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Senden's page

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Monkeybox wrote:
Anybody have any idea on how old the Drovenge patriarch might be?

He is the grandfather of the BBEG. I think, that in Part 1 is a timeline and the young Drovenge siblings are 21 or 22. So I would suggest something between 65 and 75.

Excellent Maps, a great help for the AP!

May I have a copy also Please..... email at mzillkhempel at bayern-mail dot de

jedbob wrote:
OK, so what about *before* the Hall of Deception? Wouldn't the dopp PC know about the mimics, the traps, the giant frikkin' octopus, and his fellow dopps in the cells? I still wonder how he should react to all of those. With lethal force? Feigned ignorance about the traps? Or should he just go ahead and blow his cover, since the other PC has now walked right into their lair?

In my campaign the player of the replaced character is known for his bad dice rolls. In Sodden Hold he just missed every attack roll. Everyone was sorry because of his bad luck. When they discovered that he was replaced they were shocked.

Belfur wrote:

I will start TFoE next week and have some things which are unclear to me:

-In the cathedral (room1), are all the doors locked (and which locks do they have, I did not see any information)

I'm not sure (I doesn't have the adventure at hand), but I believe that no entrance door is locked. You need the correct Knocking for entering the Temple of Hextor without raising an alarm, but the door itself isn't locked.

Belfur wrote:
- In room 3: how many cultists are there? (EL3/CR 1:3 means 9 cultists?) and why do they have Atk+2; I thought +1: Com1 +0 Str +1

I had used six cultist and some other DM on this board used six, eight or nine, depending on the number of player characters.

Belfur wrote:

- how did you treat resting in the complex, what about resupplying; I think for a group of this level it is quite dangerous, if they do not have the possibility to buy fresh healing potions etc. or is this no problem in the end?

Thanks for your advice.

Very difficult. If the PCs leave the dungeon the Fadeless One will be prepared the next time they are entering the Temple. My group rested in the Temple of Hextor after fighting Theldrick. When they are leaving the temple the other "Boss" charakters awaited the group in the cathedral.

I'm sorry for my english. It's not my native tongue.

Belfur wrote:
Seeing that there are lots of none-English-speaking players on the boards, did someone actually translate the flavour texts? I was thinking about doing this as translation on the fly is quite difficult (and sound sometimes awdkward), but do not have the time to do so, I am afraid, and my players are all very good at understanding English.

I read the adventure several times before playing and during the game session I describe everything in german. I don`t read the english flavour text. Because I am using the Kalamar Campaign setting I modify the handouts before giving it away to my players.

Nuclearsunburn wrote:

So, say, we started with this party :
1. Cleric of Pelor, taking Sun and Healing domains
2. Barbarian (Druid follower at 6th)
3. Wizard who takes his first level in Rogue (Ranger follower, or Rogue follower if no 1st level in rogue)

Would this party possibly stand a chance at going all the way to the top of the Spire and defeating Kyuss?

Their is one problem with this combination. Many Traps in Whispering Cairn! I think you can make it with this group through the Age of Worms, but you need someone to find and disable the traps.

Eddicat wrote:

Also, earlier in the thread you said that Dungeon has been doing supplements since #114. I don't see a supplement for #114 or #115 in the news section. I don't own these issues but was interested if they had supplements in case I pick up the back issues.

Just look: [url][/url]

Achilles wrote:

You could always add some pets like giant crocs to those lizard groups...maybe a giant lizard or two, or even throw in a young black dragon that the big dragon gave the lizardmen to 'watch'....a few lizard men with 2 levels of ranger and a comp longbow would be nice

Interesting ideas to strengthen the lizardmen. ;-) Thanks!

I have six PCs. We finished 3FoE last tuesday. All characters are now level 5. Until now I added some monsters during the adventures. In Whispering Cairn I added a wind warrior in the true tomb, same beetles and an extra swarm. In 3FoE I didn't change the encounters. In the next installment ("Encounter at Blackwell Keep) I will add some lizardmen during the siege and add some encounters in the swamp.

