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Shadowwalker's page

2,128 posts. Alias of Abel JUan Guzman.


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yes sorry for your loss,take the time you need

yes it is and I will adjust the map


Congrats to you and yor wife Three

That is aweful hope everything is well

Lumen,Daxur and #3 your actions

They are advancing towards you

Zevon and Daxur your actions

EVERYONE As the skeletal rider dismounts drawing it both of its short swords as it laughs once more and the skeleton worg croouches to attack


Beauregard Jorasco wrote:

Sighing in exasperation, Beauregard raises his crossbow to loose a bolt at the closest to fleshy undead present, the goblin.

[dice=Crossbow attack]1d20 + 6...
I'm going to go out on a limb & assume that doesn't hit...

no it does not hit

Lumen,Beauregard and #3 your actions please

EVERYONE you all see a skeletal worg with a decayed leathery skinned goblin skeleton sitting om top of it. As human skeletons creep up behind them slowly.

Zevon and Daxur your actions please

EVERYONE sudden goblin yells echo through the passage as the grinding laughter mocks you as a thunderous boom rocks the cavern

zevon save: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

EVERYONE damage: 1d6 ⇒ 6 reflex 11/ half

spellcraft, abyssal blast damage is part fire the part unholy damage

EVERYONE Loud chanting starts to roar north of you (16a) as a grating howl echos off the walls from the darkness, while the red eyes flash into a burning flame as a bead of orange-red leaps out of the darkness increasing in size rapidly.

reflex saves at this time also spell craft checks as well

Lumen, Beauregard, and #3 your actions please

Zevon and Daxur what is your actions

EVERYONE A gruff laughter echos in the cavern passage

roll initiative

Like wise as Dax said

EVERYONE all of you get get one partial action before regular rounds

Congrats to you and the bride to be

EVERYYONE All the howling stops and as a loud scraping on stone is heard. A gurgling raspy voice says " Your fate is to be my slaves kneel and give your life blood to me and the master!" As a pair of red glowing eyes stare at you from the darkness. Goblin voices echo on the other side from the where the lice infested pallets

you notice farther in the darkness you hear the clacking sound slowing moving in your direction

EVERYONE give me listen checks

Beaurgard you know that the howling is coming from area 17 and getting closer

Zevon to the area (area 17) against the east wall rest two large straw pallets hopping with lice. Gnawed animal bones litter the floor, and more bones fill two crude alcloves in the northeast corner. as the howling closes in your area (area 16) the natural passage continue into darkness

Beauregard you find nothing in your way

EVERYONE You see this area has rough hewn walls and mansonary walls. A natural passage continues west and east.


Beaurgard you find no hazards

Zevon yes the howling does resemble the worg'g howling

Yes you have come down the stairs and checked areas 5,4,and 6 2 and 3 the howling does come from area 16a

sorry for the long delay work has had me at a stand still working to get back on track

EVERYONE You all back track to where you fought the goblins, as distant howling is heard. the main hallway continues east where the shaman back deeper into the complex. the other hallway also continues east, to the south (your right) a 10 ft. by 15 ft. corridor that leads down 10 ft into a cavern. the howling echoes hear.

what are you doing

daxur you find no secert doors

EVERYONE the other closed door in the library leads to a collapsed hallway. As howling is heard echoing through the complex

The shadowy creatures on the issue cover of 117 are wraiths or greater wraiths.

Beauregard As you examine the flooring you find no traps. yes you can use the roll for entire room

EVERYONE As you all walk in four stone pillars support the cob-web ceiling of this square room. Half of the southwest pillar has broken away and collapsed into a heap of rubble. Rows of one-inch diameter holes are bored into the walls, and a few contains splinters of wood.

EVERYONE As Beauregard checks around and finds nothing,Zevon listens for signs of danger,Lumen keeps her sword at the ready.

one more time map

Hopefully this one lasts this time around

EVERYONE As the war drums stop, silence slowly drowns the complex. Howling is heard in the distance. As Beauregard's comment slowly sinks in on everyone's thought.

What is everyone doing?

Debby before you add the template the base creature is the undead your using so base attack, saves, skill points, do not change. And undead does not have a Con. score the templates +10 to Con. can not be used. Yes the template does turn the creature to an outsider (extraplanar)but the special qualities are will be the undead's not the templates. If its Intellgent undead you could use the +10 on another score if you do not want to lose it.

Thank you all for your support i will post this evening so please update your post and actions

I have had a bad week my uncle just past and wont be around until Sunday

I noticed the same thing, it is weird also getting on my nerves

Zevon yes some of the goblins did come out from room16. The goblins retreated down the hallways back to the north

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