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Master Soan

Seneb's page

7 posts. Alias of Arknight.

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About Seneb

Appearance: Tall with skin bronzed from the constant exposure to the sun, Senebhenaf (Seneb) keeps his head and face shaved clean so that there is less for the sand and dust of the road to get trapped in. His hazel eyes reflect his intelligence and sense of humor. The leather armor he wears consists of strips of leather with small harder leather plates attached. The bow he carries of of a dark wood, and of obviously fine craftsmanship. He keeps a small hammer tucked into his belt on one side, and a dagger on the other.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, In unfamiliar situations or among unfamiliar people, Seneb has a tendency to observe rather than speak. Once he gets familiar with his surroundings and companions, Seneb opens up and his humor and good cheer come out. In combat however, he becomes focused on ending the battle as quickly as possible without injuries to himself or his companions.

What do people know about you: Quiet, good sense of humor when with friends. Very knowledgeable of dungeon-like environments

What does your character want in life? To learn, to explore the unknown. to protect those he is responsible for and to prove himself worthy of joining the Pathfinder Society.

Background: Born to an Osirian vizer and his soldier wife in Shiman-Sekh, Seneb grew up in an environment where not just knowledge and the arcane were given importance, but where the arts of defense and combat were given just as much weight. By the time Seneb was fifteen, he had been training in both for several years. Along the way, he was introduced to the Pathfinder Society as his mother and father took on several missions for them. It was on several of these missions where they brought Seneb along and he proved how well he had learned his lessons.

From expeditions to explore the Labyrinth near Shiman-Sekh, to guarding caravans to Sothis, Seneb managed to prove he had learned his lessons well and that he was capable of using both arcane and martial methods to deal with and resolve a variety of situations. He was requested by name for several expeditions to a variety of unnamed ruins and tombs for his ability to defend himself and others as well as for his arcane and tomb knowledge.

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