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Scarab Sages

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Good doesn't really seem to fit the Great Old Ones / Elder Gods, flavor wise. Even a Great Old One who seems genuinely concerned about fleeting mortal lives, would likely be so only in the same way that the crazy cat lady loves her kitties, to the point of treating them abominably so as to maximize the number of them she can have. The entity might think of itself as benevolent, but the people that it considers it's collection or pets or ant farm aren't likely to believe that once any of them go off script and earn the entity's displeasure...

A Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral Great Old One, on the other hand, could be funky, in a Vorlon sort of 'we know what's best for you, don't worry your pretty little heads about this free will nonsense' sort of way.

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DaemonAngel wrote:
The one epic MMO I loved that isn't around anymore is Anarchy Online. It had its problems but still.

I think every MMO has added something new to the mix, from Dark Ages introducing the notion that each class could have three different 'spec paths' to follow, or that warrior types could do something other than auto-attack and then go make a sandwich, with an array of weapon styles and reactive maneuvers and chained attack sequences, to Anarchy Online adding instanced encounter areas and eliminating 'camp checks.' It's kind of great that the more modern MMOs can avoid some of the painful learning curve of the past.

Instancing is such a given these days, that it's kind of funky to remember that the (otherwise classically buggy) Anarchy Online brought that feature to MMO gameplay.

There's elements I miss from otherwise forgotten games like Horizons (where you could 'accidentally' turn off the game world's gorgeous graphics and play in wireframe-mode!) or Shadowbane (first game with gameplay events actually affecting the map, causing different servers to be *wildly* different depending on how certain battles went, as different territories might be controlled by NPC enemies, depending on what server you picked!).

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MillerHero wrote:
Can you think of an anathematic substance other than axiomatic that would be useful in binding proteans?

While I'm not Todd, that came up in a game once, and we had some ideas;

Proteans are all about change and things flowing into other things, leading to new discoveries.

Something pure and unalloyed and relatively enduring / unchanging seems ideal (iron has that rusting issue, but steel is a mixture / alloy / composite material, and pure gold is symbolically changeless, and yet very malleable, perhaps silver?). Also something worked, instead of a powder or raw material. Something that order has been imposed upon, so instead of a ring of silver dust, a fine chain of silver links arranged in a circle around a summoned protean, could represent both singularity / purity (which they wouldn't care for) and also matter being beaten / forged into a permanent unchanging state (ditto).

Other things that represent restraint or permanence, like a bug trapped in amber (life constrained by something that represents stasis and can remain changeless for a million years), could work, as well as preservatives like salt.

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Icyshadow wrote:
Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I have considered trying out Final Fantasy XIV when I have some spare time and my World of Warcraft time expires.

My guildies (from EQ, EQ2, WoW, SWtoR, etc.) have mostly moved on to FFXIV for now, so I've been trying it out. It's pretty fun, although the silly bits (even after WoW) can be a bit off-putting at times.

Some the NPC names look someone facerolled the keyboard, although they are probably no weirder than some Norse or Welsh names from actual history...

OTOH, I laughed out loud when I got a quest from someone named 'Ermagerd.'

The play is cool, and I like being able to have one character perform multiple roles, depending on gear equipped, which reminds me a little bit of Guild Wars 2. The questing system is insanely rich, and the storyline is fairly interesting to someone who knows nothing about previous Final Fantasy games.

Unlike Champions Online (which was massively cut down to crap to be usable on the console), it appears to be console playable, but my experience on the PC has not been affected one bit by that option.

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Simeon wrote:
This whole thread is a gold mine for getting inspiration for designing stuff. Dotted!

Thanks! High praise indeed!

Seth Dresari wrote:
Interesting stuff.

And thanks to you as well!

My last purchase was Occult Adventures, and my first thought was that five of the six classes are just ripe for additional options (the Mesmerist being that sixth class).

Kineticists based on the eastern elements of Wood, Metal and Void are obvious niches to fill, for starters, but Ice, Positive Energy, Negative Energy and, of course, *Nano*, for the Numerian Kineticist, are there for development as well. (Shadow and First World are also options, even if 'First World' seems a little less intuitive and would likely have overlap with Wood and Positive Energy and perhaps a tad of Alchemist-like Mutagen goodness, as it would allow for rampant growth of the tissues of the First World Kineticist herself, perhaps growing claws or bone spurs, in place of close combat Infusions like 'fire sword' or whatever.)

For Mediums, replacing the six current spirits with ones based on a pantheon of gods, like the Elven pantheon or the Godclaw, or on the four (or five) elements, could be a different way to go with it (with the elements Medium option ending up feeling a bit like a Kineticist / Medium mashup).

