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Gremlin, Pugwampi

Sheik Voodoo's page

3,227 posts. Alias of voodoo chili.


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Beyond the cave-in lies a familiar sight as the passage suddenly widens into a cave. The cavern measures some 40 feet wide by 30 deep. Wisps of acrid black smoke eddy in the eerie light shed by the flickering pale blue flames that pop and hiss from cracks in the cave's floor. A rough flattened mound of lava rock rises from the center of the room with a clay bowl resting on top and long blackened bones cast about its base. Two other passages exit the room. The third passage that led upward to the House of the Beast has been destroyed as marked by the rubble you just passed.

A small impish figure leaps from behind the rock onto the bowl once again. The creature is fiery red with flames licking over its batlike wings and grotesque face complete with horns, long drooping ears and long pointy nose. It shouts something in an elemental tongue that pops, cracks and hisses like the flames around you.

So, you have returned. Why?! You are not welcome.

Gen frowns. Gem? Really, Karethas? Do you see a holographic girl band here? "Ugh. A mephit," she says with disgust.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Would Varkata's immunity activate Kzrira's amulet?

youre not an outsider. Energy resist will do for a while anyway.

The Heroes take a moment to confer a final time before Amir leads the way into Pale Mountain. The old rogue inspects his handiwork from last time to find that the traps remain disarmed and that he actually did quite a good job handling them. Varkata recognizes the three-eye gnoll carvings as representations of the evil Goddess of monsters, Lamashtu.

Beyond the trapped passage, the party finds everything pretty much as they last saw it. The stink of the troglodytes still lingers on the scavenged bones that remain from the battle. The coooler passage leading down to the Underdark is passed once again and the warmer upward leading corridor followed until it ends in loose rubble. It takes a little work to push aside the rocks and it is increasingly hot work, but eventually a small hole is made to squeeze through.

What do Kzrira and Amir have for heat resistance?

Gen scowls at Amir and Kzrira. "This is no time for bickering. The dangers ahead are dire indeed. Focus on the task at hand," she berates. She looks more thoughtfully at Varkata, "The wish warp affects the flow of magic. Existing spells will not be affected, but tapping into magical forces by casting a spell may release a trickle or torrent. It will prove difficult to control your spell effects."

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
So I took Planar Adaptation because it give 20 fire resistance that would last 9 hours. Awesome! Now I noticed that it only works on other planes.

I'm dropping that requirement. You're going inside a volcano. You'll need that protection.

All except Varkata recall the path and the rickety bridge over the Pale River and then the dark cave in the buff cliff beneath the carving of a gnoll with bared teeth. Gen sheds the form of a staff to peer forward into the cave, then up through the pines to the towering cliffs of Pale Mountain. "Careful Master, the wishwarp distorts magic here. I also sense that Nefeshti will soon begin her assault. Is this the way that you spoke of?"

Later, Nefeshti draws out a sketch of the battle showing how the genie forces will approach and wishes the others luck before the beautiful form with burning wings steps into the cook fire and disappears.

In the morning, the Heroes quietly make final preparations: praying and memorizing spells or checking weapons and armor a final time. Then Karethas has everyone stand in a circle holding hands and with a word of power bends space so that the group arrives in the woods near where you first spotted the mad gnome-like creature named Bug.

Teleport close. Intention is that you'll be totally separate from the aerial assault and in fact, they'll be coming in from a different direction.

Ready for Pale Mountain?

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Varkata nods, "If the tunnels are too small for the Efreet, that may give us some advantage."

"Unfortunately, Efreet can change their size easily so that will make no difference to them," Nefeshti reveals. "This sounds like an excellent plan though. The attack of the Airlancers and Djinn on the House of the Beast will draw the Efreet upward and you can use these tunnels to attack Jhavhul at the heart while most of his forces are engaged. I have no doubt he will throw all he can at us. His hatred of me is great."

"Make any final preparations. We attack tomorrow morning."

Will post if the power ever comes back on :P

Nefeshti nods thoughtfully. "Jhavhul is the keystone. If he is removed, the Efreet will quickly leave this plane and return to their fiery realm. How to reach him, is the question. He will not leave the mountain and we cannot take the House of the Beast. Unless there is some other way to reach the mountain's burning heart where he hides. The Old Wards and Wishwarp that surround Pale Mountain make magic too risky, but perhaps there is a hidden entrance..."

"I have heard that you've been in the House of the Beast before, when you killed the Carrion King. Do you know of another way into the mountain?"

