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Scarab Sages

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I'd have staples include eels and fish and crayfish that spawn in underground lakes along with bats and largish centipedes (which shouldn't be any 'grosser' than shrimp or lobster, which are basically just aquatic scavenger bugs).

The primary 'vegetation' would be mushrooms, but, assuming a fantasy 'underdark' sort of deal, with a thriving ecosystem of it's own, and strange 'underdark radiations,' there logically should be some sort of life that thrives on those energies. Just as thermophilic life exists here on earth, adapted to use energy sources other than sunlight, there should be living creatures in the darklands that feed off of the radiation and energy given off by strange rock formations. That life could be a kind of fungus, a crawling vine or even tiny brine creatures in deep lightless waters that swarm around crumbling aboleth constructions, wearing away the stone over centuries to feast on the lingering magics in these aeon's old constructs. Whether manaphilic, thermophilic, feeding on energies coming across planar rifts to the plane of fire, or actually devouring 'hard' radiation from pitchblend ore deposits, there are plenty of 'energy sources' that could sustain an ecosystem (in lieu of a sun) in the fantasy underground.

(The existence of D&D critters like brown mold, which reproduces when exposed to heat, or disenchanters, which 'feed' off of magic, provides precedent for these sorts of things. If a disenchanter can do it, certainly some tiny aquatic life can share that feature, and feed off of magical locations or items that have sunk below the waves, or deep into the earth, creating the necessary first link in a vast underground ecosystem, all powered by those ancient aboleth ruins and their decaying magical wards.)

And then there's nutrients that come in from above ground, through water seepage, or the actions of bats or insects that forage / feed above ground and then deposit their nutrient-packed waste in the darklands.

For dwarves who also have holdings above ground, goat and sheep (descended from local mountain goat strains) would be the biggest meat staple, along with rarer chicken, beef and pork.

Stuff everybody tends to associate with dwarves, beer and cheese and beef, would be the stuff they eat like crazy when they are visiting lowland race communities, not because 'that's what dwarves eat,' but because those are the sorts of foods that dwarves can't get at home, having no fields to grow hops or barley, or raise herds of cattle.

Scarab Sages

Entryhazard wrote:
Not summoned fiendish and celestial creatures are denizens of the aligned planes so there's also that indicating that they're naturally evil/good even without subtypes

In the Ask James Jacobs thread, he clarifies that, in Golarion, summoned creatures are created when the spell is cast and cease to exist when it ends, they aren't actual denizens of the outer planes.

*Called* creatures, on the other hand, are 'real people.'

There's also some alignment wonkiness, in any event, as Calistria, who has evil clerics and servants, makes her home in Elysium, the CG upper plane, so it would be entirely possible to call a succubus servant of Calistria *from Elysium.*

But anywho, as in the quoted text above, a celestial or fiendish creature summoned via spell is only good or evil if the summoner was good or evil. A neutral summoner summons up neutral celestial or fiendish (or non-lawful axiomatic or non-chaotic anarchic) critters.

Scarab Sages

InnocentSoul wrote:

While I know it is all up to the GM in the end. Just wanted some feedback on how my character will think it will affect her according to how Golarion's stance would be.

1: If the party gets a divorce, how will that affect them since Erastil heavily frowns upon that. Also how will that affect me who performed the ceremony.
2: Since I performed the marriage under Erastil instead of Sarenrae, will that affect my position as a cleric of Sarenrae.
3: If I had to address the divorce to break the vow, will that make my character possibly shunned by Erastil or Sarenrae?

Also is there anything else to keep in mind since I did this?

Everything that follows is IMO. Caveat Emptor, and all that.

First. Whacky.

1: Erastil, as described, tends to be all about marriage to promote stability in the community. How marrying a dove promotes stability, I have no idea, but I didn't write that poem. Since the GM had some visible signs that Erastil (or *someone,* anyway...) approved that 'marriage,' even if it was quite deliberately a sham to open a door, then it seems the GM is fine with it, at least.

1a: Note that any god (or archdevil...) could have bonded the character to the dove and made some grass grow. It's not like Erastil appeared directly (or, even if he appeared to, it's not like the party would have anyway of knowing it wasn't something pretending to be Erastil). It's entirely possible that some other entity is having fun at your expense.

2: A cleric of one faith should be able to marry (or bury) someone of a non-rival faith without incident. Overseeing an Urgathoan marriage ceremony involving ritual bloodletting and undead bridesmaids might be a bit more questionable. :)

3: Erastil isn't supposed to be a big fan of divorce, but then again, he's not supposed to be a fan of people marrying animals (or each other just to get past a locked door). So who knows. On the other hand, Erastil shouldn't be opposed to infertile couples breaking up and finding new partners with whom they can be fertile, or with dissolving marriages that, for whatever reason, are a threat to the community (even if that 'threat' is nothing more than a sham or political marriage standing in the way of a marriage that would indeed promote stability and healing and inter-connectedness between feuding elements of a community or whatever), so it's not as simple as 'divorce = bad.'

