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Sgmendez's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 442 posts (643 including aliases). 9 reviews. 2 lists. 3 wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.

Lantern Lodge

So I was wondering if anyone has given any thought to using the race creation guide to create a monster leveling system.

The idea is that instead of gaining a level in a class you gain RP and can spend it on choices from the builder, you would also gain HD/BAB/etc. based off of your racial type. Ideally this would be used for creatures built with the race builder that are not necessarily humanoid or that don't lend themselves to traditional classes well.

What do you think would be a good amount of RP per level and what other rules would you think should be implemented with this kind of system?

Lantern Lodge

So I am planning on arriving in the Seattle area at least on the Wednesday before the Con and would like to go sight seeing, exploring, and have a great time. I have tried to convince a hand full of locals to attend the Con with me, but most are poor, busy, or to unreliable to go.

So I was wondering if anyone else on the boards is interested in a gathering of gamers who plan on arriving early or locals? A sort of meet and greet to explore the city and have fun while waiting for the Con to start on Friday.

Personally I want to go to Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox (At least on the 5th cause it looks like they are closed on the 4th) and probably will want to go to a few other places, like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Underground Tour.

Lantern Lodge

So I have never been to PaizoCon, or any other Con for that matter. But I will be attending this year.

My big question is, what exactly happens at PaizoCon besides PFS games? What kinds of booths, events, etc.?

Lantern Lodge

So my idea is to do a complete conversion of Shackled City to the Pathfinder RPG rules. Updating all NPCs, combats, traps, monsters, items, spells, etc. to use the Pathfinder RPG rules.

This is a major project and may take some time for some of the more intricate stuff but I feel is something that a lot of people will appreciate being done.

My last idea is to do a conversion into Golarion, finding a place to put it in the world (I have read that Sargava or The Shackles are good places), converting deities, and other world specific stuff.

I first wanted to see if there is actual interest in this conversion and if anyone is willing to help with it?

Hello again from Good Gear Games.

We at GG Games, which means me, have been working on getting the foundations for a Victorian Steampunk setting, for the PFRPG, laid out and are steadily coming along with everything. But there is an area that I want to make sure to get not only right, but I want to make it work.

Social classes were a large part of the Victorian era in real life and are a large part of many Steampunk stories and tales, with four main social classes existed during the time. The aristocracy, the middle class, the working class, and the underclass.

So my question to you, active board members and Steampunk enthusiasts, what are you looking for in a social class mechanic?

  • Would you prefer them as feats, traits, templates, something completely different?
  • Do you want them to have major mechanical effects on characters or just be background/story driven or something in between?

    Let me know your opinions, concerns, questions, and feeling on the subject.

    Thank you,
    Santiago Mendez IV
    Good Gear Games

  • GM

    I am opening the Gameplay thread so that you can dot it for keeping an easier eye on the game. We will be beginning once everyone is finished with their characters and posting them on the Website.


    I am opening the Gameplay thread so that you can dot it for keeping an easier eye on the game. We will be beginning once everyone is finished with their characters and posting them on the Website.

    Lantern Lodge

    Male Unknown Humanoid Father 3/Husband 1

    Here is the main discussion board for the Travelers group in SteamFu Adventures.

    Lantern Lodge

    Male Unknown Humanoid Father 3/Husband 1

    Discussion of the game, setting, and material can be made here.

    Lantern Lodge

    The idea is a mix of Oriental style games with Steampunk. So Pandas and Pistols, Kitsune and Clockwork, Ghosts and Grease.

    Just looking for interest.

    First I would like to say hello to everyone. To introduce myself, my name is Santiago Mendez aka Sgmendez on the forums here, and I am starting up a design and development company called Good Gear Games. GGG has aspirations to become great and provide inexpensive good quality products to each and everyone of you.

    So my first question for everyone is:

  • What do you want in your Steampunk games?
  • What kind of races, classes, technology, spells, religion, society, etc.?
  • What kind of mechanics, crunch, flavor, and fluff would you like to be included in a Steampunk setting?
  • Deep down, what do you want your Steampunk games to encompass and include?