Same with Occultist, and already mentioned under Archetypes, focusing on the Elemental Schools, instead of the 'classic eight' or some other type or sub-school distinction, like dividing spells up into light / fire and shadow / darkness, or other oppositional matrices.

For the Psychic, a Superiority psychic might have abilities related to shrugging off some mind-affecting effects, while a Materialist might use items of personal or historical significance to draw upon psychic resonances, one based on Sensation might have the ability to downgrade a fear or confusion or compulsion/charm effect to a dazed condition, as she chooses to revel in the sensation of the emotional / mental effect (and thereby mitigate it's worst effects, losing her action, but not running around in a blind panic or attacking her allies). Other psychic disciplines could include Individualists, Competitors or Dualists, with relevant abilities.

Spiritualists with emotional foci like Greed or Knowledge could be designed, or even a different sort of Spiritualist whose Phantom remains Incorporeal, but has a weak incorporeal attack (not quite as buff as that of a shadow, wraith or specter, perhaps limited to simple hit point damage, at first, and not ability damage until later, and probably never imposing negative levels!).

As with the Advanced Players Guide classes, I like the Occult Adventures classes for what sort of directions they can be taken, as much as for what they already add to the game.

Except that Mesmerist. I'm stuck there. :)

Scarab Sages

captain yesterday wrote:
I confess, I love their are no Mind Flayers or Beholders in Pathfinder :-)

Love mind flayers. Never liked beholders or those gith races. Good riddance to those modrons! Giant space hamsters were less silly!

The only loss from 3.X monster IP I still mourn is the displacer beast. I have a weird love for those guys.

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Cat-thulhu wrote:
I'm still trying to find a group just to play an evil kingmaker style game.

After the Faction Guide came out, I wanted a Kingmaker style game in which the PCs were members of factions, such as the Kalistocracy, or the Whispering Way, or Varisian Wanderers, eager to form a nation-state in which they could thrive and prosper.

Scarab Sages

While I was not a fan of the Magic the Gathering card game, the world was super-evocative, and I wouldn't mind playing a Pathfinder rules game set in that world, with an assortment of thematically appropriate green, red, black, white and blue spellcasters.

Scarab Sages

The dragon collected quirky items of magic, not so much cursed, as of dubious utility, such as a goblin 'cloak' of seaweed and detritus encrusted netting that allows it's wearer to disguise themselves as a pile of flotsam, and even to (slowly) swim while so disguised as a harmless clump of garbage.

His prize possession is a sword.

Many have heard of the legendary sword Helbane, borne by a Paladin into Hell itself, and said to still be cleaving devils to this day.

This sword is not that one.

Few know that the original crafting ran into a snag, when the runic language used turned out to have very similar characters for the letters L and N, and the first product from the smithy was the not-so-legendary sword Henbane, a +1 bane (chickens) greatsword, that, perhaps due to a quirk in it's manufacture, has half of it's bane effect (+1 to hit, +1d6 damage) to chicken-like creatures, such as cockatrices, or that one unfortunate rooster-headed rakshasa who was unlucky enough to die upon it's blade.

The sword is displayed deeply stuck into the breast of a petrified cockatrice of unusual size, it's traditional enemy.

Scarab Sages

Mark Seifter wrote:
As for internal buffer, in addition to the typical filling it before going to sleep to get more stuff the next day, [SNIP]

Ooh, that right there answers my question about internal buffer, about how long it lasted 'in the tank.' I had the impression that it only lasted the day it was used (until burn was recovered), in which case it was only useful for exceeding per-round limits, and not storing up some burn before you go to bed to get some full hp burnination tomorrow.

Being able to store up burn from the previous day (and therefore recover it overnight, instead of running around combat with massive damage from just using your class abilities, in addition to the occasional risk of actually being attacked by an enemy...) makes me a little less leery of the class. (Since I'm not a fan of running around at half health, with damage that can't be healed, and so was trying to design Kineticists that would *never* use burn.)

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It's somehow Cosmo's fault that the size 11 shoes I wore in high school turned into size 10 1/2 soon after college, then size 10 over the next decade, and now size 9 1/2 is too big and is giving me blisters.

My current theory is that gremlins working for Cosmo are nibbling away at my feet every night, making them incrementally smaller over the years.

Curse you Cosmo! And your hungry foot-nibbling gremlins!

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baron arem heshvaun wrote:

There are a hundred great character ideas on the forums, and yet Set's Mordecai always seemed very haunting to me.