Scarab Sages

Dragon78 wrote:

If/When we get new Proteans I would like to see...

physical traits such as...
-more then one head.
-extra arms.
-multiple eyes.
-dragon/snake head for a tail.
-multiple tails.
-snakes on there back/torso.
-crab claws.
-octopus tentacles.
-miss matched wings.
-feathers, armored plates, hair, etc. instead of just scales.
-and other characteristics that mark them as personifications of chaos.

abilities such as...
-breath weapon that polymorphs, petrifies, etc.
-gaze that causes insanity.
-can phase through objects/walls but not incorporeal.
-causes wisdom damage.
-disease that causes bestial transformation.
-poison with random ability damage and/or effects.
-inflicts random type of lycanthropy.
-curse that turns inflicted chaotic aligned.
-can create portals to attack from like the Sharn.

I like the polymorphing breath weapon, insanity gaze, matter-phasing, random poison and portal-attacks, particularly!

There seems to be a faint Egyptian theme to the proteans, so I'd want to see that explored, and give them functions and features evocative of Ammut or Duat or multiple-souls (perhaps ripping out soul-fragments and sending them against their bearer, like creating shadows from living foes, and forcing them to fight these bits of their own souls to regain the lost hit points / energy levels lost when they were formed, or something).

Gosh, that would be a cruel sort of attack, tail slap someone so hard that a part of their soul gets knocked loose, costing them a few levels of energy drain, and begins attacking them like an undead shadow. They get the levels back when they kill the soul-fragment.

A protean that defines the idea of formlessness, being able to assume transitory solid, liquid or gaseous (or even energy?) states, could also fit the theme of inchoate matter. I came up with something similar.

Proteans have great potential.

Scarab Sages

5. The Pillar of Storms This extravagantly named slender metal rod rises thirty feet above a large stone catch-basin, and magically attracts and captures the morning fogs that sweep through this quarter, so that all morning, there is the sound of running water pouring down the stave into the waiting pool below. While it is usually safe, and the water quite clean and fresh, locals know to avoid the plaza during thunderstorms, as lightning is attracted to 'the Pillar of Storms' and anyone drawing from the pool beneath it is at risk of electrocution.

Scarab Sages

38. Church of Fitin' and Bitin' - This was once a shrine to a goblin faith that followed any random goblin born with a particular physical mark, which was seen to be evidence that they were sent by Lamashtu to lead the tribe to greatness. Whatever the physical sign was, it wasn't terribly uncommon, so there was usually someone with 'the mark.' Occasionally, a goblin would be born with 'the mark,' when another goblin with the mark was already comfortably ensconced in the role of living god, and infanticide was not uncommon as the 'true god' eliminated the rival 'false god.' Other times, sick of the 'true god's' behavior, supporters would spring up around the newborn and overthrow the current holder of the holy title, declaring them false and the newborn true. After generations of bloodshed, including some acts of self-genocide, nobody is exactly sure what 'the mark' is, and a half dozen goblins at any time are trying to point to their clubfoot or discolored patch of hair or some other unusual feature as 'proof' that they are the new chosen one. The endless strife between these 'chosen' and their supporters has led to this building being renamed the church of fitin' and bitin', since it's become a weekly event that half the community shows up to bet on, as the 'chosen' and their supporters fight each other for the honor of being proclaimed the reborn god.

Scarab Sages

36. Pickle Hut. It's a hut. The proprietor is a witch that sells pickled *everything* (including her specialty, pickled monkey, some of which are enspelled to animate and attack the nearest living creature when their pickle jar is broken).

Scarab Sages

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Lord Snow wrote:
Didn't Tony Stark say he was quitting the superhero business at the end of Iron Man 3?

Yeah, in the scene when he ordered all of his armors to explosively self-destruct, while Rhodey was wearing one of them and carrying the Vice President.


Scarab Sages

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Malwing wrote:
Just did a long one. Spheres of Power. Its five stars and a tough contender for best product ever.

Based on the review, I'm probably going to buy this! Tell them to send you a kickback. :)

Scarab Sages

The prices on this keep changing as I click them to order or remove from my shopping cart. The hardcover alone zigs from $30 to $49.99 ($30 when I click on it, $49.99 when it's in the cart), and the softcover changes from $15 to $34.99.

Any idea what's up with this? I've noticed this has happened a few times with other things I've ordered (such as the Gothic Compendium from Lejendary Games, which went up $20 between adding it to my cart and completing checkout, prompting me to drop it from my order).

Even when the red price displays at the larger number, there's the exact same price in front of it, with a slash through it, as if the price display still thinks that there is supposed to be a sale price...

As for the product itself, it reminds me of the Elements of Magic system, by ENPublishing, back during 3.X, which itself reminded me of a much more fleshed out version of the Ars Magica system, which I loved a lot, since it was such more coherent than the 'random spells made up over thirty years by people with radically different design and balance assumptions' we've got now.

Scarab Sages

James Jacobs wrote:
xavier c wrote:
If you could add 25 gods from the Forgotten Realms setting to the pathfinder setting who would those be?
I wouldn't. That'd make Golarion into a weird Golarion/Forgotten Realms hybrid that would do neither setting any favors.

I tend to agree with that (although the Realms gods were already kind of a mish-mash, including some from real world mythology, like Loviatar and Mielikki).

I've seen you mention Wee Jas as a favorite god from Greyhawk. What are some of your other favorite gods from Greyhawk and / or the Realms (or other settings I'm forgetting)?

Scarab Sages

32. Cave Raptors and Interns.

33. Alchemical supply shop, made entirely out of acid-resistant non-flammable stone (built over the ashes of the first eighteen not-fireproof shops...). At any given time, it has a tanglefoot bag, four thunderstones, six flasks of acid, and six hundred and forty flasks of alchemical fire (for goblins favorite nautical pastime, recreating the Battle of Blackwater Bay). It always seems to be 'fresh out' of any sort of alchemical remedies, such as antitoxin, but given the dusty state of the shelves in that section of the 'shop,' it's not clear if that area has been stocked in geologic time.