"I hear that you have driven Jhavhul's followers from Kelmarane," the Peri queen smiles. "Thank you. The town is once again safe, but only so long as Jhavhul pays it no mind. Unfortunately, should he succeed at his vile plans, not only will Kelmarane be lost forever, but I fear Katapesh and Osirion as well. I have searched the Brazen Peaks for allies and found the Simbayan, a lost tribe of Janni Airlancers, as well as the few Djinn who yet dwell in these lands since the zenith of Ipeq's power."

"Our numbers are too few however, and I fear we cannot prevail against Jhavhul's army of Efreet and renegade Jann. We can hold our own in the skies, but once the battle moves into the depths of Pale Mountain, all may be lost."

With a final toast and a few more purchases to finish their supply run, the Heroes complete their mission well before noon. Once again, Karethas bends space to hurtle them over the wide arid grasslands of Katapesh toward the Uwaga Highlands where Kelmarane lies. 1d100 ⇒ 14 They arrive safely at the monastery slightly disoriented and very tired from spending the night hurriedly combing the markets of the great capital city. The sun is slightly lower to the east, but all is well among the refugees and finding that there has not been any contact from Nefeshti yet, the Heroes retire to their private room to rest and recover once again.

It is the evening of the following day that the radiant form of the celestial genie emerges from the kitchen hearth startling Hadra. You meet with Nefeshti in the library to report and plan the offensive against Jhavhul and his forces at Pale Mountain.

oh yeah, Happy Holidays : )

sure. Yes to both of the above.

ready to move on?

Amir suggests a morning tipple to end a successful shopping expedition. It's quiet at Jerikal's Ales given the early hour, but Varkata observes that it's always a good time to toast Caileann. Amir's queries find that there is a more powerful "priest in a bottle" called Red Cardinal Wine which goes for a hefty 3,750 gold scarabs, but heals the most serious wounds. CSW x5. Blue priest was CMW x5 for 1500gp. there are also remove curse, remove fear and remove paralysis versions

No issue. That's fine. I'm not sure what the next step is- Amber Archbishop? Purple Pope? I'll have to look.

It takes the whole night, but by the time the dawn's light spreads over the northernmost reaches of the Obari Ocean to touch the tall spires of the Pactmasters' Palace, the Heroes have wandered through dozens of markets to find the items they sought.

go ahead and tally up and we'll move along.

Gen frowns, but is distracted by the question. "Surely, you are far more knowledgeable about spells, Master. There are none that I could add that you do not already have."

You will be shopping through the night, but maybe you could swing by for breakfast ; ) or just teleport back to Katapesh.
btw Karthas- greater invisibility ought to be a 4th level spell.

"I do not butt in. I did not know if I was wanted."

Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:
Uh oh. Why is the mask odd? Its cheap (relatively) and helps me feint? I'm experiencing a lack of confidence in the request, lol.

No, it's good. Just weird fluff with the stone face thing- too literal? I looked it up and it's an Oread item. maybe Amir could pose as the littlest shaitan...

If you like, we can re-skin it as the Scarf of the Inscrutable Sphinx. A large square of yellow silk painted with the image of a mysterious gynosphinx accented with gold thread. When tied bandana-like over your lower face you gain the same benefits as the stony masky thing.

The staff disappears from Karethas' hand and the tiny genie appears, pouting. "You have forgotten me, Master. Or am I just too lowly to introduce to your family?"

Evidently, working for the efreet doesn't really pay well; the payroll is only 6,480 silver and 433 gold.

Remember that Amir gets 10% more for your sales and gets 10% off your purchases.

Amir- stony mask is...odd, but fine if that's what you want.

Varkata- yeah, i nixed Falcon's Aim.

By magic carpet, bronze griffon and spell, the heroes launch into the evening sky over the bustling metropolis to the delighted gasp of Yesenia. Amir quickly guides you the the best markets and Nightstalls to sell your prizes and gather new gear.

Little time goes by before Karethas' staff grows frosty in his hand indicating her displeasure.

Yesenia smiles and gives her brother a parting hug unaware of his uncertainty about the future.

So looks like arrows for Kzrira, healing wands for Varkata, and scrolls for Karethas. anything else? only the high level scrolls may take more time to find.

The girl gives a sly smile. "I had better be your favorite. What amusing friends you've made. Well, if you've more 'dangerous and valuable' things to do, don't let me stop you. Will you be returning soon? Do you promise to show me how to do a magic spell?"

The girl frowns. "I think you care more about finding things that are 'dangerous and valuable', than you do your own family. Perhaps father is right," she sulks.

Yesenia rolls her eyes. "You are BOTH so STUBBORN!"