    Thank you all for your feedback.

  • Lantern Lodge

    So I have been thinking about the different options for an Oriental Pathfinder game, but trying to sift through everything has been tedious. So I ask all you, knowledgeable board users, what Oriental flavored pieces can you find?

    I am speaking about just Pathfinder stuff (Core, Campaign, Player Companion, etc), no 3PP stuff yet. And I am looking for Races, Classes, Archetypes, Prestige Classes, Feats, Spells, Traits, Monsters, etc. Everything.

    I just want to create a kind of compilation of Oriental material that can be used if someone wanted to run a game using only that kind of material.

    So here we go. I will just post a few things to get started:


    • Monk

    Alternate Classes

    • Samurai (Cavalier)
    • Ninja (Rogue)


    • Geisha (Bard)
    • Kensai (Magus)
    • Scrollmaster (Wizard)
    • Staff Magus (Magus)

    Lantern Lodge

    Just out of curiosity, how does one go about contacting some of the more established writers/authors for a 3PP product? Is it the material that draws in the writer, the company who contacts the author, or something completely different?

    Anyone want to satisfy a curious mind.

    Lantern Lodge

    So I am really curious if any of the 3PP are willing to share some of their start up stories? The good and the bad, what was most difficult to do, what got you started, etc.

    I am curious as both a fan and a potential future 3PP.

    Lantern Lodge

    I was wondering if there is an official flyer for the Society that can be posted up to see if there is any interest in playing in the area?

    If not would it be alright to create one using the Society logo and Pathfinder Logo on it?

    Lantern Lodge

    Does this use the updated 2.0 Modern Path?

    Lantern Lodge

    Has anyone else noticed that all of the Magus Archetypes can be taken all at once. Now this would probably not be the best choice but it is pretty interesting that none of them overlap on replaced abilities.

    Lantern Lodge

    So I was looking into the Bladebound Magus Archetype and realized something.

    A normal Magus gets 1/2 lvl + Int Arcane Pool at 1st level. Now looking at the Bladebound archetype it says that it gets 1/3 lvl + Int Arcane Pool but it also states that this ability replaces the 3rd level Magus Arcana.

    Does this mean:

    1- That you have 1/2 lvl + Int till 3rd level and then it changes to 1/3 lvl + Int?

    2- That you gain an additional 1/3 lvl + Int at 3rd level?

    3- That you gain 1/3 lvl + Int at 1st level onward?

    The rules are not very clear and don't say anything about replacing or adding on to the initial arcane pool. And since you don't even gain the Black Blade ability till 3rd level it is a little confusing.

    Lantern Lodge

    So I did a search for the topic on the boards to see if there was anything recent and to no surprise the last time this was brought up was back in 2006. So here it goes.

    Who thinks it would be possible as well as worth while to make a setting that has the flavor, setting, and story of one of MTGs (Magic: The Gathering) most beloved sets?

    Lantern Lodge

    I am kind of curious about why this one, as well as Hell's Pawns and The Compass Stone: The Collected Journals of Eando Kline, all cost more than the other ePub books, at $.99 per book?

    I am figuring that it could be because they are much bigger than the other ones but just wanted to check before I purchase them in case it is an accident and they are not supposed that much.

    Lantern Lodge

    So I was wondering if there were plans to give any of the base races Favored Class Alternatives for the Magus, as well as when the time comes for any base classes in Ultimate Combat? Also is there any chance we would ever see Favored Class Alternatives for some of the non base races such as Tiefling, Goblin, etc?

    Lantern Lodge

    So I had the thought of making a Magus type character who uses dark magic while armored as kind of a Dark Knight/Anti Paladin character without the evil part or the holy part. So I was thinking that a Hellknight might work for this since they are kind of "evil" in a not evil kind of way.

    So I started to think about how I could make a Magus/Hellknight character and found that it wouldn't be to hard to do with a couple of feats and the gold needed to make the armor feasible.