34. 'Slave market,' with three dispirited kobolds and a mite.

Scarab Sages

SmiloDan wrote:
Now I kind of want to make xenosaurs--Alien xenomorph/dinosaur hybrids that lack eyes and use blindsense in the Underdark.

Xenosaurs! And the Fire Giant Yautja that hunt them!

Scarab Sages

Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
Also what I don't get is that the Avengers or other teams have no problem making the XMEN accountable for things they don't do the same to their own members.

Just like how the X-Men totally let the Shiar Imperial Guard execute Phoenix after it blew up 11 billion asparagus people on D'bari?

Oh wait, they *also* fought to protect their friend, who had committed not just a figurative genocide, but an *actual* genocide.

How evil of them, to act even worse than those awful Avengers!

Wanda performed genocide and the Avengers rush to her defense when the XMEN show up.

Genocide is a strong word for that. Her power, which changes things *retroactively* (meaning that none of those ex-mutants would *ever* have been mutants, and so wouldn't even know that anything had changed!), wouldn't have killed anyone.

Instead of a bunch of (ex)mutants inexplicably died (inexplicably, since her power *went back in time* and made them not be mutants, which means that any ex-mutant who fell out of the sky because they couldn't fly, or drowned because they lost their water-breathing mutation while a mile underwater, was already in the process of committing suicide, since, thanks to the No More Mutants retcon, *they never had the power to fly or breath water,* meaning that, by being a mile in the air without any means of getting up there or staying up there (since they *never* could fly), they must have just jumped out of an airplane without a parachute, for some reason).

Hard to hate on the Avengers for not blaming Wanda for doing something that her powers simply couldn't do, and that, even at the time, was portrayed inconsistently. As months went by, and the word 'genocide' got tossed around more and more, suddenly, more and more mutants were retconned into having died on that day, even if that was utterly impossible. And even that wasn't 'bad' enough. Eventually her power somehow affected every multiverse that ever was, even if we've already seen mutant-filled futures of dozens of other universes, and her spell wasn't even powerful enough to affect all of the mutants *in her universe*, since any of them that had their own books, almost 200 of them, totally skated free of her 'multiverse affecting spell.'

And then the Life Force 'Doom's fault' retcon. A desperate Author's Saving Throw that read like fanfic, but I didn't mind it so much, because it was attempting to make a silk purse from the utterly inconsistent mess that was Decimation. ('Decimation,' like genocide, a word being wildly misused during this event.)

Scarab Sages

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Dual shields remain the most badass fighting style I know. :D

Loved it ever since I saw the image on the last (4th) page of this document from Green Ronin's Plot & Poison (although, at the time, I was more interested in how it would mesh with the Gnomish Tortoise Blade, which was the 3.5 version of the Klar).

Of all the crazy crap we've had over the history of this game (not even mentioning stuff like magic and dragons), such as Dire Flails and Mercurial Greatswords and Gnomish Battle Ladders and Ripsaw Glaives, emulating a real world fighting style and using two shields seems pretty innocuous to be breaking any camels backs.

I'm also inclined to cheer for any rules element that lets a player emulate something cool they've seen in media, from Captain America's shield fighting to Prince Oberyn's spear dancing fighting style.

Scarab Sages

Manuelexar wrote:
I believe It's a budget matter and they have to make it right.

I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to super-stuff and saving money on special effects. Instead of having dudes fly around on wires like they do when Sif punches them, just cut to carnage happening around the corner, or behind a closed door, and let us see the horrible aftermath, the way they (very effectively, IMO) did on Heroes, never really showing Niki's super-strong persona in action, but suggesting that bodies were just torn limb from limb when people showed up later to see the carnage she'd left behind.

If they want to save their FX budget for Lightning Lincoln moving go pieces or Mikelock shooting rockets out of his arms, I'm fine with that.

It might even be an interesting storytelling device, to never actually *see* 'Hyde' in action, only neurotic Cal, after the fact, amidst all the wreckage and bodies.

Scarab Sages

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Kalshane wrote:
I'm rather annoyed with the Iris story arc. I like the actress well enough, but apparently the writers didn't learn from everyone hating Laurel on Arrow and decided they needed to do "hero's love interest who consistently makes bad decisions because everyone is keeping her in the dark" mess all over again with Iris.

This formula pretty much was the worst part of the first seasons of Smallville, as well. "Must! Keep! Secret! From! Lana! Even when it's endangering her because she walks into stuff she would otherwise know to stay away from every single episode! And when she finds out, the horrible consequence is that she now helps protect my identity and we have crazy amounts of sex and I'm not constantly having to hold back around her!"

And then it turned into 'Must Keep Secret From Lois!'

Ugh. I was tired of this formula last decade. Seeing it on Arrow and the Flash doesn't make me love it more.

It just makes everyone involved look some combination of stupid, deceitful and assy.

Scarab Sages

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John Kretzer wrote:
Only 23rd? I Blame Cosmo for those other 22 stools...

I try not to blame Cosmo for my stools.

Scarab Sages

phantom1592 wrote:

I'm actually getting REALLY tired of seeing Cal. There has been so much teasing and easter eggs that only the die-hard fans are seeing... but zero payoff.

