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Shadowwalker's page

2,095 posts. Alias of Abel JUan Guzman.


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Zevon yes the howling does resemble the worg'g howling

Yes you have come down the stairs and checked areas 5,4,and 6 2 and 3 the howling does come from area 16a

sorry for the long delay work has had me at a stand still working to get back on track

EVERYONE You all back track to where you fought the goblins, as distant howling is heard. the main hallway continues east where the shaman back deeper into the complex. the other hallway also continues east, to the south (your right) a 10 ft. by 15 ft. corridor that leads down 10 ft into a cavern. the howling echoes hear.

what are you doing

daxur you find no secert doors

EVERYONE the other closed door in the library leads to a collapsed hallway. As howling is heard echoing through the complex

The shadowy creatures on the issue cover of 117 are wraiths or greater wraiths.

Beauregard As you examine the flooring you find no traps. yes you can use the roll for entire room

EVERYONE As you all walk in four stone pillars support the cob-web ceiling of this square room. Half of the southwest pillar has broken away and collapsed into a heap of rubble. Rows of one-inch diameter holes are bored into the walls, and a few contains splinters of wood.

EVERYONE As Beauregard checks around and finds nothing,Zevon listens for signs of danger,Lumen keeps her sword at the ready.

one more time map

Hopefully this one lasts this time around

EVERYONE As the war drums stop, silence slowly drowns the complex. Howling is heard in the distance. As Beauregard's comment slowly sinks in on everyone's thought.

What is everyone doing?

Debby before you add the template the base creature is the undead your using so base attack, saves, skill points, do not change. And undead does not have a Con. score the templates +10 to Con. can not be used. Yes the template does turn the creature to an outsider (extraplanar)but the special qualities are will be the undead's not the templates. If its Intellgent undead you could use the +10 on another score if you do not want to lose it.

Thank you all for your support i will post this evening so please update your post and actions

I have had a bad week my uncle just past and wont be around until Sunday

I noticed the same thing, it is weird also getting on my nerves

Zevon yes some of the goblins did come out from room16. The goblins retreated down the hallways back to the north

renewed map

EVERYONE after taking what you can where are you going?

Zevon As you start creating the stakes out of the creates you discover......

five greatswords
12 pairs of manacles
20 days of trail rations
four disguise kits
20 peasant outfits
25 gallons of ale
3 casks oil (equal to 50 flasks each cask)

EVERYONE the chamber you are in (room 5) is a mercenary quarter's and (room 6) is a storage room

Ithink Daxur added that as flavor

ok you should be abe to see the map

updated map

[occ]Alight now that combat is over, what is each one of you doing after Beauregard and Zevon get done with thier searches[/ooc]

Zevonyou find that the goblins have leather armor short sword light cross bow 10 bolts 12 galifars and 12 soverigin on each of the goblins

Beauregard you can tell the roof is well made and sturdy, what you looking for?


Ok will have the map up this evening had so things pop up but will have the time today

yes they are departing, after giving a stren warning

Buauregard what are you doing this round

Lumen your up as well


Zevon your action please

EVERYONE what is everyone's actions

EVERYONE You all hear the shaman say "Have your way, if you go beyond the dwarf filth temple you will die. Better to be on your way home." and the goblin riders slowly back into the hallway

#3 what is your action

Daxur your turn

Beauregard your up as well

Lumen what are you doing this round


Zevon your action please

EVERYONE you see the worg riders holding crossbows and a shaman staring at you, and says " Why are you here what you lose? Drakthar will have your blood and I will feast on your flesh. Leave weapons here and meet your death.

#3 what are you doing this round

Daxur your turn

Zevon you see three worg riders with spears and light crossbows, the worgs are large in size. they stand and wait, and are eager to agree with Beauregard

Beauregard you know they speak the truth, their tone tells you malice is their intention

reply from goblins, " Yes yes we will not harm you."

Sorry been a little busy but will get back on track

Beauregard What is your action

LumenYour up please


Zevon what do you do?

Everyone You all can hear the low rumbling growls of the worgs as goblins speak to each other. One starts to speak common saying "Come out we come in peace, we only want to speak with you." As the sound of weapons prepared at the ready.

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