And then despite such a Gothic Horror backstory, or maybe because of it, the character totally turned into a comedy of errors in game, which made me love him even more.


I think the 'A Day in the Life' notion of not just writing up a backstory, but coming up with a typical day for the character (grittier and more prosaic and less gothic for Mordecai) was more relevant to where the character was *now.*

Other games have done that too, and I found it useful to get into the feel for the character's present, instead of past.

(For instance, a Council of Thieves character was a foreigner whose father had died in Chelish custody, and was there for revenge, but that backstory was less relevant to the current storyline than her day to day work as a spell-for-hire and the NPCs she interacted with as competitors and customers.)

Scarab Sages

Very cool. Reminds me of gun-using occult types, like Hellboy or Gunwitch or even the guys from Supernatural (when they've got the Colt), and also plays well on notions like cold iron vs. fey or whatever, or Mage the Ascensions timeline, in which the rise of technology (such as guns) heralded the decline of the supernatural (like faeries and werewolves).

While a gun-using Spiritualist seems thematically odd, at first, a variation that summoned up a non-mobile wellspring of spiritual energy, and once that was done, could set it to perform certain tasks round by round (less like summoning an eidolon/phantom, more like setting up a haunt!), and / or tap it to call up spiritual energy for one's own spellcasting (or stand in it and benefit from some sort of cover or defense), could be a thematic fit between the concepts. That would have less to do with firearms, however, and more to do with calling up an immobile 'spiritual gun emplacement.'

I'm not sure every Occult class needs a gun-toting Archetype, but there's no reason not to explore the various niches. A gun-toting Mesmerist could specialize in trick shots that inflict psychologically-based conditions on targets shot, or trick people into thinking they have been shot (when they haven't), causing them to take nonlethal damage, or to be debuffed in some way (diving away from illusory suppressing fire, and becoming flat-footed or provoking attacks of opportunity from those near them, as their attention is diverted). Being able to 'flank' someone with a gun while standing 30 ft. away would be a logical 'trick' for a gun-using Mesmerist, for instance.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also blaming Cosmo because I just made a list of all the PF products I own using the list function, which took about an hour, and it didn't save and now I have to do it all over again.

Or not. 'Cause I think everyone at Paizo would prefer I keep accidentally buying multiple copies of the same product anyway. :)

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And those garage sales always say stuff like 'Saturday and Sunday,' and they are never actually selling any Saturdays or Sundays!

I could *totally* use some extra weekend days, yanno? The ones I've got always seem to go bye too fast!


Scarab Sages

What if Nikolai Tesla was as mad and inventive as in our world, but was also as good at patent-trolling and stealing credit as Edison, utterly dominating US energy policy and leaving Edison to die penniless and discredited instead?

What if the Civil War never happened, and the United States was the nation north of the Mason-Dixon line, while the Confederacy was an allied nation to the south?

What if a Chinese fleet bombed the hell out of Portsmouth and Calais, and then claimed them as their territory (as Britain claimed Hong Kong), to force the ports to remain open to their opium shipments, forcing Europe at gunpoint to buy their product? What if the sun never set on the Chinese empire?

What if Britain didn't choose to hand over Palestine to the displaced Jewish people after WW2, and the Allies went with their second choice, and the new nation of Israel was founded in Baja, California?

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What if Emperor Constantine picked Mithraism over Christianity as the new state religion of Rome?

What if the civilizations of North America had not only not succumbed to a massive plague, killing off 90% of them before the Europeans arrived in force, and instead it was the Europeans who brought back plague to Europe, leading to Native Americans 'discovering' a smashed-back-to-the-dark-ages Europe a few decades later, and colonizing it?

What if Egypt never fell to the point of Rome's breadbasket, but continued to expand, ending up a dynastic empire that lasted as long as China and influenced all of the surrounding territories of the Middle East / Persian Gulf, lower Europe and central Africa?

What if the rock never fell, mammals never got bigger than rats, and the sapient civilization on Earth is humanoid deinonychus-descended Sleestak? :)

What if Alexander lived longer and / or his kids weren't complete screw ups who squandered all of his achievements?

Same, but replace Alexander with Genghis Khan.

Same, but replace Genghis Khan with Adolf Hitler.

What if Jesus came back, and continued his trend of discouraging churches and temples and priesthoods and hierarchies, and the Church, as it became, never formed, and the faith remained a more Buddhist-monk-like order of wandering shepherds-of-men, robed and sandaled and unshaven, living off of the charity of those they minister as they travel the world, spreading the word?

