the great sword it wields.

Its eyes catch the horrible blasphemy on the shrine and it growls and the aura of nobility suddenly becomes threatening. But it bows its head in assent to Karethas' request. "Destroying vampires, is it? Gladly." In a moment, its great sword is encased in flame lighting the area around it though the fire has no heat. Then the archon disappears and the light comes from the watery pit below.

"WHAT IS THIS!" Up comes an outraged shout and the celestial dives beneath the water to reappear beside you again with a great metal seal that seems to rail against the light cast by the archon's sword. The shield-sized bronze disc bears images of pestilence and blood orgy upon its corroded surface. "Urgathoan FILTH!" the holy creature howls and gives barking yells of outrage as it assaults the object with its heavy blade!

regular darkness. archons would work.

"Not gone, but not move anymore. Bad thing is round and metal with pictures on it."

The glowing coin disappears immediately as the elementals drop into the darkness. The is a frenzied splashing and then silence. The wizard waits and just when he is about to write off his allies, a burbling voice calls from below.

"This water is foul. It is dark here, but we can see. Dead things attacked and we are less, but they are gone. The water is not deep. There is a bad thing on the bottom that pollutes the water here and makes it dark. A tunnel leads out to a pool outside to a place with many plants."

The fact that Kzrira's lights were extinguished last time she descended hints that the pit is filled with magical darkness. The fact that Varkata's nightviaion pierces it though reveals that the spell is not as powerful as the Urgathoan beast's impenetrable aura. What the priestess sees is a wide pit that ends in noisome water about thirty feet below.

Amir is left earthbound to ponder flying carpet tricks, but at least he is out of harm's way. Best to leave vampires to a priestess anyway. Two more of the undead imams are dispatched in a flurry of crackling black flame and whizzing silver arrows. The remaining injured vampire hisses defiance, but is finished off by bolts of light from Karethas' divine allies.

Three more greasy black clouds sink into the dark pit.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
A flying carpet would be SO appropriate for the setting. You could say that it would be a whole new world! Right! A whole new world? Get it? Selene Dion? Aladdin?.... It was the best reference ever. F&)k all of you!

My sentiments exactly :)

Actually it was the arcane dip for wand exploitation.

How about everyone chip in for a magic carpet?

Someone give Amir a Red Bull! We do need to find a more reliable way for Amir to fly. There will likely be a lot of aerial battle in the upcoming genie war.

Varkata cuts into one of the blasphemies with her black flamed blade. Kzrira fires a round of silver arrows taking out the injured vampire and hitting another. A black cloud sinks into the pit. The swarm of glowing celestial spheres move in though their assault is rather uncoordinated.

Varkata is struck again, but suffers little other than a scratch V-3 slash.

Round 3

waiting for Varkata and Amir.

flying. For kix.

Varkata wards herself and flies into combat with the bloodsuckers. Kzrira twists away from the cold dead hands of the vampires and darts through the door with Karethas.

The unholy imams turn their wrath on the priestess. Her injuries are only slight however, as her God keep her soul bottled up and tightly capped.
Varkata-4,4 slash

Round 2

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Is there no save against the energy drain?

there is a save to see if it is permanent after 24 hours. Also, Kzrira is surrounded so give me an acrobatics or fly to pass through the threatened area.

Kzrira kicks away ghastly claws and rises quickly out of the darkness. Karethas casts a spell on Amir who seems a bit unappreciative. Kzrira's radiant bow and lantern are eclipsed a moment later by four black robed figures rising after her and surrounding her. She whirls and blocks with her bow, but one pale clawed hand slashes her pulling vitality away with it. Kzrira-4 slash, 1 neg level.

Round 1
Foe [/b]

Currently in the middle of a move and lacking internet. I'll get follow-up post next week.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Ach! I meant to use my Pearls of Power to recover the two Magic Missle spells after the last battle. Can I retcon that?


Kzrira- I still need some saves.

With some time to spare on her flying spell, Kzrira ties off and with a lamp and magically lit bow descends into the pit. She only gets about twenty feet down before both sources of light are quashed by tangible darkness-

Judging by the sounds around you, the pit is filled with water just below your feet. Suddenly a gagging stench fills your lungs and something splashes out of the water below grabbing at you! Claws rake your flesh tearing open your boots. Kz-6, 9 slash, and 3 fort DC 15 saves


Amir 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Karethas 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
Kzrira 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
Varkata 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10
foe 1d20 ⇒ 9

light source?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Kzrira thinks the great big dark pit of evil in the center of the room is noteworthy.

