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Senthiri's page

128 posts. Alias of Runner188.

Full Name

Senthiri Stonebow




Magus (Bladebound) 5








Chaotic Neutral


Vulgar, Argot, Divina, Aquan



Strength 17
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Senthiri

Physical Appearance:
Senthiri stands almost 6 feet tall. He has long stringy brown hair. His austere face is all hard angles and seems to brook no nonsense. Despite this, his lips are twisted in an uneven smile. He wears a chain shirt and a traveling cloak. The armor seems to fit on him naturally, as if it's part of his skin. His longsword hangs on his hip within easy reach. He stands tall, leering down at those passing and eyeing their purses with a weighing glance.

Basic Stats:

Hp:33/39 (3non-lethal damage) AC:16 (Touch:11 Flat-footed:15)
Fort:+4 Ref:+1 Will:+3
BAB:+3, CMB:+5, CMD:17
Init:+1 Speed:30ft


Werend(Longsword) (+9) 1d8 + 5
Dagger (+6/+4)* 1d4 + 3 10ft
Spells prepared:
Read Magic, Detect Magic, Ray of Frost, Light.
Enlarge Person, Truestrike, Shocking Grasp(Used), Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield(Used)
Bull's Strength(used), Defensive Shock, Invisibility


Disable Device:+5
Perform (Oratory):+2
Profession (Gambler):+5
Sleight of Hand:+8


Vagabond Child(Sleight of Hand)
Thieving Company

Class Features:

Spells per day: 0-4, 1st-5, 2nd-3
Arcane Pool (4)2/4
Spell Combat
Black blade
Spell recall


Combat Casting
Power Attack
Weapon Focus(longsword)
Intensified Spell


*Spell component pouch 2 lbs
*+1 Mithril Chain Shirt(worn) 20 lbs
*Travelers outfit(worn) 5 lbs
*Muleback Cords
*Werend 4 lbs
*Belt of Giant Strength
*Pouch(theives tools, daggers (5)) .5 lbs(1 lb, 5 lbs)
*Masterwork Backpack(bedroll, trail rations(5 days), rope(silk), waterskin, spellbook, scrolls(color spray, magic missile, jump and silent image), 1927, 3s, 1c) 4 lbs(5 lbs, 5 lbs, 5 lbs, 4 lbs, 0lbs, 14.5 lbs)
Encumberanc 75.5/266 light load


0-Level Spells:
acid splash, arcane mark, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, disrupt undead, f lare, ghost sound, light, mage hand, open/close, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, spark.

1st-level Spells:
burning hands, chill touch, enlarge person, expeditious retreat, ray of enfeeblment, sheild, shocking grasp, true strike.


Senthiri was born in a small town of the Olan Vales to two Magi, who were part of a thieving crew. Most of the crew members could use magic to some degree. Senthiri learned as he grew the art of thievery. He and his mate Prem were local bullies. They ran their own racket with the local kids. When Senthiri was finally able to join the crew himself, he was naturally attracted to being the group “muscle." The only problem was that Senthiri had never been a large man, regardless of how he tried to change that. So he turned to the magic he had seen from his parents to augment his abilities. Prem joined at the same time that Senthiri did.

Just as Senthiri was finishing his "apprenticeship," a man, named Karak Fenwright, who had a lot of local power took a disliking to Senthiri's parents, and soon had them treated as cast outs of society. Senthiri's dad, never one to take an insult, did what he does best . . . stole copious amounts of money from the man, who promptly had both of Senthiri's parents killed. It was rigged to look like it was an angry mob. Senthiri saw some of the "mob" leaving the scene with his father's longsword, and sought to get it back. As most of those who weren't part of the death knew them to be magi, no one felt to do anything to help Senthiri. He and Prem put together their own job to get the sword back. They were able to recover was the longsword, but only barely. They were hunted by Karak and his men, and were forced to spend all their money to disappear.

They ended up in the capitol city, Globeto. Because of the high cost, and as the only remaining link to his parents, the longsword is his most prized possession. And he swore that one day he will get revenge. Recently the Olan Vales have seen a large number of refugees from some strange invasion of Tintalas. With the influx of refugees, problems have begun to appear. For one thing, most of them have little, if any possessions, but they are everywhere. There are more witnesses and fewer “marks," which means less work. More recently, Prem disappeared. Senthiri isn't yet worried about it. He knows well, every once in a while, thieves just have to lay low.

About Werend

Arcane Pool:2

Special Abilities:
Black Blade Strike
Energy Atunement


Werend belonged to Senthiri's father, Pode, for so long he couldn't really remember where they had gotten together. They worked together well, playing their way through.
Somehow, Kalak was able to discover that Werend was a powerful, intelligent item. He began to persue the pair to try to steal Werend. Werend and Pode were able to evade Kalak for some time. Soon they figured out what was going on and made it their mission to disrupt and thwart Kalak at every turn. It wasn't long before Kalak decided that Pode had to die. He set things in motion by making Pode and his wife outcasts. It wasn't too much work from there to put together a mob, with some well placed men of his own to retrieve the sword. When Pode and Werend were confronted by the mob, they fought determinedly. But soon they knew that they could not make it through. They could not let Kalak take possession of Werend, ad he was a powerful wizard who might be able to force Werend into servitude. Werend and Pode decided that their only hope was to deactivate Werend. In order to do that, they had to perform a ritual in which Pode would have to sacrifice his life. But they didn't know the full effects. They knew Werend would become a normal longsword, but for how long, or what would happen when he woke, there was no way to know. But they had to take the chance, hoping that Werend would be dormant long enough to pass into the possesssession of somebody else.With the help of Pode's wife, they were able to complete the ritual. Werend went dormant, and when he awoke he found that he belonged to Pode's son. But he woke with very little of his previous power and pieces of his memory missing. Now Werend seeks to gain back his power and complete his purpose . . . and have some fun along the way.

Senthiri knows little of this (only what's in his background) which is why I left the memory gaps, so you can decide what to reveal and when. I also left the purpose blank so you could use it to best fit the needs of the campaign. If you would rather I create a purpose, let me know.


Werend is bold, not afraid to speak his mind. When he is in immediate danger, or has a specific goal in mind, including his all around purpose, he is very determined, though he treats it more as a game than a serious goal. Otherwise, he is very destractable, and wants to have fun. His fun is mostly jokes and tricks, but he also really likes to hear or tell stories. He considers himself a collecter of stories.

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