What if the endless wars and crusades in Europe and the Levant led not only to ladies staying home and running the castles and inns while their husbands and sons went off to fight (and often didn't come back...), but progressed to the assumption that women would handle business and commerce and end up running everything, while men stuck to making war, leaving the reins of power increasingly in the hands of women. The same sort of women's liberation that WW2 helped kick off (thanks to an entire generation of women coming to appreciate having their own money, and not being entirely thrilled about giving that up when the war ended and the men came back), but almost a thousand years earlier...

Scarab Sages

9. Whenever you kill anything larger than an insect, say a few words of prayer and apologize to it's departing spirit to shoo it's soul off to the afterlife, so it doesn't hang around and haunt you out of spite.

10. Salt and / or iron nails repel / restrain restless spirits. Sleep with a little salt on your lips, or some iron nails on a necklace, to prevent possession. (Nightmares are a sure sign of attempted possession! It's more common than you people think! Protect yourselves!)

11. Salting a meal doesn't just flavor it, it drives evil spiritual energies from the meat that could cause illness (as most animals resent being killed, and that resentment lingers in their flesh to spiritually poison those that eat them). Thoroughly cooking it on an iron spit or iron grill also works. You don't have to salt (or grill) plant matter, 'though.

12. Certain entities can hear their names spoken aloud, and so you never speak the name of an evil god, demon, devil, etc. referring to them only by their 'nicknames' like 'The Mother of Monsters' or 'The Prince of Lies.'

13. Thirteen of anything is anathema to you. If you reach a level where you can prepare thirteen spells a day, you will prepare only twelve, and then cast one (such as mage armor), before filling that last spell slot. If you are owned thirteen gold in 'change,' you will insist on 12 gold and 10 silver, instead, or even accept less, if you absolutely must (you're superstitious, not stupid!).

14. [For a spellcaster] You believe that other forces can use your hair, nail clippings, etc. to cast spells upon you, and so gather up or destroy all such remnants, using magic such as prestidigitation to clean up after yourself, or purify food & drink to transform your waste into clear water and burning hair clippings, blood-soaked bandages, etc. to fine ash and scattering it into the nearest river or sea, to prevent anyone from ever gaining access to these materials to use against you. You are, occasionally comically, paranoid about people stealing your 'precious bodily fluids.'

15. You've heard tales that your father and his father before him were dragged off into the shadowed corners of their bedchambers by strange hounds that seemed to crawl from the angled corners themselves. You never sleep near a wall or corner, and always surround your sleeping area with a curving circle of chalk or string or wax, which you believe will repel these creatures that come from the sharp angles.

Scarab Sages

Good grief, that cover, mock up or not, is super-hot!

What a gorgeous piece of artwork!

Scarab Sages

There two sorts of monsters I associate with Paizo;

1) Monsters from D&D that Paizo has breathed new life into, like Aboleth, Goblins, Ogres and Ogre Magi (expanded into a whole new Oni subtype of giant).

2) Monsters that are pretty much all-Paizo, like Boggards, Cyclopes, Linnorms, Mites, Shoggoth or Tengu.

Mostly it would be Goblins.

Scarab Sages

Ed Reppert wrote:

Yeah? Provide three examples, please. :-)

I don't mind "shoutouts" to old editions, but "anti-Paladin" just seems so ... clumsy to me.

My first choice would be 'Reaver,' for a CE 'paladin.'

Tyrant and Blackguard could work, as well. Maybe Knave or Transgressor or Defiler.

I'm less fond of two word names like Shadow Knight or Death Knight or Unholy Warrior or Dark Champion, but some are quite usable (Death Knight and Unholy Warrior, in particular, have already been used in Secret College of Necromancy and Green Ronin's Book of the Righteous spin-off, Unholy Warrior).

Of course, as with so many things, the old level-based names from 1st edition are a treasure trove of ideas;


Experience level Level title Horse (a) Unholy sword (b) Human retainers (c) Non-human retainers (c) Freehold

1 Caitiff 5% 100% 5%
2 Miscreant 10 95 5 10
3 Malefactor 15 90 10 15 (Manor)
4 Hellraiser 5% 20 85 15 25
5 Blackguard 10 25 80 20 30
6 Scoundrel 15 30 75 25 35
7 Dastard 20 35 70 30 40
8 Villain 25 40 65 35 45
9 Villain of the Deepest Dye 30 45 60 40 50 (Keep)
10 Fiend 35 50 55 45 60
11 Anti-Paladin 40 55 50 50 70
12 Anti-Paladin, 12th level 45 60 45 55 80
13 Anti-Paladin, 13th level 50 65 40 60 90
14 Anti-Paladin, 14th level 55 70 35 65 100 (Castle)

Malefactor's my favorite from that list.

