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Hooded Man

Serisan's page

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RedDogMT wrote:
Kazaan wrote:
Light/one-handed/two-handed apply only to melee weapons (one-handed firearm and two-handed firearm are considered to be a completely different set of designations despite sharing the "one-handed" and "two-handed" phrase, like Race traits and racial Traits). While a Dagger is a light melee weapon that can be thrown as a ranged weapon, a Chakram is a ranged weapon first which just so happens to be able to be used as a melee weapon with specific guidelines (an exception to normal rules regarding ranged weapons). So a Chakram isn't a light nor a one-handed weapon because those categories only apply to weapons that base melee weapons. Therefore, I'd say no, a Chakram can't be made of obsidian because it is neither a spear tip, nor an arrowhead, nor a light or one-handed weapon. For that matter, since it isn't a one-handed weapon, you can't wield it in two hands to get 1.5x Str and Power Attack and since it isn't a light weapon either, you can't use it as a light off-hand with reduced penalties for TWF. Furthermore, this makes rational sense given the nature of the material and impracticality of making such a weapon out of fragile volcanic glass.
Seriously? "you can't use a chakram in the off-hand" because it isn't defined as a light or one-handed weapon in some table? That is a short-sighted interpretation of the rules. I hope that you are not a GM.

That's not what he said. What he did say is that you can't count it as a light weapon when TWFing, meaning you can't get the reduced penalty.

My impression is the that the OP is having the same thoughts I had when I looked through UE: building a thrown weapon character that takes advantage of the fragile weapon feats for bleeding and auto-confirming crits. That's pretty much where those feats make the most sense.

Sadly, RAW restricts you to the Starknife as the "ideal" thrown obsidian weapon. The fact that the author of the weapon did not specify it as a light or one-handed weapon when used as melee restricts it out of the obsidian material. GM fiat can certainly allow it, if that is an option for you, but this would not be PFS legal.

Can you provide the full text of the spell in question? Without knowing what the trigger is, it's hard to decide since I don't have the source. My knee-jerk reaction is to replace the word "swift" with "immediate" and use all applicable rules for immediate actions.

If multiple spells trigger for automatic use, the player must choose which ones consume the action type.

The author of that guide doesn't recommend the absolute, hands-down best level 1 Word somehow: Lock Ward. Standard action Brew Potion for up to 8th level effects, meaning you can make super Explosive Runes or high level buffs. This is honestly how you expend your spare slots each night. And really, who doesn't want to see the melted remains of someone who got blasted when they opened your Intensified Selected Lock Ward Lengthy Corrosive Bolt letter?

It's listed in the chart as a Blue option, but it's left out of the "best words" list for the level. Obviously, I strongly disagree.

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There is actually a PFS scenario in which an NPC bard does what the OP's players are trying to do.

2-13: Murder on the Throaty Mermaid

Azuretta, on the other hand, is more willing to talk. If she
is the murderer, when she hears the PCs coming or while they
speak to Captain Veane, she quietly casts innocence on herself,
granting her a +10 bonus on Bluff checks for 1 minute per
level. If the PCs are present when she casts it, she attempts to
hide the verbal and somatic components as part of humming
and dancing to a song in her head with her unmodified Bluff
check used against PCs’ Spellcraft checks.

Author: Mark Moreland. Take that for what you will.

I ran this level yesterday. As written, one of the only ways to get full credit without the "Slayer the Troglodytes" condition is to knock them out with nonlethal and tie them up somewhere while you do the sacrifice, then bring the doors in, then loot everything. That has as much to do with the author's conditions in the scenario as it does the chronicle. As I mentioned upthread, I had one player whose character was so eager to figure out the puzzle that there was no way they were doing anything but that, which was honestly the main reason I decided to run the level at all.

I had players honestly trying to not kill the troglodytes while solving the puzzle and get the loot. It was slightly disheartening that they couldn't do what they wanted to, which was diplomatically handle the enemies. One player successfully intimidated 4 of them into a room and tried to protect them from the party, but as soon as the last door went in, he was forced to put them down because they "go into a frenzy." This, mind you, was after 3 hours in a single initiative because of the way they handled the level.

Truly, I understand the conundrum that John was faced with in writing this particular chronicle. I probably would have gone the other way with this given the level's placement within a stand-alone dungeon that can leave players with a Seeker-level character by the end, but I'm not the one making the decision here. Given the divisive nature of this level, I can also completely understand why many GMs have opted to skip this level entirely and act as though it didn't exist. If I didn't have the aforementioned player at the table, I probably would have moved straight to the next level.