There's been a number of times where he SHOULD have Hyded out and brought the hurt to people.... and a few demolished rooms that indicate that he DID just that, but they haven't shown us anything.

I have also been waiting to see him start flinging people around and punching them through walls the way Sif does when she's visiting.

He really hasn't displayed anything special at all, other than anger-management issues. None of the damage he's done couldn't have been done by a hyperactive 12 year old, and he hasn't been any more impressive in fights than Coulson. (And notably *less* impressive than Bobbi or May.)

I'm nostalgically fond of the actor, but this role is boring.

Scarab Sages

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John Kretzer wrote:
I Blame Cosmo for people not being more impressed by my crossover posts between this thread and the Praise Sara Marie thread.

Meh. Crossovers are so '70s.

Wake me up for the big summer event post that crosses into a dozen threads, 'changes everything!', kills a few posters and is available with foil variant covers.

Scarab Sages

BuzzardB wrote:

So far I really like the magic armors in this book the most, cool items.

Anyone else page 25 blurry as all hell?

Mine looks normal. Might be a problem with your copy.

Scarab Sages

Jaelithe wrote:
That's one of the reasons the whole "Superman vs. Thor" thing makes me chuckle.

The whole fight was a matter of which continuity you want to use.

Superman's vulnerability to magic has been portrayed as him being *not invulnerable* to magic (such as when a vampire only a bit stronger than Batman clawed him open once, since her claws where supernatural). A hit from Mjolnir should hurt Superman the same as it would hurt *me.* (As in, leave a fine red mist that smells like someone burned to death there behind.)

Superman also has super-speed, and is literally *thousands* of times stronger than Thor. If Superman was the 'kill first and ask questions never' sort of dude, he could take Thor apart before Thor even knew he was in a fight.

The JLA/Avengers fight was an obvious compromise. Superman effortlessly annihilating Thor would be unsatisfying. Thor leaving a Mjolnir-shaped hole in Superman by 'accidentally' murdering him would be equally unsatisfying.

Meanwhile, Superman has the sum total of Kryptonian knowledge, *including dozens of Kryptonian martial arts skills,* downloaded into his noggin and can react to and process stuff going on in a fight faster than the speed of light. He's, just as a baseline Kryptonian, a *hundred* times smarter than Batman, can move faster than light (let alone faster than a human brain can process) and can hear bees fart in China *while in outer space.* He never uses any of that.

Thor has been alive and fighting superhumanly potent threats (including giants, evil sorcerers, dragons, fire demons and other gods) for almost 3000 years. He's got more experience at strategy, tactics, leadership, war, armed combat and unarmed combat than sixty Captain Americas stacked on top of each other, and he never uses any of *that.*

Both characters have to juggle the Idiot Ball around their less capable teammates so as not to overshadow them, and not make Justice League / Avengers stories into 'Superman / Thor and his Amazing Useless Sidekicks.'

And for all that, they still had to keep Sersi the hell away from JLA/Avengers, because she could take out the average JLA lineup by pulling a Bavmorda and waving her hand and saying 'You're all pigs!' :)

Scarab Sages

Constantine wrote:
I don't want to derail this thread with an argument about the Punisher, but I disagree entirely with your take on him. The Punisher doesn't kill indiscriminately, nor is he just an "a@*$@$$ with a gun." He's a soldier who has transferred his war to the kind of criminals who killed his family, and anyone who support them. He's a hero, an anti-hero to be sure, but a hero nonetheless.

Like all comic book characters (Batman used to carry a gun! Wolverine had super-speed and his claws came off with his gloves!), the Punisher has changed a lot. In his earliest appearances, he was firing automatic weapons at some dude who threw a paper into the trash and it fell out because the trash was too full, calling him a litterer. Dude was *nuts* about killing criminals.

And then 'heroes' with guns (and pouches, and headbands) got popular, and he got a more sympathetic portrayal (and was drawn differently than the scrawny curly-haired lean-faced man he was originally depicted as, getting muscles and a more square jaw and straighter hair, because thin dudes with curly hair have to be crazy supervillains like Harry & Norman Osbourne).

It's probably not fair to judge him (or Emma Frost, or various other characters who've become less obviously super-villain over time) based on his first appearances, but first impressions linger.

When the last Punisher movie came out, the theater nearby was giving away reprints of his first appearance, complete with attempting to murder the littering dude, and I remember thinking 'Is *this* what they want people to know about this character, that he was one of Spider-Man's more psychotic villains?'

Scarab Sages

3 people marked this as a favorite.
ElderNightmare wrote:
Spook205 wrote:

The war gods are brothers, are ostensibly at odds with one another, but at times their clergies appear almost affable. A lot of their mythology gives them a sort of Loki-Thor relationship.

Reminds me the Hextor/Heironeous relationship from greyhawk.

The Scarred Lands setting had a few like this as well.

The NG goddess of healing, the sun, compassion, etc. was sister to the NE goddess of the moon, darkness, madness, trickery and death, and while their clergies fought like crazy, they had stood against the Titans together, and seen two of the Titan sisters tearing each other apart during the final battle, and their eyes met over the battlefield and they each withdrew, agreeing silently that however their story ended, it wouldn't end like that...

They even had a syncretic church together, in the northern lands, despite being utterly at odds on most individual tenets.