Scarab Sages

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Wayne Reynolds wrote:
One of the items on her left is indeed a wayfinder. The other is a magical stone/orb of some sort. It's not an Ioun Stone, as they float around the recipient's head on their own. This stone is being held by the Psychic.

Cool. The orb being something mysterious is probably even more thematic for an occult character than something as matter-of-fact as a specific magical item that's been around for many editions.

I love the different body types you've been using. I'm a big comic book fan, and back in 'the day' (40s to 80s) everyone pretty much had the exact same body type, the men were all broad-chested and lantern-jawed Charles Atlas wannabes, the ladies were all Marilyn, with wasp waists and improbable breasts, regardless of how athletic they were meant to be (or not be). I like how the Mesmerist has thin legs, suggesting a leaner-than-normal build, while the Occultist is heavy, and the Psychic has some 'child-bearing hips.' Very cool.

Your attention to detail is wonderful. It inspires me me revisit my own character designs to consider how the gear they carry can suggest information about them, a kind of 'visual storytelling.'

Scarab Sages

Benchak the Nightstalker wrote:
We finally get to a big 'F4 using their powers' action scene, only to realize it's the climax of the film. This is it. There is no more.

Was it at least a teamwork scene, like the action scene at the end of the first movie, where all four used their powers for one coordinated stunt (involving fire, force fields, water, etc.)? 'Cause while the first FF movie lacked team action scenes, IMO (just the bridge accident and then the climax, really), at least there was a deliberate attempt to arrange for a teamwork display for the big finale, and that I appreciated, since the Four are kind of meant to be a family and work together like a (to steal the oft-used quote from the comic) 'well-oiled machine.'

That was, for me, a bigger let-down with the second movie than cloud-Galactus, the big 'teamwork' scene being 'let's have the popular actor's character get all the powers of the four and play Super-Skrull, instead of having actual teamwork win the day, like those so-called X-Men movies in which everything is done by shirtless Hugh Jackman, guest-starring some other X-peeps...'

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Aberzombie wrote:
East Texas Man Guilty of Assault Gets Life _ in Matrimony

That's sixteen kinds of horrifyingly wrong...

Somewhere between Judge Taliban ordering this guy to marry this girl as if she has no say in the matter and is just property, or that the girl's being punished for the dude's actions, or that being married to this girl is being likened to a punishment for wrongdoing, there's some major misogynistic crazy here.

Scarab Sages

terraleon wrote:

Combat Divination is a set of spells, generally with immediate or swift casting times, that provide various benefits in combat, from penalties against foes, to bonuses, to altering targets, to improving initiative.


That does sound intriguing. I wrote some offensive divinations up back in 3.X for the Relics & Rituals submissions (inspired by Jean Grey taking out Mastermind by opening up his mind to the universe, in Marvel comics, or the various sorts of 'overwhelmed by all the sensation' effects that afflict untrained telepaths, or 'paralyzed / terrorized by visions of horrible fates' that can afflict precognitives or people like Raistlin, who can see everything decaying around them), but they didn't seem to appeal.

Thanks to how the Spell Focus feats work, both Abjuration and Divination definitely could use some more spells that require saving throws. (Or the feats could be reworded to add +1 caster level to spells with no saving throw, or something...)

With the success of characters like Luke Skywalker, who makes heavy use of 'divination' / precognition in combat (primarily to block blaster fire!), it's long past time to see some of that in games!

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Regardless of how much water (or food, or sunlight, or air, or disease-curing, or resurrection magic) can be created magically (or via other supernatural means, such as natural gates to the elemental planes or whatnot), I assume that the game world as written exists as described *despite* the presence of such magic, and that's it's 'built-in' to the setting.

So a desert nation / area is a desert *despite* the presence of water-creation magic, and would be even worse, if that magic didn't exist.

Instead of assuming that the designers of the setting didn't know about create water, purify water or create food & drink when they designed the setting, I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt and run with the notion that the setting works as presented *with* those magics in play, and that areas that one might assume would be radically changed by those magics, are only existing as they do *because* of those magics.

Perhaps it's a side-effect of growing up reading Marvel Comics, where you'd win a 'no prize' for not just pointing out an inconsistency, but for offering an explanation for how it could be reconciled, but I prefer to find possible solutions for questions as to where the 1000 years of accumulated snowfall goes in Irrisen (it's not 1000 years of winters, plural, it's 1000 years of the same winter, relentless and unending, timeless and fey!), or why Rahadoum, described by gods-propagandists as cursed by the gods, is the greenest and most fertile land in it's entire latitude, according to the map.

