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Cale the Calistrian

Seldriss's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,619 posts. 1 review. No lists. 2 wishlists. 1 alias.


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Dotting for later.

More magic items? Not really. I think the limitations of 3 attuned magic items is a good idea to limit the excess.
As for the challenge for monsters, I often play them as "advanced", with little things here and there. So they should be fine.
This being said, I didn't really test some of these houserules. But it seems to me it should work fine.

I am using the following house rules for D&D 5th edition, some pretty similar to the posts in this thread:

- Bonus ability at creation: +1 to one ability score, or 1 skill proficiency, or 1 proficiency save, or 1 feat.

- In addition to the ability increase, characters gain 1 feat every 3 levels.

- Reduced HP recovery from resting: 1HP per level + Con mod for short rest, 1 HD (up to max 1 HD per proficiency bonus) + Con score for long rest.

- Adjusted AC from armors: 12/leather, 13/studded, 15/chainmail, etc. Basically the original armor values from 3.5/Pathfinder. I don't know why they lowered these.

- Flanking (as per D&D3.5 or Pathfinder).

- Inspirations: Up to 1 inspiration per proficiency bonus or Cha modifier, whichever higher.

- I am also considering increasing the ability score bonus from subraces to +2, instead of +1.

What do you think?


Hello all!

I made some research but so far I couldn't find character sheets for the Pathfinder Beginner Box without the reference markers (like B Ability scores, C traits, D skills etc).
Personally I would prefer them without these markers.

Did Paizo make "clean" versions of these? Or any third party?

Thank you.

Thanks for the responses.

By the way, I gave Elder Scrolls Online another try, and I must say that I like it so far.
The graphics, the races and the feeling of the game are great.
Not so much the general storyline, but I can always ignore it and roleplay my own stories, as often in MMORPGs.
The interface with restriction of 5 quickslots to pick among all your skills is weird but interesting.
I wish there were more classes though.

In any case, I am still on Star Wars the Old Eepublic.
For those who are as well, which server and faction are you on?
I am on The Ebon Hawk (US/RP), on Republic side.

Hello folks,

In the always moving market of video games, and precisely MMORPGs, it is difficult to try everything. It takes too much time and money.
Currently I am committed to Star Wars The Old Republic, that I played since the beta.
I used to be a lot into World of Warcraft, and from time to time I go back, but honestly its magic doesn't really work anymore for me.
Occasionally I go casual on Guild Wars 2 or Lord of the Rings Online, as these two don't require a monthly fee, but I am not hooked.
I tried many others, like Archeage, but I didn't go far with them.

So I would be interested to know what MMORPGs you folks are playing.

For example, I tried the beta of The Elder Scrolls Online and wasn't impressed. But now that the game is free to play as ESO Tamriel Unlimited (after you buy the game), I would be interested to know if the game got any better, how is the RP community and all.

Thank you for your insight.

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Do not use dice. Do not roll anything.
Use the "Take 10" system.
For d20 rolls, use 10 + the modifiers.
For other dice, use the average: 2/d4, 3/d6, 4/d8, 5/d10, 6/d12 and of course 10/d20.

If your players want a slight advantage, give them the above average: 3/d4, 4/d6, 5/d8, 6/d10, 7/d12 and 11/d20.

You can give them a limited access of "Take 20", or maxed rolls, like once per encounter, once per day, once per Charisma mod or whatever...

This works also very well for online games, like on Skype, either because the GM cannot see the rolls or because he wants the game to run faster.

My 8 years old son is going to have a Halloween party in school, under the theme of Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief. Yeah, I know...
So he has to come with a costume related to the book. Or by default, the movie.

For those not really familiar with either, it is a transposition of the myth of Perseus in modern times. Sort of.

Unfortunately, there are no official Percy Jackson costumes to be found in specialized stores, even online (ie Party City).
I found a Perseus costume (inspired by Clash of the Titans), but it is ancient Greece looking, so it doesn't really fit, even if it might be my only option so far.
I also searched for costumes of greek gods or minotaur, but nothing good came out.
And of course, I don't have the time or skill to craft him a costume by myself.

Do you guys have any ideas or links where to find something good?
Thank you.

- Seldriss (and his son)

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Don't break it. Sell it.