The warring gods of the dwarves and the dark elves in that setting were also former best friends, and shared certain aspects, so much so that they could almost be seen as two halves of a single god (or differing aspects of the chivalrous forge-god, dragged by circumstance in opposing directions).

Scarab Sages

Hama wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Wesley and Ben, for that matter. It seemed like Fisk and DD each had to each lose someone in this 'war,' to 'draw blood,' so to speak. But, really, all of the bad-guys were excellent. I even liked the Russians!
Scarab Sages

Bellona wrote:
While I'm not a fan of non-humans having a completely free menu when it comes to racial ability score adjustments, I am open to there being a couple of variations. For example, my elves can choose between Dex +2, Int +2, Con -2, or Dex +2, Int +2, Wis -2. Similarly, my dwarves can choose between Con +2, Wis +2, Cha -2, or Con +2, Wis +2, and Dex -2. I simply got tired of the fact that elves were at a disadvantage when it came to melee builds and dwarves when it came to being diplomats/face builds. I might do something similar with gnomes and halflings if a player decides to try one out as a PC.

I love variety, so that totally works for me, and I do something similar.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wanda's original hex bolts were plenty powerful, able to shut down anyone with equipment as easily as making stuff jam or break or misfire (up to and including Ultron and Iron Man). Even without equipment, it's as easy as waving her hands to make a car swerve out of control and hit you, or a street weakened by superhero battling collapse under your weight and deposit you in front of an oncoming subway train, or, with absolutely nothing anywhere that could go wrong, not even 'blue ice' or a freak meteorite strike, she could just give you a stroke...

But with this 'No More X' power, which seemed to be utterly effortless when she was doing it, there's no in-story reason at all that she doesn't wave her hand and say 'No More War' or 'No More Cancer' or 'No More Hunger' or 'No More Racism' or 'No More Alien Invasions' or 'No More Incursions.' Obviously, out of story, her actually using this sort of power (that she never had before, and never needed except to serve as a storytelling device, and duplicate something that the High Evolutionary had already done a decade before) to do anything *useful* would be a storytelling nightmare, so she not only had to be given a massive powerup out of the blue, but then written as too crazystupid to actually use it (and for it to not actually work for more than a couple of days on any mutant who had appeared in an X-movie and would be recognized, just the thousands of off-camera mutants nobody cared about anyway).

I would love for Children's Crusade (which had her lose this level of power, only for Rick Remender to put it back without explanation six months later, for no reason at all) to remain canon, and for her to go back to just pointing at people and making improbably bad luck smack them down. That was a crazy powerful power *she already had.*

This plot device / Wanda Ex Machina / wimmen-can't-handle-cosmic-power business needs to die in a fire.

Scarab Sages

Lord Snow wrote:
Interesting that Gal Godot's name is on the poster, and Jason Mamoa's is not.
Ha, hadn't noticed. There's definitely something fishy about that.

Ba dum tish!

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Gosh, one little fat-finger, and I'm talking about Herpes of the Wild...

Somehow this is Cosmo's fault, for putting the 'p' key right next to the 'o' key.

Scarab Sages

kestral287 wrote:
The problem with Remove Disease solving so many problems is this: how does the Cleric know he needs to cast Remove Disease on John Black the Farmer with bone cancer?

My problem with remove disease is that you cure someone of the disease afflicting them right then and there.

And then they go home and get re-infected *immediately* by their pillow, spouse, kids, pet, clothing, fleas, etc. (assuming they aren't reinfected by the clothing they are wearing right now, on their way out of the temple! or by someone else coughing on the street...).

It would be entirely appropriate for people to storm the temple a few days later, because they are all sick again, having only 'felt better for a few hours' and deciding that *obviously* the temple was lying about curing them and just peddling some 'feel better for a few hours, thanks for 150 gp, sukkah!' snake oil!

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Lord Snow wrote:
Marvel are (smartly) using different tones in their movies. Guardians of the Galaxy is in a completely different genre than The Winter Soldier. The Thor movies are complete fluff, Iron Man is action comedy, and the big group stuff (Guardians, Avengers) is mostly about fun. I expect more variations and subgenres would be explored as the MCU develops.

Dr. Strange will hopefully take it in a very different direction.

And on Netflix, both Luke Cage and Iron Fist promise some different tones and themes.

A Black Widow movie might go full on spy-drama, with a dash of James Bond.

Unlike them, every indication is that all DC movies planned for the near future are going to be various shades of grimdark.

Seems that way, and yet with the success of the Flash, with it's lighter tone and more enthusiastic celebration of all that is whacky and un-serious and *fun* about comics (thanks in part to Cisco naming all of the Rogues), perhaps there's someone at DC considering that the 'Batman formula' isn't the *only* road to walk, and that a *fun* superhero movie, perhaps starring someone like Superboy / Conner, or Booster Gold, or a similar character that thrives on a less grim and gritty mono-chromatic palette, could actually sell tickets and put butts in seats and earn green cash money.

More success with stuff like the Flash might result in DC feeling less shy about waving their freak flag, less like they have to apologize for and hide from the inherent goofiness and 'unrealisticness' of the genre, and lead to some *fun* superhero movies from them.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice does not seem to be that movie, 'though.

Interesting that Gal Godot's name is on the poster, and Jason Mamoa's is not. Seems that Wonder Woman will have a bigger presence in the movie than Aquaman.

Scarab Sages

Matthew Morris wrote:

We're hearing rumors that a major character dies in avengers 2.

