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Sargavan Pathfinder

Serum's page

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Shadow Lodge

Azraiel wrote:
A moderately concealable wall opener. An Adamantine dagger probably won't create a passage-sized hole through a wall in reasonable combat time, but it'll still cut through stone like a knife through butter.

Does a sword cut through a 5 foot thick wall of ice like a knife through butter?

Shadow Lodge

Ashiel wrote:

Also, more options for making effective eidolons that didn't just roflstomp enemies through lots of attacks. Alternative options like breath weapons are overpriced and underpowered. Like, top-end an eidolon can get a breath weapon that deals 15d6 with an easy save for half damage 1/day for 4 points, or a maximum of 3/day for 6 points. LAME. D:<

For the same cost in evolution points I could get +6 weapon attacks / round that I can use all freaking day. D:

As it is, eidolons fall into this weird situation where you're rewarded very heavily for specializing in blendering enemies because it's just so darn cost effective. But getting other abilities like DR, resistances, movement options, and things of that nature are very expensive (which is almost hilariously pointless since generic summoners get overland flight for goodness' sake). >_>

I mean Burrow at 1/2 land speed is 3 evolution points. DR 5/alignment costs 3 points and requires 9th level (woop-de-doo). Frightful presence as written sucks, costs 3 points, and requires 11th level. All of the "magic" evolutions (minor, major, ultimate) are all grossly limited in uses / day when limiting the pool of spells. Again, do I want scorching ray 1/day or +4.5 attacks? Dimension door? +4 attacks. Fast healing? You have to be 11th level to get FH 1, and it caps at FH 5 for a whopping 12 total evolution points (or +12 attacks).

The real question is, why would you do anything else other than just trying to be a raging killbot with lots of attacks? The only things that are competitively priced are in fact things that make you better at vomiting attacks (natural or manufactured) on your enemies until they cry uncle, or getting bigger (since growing to large size costs 4 points).

I mean, what do you expect players to choose when they have options like "Your eidolon doesn't have to breathe and is immune to effects the explicitly require you to breathe, but not gas or cloud effects or anything that doesn't explicitly note that it requires breathing"...

This is exactly the kind of problem I see when I look at the evolution list and their costs. All the cool stuff just costs so much that the player is disincentivized from taking them. You can't even evolution surge a lot of it because of prerequisites.

Unfortunately, I'm too inexperienced to reprice everything.

Shadow Lodge

Ashiel wrote:
Still, if it's more of a supporter with a cool pet you're looking for, a quick and dirty alternative might be to build a variant summoner that's essentially a sorcerer but instead of bloodlines you get summoner class features, maybe with a stunted evolution pool (say 1/2 the normal pool) to make up for the fact that you can share-spells with your eidolon so you have to get a lot of your meatshield's oomph from expending your now improved spells.

I've spent a bit of time trying to homebrew the summoner into a 9-level caster, which has been giving him a sorcerer chassis, and then converting summoner spell levels into sor/wiz spell levels (or effective, as needed). I've added a bunch of spells (up to UC) to fill out his selection, namely at higher levels:

1st: Obscuring Mist
2nd: Fog Cloud
3rd: Arcane Sight, Stinking Cloud, Summon Monster III
4th: Solid Fog
5th: Cloudkilll, Prying Eyes, Acid Fog
6th: Blade Barrier, Summon Monster VI
7th: Arcane Sight, Greater, Rampart
8th: Blood Mist, Iron Body, Prying Eyes, Greater, Wall of Lava
9th: Astral Projection, Create Demiplane, Greater, Elemental Swarm, Etherealness, Gate, Heroic Invocation, Summon Monster IX, Winds of Vengeance, Wooden Phalanx
Do you figure I'm missing anything? I don't know if I should give him the Summon Monster SLA or just have him rely on his Summon Monster spells (which are received as bonus spells at the appropriate level).

Ashiel wrote:
I agree with you that reducing the evolution points was a poor answer. If you really needed to nerf the eidolon, I'd rather have seen it more restricted in terms of what kinds of evolutions you could give them based on level, or just tweaking the costs vs rewards of some of the evolutions. More options with a lower ceiling would be my preferred way to go about it (and it makes it harder to accidentally screw up if you're a newbie)

Do you have any suggestions about how to easily go about this? (while encouraging preference on combat/general utility over combat evolutions)?

Shadow Lodge

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Nefreet wrote:
Just because the FAQ fell on your side doesn't mean the discussion was senseless.

You're right! The discussion was senseless because after a couple pages, it was obvious that continued discussion wouldn't help either side convince the other of their interpretation of the ruling.

