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Shalelu Andosana

Shalelu Andosana aka Navior's page

22 posts. Alias of Navior.


Shalelu takes a seat next to Gilfroy and Nhatin, her face grim, but otherwise expressionless. "There is a band of armed northerners camped a few miles to the southeast. They have not made a move in this direction yet, but they must be aware of our presence. Perhaps they will move on; perhaps they will attack. I don't know." She pauses a moment. "It was the possibility of such people that made me stay with the caravan to protect it. But we made it to nightfall without incident. I should have gone with you. I apologize for that."

With that, she gets up again and moves on.

Shalelu lowers her head sadly as you pass by.

Melon Sash wrote:
Incidentally, does the entirety of Brinewall count as "foes threatening" Ameiko? If so there's a +1 trait bonus to attacks for Melon and Tevyn! :)

Heh, nice try. :)

"You don't know what you may encounter there," Shalelu says. "I'd recommend larger numbers. The three of you plus Malan and Corinna should work well."

"There are about five to five and a half hours left till nightfall," Shalelu says to Tevyn. "That should be enough time for you to scout the general layout of Brinewall and get a feel for what's living there, if anything. I wouldn't advise staying there overnight. Return to the caravan to sleep. I'll keep a watch on the caravan and Ameiko. It would be good if we had a way to signal one another if either group is in trouble. I wish I'd brought along some fireworks or something. Any ideas?"

Shalelu springs to her feet, reaching for her bow. But then she stops, her eyes focused on Gilfroy. She sighs.

Shalelu nods at Malan's reply. When he turns away, she heads off to another area of the camp.

Once the caravan has settle on the edge of Lubbertown and people are eating dinner and settling down for the evening, Shalelu seeks out Malan when he's alone. "Malan," she says, "we haven't had much chance to speak since leaving Sandpoint, but I wanted to apologize for before. I chose my words very poorly. I've never been very good with words, but that's no excuse. I want to apologize for any offence I've given you."

"I'm afraid I know little about the difference between 'laboratory work' and 'field research'," Shalelu says to Corinna, "but if you were instrumental in turning back the attack, then we owe you a great deal."

"Goblins hate horses," Shalelu replies to Melon's question. "Just as much as they hate dogs. I don't think they have an actual reason for it. One generation simply passes the hatred onto the next. They hate because they're raised to hate. Horses, on the other hand, don't have any particular grudge against goblins; however, like any living thing, they will defend themselves against attack, and since goblins tend to attack them..." She trails off with a shrug and a smirk.

She turns to Corinna and nods her head. "Thank you for your service."

As Koya and the drivers begin tending to and calming the horses, Shalelu appears down the road ahead, walking briskly, but not hurriedly towards the caravan. She waves as she approaches.

When she gets closer, she takes quick stock of the goblin bodies on the ground. "There were more up ahead," she says. "I took care of them. I'm glad Malan saw my warning. I was worried I was too late."

Shalelu looks confused and then stunned as Malan speaks. When he stands up to leave, she clumsily stands up as well and reaches out to grab his arm. "No, no, you're not an inconvenience. I just told you you're not an inconvenience. I...I left because I had responsibilities. I've always had responsibilities. And...and I was young. Still am, although I hope a little wiser. I..."

She lets go of his arm, takes a deep breath and, after a moment, continues, "You are not an inconvenience to me."

Shalelu gives one of her rare smiles. "I'm coming because I've been feeling for a while that it's time for a little trip away. I like Sandpoint, but if I don't get away from it from time to time, the people become to reliant on me and expect me to do everything." She pauses a moment before continuing. "I'm also coming because Ameiko is a friend and she asked me to. In all honesty, I didn't even realize you were coming as well until after I had already said yes. Not that that would have changed my answer to her. So don't think that you're inconveniencing me in any way. I'm glad that you're coming along."

"I've been not too bad," Shalelu says. "The dragon turned out not to be a dragon at all, just a big lizard, which was both a relief and an anticlimax. At any rate, it's dealt with now. What's on your mind?"

Shalelu pauses and turns back to Corinna and Aago. "I'll be fine," she assures Aago. Then she addresses Corinna, "Tell your uncle I'm doing what I can. There are people looking into it. Unfortunately, a dragon sighting is potentially far worse than a few goblins. It may be nothing, but I can't risk it. You and your friends will have to do. I've told Sheriff Hemlock to afford you all the courtesies he can. I'll return as soon as I can."