As for infinite cantrips, I'd love to see a bizarre wizard / sorcerer / whatever archetype that used higher level spell slots entirely to cast massively enhanced versions of the cantrips they've mastered, and cannot actually cast higher level spells. There was a 3rd party 3.X book that had a 'Master of Small Magics' along that theme, and it could be neat, if freaky, to have a 6th level Sorcerer who was casting enhanced (far beyond metamagic) versions of acid splash or daze, instead of fireball or haste.

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That Leonard Cohen song, Nevermind, gets stuck in my head. It's awesome and I can listen to it over and over.

Everything else about this season? Meh.

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Hama wrote:
Rynjin wrote:

Ioan Gruffud is just awesome in general. Still disappointed Forever was cancelled.
Oh god yes. That show was amazing.

There was a show a few years back called Amsterdam, that followed a similar theme, and, IMO, was even better.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Love your stuff, and thanks for answering our questions!

Rivani has a few items floating around her, including an oil lamp and a crossbow with bolts.

What are the items on the left?

The item on the lower left looks like a sundial, pocket compass or wayfinder or something?

The blue sphere could be an incandescent blue sphere ioun stone, or just a blue pearl or something?

On a less questioning note, I love the iconic Medium's starknife. I'm not a fan of that weapon in general, but you made it look awesome with those thicker flared blades.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like long hair *or* short close-cropped hair (for either gender). Mid-length hair annoys me. Get off the fence and pick one!

Except for dogs and cats. The shorter hair (and therefore the less maintenance required on my part, and the less vacuum cleaner motors burned out trying vainly to keep the carpets and furniture hair-free), the better.

Scarab Sages

79 Aliases, apparently. Ugh.

Most of them are probably from a post-Faction Guide thread in which I went nuts and made up a Contact and a Rival for each of the Factions.

Then there's a dozen or so PBP characters...

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I owe Salvatore a debt of gratitude for curing me of an embarrassing Drow obsession.

I also met him once and got to see a draft of something he was writing. I had no idea he was a published author. I pointed out to him that he'd misspelled Lolth.

Years later, I look back at that moment and cringe.

Scarab Sages

Family (and life, in general) comes first, I'm sure we all agree, Tim and Paris. Thanks again for all your work and devotion to Wayfinder!

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Hama wrote:
Elaith was a good character I'll give you that.


My heart forever rests with Bruenor Battlehammer.

And you lost me. :)

Scarab Sages

I know I've read that as well, but after a quick hop through the 2e rulebooks and the Freedom City and Iron Age sourcebook, the three places I would have expected to find it, I'm not seeing it.

Scarab Sages

'Cause the world needs more good stuff in it.


Sorcerer Bloodline
While some sorcerers gain enlightenment from celestial outsiders, your source of inspiration and power comes from the disincarnate concept of moral goodness itself, distinct from any sort of angelic heritage or ennoblement. Somewhat surprisingly, you are not required to be good, yourself, to have the power of goodness flowing through you, although it is rare indeed for an evil person to be so blessed.
Class Skill: Knowledge (religion)
Bonus Spells: protection from evil (3rd), spear of purity (UM) (5th), holy whisper (APG) (7th), holy smite (9th), dispel evil (11th), chains of light (CoP) (13th), holy word (15th), holy aura (17th), summon monster IX (celestial template or good creatures only) (19th)
Bonus Feats: Consecrate Spell (Blood of Angels), Endurance, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Merciful Spell (APG), Skill Focus (knowledge [religion]), Spell Penetration, Toughness
Bloodline Arcana: Any cleric / oracle spell with the good descriptor not already available to your class is added to your spell list and can be chosen as a known spell. Any paladin spell with the good descriptor not already available to you is added to your spell list at twice the level a paladin would receive it and can be chosen as a known spell. Whenever you cast a spell with the good descriptor that already appears on the sorcerer/wizard spell list (or was gained as a bonus spell from this class), it functions at +1 caster level. Spells that call upon specific lass features of the cleric, oracle or paladin, such as an oracle’s curse or a paladin’s mercies, do not function when cast by someone who lacks that class feature and cannot be chosen. You cannot select any spell with the [evil] descriptor as a spell known, nor cast a spell such as summon monster in such a way that it gains the evil descriptor.
Bloodline Powers: The powers of virtue embody principles like kindness, moderation and self-restraint, as well as freedom, purity and self-sacrifice, granting the virtuous sorcerer abilities sympathetic to those principles.
. Merciful Rebuke (Sp): Starting at 1st level, you can release a ray of positive energy as a 30 ft. ranged touch attack a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. If it strikes a creature damaged by positive energy, such as most undead, it inflicts 1d8 pts. of damage, +1 hit point / caster level. If it strikes a creature that would be healed by positive energy, it inflicts an equal amount of nonlethal damage.
. Virtuous Resistance (Ex): At 3rd level, you gain negative energy resistance 5 and a +2 to saving throws vs. spells with the curse, disease or evil descriptors, or the spell-like abilities of creatures with the evil subtype. At 11th level, the saving throw bonus increases to +4. At 17th level, your negative energy resistance increases to 10 and you can choose to be treated as if neutral or good aligned for the purposes of spells that have different effects on individuals based on alignment.
. Joyful Step (Su): At 9th level, you can move up to 30 ft. as a swift action, ignoring difficult terrain or hazardous footing (such as a grease spell or caltrops). This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity, but you cannot move through any space that you could not physically occupy. You can take this action a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.
. Accept Affliction (Su): At 15th level, you can touch another person laboring under the effects of an affliction such as a curse, disease, poison or hostile spell effect and attempt a saving throw against that effect. If you succeed, the person benefits as if they had succeeded at a saving throw versus that effect. If you fail, the effect is transferred to you, and continues normally. You can perform this feat once per day, and an additional time per day at 17th level, and a third time per day at 19th level.
. Avatar of Virtue (Su): At 20th level the virtue infusing your being renders you immune to negative energy damage and allows you to counter any [darkness] or [evil] spell with any sorcerer spell of equal or higher level with the [light] or [good] descriptor (respectively) as an immediate action.