I'm hoping it isn't Rhodey. The military/thriller format would work great with a War Machine movie.

Can't be Cap, Tony or Thor, 'cause they've all got movies still on the way (Civil War, Ragnarok), although Tony dying would be applecart-upsetting and kind of cool.

Not sure if Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch or

could be called 'major characters' yet.

Fury's already had the dramatic 'death' (complete with grave) once, and it didn't take. None of the other SHIELD people seen in the trailers like Hill are even within horizon-sighting distance of 'major,' IMO.

That leaves Hulk or Black Widow.

Rhodey doesn't seem likely, since it's his first appearance in this branch of the franchise. Calling him a 'major character' would be like tossing Happy Hogan or Jane Foster into the film and calling them a 'major character.' Heck, Jane Foster out 'majors' him by dint of at least having her *name* mentioned in the first Avengers movie!

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Wayne Reynolds wrote:
I don't have the answer to these questions. I included the sword into the illustration without an answer in mind in the hope of stimulating the imagination of the viewer.

Very cool!

Pet theory;

The sword is both intelligent and has an ego beyond compare, relating tales at length about all of *it's* magnificent and legendary deeds, and kind of ignoring the name of whatever schlub was holding it at the time.

Valeros, particularly when he's got a pint in him, find this sort of 'creative storytelling' amusing, since he knows darn well who the hero of his story is.

Alain, on the other hand, shares credit with *no one,* and there's few things in this world he appreciates less than listening to tales of *someone elses* glorious deeds.

He couldn't off-load that thing fast enough...

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Aelryinth wrote:
73. Ability score maximum benefits by class. Especially Con scores.

It's interesting how things come and go out of fashion. Bonuses for high Str and high Con scores used to be pretty much Fighter only, giving members of a specific class an extra bonus. Fighters (and Paladins / Rangers) also got additional attacks, which sort of went with the idea of their BAB being 'worth more' than other classes attack bonuses. (Not that they had BAB, back then...)

Iron Heroes / Book of Experimental Might introduced the idea of Fighters getting special bonuses from common feats, that only they could access.

And now Pathfinder Unchained is adding the notion that a Rogue might be able to unlock an additional level of utility from skills that anyone can learn (which they've had for awhile now with Perception and Disable Device, thanks to trapfinding).

The wheel keeps turning.

Thanks to Evasion (and Mettle, back in 3.5), there's even a mechanic by which one persons saving throws include options that not everybody benefits from.

Now we just need a class that unlocks additional utility from hit points or Armor Class, to complete the trend. :)

Scarab Sages

29. Fascinated by religious beliefs. Carries an assortment of holy symbols (and a few unholy symbols, kept out of sight, so as not to make the wrong impression). Strikes up conversations with anyone of a new (to them) race or culture, to learn about their religion or deities, but is cagey about their own faith (if any).

30. Uses magic for pretty much everything, such as prestidigitation to arrange their hair or clean their clothing. Evangelical about the use of magic to better life, and quite happy to hand out items with spells like continual flame, at cost. (If they can get that spell as a spell-like ability, or find a similar way to eliminate the cost, or research a similar spell that produces warmth or refrigerates an area, or is similarly more utilitarian than 'good at blowing stuff up,' will do so.)

31. Comes up with nicknames or 'titles' for friends (such as 'the Fearless' for the one person not afflicted by a fear spell, or 'Feller of Giants' for a puny mage whose grease spell tripped a giant), usually based on some memorable achievement or circumstance (almost always complimentary, or at least mutually entertaining, never derogatory).

Scarab Sages

Misroi wrote:
Of all the characters introduced on Gotham, I was most excited by 'Fish' Mooney. Carmine Falcone and Boss Maroni are destined to fall from their positions, Penguin is destined to rise to power, Jim Gordon is destined to become commissioner, Bruce is destined to become The Bat, etc. All of these people have their ends set in stone, and the only thing in question is how they get there. Since Ms. Mooney is original, she's free from this, and could have done anything, gone anywhere.

Same here. Something new is always more interesting to me than a retreat of stories and characters I've already read about for years and decades (and, in many cases, in multiple incarnations or interpretations).

I remember people online flipping out about the Mandarin fake out in Iron Man 3, and I, quite possibly the only person over 25 in the theatre, who had any friggin clue who the Mandarin was in the comics, thought it was great. It was a shiny gift *to me,* the only person who would be genuinely surprised that the Mandarin *wasn't* exactly who I thought he was going to be.

Similarly, with Gotham, I'm always hoping to see something new and shocking and spitting-in-the-face-of-canon, like Nygma *not* turn out to be a villainous Riddler but an ally to the Bat, or Fish Mooney going on to become the 'power behind the throne' of the Falcone crime family, or something that just pushes that applecart right over and dances in the wreckage.

Instead, I read constant complaints that Gotham isn't *exactly* like whatever stories we read forty years ago, and have seen at least a half-dozen times in TV shows, movies and / or cartoons. What would be the point in that? Yeesh.

The last thing I need to see is a fortieth iteration of 'latest artists version of some hundred year old classic painting, using the exact same colors that everyone else has used.'

My only quibble with Fish is that the character has been poorly written. She's got 'I'm obviously about to betray you' tattooed on her forehead, and *everybody* seems to fall for it, inexplicably.

Same with Cobblepot, 'though, so the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree, in that regard.

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Rynjin wrote:

Never played the older editions. Kinda glad I didn't because most of these rules sound annoying at best, and always have to me.

