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Gremlin, Pugwampi

Sheik Voodoo's page

3,137 posts. Alias of voodoo chili.


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I don't post enemy init modifiers.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Do the rest of us get an action this turn? I assume they got the surprise round above? .

yep. I'll post the rest of R1 after the Jann go. Not familiar with that spell. Can you give me a link or source? Btw leaders first attack was a fumble, pffft.

After a tedious discussion on who gets fire-proofed. The Heroes fly up the shaft to the next level. Karethas joins Amir on his carpet and the griffin is unhappily taxed carrying the women doubled up. The party reaches the apparently unattended war room.

All is not as it seems, however. There is a blur and you are surrounded by a trio of giant Jann: the injured assassin, another of his ilk and a third that you almost mistake for a Shaitan. This one is not armed and armored as the others, but bound only in crimson wrappings something like a mummy and his skin gleams like polished iron.

The first giant takes his revenge on Varkata now that their positions are reversed. The scimitar cuts painfully. Varkata-22 slash His companion jabs at Kzrira's heart narrowly missing, but leaving a grievous wound. Kzrira-28 slash The leader bears no weapons, but instead hits with fists hard as steel. If only Karethas's staff had not twitched alerting the wizard just in time!

Amir 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Karethas 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12
Kzrira 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
Varkata 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20
foe 1d20 ⇒ 18

Note: It'd help me out if you list what buffs you have up.

Round 1

I'll assume this is prior to entering the next chamber. Varkata-what's the duration on embiggening?

You know that Jann can turn invisible, make creature bigger or smaller, and move between the planes.

Amir's plans at profit are foiled as the basins are built into the structure of the tower. The Heroes of Kelmarane fly up through the central shaft through an opening to the next level. The opening leads to a large chamber which takes up the northern half of the tower. A heavy black curtain divides the chamber to the east and a brass wall to the west. Arrow slits pierce the outer wall in all directions, scenes of efreet, fiery dwarves, and salamanders are etched into the brass walls between engraved maps and charts. A huge sand table sits in the western quarter depicting the town of Kelmerane and its surroundings in great detail, burning braziers flank it on either side.

anyone taking Varkata's offer or are we moving on?

The party realizes that the arrow slits look out into the night and are for defending the tower. No ambush awaits, here anyway.

onward and upward?

Kzrira finds that the basins have mild conjurations on them to produce water upon command and that a battered old wooden shield mounted on the wall is a +1 caster shield. The spell scribed on the leather strap on the back is Eagles Splendor. There is also a small locked iron box well hidden in a wardrobe.

The Heroes quickly fly up the central shaft again stopping only the opposite side of the passage from the kitchen which turns out to be a barracks. Arrow slits line the long curving exterior wall. There are tables and chairs and couches for reclining upon. The southern end has a pair of wardrobes, basins, and a desk. Tapestries embroidered with an abstract flame pattern hang on the walls between the arrow slits.

back up?

Madra seems unaffected by the red cap. The well-born young woman takes Varkata's apology philosophically. "The one that the gnolls call the Lioness should mind that her claws not injure friend as well as foe," she notes as she ushers her awestruck companion out of the tower to safety.

Madra flinches from the sharp arrow tips that are jabbed at her and gives Kzrira a strange look.

sense motive DC 15:
Her demeanor doesn't seem to bear malice, just confusion that weapons are being carelessly tossed at her.

The kitchen slaves reappear with a couple small bundles and stare wide-eyes at the dead Janni. "Please, help us escape quickly!"

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Would that provoke?

Didn't really think to mention it, but giant Varkata wasn't going to be able to squeeze in with Kzrira only taking a 5' step back. Varkata is already attacking from reach.

Injured by the giant priestess and gravely outnumbered, the Janni retreats to the shaft and launches himself upward and out of sight.

Round 2

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Just one quick question: Is Varkata still enlarged?

Yepper. Tower is sized for large efreet

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Whew, glass cannon janni.

criting + sneak attack is decent damage, but no, they aren't particularly tough considering ~50 hp damage per round. As I've said before, high level BAB outstrips AC so it's just a race for damage.

Varkata should be back this weekend so I don't mind holding for her post.

The first Janni quickly falls to Kzrira's onslaught of arrows. The second is not bothered by Karethas' spell, but suffers a claw gouge from the bronze griffon.

Varkata up

Kzrira-the Bronze Griffin can attack as well.

Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:

Amir did something!

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Hmmm. Can I retcon?

sure. Amir steps before Kzrira, shielding her from the genie assassins. Sholeh strikes drawing blood though the fire dancing along the blades edge does not appear to affect the genie.

Madra nods vigorously at Amir's suggestion. "One moment. I have just a few things to get." She disappears into the storeroom.