Asmodean Inquisitor with Infiltrator archetype + Heresy Inquisition. Bluff all the live-long day.

Just ran Godhome today. The briefing certainly helped push the characters towards the full reward, though there was quite a bit of resistance in the party regarding killing the peaceful troglodytes. I've got back-to-back weekends in February for Drowned Level and Clockwork Maze, so I'm interested to see how things pan out there. Thankfully, those two levels are a bit more reasonable.

Many thanks for the work here. It's quite helpful.

Bigger news for me was that Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III is moving again. LOVE that series and greatly prefer the 40k setting to the medieval-ish Warhammer.

Any paladin who puts on his X-Ray vision will see a very evil girl with surprisingly high aura strength.

Imbicatus' suggestion of the Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor is extremely solid. I'd encourage one of the rogues to move towards Slayer to be slightly more fighty.

Skald, Bard, certain types of Cleric...all decent choices. Make sure everyone takes Stealth Synergy.

2nd level: Zone of Truth, Locate Object, Blindness/Deafness, False Life, Create Pit, Communal Protection from X,

3rd level: Meld into Stone, Bestow Curse, Sleet Storm, Stinking Cloud, Displacement, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Fly, Water Breathing, Spiked Pit, Divination (Fated Champion only), Mad Monkeys, Communal Resist Energy, Greater Thunderstomp,

4th level: Death Ward, Dismissal, Dimensional Anchor, Restoration, Black Tentacles, Enervation, Divination, Acid Pit, Communal Tongues, Named Bullet, Wall of Blindness/Deafness, Legend Lore

5th level: Break Enchantment, Breath of Life, Raise Dead, Scrying, Wall of Stone, Teleport, Wall of Force, Magic Jar, Baleful Polymorph, Telekinesis, Mass Ghostbane Dirge, Hungry Pit, Communal Air Walk,

6th level: Find the Path, Heal, Harm, Wall of Iron, Contingency, Sirocco, Greater Named Bullet,

Super bonus 7th level (Fated Champion only): Vision (situationally)

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Reebo Kesh wrote:

Are there any players out there who do not plan out their characters level progression?

I've grown tired of players who have every skill and feat planned to 20th level. It leaves no scope for the character to grow and develop because of the encounters and experiences they face.

A common example is the "I must wield one type of weapon and commit all my feats to it!" then a nice piece of gear is found and they PCs just sell it.

I'd love a game system where you don't know what you get at the next level, of course this would only work once per player per class.

Maybe a more gestalt approach would work. You build a base character who can fight and as she progresses in levels she seeks out things she'd like to do - become a mage, a rogue, join a church etc


Have you considered other game systems? Frankly, Pathfinder punishes players for not having some degree of planning to the character. What you've described works better in other games, like Numenera.

Horsechoppers and lucerne hammers are my favorite of the reach weapons, honestly, because of the multiple damage types and low investment for success. Goblinstank, however, is an important consideration: horsechoppers are generally only small size because they're primarily made by goblins.

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Re: GM Lamplighter's comment on "X questions" and knowing what we're facing, I take knowledge checks to be as much about knowing as it is about recalling relevant information. Being able to tell the difference between a ghoul and a festrog is just the first part, but then you need to remember what the ghoul does vs. what the festrog does, etc. Eventually, this is just second nature to you, which is reflected in the increase in skill ranks.

Ultimately, I feel that this:

we're PATHFINDERS. We have books. We study for years. We should know what we're facing.

...means that Pathfinders should have ranks in knowledges.

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Children have the best misheard song lyrics. I used to think that "You can't always get what you want" was actually "you can't always kick a chihuahua." My daughter, whenever the Maroon 5 song Animals comes on, always says "He wants to be like an animal. That's silly!"

Brawler is the most dippable melee class Paizo has ever created. It literally has something for everyone.

Just take a level of Brawler instead of pushing the Int up. You get this at level 1 of Brawler.

Brawler's Cunning (Ex): If the brawler's Intelligence score is less than 13, it counts as 13 for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites of combat feats.

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It's amazing how many times I've linked this character now.

Swap Half-Elf for Half-Orc and you're set. Otherwise, if you're doing full Orc, just make some minor stat adjustments. Feel free to drop the Animal Companion from the Wild Child archetype if you prefer to just have the base class.

My particular table variation would be this: if the deity allows you to select the Animal domain, you can pick specific animal domains from the Druid list (like Monkey). The terrain-based ones, however, would not be available to non-Druids unless they specifically chose domains based on Druid-like availability.

That said, I don't see sufficient support to rule one way or another, just like you'd see in terms of open-ended lists (ex. Wrist Sheath).

