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Gremlin, Pugwampi

Sheik Voodoo's page

2,744 posts. Alias of voodoo chili.


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welcome back. All I have is the phone at work...

Gleaming translucent bolt rip ragged holes through the stony skin and the monstrous humanoid falls from the sky. The surviving gargoyle retreats taking cover in the first of rock spires that top the badlands.

The gargoyle is severely wounded by the hail of arrows and looks ready to drop.

Amir and Karethas up though Amir doesn't have anyone in melee range.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Varkata should still have an R2 action - just after Amir

oops, my bad. that changes things a tad.

Sheik Voodoo wrote:
Arrows and arcane bolts strike the gargoyle harrying Varkata. It continues its assault on the priestess, slashing and jabbing but only fangs pierce her armor. Varkata- 5 bite

Varkata's frostburning blade tears through the stony flesh of the gargoyle just as it is struck from behind by a barrage of missiles, both of force and with fletching. The rocky rampager falls over backwards and bounces off the stone spires as it plummets to the desert below. no damage to Varkata.

Round 3
Varkata- healing

Arrows and arcane bolts strike the gargoyle harrying Varkata. It continues its assault on the priestess, slashing and jabbing but only fangs pierce her armor. Varkata- 5 bite

The determined gargoyle on Kzrira manages to get a claw past her defenses this time tearing at whatever flesh it can reach. Kzrira-8 slash. The fallen creature shakes its head as if to clear the ringing that still plagues its ears and launches itself back toward the archer to assist its wing.

Round 3

Karethas up.

Kzrira sends another arrow into the gargoyle wildly chasing Karethas and it goes down spiraling toward the dunes far below.

Kzrira-allocate the other shot where you will.

Kzrira struggles to stay aloft as she pauses her trajectory to send a pair of arrows at the gargoyle in pursuit of Karethas. The magic bow manages to grant the arrows enough force to pierce the rocky hide. Karethas retreats sending arcane bolts at the creature. It looks beat up, but continues to follow the wizard snatching at his robes. only need a fly check if you're doing less than a standard move. A gargoyle continues its assault of Kzrira, but she beats away the attack with her bow and enhanced armor.

Though the heroes are over 100 feet above the shifting dunes, the rough cliffs are quite close and Varkata takes a chance diving for the rough spires. She emits a blast of noise hoping to disable an attacker. Though Amir is discomforted by the blast, the gambit pays off as one of the gargoyles plummets into the rocks. It doesn't look harmed by the fall, but at least she gains a slight respite.

The remaining gargoyle follows closely only managing a slight scratch on the priestess before she hits the rough rock cliff. Varkata- 3 slash

Amir- give me a DC 15 climb check to gain a defensible stance. You are both still tethered together though.

Round 2

I will be make use of this 3pp supplement if you have any further interest.

It's mainly about flying cavalier archetypes, but the optional aerial combat rules are nice. You don't need it, I'll tell you what you need to know, but I found it a nicely done supplement.

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
Kzrira will 5' step back if possible, not sure if we are still flying or how this will work. She will draw an AoO if necessary.

Oh yeah, flying. I'm going to require fly checks for some actions.

Remember that fly spell grants a 1/2 CL bonus so +3+dex-any armor penalties for your skill bonus if you don't have ranks.

I'm going to require a hover check for full attacks so Fly DC 15. This could include a 5' step if you like which would allow you to avoid an AoO.

Though adapted into a rougher form to match the jagged rocky terrain, Karethas easily identifies the creatures as Gargoyles, stone skinned creatures nearly immune to any but magically enhanced weapons. His conjured glittering cloud catches the two on Varkata. Though covered in the sparkling dust, neither of the stony monsters are blinded.

One of the beasts follows the wizard and snags him with a claw swipe this time. Karethas-3 slash. Hovering, another lays into Kzrira with claw, fang and spikes, but the archer's stout chain armor and quick reflexes protect her from all but a shallow wound. Kzrira-3 slash

Varkata takes the worst of it. Mobbed by two of the monsters, she is clawed, bitten and gored. Varkata- 6,6 slash; 6 bite; 6 pierce

Round 1

OK Karethas, let's kick this off.

With logistics finally worked out and Amir tightly tied to dangle beneath the flying priestess, Spells are cast and the heroes slowly rise through the hot desert air at a pace not unlike walking speed. The Rugged rock passes below and as they reach the top they see beyond the barrier wall.