Shadow Lodge

Zhangar wrote:
A pretty big chunk of XP for Book 2 comes from the random encounters on the way to Whitethrone - it's a 2 week trip with a chance for an encounter every 6 hours, IIRC.

Actually, for the standard 4 man party, you don't need to have any random encounters to keep pace with the expectation in the advancement track (assuming the PCs get the majority of the story XP).

Shadow Lodge

Thanks for your perspective. I'll spend some time talking to him, and see where he wants to go.

Shadow Lodge

Even if you aren't splitting XP 5 ways all the time, every time someone misses a session (or part of one), he misses out on the XP of that session. The XP is still being spread out among 5 characters, just not necessarily immediately.
If the GM doesn't add extra encounters or add creatures to the given encounters, then it's natural that you will fall behind the expected level curve.

Shadow Lodge

I think I missed this, but paralysis states that only winged creatures who are paralyzed fall to the ground. Explicitly stating what happens to winged creatures means something differently happens to those flying without wings. What is that? They can't stay in the same place; that's something only a DC 15 Fly check can do.

Shadow Lodge

I've read a couple of your posts about your issues with the Summoner. Have you looked at the Unchained version? If so, could you share your opinions on it? Essentially all its spells with wonky levels have been changed to be in line with the other classes, and the eidolons became much more restricted in what they could buy.

I'm running a campaign where one player has a Wild Caller Summoner, and is planning on acting fully in a caster capacity (ie, could switch her to a 1/2 BAB, d6, with no armor, and he could probably care less, aside from wishing for more spells per day). We're still low level yet, but I've suggested he switch her over to unchained to ease potential headaches on my end (as I'm still a novice GM).

He is, however, worried that he won't be able to fulfill his goal as a conjuration-based battlefield control / buffing specialist, especially since he would then have the only character who isn't a full-caster.

On my end, my main issue with the class when I was making it was that all of the cool utility abilities cost so much that making anything that didn't maximize its combat potential gave up too much. With Unchained, this is even worse, since the reduction of available evolution points encourage one to focus the few points left on combat (and the freebies given out by the subtypes are all defensive in nature), especially since cost of the utility evolutions didn't get rebalanced with the combat options.

I don't yet have experience with high level spell-casting and related shenanigans, so I don't know how much he's going to feel left out as all the other players come into their own with new spell levels while he's stuck on a stunted progression compared to what he could have been.

Shadow Lodge

el cuervo wrote:
Johnny_Devo wrote:

When you're walking, you only need a certain level of concentration for your brain to process what limb goes where, how to stay balanced, how much force to exert to move, etc.

Essentially, walking is second-nature to someone who can walk. Thus, the forward part of your brain is free to perform feats that require more concentration, such as casting spells.

I say that this is the comparison the flight spell is making. It is telling you that the use of this magical flight is instantly second nature to the one benefiting from this spell. Thus, while flying, you still have enough mental power to concentrate on casting a spell.

It doesn't make any exception to the very strict writing on paralysis where "A paralyzed character is frozen in place and unable to move or act." If you remember the rule of "specific trumps general", you can make this comparison.

The general is: A paralyzed creature cannot move.

The specific "A creature under the effects of the fly spell can move even when paralyzed" does NOT exist.

Thus, a paralyzed creature cannot continue to benefit from the effects of fly. However, I would say that, also per the text of paralysis, since the creature doesn't have wings, he won't plummet to the ground. He'll just be paralyzed and floating up there.

Ah, another voice of reason enters the fray. Good luck and godspeed.

So a paralyzed character gets to hover without requiring a Fly check?

Shadow Lodge

The fly spell provides its own propulsion. It takes no effort at all to fly half your speed. Slowing down is what requires the skill checks.

Shadow Lodge

LazarX is incorrect. You don't need to make any decisions about the final effects of the spell until you have finished casting it.

CRB p213 wrote:
You make all pertinent decisions about a spell (range, target, area, effect, version, and so forth) when the spell comes into effect.

Shadow Lodge

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Lemmy wrote:

Yeah... The "components' of psychic magic are not very well designed. They are either unstoppable (thought component) or way-too-easily stopped (emotional component).

I'll just houserule these classes so they stick to verbal and somatic components.

By the way, I liked your idea about emotion/fear descriptors forcing some sort of concentration check over complete shut-down.

Shadow Lodge

/shrug. In general, someone who's not specialized in Intimidate is going to cause it for one round. The next time he tries it, the DC gets bumped up by 5, and it's even more likely that it'll last only one round (or fail).

Shadow Lodge

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Looking at the +1 Feet of Movement FCB?