You can always consider a 1 level dip into Verminous Hunter and kill the animal companion to allow yourself constant, practically at-will Fast Healing 1.

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I have a Bloodrager/Brawler built on this idea. Here's how it works:

Round 1: Swift action to retrieve a Potion of Enlarge Person via Spring Loaded Wrist Sheath, Standard to drink, Move into position and draw the Lucerne Hammer. Bloodrage if necessary for the combat. "Position" here means 20-25' from the nearest enemies in a path that makes them go through your massive threatened area to be effective. If there are casters primarily, this means to move within 15' instead.

AoOs: If they look small or weak, go for damage. If they look like they can take a hit, start the trip train.

Round 2: Move action for Martial Flexibility, grabbing either Ki Throw or Vicious Stomp. 5' step if necessary for positioning additional AoOs. Ready an action to trip the first enemy to completely stand up. This readied action gets around the inability to trip an opponent who provokes for standing.

Round 3+: Continue to wreck your opponents.

Just looking at Communal Endure Elements as a template, it says "Target creatures touched." As such, you could use the Reach Spell metamagic to extend that to close, medium, or long range as described by the feat.

1. Read the adventure on my tablet.
2. Read it again.
3. Draw the map while looking back through the adventure to match rooms to room numbers.
4. Pick out pawns from the collection and place them in a ziplock for game day.
5. Print the chronicles (At least 6 or 7, but I base it on the Meet Up site's table assignments).
6. Read the scenario again. Focus on NPC personalities.
7. Double check the Secondary Conditions pdf to verify what the players are actually supposed to do if it's a Season 0-4 scenario.
8. Try to figure out what I'm doing with the GM credit.
9. Take all monster statblocks from the bestiaries and put them into a text doc to print so I don't have to pull them out of the PRD later while GMing. Carefully read them each at least twice to ensure I understand what they do.
10. One last quicky through the scenario and monsters, just to refresh, as I'm setting up the table.

When playing, my most common question for GMs is for the monster's reproductive habits. Laugh your way to the bank when your character finally encounters that Shadow.

While GMing...

1. Expect Table Variation, even when said Table Variation is late.
2. Anything hostile to the players.
3. Common and particularly rare refer to things that are typically referenced in the bestiary entry, although a human, elf, or other player race is typically common. Note that in Advanced Race Guide, the chapters actually spell this out for you.
4. Typically, I've seen this as the "ask a question" format, though sometimes I forego this in favor of a specific nugget if I think that the players are not likely to ask and would be better served with that than the standard "defenses, resistances, special attacks" questions. Again, expect the uninvited Table Variance.

DesolateHarmony wrote:
My Lore Warden Fighter with a reach weapon who trips a lot always carries three potions of enlarge person into a scenario. 20-foot reach makes him a significant battlefield controller.

My Bloodrager/Brawler does the same, using the SLWS to swift draw the potion, standard drink, move into position and draw while moving. This character has been on a trolololol rampage in 2 scenarios so far.

Enlarge is good when used on melee and amazing when used on someone built to want it.

Long Arm only extends your arms. If you're using a 2h reach weapon, this precludes your arms from any AoOs on the inside ring of your threaten range. Thus, if you're just using Long Arm, for example, you threaten 5' with unarmed/boulder helmet/whatever and 15' with the reach weapon, but 10' is a dead zone. This pattern continues through Enlarge and the Aberrant limb size increase, but I'm only showing baseline for simplicity.

The reach weapon + IUS combo is pretty essential for what you're trying to do. It keeps things from dancing outside your threat range. Personally, I dislike Long Arm because it creates a hole in your threatened space unless you get a very lenient GM who says you can elbow while wielding a 2h reach weapon.

RainyDayNinja wrote:
Hmm, I hadn't thought about a Brawler dip. Two levels for a bonus feat, IUS, and 4 uses of martial flexibility would be nice, but I'm not sure I want to take the hit on my spellcasting. I considered Blood Conduit, but I just don't think I get enough spells to justify that kind of investment.

Yeah, I don't plan on going above Brawler 1. I'm honestly not sure if I keep going with BR after 5 levels of it, either. I feel like I've got all the important goodies by that point. Maybe to BR 6 for the +1 all saves and bonus feat (Improved Initiative!), but the level 8 bloodline power is weak. I'm not impressed enough with the level 2 list to go to 7 if that's my only reason to go there.