    I was just wondering what others think about it and if anyone has suggestions for traits, feats, equipment, spells, etc. that would help the character. So far these are the things that I have found either help or are needed:

    Classes/Levels: Magus 7 -> Hellknight 10 -> Magus 3

    Feats: (Lvl 3) Arcane Armor Training, (Lvl 7) Heavy Armor Proficiency, (Lvl 9) Arcane Armor Mastery

    Equipment: Mithral Hellknight Plate (11,000 gp)

    I was thinking Arcane Strike could be useful at times and it should stack with the Arcane Pool stuff, and can be useful when you run out of your pool.

    Also I thought it would be flavorful and cool if you were able to get the armor to work like Folding Plate from the APG, but I wasn't sure if you could make specific armor different and what the associated costs would be. I personally would probably just increase the cost by 500 since that is the difference of Full Plate and Hellknight Plate, but that is just me. Which would add 11,150 gp (12,650 minus the 1,500 for Full Plate).

    Lantern Lodge

    Hello, I recently made an order and added it to my subscription order. Then one of the items in the order became backorder, One on One Adventures Compendium (PFRPG) Print Edition, and the whole order isn't shipping due to this.

    I was wondering if I could get the backorder item moved to a different order, maybe its own order, so that my subscription order can ship? I am really excited to be getting this shipment and don't want a silly backorder item preventing me from getting these great items.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Lantern Lodge

    Hello, I am having problems downloading "The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World (PFPRPG) PDF". I purchased it today and when I click on the download in My Downloads it just refreshes the page and doesn't bring up the normal save location window.

    Lantern Lodge

    So I was thinking about how the Barbarian and Monk both have a drunken variant and I started thinking about how it would be interesting to see a spellcaster with some kind of drunken mechanic.

    So I am sending out an invite to all those that feel like their alchemists need to become alcoholics, their bards need to become blasted, their clerics must get canned, their druids need to be drunkards, their inquisitors must become intoxicated, their oracles need to get oiled, their paladins probably wont be getting this treatment due to their strict code, their rangers need to get ripped, their sorcerers must get smashed, their summoners need to become sloshed, their witches need to get wasted, and their wizards must get wiped out.

    I personally am thinking of some kind of increase to casting level (like free metamagic) but at the penalty of becoming drunk and having penalties to other stats. So what does everyone else think?

    Lantern Lodge

    So I am really interested in this book. I really like books that provide NPCs pre stated and my only question is, how many NPCs are actually in the book? I know it says it has 7 BBEGs but what about the minions? I just would like to know the exact amount of juicy stat blocks I am going to be getting.

    Thanks in advance.

    Lantern Lodge

    So I have a player who is playing an invulnerable rager barbarian who also wants an animal companion. This player doesn't want any spellcasting or any of the other abilities of a druid and a ranger gets its companion to late so multiclassing is out. So I decided to make an archetype that gains a companion and made it work with rage.

    Tell me what you guys think of this, how balanced it is, anything you would change, etc.


    Raging Beastmaster

    Some barbarians learn to take on an animal that shares their primal urges. These barbarians are known as raging beastmasters. Some have even questioned whether the animal that accompanies the barbarian learns to rage like its master or if the master has learned from the companion.

    Animal Companion (Ex)
    At 3rd level, the raging beastmaster gains an animal companion. This animal is a loyal companion that accompanies the raging beastmaster on his adventures as appropriate for its kind.

    When a raging beastmaster enters a rage she may choose to allow her animal companion to enter a rage as well. The raging beastmaster must use up rounds of rage for the companion in addition to those she uses herself. Any effect that modifies a rage for the raging beastmaster, through rage powers, feats, etc., affect the rage of the animal companion as well.

    This ability functions like the druid animal companion ability (which is part of the Nature Bond class feature), except that the raging beastmaster's effective druid level is equal to his barbarian level – 2. A raging beastmaster may choose any animal companion that a druid in the same circumstances may choose.

    This ability replaces greater rage and indomitable rage.

    Mighty Rage (Ex)
    At 20th level, when a raging beastmaster and her animal companion enter a rage, the morale bonus to their Strength and Constitution increases to +6 and the morale bonus on their Will saves increases to +3.