Core doesn't have FCBs other than hp/skills.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, going unconscious while invisible is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Your party members don't know you went unconscious (unless they can see through invisibility), so they have no idea you even need help, much less be able to find you. Meanwhile you're bleeding out and only a successful constitution check will save you.

Shadow Lodge

Forgoing barbarian means you lose out on Savage Dirty Trick, which is pretty scary.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Just a Guess wrote:

And the stonelord paladin, too, doesn't work as written and would have needed an errata.

** spoiler omitted **
Earth channel does nothing if you do not have channel energy, it only changes what happens when channel energy is used. So instead of removing channel energy they needed to clarify that it can only be used for earth channel.

And as is the stonelord can not take any channel related feats or use channel related equipment, because he can't channel energy.

Apart from the above clarifying how the stone servant works as has been requested in several threads with many FAQ requests would have been good because it is often used wrong.

But again, this errata was just done to nerf not to correct mistakes.

The fact that the errata didn't fix actual mistakes in writing frustrates me.

Shadow Lodge

First of all, have you read the free Reign of Winter Player's Guide? That should give you a bunch of options. From my experience there's nothing that stands out in meshing better with this campaign than anything else, just a few cases where they mesh less well:

- Characters who plan on having a majority of their contribution be through dealing cold damage will not do well.
- Characters with a predilection for going off the rails will not do well.
- Characters unable to perform dubious actions will have trouble, although they can work around it.

Note that the campaign assumes that the PCs are unaware of what is happening in Irrisen, especially with the default starting location being so far away (so as to provide a stark contrast when moving between the two areas). I find it strained verisimilitude to have the majority of PCs coming from LotLK/Irrisen/RotML.

Shadow Lodge

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Serisan wrote:

Regarding selection types - You cannot trade a horse for a bearded devil. A horse is neutral. The new creature must match alignment. Moreover, using ASM on a horse would require you to select an animal. Have fun with your T-Rex.

ASM wrote:
Alter summoned monster is a spell of the same alignment type or types as the creature for which you exchange the target.

Why does the alignment of alter summon monster need to match the alignment of the creature you are changing? This line just states that if you convert the target into an angel, it is a spell with the [good] descriptor.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Aside from the misspelling of canon, I don't see what mechanics have to do with setting or storyline.

Shadow Lodge

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Melkiador wrote:
It was banned from PFS. Most likely because it was considered too OP. We'll find out if PFS suddenly allows the new SWD.

They didn't single out Scarred Witch Doctor as being banned. They removed the entire orc section, along with a bunch of the other featured races. It's unlikely these races will become legal due to this errata.

Shadow Lodge

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thejeff wrote:

Why did the witchdoctor need a high Int? I thought that was the point of the class? (Sure, skills, but that's the same for everyone.)

And only needs the Str if you're going to play them as a gish. They're still basically a caster, just an even more SAD one.

Intellect is still required for bonus spells, so if you pump CON at the complete expense of INT, you are losing out on quite a few spells per day that a normal witch would get.

Shadow Lodge

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Wrath wrote:

I've Watched Shao Lin monk demonstrations. They can smash large chunks of concrete with their heads, hands and feet. They can smash large stacks of bricks with heads, hands and feet.

I've seen high level karate and Kung fu masters punch into solid objects and damage them without hurting their hands.

I've witnessed those things in person, not on television.

I myself snapped two inch thick timber with hand and foot when I was training in martial arts. (Wouldn't try it now though, haven't trained it years and you really need to know what your doing for that particular trick).

Human hands are designed to break those materials.

I'd say that it's the materials that are designed to be broken. Every demonstration of brick/concrete/wood breaking is done by relying on the weak tensile strength of the item in question. Everything is also done in one motion. The participant doesn't chip away at the block until it breaks. Failing to break the block in one motion also does significant damage to the appendage (proportional to the brittleness of the block).

Shadow Lodge

For example when walking into E5 with the bebilith, there is no mention of a alternate light source to cancel the darkness spell (obviously the party would have one by now and would be using it). But for the purposes of these creatures existing within here on a day to day basis im at a loss for a few parts of this dungeons ecology.

I am unaware what the problem is here. All the creatures in the crone dungeon aside from the PCs have darkvision, which still works in the darkness effect.

Shadow Lodge

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
This PC is 12th level, making him CR 11.


Technically CR 12, NPC wealth is CR-1.

Shadow Lodge

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Lemmy wrote:

The "add more encounters per day" doesn't help all that much... Casters pretty much dictate thr party's adventuring pace not because they decide to stop when they still have plenty of spells left... But because many challenge can only be effectivelly overcome with the help of magic.