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Sara Marie wrote:
Sorry for the post deletion. I've ultimately ruled that overheard was a hair over the line and removed it.

We've gone full recursive!

Quis moderatori ipsos moderator? Sara Marie, apparently!

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The homonculous seems to get an Ability Score Increase at 15 HD, instead of 16 HD (like a normal critter, NPC or PC).

If that's an intentional design exception, perhaps it could extend to the Phantom or Eidolon, as well?

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Adam Daigle wrote:
I want a cat-sized wasp!!!!

Also mouse- and dog-sized wasps!

Calistrian blood wasps! They produce (bitter tasting) honey that turns into some potent mead! They eat flesh of animals (and people?) they've paralyzed! You don't want to know what the honey is made out of!

Oh yeah, that's a cool feat. I've never been a fan of feats with a bunch of prereqs, particularly Ability score and 'feat tax' prereqs, and it only got worse after being spoiled by Mutants and Masterminds.

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SmiloDan wrote:
Like, Flying Starknife of Desna. For 24 hours, when you throw a starknife, you may target 2 creatures (or a number of creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier). You ignore half-cover and cover (but not full cover) as your starknife spins through the air.

And we can call it a glaive!

Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
(I really like Desna actually, if I lived in Golarion she might be one of the gods I worship)

Ditto. She's my favorite, thematically, and would be an ideal 'tradiational elven goddess' for those who grew up with the Realms and Roger Moore's 'demihuman deities,' and are a bit put off by Calistria's harder edges, although the starknife is probably the only thing I don't love about her. (Same with Nethys, with his super-flexible N alignment, total lack of junky alignment domains, and, ugh, favored weapon - quarterstaff?)

Then again, I'd be all for interesting favored weapon stuff for several gods. A curved or wavy-bladed and notched midwife's/surgeon's/executioner's dagger for Pharasma, using dagger stats but with a higher crit multiplier and the deadly property could be funky (with the MW versions also counting as a MW Heal tool), or a combined shield-with-built-in-crossbow (or crossbow-with-built-in-shield) for Abadar, could be funky.

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Selkie wrote:
Until proven otherwise I'm going to fantasize that "archetypes, feats, and character options for PCs of any character class." includes a proper spellcasting archetype for the Rogue... Even though I'm sure it doesn't. :p

A 'Gray Mouser' class that combines a bit of arcana with rogue traits, could be fun.

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Drejk wrote:
I am still brooding in my corner, b***hurt sad and angry over the three submission limit introduction.

Yeah, that was my bad, submitting fifteen things for the Qadira/Katapesh issue.

It's the Al-Qadim fanboy in me. He's crazy like that.

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Ideally, the Nano 'Element' for Kineticists should have a few unique-ish Utility Wild Talents, such as a 1st level one that protects from radiation effects, and a 3rd level one that can repair constructs / objects / structures, and a 5th level one that can take over robots and androids for a short time (roughly equal in power to the 'create elemental' or 'telekinetic animate objects' options in other Elements), but that would have required more than a half hour, which was the time I had available for that line of thought. Perhaps I'll flesh those ideas out later, and remove a few of the pilfered Utility Talents from the above list.