Beyond the tangled spires of stone, you view a broad, sandy depression almost like a crater, ringed on all sides by jagged cliffs. At the far side of the sand-crater is a large stone platform with high stone columns topped with stone statues. At the rear of the platform a massive stone plinth is pierced by a passageway leading into the cliff wall beyond. A ramp leads from the sandy bed of the crater up to the platform.

Before the adventurers can begin their descent into the golden bowl however, four of the spires suddenly stir to life launching into the air improbably on stone wings. The owners of the wings are made of the same stony material in humanoid form and covered with rough spires that resemble horns. It's an ambush!

The wizard and flying archer are intercepted by a lone monster each. Somewhat use to the mode of travel now, Karethas manages to dodge the claws, but Kzrira is strafed. Kzrira-8 slash The remaining pair gang up on the priestess. One nearly runs into the ropes holding Amir, but the other leaves deep red slashes across Varkata's back. Varkata-12 slash

Amir 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Karethas 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17
Kzrira 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
Varkata 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6
foe 1d20 ⇒ 10

Round 1
Rocky rampagers

Varkata can carry him, no? just awaiting confirmation from Amir.

Varakata covers herself and Karethas covers himself and Kzrira? Who's carrying Amir?

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
She looks at the helmsman: You going to do anything useful, or just hang here with your stuck boat?

Considering that the last time a Helmsman responded it was to assault you for the Protean hijacking, it's probably best to ignore them. Besides it has given no response nor made any move to repair the ship anyway.

Amir might want to reconsider putting the ropes away as further investigation reveals a faint outline of high steep badlands that become more solid as you interact with the veiling illusion. The brick colored rock forms clusters of rocky spires, promontories, crevasses, and natural arches that loom about 100 feet high at the tallest. Varkata's suggestion of flying up may not be a bad idea at all. Amir sees that it will take quite some time and rope work otherwise.

A cursory exploration finds that what appears to be featureless sand dunes and desert wastes is in fact, a rugged range of steep rocky badlands. The Nexian Galley is heavily damaged and furthermore, the Helmsman makes no effort to try and move the ship off the unseen rocks.

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
What else will this stupid place throw at us?

Perhaps Kzrira should stop asking that question as the demi-plane seems to take it as a challenge. Moments later, the ship crashes to a halt with a terrible cracking sound and the less nimble are only saved from being thrown overboard by the ropes that still safely bind them.

All around is featureless sand, yet something unseen seems to have torn a great gash in the bow and crushed the shining metallic painted timbers.

Considering that magic might be vital to the battle to come, the heroes make due with more mundane means of braving the storm. Using the extra rope Amir produces, strands are looped and knotted until it seems everyone is secure. There is no time left to waste and gusting winds and burning sands engulf you.

The ship is slowed and heaves up and down as if upon stormy seas, but the Helmsman barely moves from his station and the ship seems to be weathering it fine. The softer skinned humans feel the bite a bit more. The bucking and blasting continues on and on, but likely the fast moving storm passes over in only half the turn of a glass leaving the deck covered in slippery grit and all exposed skin parched, sore and dusty 3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 4) = 13 non-lethal to all.

The living metal helmsman seems to take no notice of the approaching storm as the sky begins to darken with dust.

so far only Kzrira has mentioned any preparatory actions. Anyone else doing anything before the storm hits?

Magic doesn't appear to be the answer this time and Kzrira's rope and rags appears to be the next best solution as the wall of wind and sand blows ever closer...

This helmsman has the head of a bull rather than a ram this time, but silently accepts the token from Amir and immediately turns to the task of steering the magical ship. Once again the pier falls behind you as the magical galley charges forward with increasing speed. You pass the Isle of the Dead once again and the lizard on Kzrira's shoulder meows forlornly until it disappears from view.

The golden dunes of Khandelwal glimmer under the rising sun above the blue waters and skirt of greenery along the coast. The galley shows no hint of slowing as it heads straight toward the coast. There is a hard jolt as it plows into a reedy inlet and up and over the flowering shrubs along the beach.