The jungles about the oasis hold nothing but bloodthirsty swarms that you'd prefer to avoid. The dark waters of the oasis reek and bubble with pestilence and disease. With the obelisk restored, only the ruined chapel remains.

Peering inside the dim edifice reveals squalor and horror. Blasphemies and blood coat the walls. The once bright tiled floor is coated in murk at least what remains of it. A large central section has collapsed into a dark pit. The altar is draped with the long decayed remains of a horse and charred human skulls are cast about. Worst of all however, the great Celestial Cross of the Dawnflower at the front of the chapel is defiled with what appears to be a crucified paladin. The rotting skull of the dead horse has been attached in place of the faris' head.

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Any chance we could finish cleansing the obelisk. Didn't you say it might have healing powers?

actually, I don't think anyone rolled the religion check for that info, ahem...

Varkata's consecration seems to have restored the obelisk. However, it and the whole oasis will remain polluted until the ruined chapel is cleared. Fortunately, Varkata senses that the image of Urgathoa you destroyed was likely the most powerful emanation of unholiness to be found within it.

The ghasts came out of the oasis. The archons circle above the cursed dark water seemingly a little hesitant to enter the unfamiliar element. Eventually a few dive in to make forays, but are called home again before they uncover any more of the undead if any more were lurking below.

Nothing remains of the giant undead woman except ectoplasmic residue. The ghasts still stink enough to make you gag, but are clad only in polluted water of the oasis and armed with nothing but tooth and claw.

The radiant glow flushes the ashy face of the frozen rogue healing him and in a minute or two his stiff limbs are freed from the grasp of fear induced rigor mortis and he is able to move again.

The thin neck is finally severed with one powerful strike of the rime flamed blade. The final ghast is destroyed.

The force shards injure the ghast, but it is not enough to deter it from attempting to kill its helpless meal.

I have you too well trained. Karethas, then Varkata.

Kzrira's arrows make short work of one creature. The other ignores its fallen companion and bites at the paralyzed merchant's throat.

2 ghouls= not really worth posting init. first come, first annihilate...

The power unleashed by Varkata resembles a cyclone of black flame, howling and crackling with lightning. The beautiful face of the ghastly abomination is twisted with hatred and pain before it melts and green goo is splattered across the rocky ground. Nothing remains of the cursed creature except floating strands of ectoplasm and the pair of undead ghouls devouring your hapless rogue alive!

Kzrira sends an arrow into the heart of the dead thing before noticing Unlucky Amir succumb to the rigor mortis inducing touch of the ghasts. The celestial orbs regroup and about half their rays hit this time while shards of force from the wizard's hands unerringly strike their target.

Varkata up

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
BTW, the wizard is NOT a joy kill. He just lets the other PLAYERS have the joy of hitting things instead of flailing aimlessly.

Exactly, just as the poor GM said, kill joy.

sigh. poor Amir can't get a break outside of a market.

Varkata- forgotten fop?

Varkata sends a toast from the Drunken God that washed over the area. Though the area is no longer desecrated, the giant avatar of death is itself a desecration and resists the holy energy. The ghast on Amir however is caught in the field and consumed and destroyed by the positive energy.

The flying scythe spins slashing Varkata twice in a moment and the Urgathoan horror hacks her with its immense claw. Varkata-5,7 slash and 18 claw, fort DC 20.

The remaining ghast is joined by another that hops over the bluff. They both charge Amir and he is nicked by a wayward claw. Amir-4 claw, fort DC 15 or paralyzed.

Round 4
the darkness (38)

Amir is about to fall to his knees and pray when the light suddenly reappears. Reacting quickly, the old rogue cuts down one of the vile undead before it can raise a claw.

Varkata up

sigh, wizards are such kill joys...

Kzrira ignores the stink and flies upward feeling a claw grate against her armor. Karethas gives a dismissive gesture and suddenly the darkness is gone revealing a monstrous figure- a woman some ten feet high and made of strange gooey ectoplasm floats near Varkata. One of its hands is formed as a great bone scythe. A pair of emaciated undead threaten Amir and a third howls its frustration at its escaped prey overhead. A trio of lantern archons appear orbiting the towering monstrosity, but send their rays nearly everywhere except at the target.

Round 3
the darkness (31)

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