Probably not soon. 'Geekend' beckons, where we gather midcountry with guildmates from a half-dozen MMOs we've played together (some even from such exotic lands as Canada and England!) congregate to mostly sit around and drink and *not* touch our computers for five days. My brain's current focus is on pacing out my drinking so that I don't overdo it and drown in the pool (or stay in the sun too long, which for me is more than 45 seconds, and burst into flames). :)

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Freehold DM wrote:
this made me cry, it's so good.

Aw, and yet I feel good about it, because I'm evil! :)

I just got Occult Adventures, and was thinking of different types of Kineticist, such as a Chlorokinetic (plant/wood), Ferrokinetic (iron/metal), Biokinetic (positive energy), Necrokinetic (negative energy) or, more specifically for Golarion, an Irreseni or Snowcaster elven Cryokinetic specialist (less about water than about cold and ice attacks more similar to the earth blast options).

But the one I actually wrote up;

In Numeria, particularly among the Androids of that land, a rare form of kineticist has sprung up, the nanokinetic, tapping into the nanomachinery lacing their bodies and environment, forming temporary structures and generating thick hovering clouds of machines individually too small to see.

Simple Blasts earth blast, electric blast
Defense Wild Talents shroud of water
Class Skills: Disable Device and Knowledge (engineering)
Wild Talents:
1st – air’s leap, basic telekinesis, kinetic cover, kinetic healer, pushing infusion*, voice of the wind
2nd – bowling infusion*, entangling infusion*, veil of mists
3rd – magnetic infusion*, self-telekinesis, touchsight
4th – cyclone*, shift earth, telekinetic maneuvers
5th – aether puppet, grappling infusion*, shimmering mirage
6th – disintegrating infusion*, suffocate
7th – cloud*, fragmentation*
8th –
9th – from the ashes

*represents a blast infusion

The Nano versions of earth blast, kinetic cover, etc. use barriers constructed of nano and whatever unattended material is nearby to be repurposed.

This 'element' has 23 wild talents, compared to 21 for earth, 23 for fire and aether, 25 for air and 27 for water. Not the least, but near the lower end, because it's got some good choices, like kinetic healer, and a fair number of blast options, between earth blast's option to do B, S or P damage (representing projectiles fashioned by nanotech), and electrical blast (representing nano swarming around the target and electrocuting it).

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James Jacobs wrote:
The "design niche" the starknife fills is that it's a light throwing weapon that does x3 damage on a crit. No other light weapon in the core rules does this.

Oh wow, I'd totally misread p. 141 about thrown weapons and thought that all thrown weapons were limited to crit 20/x2, even if they had a better crit range or multiplier when used in melee! (Turns out that's only for weapons not normally able to be thrown, being thrown!)

Good to know!

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You'd think that high school in the early '80s in Oklahoma, in a town old-fashioned enough to have more churches than restaurants, a church run school (that graduated people from their high school who couldn't look up a name in the phone book, because they'd never learned to read!) and a 'blue law' on the books forbidding black people from living within the city limits, there would have been more anti-D&D sentiment, along with the anti-long-hair sentiment and anti-rock-music sentiment and anti-birth-control sentiment, but actually, most of the crazy people in town had never heard of D&D, so it was a non-issue.

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I've been watching them both.

Neither of them is a Stargate Universe, being more on the Warehouse 13, Sanctuary and Eureka side of things, but both of them are pretty entertaining. Dark Matter, IMO, is a bit more serious than Killjoys (and has twice as many main characters, so it's got more plots running), but Killjoys is fun on its own.

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Zeugma wrote:
Catfolk are too independent to form a centralized government. I can't see them running a whole city.

If Elves can have a city, and Gnomes can even manage a village, then I'm sure Catfolk can pull it together as well.

Scarab Sages

My first thought would also have been 'Monster Lore,' but that seems right out.

Would something more anachronistic like 'Metazoology' work?

Perhaps Adventuring Tactics or Nonhuman Tactics?

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ShinHakkaider wrote:
No gamers typically do not.

Gamers is overly specific.

Could also apply to 'fans' of anything, like Star Wars, or comic books, or a sports franchise, or guns, or cars, or a particular style of artwork, or eating vegan, or politics. They all drag their particular axe to grind around with them, and bring it up in discussions that have nothing to do with the current conversation.

Actually, 'fans' might be too specific. Perhaps I meant 'humans.'

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