    And in advance thanks for taking the time to read and review.

    Lantern Lodge

    So me and my wife are going to be playing in a friends game soon and I had the thought of playing a husband and wife duo, fighter and wizard. We are still talking about it but I wanted to see what others thought about this idea.

    I was thinking that the fighter would specialize in more defense combat and act like a shield for the wizard, while still being competent in combat of course. They would use a warhammer and large steel shield and would have a tower shield strapped to their back so that they can pull it out to provide cover for themselves and the wizard when needed.

    The wizard would specialize in the transmutation (enhancement) school and have a combination of offensive and buff spells to both augment the fighter and be able to attack from a range.

    So what do others think of this idea? Is it a good idea and would it be worth trying or should we go a different way with this?

    Lantern Lodge

    So I have a quick question who has run Council of Thieves.

    My players are a little "different" in that they don't tend to think to heroically much unless guided. So when there are side quests and such during the adventure path that offer fame points they won't really think of it unless specifically told to do it.

    So the question is, would it be alright to award fame points for other events that are not necessarily "heroic".

    An example of this is one of my players has designed his character to be an opera singer and actor, and seeing as how Cheliax is a big fan of opera, whenever he uses his spare time to go and perform in different operas and plays could I offer the party a fame point due to that PC growing more popular? This is of course in place of doing something else so they never exceed the normal amount of fame they would get.

    My big worry is that if I don't do something to offer some "extra" fame every here and there that they won't get enough by the end of the adventure path even though they do great during the main story.

    Lantern Lodge

    So I have a question for anyone willing to answer. Is there a way to run Pathfinder Society outside of a FLGS or convention? The reason I ask is cause it is hard to get my FLGS to start up on things like this and I am really interested in both running it and playing in it (if I could ever get another GM in the area).

    Lantern Lodge

    OK, so I have a dilemma that I would like some opinions on.

    So here is some background. I have recently started running the Council of Thieves AP at my FLGS, which is not that big. My FLGS charges players $1/hour to play there but "awards" the GM $1/hour credit to host a game there. I have also told my FLGS that I would run the game there.

    Now the dilemma is that there are some issues I am running into with running the game there and I don't know if I should move the game to my own home or try to continue playing there.

    The issues are that since it is a FLGS people come in and out of the place all the time, and since it is not that big it can be a bit of a distraction to both myself and the players. And the other thing is that two of my four players don't really like having to pay for playing.

    So to the question. What should I do? Should I go against what I told my FLGS and move the game to my home? Should I continue to play there with the distractions and the players who don't want to pay?

    Lantern Lodge

    So I am running CoT and have been trying to make the game really involved. I am using the Plot Twist cards to give the players some control on fate, Item cards to use as props for loot and other things, Face cards to represent the NPCs, Condition cards and the Critical Hit/Fumble decks to just help with the more mechanical side of things. I have been pre-preparing the maps using gaming paper, sharpies, and minis. I have been using a lot of on the spot ad hoc rulings to help with the role playing aspect.

    But in the end what I am missing is some background sounds. So to my question. What would those here on the forums recommend for background music for this AP?

    Lantern Lodge

    Has anyone gotten this PDF? I am just wondering what exactly is in it, like examples and stuff. How does the system work? Etc?

    Lantern Lodge

    I am going to be play testing these rules with a group and am thinking about the setting, and I want some impute from those that find the modern setting interesting. Here are my ideas:

    1 - Resident Evil: Zombies, zombies, zombies, and some other monsters. I was thinking of having the characters play through the mansion of the original RE game. This would include zombies (all three incarnations normal, spitters, and crimson heads), lickers, hunters, cerberus, snakes, spiders, bees, moths, plants, and of course the Tyrant.

    2 - Bioshock: Splicers, Eve, Adam, Little Sisters, and Big Daddies. I was thinking of having the characters be citizens of Rapture and going through the civil war. With the new Bioshock 2 Multiplayer as kind of an example of what would be going on, except the players would be together going through the events leading up to the first game (at least my rendition of what happened).