The other girl looks confused. "What do you mean?" she calls after her companion. "We have nothing to get. Hurry, Madra-"

Her call is cut short as a pair of Jann guards appear from nowhere and attack Kzrira at the rear of the group. One scimitar strikes critically, exiting with a spray of blood while the other guard fumbles in his eagerness. Kzrira- 32 slash

Initiative Rolls:
Amir 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16
Karethas 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
Kzrira 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
Varkata 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9
foe 1d20 ⇒ 17

Before Kzrira can react, the guards continue slashing at her. Two more assassin-like strikes and a mortally deep wound! Kzrira-17, 24

Round 1

Madra frowns, "Four different guards have come for the food. They look just like men and women, but taller and they can fly. They can turn invisible as well to spy on us. One caught me stealing food she says as she pulls aside limp sweat soaked hair to reveal fading bruise on her cheek."

No worries, Devon.

I also will be on vacation 9/1-9/6. Maybe a couple posts, but pretty quiet.

The other girl's eyes grow big. "The Heroes of Kelmerane! We are saved, Madra!"

"Quiet, you fool. You'll alert the genies," Madra warns. She turns to Karethas. "We have not left this chamber since we were captured. We do not know what is above other than the best food goes up there."

As predicted, the eastern opening leads to a kitchen. A brass oven sits against the far wall next to a brass sink. Wooden shelves and tables stacked with various foodstuffs and cooking and eating utensiles line the room's vacant walls. A large fire pit smolders merrily in the middle of the floor, the smoke guided by unseen forces through a grate in the wall.

Two young women dressed in rags are hard at work preparing food. As you enter, one turns looking confused. "Guests are not allowed in the kichen, your food will be brought to you soon," she explains nervously.

Karethas' logic seems sound; It is likely the pit is an oubliette and the lord of the Brass Tower reigns above. By magic, Varkata easily climbs the walls of the domed chamber like a great spider and up the shaft with Amir and Karethas close behind on the carpet. Kzrira's magical griffon has a harder time in the passage, but claws its way up behind.

There are two opening a short ways past the ceiling. To the west is the smell of oiled armor, to the east is the smell of baking bread. The shaft continue upward.

Varkata is too big to share the carpet. I think Karethas came up with the best solution. I'll say the griffon can be used at hour increments. It's been maybe a half hour since the last battle.

that covers everyone, up or down.

The tower does not seem built to accommodate walking. Accessing other rooms requires flying up or down the vertical shaft at the tower's core.

Karethas easily identifies the creature as a huge fire elemental, an outsider of living fire usually hard to damage with earthly weapons, but Kzrira's amulet enhances her shots to full potency. The conjurer punches at it with his magical ring, but it dodges aside. That matters not though as Varkata's blade of burning cold cuts through the heart of the flame quenching it. The creature disappears in an instant, likely returned to its home plane.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
I thought I was more resistant than that (ie - Immune?), thanks to the wish? (Leaving only 7 slam?)

check, I forgot. Is it noted on your character sheet?

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Kzrira's amulet overcomes any DR by elementals (of whatever type is closest - also includes fiery genies per Voodoo.

yep, and I'm sure to rue that moment of beneficence.

So I have Amir, Kzrira- fire resist 5; Karethas, Varkata- fire 10

With everyone warded against the oven-like heat, a properly sized Varakta leads the way through the great gate and into the Brass Tower.

The double doors open onto a circular brass chamber with walls that rise to form a dome twenty feet overhead. The room's floor and walls are bare, but the walls are engraved with stylized flames and scnes of a cityscape that wraps around the entire room. Above, the dome is carved with cavorting genies and other fiery creatures. The floor, walls and dome are all polished to a mirror-like sheen scattering the light of a large burning brazier that stands opposite you behind a fifteen foot diameter shaft in the floor and dome above in the exact center of the tower. There are no doors, stairs or ramps and no apparent exit other than up or down the shaft.

As you enter, the brazier flares and a huge creature of living flame rushes the giant priestess!

Initiative rolls:
Amir 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Karethas 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
Kzrira 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21
Varkata 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6
foe 1d20 ⇒ 19

The burning humanois is even taller than the giant Varkata and a flaming fist pummels her as she is surrounded by roaring flame.
Varkata-7 slam, 8 fire (-5 ER)

Round 1

Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:
Amir scratches at his chin for a moment and moves forward to the doors, Maybe...

you know what? given the rogue's ability to disarm magic traps and a nice roll, I'm going to allow it.

While Kareathas perhaps regrets his behavior at the CDS, Amir creeps up to feel the warm brass surface of the tower. He reaches out with perception and intuition honed over years of shady dealings. Somehow the intangible magical energies that ward the door are apparent to his sensitive touch and seem to stick to his fingertips allowing him to slightly twist and pull until the ward is unlocked and the doors slowly swing open revealing heat and light!

Karethas finds himself rather unpracticed in the abjuration school and even with a quick benediction from Zayifid his spell fails to open the great doors.

Karethas-nope. you're gonna need to roll better than average. Varkata, you got any luck bonuses?