However, I always thought the idea of the Fireball spell having a VOLUME rather than simply being a fixed radius sphere was interesting. Probably a pain in the ass to calculate sometimes, but opens up some interesting options (and hazards) for use.

Being able to bounce lightning bolts and hit an enemy twice with the same bolt was rare, but great fun when it happened.

Less fun when it happened to you, obviously!

And gosh, I sure don't miss all the silly rules about subduing dragons and making them your gumby.

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MMCJawa wrote:

My own preference for setting, at least gamewise is:

Either throw out every analog and go completely novel with everything, and don't have any fantasy counterpart cultures/nations/etc (which means no Faux Europe).

Or if you are going to have a Faux Europe, go full out and include some version of Asia, Africa, The Americas, etc.

Same, for me. If a setting has a fantasy Africa and fantasy India and fantasy Americas, and yet doesn't have exact analogues for fantasy Rome or France or England or Russia or Byzantium or Greece, it feels weird to me.

Greyhawk, the Realms and Golarion seem to have fantasy Africas and fantasy Egypts and fantasy Persias, and yet no specific fantasy European countries like Germany or Scotland, which kind of makes it feel to me like Egypt and Africa are 'exotic' and 'fair game' to be set alongside countries full of elves, dwarves and orcs, but Constantinople is somehow 'more realistic' than Japan and China and India.

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34. Spells took time to cast, and could be interrupted by someone with the right initiative roll / a fast weapon.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Yep, you should totally get the 50 pieces of ammunition in the case of choosing ammunition. 50 per day is pretty slick compared to needing to rebuy every 50, huh?

Oh my. If this means what I think it means for a ninja shuriken-specialist, I think I'm going to swoon...

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To whittle down into more bite-sized fragments, I'd recommend outlining 25 or so gods from each pantheon to start.

The Egyptian Ennead, plus 'popular' outliers like Bast, Ptah and Thoth, the Greek 'twelve' Olympians (or which there are 15 or so, depending on whose list you are using) plus, again, 'popular' gods not appearing on that list like Aesculapias, Hecate, etc.

Somewhat complicating things for D&D/PF style use, where there are 'gods of evil,' many pantheons don't specifically have 'gods of evil' (or even explicit gods of *good*, for that matter, with even the 'good-guy' gods acting 'evil' or 'chaotic' by D&D alignment terms), so much as actual enemies of the gods, like the Rakshasa, Jormungandr, Fenris Wolf, Surtr, the Frost Giants, the Titans, Apophis/Apep, etc.

Domains can also be a sticky point. A fair number of pantheons have plenty of gods of fertility (of which there is no specific domain), but relatively few of 'Animal' or 'Nobility.'

Many of the Egyptian gods, powerfully obsessed with ma'at and the afterlife, could be considered gods of Law and Death (or Repose), which makes them seem lopsided to someone who wants to 'balance them out' to have an equal number of lawful, chaotic, good, neutral and evil gods, with a wide range of differing domains available.

I think there'd be a lot of variance between a (more or less) 'accurate' conversion of these gods, and one that's more 'balanced' for D&D/PF use, so it could be good to state up front which direction you'd prefer to lean in, creating, as much as possible, given the wildly conflicting source material in many cases, more or less 'accurate' portrayals of pantheons, even if that results in an entire pantheon that shares certain domains, or lacks any 'good' or 'evil' gods, since they are mostly whimsical dicks, or cherry-picking the source material and interpretations to 'balance' the pantheons to include a wider range of interests and alignments.

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Corbynsonn wrote:
That sounds about what I figured :), I'd be interested to see what would happen if you multi-class back onto the original class which gave out the ability.

Ooh, that would be a brain-melter. Take 10 levels of cleric with some fighter substitutions and then then 10 levels of fighter with some cleric substitutions... (Unless the exact same features are swapped over and replaced, in which case there'd be no net difference at all from a standard 10 cleric / 10 fighter!)

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I'd say no for griffons (bird head, not cat head), but yes for catfolk.

And, just to contradict my rationale for griffons, I'd also say yes for sphinxes, but that it's a closely guarded secret, as the prideful creatures refuse to admit to a non-sphinx that they like to roll around in the stuff and get silly wasted. (Their maftet allies smuggle them the occasional dose, politely agreeing that their sphinx benefactor merely wants to 'destroy the foul poison' or whatnot, and not spend a day blissed out and batting at tumbleweeds.)

Various big cats flipping out on catnip.

Scarab Sages

They've set the bar super-high with this first of four/five Netflix series. I keep going into these Marvel super-hero movies / shows with low expectations, and being blown away by how good they are. That's a nice problem to have. :)

I don't expect nearly as much awesome fight choreography from Jessica Jones or Luke Cage (since both seem more likely to get the sort of 'super-punch' action we saw in the first 15 minutes of Captain America or the appearances by Sif in Agents of SHIELD, where a single punch sends normal folk flying), but Iron Fist is going to be following in some tough footprints to not just maintain, but build on this sort of hard fighting action.

Luke and Jessica are differing levels of tough/invulnerable, so I'd expect less of them being stitched up / bandaged / bleeding out in dumpsters quite as much as Matt. :)

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Arnwyn wrote:
When Gonzalez is blabbing away to Bobbi about how Skye nearly killed 7 Shield agents and she points out that they tried to shoot her first, he starts blabbing on about doing so because she's "dangerous" was a conversation mired in lunacy. Running away is "dangerous"? Running away from a surprise incursion by military-spec'd strangers? Uh huh.