It's not a problem of caster players deciding when to end the adventuring day. It's a problem of non-casters often having no choice but waiting for the caster to recharge because magic ihe only way to deal with a situation.

Adding more encounters often simply means the party is forced to rest sooner, rather than later, since the casters' resources are spent more quickly.

It doesn't matter if the Fighter is at full HP. If thr casters ran dry, no one is fighting that Lich. Not effectivelly, at least... Unless the GM really pulls his punches.

Technically, adding more encounters in a day doesn't force a party to rest sooner: that would be the equivalent of, well, reducing the number of encounters in a day. Adding more difficult encounters will force a party to rest sooner as the wizard is required to spend his higher level spells more readily, likely leaving him dry for the Lich he knows is around the corner.

On the other hand, adding more encounters in a day generally means reducing the CR of some/many of those encounters. This allows the wizard to save his higher spell slots for those encounters that they actually find difficult, while relying on his lower level spell slots to get him through the easier ones. The fighter also goes longer since his HP are less likely to be affected due to having AC high enough to mitigate a large number of attacks / saving throws that have a higher probability of working due to lowered DCs.

It's a careful balancing act, that I haven't quite figured out yet, where the CR (and enemy distribution) of an encounter isn't so easy that the party can get through without spending any resources, but isn't hard enough that they have to spend too significant a number of their resources to get through the number of encounters you want them to in a day.

Sorry for my tangent. I just had to cock my head when you stated that adding more encounters in a day would force the party to rest sooner ... after encountering fewer of those encounters you had set for them.

Shadow Lodge

Fair enough. You've got some good ideas in here. I will use some of them. Thank you for sharing.

Shadow Lodge

Killer Power wrote:
But what does that mean? As far as I understand Demiplanes they are part of another plane, therefore the PC's (and any other non-native Creatures with them) are "outsiders" in the hut and can therefore be disnissed or banished?

Demiplanes are as much of their own plane as any other 'major' plane. They just reside within the Ethereal or Astral planes. All forms of planar travel work as with other planes.

That's just for interest's sake. Zhangar's got all the right information.

Shadow Lodge

Karui Kage wrote:

Lots of great feedback on all the sites! Curious on those of you who use the AoN, since it seems like the topic of the day is now on our 3rd party sites:

1. Background - Would a simple color swap of black and white fix most of the issues? I've been thinking about redoing the CSS to have the white background and black text, since it is a common request.

2. Search - I developed the entire engine myself for fun, but if there are better already made engines out there that I could plugin, I'd love to know about them. I've thought about sticking a google search engine on the site for one.

I find your delineated search results to be quite useful. I would hate for them to go away.

Shadow Lodge

Seannoss wrote:
Also, in Pathfinder these dragons are much more likely to be drakes and not dragons. Much easier foes and more believable for a low fantasy world.

Granted, that makes it even less likely that the characters are high level, given that the dragons are such terrible foes to essentially everyone in the world.

Shadow Lodge

--Sandman-- wrote:
Devilkiller wrote:
As an aside, I guess 6th level is probably about the highest level where jumping off a cliff or jumping out of an airplane would be more likely than not to kill a raging Unchained Barbarian. By 10th level most martial PCs would probably survive such a jump and a lot of them literally couldn't be killed by it without DM fiat or the rarely used "massive damage" rule (which would probably create a 5% chance of dying). I'm not sure whether this could be better used as an argument that 6th level represents the upper bounds of reality or that the falling rules are a little silly.

Clearly that means Sansa and Theon are at least 7th level, right? ;P

GoT S05E10 spoilers:
Or perhaps there was something like 20 feet of snow beneath them.
Shadow Lodge

I don't see what's stopping the ARG wild caller archetype from being allowed. It doesn't alter or restrict the base form at all.

Shadow Lodge

From what I understand, the interior of the Hut isn't an extra dimensional space, it is instead a large number of demi-planes.

Shadow Lodge

If you are unobserved, then they are unaware of you, and they can't use their dexterity modifier to react to you.

Shadow Lodge

Irthos wrote:
Samasboy1 wrote:

Eh...I imagine adamantine sword vs stone wall like the Star Wars scenes of Jedi cutting through doors. Less swing as stab and slice.

And I like the idea of high level martials punching through walls (perhaps with adamantine gauntlet assistance).

The problem with that is that lightsabers don't have to worry about friction - their business end is made of energy, and they're not so much cutting things and burning/melting them. A physical blade is relying on depth of penetration to inflict damage, and it's going to encounter a LOT of friction the deeper it goes thanks to the flat of the blade. In comparison, a pickaxe has a wedge-shaped head that's designed to deliver a more focused impact without much penetration, and be easier to withdraw without getting stuck in the material.