Zayifid stands and bows deeply as he accepts Amir's holy symbol. "Thank you, my friend. This can help us all," he says reverently. By the light of Amir's sword, the priest moves quickly through the ruined temple shaking his head in sorrow. Once back out in the night, he breathes deeply and gathers his strength saying a prayer with the wooden key squeezed between his palms.

"Now then, let us see this Brass Tower." Once before the still silent and seemingly impenetrable tower, the priest again prayers and studies the doors. "If there is one thing that a priest of Abadar should know about, it is locks," he says with a slight smile.

"This door is not held by any physical means, but by magic locks." He looks to Varkata and Karethas. [b]"Do you have the means to dispel magic?"{/b]

"No." The priest sighs and his hand goes to his neck. "If only I had a holy symbol. I might be of more use."

Karethas' cantrips freshen the air and remove the grime and filth from the poor priests. They rise and slowly, cautiously step out on stiff legs. They thank their rescuers and Zayfid replies, "The temple was captured early on by the dread Efreet. We were defrocked and have been locked up here since the beginning. The Beast's minion barely gave us enough to survive taunting that he was saving us for a great sacrifice. I do not know what has happened to any others." The priest look sadly around. "Oh, what have they done to the temple?"

Amir finds no traps and the key unlocks the door. Upon opening it, the Heroes are subjected to another stench. Amir's flaming blade reveals the pitiful source in a moment. Three priests of Abadar in soiled robes and weak from hunger blink up at the light. It takes a moment to realize that one of the captives is Zayifed, the high priest, now reduced to squalor in a vault of his own temple.

Uncertain how to enter the Brazen Redoubt, the Heroes head back through the dark quiet streets to the defiled temple looking for some lock that the key might fit.

The entrance to the temple is filled with rubble from the broken stone wall that once covered the battered doors. The entry annex is scarred by fire and covered in more rabble from the cracked walls. The stink of gnolls, urine and garbage fills the great prayer hall. Across the domed room, the raised dais is flanked by piles of burning trash that eerily light the defiled apse. All the golden accouterments of the Abadarians have been stripped and the remains cobbled into a makeshift idol of the many-legged maw.

The adventurers make their way through the despoiled temple of the God of Wealth finding nothing left of value. Finally, they find a locked sacristy with a keyhole to match the corroded iron key.

Amir efficiently loads the corpse onto his flying carpet and with key in hand, the Heroes move to the great brass tower. Few things are ever so easy though and they find no keyhole in the heavy brass gates. Come to think of it, the rather plain iron key doesn't resemble anything one would expect to open the shining magical bastion.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
Sorry I missed the Archon chopping off the priest's head.

well, it made more sense than Kzrira shooting the thing's head off with a bow ; ) Also, I forgot to mention that there was a key in the dead high priest's pocket or somewhere.

Amir ignores the howling and screaming around him to focus on picking over the corpse. Though the old rogue lacks magical sight, he does have an eye for value. He reckons the thick belt of some strange leather and a tarnished Bestial buckle holds arcane power, as well as the unholy amulet still somehow hanging off the headless gnoll. The full plate is masterwork and obviously of great value and finally, the greataxe itself probably enhanced.

Sheik Voodoo wrote:
The Hound Archon quickly lops off the dying Beast Worshipper's head.

The great hound Archon blinks at Karethas and then turns to the suddenly silent gnolls. With a deep howl, he lifts his great sword high and lunges forward. The gnolls break, fleeing down the path to the Lower Town. Before long all the gnolls have fled Kelmarane to slink off into the night and their barren desert haunts.

Slowly, lights appear in some of the homes where the few citizens who were enslaved rather than immediately killed or taken away remain. Otherwise all is still in the town including the great brass tower that has replaced the Battle Market.

I was hoping for a little flourish to chase off the remaining gnolls and seal the victory...

Surrounded by Archons and ducking arrows, the evil cleric takes little notice of the old rogue until it is too late and Sholeh slides between a vulnerable joint in his armor. The great gnoll barks a laugh spitting blood as he falls to his knees. The Hound Archon quickly lops off the dying Beast Worshipper's head.

The Lantern Archon which burns with heatless red flames drifts down to the fallen priestess of Cayden Cailenn and brushes against her miraculously bestowing temporary life upon her. aid: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10 temp hp Then the trio of glowing orbs return to their heavenly home.

"Gladly!" the Archon barks as he rushes toward the gnoll high priest that stands over Karethas' fallen companion. Two warding spells collide as the Hound Archon reaches the fell cleric. The Archon feels the counter spell to his protection from evil and notes that the blasphemer is unaffected by the Archon's righteous aura. Though the spell does not block his blade, the armor is enough and when the Hound tries to bite, he nearly falls back from a painful jolt.

At least the new Archon brings more light. Kzrira keeps firing 20% miss: 3d100 ⇒ (27, 67, 46) = 140, her arrows undeterred by the strange dancing shadows and stout plate armor.

Round 13
Varkata- I think the Lantern Archons hang around, yes?
Amir- flanking
Kelmarane forces

Not just odd, it's a buzzkill.

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