Ich bin auch aus Deutschland. Ich leite in Freising / Bayern eine AoW Kampagne und bin in Three Faces of Evil.

Gildur wrote:


Heh..topic is bit weird, but I want to know if DMs got knowledge how larger than 4 parties XP will be shared. After blackwall keep most players werent even near of level 7. We are playing with party of 5 and there will be additional member so soon we will have 6th PC. Should I add some monsters or just give some extra xp from encounters? What are your options about it. My party tries avoid conflicts at few times, so they likely miss some XP.


I have a party of six players, too. Until yet (Dourstone Mine finishing the temple of Hextor) their are 4 3rd level charakters and 2 4th level. I think a good value. In Whispering Cairn I added some monsters. In TFoE I give them some extra xp for solving some problems without fight. In fact, I believe their are not enough possibilities to earn xp in Encounter in Blackwell Keep to reach 7th level. Maybe you can solve the problem with a sidetrack adventure before the group reached the free city.

Thank you, James!
Exactly, what I'm looking for. :-)

James Jacobs wrote:
We kind of did this already, in issue #336 of Dragon. It has the Ecology of the Spawn of Kyuss in there; while the majority of the article talks about the undead, there is a sizable sidebar about kyuss in there.

I know this article, but this sidebar doesn't solve the problem. The sidebar specifies Kyuss as a demigod but I am looking for a knowledge sidebar similiar to the sidebar for the Spawn of Kyuss in the same article.

2000 years ago, Kyusss played a major role. Who remembers this events? For this I need a knowledge table.

My group travels through the Dourstone mine and has a glorious victory against Theldrick. Now they have found the informations about Kyuss in the two handouts.
The cleric of the group asked about a knowledge check for Kyuss. Now I realize that their are many tables for knowledge checks in the AoW and some are in Dragon (about the Spawn of Kyuss), but their are no table for mighty Kyuss.
So what can you find out about Kyuss with Knowledge (Religion)?
Please excuse my bad english, but I'm not a native speaker.

Fafhrd wrote:

I'm currently running "The Whispering Cairn" (after a 3 month interlude) and am preparing each session with details of the upcoming adventures. Just recently, rumors began spreading of Smenk's involvement with Dourstone.

Now, the party's cleric works for Dourstone under duress (her family being indentured and all) and I am looking to completely describe Smenk's life. In the opening of "The Three Faces of Evil," it is mentioned that Smenk's right-hand man is killed as a warning to the mine manager, but who is this guy? Is he written about elsewhere? Did I overlook him in the Overload?

Page 22, Age of Worms Overload, Rumors in Diamond Lake

Mestal Fixx was his name.

We started the AoW on January, 10th. we are playing in the Kingdom of Kalamar setting. Diamond Lake is located in the Swamp around the Alubelok Coast. The Free City is Sobeteta.
We have six players starting at level 1, but are after their first retreat from the WC are level 2:

Flambart, gnome, cleric 1/ wizard 1
Razhan, human svimozhier, gladiator 2
Hazel, human, shaman 2
Torvald, half-hobgoblin, fighter 1/ barbarian 1
Mashita, halfling, rogue 2
Shannath, human, ranger 2

David Witanowski wrote:
Sorry if this has come up before, but is there any cleric in Diamond Lake of a high enough level to raise the dead? One of the party was critically hit by Theldrick in the Hextor Temple battle and went down, which is where we left off the session. The party is gung ho about resurrecting their companion... Is Greyhawk the nearest city capable of doing so?

Maybe Amariss of Wee Jas will help with an Animate Dead??

koramado wrote:

I was running behind in approving T-Bone's latest submissions. There are 38 submissions now and all are available. Sorry for falling behind. I certainly don't want to deprive anyone of the chance to use T-Bone's great paintings and sketches.


and the four new pictures are awesome. I love it, very good work.

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