Here in NYC the moronic chancellor announced that the schools would be open today YESTERDAY, before the snow started.
One of the dumbest reasons was that "it would give hot lunch to the children", while every parent knows the lunch is not hot. As if the kids would not be fed at home, or in the weekend or during the vacation next week.
But afterschool programs are still cancelled, so parents still have to pick up the goblins at 2:20 anyway.


For a while I used damage reduction in D&D as per the Unearthed Arcana [DR = armor bonus/2], although I didn't lower the AC by one as in the book.
It worked fine and made an armor meaningful.

No review yet?

Peter Stewart wrote:
I don't really think you can have huge news about a game that twelve people still play, but maybe I'm wrong...

Huh... I am still playing Diablo III on PC, casually.

And I also enjoy the game on Xbox 360 with my son.

As a houserule, I personally grant a bonus number of hero points equal to the Cha bonus, which brings to a total maximum equal to 3 + Cha modifier.
It's a way to connect the force of personality aspect of Charisma to the heroic concept of, well, Hero Points. And it gives a new reason not to dump low scores in Charisma.

Like DonDuckie, I also sometimes "refund" or grant hero points for exceptional actions or roleplaying (birthdays too).

A character gets 1 Hero Point at creation and gets 1 at each level, but at the maximum of 3.
They don't replenish themselves (opposed to Action Points from Unearthed Arcana).

From your example, the character with 3 points who spends 1 has 2 left, he will get back to 3 at next level.

All right, so I need to check 13th Age and Dungeon World.

Thanks, guys.

13th Age looks interesting, I need to check it out.
Thanks, guys.

Thanks, Steve.
Swords and Wizardry is filling well the nostalgia from the good old times (like Castles & Crusades), but I am not sure all the players would want that flashback.

Any other suggestions?

What about True20? As a lighter version of D20, that could work. I never actually tried it. How does it run?

Or Dragon Age? It's quite elegant as a system. I only tested it once.

Also, is there any other game with an OGL, which would make it easy access for the players (meaning free)?



A friend of mine is willing to start a campaign with his group.
He is an experienced game master, but to put the priority on storytelling and roleplaying he wants a light rules system.
He is thinking about D6 Fantasy, from West End Games, but I am not sure that's really what he needs.

I know a few others, like Castles and Crusades, which goes back to the roots of OD&D, or even the more recent Dragon Age which might reach the limit of the rules he is looking for.
Legend might already be too complex, and Pathfinder is certainly out of consideration for him.

Do you folks have any suggestions for fantasy light rules systems?

Thanks in advance.

I am too old to stop gaming.

Well, you could reach something similar with a bard.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just call them Nagas.

There was an issue of Dragon Magazine, #286.

Edit: Ninjaed by Herbo :/

Well, for enemies with SR, a Magus can use a weapon, right?


But now, the question is:
After showing your skills at reviewing other people's products, when are you going to submit your own stuff, Endzeitgeist?

I don't see where is the problem with taking 20 in that situation.
That could grant success to a strong character, which makes sense, but not all characters would succeed.
All the GM and player have to do is to give to the attempt enough suspense , as if the character was pushing his strength to break free.
Which is what he would be doing anyway, but in a "take 20" action instead of rolling again and again as a player.

DM Bacon wrote:

In Dragon #325 (November 2004) there's a Lupin race for DND 3.5.

You could also use the Shifters from Eberron, I bet

But neither the Lupin or Shifter are Pathfinder races.

Jeven wrote:
darkwarriorkarg wrote:
Hound Archon :-)
A dog-headed Aasimar with a Hound Archon for a parent would be playable. You could make an interesting character background as well - how did Holy-Dog-Boy get on growing up amongst humans?

You know, that's very interesting, because that's actually one of the options I considered...

3.5 Loyalist wrote:
A few friends of mine use "dog-man" to refer to the most dodgy, untrustworthy individuals we have encountered. Asking for a dog man race thus causes lols.

Well... I never said my character would be trustworthy ;)

Coridan wrote:
I just wanna pop in and point out that Paizo encourages you to use third party material! They use it themselves whenever the need arises!

That's true.

So I consider looking for official Pathfinder or third party.
But I don't want a homebrewed one, I prefer something from a published source, for reference.