    3 - Men in Black: Aliens, secret agents, and black suits. This one is simple, the characters are members of a secret organization that deals with aliens and their going ons. This one would feature homebrew aliens (modeled after already created monsters and such) and probably a world threatening event.

    4 - Heroes: People, super powers, and Sylar. This one would just be everyone being a special (or not, their choice) and having to deal with the events of Volume 4 Fugitives. The powers would probably just be spells from the core (modified if necessary) that are usable with a concentration check. The abilities would increase with level and would just be greater versions (or related) spells.

    5 - Other: Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions. Give me a suggestion or idea for an interesting setting. This can really be anything, as long as it is set in a modernistic setting. I do want to use the Modern Beta rules.

    Overall I am partial to choices 1 and 4, but am open to just about anything. I am just asking for help to make a decision, there are just so many, and want to know what people would like to play.

    Lantern Lodge

    Does anyone know if Paizo will be converting any of the materials from the Dragon Compendium Vol. 1 to Pathfinder? Mainly the races and classes.

    Lantern Lodge

    OK, so I am sure that plenty of you have thought about this as well. Making Eidolons who are based on the summons from the Final Fantasy games. Well I am just going to ask others opinions on ones that I have made and see what they think of the idea and abilities of the Eidolons.

    First off I have Ifirit:

    Base Form: Bipedal

    Level - Feat
    1 - Power Attack
    2 - Cleave
    5 - Great Cleave
    7 - Weapon Focus (claws)
    10 - Improved Sunder
    12 - Greater Sunder
    15 - Dazzling Display
    17 - Shatter Defenses
    20 - Deadly Stroke

    Added Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana)

    Ability Increases:
    Level - Increase
    3 - +1 Cha
    8 - +1 Cha
    13 - +1 Cha
    18 - +1 Con

    Level - Evolutions
    1 - Energy Resistance 5 (fire), Improved Damage (claws), Push
    2 - Energy Resistance 5 (fire), Improved Damage (claws), Push, Spell Like Ability (Burning Hands 1/day)
    3 - Energy Resistance 5 (fire), Improved Damage (claws), Push, Spell Like Ability (Burning Hands 1/day), Magical Attacks
    4 - Energy Resistance 5 (fire), Improved Damage (claws), Push, Spell Like Ability (Burning Hands 1/day), Magical Attacks, Grab (claws)
    5 - Energy Resistance 10 (fire), Improved Damage (claws), Push, Spell Like Ability (Burning Hands 1/day), Energy Attacks (fire), Grab (claws)
    6 - Energy Resistance 10 (fire), Spell Like Ability (Burning Hands 1/day), Energy Attacks (fire), Grab (claws), Large
    7 - Energy Immunity (fire), Spell Like Ability (Burning Hands 1/day), Energy Attacks (fire), Grab (claws), Large
    8 - Energy Immunity (fire), Spell Like Ability (Burning Hands 1/day), Energy Attacks (fire), Grab (claws), Large, Improved Damage (claws)
    9 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Improved Damage (claws), Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws)
    10 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Improved Damage (claws), Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Pull
    11 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Improved Damage (claws), Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Grab (claws)
    12 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge
    13 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge, Improved Damage (claws)
    14 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge, Improved Damage (claws), Grab (claws)
    15 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge, Improved Damage (claws), Grab (claws), Pull
    16 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge, Improved Damage (claws), Grab (claws), Pull, Push
    17 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge, Improved Damage (claws), Grab (claws), Pull, Rend
    18 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge, Improved Damage (claws), Grab (claws), Pull, Push, Rend
    19 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge, Improved Damage (claws), Grab (claws), Pull, Push, Rend, Tremorsense
    20 - Energy Immunity (fire), Energy Attacks (fire), Large, Spell Like Ability (Fireball 3/day), Reach (claws), Huge, Improved Damage (claws), Grab (claws), Pull, Push, Rend, Tremorsense, Improved Natural Armor

    I am also working on Shiva, Leviathan, Titan, Alexander, Bahamut, Ramuh, Odin, Phoenix, Hades, Kjata, Choco/Mog, and Typhon. All from FF7.

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