"We have heard rumors. Some family friends mentioned that you had returned and were staying with one of your professors, but I couldn't believe that you wouldn't come see me right away. I think the Master of Vaults is pretty busy right now. Did you hear that an army of Efreet nearly burnt the Immaculate Repository to the ground. Oh no, that wasn't you again, was it?"

Yesenia smiles and brushes at her eyes. "How did you come here and who are your friends? I was reading and looked up to find you suddenly here. Was it magic?"

"It is time for the evening meal. Surely Father cannot still hold a grudge. You should join us."

With perhaps some excitement over the powerful new spell, Karethas directs his companions to stand in a circle. All hold hands and Karethas intones the complex verbal formula for the space bending spell. There is a jarring sensation and the small group finds itself in a small walled garden. The sky is a shade darker as the sun appears to have dropped a step or two in the west.

It isn't clear if the ringing in your ears is another side effect and then it is realized that the noise comes from a squealing girl as Karethas' sister, Yesenia, rushes forward to throw her arms around his neck.

Greetings! I'm back. I hope everyone had a good TG.

Karethas can bring along three so everyone can go along if they like. I wasn't sure if Varkata was implying that she would like to stay back to guard the monastery. Def Karethas and Amir should go and it sounded like Kzrira wanted to tag along as well.

NOTE: I'm on the road most of the next week. May pop in once or twice, but not much happening. It would be nice to get some direction for the jaunt to Katapesh City. I'm not going to drag it out, but a location for the arrival and any particular business to transact would help with the montage.

Qilue and Ahmed Ali Bhura, a man you rescued from the Brass Tower dungeon and father of Madra, listen to Karethas' plans. Ahmed has been elected leader of the refugees. Qilue looks very sad, but nods. "You will succeed and rescue Faelar as you've rescued me. Help from Solku and perhaps Fort Longjaw is a good idea as well though I am not sure that the Pactmasters would approve."

Sheik Voodoo wrote:
With the two score villagers settling into makeshift quarters...

about 40

Varkata is able to produce some food and water for the refugees to last the day while the heroes prepare for a magical instantaneous return to the distant capital city for supplies.

where you going and what you getting?

With the two score villagers settling into makeshift quarters, the heroes take a room for their own and get some rest. It is time for the evening meal when they awake to the sound of the crowd in the old monastery's refectory.

It was still early morning when you went to sleep, but you've had 8 hours to refresh spells.

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Wondering if it would be possible to have my bow upgraded to Bane(outsider(fire)), or adding the Frost ability to it.

no time to enhance a bow, but you could likely find arrows.

Leading those that will follow, the heroes arrive back at the monastery where Hadar and Hadra work quickly to accommodate the large influx of people. The set about finding room and pallets for everyone, but are concerned that there is not food available for so many.

The heroes attempt to gather those remaining in the town and relocate them back to the monastery. Qilue and the other rescued prisoners help, but only a few dozen join them. Many others prefer to stay and protect their houses.

back to the monastery? teleporting to Katapesh City for supplies is no problem.

Karethas determines that this tower isn't mundane brass. It is the storied Living Brass of the Great City on the Plane of Fire itself. Likely the heat is residual from its conjuration. The upper levels may have radiated off the burning temperatures, but the lower levels have been slower to cool for some reason.

Once Gen blows the sand away, the room becomes even hotter as the blazing brass floor underneath is exposed. It becomes clear to Karethas that the entire tower is a structure of solid brass likely of extradimensional origin. Sadly, the wand will not work on brass. The prisoners quickly sicken further from the hellish heat, but with Amir's carpet and Kzrira's griffin, all the prisoners are ferried up to ground level to disperse back to their various homes as a faint light appears in the east.

The gnoll slouches away, but can go no further without wings. The rest of the captives follow you out to the hot sandy room that serves as the tower's oubliette. A tall now freed man asks the heroes, "Have you seen my daughter, Madra? She was taken away to serve the Jann."

"Leaving my post!" the gnoll growls.

The gnoll cowers from the light. "All trrrue. Efrreerrt harrrshh masterrrs. Brreak rrrules, pay prrrice. Many RRrules!" he answers in a growling broken Kelish.

Qilue smiles, "I know you will. Thank you for everything."

Freeing the gnoll? Leaving the tower?

No time for retraining at this point.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
... \more so with the rules VooDoo is using.

Which are THE rules! ; P

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Kzrira stands watching the gnoll. As she does, she speaks to him in her broken gnoll...

The battered gnoll answers in the Common Kelish tongue. "Herp me! Crrrrue Janni thrrow me heerrr for not stay in prace. Herrp me, open doorrr!"

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