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Sevrick's page

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So much fun


I can't belive how awesome of a game this is. Every senario we do it become's so close.

One time it wasn't. I have been playing this with 3 people and the fighter got stuck in an area under a collapsed celing and couldn't get out because he didn't have that high of a dexterity, so the other player, a ranger, came to the location to get him out. This wasted precious time and we ended up losing.

You can expect crazy stuff like this to happen. It may be a card game but we kept coming up with reasons as to why things happened and it felt like the table top rpg.

Well worth the money. The one and only complaint I had was that the base deck is noticable darker than the character add on deck.

By the way, while he was trapped I accidently summoned a Skelton horde and he had to fight it while trapped. It made for some funny naration.

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