I think I actually get more bang for the buck by picking up fighter levels after BR 5 or 6 when it comes to the AoO play. Unrestricted bonus feats are great. I might even go Lore Warden, which is particularly cheesetastic and gets me a spare bonus feat at level 2, essentially, which will let me qualify for Greater Trip.

I've got some time before I get to that point, so I'll be ruminating on it.

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Intent and legal usage are two separate things.

Skip the Animal Companion. It's not going to help you enough to merit the feat investment. You'll need Power Attack for claws to be relevant damage options, even at levels 1-2. Your 5th level feat will likely be Arcane Strike.

You may want to consider Half-Orc as an option on the race to also get a bite attack. There are 3 different ways to do it (feat, trait, and alt racial). Alt racial is the least painful of those options and plays into the full attacks best. This fits into your core race only requirement, though I understand why you might opt out of this. Natural weapon builds are good because you roll so many times to hit, so any extra attack you can muster is important.

Will your GM allow you to also take the Primalist archetype? This will let you swap unwanted bloodline powers for rage powers and doesn't require you to actually give up anything. In particular, you could get rid of the lackluster 8th level bloodline power in exchange for Fiend Totem, Lesser (a gore attack to add to your routine while bloodraging) and one of the other myriad amazing rage powers.

Regarding stats, I would consider dropping WIS and CHA by 2 each to bump STR up to 18 or, if you prefer, dropping CHA by 2 to get STR to 17. 12 CHA gets you spells through level 10. You can certainly get a headband by then or spend your level-up points in CHA to get 3rd and 4th level spells. What you have will work, but natural weapon builds are always looking for more damage to stack onto attacks.

Looks a lot like my Bloodrager.

I use Martial Flexibility for Ki Throw and Vicious Stomp. This build gives me threat a full 20' out and some interesting shenanigans all around. With the Wild Child archetype on the 1 Brawler level, I get an animal companion, which defaults to defending me as its primary action. At 5th (BR 4, Brawl 1), I'm going to get Boon Companion to get it to an acceptable power level for the rest of his PFS career.

The fun stuff comes in on the Blood Conduit archetype, though. Anything I trip or hit with an unarmed attack will be eating a Shocking Grasp as a swift action. Granted, I can't do that during an AoO, but I've got the option of doing this during my turn if it makes sense. Given that, with Ki Throw, I'm using unarmed trips to maneuver things around my threatened area, this becomes a rather humorous use of my own turn.

Words of Power Sorc > Arcanist > standard Sorc > Wizard with 1 level Crossblooded Sorc dip > Wizard when it comes to being a good blaster exclusively, IMO.

If you're able to do a WoP Sorc, go Half-Orc with Orc/Red Dragon Crossblooded and the fire damage FCB, pick up 1 level of Admixture subschool Wizard and don't dump Int. This will let you change up your elements to either move Intensified Lengthy Selected Corrosive Bolt to fire damage (OUCH OUCH OUCH) or move your normal fire blasts to a non-immune element.

Narquelion wrote:
Craft wondrous items needs caster lever 3rd, you can't get it at 3rd level if you're a Cavalier/Wizard/EK.

Magical Knack should cover that, which is listed in the build.

Booo to my less-than-careful reading of that spell. :-p

CL 1 Hex Vulnerability wands are fine if you have a caster familiar like an Imp.

ToshiroKurita wrote:
Serisan wrote:
My skald is definitely effective on the skills/spells front and trends more towards that side of the class in design. Still, Inspired Rage is the single most iconic aspect of the class and it's hard to get people interested in it enough to use the standard action to start it.
If you mean to accept it as an ally, I thought that didn't take an action.

What I meant was for me to use the standard action to start the performance. Yes, allies get it as a non-action at the start of their turn or start of the song at-will, but if the party tells me outright that they're majority not interested, I'm not going to throw it up for myself at that action cost.

Most combats are either over too fast to merit the performance or wouldn't be accelerated by it when I play that character. My actions are typically better spent on other spells/abilities. When a party does want it, though, it's completely over-the-top fun.

Still waiting for the day when I get partied with a Druid that wants to SNA and/or a Summoner that actually uses their SM ability.

My skald is definitely effective on the skills/spells front and trends more towards that side of the class in design. Still, Inspired Rage is the single most iconic aspect of the class and it's hard to get people interested in it enough to use the standard action to start it.

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Imbicatus wrote:
johnnythexxxiv wrote:
Plus I guess you don't have to worry about landing if you've just finished aerial combat or swimming to the bottom of the ocean if you're out on the high seas, but those are pretty corner cases.
That's why you carry a pot of dirt with you. :)

Now playing in my head...