Beyond, a broad expanse of sand stretching for miles, dotted with dust devils and heavy with anticipation of the next sandstorm. Most curious, however, is the sussurant hissing sigh coming from the dunes ahead of you. On closer look, you can see that the sands of Khandelwal are shifting and flowing, not just with the dustfalls and tumbling drifts one would expect, but a web of seething, creeping rivers of sand.

3d100 ⇒ (76, 82, 97) = 255

The galley catches one of the sand rivers and glides on bearing southward. Fortune quickly turns however, as what first appeared to be a long ridge of sand is shown instead to be an immense sandstorm a quarter mile away and quickly approaching!

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Wonder if there's a way to talk our host into using the Shaitan ability to trasmute metals (for a day) to make our weapons adamantine?

I don't think that she's ever actually fessed up to being a shaitan.

Dilix delivers the arrows as promised which Kzrira efficiently stores in the magic quiver. After breakfast, she wishes you luck and Neshari and Auroz escort you once more to the stone pier where several of the golden galleys await.

Auroz bows to the party. "Just give the bronze tiller charm to the Helmsman and you will be on your way."

Neshari smiles demurely at Karethas. "May your journey be swift and Obherak prove nothing more than a pebble in a sandal. Though I would not mind serving you again, my lord, I know you seek your home so I wish you luck there as well and I will remember you fondly."

Oooh, nerf? I like nerfs. They keep things interesting. RAW Huzzah!

40 really ought to cover it anyway.

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:
@ Sheik Voodoo - how many adamantine arrows did Kzrira get?

two quivers = 40

Amir is perhaps left with as many questions as ever, but there is little more to do about it at the moment and the morrow looks to be a climactic day. The adventurers retire and sleep fitfully in the pleasure palace. Upon waking the next day, they make final preparations before sailing against the powerful shaitan leader.


no worries. I think we've all been a bit busier with the change of the seasons (and start of school for a couple of us)

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
Varkata asks, "Has the smith's weaon lost all its power, then?"

just a +1 weapon. Simin however, is now a nearly epic +2 keen flame blade.

yep. Run with it.

Karethas seems a bit annoyed as Amir corners him to diagnose his sword problem. He studies Golnar first and finds the once powerfully enhanced bronze sword now barely registers as a magical weapon. Simin however, now possesses an aura of moderate evocation. In fact, Karethas observes that Simin's aura bears the exact same imprint as that previously detected on Grolnar. It is as if Amir's prized heirloom has somehow stolen the newly found blade's enhancements...

Sheik Voodoo wrote:
Karethas summons his little hideaway and the group retreats to get some rest. You awaken refreshed in the late morning and after preparing for the day return through the colonnade to the ornate doors of Nex's palace.

this happened so you are actually recharged, but no prob with another night.

Only a slight impatience is caught in Dilix's tone as she welcomes you to spend the night in the palace. Just as before, you are well fed and libated by a host of servers. This time there is no postprandial performance or talk. Dilix wishes you a good night and retreats to her quarters though Neshari and Auroz linger to see if any further services might be required. Karethas feels an angry buzz run through his staff and Gen appears to inquire if her master will require her assistance in studying Amir's questions this night.

were you wanting to spend another night there or move on?

Dilix nods. "Small common objects should be easy enough to supply. We can provide arrows for the archer and there is plenty of spirits available, Priestess."

"As for any more information, yes. Obherask is holed up in an old temple to Nethys that Nex installed on the desert island. The shaitan have sealed the entrance with stone, but it must still be opened now and again for fresh air."

Dilix sighs and looks to the others as the conversation with Kzrira seems to be going in circles...

She holds a small charm out. "Perhaps this. Obherak's stronghold is deep in the shifting sands of Kanderwhal. You would likely be swallowed by the sand rivers if you tried to walk there. Give this charm to a Helmsman and he will pilot you over both water and sand to Obherak."

Dilix speaks slowly as if to help the ignorant warrior understand. "I do not control all this. Nex created all this and summoned us all to serve him. I am merely the caretaker. Obherak is a traitor who wishes to take what Nex has wrought for his own. As the entrusted guardian of the Nex's Palace, I have to defend it from him."

Kzrira Maiwith wrote:

Kzrira frowns:

You have survived here for many years. Clearly you are more than the master of this palace.

Dilix shakes her head. "I am merely a major domo. I serve those that are more powerful: once Nex and then Jhavhul."