KingmanHighborn wrote:
I think they are called Adlets but they are anthro Winter Wolves. You can use the ARG to work them into a pc. But failing that the ARG in general can make a canine race. And it has the gnoll as a PC in it as well.

Yes, thanks, I saw them, but they are not technically presented as a PC race.

And as a player, I want something official, not to bother my GM.

If I was the GM myself, I wouldn't ask this, as I already have a few canine races.

ThatWeirdGeckoGuy wrote:
I am currently writing up a "Dog-man" race for Fat Goblin Games, in their Racial Ecologies line. I'm about 75% done with the text.

Interesting. I will probably check that when it comes out.

However, as much as I know there are quite a few dog races from third party sources, and many might be good, I am actually looking for an official Paizo race.

Ah, but I was asking for PC races, not animals...
Something like the catfolk, but like a dogfolk or wolffolk.

I thought you were talking about the Lupines, the D&D race from Mystara, which was revised in Dragon magazine. But to my knowledge they cannot officially be used in Pathfinder.

Lupines are in Pathfinder? In what source?

Hello folks,
Is there any official dog or canine race in Pathfinder?
I know there is the kitsune, but is there anything more doglike or wolflike?
And was there ever a conversion of the gnoll as a PC race?

I think you might see stereotypes as set in stone when they are not really.
Sure they are stereotypes, but they are not absolute limitations, merely generalizations.
Most of the orcs are evil, but it doesn't mean they all are or need to be.
Some species might have deeper reasons to be good or evil than just cultural ones, but there can always be exceptions.
In short, the alignments in the Bestiary are guidelines for general moral and ethic tendencies.
And in the end, consider that alignment is not a programming.
The game is open. The alignment system is a tool, not a limitation.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Set wrote:

Ah, alt-itis.
As someone who had over a hundred City of Heroes / Villains characters, I salute a fellow sufferer of that condition!

Sigh. I subscribe to that, being under the same curse.

Maybe that's a form of schyzophrenia, with multiple personae...

Okay, I saw that there are two paizonian guilds on World of Warcraft on Borean Tundra (see the relevant thread).

These days I am more playing Star Wars The Old Republic, so I am wondering if there are also some paizonian guilds in that game, and if so, on what server.
I am personally playing on Ebon Hawk and I saw a Pathfinder guild on the Republic side. Is that a coincidence or are these actual Pathfinders/Paizonians?

Damn, now I am going to be tempted to go back to WoW. Damn.

I just saw a message from the NYC Dept of Education saying schools will be closed tomorrow too.
My little gnome is happy :)

Brooklyn here, not far from Coney island, but still in zone B.
So far nothing too bad.

But nerf druids anyway...

Thanks to all for the suggestions and offers, but actually what I am looking for is a actual supplement, online, printed or on PDF, that I could keep handy for my players.

Not just made by players (no offense), something more official for the players to be more confident.

As for the classes, I think the core ones would suffice.

Yep, the NPC Codex would be great, but in the meantime I would like to have something.


Some of my players sometimes have some trouble to create their characters, by lack of knowledge of the Pathfinder system or time.

What resources would you fellows advise for pregenerated characters?
The best would be a development along levels, like 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th...

Of course I already have the Pathfinder Society pregens, but they are only on four classes (Cleric, Fighter, Rogue and Wizard) and for 1st, 4th and 7th level.
More classes would be good, like Druid, Ranger, Paladin, Sorcerer...

I don't mind if it is official or third party, paper or pdf.

Thank you in advance.

- Seldriss -

Alright, so far I see some consistency, like for the point buy (20 seems pretty common to many groups) and the XP (medium rate or even no XP).

Keep it coming, it is very interesting...

Hello folks,

I am running a Pathfinder campaign (not in Pathfinder Society as I am using many houserules).
I am curious about a few things in other GMs games...

1. What amount of character points do you allow at creation for abilities? [10, 15, 20, 25]
2. What rate of experience do you use? [Slow, Medium, Fast]
3. What supplements do you usually allow?

Thank you for your responses, that might help me to adjust my own game to fit better the expectations of players.

Instead of implementing a new system of points, why not using racial feats?
The players who would be interested into giving more racial traits to their characters would spend feats for that.
It would keep them balanced with the other charcaters.

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