My skald has taken the back burner due to a surprising lack of people who want to take advantage of the Inspired Rage. It's atypical for me to have more than 2 others who want the benefits based on their class choice and I've had one player accept it, see that I had lesser spirit totem, and then decline for RP reasons for the rest of the scenario.

My brother-in-law builds gaming tables with recessed play surfaces and standard table covers (i.e. use it as a dining room table, remove cover to play something you've already set up) that are designed to be disassembled with a hammer when you're ready to move. This might fit the limited dining room spaces you've been seeing, although it will work just fine in a dedicated room as well.

Hammered Game Tables

Beyond that, for a bedroom-sized space, make sure that there's a ceiling fan installed at a bare minimum. Most apartment bedrooms are rather stuffy after 30 minutes with 5+ people in them, so having built in air movement is essential. Box fans do not cut it and will have the painful downside of moving paper that a ceiling fan is less liable to do.

Trigger Loaded wrote:

What to spend your money on? Ale and whores. Ale brewed by the finest celestial dwarves, and courtesans who serve the lords of the genies.

You'll soon be fighting the BBEG, might as well enjoy life a little, just in case.

Hookers and blow for the win.

In all seriousness, though, Magda's suggestion bears repeating. Consider picking up party loot instead of ranger loot to pass out to the casters. If you have enough to spare for a regular or greater Quicken rod, you've just outdone anything you could have possibly purchased for yourself.

The character-riding companion is likely going to need to take Undersized Mount, but assuming you've taught it the necessary trick (assuming the trick is Society-legal) to ride you, it probably could be done.

Oh yeah, the other important thing: any Celestial monsters you summon with SM 6 (my recommendation would be Dire Lions [1d3] or Lions/Rhinos [1d4+1]) will have Smite Evil 1/day. That is a tremendous lead off if you can manage it. In this case, quantity will matter MUCH more than quality.

You should be more worried about Aura of Vengeance than Touch of Corruption. The fact that an AP can give Smite Good to his buddies is terrifying.

Beyond what you've said so far, what else do you know about this guy? Are you sure he's actually an Anti-Paladin? Is this BBEG also gestalt? If so, what's been observed? Is he coming to you or are you going to him?

Make sure to prep at least one casting of Litany of Righteousness (Ultimate Combat). It's a level 2 Paladin spell and it will shoot your damage through the roof when combined with Smite. It only lasts a round at a time, mind you, but if you can reasonably full attack, you will wreck his day. There is no analog for the AP to do this to you, so you're not going to eat the 1-shot of death for that, at least.

Defensively, I'd say having a Cleanse (APG) or 2 handy would be helpful, as well. This will let you remove the vast majority of the AP's Cruelties if he does go on a Touch of Corruption spree and doesn't commit you to using a Heal right off the bat to address these conditions.

Re: Hallow, the cast time is 24 hours, so I'm really confused on that unless he plans on coming to you. You could reasonably lead with a Scroll of Holy Aura, should your GM allow its purchase. You can reasonably cast it yourself, it'll last 15 rounds, and it will STRONGLY protect your party for that duration. Downside, of course, is that it's going to run you 3k gold by book value. You need to roll a 5 or greater when attempting to use the scroll.

I'm going to be running this level next month. I've had the same reservations about the level, but my one saving grace is that I have one player whose character will not be able to resist the idea of finding out what happens when you put the doors into the machine.

Re: Land Rush, you cannot get all 16 slots on it if you skip any levels of the Emerald Spire as you can only purchase one hex per chronicle.

I'm with Imbicatus on the Sohei option if you're playing from level 1. If you're GM crediting up to 3, Dragoon is a better choice.

Myrmidarch and Kensai are out for totally different reasons than spells. Diminished Spellcasting doesn't touch the Spells class feature. Both of them have other abilities that are modified, though, like Knowledge Pool.

They try so hard.

archmagi1 wrote:

Ended with a TPK? Yes, and it was the party's decision to do so. Setup: the party was a bit OP, but the druid had 3 trained wolverines and 1 wolverine animal companion, so it was a bit of an overkill party. They were tracking an assassin, who had set up an ambush zone circled with concealed bear traps coated in drow poison. Each 30' movement a player made had a 20% chance to hit a bear trap. They had to make 90' of movement to get to the (also trapped) tent that the assassin was (not) sleeping in. By the time the last character (the only one not to hit a bear trap) got to the center of the death circle and hit the fireball trap, the only PC's still standing were the attack wolverines. Who killed all the bad guys by themselves. PC's threw their hands up and said they wanted to retcon that to everybody died.

That's the best TPK story I've read in a long, LONG time.

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