Indeed. Remember that ice doesn't have any hardness either, yet I don't imagine anyone thinks that one can use a normal sword to cut through a two foot thick block of ice as if it were made of butter.

Shadow Lodge

You've stated that the "tests" are actually a ruse to help the oracles on their mission for Baba Yaga. Is this GM information only or did your PCs actually find out that they had been used?

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am going to second Escape Route as an amazing positioning feat, especially if the group is spending must of its time in cramped areas (eg dungeon crawls). My group uses it all the time in Rappan Athuk.

Shadow Lodge

Ashiel wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Serum wrote:
What are your thoughts on the scalability of the fey creature template? (specifically for me, I'm tempted on using it with some animals like dire wolves)

Hah, I was ninja'd while commenting about scaling templates with a question about scaling templates! Priceless! :D

Honestly, it seems like a much better practice in general. One has to remember that going up a CR is the equivalent to a wizard gaining another level of spellcasting. When you go up 2 CRs you're in a whole new tier, and you're supposed to be worth two of what you were before. >_>

On a side note, you might want to be careful with certain animals. Putting that template on a tiger for example would be pretty horrifying since it allows it to Stealth without cover/concealment and a supernatural (IE - doesn't provoke) teleportation ability as a move action, which means that the tiger could be like...

Surprise round: "I'm a tiger, rawr!" -> PC-down
Round 1: "Bye!" ->Teleport->Stealth->sneak about.
1d4 rounds later: "I'm a tiger, rawer!" -> PC-down.


I don't know, two of those sound suitably fun for a level 5 party :).

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What are your thoughts on the scalability of the fey creature template? (specifically for me, I'm tempted on using it with some animals like dire wolves)

Shadow Lodge

Ashiel wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:

Yeah, having favored affliction, that seems very familiar :P

I always saw the 3 specs as:
Affliction: Stronger Dots, weaker DDs/AoEs, standard pets
Destruction: Standard Dots, stronger DDs/AoEs, standard pets
Demonology: Standard Dots, standard DDs/AoEs, stronger pets
That seems like a good explanation for it. Affliction is also my favorite so far. ^_^

As a point of interest, Cataclysm probably had the most interesting and synergistic affliction spec among all of the expansions. I have no idea why Blizzard decided to change it so much with Mists (although the Destro and Demo got quite a bit better with that expansion).

Shadow Lodge

Yeah, for skeletal champion, +1 CR of the base creature would probably have broken a great deal fewer creatures.

What about advanced and giant?
Giant seems strictly worse than spending the time to advance the creature by HD, but not that much worse (in that the point in its use is for quick adjustments, not extensive creature changes).

Shadow Lodge

Edymnion wrote:
Serum wrote:
Remember that the break DC is only to become unrooted; the target doesn't stop being entangled until the 2d4 rounds are up.
Yes, but they can scrape it off by doing slashing damage to it.

This still only removes the root, not the entangle.

A creature that is glued to the floor (or unable to fly) can break free by making a DC 17 Strength check or by dealing 15 points of damage to the goo with a slashing weapon. A creature trying to scrape goo off itself, or another creature assisting, does not need to make an attack roll; hitting the goo is automatic, after which the creature that hit makes a damage roll to see how much of the goo was scraped off. Once free, the creature can move (including flying) at half speed.

Shadow Lodge

Remember that the break DC is only to become unrooted; the target doesn't stop being entangled until the 2d4 rounds are up.

Shadow Lodge **

2 people marked this as a favorite.

What's so important about your storyline about being a half-drow?
Do you know how drow in Golarion work?

Shadow Lodge

blackbloodtroll wrote:
A Giant Ogre, that can hide in a Halfling's shadow, is pretty scary.

I wasn't aware that halflings created dim light.

Shadow Lodge

An archer ranger on a horse is a fairly close fantasy analogue to a modern tank.

I imagine you're looking for more of a walking bulwark, or somesuch.


Shadow Lodge

So, Nadya is a trader. What can she get a hold of that the Kellids actually want?

Shadow Lodge

Perhaps? Maybe even foreign ships carrying goods from Sargava. Both of these would technically be loopholes in the idea that they no longer raid Sargavan shipping, but this hurts Sargava long-term anyway.

Ah well, it's not like Sargava has a choice. It's either put up with the pirates' blackmail, or become a Chelish colony again.

Shadow Lodge

Fair enough, although I imagine, being a fairly loose conglomeration of individual ships, not everyone is going to follow along those lines.

Whose shipping lanes are they raiding, then? There's pretty much nothing else down there except for Bloodcove (I believe most of the other colonies are on the southeast side).

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