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Snowcaster Sentry

Shalelu aka GM Edwin's page

17 posts. Alias of Insnare.


What do you guys want to do?

Shalelu smiles and says, "I should probably bring more arrows next time..."

Shalelu follows Ahiko and Kalistrine across the threshhold and nothing happens.

She then calls back to Vermundr and Morthar and says, "Either come or don't!!!!"

Shalelu looks at Morthar quickly to see he is wearing shoes, which he is and then says, "You haven't grown cloven feet just yet, so I think you have thirty years of active life left."

She then turns to the group, "Shall we visit this Ulfan Ringgiver?"

"Burning the building down is a foolish idea. We need to rescue the Guide, without whom we cannot hope to cross the Crown. If he dies, then we will surely perish in our trek. Which I understand you do not care about because that lays outside your purview." says Shalelu.

Then she says, "Why are you working for us then instead of House Thrune. Or more importantly, why doesn't House Morthar make a run at the throne." she says in a sardonic tone and then laughs at this.

"As I recall it was I and my bow who have saved your tale more times than I can remember, I just saw you for the first time in years about two hours ago when Vermundr grabbed me from the caravan. House Thrune...peh, as I remember House Thrune is completely inept, were they as skilled as you claim they would never have lost Varisia, or Sargava for that matter. By allying themselves with such an idiotic deity as Asmodeus, they have pledged themselves against all that one should consider progress..." says Shalelu.

I was very careful about the meeting of your character with Shalelu, from IRL standpoint you are a PC but are you a permanent member of the group, I figured it would make more sense to let you earn your spot. Hope you don't mind both that and the banter.

Shalelu looks at Morthar and says, "Now, I think I remember you old man ... always talked big, but liked to shy away from the forest... I'll need to speak to Ameiko on this one... "

Shalelu laughs, "My job on this trek is to range, I scout alone. You can also scout but it defeats the purpose to do it as a team, make too much noise cannot bring down the best game."

The day after the rhinos, Sandru gets the caravan moving at daybreak to make up for lost time

GM Rolls
1d100 ⇒ 69

Perception DC 18

One of the ubiquitous ravens following the caravan is much bigger than normal

1d100 ⇒ 67
1d100 ⇒ 51

At about noon on the first day the caravan still on the trade route enter the Grungir Forest following it northward toward Losthome.

Grungir FOrest Knowledge Geography/Local DC 15

Grungir Forest is the primordial heart of the
Linnorm Kingdoms’ wilderness. While fey,
wild animals, monsters, and linnorms reside
everywhere humans do not, in Grungir Forest, they rule.
The forest is home to Fafnheir, said to be the oldest and
most powerful of the linnorms, as well as to numerous
enclaves of strange and powerful fey creatures. Portals to
the legendary First World flicker within the woodlands’
tangled depths, and in places the very trees themselves
move and speak in thunderous tones.
Grungir Forest spreads across the central southlands in
a nearly unbroken mass, with only the Thundering River
and a few roads providing a break in the eastern reaches.
While humans engage in logging and trapping around
the forest’s eastern outskirts, particularly in the vicinity
of Losthome, they are careful not to harvest too deeply
into the woods—even for rare and valuable hardwoods,
it’s generally not considered worth the risk to travel far
enough in that you can’t see the forest’s edge. This same
reluctance to explore does not apply to the numerous
adventurers from across the Inner Sea region who have
been drawn to Grungir Forest, eager to plumb its depths
in the hunt for unique creatures or secret places of power.
Yet despite the number of explorers, Grungir Forest has
always proved more than their equal, and to date, it has
kept the majority of its secrets quite well.

By the second day the caravan reaches the Thundering River and is able to see more and more Ulfen settlements along the river where mostly loggers live. Sandru is sure to sell some of his wares to the locals and make a steady profit.

On the third day you by nightfall you reach the bridge to Losthome.

She smiles and says, Why I have about sixty years ago, I think...

Shalelu sits off to the side skinning a deer while chewing a long piece of elephant grass.


"Well, I don't see why not. But if I do, you need to be extra quiet you'll scare away the game..." says Shalelu.

[ooc[ Anything else or can I move it forward?[/ooc]

"Fair enough, I am mostly responsible for ranging, scouting and hunting game. Ameiko, I have known since she was a girl and she is a very nice girl. Where do you hail from young man?

Shalelu sits sharpening her arrowheads with a whetstone and looks up at the Ulfen man. Nods, and says, "How may I help you?"

At the blue woman's speech, the elf perks up and says, "So what kind of extra skills do you bring to the table then?"

Shalelu continues after getting her drink, "Zheni, I know you are excited to go traveling. Well, there wasn't enough room in that inky dinky paper on the pigeon's foot to tell ya that we're going to Brinewall for an exploration cuz my girl Ameiko's family's gots a secret in that place. I am pretty stoked, and it should be an enormous time..."

With that Shalelu tosses back her whisky in one large pull, sloshing the contents in her mouth and then swallowing it.

Shalelu then buys a bottle of the whisky and pours glasses for everyone there "To Zhenzhen and Ameiko!!!!

Shalelu says to Ameiko and the rest of the group After that encounter earlier today, I think I need a drink and we may run into my friend, if she has already made it her before us, so anyone up for a crawl?

She looks at Kali intensely deep in though and then says: Fair enough. She then turns toward the rest of the group and says,
"I suggest envoking the goblin ear bounty and nip this in the bud. I am going to the Grubber's Hermitage for a day or so to investigate the shipwrecks that occured there recently. I bid you adieu"

"Fireworks, you say... hmmm... very interesting... Kalistrine, how many of those nasty Goblins were there?"

The door opens and Jorland pops in.

"How's the tripe grilling business, Jorlo?" she gives him a little snicker.

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