If these shows weren't shot so far in advance, I'd suspect that this was ripped right from the headlines.

'The unarmed person running away from me made me fear for my life, your honor! I had to shoot her in the back for my peace of mind!'

I do kind of think that agent shoots-first (who I remember as Charlie Francis from Fringe, more than this show, so far) might be Hydra. There's incompetent, and then there's enemy action, and he's already beaten his quota of 'mistakes that just happen to work against our goals.'

Gonzalez, on the other hand, just seems to be that old trope, 'old fogey leader who always makes the *exact* wrong choice, so that the young pretty subordinates have to heroically buck authority to do the right thing.'

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LMPjr007 wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

Classes I'd like to see in NeoExodus:

And from that other 3PP, Paizo


We are planning to cover ALL the basic, advanced and hybrid classes from Paizo as iconics

Will these Iconics be sort of 'generic,' or might they include some new ideas or rules elements (sort of like how Sajan, the 'iconic' monk, uses a brand new weapon, not even a little bit 'iconic' to the monk class?).

Will non-Core elements, such as a Druid whose companion is one of the dozens from the Bestiaries (such as a Roc or Elk or Styracosaurus), be available?

Scarab Sages

Ascalaphus wrote:

Another way to read the Resurrection/Raise Dead part is that you cannot return a body to life while it's undead - the body needs final death first. But if the undead spirit was taken out of the body, the body could be brought to life.

Which raises (haha) the question of where the wraithly spirit comes from. Is it the killed PC's dark half? In that case raising his body might cause a weird personality change since he's missing part of his psyche.

And before you start cheering, think about the "dark parts" that an adventurer actually needs; the killing instinct, the sheer bloody-mindedness that lets them survive ridiculous odds... a "pure light" PC might turn out to be a feckless hippie moonchild :P

Neat ideas! I could see a crazy culture trying to 'purge the darkness' from themselves, creating a bunch of undead shadows from their 'darker instincts' and turning into a bunch of 'pure good' people so paralyzed by moral considerations that they can't survive. (So incapable of harming other creatures that they can't feed themselves without magic, for instance, since even harvesting grains would feel like murder to them, leaving them only able to eat fallen fruit, or similar fodder that doesn't require killing a plant or animal.)

By eliminating from themselves all the 'evil' traits, such as selfishness, they have become so selfless that they earnestly debate whether or not it would be more 'good' for them to kill themselves so that they do not take up resources / territory that could be used by others.


As for the OP, I remember in a previous edition, it was directly stated that when a person died and a new shadow was spawned, the corpse 'turned into shadow' or something. (This was an issue when a PC was an anatomist, and needed the corpses left behind for a class ability.) But that's no longer an issue. Incorporeal undead don't seem to have any effect on the corpses. Ghouls, on the other hand, you might have nothing left but bones cracked open for the marrow...

Scarab Sages

Ben & Jerry's Blueberry Cheesecake (hard to find!) or Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

Otherwise, any combination of Pumpkin, Cheesecake, Peanut Butter and / or Coffee ice creams are my favorites.

I'd rather have 'plain' old vanilla over most chocolate or strawberry or whatever ice creams, 'though. Vanilla is awesome.

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Lord Snow wrote:

I'm pretty sure they died in CA 2, at least all of them except the woman that Black Widow was camouflaged as. No idea what's up with her, but it is reasonable enough to assume she died in the coup.

They died in the end there, when Pierce revealed his treachery and delivered electrical shocks through tags that he gave them earlier.

Bah, that's just the three that showed up to Pierce's meeting. We know from the Avengers movie that there were at least five of them, and one had the voice of Powers Boothe. :)

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Prophet of Doom wrote:
Set, if you want to split hairs, the Bandu Bekyar according to the Sargava: the Lost Colony, do human sacrifices, which is not technically cannibalism, maybe you have some other source.

They worship a few demon lords, IIRC, including Angazahn (sp?) and Zura, one of whom encourages cannibalism (or, more specifically, eating of humans, since many of his worshippers aren't human, and so it wouldn't be 'cannibalism' for them to 'feast on men like livestock') and the other of which is explicitly the demon lord *of* cannibalism (and vampirism).

So, even if they don't have long pig on the menu for casual dining, it seems likely that many of them practice cannibalism during religious observances.

Anywho, tangent. I wasn't aware of any significant cannibalistic tendencies among south/central American societies, nor do I feel like it's a particularly interesting vein to tap in developing Golarion analogues to same (since it's something already covered in the Mwangi expanse, to an extent, and the fantasy setting is *hardly* lacking for critters, some of them humanoid, that want to eat humans anyway...). :)

What might be interesting would be for the sort of methodical mass sacrifices suggested by sites like Tenochtitlan have an actual purpose in analogous Golarion cultures, such as to fuel incredibly powerful magical workings, or to propitiate the Great Old Ones (and perhaps be, unknown to people on the other side of Golarion, protecting the whole planet from the baleful attentions of figures like Azathoth! Horrified 'civilized' visitors from Taldor might attempt to 'stop this savage atrocity' only to find out that they've disrupted rituals meant to keep certain slumbering Things sated and asleep, causing them to awaken and go all apocalyptic-y). And now I've just spoiled someone for Cabin in the Woods. :)

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