Dilix pouts a bit. "What use could I be to such powerful heroes?"

Dilix frowns, but nods cautiously. "What kind of help do you have in mind?"

Auroz nods and leaves to inform Dilix of your arrival while Neshari leads you into the forum. Dilix appears quickly. "You have been gone long enough, but I have not heard of Obherak's death."

Karethas summons his little hideaway and the group retreats to get some rest. You awaken refreshed in the late morning and after preparing for the day return through the colonnade to the ornate doors of Nex's palace.

You quickly run across the slaves again. Neshari greets you with a familiar smile for Karethas. Auroz looks at you quizzically and asks how you arrived as he did not see your galley.

rope trick or just cowboy camping?

Crickets chirp from the lush palace grounds.

Chirp. Chirp.

The sweet scent of night blooming flowers surrounds the group making their way up the marble stairs which gleam faintly in the dawning light. At the end of the path, the doors of the palace are yet locked for the night.

There is a jarring sensation and the green fluid surges upwards filling the room. Amir and Kzrira's stomachs aren't helped by the experience, but moments later the entropy pool recedes outward away from you and the burned pier where you stand between several galleys. It is dark with a lightening sky in beyond the dark and sleeping palace.

Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:
Well seeing as we don't really have a boat...or an ocean to speak do we ah...go?

Your hostess nods and waves a hand over the green pool which begins to radiate a shifting light. "Just step into this pool and you will arrive on the Kakishon pier. I would advise you to ally with Dilix. She will know where to find Obherask's refuge and how best to fight her own kind."

one more camping trip for the summer. Be back Wed.

Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:
Amir's hgead spins slightly but he cannot resist, Material aid like what?

The Protean moves from her divan to the wall where she reaches through a cyst to pull out a couple objects. "These will likely be of use. The shaitan can make their skin hard enough to resist even magical steel. Take this quiver of adamantine arrows. This priestly scroll may help. The prayer is used to dispel law. In this plane it cannot send him away from Kakishon, but will stun a shaitan if he succumbs." She gives each gift to Kzrira and Varkata respectively.

"As for you, Amir. Some potions that may provide utility: one for agility, one to fly and a salve that turn skin to stone or vie versa." (cat's grace, fly, stone salve)

I kinda wondered if Proteans would even have a True Name being all chaos and found this in the Monster Summoner's Handbook:

"Truly chaotic and primeval creatures, such as
proteans and qlippoth, have no true names, and individual
aeons, if they have true names, may have more than one."

Perhaps Lahapraset was just enjoying a moot argument with Karethas.

Varkata Steeleye wrote:
"Only talk of our alliance and our mutual goals."

The severe expression on the face of the elf-like woman fades, and she nods to the priestess. She pointedly ignoring the young wizard as she continues. "Agreed. Now that that is settled, let us speak of strategy. Do not underestimate Obherask. The shaitan are powerful. His stronghold is in the trackless deserts of Khandelwal. Though we have seen that you can fly to avoid the sinking sands, merely locating it will be a difficult task in itself. It was once a temple to Nethys and has powerful protective wards to hide and defend it."

"Therefore, I would recommend that you recruit Dilix. Her propensity for spying and deception should prove useful. As you have said, she has already sought to send you against her rival. She can help you find them and will know their powers and defenses."

"Your first task should be to release our sibling, Maagiyawara. Then we can help you directly. For now we can only offer material aid."

The woman, with hand upraised to gesture toward the magic pool for you to take your leave, pauses to glance at the priestess. "Yes, we have much in common. You are no slaves to law if I read your aura correctly. That does not mean that we are without honor of a sort or are totally untrustworthy. Our goal is the same so we are allied against the shaitan which oppose us all."

"We can offer aid and will even fight at your side once you have released our sibling. This is the last time I will make this offer. There will be no more talk of True Names. Accept our offer of alliance or go knowing that there is no other exit from Kakishon except through us."

The woman's hair blows about her face as if by a wind that you do not feel. Her voice rings with the menace of bared steel. "Indeed, you have proven your bravery and ability. To ask my True Name is the highest insult however, and you can understand that Nex used the same to trap me here in the first place. You ask too much. If we are at an impasse, then you may step into the pool and be gone from The Isles of Not. It will deliver you wherever you wish in Kakishon so that you may treat with the vile shaitan until the end of your days."

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