She turns away again and strides out the gate, not responding to any further attempts to get her attention.

"Unusual, yes," Shalelu says in response to Gilfroy's question, "though not as unusual as taking dogs alive."

She listens to you all discuss the situation and looks quite startled when Gilfroy speaks in Goblin.

"Looks like you've got a good-sized group. You'll need strength in numbers, especially if you want to hunt down a hunting party. The people here are saying there were dozens of them, which means there were probably eight to ten, but that's still a substantial number. Don't take any unnecessary risks. If they're overwhelming you with numbers, retreat and regroup. It's always better to pull back and fight another day than it is to just die. I wish you all the best of luck. I'll be back in a few days."

She turns to leave.

Shalelu turns to Malan, shock still prevalent on her face. "I think think this makes your trip into Brinestump Marsh even more imperative. Something very strange is going on. I can't imagine what would cause goblins to carry off dogs. I wish I could go with you, but I gave my word that I'd look into this dragon sighting. I should already be on my way there. It's probably nothing but..."

She glances at Aago standing nearby, then touches Malan's arm and leads him aside a little. She speaks softly to him in Elvish. She glances back at Aago briefly during the exchange. Aago is the only one close enough to potentially overhear, but he doesn't speak Elvish, so...

"If you're going to be working with the big man, you're going to need to get along." She glances back at Aago. "He's crude and a bit rude, but try to be patient with him. He's just a human, after all, but you'll need to rely on him in battle."

After speaking with Malan, Shalelu returns to Aago, Sheriff Belor and the crowd. "Sheriff, I have to be off," she says, "but these good people have volunteered to go to Brinestump to investigate the goblin activities. Please give them all the support you can." She turns to Aago. "Try to get along with Malan."

"This makes no sense," Shalelu says. Beside her, Sheriff Hemlock nods his agreement. "Goblins don't kidnap dogs," she continues. "Some run away from dogs; others kill them. But they don't kidnap them."

She looks at Aago. "You're right. We should talk to the boy."

Shalelu pauses and turns to Corinna. Placing a hand gently on her shoulder, she says, "Don't worry. I'm sure Sir Jasper was right about no one being hurt. I'll--" She glances at Aago and Melon. "We'll find out what's going on."

"Who you go with is your own choice," Shalelu says, striding back over to the Malan's table, "but I can vouch for Malan's abilities." She sits down and leans close to Malan.

Malan or Perception DC 15 AND Elvish:
"Of course, I wouldn't blame you if you change your mind after that reception."

Shalelu turns to Aago. As an elf, she's quite tall, but Aago is still quite a bit taller. She looks up at him. "That's very good of you...Aago, did you say your name was? I can't offer you any payment for this, but keep in mind that Sandpoint is offering the goblin bounty. I wouldn't recommend you go on your own though. You look a capable person, but there's always strength in numbers. Do you have any friends who might want to go with you?"

Gilfroy Fezziwig wrote:
Are they speaking loudly enough for Gil to hear? He speaks elven.

Shalelu's not actively trying to avoid being heard. There is a bit of distance between her and Gil, but he can still make out most of what's being said.

Shalelu gives Malan a sad smile.

"Unfortunately, I can't stay long, but we'll catch up soon."

After another brief word in Elvish to Malan, she stands up and heads over to the bar. She nods briefly at the group gathered there, but then goes straight to Ameiko. "Ameiko," she says, now speaking in Common, "can you put a notice up on your adventurers' board for me? There's something strange going on with the Licktoad goblins, and I don't mean their recent attacks. There hasn't actually been an attack in a week. It's like they decided to go on a rampage and then just suddenly stopped. I'd be glad, except on my way into town I met a fisherman who claims he saw several armoured skeletons wandering parts of the swamp. I also haven't heard anything from Walthus in ages. I'm a bit worried. I'd go myself, but I've already agreed to investigate a purported dragon sighting to the north. I'm hoping maybe somebody else might investigate the swamp."

Malan wrote:

As she approaches him, Malan stands and bows in respect.

** spoiler omitted ** He says in a formal rather than familiar manner.

Shalelu nods to Malan and takes a seat at his table. She begins to speak to him in Elvish and takes his hand comfortingly.

"Sorry I'm late," she says. "I was held up on the way into town. I'm very sorry to hear about your loss."

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