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Iron Dragon

Sharoth's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 12,506 posts (13,283 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 28 aliases.


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Some of Rosetta's comet pictures.


~grumbles~ There are those days when no ammount of overtime is worth waking up this early.

~LAUGHTER~ How Aliens SHOULD have ended.

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I say we nuke it from orbit.

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~hears some sort of echo~ Who was that?

Glad to have you back. Yea, depression can suck big time. I have had it cause plenty of chaos in my life, so I feel for you.

So far I am enjoying Diablo II - RoS. After two false starts (niether one above level 10), I have gotten my wizard up to level 54. I went up against Malthael at level 49 and he took me over his knee and spanked me hard. After 7 or 8 more tries, I was finally able to beat him at level 54. I am now doing bounties in adventure mode. It is on the X-Box 360, not the PC. Of course my wife razzes me because she has two level 70 characters with several paragon levels to boot.

David M Mallon wrote:
Kajehase wrote:

Faramir at Osgiliath by Donato

Going through a serious Donato period right now.

He's a cool guy. I went to his alma mater, and his best friend from college was one of my professors.


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Land of confusion.

FINALLY beat Malthael last night with my level 54 mage. ~grins~ That was AFTER the initial encounter at level 49 and me loosing about 8 or 9 times. Itinial thoughts after the first three attempts was "Crap. I guess I need to level up some before I take him on again." Wow, but the final boss of Diablo III was a tough one.

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I blame Freehold DM.

~stomps back over the furry matt~

~stumbles over something, then walks on by~ I wonder what that lump was?

My Mom bought a new Kindle Fire and she is wondering what Anti-virus software she should get for it. What are your suggestions.

~watches intently~ I may just have to pick up a Sega Genesis sometime or another.

MagusJanus wrote:
I apologize for my silence. I had a very bad reaction to meds that hospitalized me for a day, and adjusting to the new ones has taken more time than expected. They've had to adjust the dosage a few times.

I for one am glad to have you back. Please take care of yourself.

Phil Collings - Live in Paris.

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The Hooters - All You Zombies.

Lots? I hope.

One of the places that I would love to visit.

Puppy tries to get his bed back.

Bulldog puppy v. water bottle.

The most annoying people on a plane.

I hope that you feel better soon and that work goes well.

132-year-old Winchester rifle found propped against a national park tree.

Tesla tells the truth.

Canine commuter


I sense much anger in you.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Necromancer wrote:
The fifth Horseman, Socialism, actually comes first and doesn't present itself with a horse. It hides the horse immediately after spawning and carries two coconut halves. It bangs these together and truthfully says that it is a Horseman. Then it proceedes to tell everyone else that they have horses of their own. Many believe this and collect improvised percussion that mimics the sound of hooves. Following this nonsense, Socialism tells the Patsies that they are now mounted cavalry units. Once this insane mob has been blooded sufficiently, Socialism mounts its horse and insists that nothing has changed. Afterwards begins the great "false equine cleansing" where the mob murders any surviving horse for commiting the heresy of existence, thus paving the way for the other Horsemen.
When I'm President Everyone Gets A Free Pony (2:55)

~LAUGHTER~ I would vote for him. He can't be any worse than anyone else.

Bacon. Nothing that tastes that good is anything but EVIL!!!

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I am glad that your trip to New York went well.

Oh, I am not upset about it. Just being honest.

I doubt that I would qualify for either the Triple Nine Society or the Prometheus society.

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~cries as I realize that I am below average~

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And then Freehold had you talk to some crazy dragon from Georgia.



I don't care.

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It was a pleasure talking to you last night. I hope that you had a wonderful time and enjoy your stay in New York City.

Taxes, the Fifth Horseman!

It still doesn't make what the Church did right.

I agree, BigNorseWolf.

Cough! Cough! Cough! ~waves my hand in front of my face to try and clear the smoke~ What did you say again?

~tries to cross the wires and the machine sparks~ YEOW!!!

I need pitchforks and torches! Lets get our MOB on! ~points at Freehold~ There he is! He is to blame!

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Freehold!!!!! I will have my revenge!

I enjoyed it and look foreward to the next episode.

Looking foreward to it. Marvel Studios has yet to let me down and this looks entertaining at least.

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~bangs on the Heat Ray of Death!!! TM~ Why will you not work? I wanted WARM, not COLD!!! ~looks at the wiring~ Ok!!! Who crossed the wires?

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